It’s Getting Hot In Here! // Jessie & Claud // Malaysia Travel Vlog [CC]

It’s Getting Hot In Here! // Jessie & Claud // Malaysia Travel Vlog [CC]

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We're. In Langkawi, Tecna, you were right now actually. Yep secret. Agent little shelter, we've been here PJs and thumbs, anything yet because you're just chillin, by, the pool and, it just looking to my shoulder. This. Sounds more serious than it is. If. You know that you don't think only one line maybe like once every two months like. We would make sure you just dancing I just went like this yeah, and I spun her and I couldn't actually just didn't you know not normally make people like go. With it, she just made that like anyway, why, don't you learn how to meet a swing don't say my almighty no I think, you can you can do it in a nun district. 18 Manor anyway, we've had a car for the day a she for a couple of days so we're just gonna drive around the islands and show you those the highlights. Of the islands because we really never even have two years ago and it's, the kind of beautiful, magical items we just want you to interesting. That. Was so beautiful, three, likely the butterflies, and, wildlife and it's a really stinky shiny lizard, you. Did yep there's really excited me he's. Very easily pleased by shiny things hitting missus right. Now, I'm soaking wet, including. My little shorts. I. Feel. Quite cool hi, my soul, ain't there it's not do what anymore I on the other hand presenter. Sunshine taking a lot of photos, practicing. With my like. Filters. I'm, trying to get your mat like cloudy. Effect over the waterfalls, keeping, like anyway. I've. Got like especially. Up there now thanks do men on there. This. Is why I'm the cameraman I make people look nice, you. May be the look. I don't, know why I'm, wearing this really beautiful gorgeous, place and she won't shut up about lenses. And. Also I think we could get like the 22 mil for the afm so that fits ice directly on the airplane works really well short and fall and, like it's a crime then so like be wound in ice quality and we can put the most food on the side and then. Our. Little banner, overcome. The. I rendered to the rest like my late last night and it was very dark so we had no idea what, it looked like until this morning right huh the. Rise since I've I was going to stay well the most important thing is it's got a haircut. We're. At the most beautiful. Beach I think we've both ever been to isn't it yeah definitely. This is actually the picture we came here a couple years ago and it has been the photo on my laptop, screen. Since. Then it. Stays starting it was Shady. Good, money. So. Today we, have come to one of the big tourist, attractions, in langkawi. Which, is the oriental, village cable, car and, skybridge. You. Know this, isn't the exciting, bit yet no yeah, the cable car is really cool it takes 15 minutes and it takes you all through the jungle and you can look down and see animals, monkeys, on the way here yeah, they were just chillin by the side of the road but. It's already getting quite. Hot it's gear the, Mane's of tune of this whole video it's getting quite hot really hot it's quite hot. Roof, off I don't wanna be in a little glass pod on a big cable when, it's getting even hotter so let's, quickly run up we're gonna quickly run up. This. Is my favorite, kind of adventure theme park ride because, you don't get turned upside down I managed, to get put to ourselves oh. My. Gosh. We're. On the second. Little bit you stopped at a fifth platform, and then, you continue kind of a cross from two peak tops to. The other side and then on the other side that's it's like fantastic. Skybridge. Things on there yeah. Fun. Fact the, top point here is. 705. Meters, above sea level mmm, just. Feels pretty high. And. The, cable, is 2, kilometers, long and. Very. Strong hopefully. You ready. Very. Beautiful, and, this breeze is very refreshing. You're. Obnoxious. Feeling. Better now yeah. A lot. Cooler in this. Touristy. I love langkawi. Summer. Paradise, langkawi. Malaysia, how. Do you feel a bit let your child they feel, like Ana sperm race dress. And people stopping, to take a photo and just tell you long with my rucksack my neck sticking out because it's really heavy no no. You, were my gorgeous. Gorgeous, wife I wouldn't want you to look like me or dress like me or act like me no, I wouldn't either. What. You attracted to and what you, want to be, like don't, have to be the same no indeed, even, if you're gay. So. Yeah we're we're, up on the viewing platform this, is the highest point you can get to, down.

Below Is the, sky. Bridge I'm. Slightly terrified that. At some point a camera will get dropped over the edge I know. I've got some weird impulse to like throw it over, oh like, really weird I mean destroy, for. No reason. Yeah I jumped out the car once all those trials because I had that strange impulse feeling mm-hmm. They thought it wasn't like it was like going down our driveway we have an 80/20. To previous, with the sliding doors and I like slid, open the door. And. Like. Jumped out onto the no, one. Was. Really painful so. Yeah. Don't, do that one, of my cousins did that on a motorway that's. The car very, fast. I'm. Gonna go to the sky, glide tip. For the future if you come don't, leave a nature walk no, it's not really a nature, walk, no it's just like a little very. It's not even a path it's like the side of the cliff where they've built the, cable. Car laughs and, you just sort of Scrabble around. Cling. For dear life. Ah. Say. Like just like about five minutes ago all, the way up there on these cable cars it's, so hot down here it was nice and breezy down there oh my. God. Someone's. Like dented a car. That. Didn't quite fair laughing why. Anyone, it. Was like way more expensive than I remember getting last time it was not that expensive last time I'm hurt. Today. Well. Last time we also went to like, sunset, so it was a lot cooler it, was like quieter, and was probably a weekday save, make the mistake of coming on a Saturday. Middle. Of the day during, summer holidays school. Children and it. Was just really hard to really crowded. Overpriced. When we got and I was like that's, why it's once we get to the top of amazing, views and conceal, the scenery and. On. The sky bridge and last time we didn't do the walk we didn't do the sky glide. So. I've got that and, they all you have to get you tickets for the sky bridge, and sky glide once you're up there okay, then. We come down and. They're like oh yeah it's our way to go on the sky glide and the skybridge I wanna. I don't have to pay more money to do that as well I know so everywhere you go you have to pass all the different little shops selling used one yeah I lied no you can make that. Many key rings about a cable. Car if they don't let you take a drink up with you they take your bottles, of water or whatever you have asked you before you get in the game up up and it's like really hot in the cable car even pen with jugglers yeah, and it's hot up there and if there's any like one or two tiny, little stores selling drinks there and again overpriced. It's, just a reading money-grabbing, I didn't, like it I don't like this timepiece we. Don't know anything touristy, I'm, with you but if. You want to see nature and more of an car we had to like amazing. Little beaches, like, don't a minecraft yeah I got the mangrove all that is you know that's really nice we, went we went recommend, devs. Deficit. But it just follows mangroves, or low. Momentum two years ago that's nice at the top, especially. A Marilyn Monroe moment. We're. Gonna go get some lunch, yeah and. Find. A beach at one beach we, have no school they definitely. Came. Down to have a swim in the sea then, stare to be found a crab graveyard. They. Got washed ashore last night a big storm. And. Take some of their shells. To. Commemorate, them I did tell Jesse there. The circle of life. Yeah. Yeah yeah. See. I'm sat down removing septum, doodoo muscle. I'm. Not sure we just made you watch either. Swissbear. Traditional, malay, shadow. Puppetry. Dancing. Thing. I thought they'd be music, and dancing apparently. There was just an awful lot of talking in Malay and only. Like, three people there actually spoke Malaya seemed, we weren't the first to leave so, we don't feel too bad about it, other, things that happen that day we.

Got Terrible, heat stroke from, going, up to that sky bridge thing and not, having any water and, so. We've actually just spent the last three days lying, in our hotel, room to, have made her own heat stroke much worse by, not following my good example, of just. Lying, in the dark the, instead went and named the Sun he's, not been good there, was vomiting. I. Vomited. Moving. On from that topic and. Headaches. Were the worst oh my god, if I found the thing that really works which is you have to have a shower and obviously. Not hot shower you have to have a coldest, shower and then you don't towel off at all you, just let the water evaporate from. You so. This video was gonna be about Oh we're gonna show you around on coffee and all the sights and stuff ah. We. Spent three days feeling like we're going to die so no instead. We're, going to show you around our. Beautiful hotel and show you the pool and the beach that's here and that's really nice and. I hope. You still like this video. We. Are on unless we pass me by, really every, room has well to be that. Looks interval justice variously. Thank you this isn't really enjoying, our videos links. Are kind about them I'm. Really fun making them, I. Really. Like experimenting, with, things, yeah like, stop nation, yeah I think going to video that was really good I was obsessed. Scrapbooking. And making collages when. I was younger younger, - it's good mark I really like the way is everyone had time yeah, but then we head out of an idea that made me really like, I kind, of scrapbook. Video. Playlist, well like, maybe like once a month we'll say we'll. Go do something, go, to an actual trust house or a weekend, away and. We'll make well collect all our information that we have about it I'm gonna make a scrapbook kind of like videos. We take some joy shower and, then we cool it right. Yes. We make yeah we make the sailors I don't it being called like, just seems to inscribe, but if you think you should do that and make that I, think that'll be fun I just want to do a stop, nation scrappy, yeah, I'm talking, about future video ideas, and so forth but, some are it's like a mutiny. Yes, but. I I'm not allowed, to show you oh okay. Yeah so no there's something exciting happening, that. I can tell you about it when. We're back in the UK. Not. True it's on this straight couple, who would be so pregnant, right now after. This holiday but, then I realize that just lose something, else the white man was but basically how I got really lovely romantic. Guys yeah it's a maxi mood so our friend Andrew said if we use the red max your, defenders. Do. That Andrea, very. Near maximum, them I, can. Do I like I hope it's true it's, not so bad now to be honest it was pretty bad for two days, taught. It how to start as, well anything. Of interest to, my health or physical well-being I'm like that's really sucks. Is it the wise thing everybody. Right yeah that's my life I'm like I know baby but that's. Your life my, life in is not smiling like this we have some wine on a day and it is an, freaking, world I.

Understand. The worst thing an executor, person, is equal, to the worst thing is that I happen to another class this, is the last thing I don't know that area that is very much oh yeah. That when my mom died. And then who have sorry. Like my. Own also died of cancer or whatever like you know people I'm like I wasn't gonna get like angry or anything because maybe that was like a really big event for them because I don't raise them without example, I don't, know I get what you mean feelings are just feelings. My. Point was you. Panicked. About like. Oh god I've got many days left, you've got to make the most of it so what can I do that define the world, I just basically put it back to you but then if you say to me all, the time but, there's some reason you can't tell yourself I know that's, always the way it's like you get to tell someone else something. It's. A good thing to take rest and take breaks because, things. You would be better tomorrow. Always. Struggling. On right now. I'll. Do anything, I. Get. Really persuasive on my plan gets changed yeah, I just that, when I got a notebook because, it helps my thoughts in it and. I'll. Praise you missions, is that I have a memory problem and, I. Have difficulty, I think you get real close but. My condition is have. A memory problem I. Every biggerson's I'd ever at. Least I wasn't anyone, anyway, what. Happens when you in the topic. Ginans. Eggs everywhere we've, got too much neat straight for actually do, too much this week and. Is our last week before we head back with a few more details other, than that it's. Our last thing or we get our home yeah that's the thing in next week's video and the next weekly, vlog you see you will be returning home and, see your baby what's lovely and it's so great the way in traveling but boy have we not do it for longer. Quite. Him separate a really weird legal dimension about driving down to add Stern's are always catch up every. Day is exciting with, you generally. I don't, know why I'm. Glad like by my conversation. Threatened just, so ridiculously, love with you generally, everything higher is quite exciting, to me. Unfortunately. I. Do ramble, on quite a lot around, me but. Luckily okay. In here every other words nothing, as Hawaii as, one, person likes and risk with me. To. Find you amazing, and fifty years I've read a interesting, to see for a second guess is what I'm saying and, what she thinks I'm saying probably way more interesting, turn it over in my grave. We've. Already started singing, that we ready can you blame that we, sing songs to each other, yeah. Especially I mean. I. Need. You after, we pulled ourselves down we get some shots of the hotel. Maybe. We're gonna definitely, we're, gonna stay, around. Tall, I, really. Like them I'm, not even paid by hotels but I would go to a premiere terribly whose but we do like watching a comedy bro fans let's, go Suns, leavin on my deck to anymore let. Me know I'm only wearing pants, again. The. Train pay roar and round. The. Waiter said, if your soul goes forward, on your head.

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ooo my fave vlog yet - eventhough it was super cool when you guys showed all over malaysia, the ending sit down talk part in this vlog was honestly hilarious and sooo cuteee :)))

I feel less alone...the impulse to throw expensive stuff over the edge to watch it break is strong in this one!

Thank you for a lovely video, always makes me feel better. Cheers!

15:50 - oh my god! I swear I've completely forgot! Oh man, this is crazy.

11:24 - wait, who's that? ... Ooooohh! I believe this is the first time I've seen your hair free just like that, lol. (Or maybe it's your evil (or good?!) twin from a parallel timeline.)


Oh, guys, you should totally go to a swing dance class if either of you haven't been before! They're so fun! And there are lots of milder movements that wouldn't hurt any shoulders. I love swing dance. It's great craic.

I just love you two

I was so confused why Jessica was on the drivers side of the car Then I realized I'm american

You two are soooooo cute!

I loved the conversational bits where you and Claud were just chatting away, then ATTACK OF MASSIVE TROPICAL INSECT.

Haha glad you enjoyed in langkawi

Love from malaysia❤

Theyre soooo adorable!!!!

I always get the impulse of opening a car's door while it's moving

How do you manage some of the unique difficulties of traveling with a disability? Things such as finding gluten free foods (lots of us Autoimmune Spoonies have to follow special diets), or dealing with pain and fatigue and all the walking. Also I'm not sure what your medication regimine is, but mine suppresses my immune system(like many autoimmune medications) so dealing with crowds, foreign germs/viruses etc is very scary to me. Did you need to take any precautionary vaccinations or medications? BTW you look lovely, I love all your outfits and bathing suits, I have a similar bathing suit with cherries. I always tell my girlfriend you are my spirit vintage girly disabled girl...that's who I am on the inside... I don't dress up or put makeup on much anymore because I'm too tired. I wish I could manage my life better, I'm just existing some days. You look so beautiful always, that takes time and do you do that and enjoy your vacation? You and Claud are so dang cute together too! I want to take my girlfriend on vacation, but I'm scared I'm going to ruin it with a flare. Help!

Gosh, you two are so cute!!

I got proposed on the cable car ride in Langkawi! Hehe i was reminded during this videooo. Haha.

So take off all your clothes...... ugh great.... now i have that in my head........ lol...

Claudia talking about lenses is both hilarious and my asmr

I love you both so much

You two are just adorably cute!

Claudia's little giggle whenever she flusters Jessica is the cutest

This is one of my favorite videos of you girls. Its so organic and sincere your reactions, comments. You 2 are just adorable and funny especially when just chatting in front of the camera, thanks for leaving those moments in the videos.

i’ve only just noticed that claudia like myself does not possess a strong jaw. glad to have found another of my people.

You two are the cutest. All smiles and laughs, watching you with one another in your paradise.

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