Istanbul Super Vlog - First Time in Turkey

Istanbul Super Vlog - First Time in Turkey

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It's just so. Relaxing. Up here. Welcome. To Istanbul. Seven-hour. Wait for the plane, and. I've. Now been awake for. 26. Hours. Like. One, of the journey complete. Two-hour, bus journey, from Burgos. To. Thirty, hours. First. Day in Istanbul. And, we're. About to head out on the. Train. To, explore. This. Coffee right here this. Was a lifesaver. Anyway. After. Finishing that we, were, driven by certain, Sinise down. To the local, train station, to head into the, city. This. Was, my first time in Istanbul. So. I'm going to list a few of the surprising. Facts about this, amazing, place. Morning. Guys so we've had our coffee. Which Sinise, kindly made for us and we are now taking the boat across. To. One of the main. Mosque in Istanbul. Then, we're gonna head back and meet, her at the University later, today it's, an old train station it's, not used anymore, and, we're going over there, yeah, you see, the. Minarets. It's Santa Sofia hiya Sofia. And on, the right you'll, see the Topkapi Palace all. The other historical, marks over there. Fat. Number one Istanbul. Is the only city, in the world that straddles, two continents, Asia, and, Europe. Fat. Number two under. The Ottoman Empire the city was renowned for having more than. 1,400. Public toilets. Now. This is a, little bit confusing because. During. Our experience, that was one thing that sort of shocked us and throughout. That you'd, go and sit in a cafe, or a bar you buy a drink you buy a cake something and then. You'd ask to use the toilet and they. Direct you about fifty meters down the road and you'd. Have to pay so. Each, time we did that it was maybe you thirty forty, P fat. Number three while. Not the capital, Istanbul. Is Turkey's largest city. With more than 13, million, people, 99. Percent of which are Muslim. Fat, number four the. Grand Bazaar is, the, biggest, old, covered, bazaar in the world with, over three thousand, shops it was absolutely. Stunning. Second. Coffee of the day and it's, only 11. A.m.. So. We, have arrived, at. The, main, square in Istanbul. Taken. The train boat, and tram, so far today we, have to try a simit which, is basically a pretzel, we're. Asking, Sinise and the. Best, place to go is like, a local cafe not, the ones sold on the street, first impressions, very. Very good it's very busy on the. Train it was pretty. Much packed out face against the window, then. We took the tram and now, we're going to the Blue Mosque, following. On from that we're going for. Lunch, with Sinise and she's, going to take us to. A traditional. Turkish. Restaurant and, then. After, that we're going to topkapi, palace supposed, to be very beautiful the. Weather we've, been very lucky so far today a little bit misty this morning but it's sort, of opened up a, little bit more lot more blue sky this, afternoon, and then tonight we, are going to watch one of Sinise's friends, at a jazz, concert that she's putting on to be honest though. Istanbul. Was never, on, my list of. Destinations. Maybe top five top ten but, as, soon as we arrived I realized it's definitely, a place, everyone should visit and. Yet. Seems a, lot. Safer. Than a, lot of people say it is it's. Pretty. Stunning. So. It's a nice slide to us the, Blue Mosque is not open to the public at the moment it is time, for prayer lots, of stuff, to buy, here that's for sure you can, pretty much haggle, wherever. You go so. It's always worth a try. In Burgas it's, super, safe the whole time and, you. Don't need to worry about anything whereas as soon as we arrive cities did say just be careful with your things in the pockets make, sure to keep everything sort of close, by but I still think it's very important, to to, visit places like this and see, the different culture different food. Fact. Number five, Istanbul. Has the same population as, one. Of the smallest countries in, Europe, Belgium, fact. Number six, Istanbul. Was once renowned, as the most crowded city, in the world in 1502. It, still pretty, much feels that way but maybe I need to experience more City it's back number seven Istanbul.

Has The third oldest. Subway in the world built. In 1875. It's five. Hundred and seventy three metres, long and located. In the Bayeux blue, district. Fact number eight, Istanbul. Was the European, cultural, capture city in 2010. But, has never hosted the Olympics. Fact. Number nine Istanbul. Is surrounded, by sea and yet, snow. Is common in the city with, the annual average being, about 18, inches act. Number 10 and this, is a personal, wad it. Is, exhausting. To get around this city but, it, is well, worth, it if you haven't been here before definitely. Check it out and get yourself a flight booked out there. We. Are. Currently. At, one of the moss, we've, finished, lunch. And had, Bozza. For, dessert it's, absolutely stunning up here amazing. Views. Sun, shining there's, nothing more relaxing that. Being, sat outside one, of the most beautiful. Mosques, in. Istanbul. When. These. Guys decide, to cut the grass. Just. So. Relaxing. Up here. Just. Managed to make. The fatal, error of taking, my shoes off and then putting. Them on the floor. We've, just found out that it was built in. 1555. So. It's pretty old building and I've just figured out how fat, my face looks this. The. Fatal error of wearing, odd socks. Here's. The thing though you can visit all the touristy, attractions, you want to run your visit but, there's something about people, watching, exploring. The back city streets and taking in the real culture wash you're not surrounded by so many english-speaking. Foreigners. That's. Where the true beauty of a stem-vowel comes into play it's. In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life that something, can be learned from this incredible city I was, actually am amazed by the fact that I didn't bump into a single, person throughout our state these. Streets are no joke and particularly, in the city center most of the time your. Stat together like penguins. So, we are coming towards the end of, our first day and we're. Just walking through one. Of the major, parks. Sinise was saying that they don't really have many parks in, the, city center at all but yeah. This is this beautiful. And then. We're heading over to get a big. Jacket. Potato and then, jazz. Session. After that. However. I was. Very close to being won over multiple. Times not. By cars or motorbikes. But by locals, running with super, heavy carts behind them at lightning speed. This. City is crazy. In, comparison, to what I'm used to. But. I, absolutely. Loved. It. Dare. To in, the, Big Brother house. Day. Two in, this tumble, look. At my eyes, look. Into my eyes. Right. Well that's, pretty much day. One complete. And now we're already, past. Day two because, we. Spent about, four, hours eating. Breakfast, and I, don't mean you, know half an hour and then, just chatting the rest of time I mean like non-stop.

Eating, For. Pretty much four hours which was pretty. Was. Amazing. Actually. But now. We're just heading out for a water to burn off some of the calories if you're watching so, nice and so out thanks. So much for, that meal absolutely. Incredible everything, cooks. Personally for us they've. Been amazing hosts can't. Thank you enough we'll try and show you some of the views down at the coastline. We've, just, finished, our, third, day in Istanbul. Not. Gonna lie pretty shattered. Luckily, we, have new. Pet, in. The background just a cat we we picked up you're going to him, home, back, to Burgos. But yeah awesome, day on the, island, I think it's the biggest island next. To Istanbul. Now, we're just finishing with, a tea to wake up a little bit before I, think back to, the. Flat. Tomorrow. Not too far of the plans but. If you're if. You're in Istanbul. I highly, recommend, checking out. The that. Was stunning. The views from the top almost. 360. Degrees, and because it was the first of April there are a couple of things going on up there I think cities told us that, it's tradition, to get. Like a string, along, the piece of string and let. It flow all the way to the top and then you make a wish at, the top of the mountain. So yeah. Pretty pretty awesome. Yo. Yo yo yo. Hope. You enjoyed the video guys and, if. You did please leave, a like and, subscribe, if, you're new thanks. So much for watching and I'll see you in the next video.

2018-04-13 06:17

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good storytelling, lots of infos, liked your supervlog!

Thank you!

This place is so mesmerizing, really enjoyed your sound selection and great video.

One of the best Istanbul vlogs i have seen for a long time

Thanks so much!

your welcome

Teophiel's Chronicle Thanks so much!

wow! best place in the world

The fact that Istanbul's %99 percent is Muslim is not true. It's less than that. In example, I'm an agnostic teenage, but my ID says I'm a Muslim because my family said to officer that way when I was born, massive amount of people are the same way.

Would be much better if you visited 2-3 weeks later when the tulips blossomed.

Actually %75 of population is Muslim not %99 that percentage is wrong

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