Japanese Food Tour | Hidden Gems in Fukuoka Japan

Japanese Food Tour | Hidden Gems in Fukuoka Japan

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What's up everybody I'm sneaky, and subsea welcome, back to toffee eats today, we are in Fukuoka, on the island of Kyushu we, are going to be eating, our way around town hope, you guys are ready because we have a lot of food to eat I'm so excited are you ready I sure, am I ready, let's. Go. Alright. Guys we are here at each other, why because, each chillin started, from, Fukuoka in fact this is the main headquarters of, each Iran and, we got to come here because we're, in Fukuoka, guys by. The way the second floor if you go up there you can eat it that popular, way the individual, boost but because you're the lion we decide to try out the first floor and this is more like a restaurant style, but, I gotta say the interior is decorated really, really nicely it it kind of reminds me of those old fashioned, yeah Thais street, stalls that they used to have a lot in Tokyo but now you can only pretty, much find in here to program alright, my bowl of ramen is here check it out guys it looks just, like the, Ichigo back home in Tokyo, as. You can see that's the special, chilli sauce and my green onions got some charge to me here and the. Signature. Very. Thin noodles of each it on that. Lucky my house oh. That's. So good, gosh. I haven't have to cheat on I think in. About a year, I think I, sometimes get a really bad craving for you get along and you know so. Hmm. Perfect. Extra. Farm noodles just. The way I like it there's a charge you right there. Yeah. Super tender porky, this, lightly salted actually which. Is quite, nice it's. Not hard-boiled, either because, that would be terrible but, it's not runny either, so. I think it's better if I just put my egg inside. My ramen. Much. Better be gentle, to do. That guys soup. Bitch this, is Ray cheap the, spicy. Level is higher, than, double, than, the you know one so, let's eat the soup first. Mmm. The flavor is nice very. Beachy cautery like mass. Soup. And blue, dog is very. Good. Combination I like this tonkatsu, soup, whatever, I. Don't. Know how they make this a tonkatsu, soy sauce better so. Good so, perfect right, across the ichiran head the quarter rebound. Sweet shop it's called the joke yet so, this is baked, donut, the, texture is really soft. It's, a fluffy the, texture is like cake when. It's hot warm it's a warm, metallic. He must. Sometimes. Make. The donuts is, dry. Inside, but, this is not its moist it, so. Fluffy. And moist soft. And. Custody. Flavor, this, shop is called jokey. Jokey. Means steam it's like a steamed baked. Donut but, it's baked Donuts this is combat Edoras shopping street this is a one of the oldest a shopping street in Hakata really. The oldest. This is so interesting, you know like I never knew, that this existed, here it's located, right next, to that very modern, Canal City I'm so, happy we found this in lace I can't wait to explore so. This car bought the shop at IKEA there's 130. Years of history. So, it's a pretty old, shopping, arcade, and, probably one of the oldest in Japan I guess I love this atmosphere, and it's, up to yes. A knife, a lion. Life yes it's alive so. We're here at this pace car chin chin we decided to come here. It's about 2:30. P.m. because, this piece always has a long life, last, night we try to come here this huge line I refused, to wait over an hour for ramen right now there's hardly anybody here so perfect. Perfect timing, so this. Then. Boom okay, Olli mom, coming. Really. Cool. It's, all. Home. Cooks amami city how, can i enhance, its. Little. Bit. That. We do not think this. Is like a Mazda, the texture, is. So. Much choice, your PC's and Kikuta, get a green. Onion and 2. 1. 1. Boiled, egg. In. Ramen. Noodle. This. Is all good very. Good. And. It's, much. As we do in, Google. Many. Things in my mouth so, I got something called Jackie, Dom and I really, really want to try this this is something that you never, find in Tokyo not active ramen if I got me so bad but not yucky Rob it looks very different check it out there's, a lot of soup as you can see this. Is like the tone for the soup I think but. Not as much as like a soup it's not soup and then, I got some, mint. I go which, is another specialty, of Fukuoka this is a, spice. Cinnamon, marinated. Pollack. Roe fish. Roe I'm, gonna try it without the men tied for first. Pieces of pork in here green onions bean sprouts, and. Some. Of, the throw I see some that's, a squid. As well okay.

Let's Give this a try. Wow. And, the newbies are quite thin and just like the Hakata, style noodles fabulous. Oh, I. Love, this oh my gosh, it's not completely dry like frighteners and, it's not stupid like ramen it's, something. That's like in between you. Still get that char grill flavor from frying the noodles as well which is very nice, all. The flavors, of that tonkotsu. Broth but. With your addition of more ingredients. Such, as the, squid, as well as clams, you, got it colored you. Go whole bunch of ingredients here let's. Let's try it with the entire, year go, and try it with some of the abdomen, taiko which is. Huckabees, famous for it. I. Think. I'm on my favorite, pudding. So. We hopped, onto the bus 40, minute ride and we are at this place cuz I feel that I had a long history, mother, thousand, years fourteen, thousand years so first one we bought this one called the, mega emoji, from, Yasutaka. This. One outside, is speak, arise flour and rice flour and inside, is uncle. This. Is a very popular, specialties. In design, food so, firstly. I want to show you inside. The. Outside, is nicely. Created. Inside. Beautiful. Uncle, who. It's like omens you. Itadakimasu. It's. Like a gorilla to die kimochi. But. That. Surface. Is good. On, the on the IM plate, it's. Good. To little. Bit of curry curry socket, dough and sweet. Uncle. It's too bland good. The nice sweetness. Hmm. I choose, a little bit of movement in here by the way for, those of you guys don't know umma is Japanese, pickled plum and. This. Shop apparently, is a famous part because I also got there will, make juice there are pickled plum juice but. Inside, is a mixture of the umma pickles, as well. As the the adzuki bean paste sweet. Nozaki be pace and the outside is actually, very. Crispy, like subtle she says Saku toe and, because they, add the rice flour in, it's a little bit different from your usual, Japanese. Module, anyone watching that step of the roommate juice talk. Not. Well. I'm still refreshing oh my god I love. Who, made juice I love Umi, itself. I love blooming, shoe we just blew me like here I love who made anything it has such a fruity. Flavor and, so. Refreshing. I'm. So happy that we we came to visit here, because. You know I thought Fukuoka, was all about in a modern building using, a city life except. For that one place you know we visited, we also visited a shrine over there that was nice too but, here, I feel, like this is a must, visit place you, are here, in Fukuoka, I think. This is a very good sightseeing, place definitely when you come to jakka definitely. I found. This ice, bar, it's popsicle, sort, of alley and cruising, ice bar kazoo it's a root. Of the plant named, kuzu and it's. A starch, of coca is very famous for strawberry, I'm how. They. Are using a koozie star chip so, the texture is not crunchy. It has like a it's a crack generally. Frozen. Jello so, it won't melt so easily. See. No no no dripping no dripping today, is warm but, not ripping. Easy. To eat and. This is. So nice I love amoeba. So. This is from, a shop card tenzin and unfortunately, the shop is already closed we we, bought this room right before they put down their shutters and unfortunately, the shutter is already, down you, know what it's like jello. It the texture is more like jello than the popsicle, the. Taste kind. Of reminds me of, strawberry. Jell-o you know that the jello brand gelatin kind, of minds me of that but I know, all I know is that they use real strawberries, because like so she said a mouth, strawberries.

Are Very, famous, here in Kyushu. Hmm. Pays like strawberry, job all right guys before we leave does I who have to get one more thing because they are also famous for, this burger cut the desire burger. Check. It out it's pretty huge. It's they, make this burger with, their famous allah awj a Japanese, style fried chicken, because, kyushu's also famous for chicken, as well and I hear that they won an award for. This particular, burger, yes. And, it's only 550, in its it's quite reasonable that's. Like you know at five US dollars yet look it's it's, pretty big it's. Pretty big I'm, really looking forward to like, biting into this you, talking less. Whoa. There's some tartar. Sauce I, think, it's. Um uma infused, that's, right I think I read that on the board so. It's basically a collage. Of fried chicken burger, with, cumin. Infused, tartar, sauce imagine. How good that is and, there's, so much vegetables, in here there are like sliced onions, there's. A, coyote. Daikon. There's a cabbage. There's. Julienne. Carrots, and there's. Even a slice of grilled pumpkin, in here as well but. There's a lot of chicken here this is like a Japanese. Version, of those, fried cheese sandwiches, you see in America you, know what that, first bite I didn't, get the unit paste I only, got mostly tartar sauce I kind of imagined, that I tasted something tangy because I didn't you they, added umeå, sauce in here oh, that. Burst, of tankyness, cuts. Right through the deep fried chicken it, goes so well with a, deep fried chicken no, wonder they won an award it's amazing. All right so Toshi it is evening, time where are we going first. Here is coca. Yes so, we, had to go to ya Tai ya tai. Oh I've always wanted to go to one you know there are so many yeah ties here in the city I mean it's so iconic and, for. Some reason I've never been to one it's, always crowded. Today's. Lump is very special, yeah it's a little bit different okay not a little bit very different from degra, yeah type okay why are we looking forward to it it's located in front of Hokuto, in, Tanjung, area oh. Okay. So it shouldn't be that difficult to, find so, we are here at the terrace and amico its yatta, cuca, yeah. We've always wanted to show you guys what a yatta is basically. It's a food stand that's located on the street it's pretty much street food but they have tons. Of them here actually literally, hundreds. Of them here in Hakata, Fukuoka. And we've. Chosen one that's kind of unique you know this one's a bit stylish. And you're doing something new so we, want to check this place out of course, when you come to a tire first thing you do is you usually buy some a drink I got, the peach, cordial. And you, got your, whole culture so, whole go always a great, great yeah and yeah, you can get these with sparkling. Water or wine. Wine and that's my dedicated wide, so ready, yep, these, these, ingredients, are from Kyushu area yes yes and so um they're using local, fruit which is great. Cheers. A BiCMOS. What. OH, very. Fruity good great, live up there. I'm. Gonna start with something like an appetizer we, got something, that, the chef recommended, this is the cabbage, with anchovies, and it. Smells, amazing. Like, it. Smells so amazing my mouth is literally, watering. Right now now, let's take a bite of this talking. Loss. Whoa. Whoa. That's. Super. Flavourful, my, first I thought cabbage. And anchovies. You know what's so special, about that wasn't expecting too much of it but. He's using um garlic, for sure there's a bunch of garlic the, anchovy, gives it like that perfect saltiness. Not, too salty cabbage. Is soft but not overly, so it. Is a great, way to start dinner, mmm, great first dish I love it Tabitha. Anchovy, anchovy cabbage. Mm. Nice, antibiotic. Flavor it's, a good solid tunas you, take a surface socky. Shocky dog the, new earth can, in the solution Chiquito it's a cabbage, texture, and this entropy, is not fishy, it's. Super good at, one time there, used to be over, 400 yeah, ties here in the city. Unfortunately. Because of regulations, and, changes, there, are now around a hundred, so just 1/4, of what it used to be because. Of the strict regulations so, I just.

Hope That you, know they don't all disappear, because I think this. Some yeah tie makes. Hakata. Very, special, I think this is one of the the, major attractions, in Hakata check, this out guys this, is the second dish we ordered this, is the iron, skewers. That's what's this little menu and this is the set. Of three and, I think. I'm gonna, get this you should you mostly just get the set of three because it's a little cheaper. But, anyway check it out so we have in the middle that's under a chicken, there's, mushrooms that this is zucchini, with. Sea bream and tomato. Yeah. So I'm gonna give this a try. I think, I'm gonna start off with the, zucchini. How's, that okay something, refreshing here. We go. Oh my. God that's amazing. I, think he has. Like here's like Parmesan, cheese maybe on, there's definitely, Italian, spices, really. Good zucchinis cooked perfectly, and. There's. Tomato I'm gonna save the tomato for Satoshi cos he loves Tomatoes tomato. Green. Tomato it's, sweet, you know but. This is, more. Sweeter, much. Sweeter, then I want. To take a bite of this, right here the tandoori chicken that. Under you check it yeah. It's, a pretty sizable. Skewer. I think that's, good oh I. Mean this is my favorite so far like, so you got the flavour of tandoori, chicken on. A stick is grilled, to perfection on. So. Flavorful. This. Texture, is, half. Crunchy. Nicely. Grilled, and. The. Good. Things of this skirt is this, sauce, this. Sauce amazing. It's what. Should I say a little bit salty. But also sweet the. Mushrooms are very juicy by the way so they're not drying out not overcook, super. Well-balanced and like subtle she says there's a little bit of like a soy sauce flavor it's. Pretty, good it's kind of like in like a fusion. Between Japanese. And Western. Flavors, that's that's that's, how I would describe this the. Next one is homemade. Sausage. It's. Not, just sausage, I expected. At justice sources but, it did not it's great. It's potato and. Vegetables and, two. Sausages, and on. Top it's, lemon. Very. Stylish very stylish. I. Have. To say, this. Sausage is, really good because. Of the pork liver and, good, spice. Take. A shower. This. Texture. All, I have so much flavor in the. Outside is, a little crispy. Hmm. Has a snap, has, like peppery, a little, bit spicy with a kick, super. Super flavorful sausage, really. Really juicy and I'm, going to try some of this off mashed potatoes, I think these are mashed potatoes. Makes. The cloche is that we did not expect this to come with vegetables, and mashed potatoes and, some kind of sauce on it as well, definitely. Not gravy. Hmm. These. Mashed potatoes are definitely homemade, they are a little bit chunky they, are not completely smooth, I like, mashed potatoes like this of course I like the smooth one too but I like this one too and.

Then Let's try some of the grilled vegetables that come with it you got some like, mushrooms, you got bell pepper, you got a ringette mushroom baby, corn beans, I like. Baby part. Not. So good any, like house and. You know this is just a food stand he, takes pride in what he makes, look the vegetables, are charred grilled individually. Hmm. Once. Again the sausage. Is fantastic. No. Wonder. The, dishes served at this food stand is so, like, restaurant, quality and. This guy worked, at Nobu, historic at Nobu in London he also worked at a Michelin, star restaurant, in the past and now he is a food stand it's incredible, absolutely. Incredible we've. Eaten a lot of food what were some of the highlights for you yeah. Thai food, it's. Totally different from regular yeah, - yeah, interesting, I'm so glad we went there I'm also surprised, at the chef was, professionally, trained and he. Worked for admission sorry before it's like no no wonder, really, fantastic the, other thing that stood out for me was the. Fried chicken burger, I think thank you yeah, I'm, so glad we went there and that's, good too, definitely a highlight for me once, again there's so much iconic, food here in Fukuoka, that we haven't, tried we've only touched the surface so. If you come to Fukuoka definitely. Give the, other food to try of course definitely give some of the food that we tried a try, as always. Give this video a like if you enjoyed it and if you are new to our channel please. Subscribe. And don't forget to hit that Bell icon thank. You for watching see you a mixer to that event job buddy.

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chinese have a VERY similar cabbage stir fry dish that uses dried shrimp and kikurage



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I recently visited Japan (Oct 2019) and ate at Ichiran 4 times! Is sooooo good! I can’t wait to go back and eat it again.

Yatai food please

Ah, my mouth is watering so much! Brand new subscriber, card from the Asian Boss video you two did, and I already know I’m gonna have a fun time watching your videos.

That was a nice selection of things to eat on your food tour!

I like ichiran & ippudo cos u can add raw garlic which really helps cut that rich fatty broth

Thank you for featuring this video! We're going to Hakata/Fukuoka in 2020! Will try this for sure.

LOVE LOVE Your videos guys!! Hope your both well

Omg! I am loving the beard!!

As a beardy Danish Viking I love Satoshi's beard

Fukuoka girls are very Eroi

I will always love your videos but I think this channel has gone a bit down hill recently. I always loved your food haul videos. Maybe you guys got distracted by other things. That’s fair play tbh.

I recently found this channel, I never thought I'd get so much joy watching genuine excitement you both get from different food. Greetings and love from Oshkosh Wisconsin.

一蘭とか分かって無いな、観光客向けの割高ラーメンだから、福岡のラーメンの味を知りたいなら天神で膳、はっちゃんラーメンを食べるべき。 伝統という意味では赤坂の元祖長浜屋も乙。 もつ鍋はやま中、一藤、辺りがいいんじゃ無いかな。

Wow your English has gotten so great I haven't seen y'all in a while I'm sorry I missed good job I would love to visit here

Hi Shinichi, Love the content of your videos, especially these street eat ones. Sadly, over the past year or so you have been leaving in a lot more of the 'eating noises' (clicks, lip smacks, talking with mouth full) and it has made it impossible to watch for myself and my girlfriend. She has misophonia and just can't deal with the noises anymore which makes us both really sad. By contrast, Satoshi has excellent food presentation manner and rarely makes any gross noises, so if he is ever doing solo videos, we jump to watch them. It's possible that your editing style has changed in this time and/or your audio has 'improved' and picks these noises up clearer. Either way, just thought I would bring it to your attention in the hopes that you can edit them out a bit more so that we can both go back to enjoying your wonderful content. I'm sure there are a lot more people out there with similar conditions who would greatly appreciate this change/return. Love to you both guys and keep up the excellent content. Hope to bump into you one day when we return to Japan :)

Thanks for making this great food trip video of the hidden gems in Fukuoka ! The food looked so delicious !

Shinichi, I hope I'm not over stepping my boundaries but I couldn't help to notice all the fuzziness you have on your t-shirt. LOL. You shouldn't put socks in with your t-shirts in the washer. Also you should wash them inside out and if there is anything that would attach to the shirt it would go on the inside. Hope I don't sound bossy but I just want to help. Lol. Take care and happy washing.

The last dishes were definitely aimed at the western pallet. As an English man who enjoys eating locally I would be mildly horrified if I was served sausage and mash in Japan. What's the point? I may as well stay home lol

I'm a vegetarian salivating about meat--that's how good all the savory food looked to me! ツ

Thanks guys!! I'm going to kyushu in the spring next year and I've made a list of every item you described. I hope I get to go to them all

Hi guys, love your videos. Satoshi, your arm problem sounds like you have (or had) sepsis, this can be very serious, please make sure you follow up with your doctor and make sure it gets treated completely, it can return if not completely cleared. Take care guys. C

who else wants to "Fukuoka" with both these handsome gentleman?

Oh my... $10 ramen. The menu starts at at least $19 at Ichiran here in NYC. We miss Japan...

All looks great. Ramen and chicken burger definitely a no brainer!

You guys like EVERYTHING. And what you don't like, you LOVE. I'm unsubscribing. Sayonara.


When are you guys are OFFICIALLY breaking up??

Lovely couple

You guys are perfect team. Love your video.good job

@Secret Diary of a Foodie Thank you!

Hi! Great video! How is your recovery Satoshi? Can't believe you guys did a whole day of filming already

Joto e deska .. Hakata Ginza have been it to many times in the early 60's .. Love Fukuoka

no sushi?!?!?! haha, that's my favorite Fukuoka restaurant lolol even though it's a chain

i miss Kyushuuuuuuuuuuuu so much............Dazaifu..Saga..Kurume..Hakata..Oita..Kumamoto..Nagasaki......

yada na...sugoi ijiwaru kimochi ya ne...minna oishi so tabemasu ne...itadakimasu..gochisosama deshita..

NICE video !! TABIeats

My handsome boys! Hontoni kakkoii, ne! I love your intro song too! So many places to add to my bucket list! Especially, Ichiran ramen. Brother Shinich, the yaki ramen dish that you had looked amazing! My okasama used to get a katayakisoba dish in Little Tokyo, that looked similar to your dish. I love ume anything, so to have little touches of ume, added to the different food(s), even sweets, YUM! The small dishes at Telas & Mico yatai, looked so delicious! How wonderful, that you chose the right yatai to visit. I’ve always wanted to try Nobu, here in LA, so your lucky to have picked a yatai with a former Nobu chef. Thank you both, again, for all of your hard work, at bringing us THE most amazing content!

this dude looks exactly like an asian pedro pascal


Hi! Im starter to see you guys from the video of argentinian snacks, love your content! Im new suscriber from the channel! Keep with the great work, greetings from Argentina

I absolutely love Fukuoka! My favorite place to eat is mbb (marbre blanc bubbles) they have Bubble waffles full of ice cream and amazingness

Oh man I wanna try that umegae-mochi. Looks so tasty.

You know it's good food when Satoshi's glasses go from straight to crooked XD


17:45 SWEETER THAN WHAT?!?!?!?


I cant get over how cute you two are .....sorry i am gushing over you guys ...the interaction between you and Satoshi always brings a smile to my face whenever I watch your videos ... I love Japanese food , the Americanized versions dont come close . Hope to visit the land of the rising sun one day ....its on my bucket list

"What's up everybody? I'm Japanese Jackie Chan."

It’s the first time to watch their channel. Thank you for introducing about my home town. Ichiran ; I really recommend “ichiran” in Dazaifu. They have the best taste I think. Jokiya ; this shop is from Kagoshima. Not fukuoka’s local product. Umegaemochi ; “Kasanoya” is the most popular store/restaurant in Dazaifu. Thank you.

Raunchy Squanchy lmao smh



fukuoka is japan no.1 gourmet city

11:50 So I'm guessing Dazaifu is better than Bob's Big Boy and KFC, lol. Seriously, I love karage chicken on a bun or by itself...

I was on Fukuoka this year and i prefer the ramen from Shin shin, I also recommend to try the kurobuta gyozas! I love your channel so i start follow you!

Now Imma fly to japan just for food cause LOOK AT THAT FOOD

satoshi keeps getting cut off in this episode haha


"eating our way round town, chewing fast , drinking slow" ;) mel.: Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles

店が全部 良いチョイス

Oh my goodness....the food at that stand is Michelin star quality!!! ⭐⭐⭐

People, please watch the ONE DOLLAR HOTEL NON-HACKED The owner is INOTETSU and the hotel is in FUKUOKA. You can stay at the hotel for ONE DOLLAR and get to see this beautiful city and enjoy all these delicious foods.

Perfect video. I was wondering what famous dishes I should try in Fukuoka.

この動画に出てきたもの全て食べたことある 共感しかない

Hidden Gems in Fukuoka.......... Ichiran Ramen???


@Dani Stratosphere Source the blog then please

KillMeWithPotato Wayback Machine :)

@Godwin Dude this blog was in 1999 would it still be online lmao

Can you tell me which blog cause i wanna see it too


Satoshi so handsome.

Great as always. Something about the energy of this video made me smile the whole way through! And made me super hungry :)

All the food looks delicious.

You should tour the best Onsen to visit for a good price In your town or any prefecture in japan and also the food in that onsen! I’ve never been to an onsen but I’d like to know a good one for a good price so when I visit I’ll know love you guys


アァ~~~ 福岡懐かしいいわ 速く戻りたい

もしかしてタビイーツはcouple channel?

11:30 i want that Burger



Great video gentlemen loving your days so informative Keep it up .and you both looks so good .

No one would mind if you remind us to follow on your other channels at the end, and even better if you say something like "If you like this video, check out what we did on so and so, or what will be coming soon to that channel" etc, because new viewers would not know you have other channels!

一蘭をオススメにする所が終わってるな…… 「凰凛」という店のラーメンを、創業者が丸々パクって、工場で大量生産して儲かってるだけの店を、ここ美味しいよ!!って薦めるのは間違ってる。 もう見る気無くしました。


I love Japanese food. The flavors are so yummy. I would love to visit Japan.

I memeber I have google nick Togepi but some person who destry nad poison my life play me


Great video!

I really miss the yatai. It's a shame too that the government tries to get rid of them silently. I hope that attitude changes, because yatai is a unique cultural experience!



太宰府バーガーのお店は来たとき唐揚げ1個が大きく6個ぐらい入ってお得な値段だからお気に入りのお店(b・ω・)b 斜め向かいのお店も大きい肉まんが美味しいからオススメ!!

Going to stop it half way through, I'm getting to hungry. I'll watch it after lunch.

Q delícia !


Sorry come see the lava. Tina

I wish you guys could come here. So you the lava area outside pathoa Hawaii. Iike your video of all the hot springs! Tina

梅ヶ枝餅に梅は入っていませんよ。 梅のフレーバーもついてません、 名前に梅がついてるだけです

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