Jealous Alpha Female Steals Baby Monkey From Foster Mom - Vervet Forest - Ep. 32

Jealous Alpha Female Steals Baby Monkey From Foster Mom - Vervet Forest - Ep. 32

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What's up I'm Kyle and this is episode 32, of the vervet forest on this episode, jeffrey and crystal head over to the cocoa troupe intro enclosure tricia, joins the boys over, in the gizmo troupe intro enclosure the. Goliath, babies Joby, DeeDee and Jerry finally head out into the troop with their foster mom mrs. gold we receive a new orphan baby monkey named Lou Coby. The ex-pet heads over to the D&D intro enclosure and then, Janet, gets an update and the soft babies finally, make their way out into the troop for real this time. The. Love affair between Trisha, and Jeffrey has finally, come to an end and it's, all Crystal's, fault well. Not. Really but you know. Hi. Where, one goes the other will follow what did you say his land anybody's, hand on my head he's like no, no. Thank you. Jeffrey. And crystal left Disneyland, and they headed over to the cocoa troop intro enclosure. Hello. You two. Hi. Package deal babies. Let's. Casanova, she could be your mom. Keira, you've gotten, plenty. What's. Going on little man the two babies were a little unsettled, by their new enclosure but a ton of females showed up at the fence to check them out and even Jolie and Peggy stopped by to say hi. You can't even see anything. The, two babies enjoyed, exploring their new digs until, a male vervet walked by outside of the fence and they both got a little worried did, you worry I got you back. It's. All right boys are not that bad, they're. Not that great either but, after he left everything went back to normal and crystal, and Jeffrey both seem pretty pleased to be in their new home. Tricia. Joined, Benjamin, Dylan, and Paquette over in the gizmo troop intro enclosure. Tricia. Had absolutely, no problem assimilating, into life with the three boys. And. She. Took very quickly, to the adoration of her foster mothers. We're, doing. Oh. Benjamin. I. Know. It's been a while since I've updated you on Jerry Joby and didi who were over in Goliath true but, they finally had their big day. Hello. Would be great, like, hey no yeah you know there are potential on papers and everyone in the ocean in Kiev she knows we're going out yeah. First. Out the door was Colleen and DD. Once. Outside Colleen. Stopped for a quick grooming, session with Mandy and then they headed off into the bush. But. Didi didn't stick with Colleen for very long she headed back over to the intro enclosure fence and paced back and forth by the door, she was probably wondering, why, the heck mrs. gold and all of her friends were still inside the intro enclosure when she was out here with all the big monkeys. Staff. Member Nellie then opened up the door mrs. gold scooped Jerry up onto her belly and Joby. And DeeDee followed them close behind as they ran out into the main enclosure. Once, out into the bush mrs. gold and the babies took a break Angelica. Came over and gave didi a big hug. They, then ran deeper into the bush and were joined by some of the juveniles. Everyone. Was very happy except, perhaps mrs., Gould's back. No. Matter how hard the other females tried to interact with the babies Jerry, Joby and didi stuck to mrs. gold like glue. Jerry. On the belly didi, on the back and Joby trailing close behind. About, a day after the release we received a new orphan baby vervet monkey she has been named Lugh I. Like. Her patchi's. Oh. Yeah. It does hello. Little patchy lady. That's. A Bernie said that's. Exciting, what's. Wrong with her eyes she got beaten up. Lou. Was found at a local garbage dump and she, was lying beside her dead mother while. A group of kids stood around throwing, stones at them. Luckily. Some, compassionate. People stepped, in, yelled. At the kids grabbed, the monkey and called, us up. In. Order. To clear up space for Lou in the baby cabin, we moved Kobe to the DND ensure enclosure after. The whole debacle last time with konso we decided to take a different approach. All. Right Baba let's, do it we let the moms out of the intro enclosure and sanctuary, manager Megan took Kobe into the airlock. Because. The. Bandits are all freaking. Out and even Godfrey, told her not to come near it's. Like good that. They're down there. But. Kobe did not want to let go of Megan.

She. Finally got him into the enclosure Tori distracted, him on the fence and then Megan snuck back out of the gate. Merlin. And konso came over to say hi but Kobe wanted nothing to do with that. Kobe. Would not stop pacing and searching for a way out. The. Boys did their best with Kobe but he managed to keep them at a distance. Nelly. Then let foster mom Shanae and Phyllis back into the intro enclosure. Shinae, and Phyllis had a brief moment of confusion where they couldn't decide who was going to groom whom. While. I was filming Shanae and Phyllis grooming each other con Joe took a turn trying to play with Kobe and he, was kind of successful and afterward, he had a lot to say about it. After. This Kobe calmed down a bit and let the other boys approach him but his demeanor was still a little bit more aggressive, than playful. We, told Jessie you wouldn't be a believe. Yeah. Totally. The slapping, a little aggressive. Despite. Kobe's aggressive playing with the boys he was not ready to meet the moms. It'll. Take some time for Kobe to calm down but, considering, the situation he's doing better than most at this point and I personally, would contribute, that to Merlin. I'm really, amazed at how easily these. Past 2x pets con Joe and Kobe, have just assimilated. Into this little family life and I think it's Merlin and Timothy I think those two guys have been through so much in their lives especially Merlin, that like they, just have this incredibly, calm calming. Demeanor and I think it does a lot for the babies. We. Had another big release as well the SOB babies Nora and Shemesh finally. Got to make it out into the troop with their foster moms Holly and Priya and this time it was legitimate. In. The morning a corn and some friends sat at the fence waiting, expectantly. When. It was time to go the babies and the moms left, the enclosure without, any hesitation. But. Right off the bat ACORN the alpha female was, following, the moms a little too close for comfort. It. Wasn't too long before a fight broke out and Nora, was actually stolen from Holly by acorn despite, the fact that acorn never wanted to come into the intro enclosure, it seems she actually did want a baby Priya. Managed to hang on to Shemesh and she hid in the bushes. But. Once a corn had Nora all to herself up in a tree she, completely, lost interest in the baby. Trying. Real hard. Poor, Nora was up in that tree shouting, for help from Holly, while a corn just sat there with her back turned. In. This. Case for a corn it seems to be more about proving a point and having, possession than, actually wanting to be a foster mom. So. It looks like acorns, holding her, but. Then, Holly. Is grooming her. Finally. Acorn allowed Holly to join them but she kept getting in between Holly, and Nora and clutching Nora to her belly. Eventually. Acorn got tired of this game and she moved on to Priya and Shemesh like. The first fight the second fight happened in the bushes and so there was nothing for me to film. But. After the second fight it was very clear that Priya's, friend's survivor, and Delilah had actually stepped in and defended, Priya and Shemesh from acorn both. Delilah and survivor suffered, some minor wounds. Why is she walking so, weird. For. The next half-hour so, you could see survivor and Delilah strutting, around guarding. Fria and Shemesh chattering. Recounting. Tales of the heroic battle. At. This point everything, went back to normal and the monkeys went about their business, Priya, Shemesh Nora and Holly all hid up in the trees grooming. Each other for comfort while, acorns sat on the ground doing, her favorite thing, munching. On food and finally. Over in the scroll intro enclosure little, Janet is happier, than she has ever been with her foster mom Poland. And. That's it for this episode of the ver fat forest I hope you enjoyed it check back every Thursday, and Monday for brand-new episodes, and if you want to volunteer at the vervet monkey foundation, head over to vervet code za and click, the link that says volunteer.

There's A great PDF, that has all sorts of information that, can answer all of your questions, if you want to donate to the vervet monkey foundation, then use PayPal dot me slash V, er Det, also. If you'd like to see photos or videos of the monkeys in the interim between episodes, then check out our Instagram which, is at vervet, underscore, forest see you all next time.

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Wendy Miller yup! You should check out the Q&A episode that question and plenty of others are answers in there

Vervet Monkey Foundation when a baby is "adopted" by a particular mother, does that baby inherit that mothers standing in the troop?

As always, a GREAT episode, Kyle! I feel like I know you all and the monkeys and I'm actually there with your videos, just having a visit -- which is a hard thing to do with videos! You've got a unique talent, Kyle. I'm glad to see an ad at the beginning, too -- I let it play through and I clicked on it. I hope your other subscribers will do the same thing (or if they have ad-blockers they'll turn them off before opening your videos, because YouTube can tell if the ads are blocked & won't give revenue. You seem to have a lot of really good people here, so I hope they're doing their part to help out :)

Kyle, great video, as always, A different adventure everyday, awesome too watch them and how they react to certain situations. It's great the way you narrate the different scenarios...

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Lil Dill Jones right? They’re incredibly vocal and have so much to say.

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Dionne Lewis hmmm, sorry to hear that. I think you should give us a second chance and try to understand what we are doing. I understand that cages can give some individuals and adverse reaction, but often times you have to look past the iconography and study the truth of what you’re being shown. I suggest you start on episode 1, which explains a lot about what we do here and why these monkeys need to be in enclosures (they are all rescued animals who have no wild to be returned to) also I suggest you watch our Q&A - there is a lot in there which will help u to become informed.

So do you ever go into the enclosures to check on all the monkeys?

Samantha Marshall-Hughes if one has not been seen for a while yes, or if we know one is very sick and we need to get it out yes, or injured etc. but for the most part all monitoring of the monkeys is done from outside their enclosures. We don’t want to promote interaction with people. Also, it’s not really safe to just walk into their territory, there is a good chance they will defend it and you will get bitten.

Vervet are the only non-human primate that stay cute their entire lives

Clown Whisper

I can't tell you how much it helps to have the monkey names on the video. There are, I am sure, always new people who are discovering your channel (like me!) who have no idea which monkeys you are talking about without the names. Thank you very much for all you do. We love you all, monkeys included!!!

Mary Gingg Awesome! I’m glad to hear it. Thank you!

Very nice Kyle, you do have a gift of observation, calmness and an eye for their own unique personalities. Love this series, but what I love the most is that you are all working to improve these beautiful little creatures lives.

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rebecca perez you’re welcome. Thanks for watching I’m glad you enjoyed it. Please remember to watch or click on ads it really helps us to earn money simply by you just clicking or watching them, which is a great simple way to help out

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Poor baby Lou, kids throwing rocks at a baby monkey, therefore, it makes me wonder what their parents have been teaching them, I realize these monkeys are considered pests by many but this baby is innocent

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Its almost a little unsettling when you are all Castaway looking. I get worried, like "Oh no is he ok?" Do you have electrical outlets where you are?

Lisa Kermode lol, what? We live in the middle of the bush in South Africa, life’s a little different out here. But yes we have electricity, we even have WiFi

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Great Episode! Do you see much Allomothering with the Vervits? Or is most of the kidnapping simply a way for the higher ranks to push their weight around?

The babies have their key mums, the ones they will return to at night and if they get scared but The saying it takes a village to raise a child is very true for vervets. There is a large amount of alloparenting and sharing of duties.

Awwwwwww. How do troops work? How is the alpha determined? Also I have watched other monkeys and why is it there are some females who are very abusive to other babies? Thank you again for all you are doing for these beauties.

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What ever happened to Nora? Who is her new foster mom?

Cheri1 Holly remained Norah’s foster mom at the end of the video. But what Torie said is what’s happened since then.

Nora is older now and at a stage where she is much more independent, she still has a very close bond with Holly and will go back to her for nights but for the most part it’s her and shemesh messing around and annoying all the adults equally

Do you ever have a baby that just will NOT acclimate to other monkey.s and needs to remain with humans to raise it?

Cheri1 no. Even if it doesn’t want to be a monkey, we take our time and work wit them until they are ready. We would never raise a monkey with humans, that goes against everything we stand for.

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Latisha Bertelson yes all the males in troops are vasectomized. You should check out the Q&A episode, that question and a ton of others are answered in there. There’s even a bunch of links to specific times of questions in the description below the video. Here’s the link -

Latisha Bertelson I think I read that they fix the males that are rescued, otherwise they'd be over their 600 monkey limit in no time, lol!

I had to laugh about the two who defended Pryia and Shemesh going about chattering about the fight. It's no different than school kids who have been in a fight or those who seen it and chatter about it afterwards. Thanks for a view into these wonderful creatures.


It seemed as if Mrs. Gold was an opossum! Lol! Are 3 babies per foster Mom the max? I thought each baby received an individual foster mom?

Therese Ember they usually get their own mom. But sometimes the females aren’t interested in staying in the intro enclosure. Mrs. Gold is a huge exception. But it’s definitely not common for a mom to have three babies, and it’s pretty easy to see why lol. But what’s interesting is the three babies didn’t stick with Mrs. Gold for long once they got out into the troop, they forged their own ways with different monkeys.

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Nooo!! Don’t encourage him! I cringe every time I have to listen to my voice back! Every time it makes me want to just shut my mouth whenever kyle turns up with the camera but I always forget

It is so adorable how the babies curl their little tails around the mom’s tail when she’s carrying them on her belly! I’m sure it’s partly out of necessity but it just looks like such a sweet gesture. :) Mrs. Gold is going to need a baby carriage if any more orphans come her way. Lol. She seems so patient and loving with the babies so it’s no wonder they all want to be hers. Great episode!!

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Tahisha Tolbert I noticed that too, she must be a very special mommy, with patience, and stamina, for days!

I absolutely adore the way you guys, jokingly of course, interpret what the animals might be saying. It is too funny. And of course you know them so well, you probably get most of it right :) Super happy to see this week's installment Kyle. Btw fellow subbies, don't forget to let the commercials or ads run so the VMF can get a little revenue from them. Love and peace, Stephanie, New Brunswick, Canada

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NonieMacB they totally have a natural fear. The babies that are young just want love and affection so they’re easier. The ex-pets are accustomed to people so they gravitate toward them. Some monkeys who are fresh from the wild hate people. Most adults in the troop though are very suspicious of people. But there are the rare few who like certain people. In all honestly it comes down to the individual monkey and their personality. Great question!

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Aha, so that explains Acorn's behavior. She must have got tossed out by one of the bouncers once upon a time, and was jealous about being exed off the list, hehehehe


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Vervet Monkey Foundation you're oh so welcome and let me tell you how much I respect you and your teams love respect and compassion for these beautiful totally breaks and destroys my heart to hear and know how much hurt and pain these orphans have 2 endure prior to coming to your slice of Monkey heaven!!

You're very welcome. You spelled it right :) Thanks for watching and leaving comments, I always appreciate that.

I don't remember which one it was but one of the babies had purple on its legs- what it that?

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So you haven't taught them to play paint ball yet? LOL!

It's a non toxic animal friendly paint. Sometimes we use it to mark a baby so that the volunteers who are not used to telling who is who can differentiate one baby from another. In this case DD and Joby looked similar at the time so it was helpful to mark them. The paint comes off their hair after about a day.

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Awww DD... it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind..



I work in the news so I see horrible stuff all day at work but whenever I come in and see a new video from you it always brings a smile to my face

Kyle(?) of The VMF said: ... _I say we should have more stories like these on the news_ !

Awe, thank you very much. I'm glad we can help to brighten your day. I say we should have more stories like these on the news!

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First!! Also, these babies have a better life than I do, playing with each other every day and meting new moms all the time, I want a vervant so so much, and was going to get one as a pet, then I watched this channel and know instead of getting one I now work at a shelter. I love your guys work

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Sexicana G hahahah yes they are. She’s a super mom!

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Nancy Tomlinson you’re very welcome, I’m appreciative that you all comment on what would be helpful. I enjoy knowing what the community is looking for and doing my best to meet those standards. So thank you!

CanadianErin thank you very much! I’m really glad to hear that, cause it’s what I am trying to accomplish with these. I’m planning to make a small announcement on the next video to help people know how important it is to let the commercials play and to click on them.

Maria angelina Esparza

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will do

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Cheri1 You’re welcome. Hmmm, I honestly have no idea. When it comes to adults, there are some that never adjust to being in a troop and prefer to be in their own enclosure. When it comes to babies, the orphan babies always adjust rather quickly. But the juvenile ex-pets can sometimes take a long time. Months and months, but I really don’t know what the longest has been, there have just been too many monkeys going through integration her over the past 25 years.

I'm glad! What is the longest time it has taken or the baby to adjust to monkey life?

Vervet Monkey Foundation...God Bless you all for your kind, tender & gentle hearts...Those beautiful, innocent little faces with their expressive eyes capture my heart...Big Hugs...

Capuchins USED to be my favorites, but your foundation has warmed me over to Vervets! They are so animated and sweet.


Love that the babies - and their foster moms - are starting to get released to full integration! It was fascinating to see that whole bit with Acorn...I wonder if her status as Alpha was changed due to that confrontation with the lesser females who took it upon themselves to act as guardians, or if this type of thing is just a bit of "bloodied" tussle, and then back to business as usual. Also, "package deal" baby monkeys gave me some serious "feels", as the kids say now a days

I think it's interesting that you mention the alpha status being changed. I was thinking the same thing. But rather than the confrontation causing her status to change, I think the fact that a low ranked and mid ranked monkey had babies before the alpha female had babies really messed with Acorns perceived status. Generally the alpha female would be the first to become impregnated. So having these other monkeys with babies might have itself shifted the troops perception of Acorns rank. Which would explain why she put on such a show of force when the babies came out. It wasn't about taking them to keep, but rather proving that she could have them since she is the highest ranking female. I don't know how much her rank has shifted, it would take a couple weeks of monitoring the troop and watching their social interactions to really get a feel for how things are situated, but its no doubt a very interesting thought and something I wish I had more time to explore. Yes the monkeys are reacting to their reflections. There have been no studies that I am aware of. But I do know most of them become engrossed in the monkey they see reflected in the glass and try to interact with it. For the younger monkeys if you put a mirror in front of them, they will often check behind the mirror looking for the other monkey. But many of the adults will simply stare at their own reflection for prolonged periods of time and I'm not sure if they are recognizing themselves. It would be a fun experiment, but I'd need to do more research on what sort of methods were used to ascertain if the monkeys were indeed aware the mirror monkey is merely their own reflection. The purple paint was a non-toxic animal friendly paint that we squirt onto the little ones occasionally during a release. This allows volunteers who are unfamiliar with the monkeys to be able to easily recognize them. It typically comes off the babies within a day.

18:25 "At this point everything went back to normal and the monkeys went about their business." Do you mean *monkey business* ?

+10 points for the dad joke. LOL.

Enjoy your videos ❣️ Thank You for sharing❣️

Shelbe Colledge Thanks for watching!

April Skies thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. She’s adorable huh?

CanadianErin awesome. Will do. Thank you!

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Yay, GREAT that Priya was unscathed!!

Hahaha! Yeah we've got the ability. It's crazy expensive to send stuff to South Africa. Sure if you sent clippers I'd find some kinda use for them.

I didn't mean it like that, I was wondering if you would be able to use clippers if I sent them but I was thinking that before I knew how much it would cost to ship something to S. Africa :(


Love these little guys

3:05 "Don't worry boys aren't that bad.....well they ain't that good either" That was hilarious, I guess all male primates fall into that grouping, lol. GREAT WORK ALL!!

hhahahahahah, thanks Bill!

Thank you very much. :) I'm glad you found the channel.

No worries, I love the questions. That's awesome to hear you foster cats! Well done! :)

Thank you answering! I figured the paint was for I.D purposes. I imagine that keeping track in the bush is..erm..a bit challenging, to say the least. Also, I know you are incredibly busy, so i will try to keep the questioning to a minimum (there are only so many hours in a day, and you can't spend _all_ your free time answering questions!). Please know that if you don't have time to reply, I will most certainly no obligation. It is just so fascinating both, from the behavioral point of view, as well as for the nuts-n-bolts of care. And as someone who has done a lot of animal fostering (especially during "kitten" season), I find the care of juveniles really tugs at my heart.


Lisa Kermode

I ordered them through (the of SA), they said you will get them delivered by Friday. I think its really great what all of you are doing for those (adorable) animals, God made them too and the bible says he knows every one. I think it matters how we treat the animals and the earth. So thank you for being good stewards.

13:58 " Not now babies.......Momma is doing her Yoga. This is downward facing Monkey. "

Wow! Mrs. Gold is very special. Those three babies love and trust her very much. Do females sometimes adopt more than one baby at a time?

Bill23799 yup. It happened quite a few times this season. For example Mrs. Gold. And you’ll see in this upcoming episode - Mokey in Koko and Polar in Skrow.

A gem of an episode! :)

We love hearing your comments in the background haha

Wow, how can you tell them apart?

Ocean Machuta they all have different unique traits. The babies are easy cause they all look very different from one another, but with the adults we rely on certain signifiers like broken or missing fingers, nicks in the ear, white patches on the face, hair color, breaks in the tail, size of the monkey etc. all those coupled together with knowing who’s in the troop and you’ve got urself an ID party.

How can YOU tell WHO IS WHO.??-They ALL L

Velcro babies for Mrs.Gold lol.

Tori is great at sll her jobs. Keep up the good work.

She's incredible!

I couldn’t find another place to ask, so maybe this will get answered here. How do the foster moms know to come look through the door at the babies? How do they know they want foster babies? How do the babies know they want moms? Do they only eat solid food, or do they also drink the new mom’s milk? Do the moms ever leave them after they’ve been adopted, like if they change their mind?

They are so cute

Are the foster moms mothers that have lost their babies

Babs Huffman no

Are the females you take in who are not meant to be returned to their own troop sterilized to prevent them from getting pregnant? Do you think that has any affect on the females wanting to adopt the babies so readily? Is it normal for a troop in the wild to have it's females adopt a foundling they come across so readily. Has this behavior just become the normal for your rescue troops because it is all they know? I imagine it has made for some different conversations between older babies and their moms. Baby: Momma...where do babies come from? Momma: Well baby there is a story told by some of the old ones where a boy monkey meets a girl monkey and they fall in love and they groom and they exchange Lipschmackies. Then the boy monkey goes behind the girl monkey for 5 seconds and then a baby grows in the mommas tummy and out comes a baby. Baby: Momma that sounds like something one of my grannys just made up. Where do babies really come from? Momma: OK, the truth is we go down to the small metal house and the door opens by magic. The momma goes in and she picks out her baby. Baby: Really momma? Is that how you got me? Momma: Yes, and you were the cutest baby there. ( Groomy....groomy...groomy. Lipschmackie....Lipschmackie )

Bill23799 the males are all vasectomized at 2.5 years of age. I’m not sure about the wild, but I don’t think it’s a common occurrence just based on troop movement and migrating males. LOL!

why do i hate these things so much, i just want to tear of their little heads and throw them at another monkey, think its how pathetically needy and clingy they are

9:04 I hate children... awful things

Me too! They're trying to figure out what that strange looking thing is. Lol. So ADORABLE!

That's one popular mama monkey!! Haha. It's so cute,like playing follow the leader..or funny.

Omg the story of the baby and the rocks. How can kids be so cruel??

I think you guys are quite clever being able to tell all these monkeys apart by name.

I would loooove to volunteer if only I lived in South Africa

Oh I would take him even though I know he is better off being with his own kind. Idk if I could have let him go. Wow I would get so so close to these babies

Rna7 Nicole ino

do the female babies get placed specifically with a foster mother with a pre-determined spot in the hierarchy or do only the upper level females get dibs on the babies? Are the males placed any differently? Please explain how orphans are placed, and received into the already existent social structure

Jeffery Young They’re not “placed” certain moms are better with babies than others and enjoy coming into the enclosures to meet the kids. But once they are in the troop, the babies can be adopted by anyone. There is no standard or protocol, every monkey is different and every individual ends up in their own place in the hierarchy.

Caged orphans rehabilitated to be released BACK INTO THE WILD

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