Jerusalem Dateline: 2/23/18 P.A. Tortured Palestinians for Preventing Terror

Jerusalem Dateline: 2/23/18 P.A. Tortured Palestinians for Preventing Terror

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This. Week on Jerusalem, Dateline, Congress. Prepares, to slash funds to the Palestinian, Authority unless. They stop page display, plus. Palestinians. Brutally, tortured, by other Palestinians. For saving the lives of Israelis who. Will help them and, Israel. And Iran faceoff, in Munich. Hello. And welcome to this edition of Jerusalem Dateline. I'm Julie, Staal filling, in for Chris Mitchell the. United States government, has been the largest donor, to the Palestinian. Authority by, far since, the signing of the Oslo Accords. Between Israel and the Palestinians. In 1994. But. Members of Congress, on both sides of the aisle have had enough of the, piays practice, of paying terrorists. With US taxpayer, funds to, murder Israelis. And they're. Ready to do something about it Jennifer. Wishon is in Washington, and explains. What's coming, the. Taylor force act which already passed the house is expected to be voted on in the Senate next, week the bill cuts us funding for the Palestinian, Authority, unless it ends its practice, of pay to slay last. Year the PA made pay to slay payments, to 30,000. People to the tune of 355. Million, dollars, the bill moving through Congress is named for Taylor force an American, combat veteran, murdered, while visiting, Israel the, terrorist who brutally, stabbed him was killed by police but, the PA praised, him and his family is now set for life it's, a chilling practice, that American lawmakers, say must stop as Senator. Lindsey Graham said, this week on a fact-finding, tour of the Middle East it, bothers, me greatly that, the Palestinian, Authority would be paying its young people to, become terrorists, so you can see this bill go forward, having. Said that I, stand, ready to work with the Palestinians. I would, like to give them more assistance, but Taylor, Forrest has to be dealt. With as, a precondition, for me this comes amid another, ongoing controversy. Between the u.s. and Palestinian. Leaders over, millions. In u.s. funding, for the UN agency, that deals with Palestinian. Refugees, President, Trump said he would cut funding for the United Nation relief and Works Agency, if PA, President, Mahmoud Abbas doesn't. Return to the negotiating table. And he's followed, through slashing, 65, million, from the program the, fund was established nearly. 70 years ago to help poverty-stricken. Palestinians. But, critics, say Palestinian. Refugees, shouldn't, still exist after several, decades and that the agency has been used to push an anti-israel. Agenda, Abbas, essentially, threatened more terrorism, at the UN this week if the US doesn't restore, that funding and Abbas. Has promised not to meet with us peace negotiators. Until, the Trump administration reverses. Its decision, to move the u.s. embassy to Jerusalem, UN.

Ambassador, Nikki Haley says that will never happen she, also sent Abbas another, message, at the UN this week responding, to a PA statement, that Palestinian. Leaders are not the problem, in the Middle East, I will, decline, the advice I was recently given by, your top negotiator, Saeb. Erekat I, will. Not shut up rather. I will respectfully. Speak. Some hard truths tensions. Between the u.s. and Palestinian. Authority will likely remain high as the, Senate takes up the taylor force act next week it has, support from both sides of the aisle and is expected, to pass Jennifer. Wishon CBN News, Washington. CBN. News has closely followed the controversial, practice, known as pay to slay as we saw in our last story now. We have accounts, of how the Palestinian. Authority, brutally. Tortured, its own citizens, who tried to save the lives of Israelis by. Preventing, such attacks as, CBN. Middle East Bureau Chief Chris, Mitchell reports, dozens. Of Palestinian, abuse victims, are breaking, their silence we. Warn you the stories, are graphic. What. Do you call a man who saves the lives of innocent men. Women and, children a, hero. Not. If you're a Palestinian. Preventing. Terror attacks and saving. The lives of Jewish Israelis, and others, a new, day has a loaded Ahana I know this isn't tried to go and kill people on the street, this isn't tried to blow up buses but that's not a view of the Palestinian, Authority who, condemn this man in, others as collaborators. For helping Israel some. Say thousands, of Palestinians. Underwent, torture, even death for acts the rest of the world would call heroic, that's. Why in Israeli, law firm here is representing. 52, accused collaborators, and suing. The Palestinian, Authority for compensation, we, have the privilege to, represent. Those, Arabs. Who were torture. To, give a little bit of comfort and try to protect, those people the, violence, took off in the 1990s, after. The signing of the Oslo Accords. Between, Israel, and the PLO that's. What's called the peace process today. Almost. 11 terror was rampant, in Israel there weren't just a few Palestinians, that were helping Israel to fight terrorism the, Oslo Accords, required, the Palestinian. Authority, to fight, terror but, according to attorney Barak, Adam that didn't, happen the. Palestinian, Authority that have made a deal with Israel in the Oslo Accords, carried, out actions against, those collaborators.

That Were trying to prevent terror they captured, them they imprisoned, them and conditions, that were very hard they tortured, them a torture, that was hell to get a confession from them that they helped Israel the, stories, are hideous. Equivalent. They, took his little sister, a teenager. Brought, her to jail and threatened, him if you don't confess will. Rape your sister they had no red lines so. He confessed but. It didn't help if she was murdered what she went through until she died we don't know it's, really like Isis this man who will call by bear to protect his identity was, taken, in for questioning they, entered the room and asked, when did you start working, for the Alicia, Baca I said I don't work for the Israelis, this, was just one kind of torture he endured, they, tied your hands, and feet and head they beat you from every, direction until, you fainted, cursing. From the morning until the night you're just a dog in the end you are going to die and we, will throw you on the garbage, will do this and this and this we, will rape you according. To Bob air he faced no official, charges or, had, his day in court his, parents, couldn't visit and the, Red Cross was apparently, never, notified, of his can Fineman, every. Day for seven months I was under interrogation from, night until morning beatings, burning, my hands, they used everything finally, they stuck a couple wire up my private parts and they lit it on fire after seven, long months he, signed a blank piece of paper that, served as a confession, he, then worked in the prison for more than two years until. His parents raised enough money to buy his freedom my, beer is another accused, collaborator. By Malaya Vita people. Came to my house Freeman. One, of them said excuse. Me can, you come with us to our internal, security of the Palestinian, Authority I said. Fine I couldn't. Tell them no the. Minute I walked in their door maybe. 40 men fell on me and started. Beating beating. Me to death, when, they stopped they, left him bruised bleeding. And alone, in the evening he came to me and the interrogator, said to me I'm Hitler, you, know what Hitler did to the Jews I said, yes he, said like, Hitler did to the Jews I'm going, to do to you collaborators. The, beatings and torture went, on for a year and a half then. In 2002. At the height of the Second Intifada, Israel. Began operation. Defensive shield in the Palestinian. Areas the. Guards ran away and my beer was freed so, he returned to his village his, wife and children, after. Two or three days they, came to my village, with masks, and weapons, and they, started, to shoot at my house and. All the villagers saw this they. Wanted to take me out and kill me but, God didn't want me to die at the moment so I argued, with them and escaped, to the State of Israel freedom. Hasn't been easy however for these falsely, accused Palestinians. Many. Don't have Israeli, citizenship. Or medical, insurance, others. Can't work because of physical injuries and emotional. Trauma plus. They're, separated, from their families, the. State has a big obligations, with these people and the time has come that we paid them back their reward, fortunately. They now have hope more. Than 15 years after the torture ended, their lawyers, won a suit leading. To a 2,000. Page verdict, from the judge. One of the longest, in Israel's history initially. It provides the victims about four hundred and twenty thousand, dollars enough. To cover medical, evaluations. The, next move, determining. The extent of their injuries and claiming. An estimated, millions, of dollars in damages, from the Palestinian. Authority, that money, could be deducted, from the two hundred million dollars in tax, money that Israel collects on, behalf of the PA each month the, Palestinians, will not give it to us they are giving money to terrorists, to kill our brothers and sisters and, that's widely known as paid, to slay as we've. Reported each, year the, PA Joe's own some, three hundred million, dollars in compensation, much. Of it American, tax dollars to terrorists. Who attack, Israelis, your, text money goes to terror instead. Of that you need at least to get into, to support this cause by, helping the people who prevented, we are talking about people who, risk the life to, prevent, suicide, bombers to bomb inside, buses, with children and woman so. Those are heroes attorney. Mattie Rome says the story is, even more, shocking Rome. Says of the more than 230. Human, rights organizations. They notified. 99%. Replied they, have no means to help where's, the UN where is the you words everybody would like to speak about human rights in the Middle East this, is the real story only. One group took, the challenge, we, think that dealing, with human rights of Palestinians, is our obligation, no, matter what what our political view, is Mary Shalom CEO, of the Institute, for Zionist, strategies, says, helping, these men is what, being human is all, about we.

Have An explanation, why. I mean, the other human, rights organization, didn't want to take care of it they didn't want to deal with suing, the Palestinian, Authority and the other reason we are dealing with collaborators. Who, help the the security. Of Israel they've taken the first steps in a long battle now. They hope Israel, and the West will join them in standing. Behind these. Unsung, heroes, Chris. Mitchell CBN News Jerusalem. Turning. To Iran Israeli. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and, Iran's, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif faced. Off at a global security summit in Munich Germany as, Chris. Mitchell reports it's, the latest confrontation. Between Israel. And Iran. At. The conference, Israeli, Prime Minister Benjamin, Netanyahu, held. Up a piece of an Iranian drone, shot, down over Israel. Just, last week Iran, also denies, that, it committed, an act of aggression against, Israel last week that. It sent a drone into our airspace to threaten our people well. Here's. A piece of, that. Iranian drone or. What's, left of it after we shot it down I bought, it here so you can see it for yourself mr.. Zarif do. You recognize this. You. Should it's. Yours. You. Can take back with you a message, to. The tyrants, of Tehran, do. Not test. Israel's. Resolve, Zarif. Dismissed. Netanyahu's. Claim you, were the, audience for a cartoonish. Circus, which. Does not even deserve a dignity. Of a response Zarif. Denied Iran wants, to dominate the Middle East we believe in and have proposed, creating, what we call a, strong. Region. Rather, than, a strong. Man, in the region we, do not want to, be the, hegemon, in the region as we, believe the. Era of, hegemony. Is long, past but, Netanyahu. Reiterated, Iran's goal to dominate, the region and no where are we Ron's belligerent, ambitions, clearer, than, in Syria, their. Iran, hopes to complete, a contiguous Empire, linking. Tehran to Tartus the, Caspian to the Mediterranean, for, some time I've been warning, about this development, I've met clear in word indeed, that Israel has red lines it will enforce, Israel. Will continue to prevent Iran from establishing. A permanent military presence in, Syria Israel. Will continue to act to, prevent Iran from establishing. Another terror, base from, which to threaten Israel, Netanyahu.

Reminded, The leaders from around the world the, lesson of history when Britain's no Chamberlin, signed, the Munich Agreement, appeasing. Adolf Hitler that led to World War two and 80, years ago another, event took place here, with far ranging consequences. A disastrous. Agreement, was signed here that set the world on a course towards, history's, most horrific war, two. Decades after a war that claimed 16 million lives the, leaders who met at Munich chose, to appease Hitler's, regime rather. Than confront it Chris, Mitchell CBN News, Jerusalem. Coming. Up a first, time Bible study could it be the fulfillment of Scripture a. First. Time Bible study in Israel is being called a fulfillment, of Scripture in a, historic, move toward, unity Christians. Joined Israeli, Jews in the Knesset to study the Word of God CBN. Middle East bureau chief chris mitchell talked, to those involved about its importance, and significance. Rabbi. And Knesset, member Yehuda, Glick hosted, the first time Bible study and I feel therefore for offering his temple sacrifice of joy I shall, sing and give praise to the Lord. It's. Exciting, to, see how. The words of the prophets, are really coming about we. Have people from all over the world who want to come study Bible from, Jerusalem, exactly, as I said that said the, Word of God from, Jerusalem, some, 200 Jews and Christians attended, the event this, is the first time that Jews and non-jews came, together at the Knesset, to study the Bible together it's, amazing about, the Bible, that has been a source of division, between Jews, and Christians, throughout, our long history is. Now the. Source of unity between our people today's, study is really dedicated. Rabbi. Julie wise founder, of Israel, 365. Said it's, biblically, significant. That the event happened, in Jerusalem well, first in Isaiah says that from Zion, shall come forth the Torah and, it says that in the end of days all the nations are going to come streaming. Up to Jerusalem, and they're going to say teach us the Torah you know that's exactly, what's happening here today at the Knesset, it's really exciting Jews, and Christians, they say this is historic, it's first time in the Knesset, so for me it's sort of like pinch, me time can somebody say, Baruch Hashem raise the Lord really, is special for, years Glick has campaigned for wider access to the Temple Mount where, only Muslims, are allowed to pray that. Public, stance led to a shooting that seriously.

Wounded Glick several, years ago he. Believes the Temple Mount is key, to this matter it's the heart of the whole thing the, return to his role was called Zionism, Zion is the name of the Temple Mount and the, connecting, to their house of prayer for all nations is, this exactly thing what we're talking about we see here, deemed by international. Director, of Return ministries, sees, this as an exciting, time we're, living in an amazing, hour it's humbling, I pray, the Lord will grant many more Christians to have this experience, and and to be able to go back into the nation's as ambassadors. Agreed to be able to let them know that we are living probably in the most exciting, time since the resurrection of Jesus Christ Chris Mitchell CBN News Jerusalem. Coming. Up Israel's. Tourism, ministry reaches out to evangelical. Christian leaders to boost visitors, to Israel. The. Trump administration has. Made significant. Gains in relations, with Israel, and evangelical. Christians the, Israeli tourism, ministry hopes, that formula, can also bring more visitors to the Holy Land Chris, Mitchell has that story. 17. Christian leaders who are on president, Trump's evangelical. Faith Advisory, Board visited. Israel this week as guests. Of the Israel's Ministry, of Tourism Jerusalem. Is like home because, of our faith and because, so many significant. Events that we read about everything in the Bible happened, right here in this very place the trip is part of an ongoing program. Intended. To strengthen and deepen, ties with evangelicals. In the u.s. most, of us on this group actually leave groups and so this, is a chance to see the latest discoveries, and have briefings by government, officials about what's, happening, in God's land CBN, News spoke with harvest, ministry pastor Greg Laurie dr.. Robert Jeffery senior, pastor, of First Baptist, Church, in Dallas and, dr.. Jack Graham pastor. Of prestonwood Baptist, Church in Plano, Texas many, of us connected, because we have been a part of the president's faith initiative, we're not here representing, the president, but we are here as friends, and, supporters, of Israel the trial could actually take. Place instead, of King Herod's here. With Pilate, right here because Pilate was actually. Residing, in. The, Easter time in Pesa Passover, within. The palace of King Herod Shahar Shiloh serves as a consultant for the Tower of David Museum, in Jerusalem we're. Always saying before, coming to a show you read the Bible you see it in black and whites once. Visited Israel, in every. Chapter every time we read about poor Peter or Jesus it's all vivid, and vibe, and everything becomes in full-color, full, HD 4k something. Happens in your soul while many of the leaders had visited, before they. Still talked to seeing new, things we just saw a spot a few moments ago I've never been to before that, the think might be the actual area where. Christ was tried. And. That, was amazing, to me we're told in the scriptures Jesus, was taken. From Pilate, in to Herod's pet castle, or Palace and. Here here we we, here, we are for the first time for in my life to see it we asked about the importance, of, us-israel. Relations, I think in some ways American. Needs Israel, as much as israel needs america, because, there is a blessing, promised in the book of Genesis to those that would bless, Abraham. And his descendants, the Jewish, people, so I think as we've stood with the only real democracy. In the Middle East and not. Just that but because they've been our true friends and allies we understand, every, other nation of the world has the right to name its own capital, why shouldn't, Israel, three thousand years ago David was, the one who named Jerusalem, is the capital of Israel were, simply confirming, what history's already taught us although, this trip is meant to encourage visits, to Israel, these, men see it as a pilgrimage, that, goes deeper, than tourism.

The Bible is sort of like the GPS, of Israel you follow your Bible around this, city and, around this land and you'll see so much that's so important, and when we come here we see once, again that our faith, is not built, on fiction, it's built, on historical. Fact and I find people have a whole new way of understanding and, believing, the Bible after they've been to Israel, Chris Mitchell Tower David, Museum old, city Jerusalem. Coming. Up Billy. Graham's visit, to Israel, nearly, 60 years ago. World-famous, evangelist. Billy Graham died. At the age of 99 on February 21st, he, preached to more than 200. Million people through his meetings, in a hundred and eighty five countries and territories around, the world and, he. Reached hundreds, of millions, more through, television film, and webcasts, one. Of those appearances, was, in a video he made in 1960. When he visited Israel, reading. From the books of John and first Corinthians Graham. Shared, the resurrection, message at the garden tomb in Jerusalem. Then. Cometh Simon Peter following, him and went. Into the sepulchre and, saith the linen clothes lie and the. Nexen that was about his head not, lying with, the linen clothes, but. Wrapped together in a place by itself, then. Went in also, that other disciple which. Came first to the sepulchre and, he, saw and believed. For. As yet they knew not the scripture that. He must rise again. From the dead. Then. The disciples, went away again unto their own home, but. Mary stood, without at the sepulchre weeping. And as, she wept she stooped down, and looked into, the sepulchre and seeth two. Angels in, white sitting, at the one the head and the, other at the feet where, the body of Jesus had lain, and they. Say unto her woman. Why. Weepest thou, she. Saith unto them because. They've taken away my Lord and I, know not where, they have laid him but. Now is Christ risen, from. The dead, Billy. Graham a faithful, servant a life, well-lived, that's. All for this edition of Jerusalem Dateline. Thanks, for joining us remember. You can follow us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram remember. To pray for the Peace of Jerusalem in, the Middle East and don't, forget the, God that's watching over, Israel, and you, and me never, slumbers, or sleeps I'm Julie. Staal we'll, see you next time when Jerusalem Dateline.


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