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JAPAN Travel Guide: Osaka, Koyasan & Nara | Little Grey Box

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Hey, you guys Phoebe. He up from little grey box now I am really really, happy and so, excited to say who's Matt and ayah in Japan and this is one of our favorite, places in. The whole world now, as part of this trip we're going to be exploring the Kansai, and MacArthur regions, and today, we, are starting in Kansai right, here in Osaka, yes, I am so excited let's get into it and see just what in Osaka has, to offer. All. Right you guys so a Sokka, is famous for being the birthplace of three. Things, any ideas, what they are and give you a second to guess any, onions and the onions any ideas all right they are karaoke. The ancient, Japanese, art of singing like a complete. Idiot, sushi. Train the. Other ancient Japanese, art of stuffing yourself with plates of sushi and thirdly, cup. Noodles, yes, cup, noodles was started, right here in the Sokka and we are at the cup noodle, Museum let's, go inside and find out what it's all about. So. We're going to build al-bari earn a cup, noodle and it is going to be the only one of its kind in, whole world, so, the way it works is you get this cup, noodle, container, you, can draw on it and then you get to choose your ingredients. So you color in your cup you take it over there you get it made keep them in on and it's good to go for one month, you guys oh my gosh. All. My years of pumping, up a Matthews's led. To this. And. Now, you can put it around your neck and just walk around and, you've got a ready to go snack just add hot water and now we are jumping back on the bus that we are hitting mm bori which is like the hot of a sock out we're gonna try some local food oh. My gosh I am, so excited I, live the Japanese, food, let's go pick it out. Okay. So Asaka, is known as the kitchen of the nation and for good reason, the food here is amazing they. Specialize in the number foods including this which is takoyaki. These are octopus, balls and we're, gonna try them with these guys okay. Is. Also famous for Oscar. To be happy if you've never had it before it, is basically, a screen cake with a yummy filling, inside, me. Anything from. Chicken. Or, beef I believe but we have gone visit seafood, options day and this is amazing I think, I've ever had this before so, let's give it a go. I really. Like this little utensil. You. Know. Really. When the company first Hyman. So, given life, so together ways, and. So. We acting without beautiful, local, guide IKEA, has been showing us around the, Sokka and I. Asked I came she could teach us a few local, phrases. Yeah, also, good people big, or secondary. I have. Ever heard, Oh kini Oconee. What is that means, thank, you thank you okay I. Think. I, don't, know that yes, okay. Okay. Okay, so. Do that Cologne with a my dog my, tall I love. That and what about what if I want to say you're really cute like oh cute. Babies. Up. And. What about if something's delicious. Good. Tap or she ninja. My shame oh I. Got a oconee. We. Are on the, road in, denne denne town and Denton town is kind of the Akihabara, if you've ever been to Tokyo it's like the electric. District, and Auto Road translates. Roughly to dig Street so this is where you gonna find dragon. Boldini costumes, are gonna find video games because it combines all kinds, of tech there, are all of these vending, machines this, is just beep heaven, there are a lot, of men, walking around and sassoon this, is like a blast, from the past I was obsessed with my Game Boy Donkey. Kong. Super. Donkey was, my, jam, that and obviously, Super, Mario that was incredible. When these came out I begged, my mom to color on I felt, like a pea iamp when I got the color on this, is Tai yaki this is like a fish shaped ruffle, and this one is full of sweet potater I have never tried this before I mean. The sign says the old the ladies love it. Okay. Yum. It's crunchy, it's. Sort of a little bit sweet oh that, is really really good. We. Are back in Danbury and I thought this place is busy during the daylight one, tip, this is something our amazing guide rocky told us if you go back a few streets and that's how you're going to get you're better quality, food you know none of the stuff of a Main Street is bad just, that it might be a little bit better a little bit fresher and better quality a few streets back, now. There is plenty, to see and do in this area and one thing I really, want to do is go and check out the variety still, donkey Rd which is behind this would be ferris, wheel there this. Is just a wild of shop I've been to one in Tokyo and they just sell everything, and anything I'm so excited to get in there and have a look around.

Now. You guys know I'm making no secret of it I have terrible social anxiety, I hate crowds in this right. Here, inside don't Garrity is testing, me but, I'm motivated, by food that's, why I'm in here this is choco baby it is so delicious, a, guy, just like yeah you eat them one by one I'm like nerve babe you pop the hatch this. Lately different, days we, are going away from Osaka the main city and we are going to go out and see some of the nature around the area and. I'm really excited to guys sir I will see you in the morning. Good. Morning, you guys so. It is day 2 in the Kansai region and, today we are exploring, Koya. Sun yes, that is right so behind me you will see the beautiful diamond. Gate, and that is kind of the official entryway, to, this whole area, of koyasan now, the temple, behind me dates back, to 17, or 5 and you have a closer look there are actually two deities, so, they're like two Guardians, the one on the left, my left has his mouth slightly. Open you, might see and that is because the Buddhism belief there is that everything, it starts with the sound ah the. One to my right has, his mouth closed, and that's because the belief there is that everything, ends, with the sound mmm, so it's about endings. And beginnings that. Beautiful, balance, you know you see that a lot in Buddhist culture. This. Place is absolutely. Beautiful. The, history, the temples, the nature the trees are incredible, so, if you did visit Osaka while you're visiting the Kansai region it, would be really easy to get yeah our guide said all you have to do is catch a train it is two hours from, Osaka, to. Here, and you, could organize a guide I'll put the guides details, below I'll pin that in the comment for you guys and you could just have the guides come and meet you at the train station to, make your life easy but I mean. Why not go get out into nature and see a different side of Japan because. Away. From the cities know the hustle and muscle I mean you saw dotonbori yesterday, this. Is just incredible. So. Amazing that local guides have brought us to a beautiful Japanese, restaurant we're gonna have a traditional lunch. And this food is incredible, everything is so fresh and you'll be presented and I love that there's lots of different foods to try so, I've got some fresh sashimi, Ivania, I've, got some fish with some beautiful soy, sauce, I've got tempura, I've got miso soup everything, is amazing. It. Just melts, in your mouth is so fresh. So. This is a conduit in and, this is a large cemetery. And a guy who's telling us a lot of the people who are buried here are actually, samurai, and it's, an area that is frequented, by monks, because at the top which is where we're going now is the. Mausoleum of Obadiah, he's, a really important. And revered, monk. It. Just is a beautiful, place to be and, you're, in say that about all of the cemeteries, but this place is stunning. So. Just came out of Cobra, she's mostly. In but also it's, more of a temple, kind of a thing and it. Was absolutely incredible, now, we couldn't film in there or photograph so I'll just tell you about it and you can google image it if you want to say but there is an energy, in there unlike anything else you know we lit, candles and incense and, our guide is I believe a part-time, monk and he was doing some beautiful chanting, and the. Whole thing was just magical, if you, ever, get the chance to come I highly, recommend it it's just a. Transformative. Experience and. The amount of respect. For history, and tradition. It's, humbling. They. This, company, used to produce the, parts, for, zero, fighters, during the War two but after, the end of the World War two they.

Supplied. Parts, to, the Apollo, or. Satellites. Rockets. In, need for the United States this is a monument, of Apollo. 11 a. Guy. Just told us that there are a lot, of different. Grave sites in here that, are earned by companies, dedicated to employees, that they've tied and I probably. Wondering why I'm laughing he. Just told us that this one is the funniest one in the whole cemetery, and that is because it is owned by a pest control group and the sign, behind me reads something like it is dedicated to all the termites, that have died this is the official termite, gravesite. Rest. In peace, termites. So. I want to show you guys where we're staying tonight because it is unlike anything else I've ever experienced. It is freezing cold outside it must be getting below zero and it is so toasty, warm in here at the moment they've got the heaters on for us but. This room is incredible. Look. At all the tatami mats, everywhere, they've got this table, set up for us. See, ya. And underneath. This table is heated, so you can get like your feet under there and stay cozy while you drink your tea through here you've got where we'll be sleeping on our traditional, Japanese futons. And you guys it looks so cozy. Matt. And I gonna be having a snuggle session, cat pile in there later we've got some outfits. Here and. The. Interesting part of the evening is going to be the public bath so, there's men and women's it's separate as I. Understand, it I haven't seen it yet but it's a big just. Communal, bath for ladies and you get naked and get in front of the other gals. You. Cut that Tapani, it's pajama oh great. Yeah, Sunday only at the morning ceremony please. Do not to be a displeasure mother yeah please, wear your Brodie's but, at the time when you care we are anything which, should you wear that to the bath like I am about that that's out. To be nice okay okay. Amazing. Thank you see, with you. There. You go but perfect timing the perfect explanation about what that is so. It is dinner time at the temple and this spread is unlike, anything, I've seen before this is so beautifully. Presented, and this whole feast is vegetarian, long. We. Are trying to find some way to, have a drink and we found somewhere but we don't know what this place is. This. Is above we. Didn't walk around town be able to find. All. Right so that karaoke. Bar in the middle of nowhere. Is absolutely, wild I have to say I was a little too tired for karaoke, so we are gonna go and check out the public, bath the situation. And then how could a whole bunch of foreigners to edit to share the Instagram and yeah. We couldn't early start tomorrow I think we'll be out really early for some kind of special ceremony. Here. So. That was the beautiful, morning ceremony here at the temple and we got to be part of it where you pick up incense, you, bring it to your forehead and then you put it on this I guess it's heated and it all smokes, up and you, send your wishes up to Buddha with it so it was a really really beautiful thing to be part of something, I've never done before and yeah both Matt and I really enjoyed it and, today we are off to Nara and I am so, excited to meet all my bamboo fantasies, come, to life they're gonna be deer everywhere, we're gonna be exploring some beautiful gardens and I just cannot, wait this has been on my bucket list for so long let's, go. We. Are in Nara, and it is drizzling rain and gray skies but that doesn't matter because the deer behind me are absolutely. Beautiful. Now. Amazing. Guide vinegar, has told us she thinks there is something around a thousand. Three hundred and sixty Ardea and the vast majority of them about 80% of female, now, looking at their cards you can see that they're getting their winter coats on and the more that dusky, gray kind of color but, it's during summer months that's when you see them looking exactly like Bambi. Now there are some special crackers, that you can buy around the place and the proceeds from those go, back into the conservation they'll, have a special wrapping on them and they're really good for the deer they don't have any sugar or additives or anything like that let's.

Have A go a feel at feeding them I'm so excited to do this. The. Temple behind me is home to a giant. Golden, Buddha, sir it is well worth going inside and checking it out, it's couple hundred and two enta but hey why not check it out while you do. Something. Really really cool about these dear is that they bow now bowing is really, really important, in Japanese culture it's a mark of respect, and. The deer about. Okay. I'm. Not rewarding. A. Big. Day of wrangling. Dear it's time for lunch we've come here and this is just like the food we've. Got some serve animals, which, ones are coming, through, these when, I speak thick ones. It's. Another nice vegetable, broth topped with seasonal, veggies here. We've got some sushi wrapped and coastal, and leaves. If. I take it down what you really only gonna be your best friend. You. Can't come to Japan without visiting, a traditional. Japanese garden now, we are at the zoo en, garden. Here in nara and this place is incredible. It just, has the best energy and, as our guide was saying nothing. Here is near it is like stepping back in time nothing here has been changed, nothing, has been altered and the beauty here is in the details, through, these old, twisted. Branches and, there are jus drops and raindrops, hanging from branches, like golden little crystals, this place must look sensational. In, a spring or fall and, the owner Nakamoto, sang he. Is so passionate his, great-grandfather bought, this place and it has been handed down through generations from, his grandmother, to his mother to him and I just loved. That as such a hallmark, of Japanese. Culture to keep those traditions, alive, and, keep, a place like this I mean when he's talking about it he's saying get, away from you know the big skyscrapers. And the buildings and the intensities, and come to a space like this take, a walk back through time and just enjoy some. Traditional Japanese. Culture and a little piece of history this. Place is amazing. ERF. Annette I know, Cassie. Corrado, Greta nur, este an, Inca common extra minutes creditor, toxin ah oh no - ah - anyway papa. Pono Nihon r11. Odd possible. Asuma do you. Know this day Mary. Kim, Daikanyama bakunano. Day oh no Jane, died no ma. No can do casino, Kisco. Thomas in detail equivalent, of a saloon up tournament, a the hero cascada say. Tonight. We, are staying in a traditional, ryokan, here, in nara and i just wanted to show you so it's quite a small room but, it has everything that you need so. We're staying on the tatami mats, the beds are on the floor we've got our futon, mattresses. With a look. That's a suspiciously, thin pillow by, yes. That made of it feels like a heap, back when you've could have backpack then. Over here we've, got a little table we've, got a little tea set we, can boil some water over, here there. Is this very, very cute, tiny. Television. I love, these screens, so we also have a really small, ensuite. Just, over the other side I mean anybody. Who's a business in Japan will tell you the rooms are small but I have to say ryokans, make a really good use of space now. This place also has another public, bath like an experience, last night and hey, I really like it Matt's experience. Was a little more intense. In the men's area, but, in the women's public baths it was fantastic so. You you. Go in you, strip off you soap. Up you. Wash, off again then you allowed, to get in the bath once you're clean and, I just loved, it I found it to be so enjoyable, it was just a nice hot soak in a great way to end the day so if. You are visiting Japan and, you want to have that authentic accommodation.

Experience. Ari Oken is the way to go. We. Are here at a lovely, little Tsukuba in Nara and if you didn't know Nara, is the birthplace of sakae so that makes it the perfect place. To try it now. Originally Sakae was an offering to Shinto day at ease but today it's an offering to me and, we never had to do a delightful. Tasting, sake. Is made from rice, and. I am both excited and, nervous, spoons, I think it's gonna be quite busy but this guy who's serving you seems to know he's talking about so let's jump in and try a few different types of Sukkot. Oh. This. One is kosher ooh it is aged, socket. Age 16, years and yes I think it's gonna be a very spicy, meatball. It's. Got some heat on it. Or, at Bury allows, dinner, in case them right here in dali we are at yokai, watch and I'm, about to try something I've never tried the whole which is eel it's a specialty here this is very fancy restaurant, barnak. The teeth. Actually. Delicious, I mean I, would imagine you would get what you pay for it this place is really nice it's a great spot to try I think it's. A little bit smoky, a barbecue. And. Then a beautiful. Dinner. Just. A fantastic way to end past. Night. And. Just, like that our time, in Japan's amazing, Kansai region is done, we have had an incredible few days exploring a Sokka Nara. And, koyasan. And it is so hard to choose a highlight there's just been so many good moments and so, much good food, all. Right you guys well that is it for me I really, hope you enjoyed this video if. You don't already be, sure to subscribe and say konichiwa in the comments, below have a great weekend, and I will be back next week with, our Hokkaido, video love, you.

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