Istanbul Galata Tower | Street Art | Our Last Evening in Turkey | SAW Airprot

Istanbul Galata Tower |  Street Art | Our Last Evening in Turkey | SAW Airprot

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on this episode of torres journeys  it's our last week in istanbul   we spend time next to the bosphorus take  a walk through istanbul's art neighborhood   before going to galata tower we also share  with you the empty streets of istanbul   as the weekend lockdowns continue all  on this episode of torres journeys we're down here by the uh by the palace but you can see they  have big checkpoints everywhere not a lot of traffic and the police  around teksim square is big time you have to excuse my shakiness sometimes  according to police not something they   want you to do but up here you may not be  able to hear it but there is a helicopter   right there and the helicopter's been flying  around for now probably about three hours and   we'll just fly around circle around and  just stay and i don't know what they are   positioning to do but again  having these police checkpoints is normal in our travels we  came along several of them   they'll pull you over they will check your id  they sometimes will ask for a driver's license   and like here comes this car  so they will run out to get it   and you'll have to explain why you are  on the road they even check the taxis   so it's not uncommon for them to see who's in the  car buses are running that one has nobody on it   so the city is the city is trying  to stay awake as best as they can   and actually leaving our immediate neighborhood  today they actually had no they don't have just   one or two police together they always have swarms  swarms of them and they're all dressed differently   some are like anyways but they were checking  everybody leaving the neighborhood what you were   where you going your id everything they have a lot  of undercover and they have ones with vests and so definitely a wide variety of enforcement out so now if you're at taksim square you can take  the funicular down and you'll come out right here   then to my right you'll see the cat you'll see  the mosque and about 150 meters is the castle   so you can easily access it using  the funicular from taksim square well we came here to another restaurant that  anthony bourdain had had breakfast at called   kale cafe and restaurant it overlooks the  water with the bridge but unfortunately uh because of the situation it's closed so  we're kind of just going to hang out here   for a while by the water and the  sunshine our last day in istanbul oh we've just been walking around you  can see there's just not a lot going on   there are tourists out and you can kind of tell  everyone's just kind of looking what to really   do they are going to the museums they are going  places but you can definitely sense that there is   a little quietness going on we are just going to  go to the ferry maybe see if we can take a ferry   or just kind of check out  what we can do on our last day one of our favorite little shops to go to is migros once we're back at this bus stop we  are now going to walk to galata tower up up up and away yeah stairs this is an up-and-coming neighborhood tucked  between two other districts that's famous for   its antique stores this quirky neighborhood  is fun to explore with its windy streets   that lead one to another stairs and small  hills and an antique shop on every other corner so this is the ticket office took up the tower  the tickets are 30 right now are they 30 right now this is what you want to see back in the day let's check it out this is looking back towards taksim square see the boats moving look at that so now we will go up from the seventh  floor to the tower we can walk outdoors all right look at all of these that's the  pivot the famous avenue they go and they   take pictures looking back at the tower further  down is where they watch the sunset or that way of course here you have the european side  that goes over across the asian continent earlier we were over there and we walked zigzag  all the way through here walk through here walk down there ended up here this is where all the big ships come  in go all the way up to the black sea after viewing the galata tower julie  and i started walking back to our hotel   to take it easy until our flight this evening if you ever been to istanbul and we're on  independent avenue you have seen it packed   full of people today full of police and a few  tourists we have no idea why it's closed today   at all but they say it'll be open tomorrow this is a saturday afternoon about 3 30.  every entrance to teksim square and the   boulevard are barricaded and several several  police officers standing around sitting around but by now you think it's kind of eerie yeah i've  been traveling for a year and four months now in   covid season kind of what we expect yeah we kind  of get used to it there are more than 10 people   who feel claustrophobic now yeah so you can see  here they just have all of them barricaded off   barricaded off this is the  new nike building going in we clear out some of the  stuff they still have enough   and we're ready we have a new bag but it's  actually for the duffel bag because it has   wheels oh okay airport time six o'clock and  we're on the bus and we are headed to the airport so julie and i are at the airport we  weighed our bags these weigh about 11 each   that's just at 20. and this  one's at 24. almost 25. we stopped off at mcdonald's real quick to  get an iced mocha and julie is getting a latte   so at the airport they want you to make sure your  masks up make sure you maintain social distancing   and all these other nonsensical things did you try it yet no not yet you don't want to  sit on the floor with me i have a white pants i squote nice so we have about another 40 minutes or so before  they'll allow us to check in our flights at just   after midnight but we made to the airport no  major things and here we are so i'll stop rambling   so you would think julie and i have  not seen mcdonald's in like ages large fries big coke you know anymore i'm not  scared so much of missing my flights because   i've learned to take evening flights but where i'm  actually always anxious no longer anxious security   either i'm actually anxious if they're always  going to charge or catch us on baggage excess fees   and today yeah we're always right there or close  but the lady today we're five kilograms over and   she's like just take some stuff out and if you  kind of like play with it long enough she's   just like okay it's fine and it was two kilos  over and she let it go but now we have a couple   extra things to carry but they don't check our  carry-on bags we've actually had them do that   before with other flights and other airlines so  we're gonna enjoy our mcdonald's french fries   and wait for our flight just  have fun at the airport for now well we are at the gate waiting  for our bus to take us to our plane yes what's that probably every three minutes thanks to  the mix of fresh air supplied from outside   and the hepa filters on board all our aircraft  that are efficient to filter viruses we this has been our time here in istanbul  so they say goodbye and make sure to   subscribe and like our channel and  follow us on our next adventure we finally make egypt arriving around  three in the morning we make it to our   hotel make sure to like subscribe and  continue following us at torres journeys

2021-07-12 12:34

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