Jeju Island | Beaches, Vegan Cafes, and Osulloc Tea Museum | My Life in Korea VLOG

Jeju Island | Beaches, Vegan Cafes, and Osulloc Tea Museum | My Life in Korea VLOG

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Hi guys, it's Cari and welcome to Jeju! I  just got in this morning, it is around noon. And we've made it to the Yongmeori Beach and  we are inside because it is ridiculously windy   right now so I can't talk to you  out there. And I'm starting off my Jeju   experience strong by having a hot tangerine tea.  This is actually part of the Discover Korea Live  

2021 event hosted by the Korea Tourism  Organization and the Korea Tourism Organization   New York office was nice enough to send me on  this trip. So I am excited to be taking you guys   around. The Discover Korea Live event is pretty  much an online festival it includes travel and   music and food everything you could want. So it  is a live event so if you are watching this right  

now, it means that cool things are happening  also so check out All   the information will be down below. I will catch  you guys outside in the wind. Jeju day one! This place just does not look real! Look at this! Incredible. See? I'm not kidding, the wind is really strong! So close!!! Let's see if we can see  stuff from up here. Oh, all right, significantly less windy. Now we're  really really on the west side of the island   and we are at the Shinchang Windmill   road and there are just - it's just a line  all the way up the coast of these like   wind turbines for clean energy, wind energy.  It's amazing, they're huge! They're all out in  

the water but there's a really cool bridge I think  we can go out on. The ocean is so blue! Let's go see! In case you can't tell, I just cannot get over  how clear this water is!!! So this is another place in Jeju where, by the  sound of it, it's just a wind farm, I didn't   think it was going to be that impressive, but the last  time I came to Jeju, same thing happened with the   rock park. I was like "rocks?" but I came here  and I am stunned!! This is beautiful and   I'm so glad that I came. I've never  really seen anything like it, it's quiet,   it's peaceful, it smells amazing. There's so much  in nature. You can go out in glass boats and   see the bottom of the sea. It's just really -  I'm impressed. How cool. Yeah I'm now in the shadow  

of one of them if you can't see the light show  going on. Definitely recommend but we're gonna get   back to the main area and then we're gonna head  over to where I'm staying and we're gonna find   some lunch. And that area is more of a downtown  area - very trendy with lots of like cafes and stuff   and a beautiful beach so hopefully we are in  for another wonderful Jeju experience. Let's go! I ate that so fast. The slaw - I'm gonna ask them what was in it that was  so good. And Yu Cafe - all vegan! Thank you!

I am in such a good place. That meal was so good,  so now I'm going to just check into my guest house   quickly so that I can put my backpack down and then we're going to go to the Hyeopjae beach. We   drove past it on the way to the cafe and it looks  stunning and I'm kind of jealous because there's   a huge camping area. Like, you can just camp in a  tent in this pine tree forest right on the  

beach which looks incredible. Anyway, we're going  to head over there and then figure out where   we're going to catch the sunset. So, to the guest house! Just a casual walk through my neighborhood! Gotta love Jeju :) So, if you couldn't tell, Hyeopjae is beautiful and  it's known for having really white sand   and really clear light water. And I don't  know if it's always like this but the tide   is so far out and there's little bits of  water still kind of trapped up here so you've   got all these little tide pools and just  like very shallow pockets of water which is   nice, as someone who doesn't love getting in  too deep to the ocean. We're also in the   flight path of Jeju airport so we get to see  all the planes coming in. Let's go into the  

water! It is very cold so I'm gonna, I rolled  up my pants, let's go see what it's all about. So I'm kind of standing on a tide island  I guess. There is water behind me, behind me, so I've got - it's kind of like  curling up here as the tide comes in.   So this is beautiful - the lightness of  the blue, it's so pretty! I'm gonna kind of head   back because I can see that the tide is  rising and I'm not about that so let's go! Yeah that tide came in real  quick! I don't know if you can see   but rolling had no effect -  my pants are soaked! That's fine. This is the most fantastic beach I  think I've ever been to. Why am I so  

taken away by this beach? I love it so much. There's  so many really cool eateries that open straight up   to the sand, so I'm so glad that I'm staying  right next to it. Highly recommend it.    It's just gorgeous. I'm gonna let my  pants dry and the sand dry off of my   feet and then we're going to go to a cafe  and take in the sunset. Okay, see you there! 

Okay we're back in my neck of the woods again.  That was a gorgeous sunset. There's still some   peachy stuff going on. uI'm actually going to  end today here because tomorrow we've got a lot   of stuff to do as well. So pretty. We're actually  going to a place that I have been to before but   I didn't get a lot of time to explore it myself so I'm actually going to take time to see it and   I'm very excited to bring you along. So  yes, I'm going to go home, make some tea,   maybe go for another walk, but yeah thank you  for joining me. See you bright and early tomorrow!

Goodbye sweet guest house! Okay, it is the  morning, it is a much cloudier day and   our first stop is a place that I love  very much but I didn't get to explore   the one time that I visited it - We're going  to the Osulloc Tea Museum! You guys know how   obsessed I am with tea, and if you don't, I am. And so we're gonna hopefully hop on a bus   and head over there, let's go! I'm really excited  to explore it with you. Osulloc here we come. Okay friends, we have successfully made it to the  Osulloc Museum in one piece. That bus ride was wild  

and the road getting here, like the last  five minutes, is literally just like... But anyway, we are here. It's about 11:15 I think. It looks pretty busy, this is pretty busy like year   round. It doesn't matter how many people are here,  as long as I get my cup of tea. Okay let's go! So as tempted as I am by those desserts,  I want to check out the Innisfree   part of this place first before I  settle because they also have really   good desserts and it might be a little bit  less crowded. To the Innisfree Jeju House!   Okay so the Innisfree House definitely has the  better view. I'm looking over the green tea  

fields, but we're gonna head back over to the  Osulloc area and get me some green tea! Okay? Okay! I had no idea that  they have a make your own soap   class! So I'm going to make my own soap! Here we go! I am so happy, and I am so full. So we have just  enough time to make one more stop and it's a   little bit in the middle of nowhere. I'm doing  this all with public transportation and taxis so   fingers crossed that - I know we can get there but  can we leave? Can I get to the airport afterwards   is what we're interested in. So yeah this  will be an adventure. Let's hit one more Oreum. I'll tell you more about it when we get there. And yeah this was the Osulloc Tea Museum. That was  - I'm a little nervous to say it because I know how  people feel about hummus - that was one of the best   hummuses I have had in Korea. I'm gonna  say it. It was delicious. So definitely  

please stop here, even if you don't  like tea. They have juices and all this   great stuff so anyway. Thank you  Osulloc as always. Let's find a cab. Okay so we are at the Barime Oreum and an oreum  is like a crater and there are tons of them all   over Jeju. But this one is rather tucked away  and I tried to walk through what I thought was  

a trail through the woods and then I came across  a dead animal part and I was just like, 'you know,   I'm gonna walk on the paved path.' So we're  walking hopefully towards the main area   and it looks like something straight out of - what's  it called - Midsommar. Everybody's dressed in like   cottage core outfits and it's mildly terrifying  but it's also gorgeous so let's go to the oreum! A much better path.   Well I don't know if this is exactly legal  but it seems like the common path so here we go.

I'm pretty sure that there's nothing in   a Korean forest that would eat me. I don't  think there are tigers anymore, so now to find a taxi! Hi! So I successfully made it to the airport and so  that was my 36 hours in Jeju! Thank you so much for   joining me, that was so fun. Definitely love the  west side of Jeju. And so thank you again to the   Korea Tourism Organization, the New York office  or inviting me. And this was, again, part of  

the Discover Korea Live event so please go to to see some more things.   I have another trip that I'm doing there, like I  said there's food and culture and travel and music   and all this other stuff all combined in this  digital virtual festival so highly recommend it! Thank you again for sending me and I will see you  guys next time. I hope you enjoyed Jeju, I hope   I will be back soon. Let's fly back to Seoul! Bye!  i hang it there with my clothes covered in dirt

2021-06-09 12:57

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