Jerusalem Dateline:04/20/18 Israel at 70: Miracle Rebirth to Fulfilling Prophecy

Jerusalem Dateline:04/20/18 Israel at 70: Miracle Rebirth to Fulfilling Prophecy

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This. Week on Jerusalem, Dateline Israel. Celebrates, 70 years as a modern, Jewish state we, take a look back at the Declaration of Independence, and how, its fulfilled, prophecy, since, then plus. Conditions. Worsen, for falsely accused American, pastor, Andrew, Brunson, all, this and more this, week on Jerusalem, Dateline. Hello. And welcome to this edition of Jerusalem Dateline I'm Chris Mitchell Israel. Opened its 70th, anniversary festivities. With, song dance, and fireworks, Israel. Declared, its independence on, May 14, 1948, but. Here in the Jewish state they, marked their holidays, according, to the Jewish calendar and, even, though there was a lot of celebration. Going on they, also commemorated, the day under the shadow of an Iranian threat. Israel's. National celebration. Wove, a theme of technological. Progress and, survival. Through seven decades of its modern history they. Told the story of the Jewish people from, Moses, to the early pioneers, through. The Holocaust, to the, planting of the land and the, growth of Technology. They, said the rebirth of their nation was, where prophecy, became. Their reality, and the, answer, to their prayers. We. Prayed to God to return, to Jerusalem. His. City. And. Now, in. 1948. 70, years ago, Jerusalem. His city became. Available to us the Jewish prayers always, talked, about returning, to Zion, returning, to Jerusalem and here. We are 70, years in spite, of all the things that have happened and, the, threats from Iran they, talk about there's, still the technology. And the things going on that the. Really. Does seem quite miraculous. Earlier. A siren, wail throughout the country as Israeli. Stood silent, and remembered. Their fallen, through their many Wars and terror, attacks. The. Commemoration, and celebrations. Took, place despite, threats, from Iran in Iranian. Spokesmen, blamed Israel for, an attack on an Iranian, base inside, Syria, and warned. Iran would, retaliate, Israeli. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Said Israel would face the Iranian, threat. Today. Also we, are not deterred, from the struggle, against, those who strive to annihilate. Us because. We know how to defend, ourselves with. Our own forces, which, is the essence of Independence. Netanyahu. Also, thanked President Trump and America. We. All appreciate, the strong alliance, with the United, States we, all welcomed President. Donald Trump's historic. Decision, to, recognize Jerusalem. As our capital, and, to transfer, the Embassy of the strongest, power in the world to it Thank. You mr. president, Thank You America. The, celebration. Ended with a rendition, of the song hallelujah, for the things that were in the, things to come. We'll. Have more in Israel's, independence later, in the show, but first we'll take a look at this news, Congress. Recently passed the taylor force act named. After a US citizen, who was murdered by a palestinian. Terrorists here in israel the, law prevents, USA to the palestinian, authority if. They continue, the practice of paying, convicted. Terrorists, and their families, it's, a policy called pay to slay the. New law sends a strong message to, the Palestinian, Authority but. They may not be heating the message, when. The Taylor force Act became law Congress. Expected, the Palestinian. Authority, to get the message CBN. News spoke by phone with congressman. Doug Lamborn who. Introduced, the legislation to the House of Representatives. It, says a strong signal that we're not gonna stand by when. They take US taxpayer, dollars, and turn, around and give it to terrorists, who have murdered innocent people yet, PA President, Mahmoud Abbas ignored. Any signs, blatantly. Refusing, to honor the new law even, though it could mean millions. Of. The. Palestinians. Are taking, a hard line and they are defying, the US we.

Should Stop, every, single. Penny that goes to them until they change their policy, rewarding. Terrorists, and their families, has been built into the fabric of Palestinian. Society, as well. As its budget, for decades, according. To the Meir a meet intelligence, center this, year is no different for. 2018. The Palestinian. Authority still, allocated. About three hundred and sixty million dollars, or 7, percent of its budget for this practice, the, PA has budgeted this amount of money for the past six years in, the, past the PA disguised. The sources, of those payments now. The funds, are openly included, in the, 2018. Budget, moves. Some interpret, as clear. Defiance, it's, a Marv Marcos of the Palestinian. Media watch first. Reported, on payments, to terrorists, by the PA in, 2011. The, great tragedy. Of I, would say the last twenty years is that. The Palestinian. Authority acted. Like a terror organization, they send terrorists, to kill Israelis they rewarded, them Lamborn hopes other nations, will, follow the u.s. lead we, would strongly, hope that other countries, would follow our lead just, as we hope they follow our lead in other, areas, like moving the embassy, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem if, the international, community United, says, to the Palestine if you act like a terrorist you're not going to get our money you'll be treated like a terrorist I think, that could have a very good long-term effect on changing, the way the Palestinian Authority behaves after. A hearing that lasted, 12 hours American. Pastor Andrew Bronson is back, inside, a Turkish, prison cell, using. Bogus charges secret. Witnesses, and a, legal system that does the bidding of the President Turkey, has severely, stacked, the deck against. Brunson however. The US Congress, is ready, to punch back Jennifer. Wishon tells, us what's next until. His next hearing on May 7th pastor, Andrew Brunson is condemned once again to the notorious prison. Where he began his 18-month, detention. The, place where he lost 50, pounds he. Can never leave his cell ever not, to eat not to go to the restroom not to get some fresh air Christina, Arriaga is one of just a few people who've seen Brunson, despite, severe, overcrowding he's, isolated. As the only Christian, and speaks, limited, Turkish they're, doing their prayers all the time so he doesn't sleep he's. Anxious he's nervous, now, his Turkish attorney who could be jailed himself, is facing, a near impossible, task they. Fabricate. Evidence. They, have these secret witnesses. That. Fabricate. Testimony. And it really puts you, in a poor, position to, provide any kind of defense pastor, Bronson has no opportunity of a free and fair trial in Turkey he is already, smeared. And condemned, in, Turkey's pro-government, media. He, has no attorney-client. Privilege. Icahn addameer is a former, member of Turkey's, Parliament he, says what's happening, to Brunson, reads like a science, fiction novel at his, trial Monday Brunson, spent hours, defending, himself against. The most ludicrous charges. A text, message to, him by. A colleague, of his who tells him I'm, sorry I have diarrhea I won't be able to make it to church any, self-respecting. I think Court would. Have refused, to entertain. Such. Accusations, Branson's. Defenders, say his detention has nothing, to do with the bogus charges against, him they, contend he's a pawn, for Turkish president air Dewan who's, holding him hostage to, pressure the u.s. in to, extraditing.

Several Turkish nationals, and to settle his own paranoia, following, a failed coup attempt, two years ago at the center of his paranoia, is, his fixation, with, the West and. What he sees as the judeo-christian. Civilization, so, he is this is part, of his crusade, against, the West now. That Turkey's Court has had a chance to do the right thing by, partisan, members of Congress, are pursuing, sanctions, against Turkish officials, who, participate, in the detainment, of innocent, American citizens since. Actions against pastor Brunson, and other Americans, they say qualify. As hostage-taking, under. Turkish law, Brunson could languish, in prison, for seven, years before courts, take any action, if convicted. The, 50 year-old father of three faces, a sentence, of 35. Years. Jennifer. Wishon, CBN News. A. Look. Back at Israel's Declaration of, Independence, through, the eyes of one handmaiden. Of history who, was there. Seven. Years ago a declaration. Signed in a tel-aviv art gallery changed. The world forever, against. Overwhelming, odds this, fledgling, State of Israel not. Only survived but grew, beyond, expectation. CBN. Scot Ross looks back at that moment and talks. With a handmaiden, of history who, was there. Here. In Independence. Hall David, ben-gurion, declared, the. Birth of the modern State of Israel, for. The first time in nearly two thousand. Years the. Jewish people, are a nation, he. Chose the words we hereby declare, the establishment it. Says here of a, Jewish, state, in. The Land of Israel to be known as the State of Israel this. Was the birth of a Jewish, state as for all Jews, ben-gurion. Was standing, here as the, voice of 11. Million Jews around, the world who, had no voice who had no address and nowhere, to go to I. Spoke. With Isaac, drawer who leads the education, effort here it was promised, to us by God, we. Are the only people, in the history of the world that. Leave on the same land. Speaking. The same language and, believe, in the same God more. Than 3,000 years we're, in a historic, setting here where are we and what, happened, this is the room where, the Jewish state of Israel was, born 70. Years ago in this, tiny room with the same furnitures, a ceremony. That lasted, 32. Minutes, and shook the world as British, rulers left Israel, that day five, Arab armies invaded. So it's like you, mix the happiest, day for the Jewish people one of the greatest moment, for our nation in modern times with. One of the most dangerous. And sad days when, Israel was that close to a complete annihilation why. This really, why here why Tel Aviv this building, was simply the safest, auditorium. In the, city of Tel Aviv who, were the people who most, of them we people form around Tel Aviv, because. They could not invite, people from Jerusalem because. Jerusalem was disconnected. Only. 350. Of them were lucky. Enough to be squeezed, in the, room, with. No air condition, and among. The crowd of witnesses was, Yael Charette her, father was on the stage here Moshe. Sharett, it, was the right hand of ben-gurion, and the, kind of the, foreign minister of the provisional, government of, Israel and when, they came to the ceremony, they. Came with an invitation, and it, says we are honored to invite you to the ceremony of Independence, and then, it goes we ask you to keep it as a secret. Really. You don't want thousands, of people to. Swarm the street when you expect an air-raid later that day and, and then it says the invitation. Is personal. Like, come alone and here. You have mr. Moshe Sharett who, brought his daughter with him and not only his daughter but his sister, as well and Moshe, Sharett said they, will share the same. Chair I met, Yael charrette, Medini, at her home near Tel Aviv here. Is my aunt and this. Is my forest hopefully. There's something behind it as I say and we, share the chair there next. To the ball she told me how just a day before her. Father dictated. And yell, wrote a draft, of, the Declaration of, Independence, this. Is my father's version, over. The Declaration. The ones. That he dictated to me this is my handwriting this, is this is a photocopy of the original, the original is in the archive, and, this took you how long I, think that I said there about weight quarters, of an hour to an hour, yeah I'll simply, calls herself a, handmaiden. Of history, how old were you 17 and, a half I wasn't interested in this I know that this is what's going to happen, from, the age of zero. That we are going to have a stay and we. Are rightfully, here during, that time she and her family lived, in New York for her father would, scour, the, United, Nations convincing.

Countries, To, support the soon-to-be-born, state, do, you remember, the. Event itself, when ben-gurion stood up and read its epic, it's it's really opinion, it's it's poetry, actually. The only time I was really moved I must say was, when the rabbi, levine, made. The, old age jewish. Blessing. Saffiano. Vickima no vegan EG analyst, wanna say that ancient, jewish prayer, recited. On momentous, occasions. Thanks. God who, has given us life, sustained. Us and allowed, us to, reach, this, day and not only this but this. Blessing. Has, a, an. Echo of, generations. Did you sing a Tikvah, yes and then everybody stood up in twos a the the FM the national anthem the, very next day which, was the Sabbath President. Harry Truman became, the first world, leader to, recognize, Israel. The Pentagon, and the State Department slowly, believed, that, ben-gurion. The, leader of Israel is leading, the world. Into. A new catastrophe. One. Person, however thought, differently, his. Name was Harry Truman, he understood, something that most of, his top, advisors, and ministers, fail to see this. Is a, truly. Prophecy. Being realized, 70. Years later age clear, that, Truman was right we, are faster, better. Prettier. Than ever today the, economies Israelis, doing wonderfully, well they call a startup nation and now, we see, Israel standing. And thanks, God together with Americans, in, the spirit, of those countries, were leading, suddenly. People understand. Why we are here, Scott, Raj for, CBN, in tel-aviv. Coming. Up 70, years on how Israel, is fulfilling, prophecy, and being, a light to the nation's. Here's. A look back at where the infant State of Israel was in 1948. Where. It is today and how it's fulfilling, ancient. Prophecies. In. The spring of 1948. Israel. Took its place among the nations, when David ben-gurion announced, the, establishment of, the Jewish state what was the situation in, May. 1948. When. We. Were 600,000. People here about half the size of a, midsize American, city with. Basically handguns, fighting, six, Arab armies that came within 25 miles for Tel Aviv by the way it's hard to imagine today that surrounded, Jerusalem not, far worse from where we're sitting no economy, no ally. A. Population. That was still languishing and displaced, person camp in Europe after the Holocaust I mean think about that 70. Years later Israel. Not only survived, but, thrived our. Economy, has one of the highest growth rates in the world we, have one of the most powerful armies in the world world leader in technology Israel. Is regularly. Listed one of the seven or eight most. Powerful, countries in the world in a historical. Perspective I. Think, that. Israel's, is nothing, less short of miraculous, Israel's, continuing. Miracle, is not only that it's thrived but, now helps, nations, in need because, we're a light unto the nations that's. A great prop fulfillment. Of that great prophecy, and in fact that's what his goal is doing people, say well what do you do I mean what, is it that you get out of it and, the answer is what getting. Out of it anything we're, fulfilling our. Deepest, values Israel. Is a light, on to. The nations, Israel. Is not just going to the nations, but now the nations. Are coming to Israel the. Company, is called our crowd, that's, brought ten thousand people from 90, countries around the world here, to Jerusalem for.

A High-tech summit, bringing, together innovation. And investment. Turns, out that Israel, is really, the second, most important, source of innovation and innovative, companies in the world outside of the United States and Silicon Valley we're, called the startup nation we're, looking here across the walls to Jerusalem, in our ancient history, we've always been dreamers, here in Israel whether it's back in the time of Abraham of the prophets, there's, always been incredible, good news to come from, this country and today the good news is about innovation and, technology, and 70. Years on Israel. Is protecting, the birthplace, of the, good news and more, Shahar. Shiloh serves as a consultant, for the tower David, Museum in Jerusalem he. Says Israel, since its founding has preserved, the historical, and Biblical sites, dug. Into its ancient past and opened. Its door to people of all faiths tourism, is much more than just making money tourism, is making friends, tourism, is making advocacy, tourism, is making, your. Your partnership. Around the world a lot safer our you. Know mutual, basis, grows. Stronger with every tourist. Being, in Israel living, back home and talking, about Israel wherever, he leaves this, is something that we cannot achieve, without, tourism, Sheila, says a visit, to Israel for Christians should. Be a personal. Mission we're. Always saying before. Coming, to Israel you read the Bible you see it in black and white once. Visited Israel, in every. Chapter every story, every time we read about Paul Peter, Ward, Jesus or Saint, Mary, it's. All vivid. And v and everything, becomes in full-color, full, HD 4k, something. Happens in your soul and you're never well. We say you'll never be the same again this, is my message to our brothers. And sisters for the Christian world visiting. Israel is a part of your soul, in your heritage not mine only. Up. Next how, the dry, bones of Ezekiel became a popular, cartoon in Israel and, around the world. Dry. Bones is one of the most well known cartoons. In the world it's, read by millions and the, creative, genius behind the cartoon, Yakov. Kerschen explains. How he came up with the unusual name for his work when. I came. To Israel, and. Decided. I would start doing a cartoon. I thought well I needed a name like. Curtains, corner. With corner. Spelt with a K, and. I kept thinking what should it be and then I realized, that. One of the things that had brought me to Israel was. My reading, of the Book of Ezekiel and, in, the Book of Ezekiel this. Guy Ezekiel. Who lived 2,600, years. Ago, saw. A, vision. Of what to him was the far future and. That was of a time when. It looked like the world had destroyed, the Jewish people, but, at that point we, would come out of our graves, and, the. Image, he saw was of a valley filled, with dry bones, like. The, knee bone connected, to the shin bone and all like that and in. That imagery. He saw, the. Rebuilding. Of the Jewish thing he. Saw the coming. Together in, the village, the Jewish. People he. Saw the, rebuilding. Of the cities and the planting, of the trees and, therefore. If I was going to do a cartoon, about what was happening today. All. I could do would be to add. To. What, he, had seen incredibly. 2600. Years ago and so, I decided to, call it dry bones from. The dry bones in the Book of Ezekiel to, the Declaration of Independence by. David ben-gurion we've. Seen how Israel, as a modern-day miracle and, a, sign to the nation's that God fulfills, his promises, well. That's all for this edition thanks. For joining us remember. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter Instagram and. YouTube I'm Chris. Mitchell we'll, see you next time on Jerusalem. Dateline.

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