Jamaican Food!! KING OF CURRY GOAT + Oxtail and Ackee in Montego Bay, Jamaica!

Jamaican Food!!  KING OF CURRY GOAT + Oxtail and Ackee in Montego Bay, Jamaica!

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Good morning hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens in Montego, Bay Jamaica and, on, Sunday, most restaurants, a lot of restaurants are closed and so that Jamaican tradition, is to either go to somebody's house or to go to the, beach or the river to have a picnic. To have a huge, meal, with friends and family and so today we're meeting up with Matt he's, the Jamaican food boss from, Jamaica, Food Tours he's an amazing guy and he has arranged, this unbelievable. Spread, of food that we're gonna cook especially, goat, curry Jamaican, goat curry and oxtail, and there's, gonna be a lot of other dishes we're gonna cook on the river we're gonna eat I'm gonna share all the cooking all the food with you in this video we, are just about to drive, on over to the river but we're starting this morning at the Seine bolts, place walking. Around it's a museum it's a restaurant, and his. Statue. Right. Here which is actually made from bolts. We're. On our way to go meet Matt and this is gonna be an amazing, day Sunday. Of Jamaican, food. Good. Morning morning huggers very good very good. That. Was another gorgeous, drive from Montego, Bay it's, so, lush it's so green it's so beautiful, and we've, arrived to the river we're actually gonna take a bamboo, raft jamaican. Bamboo raft down the river down, the stream to, the place in the jungle, along the river where we're gonna start cooking. Yeah. So it's a plum we use it in skews, we use it in sauces, as well, gin. Plum, we. Students. Good oh. Yeah. That is fantastic. I like a sour, mango almost, very, acidic, sour. Delicious. So. Incredibly, beautiful the, water is so clear and we're, starting off right from it's, an old Spanish bridge, an, iconic. Bridge this, is where we're going to begin the rafting bamboo, rafting and. Captain. From. 1828, the bridge it's back O'Laughlin bridge in jamaica or how never rebuild, never refurbished, Wow. Amazingly. Peaceful. The water is deeper. Here just. Pools, of just gorgeous clear, water and just surrounded. By lush. Forests, this, is the way to arrive, for Sunday lunch. Amazingly. Graceful. On the, bamboo raft through the rapids the. Very. Gentle. Calming. Rapids. Thank. You gay thank. You. So. Nice. So. Nice man, I, mean. Wants to catch. All but you need to we can't go back in there well yeah we should still forgot ok tubes and stuff. How. Are you man nice to meet you hello chef, good. Afternoon, nice to meet you arrive, to the shore this is where Matt has a place that he sets up where he cooks where, the chefs cook. And. So all the ingredients are laid out we are preparing, for a massive, Jamaican. Sunday feast. What. Are the main dishes on the menu Matt we have Cora Gore which we're going to do today we have oxtail, we, have ackee and saltfish we have grown. Produce mannish, water which, is the international. Name yes of the goat which we're gonna do yeah, they said I put hairs on your check on your chest in Jamaica I've.

Been Wanting to eat. So. We have mannish water we, got some shrimp as well with other purpose, room straight from the river awesome, and then we'll do some bananas, some yams and, some, dashi, and sweet potato. Washington. Oh Jason, wash, and seasoned the oxtail okay, chef Jon is just getting started on the oxtail, first there chopping that up into, pieces with the skin on and he's, gonna get ready to season that, marinate. It is awesome. So. That's a combination of all the spices ginger, yes ginger Kotik, pimento green garlic, Oh men, immediately. He pours that, marinade. On a combination, of like crushed, mashed, yeah, you can smell the ginger the garlic while. He's adding in chili. Powder yes. And. One. Of the key ingredients is, also, pimento. Which is allspice too allspice berries which, has a flavor that kind, of has like a cinnamon, nutmeg, II kind of taste to it essential. For Jamaican, food I'm, just going to taste that this, purest form. Mm-hmm. Yeah. I guess clove nutmeg. And. Yeah. Cinnamon, exactly. The all three combined into one berry, one, unique berry pimento, and. That. Is like the basis that's like the the, foundation, of jerk it's the foundation of so many and it even has like a kind of like a a heat. To it a heat, to it on your tongue yeah, kind, of like cinnamon if you chew on cinnamon bark. Beautiful. Another. Dish, I could not wait to try in Jamaica is mannish water which. Is. For. The power right. But. A combination, of good intestines, goat. Sraight, stomachs, a variety a, variety. Of stomachs, Chef John is now just chopping that up slicing, that up for the soup. The. Water, punished. Water what, a name to. See. You, still. Go. Lid. On that's gonna simmer away that's gonna kind of like stew, in its own juices, and you can tell the fat is just gonna be released, and just like, boil, down into, the meat oxtail, is one of the greatest, most, tender, meats possible. And. Then chef is also boiling, up some pork over, the fire as well and then just kind of drained that out. Next. Dish that we're making is covered goat Jamaican, curry goat and Matt, was mentioning to me that you, cannot, have a party you cannot have a get-together, you cannot have a group of people together in Jamaica without curry good without the curry goat right the. Curry goat link-up. That, curried goat. Unbelievable. Marinade, mixture all of the ingredients what stands, out to me is that it's not only dry spices like a curry powder and some. Of the dry seasoning but it's also fresh, ingredients. The ginger, the, time the, pimento, the, garlic, the ginger the Jamaican ginger so all of those combined. Chunky. Like. Fresh, ingredients dry. Ingredients and, that, actually is best to marinade overnight so all the flavor seeps in so chef has one prepared for overnight about, to go in. Smells. So good already, the goat goes into a raging, hot, fire pan a little bit of oil to soothe all that in and then the disappointment, just burning my mouth is salivating already.

It. Is not a get-together it's not a party in Jamaica without curried, goat link. Link. Link. Up. Car go they go. I. Cannot, Kanpur, cannot get theatre okay, working. Uh key or. Okay. You don't do it fresh way to act it's, up I saw it the pork okay oh. Man. You lifted up the lid on the oxtail, and already, the fat has began to seep out meltdown. Render, down its, caramelizing, in its own juices, and fat with all that spice stir. That up add some water and then he also mixed, that goat curry everything's. Coming together it's a slow process now, everything has to cook down everything has to mingle. Real. Next. Dish goes into some - water which is the combination of tripe. And intestines, of the goat but, he boiled, some, water just, with pimento, berries, and, garlic. And that has to simmer, for a long time right it's a long process. Yes. This. One is nicaya. That's, spices coming out the meat juices it smells so unbelievably. Good and it's just like filling filling. The air it's becoming part, of the humidity in the air. As. A cop Hokkien. And catfish ackee and saltfish, ackee, and saltfish your car car versus okie. And. How. Are you a minute by Trevor, Trevor, nice to meet you mark nice. To meet you hello. Nice. To meet you man. So we just met up with Trevor. And Patrick. Bringing, fresh, coconuts, and. Also, he's gonna you're, gonna be preparing the Aki for us right. Awesome. The, hockey, it's, such an interesting and unique fruit, and something, about hockey is that you have to do it, has to open open. Right you, cannot open it on yourself. Or it's poison, so. You have to it, has to naturally, ripen it has to naturally, open. The. Flesh of the inside they look like kind of little little. Membranes, almost. And. Then the black part is that the seed the. Black part is the seat so then it's, a very tedious process because, you have to peel out that seed. If you don't need to see that all either but. It is a very, special, Jamaican, food I. Cannot. Wait to try it. And. Say just chopping up these are all the ingredients that I believe are gonna pair with ackee. And the saltfish. There's scotch, bonnet there's time there's garlic there's scallions, green pepper onions. And tomatoes. Kondeh. Pork yes. Yes. The milkiness coming, out of the intestine. And a. Thank. You. Nothing. Like, fresh coconut, water as we're waiting for all of the stews all of the curries to brew down to simmer down. And. These coconut is just full. Full. There's, like a liter of coconut water in there that's, so good it's, perfectly, sour perfectly, sweet not overly sweet just the nutrients. The, richness, of, the nutrients in there oh man, it's perfect, it's pure. Okay. So the a key goes into hot water it's gonna boil for about seven, minutes before it's combined with salt fish with those other ingredients and also the corned beef another version of a key as well it's, also gonna the corned pork which is going to be a second, version of a. Cubed. Boiling, it's ready the salt, fish is ready, John poured some oil into the pan over the fire subscribe. You. Made they smell so good and because everything is already cooked it. Doesn't take too long that cook once you once you fry it up but. With the fresh ingredients with. The salt fish that Aki that's, what. A beautiful, dish. So. He's also gonna make a key same, recipe same dish but just with corned pork instead of salt fish. Just. A little bit like a splash, of coconut milk goes into the curried goat to, finish it off but, he also added in some of the carrots. Oh. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. And, so the vegetables the carrots the yam the, green, banana goes into the Monash water you can again see the milky, color of that from the intestines, from the Triton, and again. The floating, allspice, berries just. Marinating. Just releasing. Their aroma and fragrance, into the water. Is, it looking smart. A minor. Spinners, there the dumpling, so he mixed up some flour and some, water into a dough and spinning, it in his hands to make like little spiral. Shaped little dumplings which are go, directly, into the pot of oxtail.

That's. Gonna just boil down to like, a complete. Dish. All. Of the food is almost ready, like we are moments. Before eating but you just pulled out the pepper shrimp these are freshwater shrimp. That you cooked up with a button and when I'm saying pepper, I mean scotch bonnet, pepper so we boiled, that up and. We're gonna just quickly eat them as an appetizer before, all of the main dishes oh yeah. And you want to preserve that tumuli. Head juices. You could smell the garlic in the scotch, bonnet in there oh. Yeah. Oh the. Freshness of it but plus the garlic. And like the scotch bonnet peppers they have so much flavor so much like kind, of sourness. That, just seeps into the the shrimp oh yeah. Yeah, it's awesome okay. I'm gonna read it the head into that that. Juice the scotch bonnet and juice on the bottom there. The. Best part about the bachelor shrimp is just licking up the head because all the juice because that scotch and bonnet, juice is, just like juicing. Out of it oh. Wow. That's. Got fire you can not mess, with the flavor of that scotch body immediately, yes so bright oh. My. Gosh yeah. It's so good. More. That juice I just want to drink the shrimp juice with the scotch bonnet. All. That is a tasty way to get this Jamaican. Food party started this afternoon. And, all the food is ready and the. Jamaican term, we are eating pot to plate just everything, is served from the pots to, the plate directly to your plate we're, dishing it out now everything. Is ready, yes. Patrick. Ready. To eat. Thank. You chef. They. Get the name because they look like a hat I. Got. The full plate of food and we are about to sit down but I'm waiting for all. Of us to get the plates of food but I have to have, to try my first buy it has to be the ackee and saltfish that. Texture, you could see like the little little. Texture, a piece of the salt fish in there. The. Buttery, texture, of that a cube it is so creamy. That's. Incredible. I didn't know what to expect it's kind of a neutral taste but. It's an amazing, like buttery texture, delicious. And then the salt fish just gives it that powers. The whole thing with a salty, saltiness. Almost, like egg yolks but, like creamy, crema, fide egg yolks natural. From, the active, fruit. Thank. You. Perfect. Yeah. But. And. Exactly. I can't, even get over that. Okay. Upon. My first bite of eating a key I, immediately, know why it's the national dish of Jamaica I love it it's. Just it's. Too good it's a Jamaican, harmony Jamaican. Stuff. Is Jamaica all in one it's truly, Jamaica, so makin one bite. Okay. I gotta try the curry, go it next yeah. It's just oh look, this is a plastic spoon. No. There's, a reason you. Don't need a knife for this meal everything. Is tender enough to be to, be broken down with a plastic spoon okay. Mohsen. Your month it's. So tender. And. Then again like I was mentioning because, it's a Johar me I said another symphony, oj makin symphony of both dry, spice and, fresh.

Place So the ginger, the scallions. The time the time everything, puts up with all spice yeah the scotch bonnet pepper and then you have the curry powder on, top of that it binds everything together it's a binding fusion, of flavor. That's. Fresh goat - that's fresh yeah you can taste the freshness of it. Sorry. Go wicked, I also. I also immediately. Know why. You never have a get-together you never have a party in Jamaica without curry goat that flavor one, that you will remember the party by forever curry, goat link oh the, curry goat link up. Again. Links. You to links you, it, builds relationships. Okay. In the next big main dish is the oxtail which, is a totally, different spice, combination, totally different sauce and Matt. Was also telling me that if. You get the local Jamaican ox til it has the skin on it so you can see that the. Thickness of that skin the gel enos of it and again it's probably in, fact I'm just gonna pick it up though just, jiggling, that's just jiggling some jiggling oh. The. Trifecta of, different. Textures because the skin is almost crunchy look, shop it's the same time the, gumminess of the fat just tenderness of them me the meat is so tender and succulent it, just melts away everything's, just melting, in one. Felt. Together, oh all. Three layers just, melt, together and then the spices are much different from the curry it's much more mild. More. Like a stew yeah yeah it's a more, robust more Sudan yeah cooks over like that allspice you, taste the allspice in it more like cinnamon clove, eat a cinnamon II under the burnt. Molasses. That we had in its as well right that's right, like. Molasses. Which, doesn't really make it sweet but more like gives it that kind of slight, caramel, like glaze, almost exactly. The. Wobbliness, of that. The. Melting, quality, of that interest. Like it. Dissolves, on your tongue. Again. The other dish is the a key with the corn pork this is the same dish same recipe just with corn pork instead of the salt fish. Wow. Okay, the only thing that's different is the saltfish compared to the the, corned pork looks, like a totally different place because of the salty mooch, mmm. But it's still pair so well with a hockey hands of the salty it's exactly. So I Paris fantastic, with actors blowing me away. It's. Not mine scotch bonnet the heat now here in, the Ross dr. Bennett come in with the heat no comment. With that heat. The. Fruitiness, of it what. I love about Scott finance it's it's so fruity like, it literally it is a fruit it's sweet and sour, okay. So take, a bite I'm getting some of them look I finished all my Aki it's. Too good. And. Then after that you've changed it with another bite of the Scotch. Okay. When you get to other seeds you can feel the fumes like going up your nose and yours your, throat oh. Yeah. That's. Buzzy your went down so fast but, we are fortunate, there, is that yeah, there, is a lot more lot, more to explore. All, chef.

Awesome. Awesome food okay, yes. Please. Getting. A refill on my next plate of food but I had almost forgot about the mannish water got. So excited with the curried goat with the oxtail, with Aki. Like, this oh. Yeah. You, can smell the goat the freshness of that the, intestines. Allspice. Berries, just floating, around oh. Wow. Okay. I mean. I love anything goat that, is superb. The milkiness, of it the. Saltine that fruitiness, of it too because they're scotch bonnet in there and there's, also the, green. Banana in there oh unions, back for more. Third. Plate yes. My. Next plate of food got the curried goat got. Some more salt, fish Aki, salt fish. There's. Like I know a piece of garlic in that by two because it's just. Erupted, in my mouth, that. Creamy. Sensation. Oh. Wow. Oh yes. I want a little bit of everything in my first bite of the mannish water, including. Memento. Hmm. It's. Actually a very clean taste a very, clean Goudy taste and, everything. Is so tender hooked, down to its soft, melts. In your mouth, even, the tribe has a little bit of chewiness but not like in comparison to other pieces, of tripe it's tender. Allspice. The pimento, because it's kind of subtle but it's, there and you taste that like like cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg enos a bit I. Have. An idea for my next bite. Of curry goat top. It. We're. Gonna get. That. Curry goat. And. The creaminess of the ackee looks. So good in my beverage of choice. The. Water in. The munnis water. Like. How you like it, it's. A little bit cold, now because the Sun has gone down behind the mountains but. There's. Just nothing, more. Satisfying. Sounding. After, a Jamaican, feast like that when we're on the river and it's so clear I have. To mean. Can you hold my shirt. That's. Like the limestone, I think oh. Yeah. That's cool, actually. It's, not that cold, if. I go look daddy's in the middle of the. Room. Was fantastic, but one final, treat, for. This just. Unbelievably. Delicious. Sunday. Jamaican. Feast. Friends. Andrew. Andrew, the. Jerk champion. And also. A hunter, you're, these. Birds are awesome. So some. Of the wild birds there's three different types of birds that he jerks seasoned, onto, the grill the, white crown pigeon the, white belly and the white wing pedo all, men immediately, it smells good. I. Love. The like lemony. Flavor of it it's lemon with honey and honey. Okay. So. Right. Off the grill this one is the wild dove, and, just. That pink, color. On the inside the juiciness, of it still but, you can see how lean it is at the same time you, guys can try it thank, you no problem, yeah. Guys. You. Can. Crunch right through the bones oh yeah. Boy. Leanness oh. Like. The leanness, of the mute but. Then like a fattiness of the skin oh. That. Jerk seasoning I'm, gonna eat the whole this is the entire, drumstick. And thigh combination, in a one bite. One. Bite of crunchy. Bird. Enos oh, man. Oh it's. So good and yeah. Man that, is awesomely. Good Thank You Man well, done. Ball plate the. White crown next bird this is the white crown pigeon. Oh. Yeah. Has a different texture it's more like almost livery, yeah delivery tasting best dessert after that meal yeah.

What. A way to end this, just. Unbelievably. Delicious Sunday. In Jamaica with. Friends, hanging out big thank you to Matt I'll have his link and his tours in the description box below you can check him out when you are in Montego Bay or anywhere in Jamaica let, him know he. Will hook you up and so that's it for this incredible. Sunday in Jamaica, huge thank you for watching this video please remember to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed it leave a comment below I'd love to hear from you and if you're not already subscribed, click. Subscribe, and also click a little bell icon so that you immediately get notified of the next video that I published there's gonna be a lot more incredibly, delicious Jamaican. Food and culture videos but, be sure to watch this entire series this entire playlist of videos, in, Jamaica and I will see you on the next video.

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