January 2018: Annual Meeting Talks and 2018 Yeartext

January 2018: Annual Meeting Talks and 2018 Yeartext

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What. Is next, on our program. Well. We have five, talks, that. Are going to be given by five, members, of the governing body now. As you listen to these talks, one. Of them is going to reveal to us some, adjusted. Understanding. Another. Is going to tell us about the Year text for next year. Other. Talks, are going to motivate, us and then. Another. Talk, is going. To show a change, in. Our ministry. How. I got your attention. Well. To start off this intriguing, series, of talks we're. Going to invite brother David's, plane to, talk to us on this intriguing title. Ezekiel's. Temple vision. And you. Well. Did. You, enjoy. Your. Tour. Not. Your tour of Warwick. Wallkill. Patterson. But. Did, you enjoy, the tour that we recently made, of. The, temple. That. We've been reading about in the book of, ezekiel. Now. That was quite a tour. Can. You imagine that, we, were transported. Onto. An extremely. High mountain, and. We were given a vision of an imposing. Temple. Complex. And. We had quite a tour guide didn't we an angel. Whose. Appearance, was. Of copper, and. He. Showed us some wonderful. Things. Well. It's all very interesting, but what. Does. It mean. Now. For many years our publications. Have stated that the. Temple that Ezekiel saw, was. Jehovah's. Great spiritual. Temple. And. We came to that conclusion because, there are admittedly, some. Similarities. Between the. Tabernacle. That, Moses. Was. Connected, with and the, temple of Ezekiel, and, so, the thought was that the. Temple of Ezekiel, and the tabernacle, they. Represented, the same thing and we know that the tabernacle. Represents. A spiritual. Temple because the Apostle Paul said so, what. It's true that there are similarities. Between. The tabernacle. And Ezekiel's. Temple. But. There are major, differences. As, well. The. Tabernacle. Really. Focuses, on the high priest and. The. Sacrifice, that he makes on the day of atonement and. So we can say that the. Tabernacle. Is really centered on the future work that Jesus was going to do as the great, high, priest, and the sacrifice. He was, going to make. But. Now what about, the. Temple that Ezekiel saw. Is. There. A high priest. Go, home what. About the day of atonement is the day of atonement mentioned. No. It. Is not and. So we can see that there. Are differences. Between the. Tabernacle. And the. Temple of Ezekiel. Now, right up front let's be clear. Ezekiel. Was, not. Touring. The, spiritual, temple. Let's. See why not but first, let's. Review what brother lish told us about the spiritual temple what is it now, rather lish said that it's an arrangement. But. He didn't stop there did he. He. Said it's an arrangement, for, worship. Based. On the, sacrifice. Of, Christ. Now. What do we know about the sacrifice, of Christ let's. Take the Bible and turn. To Hebrews, chapter 9. Hebrews. Chapter 9. We're. Going to read verses 11. And 12. Hebrews. 9, 11. And, 12. Paul. Writes, however. When. Christ came, as, a high. Priest, of the good things that have already taken, place, so. The spiritual, temple was actually, in existence. In. Jesus, day because. These things had already taken place he. Passed through the greater and more perfect tent, not made with hands that is not of his creation, he. Entered into the holy place, not. Not. With. The blood of goats and of young bulls but. With his own blood, once. For. All time. So. What do we learn from this what we learned that Jesus sacrifice, is offered once. For, all time and the, blood of bulls and goats. Doesn't enter the picture. One. Sacrifice. And. That's enough after. That there. Are no grain offerings, there. Are no guild, offerings. There. Are no whole burnt, offerings, and there. Are no sin. Offerings. Because, that one, sacrifice. Of Christ is, an up the. Spiritual, temple is centered, around the sacrifice, of Christ. And. Now what did we see. When we toured Ezekiel's. Temple. Green. Offerings, sin. Offerings, guilt. Offering, us, the, blood of bulls and goats and, even. Purification. For the priests. Who. Known at all seem to have been declared righteous, by means. Of their faith in the blood of Christ, so. We can see that there's, something different about, Ezekiel's. Temple and really, ezekiel, and paul, cover. Different, ground. So. If you're taking notes. This. Is the time to make a little note. From. Paul, we. Learn about jehovah's. Arrangement. For. Worship. From. Ezekiel. We. Learn about jehovah's. Wait. For it. Jehovah's. Standard. For. Worship, from. Ezekiel, we. Learn about jehovah's. Standard. For. Worship now, what do we learn about jehovah. Standards, from those 9 chapters, of ezekiel. Well. He, has high standards, he, has very, high standards they'll think about it where, was Ezekiel temple. Located. Was. It located on a mountain of average height Mount. Moriah maybe or, the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

No. It. Was located, on a very, high. Mountain. A. Temple. On, a very high mountain a. House. Of, Jehovah. On. A very high mountain. Maybe. Even. Above the tops of the. Mountains, where. Have I heard about that before, didn't. I read something about that somewhere in the Bible yes, I say. A chapter two and verse two that's, really. Isaiah. Chapter 2 and verse 2, it. Says in, the. Final, part of the days. That. Doesn't sound like 29c does it in. The final, part of the days the. Mountain of the house of Jehovah will, become firmly established above. The top of the mountains, and it. Will be raised up above the, hills and to. It all, the, nations will. Stream, well. In that prophecy, helps, us to understand, when Ezekiel's. Temple vision. Finds. Its. Major fulfillment. 1929. C II when, we first see the spiritual, temple pick shape. But. In the final part of the days. Now. When. Is it or, what is it that is this firmly established, above the tops of the mountains what, we know the answer to that it's jehovah's worship isn't it and, so jehovah's, worship is established. Above, the tops of the mountains in, the final part of the days and so, Ezekiel's. Temple vision. Must, be fulfilled in, the final part of the days not, in 29. C, II, now. The mountain that Ezekiel saw is not the only thing that's elevated. There. Are gates leading. To the temple area and you know those gates are some, 100. Feet tall, and there. Are guard chambers. At the entryways so. That no unclean, person, can, come in why. Because. Jehovah's, high, standards. Of morality. Must. Be respected. Now. There's another striking. Feature of Ezekiel's. Temple, there. Was a roll around, the entire perimeter. The, entire, temple. Area now, each side was almost a mile, but, the temple itself was only about 850. Feet - aside so, you have the little temple area, relatively, and then you have this great, expanse. All, around. We, have a picture maybe this'll give. Us an idea do you see the temple in the middle there and then that wide perimeter, and the. Wall around the temple why. Jehovah. Answered at Ezekiel. 43 9. Let. Them put their spiritual. Prostitution. Far. Away. From. Me, now. Someone. Who was familiar with the layout of, ancient Jerusalem would understand, this because. Really. There was only a wall that separated, the Temple in Jerusalem from.

Ordinary Housing, so. As the people began, to worship idols, and they brought immorality. And all kinds of horrible things, into. Their homes they, were actually, bringing this right, up against, the wall of the temple and so Jehovah God is saying no more enough. I want. To keep it far away, from, me. Now. Ezekiel's, temple vision. Has a major, and a, minor fulfillment. So we'll talk about the minor fulfillment. For a moment in chapter. 8. Ezekiel. Described. Conditions, that prevailed when the Temple of Solomon was. Functioning, 70. Men offering. Incense, to creeping. Things and loathsome beasts. 25. Men bowing down to the Sun, women. Weeping. For the God Tammis. But. To his great relief. Ezekiel. Sees none of that in, his, temple vision. Instead. He. Sees pure worship being carried on in a way that he would have understood that. Would have had Jehovah's, approval, back then so. After. The Jews were, released, from babylonian, captivity. They. Would be able to worship, Jehovah. Except. Ibly, after. The Jews were released from babylonian, captivity, they. Would, be able, to. Restore. Pure, worship. In the way that Jehovah. But. Now the title of this talk is, Ezekiel's. Temple and. You. So. Where do we fit into the picture, well. It's simple, we. Are living. In the, time of the, fulfillment of. Ezekiel's. Temple, vision. And. In the major fulfillment, we, find the true worship has been restored. Since, when, well. Since, when in particular, has the mountain of the house of Jehovah been lifted up above the tops of the mountains. Since. 1919. What. A coincidence. Because. In. 1919. Jehovah's, people were also freed. From captivity to, Babylon the, Great and so. After being freed from captivity to, Babylon the, Great now. We see, an improvement, in pure worship getting. Better and better and. Since that time, Jehovah. Has progressively, guided, us to adopt. His high standards. Now. Think about his high moral, standards. Nobody. Is. Admitted. To a permanent. Association. With the organization. Until they have the approval and of the elders until the elders to say yes and. They are acceptable. Now. I think back 65. Years ago when I started publishing and. I know that many of you have. Been, publishers, a lot longer than that but I can remember back 65, years ago when. I started to publish I just, turned in a report, nobody. Asked me any questions you didn't, have to be approved, when. You got baptized you didn't go through the questions, with the elders there, were no elders. No. More no. More we. Can see how progressively, progressively, Jehovah. Has raised the, standard, and what about unrepentant. Wrongdoers. They're. Not allowed to remain in the congregation that, wasn't. Always the, case so. We can see how Jehovah, God has been progressively, guiding. Us leading. Us to. A better and better relationship. With him now. He's also cleansed, his people spiritually. Think. About what's happened since 1919. How. Jehovah's people have worked hard to keep, spiritual, uncleanness, far away, from pure, worship casting.

Off False doctrines, and practices, tainted. With idolatry. And paganism. And. What, has been the result. Jehovah. Has, blessed his, people, and there's. Tangible. Proof that blessing, nations. Are, streaming, to the mountain of the house of Jehovah and they. Come, because. They have heard that God is with, his people. So. What have we learned, from this brief discussion. This. While. The spiritual, temple is jehovah's, arrangement. For, worship. Ezekiel's. Temple. Emphasizes. God's, standards. For. Worship and, what else have we learned this. We. See the arrangement, of the spiritual, temple since, 29, C, II, but. We see the fulfillment of, Ezekiel's. Temple, vision. Since. 1919. Well. We're grateful to our, Angelica. Tour, guide for the remarkable, visit. That we had to the temple but. We're also more, grateful to Jehovah, God for. Helping us to see what. That, remarkable. Vision, means. For you and for. Me today. Well. Thank you very much brothers plane for such a clear, explanation, and, clear. As it was we're all looking forward to the replay aren't we, so. That we can get all those details, because. That was a very interesting, and exciting discussion. Well. Next on our program brother mark Sanderson of the governing body is going, to talk to us on this interesting, theme never. Ever. Lose. Hope. Hope. Is. Absolutely. Essential. To, our, strength, as, Christians. No. Hope. Equals. No, power. Proverbs. Chapter 18. And verse 14. Says a. Person's. Spirit, can, sustain, him through illness, but. Who can bear a crushed, spirit, or if. You look at the footnote who. Can bear complete. Despair. What's. The point, no. Hope. Equals. No, power. But. Then there's also no. Hope. Equals. Low power. Proverbs. Chapter 24. And verse 10, says if you, become, discouraged, in, the day of distress. Your. Strength will, be meager. Low. Hope. Equals. Low power, well. Immediately, we. See why it is so important. For us as Christians that. We never ever. Lose. Hope. Hebrews. Chapter 6, and verse 19 says that, hope, is the, anchor, of our souls or the, footnote the, anchor, of our. Lives. But. Now brothers what is hope that's, a word we use all the time but what does it really mean. The. Original language, words that are used in the Bible, that are translated, hope mean. To wait, eagerly and. To. Expect, good, so. Hope, is not, simply, the desire for, something good, it. Also includes, the, basis, for. Believing, that that good, thing, is going to come now. Let's, look at an illustration. We. Might wish that. A friend, would, come to our aid and help us during. A time of trial but now, what if that friend had. Helped us many many, times, before, well. Now it changes doesn't it now, our hope is not, simply, wishful, thinking, there. Is a real reason, to believe that. That friend, will help us you. See that is real hope not. Just, the desire for something good but. The real basis. To, believe that. We can receive it. When. Our brothers what could cause us to. Begin to lose hope. Well. I don't think I need to tell you this but. Life in this system is, certainly not, trouble-free, were, you aware of that. Most. Of us we, recognize, that our physical, bodies are breaking, down if you're, over 50 no. Doubt you've had to learn a new alphabet. EKG. MRI. HDL. LDL. And. The list goes on and on if you. Don't know what that means, well, okay. I give up. But. In addition to, our, own health problems, and challenges we. Have to cope with the, health problems, of our close, relatives or, perhaps our marriage mate our. Elderly, parents, whatever. It may be and in. Addition to that we. Also have to cope with the loss of some of, our very dear loved ones and death. What. If you live in Venezuela. Due. To the unrest, in that country, the. Reports, that we as we have received as of August, the 10th, indicate. That 47. 47. Of our brothers and sisters have. Been murdered. In that land. And many. More have been victims, of other terrible. Criminal, acts our, hearts. Go, out to our, in Venezuela. What. If you live in Texas or Mexico, or the Caribbean well. You know that. We have just had devastating. Natural disasters. Some of our brothers have lost their homes their, places of worship as well, as virtually. All of their material, things, what. If you live in Russia, in. That, land a hundred and seventy-five thousand, of our brothers, can, now no, longer worship Jehovah, and freedom. Well. If we were to continue to focus our attention on all of these negative things this, would not be the kingdom hall it would be the Wailing, Wall isn't, that true. But. I have to tell you brothers. That. Is not the, spirit, of Jehovah's. People that, is not the spirit in the room right, now it is. Not the spirit of God's people anywhere. On the, face of this earth despite. All of the, challenges that. We, are experiencing. We, do. Not, give, up do you agree. Now. Why is this the case. Isaiah. Chapter, 40 has the answer for us now. Let's begin in reading, here in verse, 26. The. Prophet encourages, us to look up it says lift. Up your eyes to heaven, and see. Who. Has created these things it. Is the one who brings out their not their army, by number, he, calls them all by, name, because.

Of His vast dynamic. Energy, and his, inspiring. Power, not, one, of them is missing. Well. What's the point you. See the source of our, hope, the, one we put our confidence. In Jehovah, has. Vast, dynamic. Energy, he, has aw inspiring. Power, look. At verse 28, do. You not know have. You not heard. Jehovah. The creator, of the ends of the earth is a god for all eternity he. Never, tires, out or grows, weary, his. Understanding. Is unsearchable. Yes. Jehovah. Is the, ultimate. Power source, in the universe he never, grows tired he. Never, grows weary, but. Now how do we benefit. Because. We put our hope in him well. Look at what verse 29, says. He. Gives power to the, tired one and full. Might to. Those lacking, strength. Well. Now is this something that we, can connect, somehow, to our physical, power in other words that someone, somehow. Jehovah, invigorates. Our own physical, bodies well not. Really because look at verse 30 what it says boys. Will tire out and grow, weary and young, men. Will stumble and fall. So. This help, from Jehovah is not connected, to our physical, strength it's, not connected, to our age or our physical, power. What. Really then is the. Key to. Our gaining. This power, from. This unlimited, power source, the, is Jehovah, well. Verse 31, but. Those. Hoping. In Jehovah. Will. Regain, power. Well. Now that's an interesting expression. Problems. Pressures. Persecution. Ban. Imprisonment. Natural. Disaster, the list goes on and, on and on if we, focus, our attention on. All. Of these problems, and difficulties. What happens, we. Just feel our battery, being completely. Drained, we, lose all of, our, power. But. What happens, when. We turn our attention to. Our. Magnificent. God Jehovah. What. Happens when we remember. How, much Jehovah, loves us, what. Happens, when we remember, how many times, Jehovah. Has come through and given. Us exactly. What we need exactly at, the right time. We. Immediately, as verse, 31, says we, immediately. Begin, to regain power. We. Feel it coming back into us and, although.

We May have been like a a tree, that's lost its leaves and just looks like it's dead what happens well we, put forth new shoots and, we. Begin to come back to life, because. Of the power that's coming from, Jehovah well. As a result what does the end of the verse say. They. Will soar on wings like, eagles they, will. Run and, not grow. Weary, they. Will walk and not, tire. Out. Brothers. What's the point. No. Hope. No. Power. No. Hope, low. Power. Hope. In Jehovah. Unlimited. Power would you agree. When. We hope in Jehovah we, can walk we. Can run we, can fly we can even soar, if we. Never ever lose. Hope in. Jehovah. Now. Brothers I want to tell you this. Is not pop psychology. This. Is not the, power of positive, thinking, wherever. I go on this beautiful earth and I, have the opportunity to meet your Hovis people, I have, seen with, my own eyes, how. Jehovah, is renewing. The power of his, people they, are never conquered, by. The situation's, they are facing the. Power from Jehovah is helping. Them to, remain firm, what. About our dear brothers in Venezuela. Despite. The many problems, and pressures that. Have come upon our brothers in that land due to the unrest, that's, occurring, did. You know that in, 2014. There. Were 26,000. 252. Regular, pioneers, in that land, but. This year in May, of. 2017. In the midst of all of these problems that are occurring in that country, they. Recorded, an all-time. Peak, in regular. Pioneers, thirty, four thousand, three, hundred and fifty three an increase, of more than eight thousand what do you think of that. Those. Dear brothers are not accomplishing, that in their own strength. They're. Hoping, in Jehovah and they're. Renewing, or regaining. Their power what. About those brothers in the disaster relief areas, do you remember what, brother bro said in his room and the report on JW, broadcasting. About, our brothers on the island of Tortola. Their. Kingdom Hall which they had been using for decades was, destroyed. Rendered. Unusable and, yet. What did the brothers do. Every. Day they went and sat, in the kingdom hall parking lot do you remember that and why. Because. They knew they, had confidence. That this, would be the place where the help from Jehovah would originate, and they. Were not, disappointed. Brother. Bro assures me that now, arrangements. Are being made so, that that Kingdom, Hall is going to be restored and back up in use for, the benefit of our dear brothers in Tortola.

And, What. About those, dear brothers and sisters in, Russia. Well. What, did Jehovah. Do to. Make the spirit, of those brothers, and sisters soar even though they were facing, a very, very difficult situation. Please, watch. From. Elderly. People to small children people, in every walk of life have all wanted, to express, themselves, in some way and tell. The authorities here in Russia how they feel about, this action, Ranjha, hopes people worldwide. It. Has had such a unifying, effect, on our Brotherhood I. Have. No idea, what. Mr.. Putin, will do when. He opens all these letters not just mine. Having. Written, these letters, shows. How, the, whole organization. Is upholding, Jehovah. Sovereignty. In these nice days. I. Consider, participating in this campaign a great, privilege, even. Though we are separated by language, and distance, we. Are united, by a love for Jehovah. Swass. Whole wave jehovah servants may be considered, as a minority in russia but, we are associated, in a worldwide brotherhood, and as, a part of the worldwide brotherhood, i wanted, to participate in this campaign by, writing letters. I wrote. To the Prime Minister. You, will need my, brothers go to the kingdom Wars. I. Am. Sending this letter he. Asked the Russian government, please. To. Allow host, witnesses, and their children to worship Jehovah, because. They, are good. We, are hard pressed in, every, way but. Not cramped, beyond movement, we. Are perplexed, but. Not absolutely. With no way out, we. Are persecuted. But. Not abandoned. We. Are knocked down but. Not destroyed. Brothers. And sisters we do not know what. Challenges, await, us in. 2018. However. We. Do know that if. We never ever, lose. Hope in Jehovah, we. Will regain. Power, how. Appropriate, then that, the governing body has chosen, for our, 2018. Year, text. Isaiah. Chapter, 40, and verse, 31. Those. Hoping. In Jehovah will. Regain, power. Yes. Dear brothers and sisters we will always, have, access to the, ultimate. Power supply, in the universe, if we, never, ever, lose. Hope in, our, magnificent. Our wonderful. God Jehovah. Well. Thank you very much brother Sanderson, we look forward to seeing, that year Tech's continue. To remind us of the need of hope, next. On our program, we have brother Samuel, heard of the governing body and we. Notice his title, is, protected. By, obedience. During. This talk if you should happen to hear, a, new. Spiritual. Jim put, it out of your mind, I. Have. Nothing new to give you. A, mother. Dear parks. Her fawn, baby and tall grass, she. Tells her baby to stay, put.

And, It, does, she. Leaves and, does not return, for many hours in. Fact its. Protection. Depends, on its obedience to. Its, mother's. Command. Now. Think back when, you were small children, didn't. Your parents lay, down some commands, for you to. Follow for, your protection let's. Take a look at something let's. Go to Ephesians. In our Bibles and. Let's. Look at the sixth chapter and. A. Couple of verses. It. Says children be obedient, to, your parents in union, with the Lord for. This is righteous. Honor. Your father and your mother. Is. The first command. With a promise, that it. May go well with you and you, may remain a long. Time. On. The. Earth, now. All of us as. Adults. Our. Children, under our Heavenly Father Jehovah and. Of course we'll always be children, under Jehovah. He. Expects, us to be obedient children, just like you would expect your child if you should have one, to. Be obedient to, you and your, suggestions, and perhaps, some. Of your commands. And when. We are subjected. To Jehovah, to this degree we're. Protected, and just. As the scripture said for the small children it applies to us as well that. It may go well with you. And we. Want it to go well with us that's. What we're all about we want to serve Jehovah loyally, and, faithfully. So. That we can gain his well done and just as. A child just may ask his, dad. Why. You. Ever had a child do you that way why. Why. Do birds, sing, why. Why. Is the sky blue. There's. No. Into. His wives in fact. You. May have answered, do. It because I told you to do it. Well. Your answer, was. Bluntly. There's no doubt about that. Now. Why would you answer a child bluntly like that well it may be because, of what he asked of, you what. Was behind the, why, well. He's just too young he's too young for you to go and try to explain. The. Why and, maybe. That. This. Example. Could. Be a reality, a. Five. Year old little girl. Asks. Mommy. Why. Does Jehovah. Let babies, die from, lack of food, see. The little girl, just heard that on the television set babies. Are dying for lack of food, mommy. Says honey. Puts. Her arm around her little girl it. Has to do with the issue of sovereignty. That. Was raised a long time, ago. Some. Of you may have wondered about. That. Question. When you were small. Even. When you became adults without a knowledge of the Bible you, may have wondered why does. God, you, didn't know him by Jehovah why. Does God let little. Children starve to death you've seen pictures on television and in the movies where. A little baby is just hanging on to his mother's breasts there's not a drop of milk in that mommy's. Breast not, one and you. May have asked yourself why, but. Now you have, the answer to why and, you, help so many others to get the answer to why that. God is not responsible. For the, death of these children. But, there's someone else who's responsible. And why. Has God delayed well we all know because. Of an issue that came, on the scene, years, ago, and, it, has to be settled beyond question and, it's going to be settled beyond question. Think. Back jehovah, told the israelites to impound, their source of water to keep it clean, why. He. Didn't say, harmful. Germs could. Be president but. Couldn't be seen by, the naked eye, there, was no microscope, it wasn't, invented until the, nineteen. Or, 1590s. They, had to trust and obey for protection. And, we. Have to trust you over - even today for.

Protection. And when. We listen to, Jehovah. Then. We're blessed and we, want to listen to Jehovah, why. Well. There's a number of reasons he's, our Creator, he's, our life Giver he's our life sustainer. If. He. Did, not respond. In this. Loving way none of us would be here we. Would expire and we, all know that so. He's loving. Here's. Another reason he's lived longer than we have and if, we live forever we, will never, catch up to how long he has lived, he's. Been and. Seen. More than we have. Or ever will see he. Has more experience he, has, done things that, we. Have. Not done and perhaps will. Never ever, be. Able to do I'd, like to tell you a little story about when I was a young boy. We. Had, a little house we. Had a fireplace, and wintertime. Would gather in the living room near, the fireplace. But. Cold on the fireplace. Some. Wood and at. Times a. Piece. Of the fire would. Blow. Out come. Out of the fireplace. Onto. The living, room carpet or linoleum and. My. Dad would just pick it up in his hands, and toss it back in, and. I thought well my that's a grand thing to do. So. The next time it grew, out I grabbed. Ahold of. Never. Again I. Learned. My lesson, now. My dad's hands, were callused because, he was a mule. Driver and. He. Held. On to the reins day. In and day out. For, years, upon, years and, his. Hands were just like leather and so, he knew that he could hold that coal for a short while and to get rid of it and it would not burn him I did. Not have that knowledge, I had, not lived, long. Enough to gain, that. Knowledge, but. My dad had you. See my dad was 56, years old when, I was born and today, if he were. Would. Be here while then he would be 138. Years old. So. My dad never was a young dad. For. Me but, he was a good dad and of, course he was a strong, man. Jehovah. Created the Sun how. Hot is the Sun. Well. They tell us at its, surface it's, 10,000. Degrees Fahrenheit or. 5,600. Degrees Celsius. At its. Core or Center its. 27. Million degrees Fahrenheit, or, 15. Million, degrees Celsius. A. Cremation. Oven, is only, 1,400. Degrees to. 1800, degrees Fahrenheit. In, order to turn a body. To. Ashes, now. Just. For. The sake of impressing. Us with jehovah's, greatness don't add any true. Real truth to this because. We do not know we. Only know that he created the Sun but. Just to impress us with jehovah's, greatness, we, can say he, could juggle the Sun in his hands. That's. Our God Jehovah. New. Jerusalem will, not need the Sun for light the Bible tells us the glory of God illuminates, it revelation. 21:23. When. We obey the direction, Jehovah, gives we. Are totally. Protected. That's. Why we are not worried, about the Great Tribulation. What, we have to worry about is what. Comes. Up before the Great Tribulation, and. The devil is going to do all that he can to. Destroy. Our relationship with God now you can bet on that, and he's. Going to start with. All. Of us he's, not going to, select. Just individuals. But he wants every, one of us to, come over to his side of the issue and, so. He's not going to leave, you without. Tests, so. We're going to be tested now some of you may have already been tested to the limit we don't know but, Jehovah does if you have well then you will, not be tested to any other limit you, may have a test but you've, proven, that you will be. Able to survive. That. Test but. Right now we need to. Learn to follow the rules that Jehovah lays out the. Bible mentions, only two roads for, mankind, to follow. Here. They are, Matthew. 7:13, and, 14 says. Go in through the narrow gate because broad is the gate. And spacious. Is the road leading often to destruction, and many are, going in through it whereas. Narrow is the gate and cramped. The road leading off into life and few. Are finding. It now. You're not on the spacious, road.

Not. At all disobedient. Travelers, are on it those. Permitted, to do their own thing. Innumerable. People. Dance. Along. This wicked. Highway. But. You. Have. Chosen the. Cramped, road and, that's, the road that Jehovah, has pointed out for each and every one of us and he's, drawing us to, him. All. Because of what he sees in the heart now. We may not be able to see what Jehovah sees in the heart and. That. Can work against, us if we're not careful, we. Can start. Talking about a brother because of what we, do see that your, hova over looks sad, hey let's see blood, of Jesus cover that and he, looks for the good and he sees the good and he wants that person to gain life and he's. Going to help that person even though we can't see the. Good that, Jehovah, God sees. Now. Perhaps. In. A near future. Our. Obedience will be put to the test as, never before. Let's. Not depend, on the strength that we have demonstrated in, our past, test, neither. Should we conclude that we are too spirit, or too holy to, cower. Under pressure. Now's, the time to make obedience, a habit. Don't. Wait till. The test comes. Peter. One. Of the strongest, subji zhis apostles, and the. Other apostles ran, for. Their lives the, night Jesus was arrested but. We find the Peter crept back but. He stayed at a distance, a good distance but. When questioned, he began to curse and swear saying. I do not, know this man of whom you speak ask. Mark, 1471. Now, that's Peter, are. You as strong as Peter, maybe. Maybe. Not and. I. Said maybe not that. We care about so. Let's. Not depend on how long we've been in the truth. Let's. Stay in the truth and the, only way we're going to do that is to stay with Jehovah. He's. Helped us to get his. Spiritual. Balance and. We. Want to capture it with every ounce of energy that we possibly can so that we do not. Falter. In any way and, fall. So. Thanks to Jehovah, and Jesus we're. Here, but, let's trust you over 100%, the. Bible tells us the one trusting, in Jehovah will be protected, and that's, what this talk is all about. Obedience. Brings. Protection. We. Need help to stay awake spiritually, help comes from our brothers and sisters. The. Bible says consider, one another, to, incite to love and find works not. Forsaking the meeting our. Meeting together as, some have. The custom, but, encouraging, one another and all. The more so as you see the day drawing near. Now. Here's an example, you're. Driving a car at night and it's raining you. Can hear the rain hitting, against. The top of the car and you can hear windshield, wipers, slapping. Against, the side of the windshield the lights, from oncoming, cars are, somewhat. Blinding. All, these things are sleep-inducing. You, began to nod you're. About to fall asleep your, wife slaps, you. She's. Sitting in the passenger, seat. She. Slaps you. You. Regain control of yourself aren't. You grateful for the slap. She. Is. Every. Meeting we attend is a slap, from someone, who loves us to keep us awake, spiritually. So. Be obedient, be. There be. Protected. Your.

Life Depends. On it. Thank. You very much Brotherhood. Now, I don't know about you but I got at least two, new points out of that I wrote it down, don't. Be thin-skinned. And be. Willing to be slapped. Do. You know I love. That talk I used. To give talks like that once too and. And. Then. They made me the chairman. I'm. Sorry, Brotherhood, I had to wait 12 months to say them. You.

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