Jerusalem Dateline: 07/20/2018 Israel's Revolution in Emergency Response

Jerusalem Dateline: 07/20/2018 Israel's Revolution in Emergency Response

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This. Week on Jerusalem, Dateline, Israeli. Ambassador to, the UN Danny Danon talks, to CBN News about, the many threats facing the State of Israel Plus, Israel's, revolution, and emergency, medical response saves, lives they, plan to take their solution, around the world and take. A walk on the Israel Trail see. The country from north to south all, this and more this week on Jerusalem. Dateline. Hello. And welcome to this edition of Jerusalem Dateline. I'm Chris Mitchell it's. A big diplomatic. Tug of war here in the Middle East over the American, pastor, Andrew, Brunson, on July, 18th, a Turkish, court refused, to release Brunson, once again and as, Gary Lane reports, it pits, the US Trump administration, against. Turkish President, Recep Erdogan. It. Was the third hearing, for the 50-year old North Carolina pastor, and it, ended in another disappointment. That's because many people thought Andrew Brunson, would be freed from prison he. Has spent 20 months behind Turkish, bars an accusation, said, he spied on the government and plotted, with rebels, to, overthrow president. Race of taya / Diwan in July. 2016. For, nearly two hours during the hearing former, church members testified, against. Pastor Brunson making, vague unsubstantiated. Accusations. When, the judge asked Brunson, to reply to the witnesses, he said quote, my faith teaches me to forgive, so, I forgive, those who testified against, me only, one witness from the defense was allowed to testify the. US government, expressed concern, about the court's decision. I. Have. Attended, three hearings I, don't, believe that there. Is any indication that, pastor Brunson, is guilty of any sort of criminal or terrorist activity. The Trump administration and, members of Congress have been pressuring Turkey to release the pastor on Wednesday. President, Trump expressed, displeasure tweeting. A total. Disgrace that Turkey, will not release respected, u.s. pastor, Andrew. Brunson from prison he's, been held hostage far, too long, her, Dewan should do something, to free this wonderful, Christian, husband and father, he's. Nothing wrong and his family needs him CC Heil of the American Center for Law and Justice says, immediately, after the court decision, the Trump administration and, members of Congress began. Working again diplomatically. To help free Brunson, it's a devastating blow so I would just you know pray for encouragement. For. Pastor Brunson, and and. For his family because they they suffer the same Gary, Lane CBN News, as the representative, from the aclj, encourage please pray for the soon release of Pastor Andrew Brunson, well. On another diplomatic. Front the, Israeli ambassador to, the UN Danny Danon defends, the Jewish state at the world body again. Here's CBS Gary, Lane talking with the Ambassador about, the many threats Israel, faces in Israel. The Middle East and around the world. The. Relations, between Israel, and Russia have improved, there's, a good relationship, between Bibi. Netanyahu your. Prime Minister and also Vladimir, Putin so, what, has, the difference been how, has that changed Israel. And the, Middle East having, a better relationship with Russia for us it's important, to have a strong relationship with everybody the, u.s. is the strongest ally, it would always will be our strongest, ally I feel it every day at, the UN working, with ambassador, Haley but, it's important for us to speak also with the Russians mainly, about Syria, because, we know that the Iranians, they, want to stay in Syria, they want to take over Syria, we, think it will be a threat not only for Israel but, also for, other countries, in the region and we should not allow the Iranians to, take over Syria, look what happened in Lebanon today, the, Iranians, control, Lebanon.

They Have the Hezbollah forces. Next. Double border we don't want to have a similar. Reality. In the border with Syria this, is the message that Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered. To. Mr. Putin so, a lot of suffering in six and a half years, in Syria, how do we bring about the end of that war is Russia the key what's the key to end it first I agree with you we'll look at the pictures of the devastation, we are trying to help people in, Syria and I took a little the legation of ambassador with me to Israel and we, met with a 300 few G's and they were shocked to hear the refugees, speaking of Jews. In Israel supporting. Muslims. In Syria so, we do whatever we can and we hope that they will be some kind of stability in. Syria but at the same time we, don't want the Iranian to. Be next to our border the US has enacted, legislation I, think back in December, called the Taylor force act and what, that did is it. Ended. The, paid to slay, US. Taxpayer, support, of Palestinians. In, turn, that were the, Palestinian, Authority, giving, money to. Terrorists. In the families of terrorists, we ended that, what's. The effort like, getting. Other countries to follow suit they feel very important, we need to understand, it when, you have the Palestinian, Authority, which is that kind of a government takes, funds. From the government and pay, terrorists, to kill innocent Israelis, a monthly. Salary it can be up to three thousand dollars a month for. Life in the, taking international, aid support and use that money to, pay the families, of terrorists, I think, it was a very, important legislation in. Israel we have a similar legislation, and we saw Australia. Joining, the u.s. and hopefully other countries will do the same we, encourage, people to support humanitarian, projects, but you should not support. The culture of hate of the Palestinians, what are you optimistic about, the error I am. I am but we have to listen. To the Palestinians, they, say it very clearly despite. All the registrations. We, will continue, to pay salaries, starett's, nevertheless, what will be the outcome so they will take funds from, our other projects. Schools, infrastructure. It will divert them into, paying salaries, for terrorists, this is a bad message for, the next generation of Palestinians, growing up today in Judea, and Samaria you, know when I met you in New York earlier this year. You seem very like, you're an optimist. You seem very optimistic. About the future and, the. Prospects, for peace in. The Middle East and between Israel, and the Palestinians. Now, with all this Gaza. Situation. Going on you know we saw the rushing. Of the border and crossing, and infiltrating, into Israel, at the time of the Jerusalem. Embassy dedication, the US Embassy in Jerusalem, also, we saw the kites the, arson, fires that. Began into Israel, as a result, of Palestinian, sending those kites in now, most, recently the Rockets so, are you still optimistic how, do you feel about the prospects, for failures you have to be optimistic you, have to be a believer to, survive in the United Nations and, I'm optimistic because look what we achieved in short 70, years we, are duels we, had terror attacks but, despite, all of those attacks, and hatred we, build up a miracle, a beautiful, thriving. Democracy, in our region so I think you will continue, to do that but, at the same time we. Have to make sure we, have a strong army we, have to be grateful for our friends, in the US standing. With Israel supporting. Israel who need that support because, Hamas, isn't going anywhere in Balad they would stay there and. Iran, is still there so, we will have challenges, in the future but, at the same time we have the capability to face those challenges there Israeli ambassador to, the, United Nations representing. For Israel Danny, Danon, thank, you so much for being with us could I see you again God thank you. Coming. Up join, us on the streets of Jerusalem, to see firsthand Israel's. Revolution, and emergency. Medical response that's, saving lives. According. To one survey the, average time of an ambulance in the United States to reach an emergency, is 15. Minutes, imagine. If you could reduce that time to 3 minutes or even less. Well. One organization. Based here in Jerusalem has, imagined, that and they, believe it can change the world. This. Is what it's like to ride through the streets of Israel on an emu cycle, it weaves through traffic where, an ambulance cannot. CBN. News got a first-hand, look. They. Can respond, to a medical, emergency or an accident within 90 seconds, it's, really the game changer, in life-saving, emergency medical.

Care We, think that the largest, cause of preventable, death, in the West is waiting, for an ambulance and United, Hutt's Allah addresses that by getting a volunteer, someone, who's trained equipped. Notified. And in the immediate vicinity of, the victim to that person, within, 90. Seconds or in a large of geography 3 minutes United, Hut salat which means rescue, is, the inspiration. Of early beer people. Died everyday waiting for, help my dream for you neither side is make sure that no one will ever die from. Things that they could be saved, growing up I decided I want to become a doctor and save life bear shared their dream on a TEDMED, talk, that went viral he. Said as a young ambulance, driver, he often arrived, at an emergency too, late to save a life and decided. To change that together, with 15 of my friends, we were all EMTs, we, decided, let's protect our neighborhood, so when something like that happens again, we will be there running to the scene a lot before the ambulance from, 15 friends years ago today. United Hudson, LA has 5,000. Volunteers throughout. Israel, their. Ability, to respond to an emergency in, 3 minutes or less rests. On three things the, Ambu cycle, volunteers. Available, at a moment's notice and. Technology. Connecting, them you know Israelis a good in technology, every, one of us has on its phone no matter what kind of phone a GPS. Technology, done, by now for us and whenever, a call comes in their closest five volunteers get the call and. They actually get. There really quick and navigated. By a traffic, navigator, to get there and not waste time and this, is a great technology we use all over the country and reduce the response time there's another emergency that just went off right now we're, currently in you, never had cell as national, commanded dispatch center and what's happening right behind me here is that volunteers. From around the country in the. Eight different regions that we broke the country down into are, being dispatched to emergencies, we receive about a thousand, emergencies, per day then, volunteers, from each cross section of Israeli society go. Into action, it's really the drive and the desire for people to help save lives and they come from every walk of life and every, population. Group. In Israel we. Volunteers your Jewish or Muslim her Christians, or Druze were better in each working in their communities to save lives that's where the Ambu cycle, comes in everything that's in an ambulance, is in this ambu, cycle so. This is like life-saving, measures within, the first couple of minutes of a right so I get to the call within three minutes or less I arrive, I throw on my Jackie and I immediately starts treating everything, that the ambulance has except, the structure is in this box right here I have a defibrillator under, the seat and, everything.

Else Is in this bag this. Life-saving. Equipment can, often get to an emergency, sooner, than an ambulance this. Real-life video shows, an ambulance, stuck in traffic in an, Ambu cycle, leaving. Its way through what. They exists to compliment rather, than compete, with, the ambulance, basically, we're there to fill the gap so until the ambulance arrives, in those first first crucial critical minutes we, have help is on scene help, has arrived they're, stabilizing, and by the time ambulance, comes but he is ready for transport to the hospital and getting there in 90 seconds is the game changer in EMS worldwide, that, time, gap can, mean life or death I, can tell you every second, counts and if you wait two more seconds for someone who has no oxygen, for more than six or seven minutes there, is no chance of saving that person and if you do save him that. Person will have damage for the rest of your life and we'll need assistance so, by having thousands. Of volunteers, think about it's like uber everywhere. Gabby fritzen, has responded, to more than 9,000. Emergency, calls now. He's in the u.s. to spread the news about, this revolution. In, emergency, response, I mean with police chiefs or fire chiefs other medical professionals, even mayors of the city to really try, to understand, what is that we do what we've accomplished, and. That they. Can get it done two frites. And believes in untap. US labor force is just, waiting, for the opportunity to, save lives I tell, that we have so many veterans, war medics who are probably, at home or even retired, doctors, and physicians or, you, know it's possible that they're trained that they want to help they just mean by you know someone that can really lift them off, and. Get that ball, rolling the, revolutionary. Model is now rolling in Jersey City and five, other countries this, is simply an amazing, revolution, every, minute every other minute during the day, someone. Is leaving his job is leaving his home is leaving his holiday, just to go save someone who he doesn't even know and get, there within two minutes or less and save, his life United. Hut Salah has responded, to more than two and a half million calls, in, its history the dream. Is to take it worldwide the, global vision is people shouldn't die waiting for ambulances, very. Simple nothing, like this exists, anywhere else in the world it's an Israeli innovation, and an Israeli invention. That, it's our dream is to bring it to everybody else so, the victims of heart attacks and strokes and choking and bleeding have the same chance of life in Jersey, City in Omaha Nebraska in, Panama and Mexico as they do in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv bier, sees it as another way Israel wants, to help beyond, its borders this is a tokoto alarm this is a gift of the world we are light over the nations in terms of many.

Things Technology, no. One realized that in medicine fast, response, israel's the fastest in the world and we could share this with everyone anyone, who wants to learn from us we're, there for them it all started in Israel it works comprehensively, in Israel it's our goal to bring this around the world and to make it, Israel's, gift to light unto the nations we're, here for the mission of God if we're good to each other God, will be good to us and that's why we here United, at Sela is a example, of goodness, of a half dollar a hakama hub be good to the other the, same way you want others to be good to and that's, our mission. Up. Next wafting. Israel trail and see the country from the sea to the mountains to the desert when, we come back. You. May have heard of the Appalachian, Trail in the United States are the Camino, de Santiago in. Spain these, are two of the great walking trails in the world but, did you ever hear about the Israel, trail that, goes all the way from Israel's, northern border to, the south in a lot on the Red Sea recently. I talked with someone who walked that Trail and wrote, a book describing. His Odyssey. Okay. Are we agreeing great to be with you here in citta with a beautiful. Background behind us it's. Great to be here thanks Chris you've written a book called my Israel, Trail finding. Peace in the Promised Land why, did you write the book I hiked, the Israel Trail 600. Miles from, the south. Of Israel on the, on the Red Sea the. Gulf of a lot up to the border with Lebanon and through, these Jerusalem, hills and I hiked it in, eight weeks all, alone with. The 50 pound pack on my back at, age 51 and I hiked, it following a very difficult traumatic, period, in my life getting. Over my divorce, and the, hike itself, and the lessons, I learned on the hike the physical lessons of learning. How to do, this sort of a trek which I had never done before helped. Me to, move on with my life and it suddenly occurred to me that maybe some of these things that I had learned while, they weren't necessarily, any great discoveries, but putting them together in a certain way that it helped me to meet, the challenges, that I was facing. Might. Be of interest to others and and might, be able to help others facing their own personal. Challenges that's when I decided to write the book and I also wanted to share the experience I. Mean it's just that the phenomenal. Exhilarating. Experience, of walking, the land of Israel is something that I would imagine many people who are interested, in Israel perhaps, have never been able to visit or always wanted to or even if they visited, they've never necessarily walked, the. Land for those that love Israel and and appreciate, Israel how would you describe what it's like to hold walk the land from north to south hey, first of all that's. What I wrote the book for to. Describe all of the. Features of hiking the land but, the truth is nothing, compares, to hiking the Land of Israel and this is true for me as a Jew walking. Literally, in the footsteps of our prophets, walking. Step, by step kilometre. By kilometer, mile by mile through, our ancestral, homeland was, for, me an incredible, way of connecting with our people, our, history, our land and the people that I met actually on the trail and our shared destiny. And it's, true I think Christian. Or otherwise. Other people who have a connection to the Land of Israel where Jesus walked, and. Could. Also feel the same so, 42, days, 600. Miles you. Spent a lot of time by yourself and and. What was that whole experience like to be on the biblical trail there the land, of the patriarchs, as well it's, a funny combination I, was getting over my divorce first three weeks in the desert when literally you're not just all alone but, you're, surrounded by almost nothing, this desert work it, leaves a lot of time for contemplation for, reflection, and it, was very healing yeah, there. Are a lot of places people in the Bible that we're alone in the desert I think Moses was one Jesus.

Certainly Was one and I think a lot of people could identify with a crisis, that you went through what. Were the lessons that you learned when you were there on the trail well, one of them is that humility, that sense of modesty, acknowledging. Our place in the universe another. One was a great sense of acceptance, another. Aspect. Of the lessons that I learned was. Forgiveness, forgiveness, of myself, of the, the, mistakes I had made in, my life in the relationship, forgiveness, of my former, wife of course, for the decision that she took gratitude. Was. Another. Appreciating. The amazingly. Beautiful. Things that we have in our life it's so grateful to my children, and my friends, and the rest of my family for the support they gave me through this difficult time but also just. In general how lucky I am to have the. Friends and the family that, I have incredible. Gratitude to be able to be living in this miraculous, age of the, return of our. Jewish, people to our ancestral homeland and being, part of this experience, in the renewed sovereignty, of, the there's, so much that I had to be grateful for every, day I was grateful for, the, experience. Of being able to hike the land of Israel I started. Every day with, our traditional, Jewish prayer. Upon waking, ma de Annie -, aha I am thankful, before, you God for, all of the miracles in, my life and, I would not, just say this in my prayers in the morning but it would be the first song that I sang as, I started, to walk with my 50 pound pack did I mention I had a 50 pound bag of my bed for. Those that are, gonna be reading this book what do you want - for them to take after. They read this book well I would say first of all come. And hike, the Israel trail, not everybody, can take two months off of work and enjoy, 42, days of hiking alone but if you, come to Israel or if you're visiting and you're. Doing the normal tourist things which everybody does and which makes sense and which are important, take. A half a day or, take a day and hike. Parts of these rituals the first thing I would want somebody taking away from my book is having. Enjoyed the vicarious, experience. Of walking, vicariously. With me through the land to have an appreciation for, the, beauty. Of Israel and the. History and our, connection, to it and. Hopefully that would lead to a desire to visit, why are we agreeing the great to be with you and and thanks for writing such a book and, being, vulnerable and, opening, your heart and putting it down here on papers so people can enjoy. The experience, and learn, from on lessons thank you well, thank you very much. Up. Next find, out about a unique tour here in Israel through the eyes of a reporter. Well. You just watched a story on the Israel Trail and maybe someday you can come here to Israel and walk part of that yourself, there's, also an opportunity later, they share to come to Israel it's, called Israel. Through the eyes of, a reporter, take, a look, hello I'm Chris Mitchell and I wanted to invite you to the Israel, through the eyes of a reporter, tour this, November, 30th, to December 9 2018. I've, been reporting from Israel for nearly 20 years and I want to share some of those insights, and experiences. I've had during. That time we'll have daily briefings, on the current situation and, discuss, the geopolitical, developments in, the area many. Of them with prophetic, implications and. Will also walk in the footsteps of, Jesus and, visit. Places like the Mount of Beatitudes Capernaum. And take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and we'll come here to Jerusalem and see, the Western world the Temple Mount and the Garden, of Gethsemane the.

Saying Goes when, you come to Israel you'll never be the same and, my wife says that before you come to Israel reading. The Bible is like reading it in black and white but after you come here it's like reading it in color so. Join me here November, 30 at the December 9th for the trip of a lifetime for. More information, noted Noseworthy, Or, call the number on your screen I look, forward to seeing you here in Jerusalem. Well. I hope you'll consider coming, here to Israel later this year that's. It for this edition of Jerusalem Dateline thanks. For joining us remember, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter Instagram, or YouTube I'm, Chris, Mitchell we'll, see you next time on Jerusalem. Dateline. You.

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It is a terrible thing to happen to this pastor but I hope this case wakes up Americans to the fact that the government of Turkey has been hi jacked by the fundamentalists. After WWI the countries created by the western powers under went a very aggressive westernization program. Those countries became quite westernized. Most of them became moderate Muslims and did not practice sharia except for the radical Muslim Brotherhood that fought for reestablishing the caliphate. Those countries fought against the radicals, protected minorities, and were allies to the west. They also built universities and welcomed western educators to teach in them. All this continued for over 50 years UNTIL the power shift that took place during the 60’s as the globalists took power. The policy for the US in the Middle East went from westernization to destabilization. These countries that had been our allies were abandoned and began to decay. Most of what both the Dems and Republicans, and the MSM have told the west about the region is a lie. Lebanon was a Christian majority nation UNTIL the government was pressured by the west to take in fundamentalist Muslim “refugees” and the male fundamentalist Muslims brought their four underage wives with them. The population of fundamentalist Muslims grew quickly although the Christians had given them aid and citizenship the fundamentalists attacked the Christians, stole their businesses, their young daughters, and all their property. The Christians were literally forced to live underground as a civil war raged. Finally an agreement was reached to let the Christians leave with only the clothing on their backs. This will happen in every country where fundamentalist Muslims abound. The western powers after WWI knew that democracy had no way to survive within fundamentalist Islam which is a totalitarian ideology. This is why the far left and fundamentalist Muslims have joined together for two world wars and are again united to destroy western civilization. Syria was the most westernized country that still existed in the region and was still an ally to the US and aided the US during the first Gulf War. However, when the Assad regime refused to help Bush invade Iraq, Syria became the enemy. That is when both Republicans and Democrats began training, arming, and sending Islamic terrorists into Syria to take out Assad ILLEGALLY! This is the globalist plan. Sad that Americans do not know the truth about the region, do not know history, and depend upon people who censor their news to keep them informed. Syria had to depend more on Iran as the US withheld support. Iraq is now a proxy for Iran. Another fundamentalist regime created by the US in Syria would be putting the fundamentalists on Israel’s northern border. That is what the Muslim Brotherhood has wanted from its inception and that is what the globalists of the US have been helping them to accomplish ever since Carter allowed the radicals to overthrow the Shaw of Iran and then allowed the radical religious leaders, that had been banished to France, to return to rule and make Iran into the world’s number one state sponsor of terror. The new caliphate will be a sector of the global utopia that the leftists have been dreaming of for years.


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