Jim Breuer Talks About How Wild It Is to Tour with Metallica

Jim Breuer Talks About How Wild It Is to Tour with Metallica

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But I was on the side and I'm looking at these hooligans. Yeah and it, was in the middle of one of their sets, and and. Was. Named Ian what's, his name Ivan, Ivan and he goes oh Sulu. Cute over there and, there's, a kid in the hot. Tub he was bringing the child to me. And. This, child. And. The child crowd, surfs to the front can't be more in five six years old little. Latino. Innocent. Child eyes, big. Bright like a, Disney, show right, and she's looking around and he goes what's. Your name I, don't. Know I is, whatever. Name is he, goes do. You like do. You have a curse. What. Today you got a curse, and, I, just, remember loose kidney goes he. Goes are you ready to say this. Any. She said she looks at to a sea of white human, beings going. And. The kid was horrified. And that's what I realized what did. We get her. This. Is true Manju, Hatfield. I. Love fumet, achoo james hetfield it's, the price the bonfire comments at radio sirius XM 95, I'm Dan Soder that's, me Jay oakerson and his. New special available April. 5th were every Ustream albums live from Portland Jim, brewer on the show just. Having a time, thank you drinking, coffee, you. Know crown and playing Metallica. Fu-manchu's. It's. Just. You. Didn't have you know Brahman when they cut the hair I was, a little I was thrown at first a little bit but then with it I just remember Allison chains on there unplugged the bassist had on his guitar friends, don't let friends get haircuts cuz, cuz. Metallica, was in the audience well they made you deal with a lot at once they cut their hair and then started making three and a half four minute rock songs yes, and that was a that was a lot you were like oh you. Start getting worried you like is about to become Bon Jovi, like were they they went from like I thought they were so cool to like music from my mom yeah and like I was worried that Metallica, was gonna pull. This in some way you. Know Guns. And Roses got out of the game quick enough they didn't have time to get old and. Change their music really together and here we go she's gonna be the change but they they. Hung in there man and the music solid, and they every album they put out you're like they still got it it's great every time I remember getting, Death Magnetic early. And, I like super, except that's the last time it was like a CD because, everything after that was like download but I remember getting Vic. Garcia my old roommate got me Death Magnetic from, a guy new at Warner Brothers and I remember like listening to it me like this just, awesome, I loved it give it to De Rosa still cool man there's I love. The new album yeah, more. Than to. Me it's the greatest rock. Album. In 30 years okay, Metallica. Yeah greatest, rock album, and third you went on the road with them yeah, you just got off the road with them just get off through it. Awesome, you. Also. Do a Lars which, is one of my sweet, those are one of those impressions where I'm like how. Do I get him to do long it's. Easy I'm. It's. It's he, was the one that helped. Me through this, it dude. He. First. Of all. The. Whole thing happened, where I got a text from Hetfield, last. March. Yeah. Anyway. And James, is always when they asked me do thinks he's very vague, okay. So he's in Europe touring, anyway, hey. Would. You be interested in. Doing. Some, type of tour with us and I. And. I, immediately, I probably geeked, out lutar, oh dude I'll, kill you. Anyway. Don't. Get excited it's not really stand-up, it's. It's, it's more, of something else, and. I haven't talked the rest of the band okay. Two. Weeks later he sends me, ideas. And the ideas are. Blasting. T-shirts. Into the crowd it's, I'm not off board yet.

T-shirt. Going continue. Maybe. There's a hardwired. Harry. That. Roams the crowd or in the parking lot oh god you're a mascot. It's. A first suit here's the thing very breathable very. Excited. You're wearing a burlap head, we're. About to unveil the. Ma'am. The magadhan, Metallica. Mascot, you're gonna be inside yeah you're that golf cart guy that drives what everyone, you know it's the ball at you. So. And. He's throwing these ideas that so I throw him ideas, and. I. Don't hear from him yeah. And. May. Comes, now, it's May and I'm at a gig and I get a call from his, manager hey. Man and this is Marc are. You around this Sunday. Yeah. Whoo, yeah man, fact I'm alone in New Jersey where I'll come to your house and we're. Gonna come a house I always, imagined, Metallica, like helicopters, in like anyone that they were like it, was sort of like that what even. Telling. This is him reaching out to you and saying, like don't. Get excited there's so many like. Comedians. And just people in the world who. View you aren't on that level to say like is a Jim, Breuer just. Texted, me and then you have a thing where you got, your I reached out he goes James. Probably busy he's probably get back to me or whatever. Against. Yuri like oh what yeah dude I'll talk to you what you want to talk to me. I'll. Call you right now I love you there's 20 people you walk by they're like really, good talking. Line. Clear jeez I. Text, before the show I tensed up like a prairie dog here in a hawk screen when. I heard Jim laughing with Lou down the hall I was like it's Jim Breuer I've. Never met him I was like damn it's just like one of those things where it's like, yeah. Like. Jays look at me like pull it together dude okay. And so, this guy Mark comes to my house and, I got I got home I I got all my ideas lined up. I. Got everything a whole notepad, I've, got all these different so, if he doesn't like this idea I got five other ones that are gonna work yeah and. He he. Lives a cage every time yeah I'm in town but uh I'm. Just thrown off that he's at my house in the middle of nowhere, New Jersey. Yeah I know he lives in San Fran like what is he doing here so he goes in my kitchen and he opens up his laptop computer, and he opens, like okay so we start in September. In. Madison. Wisconsin and. Then we go off we. Go all the way to March, and it's basically like seven days and I know you do a residency. And, there's only one date. At the Paramount, that you'd have to change and I. Don't know if you talked with your wife Dee but art are. You into this that's, so funny, and I went, well. Yeah he went great. Shots. It he goes we're announcing this tomorrow and Stern and Rolling Stone and, we have your name in it and egos we'll worry about developing. What the show is and and. You know I'll talk the agent will figure out fine. Okay. I. Can even think the. And. That's. The way they talk about government. On. The news. It's. Been handled. There. Is no more paramount, and. You are also the leader of three, hundred and thirty thousand, people. And. That's how and I I, racked. My brain, trying, to figure it out what is the first day of showing, up for Metallica, school like. We're. Done so here's. The thing I show up no, first of all before it even went down they. Fly, me, to. Like. Switzerland. Yeah, -. They are Metalocalypse to. See. What. The stage looks like, we. Have a this, is where something any comic, could have handled with a simple, cell. Phone picture got. You it's like they tell us because you want to come soon stupid or soundcheck, like I'll. Just trust you guys have a microphone that works. Worst-case. Scenario I'll ask you to pump the mic volume yeah, you, want to see if your shirts blend in with the backdrop to money that's weird budget mr., Borelli going to bring you to the Metallica facility, in the Swiss Alps it's where they all train this, is Lars at a pool just running.

He's, Got nodes all over I'm just ticking mechanics. James. Is being flush out with fresh sheep's blood oh that's. Wrong he'll whatever. He bases, he destroys. A. Hero. Is hitting 1,300, pounds of pressure on each string. So. They so they take you to, Switzerland. Just to show you the stage and, meet. All production. Yeah. That. Isn't in a mall what. Am I. To. You when, I joined the first thing the first show I did with corn at all huh, was it a small place in North Carolina they called the ballroom blitz tour so it was like thousand-seat. Places, maybe a little bit somewhere like a couple thousand, but for, the most part was small this is a small one it was the second day on tour I joined the second day when. I get there the opening band is on who you know as you know I ended up opening my, comedy, son yeah. Yeah. Yeah and. These amazing gut but they won't stage I had am a lead singer is a great frontman he's bleeding. Actively. On, stage in the you know I didn't know their music before and they're they're going for it and I'm. So intimidating, they go you, know you just go up in between them. While. They sit up for corn I go I don't I don't think it's gonna work. Go. Home your mom. And. Then I went on and it just went that, particular show, my buddy John who's, in the military, yes stationed, out there he just happened to be able to go with and something about just having a friend there also is like I'm, gonna go give it a whirl dude you're almost like I'll play to you if no. One's paying attention like we'll laugh at how much this just sucks but, I was a bit nervous it but you do you walk in and everyone even. Dude members of corn I'd be like I'm Jay I'm the comic who's uh over, the show goes we have a comic, now. Yes. Yes. Switzerland. And it's the whole as this basically where the whole tour is learning how to build and take no no no they're in the mill the tour this is one the last shows okay so, this is they're gonna come off this rest for a little bit and go back on with you right, Jan live in, on the road yeah.

Break. Still rights like they go out for a stretch yes, but this is the end of their tour and there's. Only two dates left yeah so I fly, out there the, day of ice. At. The hotel, at 9:00 in the morning they picked me up at to bring me to the arena. They. Show me the stage yeah. Okay. Change. Something. If. There could be candles, yeah here. Like. You're adding you like this you guys ever thought that that light that. Lever probably be better over there. Be. Nice if there were screens, of people could see me yes yes smart. I said it's all I need is a majors. In. The end this is just a real set quick sidebar what I've noticed from the, ship. Rocked story and the Metallica thing is like you're like a MacGyver with performance, where you know how to just quick, fix it where you go drop it we're just gonna improv. Situations. They know a comics, coming on these things yeah but nobody, there no Scott, the first day that was the question that threw me for a major loop they go you, want to give me your microphone, he's like I'll set, it up for you before the show I want what. Do you want to do what, your. Microphone, do you, don't your comedian write this basically. Like musicians like guitars, travel with their guitar. This. Questions never come up in 18. Years of colossal no, one's ever asked me if I had my microphone, please start googling custom microphones, because, I want to start showing up to have sold helium's, going. Like and, go like this can, you plug man what's up Huntsville Alabama, golden. Fist I go there's Delilah. That's. Gonna really rip in this room I'm gonna take this with me to my hotel and. I'm. Totally down with that I trust I can leave this here overnight yeah you guys have a lockbox. Like. Your, BB King. But. That's the thing right they want you to have some sort of like answers. For what you need, yeah. I I. Said. Just, a scream. Would be great and then. I watched. The show. And. Like all right well would we all right we'll see you back in the States and then if now. Before, before. I leave, someone. Goes hey man Laura's in the food room and you must talk to you he's got 15 minutes what, okay, so, I go in there any site, so. He's, eating, so. Basically. Why. We hurried, you is because, you're, able to read a crowd, and just, this. Is your. Thing just do what you want. All. Right well what. That's. Yeah. I come in this, is why I came cilinder. Craft service, Rocklin. Ideas. Just run them by me and then I still. Is really uneasy I don't know what and, people like your opening like I'm not opening. Yeah, I'm, host. Emcee. Of. Their. Opening. Whatever, it's called the the lighten up tour I did, the corner I'm not opening.

You're Not doing a it's. Jim Breuer and it's 45 minute comedy set yeah so, now, it's. Right, it's about a month before the show goes and I'm stressing. Out yeah, yeah you got a big thing dude I reached out to Jay, I'm calling, Bilborough I'm, like hey you want to come join me on stage. I'm, not the only one going down you're all going down with me. Call a guy and he awful in the beginning, spot, did you, open Christina. Opening can you pull up you. Pull up my calendar my enchants on the screen the show Mike help after Jim texted. Me yeah I have, Metallica, date listen every. Dude. You got the uniform, before you got hired at the job you're just wearing the shirt and you're like here we go, Papa. John's gonna call I don't like minions. So. I called Jim I came in you available to. Like I don't know what I'm doing I think I said I don't know what I'm doing yeah I don't. Know what I'm doing, yeah, and, then also I flew out I. Flew. Out pretended. I had a gig in San Francisco, knowing. Lars was there for a couple days more now, I talked to Jay I talked to James I'm friends with James yeah, but James is always kind of a he's like I don't know just, kind of I don't, know you know, you do your thing it's not helping me. That's. Great, rocks. Rock star Vega isms it's a theater and around. Okay so i sat with Lars, I find, Lars I go, to his house he's, like why you here, I. Have. A gig, out here, and, I went you know what I really don't I want to wrap my head I'm what you see and he, see he's laying down in a chair like his legs are dangling over and he goes like this he goes and and, we could see the entire San, Francisco, Bay it's a communities, in Tiburon and yes and he goes well not anymore he goes. That's why had cousins knowledge. That. House does an existing well, into that house had a great time there I can't wait got good stories there he, goes, here's. The deal, first. Of all you're. Writing, bits and creating, things that, are. For like 15,000. People trust. Me when I say you lucky, maybe, 800, maybe a thousand, people being arena when you're up there so. You, gotta think nobody's, gonna be in there that's number one number. Two. You. Gotta remember tell. Them why you. Here because. You know the band you know me you know James, you know stories, tell them stories.

The. Times you worked with us but the most important, things you don't. Have to be funny. As. You, go. Down. Your name Jim Breuer, know. What. Okay. Okay. I don't have to be funny like it just tell stories and just. I, trust. You, I've seen, you going to a room and you. Can work, the room you know the situation. And you just, go with it it's it's. Brilliant just you, can do that in front of our crowd he. Goes weak at bands nobody, goes see them it's a bum for the band's bum for us so. Why, not give the crowd a fan. Experience, that's that's. What we're looking for and I want. Okay. Yeah, all right and I. Planned, this whole. Thing for, Madison, Wisconsin, yeah and it, was on I got a DJ yeah. A comedian. That I can banter, with and he's gonna play songs, and, even that guy came to my house and he's like he's. A punk rocker he doesn't know rock and metal and he goes here's the songs I got and every song. Every. One in that audience is Jim, Breuer yeah they are married, their kids they grew up metallic, in 86, maybe some them loved give me if you will give me five give it and that's where they started, but, still those people and not into. None. Of the mirror to that play, old Van Halen, David Lee Roth not. Van Halen, scorpions. Play. Play. Maybe a little bit Pantera, maybe you wanted to not a lot of them they don't get you crazy don't get crazy, play, play, what, you hear, now yeah on Ozzy's. Boneyard and that, crowd be happy and I got, stories so I'll tell a story and go you know one time when I met Asiata, play and a boom you play. Play. Hey this hat my girlfriend, and it's okay so we're set boom boom boom and. We. Found the first show I. Walk. Out six, o'clock I shoot I learned. Everything after the first show that's, good I got, okay I've got Madison, Wisconsin, I've got the star. Star. Player, from, there from. There college, football, team University, of Wisconsin, goal pitchers, yes, yeah. So I got the Badgers, Badgers. Were on her back the Badgers, quarterback, I've got, I'm gonna run up on top give tickets away oh yeah, I'm, gonna every 15 minutes I have something scheduled you're dusting, them well, first, 15 minutes I go up hey how you doing, has maybe like. 5,000. People in the arena it's six o'clock really. Early lars talent i bet six o'clock you really feel like hard-wired Harry. Yeah, right through it now now. I gotta run to the top and I, don't have a security guard oh boy and I don't know how to get to the top and, the lights they can't find, me and so the guys on stage like Jeremiah it's. A, disaster. Round. They said Metallica, they're insistent, that Metallica, goes up at 8:30 and, Metallica. Lars is insistent. I stay, on stage. Until. Metallica, comes out because, Metallica. Is big Jim Breuer fan and they want all Metallica. Fans to start following Jim Breuer so that's the part where I'm like wow. Thank, you thank, you thank you okay. 8:20, I go. Backstage they. Go are they still going up at 8:30. 100%. Great. 8:25. I go on stage I get the okay this section, I think you're. Better than this section, you guys do the hokey-pokey you, jump up and down you're allowed to name you say bah bah bah and they're. And, the, guy goes. Stretch. And. I looked at what oh, okay okay, okay. Okay. I. Did ten more minutes and now the crowds getting a little tired yeah they go like all right dude and I'm about to get off and again, they're not ready like waka. At 8:40. 8:45 and, now, I'm getting the bottom the, bottom teeth yeah it's turning hard down Jim Breuer teeth, are going and I'm getting a lot of this. You. Get. The. Off the stage. Three hours of anybody, though. I. Had, the t-shirt, cannons, they're not working so I run out. It's. Not five, people, it's it's sections. So. Just 114, now. So. At one point the, funniest part was I had the DJ on stage, and he's wearing glasses and can't see what the he's doing he. Calls me he, calls me over on stage people booing that told me get the, off the stage and. I went oh man Metallica's. Management's. There everyone's. Everybody's. There watching, the big star for some reason cliff Burton's family's whole. Super. Disappointed, to them. And. Oh. All. Of a sudden they, say okay, they're they're, ready it's 855. Yeah, but that. 25 minutes, they go up I go backstage. And. I go oh my god, but, my attitude is always like okay. Let's, tomorrow, night we're gonna kick their ass okay, cuz in my life me. And you were the same I know we're being you are I'm taking a detective, shower in the public shower with it just running up with my hand against the wall like not. Me I'm, I'm taking, the old tags off my bag to get ready to put the ones to go home with, well. It was a failed experiment look everything, we could write we tried that one night didn't work out.

The. Guy was with on stage, what you. Swear. To God Joseph. We. Got a stage like dude we can't, do this I'm packing my bags we, I'm. Out I'm the whole, I say did. Let's, let's. Regroup, we. Know it works with note the next night it was like okay no I'm not going up to 7:30. Yeah, yes you go out at 7:00, start playing songs. Me going up in the crowd you're. Going, up in the crap I'm. Gonna go up talk. As long as I can. With the audience talk as months ago when I'm done with that you. Are then gonna give ticket giveaways, you're gonna go up on top you, go way up there after that we're, gonna play a trivia game with the crowd and, do that we're gonna do a game show I'm gonna bring couple knuckleheads up, and hopefully they get booed the off the stage it'll. Be the most entertaining thing, in the world for the crowd and that's. By. Spy night two and three I found. A rhythm like it becomes how easily and then when it comes every day is just like Oh Stefan do my thing real quick and then I get to sit and watch metallic all night Jim well, I'm not kidding, you by. This second. Leg and there was a part of me and I think only you, can understand, this Jay I don't know maybe you two do not know that's fine I get it no maybe you two I'm. Green in this pile, of Metallica, like let's say I wasn't opening for him yeah I'd. Be in the crowd. Banging, my head so, hard that. It. Would hurt the next day when. I'm home alone and. I. Reached, a point on never forget this is a game changer for me so the crowd is done I mean I'm done with my set and, I'm. Not getting booed I'm not getting no go, yourself go home die, get, cancer, I'm not getting those tweets anymore from. Get from night two on it was like I do it I get it yeah, it's fun so now there's. This Korean, guy and he's. Hangout every, song I, don't. Know what happened I'm at this I'm at the sound booth and I went up to him and it, was doing and went from moth to the flame to sad but true to, uh. Like. Master. Of puppets' and the three of us got in each other's the to us got in each other's faces and, we, acted, out every, song and, when we were done we had a crowd, around us and it, became a tradition. Every. Night people. Called, me out for every song, and. I. Remember. The third leg, there. Was about 15, of us banging, her head so hard way in the back right, and all. Of a sudden the song was over and it was this song and I. Look up and a pic, comes flying by my head and look up its head field and he's looking at me shaking. His head but laughing yeah that's awesome and then after the shows like. You're. In there at the, crowds your nut ball, you're a, nut ball I love it that was great. That's great but it also it shows you man like with the. You. Know with the crews, and with the open for Metallica by the second night you, were like a seasoned guy in a heist movie you like came in you go here's how it's gonna go the, car's gonna stay out front. He. Goes this is a three safe joint alright we got 90 seconds when they hit that button that's what you got 90 you got to get in and out to, call it like that and then just to solve it that's they, don't know how many years, of comedy, women well look it's gonna because the thing is the gig kameena, clear awarding, is gonna be what its gonna be yes I didn't walk off of any 60, shows I did with them I've. Never walked, off stage one time it goes goes. It's. Just it was especially I said with me when I went up there no no I was to go is the. Drum tech grabbing the mic. Look. At this dickhead look. What. Happens Jay is that whole crowd. Looks. At who, is this guy and then they look you up yeah, and then they see video like oh dude, he's oh wow, and, what. I started seeing was the. Metallica, crowd went dude he's a real Metallica, guy yeah, it, really is a metallica guy well he's really. And. Some people started going you know why don't you do material, like dad I'm in around, yes. It's. Eight and by the way you're gonna talk fun no matter what that's the thing if to rely on that's the instinct that whatever. I do if, I, was talking at a funeral, I just say something funny because that's, what you know my thing is yeah and I started going in the crowd do anything and and the coolest thing in the world became, this is the greatest I can honestly say it was, the greatest gig I ever. Had in, my entire. Life. Better than TV been, in film it, was the greatest, gig, greatest. Experience. Ever had, in my life I would I would do it I said, I would retire and do this rest of my life but, guys, like you guys like Jay, only. We can do this because we can, appreciate, I can, appreciate. What. Life is and these are moments when we were kids like God if I got to meet ball players God if I got to hang out with the metal guys God if I could and we.

I'm The Forrest, Gump of entertainment. I said, from day one, hey. I want to work a past year I want to work engineer all I want to do this I want to be with Metallica, I wanna and I could sit there go yeah, everything. It's not what I envisioned, yeah I thought I'd have 50 million dollars it'll be a blockbuster star like you know why, who's, gonna say I. Toured. With me that's. Crazy who's, gonna say I worked. With disken who's gonna say with. A fake bat by Joe Pesci yeah it's the great I it's. The moments I said it's the I call them the not no one can there's, there's little marks in my life when you go don't take this away from me you. Just do a thing you go that's why I said I get but bust my balls for bringing up how much I bring up being on tour with Korn I'm like it's a pretty huge moment of my life. Just. For me but also just in comedy, I went from like struggling, and by the way when I came off but still struggling if I wasn't in a financial, gig it was like ya asked me if I would go on the tour doing, comedy in front of corn, for 60 shows yeah Rob Zombie, and I did Slipknot, and and, but, and then the Shiprock, things just. Crazy I mean it really is it's like it but it's you're on the pole sure when, we were on the poster we, both have that poster framed from Bonnaroo, we, did the comedy tent but want to post a, Billy Joel. It's a crazy, crazy the, beginning of the gay porn this, guy's in gay porn. This. Is where we pick, up the stranger, at the bus stop, yeah, it's. Louie stacks yeah. But. Bloo drooler cuz he got the fat stacks of dick in his pants he drills drills. Chicks, do, drills, we're. Doing an overnight shift to the gas station, scene we're loose alone the only employee there and. A lady needs our car fixed which is everybody, she. Steals his Agnes bar while he's taking a he, comes out catches, her well there's only one way to pay that. Guys. Already given us to his Volvo. Yo. Guys yo top cuts if anything in Bushwick, if internet has taught me anything to. Make random behind people leave you alone, Street magic. Oh. Man, this warlock. I try. To get the full Scottie. I. Don't. Know if work faces microphones, even doing a God there he's. The furthest away from her. You. Do, you like your new job as audio, eight it yeah it's. True. No, here I'll try it Oh how's the field we turn. Yeah. Well do that this feels good I think, both of you guys are doing it terribly wrong yeah. I don't. Get. Too far play for me. Yeah. But your arm gets tired quick dude dude, my jackass on your right I'm. Standing. In for Jay that's. Not. Getting. Too close. Let's. Do it like we're doing save the world. No. That's sack give, it back now let me carry it for you and Jay. All. Right feeling, just as bad a job as a breakfast. It. Goes right to my ear to miss the show. I'll. Take these headphones right off throw that you. Only. Finish if I smell. It's, really smell your mouth is so high tiptoes. I'm trying to kiss you let's. Go Sam. See. That guy selling that book how to roll blunts for dummies yeah. That's awesome, hold on I'm gonna buy one. I. Give. You 20 I'll pay that. Snatching, grant I say snatching, grab like how the ball abacus, scientists yeah hell yeah me where, today Russia well Chardin especially. Need you here it's. Got to work guys awesome, got. To 420, yeah. You think your friends would dig this video then, share it with them and tell them to rate and review and, you know make. Us feel good about ourselves you tell a friend they tell two friends yeah, it's a pyramid scheme of a radio show comes the whole thing I got some Cutco knives also, if you're interested oh I got spider Cove so, come. To me if you want the real one.

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My favorite show around by far!!! I wish they got a lot more support from there employers & were able to touch all avenues so they could grow there audience to were it should be but in my eyes there like a great ball player that got in trouble in High School & never was able to get to the pros but every time the pros come out & play street ball with em there like "fuck these dudes are nice & could easily play with us" hahah That's wat they remind me of! There chemistry is off the charts there comedy chops are second to none there as quit witted as it gets, can hang with anyone (mostly people can't come close to hanging with them) & have my sense of humor so couldn't get much better from my point of view! Only if they were on Youtube officially & used it like smart people do nowadays (but for some reason Sirius or Comedy Central loves keeping them tied to the old format), could do longer shows, & could sell merch officially but other then that everything they do is the tits hahaha Ooo ya one more thing... Together... We are Ryan!

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Jim Breuer Talks NOT MUCH AT ALL About How Wild It Is to Tour with Metallica

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Jim Breuer is Dan's father.

Of course I respect Metallica for their influence and all of that but really most underground metal bands blow them away along with most of the other huge acts

Nobody gives a fuck if you like Metallica or not

That's just like your opinion man

+pointless opinion I meant the entire discography and underground bands from back then and also now

That tends to happen some 40 yrs after their first album.

I fucking love the smoke break! #yeahdude

First concert was 2 sets opening for otep and static x at the masquerade in Atlanta, killer show, first mosh pit

Took my 10 mins to realize this is the dude from half baked... The facial expressions gave it away

COMEDY CENTRAL - COME ON! FILM EVERY EPISODE These two are the funniest and most accessible duo on the waves right now. Smarten the fuck up please.

best rock album of the past 30 years? i beg to differ sir anything by beartooth takes that cake

Jim is the best i love him


Is Dan smoking butts again??

Hey Comedy Central and SiriusXM... Smarten up and promote this show!!! You corporate execs need to wake up

they never will sadly ugh in the words(ish) of patrice oneal: _why cant yall ever do anything good? why is corporate always so fuckin.... evil....?_

Jim briers laugh fucking kills me all the time

15:11 Dan's reacting to Breuer's Lars impression the same way a woman in 1965 would if Paul McCartney sang Love Me Do while looking at her

Exactly, when he started swaying it was like he was watching Mick Jagger

I like the smoke break stuff at the end of the videos that's a good touch

My fav segment

The boys.. Videos more than once a week, Comedy Central. The throng has spoken.

Zach Lawson there is a sirius app where you cam stream the shows or replay the old shows if you want

Noel i love you baby

+Imight Realperson Look at you lovebirds.. Who says YouTube comments are a cesspool. You two chatty pattys found each other and that makes me feel like things are gonna be alright.

+Imight Realperson I can't decide which one is better. Dan is a genius and I prefer him to Luis.

+Imight Realperson my only issue is can I stream it whenever I want? Because I don't have a Sirius compatible radio in my car for one and I work two jobs so I'm not sure I'll be able to "tune in" when they're actually on the air.

+Imight Realperson alright 'Mr.Batteringram'

knowone11111 I like legion of skanks way better

This is legit the best comedy rn

pointless opinion its probably the gay british version bro dont associate with this loser

As a member of the throng I agree and will continue to steal all of Sirius's content until our demands have been met. As long as dudes name is pronounced No-el and is not a Britishy Nowl.

Noel youre grounded mister

+Imight Realperson Thanks for all your input. Can I go now? lol.

Noel i dont think its up to them. probably up to sirius. and theyd be giving away the store

+Imight Realperson Well aware. My request is to CC for more vids.

Noel they do a couple hours on sirius 5 days a week. its only a couple bucks a month to listen to it plus a bunch of other great shit

_Dude I need to see Jim Breuer and Dan Soder go back in forth with impressions and stories_ #CrackleCrackle

Can we maybe get a definition of "to go back & forth" please? Sounds suspect to me...

MORE BONFIRE PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was at the Madison show!!

This radio host wont shut up.

That's what it's like to hang out with comedians. They're always trying to throw the funniest bit

I love drugs.

+Liquid Sunshine reefer madness is a very real depiction of the horrors of marijuana.

+Sankara Stones welp have a good day sir

Liquid Sunshine until you look at Jan Irvins research you wont understand how its done. I have taken lsd and mushrooms.

+Sankara Stones next thing you'll ask me to watch Reefer Madness

+Sankara Stones Have you ever tried LSD or any psychedelics? I mean I could care less about The Grateful Dead so I doubt there's any mind control happening with me. Also highly doubt the artist I listen to are all CIA ops so think im good. And like I said the food and media we digest is the real "mind control". So in this case pick your battles? This is a theory that doesn't really hold value today regardless if it was true. There's crazier more worrisome things going on in society.

+Sankara Stones I am looking into now. If done so infrequently I don't see the harm. No worse than the foods and media we take in. What's your take on psilocybin?

Liquid Sunshine you have dismissed it without even looking at the extensive proof. Look up the article "manufacturing the dead head". But you probably wont. Lsd is for fools. Anyone who takes it and thinks there is a benefit is a victim. It just makes you open to suggestions.

+Sankara Stonessounds like nonsense because LSD provides an interesting introspective experience. You don't trip very often. Don't see how it's "mind control". Especially when we are attached to our phones 24/7 or just look at advertising/marketing its all about manipulating people to buy buy buy. LSD is probably the least thing to worry about. Nice try though

+Liquid Sunshine that stuff is biological warfare used against the hippie culture. LSD was invented by the CIA. Look up Jan Irvins research. It proves it all. It should be called liquid mind control

+Jay Dell you guys must be lame Metallica fans

+Sankara Stones lmao no old school lsd term

It’s true. They are funny but they stretch everything too much cuz they talk to much and won’t let the story breathe.

+Liquid Sunshine is liquid sunshine jizz?

then watch something else

I’m 109th lessgo

OMG am i 5TH COMMENT? Yes but nobody cares

Hey buddy, I care. You're a shining star, a shining brown star

I care. Congrats!

Love Jim Breuer :D

Ain’t got shit on me

What are you even talking about

First fuck all yall

Hey Comedy Central... so you make frivolous complaints to get people deported. Nice... very liberal of you.



Comedy Central reports Avi Y. to the FBI and prevents him from entering the US? Is this all because he exposed the Jim Jefferies' Show cutting up their interview with Avi to make him look like a bigot? Many people have seen the full, unedited interview Comedy Central. It's no secret what you did to make it all fit your SJW narrative! I guess you'll do anything to avoid further embarrassment! Even lie about someone to stifle their free speech! PATHETIC!

Just saw Avi Yemini's video on how @ComedyCentral got him deported. Shame on you I unsubscribed.

0749Rockystar good no one cares..... Jim’s a cunt and so is Avi

So comedy Central is now in the business of censoring, lying about and deporting people? NOT FUNNY..

I meant Avi Yemini

Comedy Central Sucks and is fake news ... sicking the FBI on Ami Yemen is a cowardly dick move and retribution because he exposed your fake narrative

What a brunch of clowns. Come on dont talk like a 10 year old when youre sipposed be grown Up.

God damn you Comedy Central/viacom. Stop with the fucking pre-roll of what we're going to watch in a few minutes. This isn't television. Just roll the video. God dammit your company is so useless when it comes to new media.

Hey comedy Central deport anyone lately? Just wondering...

Mohamed Kamara as much as Jeffries is a cunt that dude has sketchy ties..... the fbi just ain’t stopping some dude because Comedy Central asked them too. Look into him he’s know saint.....

It’s disgusting what you did to Sydney and especially Avi... Just here to say I’m never watching your videos again. (Those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about in the comments, look it up)

Brittany Lauren They are complete cunts that are too scared to face their problems.

I would cry if I got to meet korn and fucking preform before them

I have the same mic setup. That's a k-tek boom pole and an At-8035 shotgun mic

Hey Comedy Central, why did you guys lie to the government to keep out a man that exposed you for what you are? Was he too dangerous? Rattle your cage a bit too much? Typical leftist tyrants. You're all fine and dandy with illegal immigrants if you think they might help turn Texas blue, but when a foreigner visits legally to discuss your lies and deceit, its all "Quick, get ICE on the line!"

So you guys reported on a Jew for speaking his mind? Who else reported on Jews? Godwins Law rarely actually fits but this time it does unfortunately.

Corey Smith They are assholes and hypocrites.

Julian Rain You think these guys are Nazis?

Comdy Central and Sirius XM get your head out of your asses and give these guys the RESPECT they deserve! You guy's are literally the only reason I have Sirius XM CRACKLE CRACKLE

Jim Breuer is the best storyteller ever.

Stop with the fucking previews before the video, WERE ALREADY WATCHING THE SHIT

best clip ever!!!!!

Jim Jeffries.

Jim Jefferies lies to smear people to make money. See the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odCQhAezB_Q

To bad the sideshow assholes couldn't shut up and let Bruer tell the story. They ruined the whole story ~

Remember that time comedy central lied to keep a guy from entering the country because he exposed how comedy central is filled with horrible people. I mean besides Trevor Noah

Just watched the Avi Y. Video. CC reported him to the FBI. How pathetic! I guess these SJWS will do anything to keep people from learning the truth..

John Jaecob I remember. That time didn't seem too long ago at all.

+Jules D Trevor Noah is a half breed

Trevor Noah is a joke theif......

Yeah "besides" Trevor Noah

FUCK COMEDY CENTRAL.. you intolerant cucks

great stuff as usual. Jim's Lars impression is gold.

Comedy Central fucked up this time. Getting avi yemini deported was a stupid move. Your network has been on my tv for the last 20 years but never again. Get woke go broke

cannot believe comedy central had avi deported. so shameful. you people are unbelievable. comedy is supposed to be the most stalwart defenders of free speech. you've all lost the plot. but go back to honking your clown nose

Tony Mangnall when your dumb enough to think a tv channel had someone deported.... the fbi doesn’t take calls from Comedy Central lol..... Jeffries is a cunt but Avi is no saint...... he has sketchy ties to people.

Fuck Comedy Central for trying to frame a Jewish man as an Islamophobe. You guys are shit.

Don't watch any comedy central videos until jim Jefferies gets fired and avi gets let into the country

Benny Hath Comedy central is complete scum.

Benny Hath lol avi is a zionist jew shill. so is comedy central. boycott both


Is Danny Boy smokin butts again or is that a doob at the end in the smoke break? hahah

+CAVE BEAST yea obviously no one gives a shit I didn't expect anyone to actually read it, it's called being bored on public transportation. Now let's have some fucking crazy gay sex my dude. I'll top first then you. Can't wait to drink your cum my dude

that's just his normal face

LeathaFace yah I agree, their heavy stoners so its most likely a joint with a filter, with those cig papers. The way dan coughs isn’t how you cough when you smoke cigs, it’s a straight weed cough lol

+Jules D I didn't know about those papers. But I know u can roll a joint like a cig. Plus holding and hitting it like a cig is what I used to do. From a distance u can't even tell. So idk...just wondering

LeathaFace they probably smoke joints with the papers that look like cigarettes, New York mad strict

+Matt Snyder Yea, at first I just assumed it was a joint. But this one looks too much like a cig lol

I was wondering the same thing. He was rippin rutts in a few of the other smoke breaks

Very timely reference


Buh, I think you meant to say "back AND forth"...googling expressions might be helpful

Comedy Central aka lowlife bigot cowards. Why will CC not respond to the criticism leveled at them concerning their treatment of Australian Jewish journalist Avi Yemini. Anyone that follows this channel must approve of these lowlife tactics.

Communist Central..... who else are you going to have detained by the FBI and border protection?? Scum bags.

I hope Avi Y. sues the fuck out of Jim Jeffries and Comedy Central. Link to show what fucking dogs these people are https://youtu.be/odCQhAezB_Q

You evil people. Stop not real news example deporting people like you did!

SHARE THIS. ITS IMPORTANT! Comedy Central got the Australian/Israeli conservative AVI YEMINI DEPORTED from the United States after he was SLANDERED by JIM JEFFERIES SHOW. Viacom made complaints to the FBI so that he couldn't tour the U.S. and CONFRONT FAKE NEWS! THIS IS AMERICA. #VIacomFascism #JimJefferies Deportation -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KpIlNKGfhM Full Story and Original Video -- https://www.tr.news/avi-yemini-speaks-out-about-being-detained-and-deported-by-the-fbi/

Commie central who will you get deported next? Keep hiding you cowards we won't forget.

comedy central has become not funny and liars. Apologize to Avi.

Deporting a jew is very antisemantic, shame on you gestapo central.

Ol Dan.

Thanks for all your wonderful comedy. The way you lied and called the FBI on two journalists entering the USA was so funny. You are an absolute disgrace of a network.

Comedy Central managed to get Avi deported for trying to expose their lies. Check out Avi’s video, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_KpIlNKGfhM

Comedy Central you suck

Warning: Comedy Central sends the FBI on people that prove their lies & have them detained in airports. Sydney Watson a journalist was detained for hours in LAX airport as Comedy Central knew she was planning on investigating their fraud.

WHY WAS AVI YEMINI DEPORTED????? Comedy central protecting their lies .

Apologize to Avi. Not cool what you guys did with the FBI.

you guys are losers

Comedy Central just used the FBI to get Avi Yemini , a journalist that exposed Jim Jeffries , deported back to Australia, had Sydney Watson(another journalist) detained but couldn’t deport because she has fuel citizenship. Wake up people, Comedy Central is not your friend.

At least you are not being detained and questioned by the FBI because the cucks at Comedy Central feel threatened by you doing actual journalism.

WHY WAS AVI YEMINI DEPORTED????? Comedy central protecting their lies .

Yo when are you guys gonna apologize to Avi and Sydney? *Fucking assholes*

Look what happens when someone records an interview on Comedy Central: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JklGU1TFwI Don't believe @ComedyCentral

They really need to take the Bonfire on a small tour. I'd see them in a heartbeat, great chemistry all around!

Why don’t you guys talk about Jim Jefferies hypocrisy? Oh, trying to forget that huh.

Y'all got some real fuckin balls to pull the shit you did. I hope you get fuckin sued for every PENNY you have made and will make because what you did is a fuckin disgrace. Maybe make some factual news statements and you won't be inclined to do that.

You lost another sub with your left wing Nazi behavior CC. Instead of owning up to manipulating interviews to make people look bad you try to silence the guy you did it to by getting him booted out of the US!. You and Jim Jefferies are lower than snakes arses.

Don't leave any negative comments comedycentral might have you deported

Smoke break is awesome

I can't believe I ever liked Comedy Central. Who knew that the business enterprise that is Comedy Central is run by the most satanic people in the world. They are New World Order all the way. They don't believe in free speech in fact they will censor and suppress the truth. Avi isn't going away and none of the rest of us are either. Comedy Central will end and the sheeple that have no idea what I'm talking about will be so upset. You should not use comedy Central to fill up your spare time. If you knew who was running it you would not have anything to do with it. I am boycotting comedy Central and I encourage everyone else too as well.

Did you anti-Semites really target a Jewish man for deportation? Sad.

Had anyone deported lately? ASSES !

Crackle fawwwkin crackle

BREUER ROCKS!! I missed his Detroit appearance back in 2017 at Motor City Casino, but hope he busts a U-ey and comes back.

hey @Comedy Central Do you know what the Streisand effect is?

Hey Comedy Central. You’re a fucking disgrace to freedom of speech and about as funny as herpes. I hope you’re sued into oblivion.

+Dysputant if you go to Avi's YouTube channel, he explains the entire reason they gave him for deportation.

Yeah I remember hearing something about that! I think it involved Jim Jefferies hypocrisy and comedy centrals editing tactics

+Jules D bullshit, I suggest you look into the reason he was deported and who reported it.

+xnoidedhermitx then shouldn't you not be here?

+chakur25 On the other hand it is pretty fun to watch him DYING TO TELL the story. lmao

SuperMobian I agree. He was cut off mid sentence idk how many times.

Great line!

Shameful Comedy Central. You were caught lying about Avi Yemeni now you’ve been caught out lying again to the FBI to silence the person you lied about in the first place.


Becky eating in the back lol. She’s everywhere

Jim stinks and you guys lied

Y’all are a bunch of faggot ass bitches for what y’all did to avi. You fuckin assholes get called out for misrepresentation so y’all say you fear for your lives from the dude who called you out. Really? You bunch of little cunt ass bitchy 5 year olds. I’ve met 2 year olds tougher than you bitch ass leftists.

You guys are scum.

Breuer's Lars impression is getting better and better. It's fucking eerie.

Hey CC, my favorite channel. By the way, can you help me to deport my jewish neighbour? I've heard you have some ties with FBI *wink* *wink*

The Dan guy needs to let him tell the story wtf

Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi Avi

Fuck Comedy Central.

who remembers when Comedy Central lied and not only cut clips, but then decides to act like it didn't happen. You should probably answer or put a statement out its not gonna go away

Great job Comedy Central on inventing the new SWATTING, now its FBI'ing. You take action to get Israelis detained and deported from the U.S.

Comedy Central is full of pussies!

I stood right behind this dude inside the barricade at the Indy Metallica concert when he crowned Damien the Prince of Rock n Roll.

Gestapo central come deport me you motherfuckers!! i'd like to see you try

thumbs up for Breuer thumbs down for the lying cock suckers at comedy central

Did anyone bring their microphone?

Well ,I can tell there is no higher intelligence at this blog ,guess I can relax ,you idiots had me scared LOL

Just watched Sydney Watson's video about what you did... You are a disgrace to free speech. I will never watch you again and I will make sure everyone I know is aware of your bs.

comedy central low-life scum. calling the fbi on someone YOU lied about. fascist thugs!


Check out the youtube channel of Sydney Watson. She will tell you of her experience she had. Her friend had to be sent back to Australia that she was traveling with. The reason he had to be sent back to Australia is cos of Comedy Central. Its just getting insane and bizarre these days.

I saw the video Sydney Watson who was traveling with Avi. She told of her experience of being detailed. Its getting insane and bizarre these days.

Death to Kyle

Yep, it shows how scummy they are.

+John Jaecob hey...I'm a mutant too.

New York 516 i like jim breuer


Lars is s douche and the guys in tallica except Rob are boring !

Saw Metallica in Milwaukee and thought Breuer was hilarious!!!

Have me on the show @thecannashow

The best show out

Comedy Central, you all need to support the Bonfire FARRRR more! They’re easily the funniest show you have, by a long shot, yet you all barely give them the backing they deserve. The Bonfire should have the best studio in that entire building!

They think Metallica still "has it"

Just here to support Avi and say I'm not watching your videos anymore

Totally get the hate on Comedy Central. Just try to remember that Jay and Dan are dudes drawing paychecks.

Breuer's trying to tell a story and the guys keep riffing nonstop over each other, hella annoying.

Metallica went from the shit to shit on the appropriately titled "load" tour.

+Jules D Jim should be held accountable then.

Avi Yemini.. Search him. It's a huge laugh

These are the worst interviewers ever, let your guest fucking tell his story without you interrupting with your lame attempts at humour ffs

If only these two jackoffs would stop interrupting Jim every two seconds to insert their minute-long attempts at comedy...you could tell Jim was trying hard to get a word in at times. Truly the worst interview skills I've ever seen.

Becky lookin so adorable in the background

Knuck1e5 for what? Anyone who goes on those shows and expects to not be made to look stupid is retarded

Would have been good if they let Jim talk

just let jim talk



Ride The Lightning will always be the best Metallica album period. And if you call them a "rock band" you are music illiterate.

STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!! - Jim Breuer, "That Metal Show"

All the people speaking about Avi need to shut the fuck up. Few people care. Such a vocal minority.

The smoke break is the best part man I've already heard the episode live I'd rather watch them chill

Why do you believe you have the power to determine who can and cannot enter our country?

That fucking laugh is the most annoying thing ever..

Maybe you next.

(Citation needed)

Dysputant hahaha, few people care

SkepticalContrarian Alot of people, tard.

Who cares.

Knuck1e5 why?


Jim’s Lars impression is on point.

Rap is for dorks metal is a beast

Hey Comedy Central wen will u issue the apology to Avi??

Do these guys even let their guests finish a story for fucks sake. Seriously, shut. the fuck. up. You get these people on "your" show then continuously interrupt them?

When there’s established comedians on the show, I dig how Dan and Jay give them the respect and aren’t betas needing to cut them off or swing their dicks. Props

Is Soder smoking a cig?

Shut up Dan...

pimpninja1985 ohh that Alt Right apologist that Avi Yemini?

Thomaso702 what is “SJW narrative” because we all know Avi is a Alt Right apologist simple

More smoke breaks please and thank you!

Well hey hey you gotta stay subbing so the bonfire keeps going. Double edge sworded homieeee

Metallica SUCKS. EVER SINCE Lars and Kirk made out on that magazine cover.. "We''re just comfortable in our sexuality". That doesn't mean you have to kiss a dude. With tongue.

Dan is fanboying so hard it's adorable

19 days later and Venezuela actually called for a violent uprising...

Jim May have the second to worse fake pandering laugh. Just one loud “Hahhhhh!!!!!” and end. You can tell it’s fake as shit. Idk why but I just get a vibe from him that he’s fake and insincere. Don’t get me wrong though he’s hilarious I just don’t believe a lot of his shit.

I'm here brother... what you want? AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

this jim dude tryn too hard.

These guys are so lame. Cant even let the funniest guy in the room talk !!!!

They sure as shit aren't thrash anymore, that's for sure. Edit: yes, I consider that a bad thing.

It depends on the Jew...

igeto12 link?

pimpninja1985 Lmao what that Avi is an Alt Right apologist that uses “his Jewishness” to get “supporters” from the far right and the Alt Right fans. You do realise that Avi said that he doesn’t believe in Judaism and also disrespected and actually used Anti Semitic slurs on a couple of *actual Jewish* people

igeto12 must be awful to always be wrong


Guy reminds me of Feldman. Cool guy mentality

I'm lovin the smoke break segment!

jesus is Soder like this every episode?

Breuer sucks.

I was at this concert and hearing this I understand now, but at the time I really wanted him to get off the stage

Infuriating. Let Jim talk. So annoying

Amazing Lars impression

these guys are trying really hard to be like Opie & Anthony - trying to be funny LOL

Were you really? That's fucking hilarious

That street magic joke from Dan was fucking hilarious

Exactly pal, you can be angry about that certain situation but to either thumb down or unsubscribe is damaging to everyone else they hire. Unsubscribing or/and down voting this *ISN'T* going to be seen by Comedy Central as protesting but rather seen as people not liking Dan Soder and Jay Oakersons show.

damn guys fighting fellow jews always upsets the loyal goy look at this comment sec hahahahha

god this is the best show ever on radio. O&A was good for a few years but this is way yyybetter

Man I haven't eaten apple jacks in a minute thank you for reminding me that this amazing cereal exists

lmao this episode was right after the jim jeffrey episode

It's funny how he tried to "expose" Jim Jeffries. He and his fans never seen any of his stand up. What Jim said was tame compared to early in his career.

i love this show, but a giant chunk of the people that comment over here are pedantic annoying morons with -6 braincells

ya know they _most likely_ did that to piss people like you off lmao

lol i remember buying death magnetic but i only thought it was okay nice listen but kinda forgetable

PeopleThink commenting random shit on a random CC affiliated video that has nothing to do with the incident they're mad about is going to do something. Go speak to coorporate or something

Would you guys shut up and let him tell his story?

Soder shut up

Jager Schnitzel fuck illegals

Other news