Jivdani Devi Darshan by Funicular Ropeway Virar Guide in Hindi | जीवदानी मंदिर फ़्यूनिक्यूलॅ रोपवे से

Jivdani Devi Darshan by Funicular Ropeway Virar Guide in Hindi | जीवदानी मंदिर फ़्यूनिक्यूलॅ रोपवे से

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Namaskar friends, Welcome to Discover India by road in our family trip segment to we are going to visit Jiwdani temple This is a very famous temple in Vasai- Virar area Just like Mahalaxmi or Mumbai Devi temple in Mumbai Similarly, this temple is also very popular among devotees Visitors coming from various parts of India to take blessings. Friends to we going to visit this temple So, let's start the video First of you might be thinking that how to reach here? and where this temple is situated? So, this temple is situated in Virar of Palgher district in the state of Maharashtra. To reach here you can take turn toward Virar from NH48 Mumbai Ahamadabad Highway The distance of this temple From the highway is 10kms.

You can reach here by Train also, For that, you have to get down at Virar Station on the Western Line of Mumbai Suburban Railway Network. From Virar East, you can get Auto for the Temple or you can go there by a walk of 12-15 mins. The road which we are driving now is called Jiwdani Road and the mountain which is visible in front of us is called Jivdani Mountain. To enter the temple you have take the right turn towards parking area During peak season you have to park your vehicle here There are three ways to reach on top of mountain One is an older one from the backside of the mountain by a walk on trails The second one is from the front side by the stairs.

Which is used by most of the visitors. And most recent one is via Funicular Ropeway Which shorted way to reach on top. while heading towards the temple you can find many shops selling Pooja Thali for Mataji on both sides.

These shops are also located on the hilltop too. This is the main parking area of this temple During the less crowded season, you can park your vehicle here. otherwise, you have to park your vehicle in that previous big ground. We came here today because we come to know that the construction of a Funicular ropeway is going on here But, we not sure either it's opened for visitors or not. Hence first, we are going to visit the office and ask them.

then we will start our journey. In front of us this the office of Jiwdani Devi Trust and these stairs are going on top. There are around 1400 steps to climb From the office, we come to know that this ropeway is not open for public yet, Still, they are conducting a trial run But, if you want to travel via ropeway you can make a donation of Rs.200 & use it. Just above the office, there was a temple of Ganeshji. Which is know as a Mandareshwar Ganesh Temple As normally we start any work by the worship of Lord Ganesha So, we started our journey with the blessings of Ganeshji. As you can see, this is the starting point of Funicular Ropeway and construction work is still going on.

because of it this ropeway is not opened for public yet. as soon as the work is finish this will open for all visitors in full fledge. This is a very unique ropeway, This is the 2nd Funicular ropeway in the state of Maharashtra In spite of Hanging cable car this Ropeway runs on a Tracks.

There is a total of 4 cabins in this ropeway. at a time 104 passengers can travel in it. but, due to the test run, they are operating it on 50% capacity. The first Funicular ropeway of Maharashtra was opened in Vani Near Nasik. Which is used at Saptasrungi Devi Temple In India, we Have total 51 shaktipeethas of Devi 18 out of them are situated in Maharashtra and this Jiwdani Temple is one of them The total length of this track is 400 Meters and height of this mountain is around 900 feet. Total travel via ropeway is approx 6-7 minutes.

or if you go by stairs it will take around 1 to 2 hours to reach on top The construction cost of this ropeway is approximately 35 cr. The coach of this ropeway is constructed in a very unique way. You can see that they have a maximum use of glass everywhere. This technology is called Vistadome technology So you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the surrounding area There is one more unique feature of this ropeway this ropeway was constructed on Singletrack

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