Jerusalem Dateline: Netanyahu Under Fire, Will He Be Forced to Quit? 2/16/18

Jerusalem Dateline: Netanyahu Under Fire, Will He Be Forced to Quit? 2/16/18

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This. Week on Jerusalem, Dateline, police recommend indicted. The Israeli prime minister willy, be forced to step down plus. Israel, downs in Iranian, drone then, Syria shoots down in Israeli, f-16. With. This mean Israel, is heading for war with Iran and Syria and a, look at the story behind the, new film. 1517. To Paris all, this and more this week on Jerusalem. Dateline. Hello. And welcome to this edition of Jerusalem Dateline I'm Chris Mitchell Israeli. Police dropped a political, and legal bombshell. When they recommended, two indictments, against, Israeli, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The. Announcement, throws Israel, into political, uncertainty. Israeli. Prime Minister Benjamin, Netanyahu, addressed, the, nation, wide audience, and vehemently. Denied the charges. All. Those attempts, without exception. And it, with nothing because I know the truth I'm telling. You also this time things will end up being nothing Netanyahu. Said everything, he did was for the good of the country who, doesn't. Feel supersonic on this feeling, of mission is the reason why I'm here and that's also the reason why you the, citizens, of Israel are giving me your trust again and again because, you know that I'm doing everything when, only one thing is in front of my eyes the good of this country not. For cigars from a friend not, for a journalistic, cover not, for anything only the good of the country and nothing, will deter me in this sacred Kingdom also, not. The accusations. The, police recommended, that Netanyahu be indicted for bribery, and breach of trust in two, separate, cases known. As case 1000, and case, 2000. Case, 1000. Contends, Netanyahu. Received, hundreds. Of thousands, of dollars worth, of gifts from two close friends in, exchange. For advocating. Legislation. That, would benefit, those friends case. 2000, asserts Netanyahu, made, a deal with a major Israeli publisher. For favorable, coverage that. Would weaken a rival, publication. The recommendations. Now go to Israel's, Attorney General Ivy Kai Mandelbrot, he, decides whether or not to indict, Netanyahu, or dismiss. The charges his. Decision, could take months in, the, meantime his, political rivals, are calling for Netanyahu, resign, but, even if he's indicted, he is under no legal obligation to. Step down now. With the possible, war with Iran looming on the horizon a, volatile. Middle East and improved, relations with the White House yes world's longest-serving, Prime, Minister is entering the battle of his political and legal life Israel. And Iran took a step back after, the most significant. Conflict, with Syria and Iran in years but, the incident, represented. A dramatic, escalation with. Iran and Syria and spark. Talks of war in the Middle East the.

Incident, Began when Iran sent an unmanned aerial vehicle or, UAV, into. Israeli airspace that an Israeli spokesman. Called a severe. Violation, of his railey sovereignty. Israel. Destroyed the drone and then counted, with an airstrike on the command center that launched the UAV, during. Israel's attack Syria. Launched at least 20, anti-aircraft. Missiles, and downed, an f-16. It, marked the first time in more than 30 years an israeli, plane was shot down by, enemy fire the, pilot suffered serious wounds, and was airlifted to a hospital Israel, then launched a second large-scale, attack it, struck, 12 targets inside, Syria including. For Iranian, installations. Israeli. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Emphasized. His warnings, about Iran Iran. Seeks to use a Syrian. Territory, to. Attack Israel for. Its professed, goal of destroying it warnings. Were 100 percent correct, Israel. Holds Iran, and its Syrian host responsible. For today's aggression, we, will continue to do whatever is necessary to. Protect our sovereignty and our security after. The incident the US State Department said Iran's, ambition, to project its power and, dominance, places. All of the people in the region at risk and the, US Defense, Department said is. Is our closest, security, partner in the region and we fully support Israel's. Inherent, right to defend, itself. In. Tehran, Iran, downplayed. Its involvement, while, hundreds, of thousands, of Iranians, celebrated. The 39th, anniversary of, the Iranian, Revolution. They. Shouted, death to Israel and death to America, and displayed, a number, of ballistic, missiles, what Israeli experts say Tehran is determined, to build Syria, into an Iranian, military base, while, Israel is determined. To stop it former. IDF, intelligence, officer, Marco, Moreno told CBN, News Iran, is advancing, its goal to dominate, the region and, threaten, Israel Lebanon. Is they. Only blood Iraq. It's on his way. Syria. Not yet but it will happen. It's. A statistic, decision, that the Iranian took to. Open the front with us in the Golan Heights I think 2018. Will be very important, for us. To. Deal with this problem president. Trump's decision to declare Jerusalem, as Israel's capital has. Sent shockwaves through, the israeli-palestinian. Peace process, the, Palestinians. Have stopped talking to the US and questions. Around their longtime leader, Mahmoud, Abbas so. What does that mean to the pursuit of a, Palestinian. State take. A look. Palestinian. Authority President Mahmoud, Abbas is 82. He's, currently in his thirteenth year as president a role, that was intended, to last only for, whether. By elections, or retirement, his, reign will eventually, end that. Brings up a major question what. Will happen to the PA when, Abbas is no longer in office, many. Things that the. Whole thing will have to collapse. Because. The. Palestinian. Idea, is actually. A house made, of cards and. Arabic, expert dr. Mordechai Qatar believes that, could happen within two weeks of an Abbas departure. Why, he. Says it's because the Palestinian, plan is based, on pipe dreams, the, Jerusalem will be those that, they'll if you Jesus will come back, Ysabel allowing that they will have a full state although. It can turn into an eternal, state is an eponym Gaza that the whole world will support the Emerald in these are all dreams according. To code our president. Trucked or down to parts of their Foundation Tom, actually took. To the important, cards, pulled, out from. This building the. Jerusalem card and the refugees, by, not, sponsoring, una, anymore or. Partially. The, US Congress, may pull out another, card. Legislation. Called the Taylor force Act could, potentially. Stop hundreds. Of millions of taxpayer, dollars going. To the PA that's. Because, the PA rewards. Convicted, terrorists murder, and attack, Israelis, even if the Palestinian. Authority, were to remain intact there, are other roadblocks to peace the. Discord, between Abbas, is Fatah faction and Hamas which, rules Gaza continues, then. There's a stated goal of the Palestinian. National, movement they. Actually, show. It on, this. Scarf. Which they carry in demonstrations. And everywhere and, this is by the PLO as you, can see because, this is the the PLO flag on one side they show alkyds Lana means. Jerusalem, is ours. Although. Jerusalem. Was never any capital, of any Arab, or Islamic country. On the other side. It's. Full of steam.

Palestine. A closer, look reveals the map of Palestine, is actually. A map encompassing. All of Israel, Kedar, says a Palestinian. State would, also have internal, problems, that's because a number of so-called nations, don't, work well in this region the, Middle East is really a series, of tribes, clans, and different, religious factions, so, is it possible to have peace the, only solution therefore is to emulate the emulate solution, because the only countries in the Arab world which are successful, are the emulates in the Gulf why because. Every emulate is one single type so, what advice would Qatar, offer president, Trump and his peace team I would, try, to convince. A, president. Trump and his crew to, about the middle east because, if you don't know, about the culture of the middle east the chance that you miss is 100%. Coming. Up israel, at 70 or look at how it's becoming a light, unto the nations in. Just, a few weeks Israel will celebrate its, 70th, anniversary here's. A look back at where the infant State of Israel was in 1948. Where. It is today and how it's fulfilling ancient. Prophecies. On. May 14 1948. Israel. Took its place among the nations, when David ben-gurion announced, the establishment of, the, Jewish state what, was the situation in May. 1948. When. We. Were 600,000, people here about half the size of a, midsize American city with. Basically handguns, fighting, six Arab armies that came within 25 miles of Tel Aviv by the way it's hard to imagine to me that surrounded, Jerusalem not, far worse from where we're sitting no economy, no allies a. Population. That was still languishing and displaced, person camp in Europe after the Holocaust I mean think about that 70. Years later Israel. Not only survived, but, thrived our. Economy, has one of the highest growth rates in the world, we have one of the most powerful armies, in the world world leader in technology Israel. Is regularly. Listed one of the seven or eight most. Powerful, countries in the world in, historical. Perspective I, think that, Israel's. Nothing, less short of miraculous, Israel's, continuing. Miracle, is not only that it's thrived but, now helps, nations. In need because. We're a light unto the nations that's. A great product fulfillment, of that great prophecy, and in fact that's what Israel is doing doing. It in places. Like Haiti or in the Philippines, or in Mexico. When. Israel sent aid to Mexico, after their recent devastating. Earthquake, Mexicans. Applauded, them on the streets. And. You, see that in elsewill elsewhere in many places are on the one people say well what do you I mean what, is it that you get out of it and, the answer is we're not getting, out of it anything we're, fulfilling our, deepest, values Israel.

Is A light, on to. The nations, Israel. Is not just going to the nations but, now the nations. Are coming to Israel the. Company, is called our crowd, that's, brought ten thousand people from 90 countries around, the world here, to Jerusalem for a high-tech summit, bringing, together, innovation. And investment. Turns, out that Israel, is really, the second, most important, source of innovation and innovative, companies in the world outside of the United States and Silicon Valley we're, called the startup nation we're. Looking here across the walls to Jerusalem, in our ancient history, we've always been dreamers, here in Israel whether it's back in the time of Abraham or, the prophets, there's, always been incredible. Good news to come from, this country and today the good news is about innovation and, technology, and 70. Years on Israel. Is protecting, the birthplace, of the, good news and more, what, is today the entrance of the old city but, that's actually King Herod's palace we. Believe very much that this was the place of the trial of Jesus according, to what we learn from the New Testament Shahar Shiloh, serves as a consultant, for the tower David, Museum, in Jerusalem he. Says Israel, since its founding, has, preserved, the historical. And Biblical sites, dug. Into its ancient past and opened. Its door to people of all faiths he, says it's a mission, tourism is, much more than just making money tourism, is making friends, tourism, is making advocacy. Tourism, is making, your. Your partnership. Around the world a lot safer our you. Know mutual, basis, grows. Stronger with every tourist. Being, in Israel living back home and talking, about Israel wherever, he leaves this, is something, that we cannot achieve, without tourism, Sheila, says a visit, to Israel for Christians should, be a personal. Mission we're. Always saying, before. Coming to Israel you read the Bible you see it in black and whites once. Visited Israel, and. Every chapter every story every time we read about Paul Peter, Ward, Jesus or Saint, Mary, it's. All vivid, and vibe, and everything. Becomes in full-color. Full HD 4k, something. Happens in your soul and you're never well. We say you'll never be the same again this, is my message to our brothers. And sisters from the Christian world visiting.

Israel Is a part of your soul, in your heritage not mine only yours, as well and if you wish to understand yourself better in the Bible better and your, friends, and the next time you go to church you, need to be here it's a mission for life where, they're helping the world through humanitarian, outreach bringing. Innovation, to Global Investors or, being the responsible. Stewards of history these, are simply a fulfillment. Of Israel's. Mission, to the world, tikkun. Olam, the Jewish principle, of repairing, the world and as, the Hebrew prophet, Isaiah, wrote nearly. 2700. Years ago to. Be a light to the nation's. Coming. Up the real-life story of three brave Americans, who risk, their lives to stop a major terror, attack now. It's a major motion picture. Film. Director, Clint Eastwood's new film is called the, 15:17, to Paris it. Tells the real-life story, of three brave Americans, whose, quick action, turned them into heroes. On a high-speed railway, ride through, Europe on August, 21st, 2015. CBN. News Efrem, Graham sat, down with those three Americans, who played themselves, in the movie. August. 21st, 2015. We. Begin with breaking news overnight three. Americans, are hailed as heroes for. Foiling an attack on a high-speed train in, Europe Alek, skarlatos Anthony. Sadler and Spencer, stone two, American. Servicemen, and their friend on vacation, in France praised, for stopping, what could have been a mass killing, dominate. Headlines around, the world, you see them right there getting the Legion of Honor Frances. Highest civilian, award we, just want to say, thank you. Not. Only so. Many. Now. Their story is told through the feature film. 1517. To Paris Clint. Eastwood who directs the action drama began, with, an unlikely, casting. Decision, I was going to do a good casting thing of looking, through a lot of actors and tape good actors too and they would, have thought would. Have done a good job but. I. Kept. Looking at the guys and I kept looking at their faces, yeah. Going. Over this and find, it one day I just said do you guys think you could play yourself take. Me back to when he does ask what, are you thinking, when he says can you play yourselves, we just couldn't say no we said yes right away. When he left the room for the first time we all kind of looked at each other like, can't. Like can't we really do this we don't want to risk the, success. Of the film having, not acted before we're like I'm sure actors could do it like this is unheard of at the time it just seemed so, crazy almost was, it a difficult task, redoing it was definitely, different that's, for sure I wouldn't necessarily I, mean it was it was difficult especially, to begin with when we first started getting used to just being on set, once. We got used to it it was it. Was still pretty difficult but, I mean, once especially the scenes who knows just us it, was I mean it was just like hangin, hell with your friends again guys, just want to skip Paris. Let's. Go back to that day in August when, you guys are getting up to go about your day prepare, for this trip was. There something different did, you feel, something. Odd. About the, day, not. About, the day, maybe. Was all about it was how, close we were to staying in. Amsterdam. It, was almost a pool that, we a force that we had been feeling all week to stay there almost I would say but, even. The morning uh we had already packed the night before and we were like should we stay though and then, I think, looking, back in hindsight that was a question within ourselves because. Without. Really knowing at the times I was probably trying to tell us that we need to go you should've heard this guy he was talking about how life is catapult him towards something like some greater purpose or something like that. You. Still think that I mean, I guess but nothing's actually stopping us we weren't meant to be on the train tomorrow something, with physicalist I was an, object in motion stays in motion unless, acted upon by regret for recreating. That train ride from Brussels, to Paris where, the three friends took down the terrorists, wasn't, easy they're moving in on on a train that's going 180, miles per hour and we. Had to stay on their schedule, so that means you, know you couldn't stop and say wait a second we're gonna back up and, every. Time we got into the, station, we, are only there for however long it would be two of you are sleeping at least when this thing begins, to unfold. So, you are waking seeing this right what clicks for all of you to just, seem to work, so in sync with each other and know what to do what happened well I honestly think that probably just goes back to our, training.

Because, I mean. Spencer and I both got training in the military and we both kind of fell into our own individual, roles. And. Then as far as the three of us working together I think that just goes back to our friendship, because we've been friends like. Pretty much our whole lives I mean I've met I'm a Spencer, and I've been friends since we were five we all met Anthony, when we were 12 and we've. I mean, we've all kind of gone our separate ways but we all stayed in touch and that's kind of the importance, of like keeping. Up relationships. Because, you never know when you. Might need to survive a terrorist attack with them I don't know man you ever just feel like life is just pushing us towards something like. Some greater, purpose, what, is this, entire. Scenario, the story in what you've gone through done. For your faith what, is it done differently. Just silvers divide it it's like a confirmation like we, said before I said previously like people. Like look, all their life like this. Big. Biblical, moment like how it was in the Bible like a confirmation. Like this is my miracle this is I need to believe that I need to see this in order to believe and most. People don't usually get that so it's like usually a walk by faith but, for us being, only like 23, years old at the time to. Have. The. Factors, that led up to it and have that kind of confirmation was kind of like our biblical moment, like you. Could it no, matter what you thought before after. Surviving something like that and the circumstances, under which we survived, it that was like, God. Only God. Up. Next, see how Christians, step in to help a new immigrant, family traumatized. By war in Ukraine. Six-year-old, - I saw her city bombed in Ukraine by Russia later. Her parents moved, the family to Israel, but, they didn't have money or jobs, thankfully. CBN, was there to help. Dasha. Will always, remember moment. Russian jets fired rockets, at, her home in Ukraine, I hear, this loud noise and, I. Didn't, know what, was happening I got scared, so I run, to my mom, we. Had no place to go to a hide Dasha. Was trembling, so I just held her as close, as I could and prayed, as the sounds, of the explosions, get closer and closer, the. Rockets missed their apartment, building but their neighbor's home took a direct hit war, east when people, kill each other I know because, my neighbor was killed by, a bomb, I knew. We needed to leave this place it was, a matter of life and death and. I was afraid for my daughter and husband. Josh's. Parents, are Messianic, Jews so, they quickly made arrangements, to flee to Israel, soon. After they left their, home was destroyed in, an explosion. It, was a miracle we made it out of Ukraine alive, but we had nothing we, didn't have food and I didn't know who, could help us. Then. They learned about a local church supported. By CBN, Israel through, the church we helped Ukrainians, who fled the war we, provide families with food diapers and other things they need I don't, know how we would have made it without the, weekly, food baskets, you, fed my daughter and gave us a chance to start a new life.

With. The help of CBN, Israel Dash's, family, made it through that difficult, time. Now. Both of her parents are, working while, Dasha goes to school and learn Hebrew, we, really appreciate, Sabine Israel. And everyone. From around in the world who have supported us, you are showing people, here, the love of Jesus, and we are so grateful, thank. You for helping us live, here and taking, care of my, family. That's. All for this edition thanks for joining us remember, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter Instagram and. YouTube I'm Chris, Mitchell we'll, see you next time on Jerusalem. Dateline. You.

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