ITALY tourism 10 most beautiful places in Italy 2021

ITALY tourism 10 most beautiful places in Italy 2021

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The cost, also known as Italy, is officially the Italian Republic located in the heart of the Southern European session with the territory stretching out to the Mediterranean and whether or not the largest island is Siri and leaves attention marginal on land with Swiss France Austria laverna has a total area of over 301,000 square kilometers with a population of about 60 million. The capital of Italy is Rome, which is dubbed the center of the empire as the ancient code and the focus of The Catholic Church is the code of Italy There is the most world heritage of any country , including the famous cities of Honor with its own beauty and value as Venice with its romantic canals of love. Florence city is the oldest and most famous art center in the world, Milan is the fashion city ​​of international stature Vu Lan Hai with the famous leaning tower running in Italy, there are other majestic mountains. With the beauty of the four seasons, lying along the stretches of Black Snow stretches to captivate people, the rivers move smoothly around the mountains. Trafficking pits and great volcanoes still smoldering day and night activities We invite you to explore with us the good idea that Italy is a Land of Love and the righteous arts with your audience Dear audience Italy annually attracts Over 46 Million visitors to visit and is known as the quintessential home of culinary arts, fashion history and culture a place that everyone can once see in the Book Good movies are pictures with a romantic love theme that is Venice year in the northeast of the country. You are invited to join us

deep into the canals of this city to explore together. Venice according to online reviews, then called venezia this is the city like a huge network are interwoven with more than 118 islands, large and small 175 canal page sister and father a44 bridge across the channel Reach All words from a long time ago, Venice always retains its beauty and poetry. Printable and peaceful Venice was once a Korean empire in the past. An important customs and a large area of ​​the Roman Empire in Venice Kenh Dao plays a very important role as the main roads of the city. Most of the

transportation is by water or by water. Walking so as tourists around the world also call Venice as the city of the river or a bridge city very few cities in the world have the same romantic charm as the city of Venice. dubbed the European love paradise sitting on the boat Ronaldo is going , the canal, reaching the famous bridges named Master Than Tho, auto bridge is a particularly difficult experience that visitors should not miss if have the opportunity to visit Venice this place also attracts tourists by the beauty of the ancient remains are kept intact for thousands of years three are landmarks palaces temples churches of classical architecture in Europe where This has spread to off all roads in the world for thousands of years, those magnificent structures still don't Boasting proudly on both banks of Venice city canal, there are over 120 renaissance churches with more than sixty monasteries of 100 dragonflies and the proud ancient palaces in the heart of Venice is St. Moscow Square. The Italian called sanmarco billiards is built in the style of code and is rated as one of the most beautiful squares in the world with its beautiful and splendid beauty here Visitors will feel the wealth of Kingdom period is a code with towering campanile bell tower and the majesty of the town itself is designed in the style of this vibrant central mound that has converged the people of Venice over 10 centuries through the 175m long Square 82m and always overflowing with the most other photographers and the most prominent bridge here is the basilica of St. Anh, the most beautiful and splendid church With the most meticulous designs of the city of Venice, you are in the middle The heart of Italy is the Roman capital, which makes the idea to call Rome, where there are endless great architectural works ại and utmost importance of the Great Roman Empire has attracted millions of visitors as well as the online map catholic here annual pilgrimage city also carries the title of the English called Auris wrote nom which means that any path leads to a code The reason is because in the heyday of the empire it was a horse under the rule of the Great Alexander This was the time when Rome was most powerful and took almost all of the world. world that going is seen as the land of the so newly dubbed the road will lead to Rome outlined here are the Colosseum is historic greatness and most exciting that leftover from In the Roman period, this arena could hold up to fifty thousand people and was the venue for the martial arts fighter Ms. Cung was the

place where hundreds of thousands of Catholics were killed because of Christianity, the colosseum was The largest building was built in the 70s AD at present colosseum is one of the main tourist attractions in Rome with Hundreds of thousands of visitors visit each year inside the arena a portion of the stage has been restored to bring out the architectural features of more than 2,000 years ago underneath the colosseum is a web of misguided paths. Used to move wedlock like lions or they and gladiators came to the ring to compete. Most of them until death in the screams of the shells of the cave of thousands of spectators Beside that was La Square. Ancient

Rome was the place where the Roman army was built before going to conquer the Asian world and was the place where in the richest and most prosperous of the Roman history according to recorded history , It used to be the ancestral area. the procession of the procession of Khai Hoan secretly reconstructed the coronation ceremonies of the king which is now a dilapidated area with many ancient structures and temples.And this is St. Peter's Square. Yearly renaissance style design in Vatican City which is also a separate country in the central city of Quang the school is St. Peter's basilica with large and tall ancient domes that stand out on the city skyline including in this square the official Roman Catholic center in the world and the site tourism attracts a lot of visitors every year St. Peter 's 120 m high basilica is built in the place where St. Peter's two children called

the first pope buried the square built from 1506 to In 1615, St. Peter's temple was completed, which is one of the places with many world- famous cultural and artistic works , most notably the works of art by sculptor Kim Gia Tai Ba michael Angelo à in this cathedral. Famous as the most important pilgrimage site for Catholicism and for a service of international stature if visitors come here on Hongvan Wednesdays you will have the opportunity to see and hear the holy spirit.

According to statistics, the straw city has about fifty large fountains and hundreds of VND Fountains are scattered all over the city, among which the most recognized fountain in the world called javi is a destination to pray and find luck.This is one of the structures. Beautiful and poetic at the center of the great full is a giant statue of a sea bar standing on a carriage controlled by two gods from the head of the fish body above are 4 statues representing the 4 spring and summer collect white water pillars to erase the fanciful interlocking populations of beautiful beauty to sparkle the face of Tu Tuong Truyen household If visitors come to the straw and throw a coin into this fountain , they will have a chance Italy again If you throw in two coins, you will have a chance to meet your lover and if you throw in three coins is the signal that a wedding is coming and this is the ladder leading to the paradise. Easy to give visitors a sense of thrill When you have to go up 135 white goods to explore the Spanish works A was built in 1723 brick this site collection attracts a lot of tourists and is an easy place to make friends with locals every May every year, the steps are decorated with beautiful pink azaleas nearby, Pantheon Temple is a place of worship of Athena.

This temple attracts visitors as one of the oldest structures in Europe over thousands of years still standing in the north of Chrome is still quite intact in Rome. Visa city is quite quiet and quieter than other cities, the most prominent highlight here is the leaning tower of Pisa with the church complex and the square around the leaning tower of Pisa is considered a symbol of country Italy was built in the 12th century sticker reviews of towers stand tall not much different than sand spiers other but being built on mountain land so over time new approach sunk a party to create The typical profile is like this time but the tower is still table for visitors to visit And this is also the curiosity of many other fun spots around the city ​​of visa about an hour by train is the city of Florence, which is intended to be called the Avengers This is a city long known as the heart of the country. Italy, with the museums of the ancient castle and the Seoul cathedrals, are also many typical cultural works of the renaissance period in the ancient forint city that was the cradle of world civilization for four centuries. From the 14th century to the 19th century and still remains on the list of the most beautiful cities in the world, this place has long been the most attractive buffer of Italy and Europe . said that sixty percent of the most important structures of mankind are in Italy and half of them belong to the city ​​of Florence, most famous as the cathedral to be old so this is home The fourth largest church in Europe is built in a narrow architectural style with special materials in the front part. The cathedral's

marble is built in red brick in the back and is combined with a high block chatbox bell tower of the magnificence and splendor of the church marked by the pink, blue and white stones . with the decoration meticulous diverse, so that the museum Academia a showcase statue of emperor David nude sculpture the way Michael Angelo made this work when he was 26 he took Two years ago to sculpt this statue from a large marble, this nude 5m high statue depicting young David in the Bible has become the architectural masterpiece of the world beyond the immortal David statue here house for four collection unfinished Michael Angelo she is ancient bridge over t Passio river Nano dreaming is the oldest bridge at Ford and is built from 1345 famous bridge is vip party on many units The house is built according to ancient architecture, this is a very popular design style in major cities in T-era Europe Vibration Ancient Today is home to shops, Adorned with the yellow of sunflowers and the purple of board city vine fields, the sub beast of the tuscany rommel in the most rustic lands of Italy I needed was an overall floral beauty of the mountains, sea, sharp contemplation of ancient beauty bucolic charming flower in the luxurious rich countryside of Tuscany with vineyards immense and is the premier wine producer in the world, every corner of Shinee captures instant charms from the picturesque hilly and mountainous towns of the fishing villages to the imprints of ancient Romans. A resort along the coast Marking the richness of a long-standing drive across the beautiful streets of toscani is a delight for many visitors to this land in the section This is a masterpiece The majestic northeastern region of the country is of the opinion that the dolomite mountain is a part of the Phong mountain range here so large that the majority of people are quite good. ch said not knowing where and how to start the journey when it is difficult to reach forty peaks at the height of 2200m to 3,300m and there are over 18 routes up the mountain here like a water painting Kissing the sea with rocky walls upright and steep narrow valleys, and behind the space here is so majestic that inexpressible words are set up dolomites mountain which is very unesco given to cows the list of heritages the world in 2009 the famous places here are connected through the paralyzed boulevard with prominent destinations including camera lake when Korchina is enraptured peak and beautiful little old capital . To point out the most poetic here is probably the ancient town of cortina in the West Pole of the Great Street, which did dolomite from centuries ago, there were many famous poets and writers in the world such as Ernest hemingway's. So bad, she passed thousands of miles to admire the simple but attractive beauty of Co Co town n chi is that over time and the visits of many great poets have brought to the Chinese town the artistic value full of romantic poems Music and Cinema around the town is the majestic tresemme peak with high altitude. Over 3,000 m and is the boundary between Austria and Italy, visitors will feel the vastness of the undulating mountains of the immense forests like a legendary beauty painting here. can only

admire the fullness of the presence of the eyes with the feeling to find himself back too little in nature A and this is the fashion capital of the world's most city Beeline Progress reviews are called Bill Nano is the second largest city in the country to work with ancient beauty with great architectural works and is an attractive tourist destination with many tourists every year because it is famous as the fashion capital of Europe. Europe with a lot of famous brands and also is a buffer for famous fashion designers in the world organization fashion shows attracted many world- famous supermodels and this is a last- minute shopping mall farrell stay in must-see tourist destination for those who love shopping This mall is a The long-standing small school in Milan is home to many large shopping shops of the most famous fashion brands in the world located in the center of Lan America, the duomo mosque is home. The magnificent church is built in the mound architectural style that the poet began to be built in 1296 and takes hundreds of years to complete this place attracts with unique beauty to each sculpted pattern. Details and billions of US dollars for those who love and want to explore the rugged architecture can not ignore this monumental work , the church says you are at the top of Cuong marble tower standing next to each other. third in

the city of Milan has a total of 135 high and small towers bring solemn and splendid painting of the time Italy's most prosperous for art enthusiasts , what is a visit to Santa Maria ballad monastery in Milan is really noteworthy, especially Christian lines will be able to see the masterpiece with their own eyes. last Supper means The Last Supper is the Last Supper of Jesus with subjects painted by the painter Leonardo da Vinci on the wall [music] In addition to the magnificent ancient cities of the romantic peaches architectural engineering the great sites of the splendor of the Roman Empire the scenic grandeur of the mountains of Italy also is surrounded by beautiful beaches stretching along around the village Ancient brings a picturesque beauty of the past around the fingers of Italy are calm rivers meandering through the hills and mountains that stretch to the end of the horizon the images and flowing meaning of Italy Will leave in the hearts of visitors After a visit , beautiful memories of the moments of feeling love and love Unforgettable charm of this world of Italian art creations remember to subscribe so that when there is a new video We will announce immediately huh yep [music]

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