Jerusalem Dateline: 01/12/2018 Rabbi Murdered: How Much Will PA Pay His Killers?

Jerusalem Dateline: 01/12/2018 Rabbi Murdered: How Much Will PA Pay His Killers?

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This. Week on Jerusalem, Dateline, after, a drive-by murder, the US ambassador and Israeli. Prime minister challenged. The Palestinian. Authority about the way it rewards, terrorists, for their crimes plus. A look at the top ten countries in the world who, persecute, Christians and, Israel. Sets a record for tourists last year we, look at one of Israel's unique, attractions. That Jesus trail all. This and more this week on Jerusalem. Dateline. Hello. And welcome to this edition of Jerusalem Dateline, I'm Chris Mitchell Israeli. Prime Minister Benjamin, Netanyahu. Praised, the America's ambassador to Israel, David Friedman for, exposing, the Palestinian. Authority, policy, of paying. Terrorists, for their lack of peace the. Comments, followed another brutal terror attack that left an Israeli father of six, dead. Nearly. Three thousand, dollars that's, what Palestinian. Killers, of an Israeli rabbi will, likely receive, from their government, under, what's known as paid, to slain, 35. Year old rabbi, Raziel, Shevek, died. Following a drive-by shooting near. His home in Samaria. The. Terror attack drew quick condemnation, from, US ambassador. David Freedman who tweeted an Israeli. Father of six was killed last night in cold, blood by Palestinian. Terrorists, Hamas, praises, the killers and PA, laws will provide them financial, rewards, look. No further to, why there is no peace I want, to congratulate. Ambassador. Friedman the. American. Ambassador to Israel who tweeted. The. Truth, unvarnished. Straightforward. The, important, thing is that Abbas. Is government. Is supporting, the kind of murderers, that murdered, a father of six Congress. Is also targeting, the policy, with the Taylor force act the, bill which has already passed the house would. Withhold US, tax dollars from. The Palestinian. Authority, unless it, stops paying those who, kill Israelis such. People in our jails get. 350. Five million, dollars a year they, and their families from the Palestinian, Authority that is something that is untenable, according. To figures released by the israel defense ministry the rabbi's killers, will likely receive, a salary five, times the average palestinian. Wage for, the rest of their lives, Palestinian. Authority records show the more serious the crime the, higher the pay for. Example, the terrorist sentence to three to five years receives. 580. Dollars per month for. A sentence, carrying 20 to 35, years in prison the, monthly pay grows to almost 3000. There, were also bonuses. Ranging, from eighty seven dollars for remarried, terrorists to, one hundred and forty five dollars for, an Israeli Arab. Carrying, out an attack funding. And incentivizing. Murder, doesn't, exactly advance, peace. Here's. The principle they're, communicating, to their people killing, Israeli, and get rich now. What kind of message does that send to, impressionable. Palestinian. Children President, Trump also recently, threatened to cut funding to another Palestinian, institution. The, United, Nations Relief and Works Agency, or. Unruh it's not a question of defunding. Unruh. It's a question of, replacing. One well with after, seventy years with. An agency that will actually address, the. Real, needs of real refugees, since, there is an overall, UN, effort for millions of refugees worldwide. Netanyahu. Sees no reason for. Palestinians. To receive individual. Attention, the salade have negative, effects it will have positive effects because. The. Perpetuation, of the dream, of bringing, the descendants, of refugees, back to Jaffa is what sustains this conflict one was part of the problem not part of the solution this week Israel, band members of 20 activist, groups from entering the country that. Support, boycotting. Israel, BDS. Is a grassroots, movement which calls, for boycott, divestment and, sanctions, against, Israel, last, year Israel enacted a law that, would ban any activist, who issues, a public call for boycotting. The Jewish state some. Of the groups are located in countries like the United States France. South Africa, and others BDS. Is one of the most powerful, anti-israel. Movements in the world today and it's, well funded here's, a story CBN's, Dale hair did about, the spread of BDS, on u.s., college campuses. BDS. Activists, will tell you they're only defending, the rights of Palestinians. But, when they chant from the river to the sea.

They're. Calling, for the complete destruction, of Israel. The. BDS, movement is, growing it has become a force on more and more college, campuses. It. Is aimed at only one nation the only democracy, in, the Middle East no. Other country just a job Richard, Millett, tracks the BDS, movement through. His website, they weren't recording for boycotts of America. Who they don't agree with or Britain, British, government policy that they don't agree with before. We get into, China Russia. Syria. Saudi. Arabia there. Is no boycott Dale so you you, answer why the, answer to that question can be found in the answer to another important, question who. Founded, the BDS, movement, BDS. Leaders, say the movement was launched, in 2005. By, the Palestinian. Civil society. But the evidence shows that is, not true watch. This video of BDS, leaders, discussing, the origin, of the movement, at a conference in, May, of this year, Ilan. Pappe is director, of the European Centre, for Palestinian. Studies at the University, of Exeter in England he's, considered. A leading intellectual, in the BDS movement here. Pappé admits that the Palestinians. Did not create the BDS, movement it's, were also active in well the Palestinian, launched the BDS in 2005. In 2000. Yes. Yes. Okay for historical, records yes. It. Is important, because, if the Palestinians. Did not begin the BDS movement then. The question, of course is who. Did BDS. Expert, professor Gerald Steinberg, in Jerusalem, says BDS. Is a creation, of European, socialists. And Muslim, nations who, oppose Israel, led, by the 57. Nation organization. Of the Islamic Conference, the. Largest, voting bloc at the United, Nations they, get together with a radical, left started. With the Soviet Union, certainly, filters, over to the trustee eyes in the Labor Party in the UK and. Many, other radical, allies and the fact that this is in many ways a European. Radical. Political movement, makes, it even less legitimate there. Have been boycotts, of Israel since. Before the creation, of the State of Israel, some. Even traced the boycotts, back to Nazi Germany in 1933. But. The modern BDS, movement took, shape at the 2001, UN, conference, against racism in, Durban South Africa an event. So rife with blatant, anti-semitism, that, the US and Israeli delegations. Walked out Kenneth. Marcus is president, of the Louis D Brandeis, Center, for Human Rights under, law people. Were distributing. Or selling, copies of the so called protocols. Of the Elders, of Zion, there, were people there supporting, Nazism. And urging a return to. Nazi, anti-semitism from. That movement. The. New BDS. Campaign, emerged. Another. Key question is who funds BDS. Steinberg. Says the, movement, gets hundreds, of millions of dollars a year some, of its funding, is difficult, to track but, if you live in a Western nation there's, a good chance you help fund it through your tax dollars, and perhaps, even, your tithe the BDS, movement gets. Most of its funding, from the European Union European, national. Governments, and even the US government, who, give money to NGOs, or, non-governmental. Organizations. That, claim to fight for human rights but. Who also oppose, the State of Israel, Amnesty. International Ken, Roth from Human Rights Watch these, organizations. Are funded. By governments, under the label of international. Aid promoting. Human rights promoting. Peace and development the. Swiss the Swedes the Norwegians, the British. Germans. Up and down, the. Money there is huge, some, Christian, charities, also give money to BDS, the. Web page for Christian Aid makes it look like it only fights poverty, drill. Down on their website, and you'll find they also support. BDS as, does. The Presbyterian. Church USA, and. While, the boycott, divestment, and sanctions, movement has, been in one respect of failure, it has accomplished, very little in the policy, arena it, has succeeded, in another area by, spreading anti-semitism, across. College, campuses, what. We're seeing increasingly, is that BDS activists, are intimidating. Student, governments at colleges, and universities to. Pay for their activities, and if they don't there. May be repercussions. Aggressively. Confronting, and sometimes, assaulting, Jewish students, in faculty, at pro-israel. Events. Ronnie, Fraser founding, director of the Academic, Friends of Israel warns. The next generation, of leaders is being brainwashed that, Israel, is the worst nation, on earth students. Are being, fed. A diet of, Israel, is a racist, state Israel. Is a Zionist, state Israel, equals. The Nazis. With. Massive, funding, behind it, BDS, is turning, people against Israel, and creating. A generation, of leaders who, may someday try to carry out what some have said is the real goal of the BDS movement, the. Elimination. Of the State of Israel. Dale. Hurd CBN News.

Up. Next find, out that top 10 countries in the world responsible. For the persecution, of Christians may. Be surprised, by, number 1 a. List. Is out naming, the 50 most dangerous countries for Christians Muslim. Nations dominate, the top 10 on the list but, not the number one spot Paul. Strand visited, the National Press Club to, find out who holds, that dubious. Distinction. Some. Folks may think civilization, is on the rise but, religious freedom certainly isn't in the world right now some 250. Million Christians, face persecution, that, means 1 out of 12 say some sort of danger, where they live just because of their faith every, year the anti persecution, group opened doors puts out the world watchlist, subtitling. It this year the 50 countries where it's most dangerous to follow Jesus, open. Doors president, blasted number one on the list North Korea and its dictator kim jeong-hoon, imagine. In your mind a leader. Who thinks, he is God. But. Acts like an animal. Devouring. His own people. David curry blames Islamic, extremists, for some of the world's worst abuses especially. Against women we, found. 2260, women. Who were forced, into marriage who were raped who, had sexual, assault by Muslim, extremists. An international, advocate for religious freedom said, it's important, to remember the persecuted, like an American pastor held in a Turkish prison, I met. With Pastor, Andrew Brunson, in Turkey, earlier, this year and his biggest fear is, to be forgotten a top congressional, fighter for religious freedom said, the u.s. does big business with, many of these persecuting, nations a lot, of these are, countries. That we have billion-dollar, agreements. With and, certainly. I think it's important, for to, know that when, we were sending taxpayer, dollars to. Some of these countries that we know what is going on curry, started this news conference by dedicating, it to a 47. Year old nun who faced death threats for working in Jesus name with the poorest people in India to, Hindu. Extremists. Came. To her medical. Clinic. Attacked, her raped. Her, drugged. Her and left. Her unconscious. Tied. To. A bed he, asked American Christians to pray for people like this persecuted, nun every Sunday and push for justice that, seems so, obvious but until the voice and. The heart of the American church is heard on this subject I don't, think much will be done they say one thing Congress could do is halt the months-long holdup, of kansas governor sam Brownback's, appointment, as ambassador at, large for international, freedom the people who suffer our people around the world who, do not have a voice and, can, not have a voice because, people.

Who Should be their voice are not there for them we need a point person this, is not a partisan, issue. Democrat. A Republican independent. You, need to care about the religious, liberty, of others persecution. Of Christians is on, the rise we. Cannot turn a blind eye to this evil and the, United States must continue to. Hold our friends and, our, enemies accountable. For those who think nothing could be done about this well our government can certainly do more financially. And believers, can do something prayerfully, for, their brethren persecuted, around the world Paul. Strand CBN News, Washington. Coming. Up take a trip with us here in Israel to where Jesus walked on the Jesus. Trail. Israel's. Ministry of Tourism announced, that three point, six million tourists, visited Israel in, 2017. More. Than in any other year in its history, Christian. Tourists make up the majority of those tourists and when, they come most, want to see the places where Jesus walked take. A look at this story we did a few years ago about the, Jesus trail, for. 2,000. Years Christians. Have made spiritual. Journeys to Israel today. Most, visitors travel in tour buses now. There is a way to literally, walk with, Jesus walked the. Jesus trail a four-day, Trek offers. A chance to slow down and absorb. The sights and sounds of the Galilee where, Jesus lived, and ministered. Cofounders. Israeli, my OS unknown and American. David Landis our, experienced. International. Hikers they. Say creating, a Galilee, Trail where Jesus, walked was. Just natural, it just seemed to make a lot of sense of how, the Jesus, trail could bring a lot of new life to the Galilee transform. The communities, and give, people. Christians. Or. Just travelers and pilgrims a way to really experience the life of Jesus in an authentic way that. Was very meaningful to them marked. With orange and, white stripes or an orange dot the, trail begins in, Nazareth, now, the largest, Arab city in Israel a guidebook. Map. Or GPS coordinates. Helped show the way the 36. Mile trail winds, across natural. Terrain through. Towns like Cana that a full of history an overland. With, spectacular. Views we. Think it's very similar, to the wages for the walked up from the Bible it talks about Jesus, going from Nazareth to Capernaum on the first day hikers. Come to the ancient, town of suppori while. The city is not mentioned in the Bible it would have been under construction, at the time of Jesus, some. Scholars speculate, that Joseph, and maybe. Even Jesus, himself worked. There as builders. This. Part of the trail is about a day and a half's journey from Jesus hometown of Nazareth. It's on the way to an ancient Roman Road it's. Likely Jesus took that road on his way from Nazareth, to the Sea of Galilee I think. It's just interesting to think about how connected, Jesus's geography, was to the rest of the world during his time just. The influences, he would have had the different, languages he would have heard this Roman Road was part of an ancient trade, route connecting Egypt. With, Damascus. And Mesopotamia. Today. It's covered with weeds but, still located near a major travel, and transportation, junction, in, the Galilee, think, of like how the internet connects people today like that's how Roman roads connected, people during. During, the time of Jesus nature. Is also part of the Bible story the, locust John the Baptist ate were, probably Caribes, from a tree like this Jesus. Cursed the fig tree when. It had no fruit and olive. Trees are biblical, symbols of beauty and prosperity, their. Fruit gave oil to, anoint the priests and light, the temple by. The third day hikers. Get their first glimpse of the Sea, of Galilee the. Volcanic, Mountain known, as the horns of he team is the, site of an ancient battle which. Led to Islamic, forces dominating. The Holy Land and reconquering.

Jerusalem. From here you can see basically. Most, of the trails were out you, can see the area of Jesus ministry along the Sea of Galilee here, and you, can see, the. Endpoint of the trailer which Calpurnia you can sit under a tree in, the shade and just look. At where you've come and think about where you're going this. Is Mount Arbel the, cliff Tower is more than 1,000, feet above the Sea of Galilee in. Jesus, day there, was a Jewish town here and travelers. Crossed through the valley below on their, way from Nazareth, to Capernaum, next, you'll go to the traditional, site of the Mount of Beatitudes where. Jesus preached his Sermon, on the Mount, the. Last stop is Capernaum. Peter. Lived here and Jesus. Used the town as his base during, his years of ministry, in the Galilee and Jesus. Went about all Galilee teaching, in. Their synagogues preaching. The gospel of the kingdom and healing, all kinds, of sickness, all, kinds, of disease, among, the people so. Far in the last year an estimated. 1000, people have walked the Jesus trail Landis. Says he, thinks the number could grow to. 100,000. Each year as more. And more people come to Israel to, walk with, Jesus walked. Up. Next take, a look at the 70 year history of Israel in sand, and music. This. Month Israel's, government press, office held its annual New, Year's toast, with the Prime Minister as part. Of the entertainment an artist, told the 70, year history of Israel through sand art we, thought it was so fascinating we, want to show you some of it to take. A look. We. Found that a unique way to tell israel's history and hope you like it that's. All for this edition thanks, for joining us remember. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter Instagram or. YouTube I'm, Chris, Mitchell we'll, see you next time on Jerusalem. Dateline.

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