It was UNEXPECTED / The Highest Nature Trail / Chiang Mai Motorbike Tour

It was UNEXPECTED / The Highest Nature Trail / Chiang Mai Motorbike Tour

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good morning or let's say good afternoon guys.. today we'll start where we left yesterday.. as you see this is a Thai observatory and a military base.. they don't allow to film anything close to this place.. however there is a viewpoint and everyone is taking pictures..

so yeah it's pretty interesting question.. nevertheless i'm heading to Doi Inthanon.. because this trail behind me is leading to the highest point in Thailand..

now a lot of people here.. as you see so many cars at the parking.. so yeah we won't be there alone today.. but anyway it still will be interesting.. let's go.. let's enjoy the adventure.. slippery route.. my whole life is a sleepy route..

let's go.. this is it - the highest spot in Thailand.. right now i'm at the highest spot in Thailand.. 2565 meters.. surrounded by beautiful and old forest..

is there anything else to see? let's find out! this is it.. just a one minute walk over this wooden promenade.. there is some administration office and a coffee shop, food shop and toilets.. and there is the road and way back to the parking..

i don't get it.. but okay i'll try to find another trail.. yeah guys this is the place where i ended up..

as you see it's a pretty short walk.. just like two minutes maybe.. and i got to be honest i don't feel very excited but..

there is a nice trail to this side.. so maybe we can check it out and enjoy a really stunning view.. better than just take a picture of a stand saying us that it's a 2500 meters above the sea level.. you must hire a guide here for 200 baht.. because it's impossible to walk alone..

and the trail is around three - four kilometers.. and it will take at least three hours.. and there is no food of course, so i think it's better to have lunch first.. and then come back and then walk..

because walk and be hungry with knowledge that there is no food..   not optimistic.. so yeah let's try to find some food first.. and then decide shall we go back or not, okay? forest is over and now.. can enjoy the freedom finally.. Himalayan freedom almost..

and a lot of sunshine of course.. pretty tired.. heavy boots, heavy jeans, heavy jacket.. the air is colder here.. no.. still no tiger.. only birds..

only birds hunting for some food.. and yeah i think this is the end of the trail.. this is it guys..

the highest view point.. the highest spot in Thailand.. Doi Inthanon..

we are high like no one else in the country.. truly high.. no.. not only us.. many other people.. yeah this place is pretty popular.. i can't imagine how many people used to be here during normal time..

i believe that this platform was overcrowded.. maybe a 100-150 people at the same time.. but now during this special time.. pretty comfortable..

check out these dudes.. very cold.. my head is cold.. wet and cold.. yeah you got to be really careful.. probably tomorrow i will be completely sick.. but it will be tomorrow..

today we still can enjoy this place.. because i don't know when will be the next time i will come here..   maybe never..

there is another platform full of people but.. i'll try to find a nice place.. nice spot to get a shot..   so beautiful.. the view is so nice.. hello.. yep that's the market..

that's the market.. hmong community market.. mostly they sell strawberry, different nuts, different peanuts, seeds and so on... honey.. yeah.. dried fruits..

let's see what else.. check this out.. 250 for this huge box..

i think it's about one kilogram.. and just 80 baht for small one.. you see it's a bit green, but give it two days and it will be red..

red just like this one.. this one you need to eat right now.. this one you can put and bring it home..

chocolate almonds.. pistachio..   cashew... longan.. and that's persimmon if i understand right.. that's persimmon, isn't it? i think it is..

many different plantations around national park..   that's why they sell a lot of fresh and dried fruits.. fruits, berries and seeds..

it's nice to take a walk.. if you got space in your trunk - you easily can fill it with cheap strawberry.. with local wine.. to be honest i've tried strawberry wine, i've tried blueberry wine..

and something else.. lychee wine.. horrible.. totally horrible.. for 150 baht.. for 350 baht.. taste is horrible.. kids are very interested about the camera..

my new friends.. they prefer just to look at the screen more than at the lens.. making friends.. making friends at the highest viewpoint of Thailand.. bye..

Thai food.. this is the last scene for today.. this is a restaurant.. i'm ordering food to have dinner..

to have supper .. there won't be sunset video.. there won't be anything else.. just food.. pretty lovely place on the way to Doi Inthanon national park..

can have lunch here ..can have breakfast here.. but i'm having the last meal of the day.. so i'm gonna keep driving to chiang mai.. it's about 80 kilometers if i remember right..

and this.. and this is jackfruit.. king of fruits.. after durian of course.. i can show it closer to you.. yeah this is a jackfruit.. tasty thing..

of course not so tasty as durian but still.. usually they are really huge.. like this size.. anyway my brain doesn't work anymore so i won't be talking too much.. let's wait for the food.. enjoy it.. because this place must be super delicious..

and then i will continue driving to chiang mai.. guys this is menu for today.. rice with.. how it's called.. Pad Kra Pao seafood with squid and shrimp.. and this is chicken with green beans..

looks pretty appetizing.. oh man.. trip is going to its end.. and i feel incredibly tired.. really more exhausting than the south Thailand trip..

ah this road and the temperature.. the major thing is the temperature drops.. from 30 to 20 degrees.. from sunshine into shadow.. so yeah you're sweating, you're getting cold, you're sweating, you're getting cold.. again and again..  

and yeah it makes you feel super tired every day.. even though i'm not uploading videos every day during this trip.. and still i've got no time to edit because transportation takes a lot of time.. and just got no energy to do anything else..

cheers.. rice, squid, basil and shrimps... ah smell..

and taste is amazing... i don't even want to chew it.. i just want to put it straight into my stomach.. spicy juicy and fresh.. yeah not always you can find fresh seafood in restaurants around northern  Thailand.. but sometimes you really can.. amazing...

amazing.. you need to eat this dish with rice... but i've got half rice here.. so i can mix it up.. that's chicken chicken.. not curry.. but i just picked the picture and asked i want this... this chicken has come from heaven.. to join the dish.. wow.. really good .. it's very spicy but taste.. very rich flavor..

the ladies cooking food are looking at me now.. they're curious about what i'm doing.. but yeah i'm promoting the restaurant because food is great here.. maybe i'll order something else.. very hot.. you know.. nothing extraordinary just green beans ..  and chicken.. some spices yeah.. but.. 

tastes fantastic.. i love like this.. some rice.. some chicken... wow guys just wow.. and yeah this is it.. the last scene of this video..

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and i'll see you next video very soon if you will write me a comment, okay? bye bye..

2021-01-01 17:53

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