Jodhpur | The Blue City of India (Rajasthan Travel Vlog)

Jodhpur  | The Blue City of India (Rajasthan Travel Vlog)

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What's up I'm Alex I'm Marco and you're watching vagabrothers and, this is, the blue city of Rajasthan, India joke, for. Good. Morning everybody welcome back to Joe Ward we are in the, blue city also. Known, as the Sun City and that's be easy to see why it's very, hot very early but we have an awesome day of exploring infantilized only we just woke up to a beautiful sunrise over the fort which dominates, the city but. We're staying, here in this beautiful old haveli this actually used to be home. To the accountant, of the Maharaja and so, we're gonna go walk around the, old town it's a labyrinth, of blue walled houses, that kind of creeps up to the edge of the fort take a slow way to get there and hopefully you catch a nice sunset at the fort this afternoon, let's go. All. Right so now we're at the gates the old city right next to the clock tower where the central market is and Joe Gore has been a trading city for centuries it's right between Gujarat, and Delhi which was a trade route that exchanged. Opium copper date-palms, and sandalwood, sandalwood, as well which smells great if you've never smelt it it's. A pretty incredible little, place, there's tons of vendors tons of stuff to look at and potentially, buy so, we're, gonna go ahead into the market and see if we can find anything fun, anything, good all, good. One. Of my favorite, things about marketplaces. Anywhere, in the world is just watching the vendors kind of set up their stalls and, you. Know. Scream. Out yell out what they're selling trying, to get customers, but here in India it takes like a whole new level it's really awesome to eat here early, and. Experience. This you know it's a very very. Unique moment and it's something that happens here all the time. So. These guys here making fresh Garland's Garland's are basically like, Lay's that, they make for religious, ceremonies in the Hindu religion and. It smells really good and it's a kind of a combination of like fresh, flowers and fruits, and spices with. Dirty, water and open sewers that kind of make India have that smell of amazing, and discussing, at the same time. Something. As simple as thinking walk down the street is a total, assault on all of your senses. But, it's. Fascinating and after a while you. Just kind of get used to it. Here's. The India. So. We have found. This beautiful little chai, wallah in this. Plaintive little courtyard, off one of these side streets like. We said earlier job. Pours the blue city lots, of the buildings are painted this, nice kind of like off blue, that's, to keep the buildings cool which, you can definitely feel in here even though it's hot outside they have this tarp over us and the, blue paints and it just feels nice and chill.

You. Gotta be gotta, be constantly alert in India because there's, people on bikes, there's, donkeys, there's camels, there's pretty much everything, imaginable coming. At you at all time. But. It's nice to kind of peel off the Main Street have. A chai and start. Our morning a little bit slower it's, very funny like in most European, cities our first thing is to find a nice coffee shop and you might use the internet to do that in India it's all about finding a chai wallah and there's, no way these guys listed, online they said to go and find, a cool spot sit, yourself down and. So. One, of the things as a traveler, here in India that you will notice, right off the bat and you've probably seen a lot in the vlogs already, is the. Symbol of the swastika and, it's, kind of a crazy story because, in the West we instantaneously. Associate. The swastika with, Nazism, but it's actually a Hindu, symbol, and it signifies, peace, so. The Nazis actually took that symbol and inverted, it and, it's. Crazy how, a. Symbol. That means, peace, could, be so, perverted and switched to mean, something so much more dark. But, just, want to let you guys know that if you see that, symbol here, in India it has nothing, to do with Nazism and it's, a symbol for peace it's, also interesting that the Nazi has used the word Aryan, to describe what they found to be the purest form. Of white, race but, in reality the Aryans were an empire that one, of the first major empires here in India and help laid the foundations, of a lot of Hinduism, everything, from the, caste system to, some, of the most sacred texts, in Hinduism, they all come from the period of the Aryans about a couple, thousand years ago. So, it turns out that different, days of the week are dedicated, different gods today is Tuesday today's Hahnemann's, day tomorrow Wednesdays for Ganesh it's kind of like in English we have Sunday, and Monday for, the Sun and the moon Thursday. For Thor Friday. For priests and all these other old ancient Norse. Gods that still, stick around the language but here in India they, actually practice it every day different God. All. Right well now we are officially, lost back here but it's so cool and that's one of the best parts about traveling. Especially in this part of the world is like just, going into the residential, areas and and getting. Lost in the little alleyways, seeing, how people live and saying. Hello to the locals last time I was here I came here during Diwali, the festival of lights and the whole place was illuminated, with little candles, people put out I remember walking through at dusk and just seeing this beautiful orange glow illuminating. The evening. Sunset reflection. Off the walls and it's just magical and coming, back here is is equally. Nice. So. We're just wandering through the old town basically. Right along the edge of the fort at the top of the hill and it's super cool it's much like a European medieval, city with, all these really narrow winding, streets, but, it's really cool to see look into everyone's windows and just see people doing the daily errands there's one guy over there reading a newspaper peeling, potatoes another, guy here ironing. Clothes and it's, just so cool when you walk through these streets you just get to look straight into people's windows and get a get a glimpse into everyday life I.

Think. We've found my. Favorite Hindu god it's. The god of sex don't. Want to be disrespectful that guy looks like a glory hole and I'm, not I'm not really sure what you're supposed to put inside, those holes but, it's funny because modern. Indian society is relatively, conservative with, respect, to sex but, back in the day the Kama Sutra and such was, much more liberated much. More open so. We'll see. All right so we've ducked. In off of the streets to. Some sanctuary, we've popped into Ronnie male haveli. And it's. A 400, year old building there's a restaurant in a hotel here so, this building is a hub la just like the hotel that we're staying in I've come to realize that these are probably the best deals, from mid-range travelers for under $50, a night you're getting a really nice luxury, experience it's, not quite a palace, which are also available but. These are just beautiful buildings, this one's all red stone and it's, a great way to get. A comfortable place to stay and also get, an insight into history so it's a pretty simple meal we're just getting some like paneer like, little almost like cheese fritters, we. Got veg pico, de pena. Piccata and we have a little roti style thing called padartha, so we're just kind of having a little bit of snack getting. Out of the heat it's, 12:45. Right now so it's probably. The hottest it's gonna be all day but, it's nice and cool in this little alcove. Just. All feeling. A little bit sleepy at. The height of the heat during the day in. This place that. The fans on. What. Kind of underground here, so it's nice and cool. And. They're just recharging, literally. Recharging, our batteries for, our phones and recharging, our human, batteries. So. This is basically a reservoir at the top of the mountain, in India. They call on the tank which, collects monsoon, water for drinking bathing and everyday use it's. Really cool here in jodpur. Is that all the streets have these little side canals, coming off of them and think all that water comes from here originally inch type goes down the. Side of the street no matter where you're walking by. The time we get to the bottom it's pretty nasty people definitely dump their trash and their, sewage into that but. The. Water has a blue tint matches, the city. Without. The gates of matanga, and this is the fortress and palace where for 500, years the, Maharajah's, of motto I ruled. This area and that name actually means in the land of death and this is called citadel. Of the Sun that's. Probably, related, to land of death the Sun it, is so hot here I really. I can't put it into words when, you're walking around you, just are constantly, getting, rid of, like. All the water that you put into your body so, we're. Gonna keep climbing, keep putting, more water into our bodies and eventually, make it to the top of the Citadel up there to, show you guys it's, the view from the top of the floor you ready yeah, let's go. All, right so behind us are these red handprints, on the wall and this is from a tradition that dates back to win newly. Widowed wives like if someone would die in, battle the wives would dip their hands per million and then painted on the wall before jumping, on the husband's funeral pyre it happens across India but here in Rajasthan, it's something that was really much associated, in battle and that's. Why the, Rajasthan, Eze have a reputation for bravery. So. Right now we are in the pool Mahal, which means the palace and flowers was, built in the 18th century the ceiling is covered in gold filigreed, one of the nicest rooms in the entire palace.

So. Interesting. Fact about, this. Fort. It's, home to a couple, thousand, black tights, which. Are thought to be the most abundant, bird of prey on earth, but. They're protected, here and they're actually fed, by the employees. Of the palace and they have been for it like hundreds, of years the guy who feeds them his, father did it his grandfather, did it and if. You take a look up it's pretty incredible. Okay. So this fort was once home to one. Of India's greatest rulers of all time Akbar, Akbar, was the grandson of Bob Lord who was the first move all to invade India from Afghanistan, he was related, to the. Royal family of Jodhpur when, he was staying here the house astrologers. Read his fortune and said that he was destined to be a great King and turned out to be true so. There actually are still house, astrologers. Here. And we go get, our fortunes, read and see what. The, palm says, about our future. Because. That is just a sense of the Sun inside. Us so, we find that all second. Fences and people around us as moving. Stars in the sky as, a galaxy system in the same way, so. We give energy its, overall good news you, told me that I am, bound, for success that. I should, avoid swimming, the ocean on full, moons because it's dangerous my, lucky number is three, I should be wearing green and light light yellow, and that I'm destined, to do a lot of publication. And writing in the next couple years but, I shouldn't start new projects in July. To. Be the perfect place to film the sunset, and get our er shot, we. Found it from the top of the fortress Lipsky outside, the fortress walls on a little hillside. But, to get there we were trying to triangulate the, position using, photos and, Google Maps and. As lean just said. We, do. Lieutenant. It's like Indiana Jones right exactly. I can judge on that he never ends with. You. Well. We've, just hopped off the rickshaws, and I have found a group, of the best dressed dudes in Rajasthan, check, it out are. You a band music. Oh. Cool. Can I take your photo. We're. Hustling, right now. Trying. To make it out to this viewpoint to get the VR shot for. Sunset. The. Port is, just. Up there. We. Found an epic spot for the sunset. It's. Also a temple, so, she's off if. You're wondering. Check. Out tonight. Alright, well we made it to Sunset, Point this, is the spot we've been trying to get to all day it's been a serious, challenge. Google, Maps does not work here but. Apart from that it's been a total adventure, in such. A fun day here. Honestly. What. A great way we've seen three awesome, cities tomorrow, we go to pushkar for the camel festival so stay tuned for that and if. You like this video get a thumbs up share with your travel buddies and subscribe to vagabrothers and turn on notifications if, you have not already and in the meantime remember.

Stay, Curious keep, exploring and, we'll see you guys.

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fake aryans propagenda again hinduism is one of the oldest and indus valley civilization from hindu kush to Himalaya is so old that even we indian some time get amazed ...welcome to India love, respect and i respect your opinion

thank you for these amazing videos :D

Awesome content ! Really loved the images ! I wish I'll be able to get here one day

Music... on point

What is the scale of child rape in India? Police recorded 19,765 cases of child rape in 2016 240 million women living in India were married before they turned 18 53.22% of children who participated in a government study reported some form of sexual abuse. 50% of abusers are known to the child or are "persons in trust and care-givers" Yeah, definitely a country I want to visit!

+Avinash Nayak good job bro

Avinash Nayak He will not reply now

In USA -- *62,939 cases of child sexual abuse were reported in 2012. *According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Criminal Victimization Survey, in 2012, there were 346,830 reported rapes or sexual assaults of persons 12 years or older. *An estimated 60% of perpetrators of sexual abuse are known to the child but are not family members, e.g., family friends, babysitters, child care providers, neighbors. *About 30% of perpetrators of child sexual abuse are family members. *Not all perpetrators are adults—an estimated 23% of reported cases of child sexual abuse are perpetrated by individuals under the age of 18. *Approximately 1.8 million adolescents in the United States have been the victims of sexual assault. *A 2013 study found that rape may be grossly under-reported in the United States. *Between 2000 and 2015, 87% of child marriages in the U.S. involved underage girls, while 13% involved underage boys. In UK -- * Around 23,000 cases of child sexual abuse were identified in UK in during 2012/2013. *17,727 sexual crimes against children under 16 were recorded in England and Wales in 2010/11. *According to the report: Ministry of Justice (2011) Table 1. In: Multi-agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA) annual report 2010/11: 60-70% of child sex offenders target girls only, about 20-33% boys only, and about 10% children of either sex. “The majority of perpetrators sexually assault children known to them, with about 80% of offences taking place in the home of either the offender or the victim.” Dude, according to statistics, you are living in a worse place than we are. I think you should visit and infact live in India to get comparatively less exposure to these kind of horrific acts.

sunset view was magical ||

like that ," his father did it his grandfather did it""

whats the name of the song now i have no fear

Rajasthan is worth visiting in India..

Vaga brothers you should have tried rajsthani pagadi..

Amazing video work. Complimentary music

Guys do go to Hampi in Karnataka & Anjanadri i.e. Anjaneya hill (Said to be birth place of hanuman). The view from top of the hill is breathtaking!! you will love it more than this one! :) Happy exploring India!

No I was not telling about that's was jodphur before they just updated ...

Yash Patel lol... Actually o is not showing because of the head

Joe Vietnamesehoeo its Indian classic instrumental music

+Edges Of Earth Welcome brother ..

India norheast .. please visit Himalayan

What an amazing journey!

Thanks Mitchell!!

Very Nice Thumbnail.

Thank you!

i wonder where u get the background musics from.. everything fits so so well.

My hometown :’) Lovely work guys! BIG FAN :)

Go to Dominican Rebublic

thank you @vegabrothers for mentioning the real meaning of means Peace. For my european friends- the cross symbol you see right inside the temple is simply meaning Peace and it says every thing in the world goes thru four stages -Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron. It has nothing to do with the Nazi cross...

Whaaat!!! You guys didn't mention "The Dark Knight Rises". Mehrangarh fort featured in it.

very beautifully shot, the history and colors are amazing. never knew Rajahstan is so beautiful and historical.

Hello bro plz whatsaap 9660949924 i wana meet u i m new youtuber and i go with u for vist

Paltan KSB love to nepal from india ! Nepal is a very beautiful nation :)

dude the way u add in the history in the videos makes the place appear more significant and beautiful.....thats really great

You seem to have so much wrong knowledge. not having knowledge is good but having wrong knowledge is dangerous. But no problem. keep coming to india , enjoy Rajasthan , and go to Agra , tajmahal( in my state UP).come to northeast if you have will find a lot different thing in northeast.keep visiting Bharat(india).

Been loving the India episodes, guys!

Welcome to our incredible India!

vagabrothers You’re most welcome

Aryan Invasion theory is a myth my friend. Aryans did not lay the foundations of Hinduism. Hinduism is much, much older. Please do not propagate false information. British did the same thing. You guys are doing the same. At least do a quick research. Apart from that, I liked the video.

Check my vide about Top 10 travel destinations in INDIA other than this

I think this is the best episode I have seen so far .... keep up the good work

Make sure when you come, you meet me. I'll be there too. My email :

You’ve captured the city so well! You guys should visit Shillong, in the northeast of India.

bro the real name of hinduism is sanatan dharma

Ok so I sort of avoided this series cuz I’m intimidated by India and don’t really plan to travel there but now I’m binging it and you guys.... you guys make me want to go there now. Such a great series. Visually, the sound, the historical and cultural info. Sorry I waited, fellas.

First timer here, I'm super impressed with the camera quality and stabilization! Usually travel vloggers film themselves incredibly shakey and talk 90% of the time. I really like how you focus more on the street life and surroundings. Excellent choice of soundtracks. I feel so inspired and want to travel there right now! Subscribed :)

What's the name of the song that you used nat the beginning of this video?

you are absolutely amazing! I love your videos

Is it allowed to fly drone in India?

India was made narrow minded by the invaders the Chinese travelers who came to India visited Tamil nadu and called it a beautiful yet shameless cas the women there didn't cover their chest as the climate itself was so hot they only wore an angavastram and when the traveler visited Kashmir the cold part of India he was offered a prostitute.

Also .. #FortinRajasthan

Polish Girl's legit opinion about India travel vlog with details.

Umaid bhavan, Jaswant thada, Balsamand lake palace(hotel) etc. You missed these super amazing places. BEST WISHES

welcome to the real india and not teh contrived india which you see in the media...

Wonderful videography, narration and music.

I am from Maharashtra, not Kerala. I am a Marathi guy. It seems like you do not have the knowledge about aryan invasion theory. First do a quick research yourself. And then you should comment.

Tennis Lover hahah!! Why is it has to be a kerelite comment on very travel blog?? Come to kerela, come to kerela why?? Even tho kerala is a land of natural beauty nd i like it alot but u can not force someone to visit your Kerala..

Please can you visit Tamil nadu, the temple land of India.

That mustached sporting man should try Indian clothes with a aviator. He has perfect moustache, would look super kool. Btw you guys did great job. Do visit north east india, it is naturally very beautiful.

Nazis twisted swastika which means peace whats opposite of peace !!!

Nice edit. You can also check my latest ski/drone edit.

Grazel Lyngdoh yeah they should visit north east. It's really naturally beautiful.

Sati and Jauhar were practiced by Indian queens after the foreign invasions started in India. It was glorified during the mughal rule because it was believed that burning themselves was a better option than to be captured , raped and tortured by the muslim rulers.

The story of Kamasutra Back in the days, some kings were controlled by tantrikas ( black magic practitioners).... so these people created vast temples and forced the artisans to create erotic sculptures to displease the Gods....some were erotic paintings of the mother And child gods of these people knew that seeing such things....Gods usually depart the temples and empty spaces are created wherein they could call the evil satanic spirits to reside to control the whole kingdom.... That’s behind khajuraho..... Shiva ultimately destroyed these kingdoms through Earthquakes, which were then restored by archaelogists..... Indians have always been Conservative about sex

Swastika means Ganesha in India.....which is hitler got this symbol from buddhist lamas... and since it was innocence he could use it to win wars but the German’s used stencils to make swastika and they inverted the symbol and that is when this very same innocence destroyed them totally.... We Hindus know this so we never use the inverted swaatika.... which is the destructive power of Gamesha.....

I really enjoy your vlogs, guys. I too am a passionate traveler. We Aussies are known for it. Somethings about the tyranny of distance. I'm going to India next year. Can you tell me exactly where that sunset viewpoint of Jodhpur was? Like the name of the nearby temple, or a map? thanks, Craig, Melbourne, Australia.

Just want to share a thing on 'Swastika' and why Hitler took it.Actually in Hindu sacred book Gita there is a verse that tells' You can kill many yet not be a killer if you are not doing it for yourself at all'.Hitler loved this verse of Hinduism but did not grasp the truth and essence behind it.In todays also lot of foreigners criticised Gita due to this verse.But if one understand deeply this is the only truth.

Love the india vlog guys! keep up the good work you've gained a subscriber here

Thanks Jack

Just to give the viewers background about Sati practice i.e., widows of soldiers killing themselves in fire. This practice was not a part of our religion. It was a tradition followed in northern and Western india which faced the majority of Invaders. The barbaric Invaders who were incidentally Muslim, used to kidnap the women after plundering villages and kingdoms. If the soldier (woman's husband) is killed in the war, there would be no one to protect her. So, instead of getting kidnapped and raped by Invaders, she chose to accept death by jumping onto her husband funeral pyre. Due to continuous invasions from around 700 AD to 1600AD, this practice became part of the society at that time (as mentioned earlier- in certain parts of India only). It was later abolished. There is a vast history of more than 3000 years behind each tradition in India. Some influences are more recent, while the others which are much older, have become part of our DNA. I am sure it's the same with any country/civilisation.

Hey dude.. nice video Love ❤from maharashtra ❤❤

My hometown


Guys you should definitely visit hampi in south india

Hey name the music

Goa climate not bad, Hyderabad moderate,vizag good 24 -26°, Chennai humid... very hot..

Try vizag, Hyderabad

Cities like Goa ,Bangalore, Chennai,vizag, Hyderabad

For brothers from different mother welcome home called India if you want to have really good travel experience visit southern states... But no donkeys and douchebags in the south India you know if you want like real technology aerospace , rocket launching, software systems, educated people, nice shopping malls,civilized society visit southern states....

"There's Donkeys and bikes and everything unimaginable coming at you all the time" and you both collide :)   Love the Donkeys. The beeping bike horns might start to irritate. I love those old narrow streets. I would explore them all the time. That Nazi symbol that means peace. Very wrong that the Nazi's stole someone's symbol and then murdered millions of people wearing that symbol of peace.. Peace does not commit murder or violence nor malicious acts. Do the Indian people look after & feed these dogs that you see on the streets and on their front porches?  I love the blue painted buildings and those magical displays of candle lights. 08:53 

Awesome, I've never been to Jodhpur, definitely looks worth a visit.

Lovely india. Also welcome in Gaya. Vishnu temple.

Give me goosebump while watching sunset view ..

Cool city!!

is this a good time to visit..?

Those streets are created that way to fight against british people (zig zag)

If the king is abt to loose he can get into one of the houses which leads to another street

aryan invasion is proved false,there is no founder of one knws how it all started,it is the oldest living religion on this planet n it is very dont even need to follow it like a religion

every day a different god n goddess,that is a perfect hindu way

These Idiots are literary perpetuating western 18th century description of India by some motivated Indologist

You guys missed the jaswant thada

hitler took the swastika symbol claiming it for purity in his case referring to his race as pure aryan breed and he also took alot of our indian holy information and used it in ww2

tnxxxx if you dont mind add my instagram gallery and channel here USERNAME is dboywhogotlucky :) thank u!

The USP of your India Vlogs is their closeness to reality. To all the people who plan to travel to India, particularly Rajasthan, the places are exactly as you see here. If you liked them in the video, you won't be disappointed when you actually visit them. @vagabrothers you guys are awesome.

sick vid bros

Ah jodhpur ☺️my brother is posted in jodhpur air Force base

19:10 holy f**k. what a setup!

In my opinion, technically, India should be called "the land of the free".

What camera do you guys use to film yourselves? :)

Vaga  Brothers have absolutely excellent travel vlogs in India...witty tongue in cheek presentation with humour, very informative. Charming brothers. Well placed fab music which makes it even better ! Thanks guys....awesome !

Bro come to Gurgaon, noida, Banglore, vizag, kochi, these places

Pakodas! Favourite diet of Rahul Gandhi

whats the song name from 17:55?

Amazing work guys...Totally loved it. Would love to see you guys from Varanasi (also known as Banaras, considered as one of the oldest city on earth and my hometown too :P )

@Gabriel: Seriously you have never been there?? Man! I know their Videos and all are amazing but the things which you capture, always reach to my soul.

I can see the hardwork behind. Keep it up..

Blue color was also a sign that this home belongs to a Hindu priest, now as most homes are owned by peoples from all communities, so blue (indigo) color homes are on decline...

WOW !! What a shot guys !!! its an awesome sunset shot

THOSE WHO ARE PLANNING TO VISIT JODHPUR Book your Stay in " Indana Hotel Jodhpur " ! It's my promise You will find HEAVEN there !! Just see it on Google Images.

Thanks for projecting India so beautifully vagabrothers! Hats off to your work.

Yes, You are welcome

Beautiful! This is so nice! ❤️

What's that song at 17:55? Please credit the song bros.

its beautyfully documented loved all your videos welldone guys.

I am from. JODHPUR and even i haven't seen it properly.... Haha... Its strange but Motivated me. So. I. M going today

20:35 , india was liberated , educated and open society , and kamasutra and yoga , sex and other things become taboo when muslim kings from Middle East invaded india , and converted many of them to islam

Absolutely amazing video of Jodhpur, Rajasthan!

I could have delayed my jodhpur trip by a week to meet you guys!

one should go to Madurai , the town itself is one magnificent temple, the kind probably cannot be built today. Also visit Varanasi... and Himalayan region and Kerala and Ajanta Caves, Hampi.... etc.

That head collision

No such thing as 'aryans' BTW. Its just that we had a glorious past and enormous amounts of literature before the islamic conquest. Famous cities like 'patliputra' 'vijayanagar' etc. Universities like nalanda, takshashila etc. All was lost during the islamic conquests and the country was wartorn and depressed. Then we had to fight british, dutch, french and others. Again wartorn and depressed. Taking advantage of the circumstances the british shoved that theory down our throats and germans later adopted it. Because they had a barbaric past and wanted to take the credits for themselves by telling us that the white men did all the work and civilised us. But factually it's the other way around.

Your good hindi bro chay wala

Where r u now sir

I am from jodhpur sir

Bro please visit my chennal

Loveeeeed it your research on facts the music and shots everything was amazing. Lots of love and happiness from India.

Aryans aren't some Invaders or kings. Arya in Sanskrit means Noble. That's it.

6:51 I am stopping here . Disgusting poor ok all accepted. But don't say aryan is a race.. go learn something about the word arya. It's not a race and it's Sankranti mean roughly means" the best". Gud luke with ur tour.. before packing up drink some "arya-veppu" aka neema juice .becoz it's one of the best plants to clear you mind cheer's

I like both of you guys. You both have different personally but together you makes Video interesting. You guys have good spot capturing vision.

What is the title of the track that plays at 0:10? Thanks

How hot is it? I've never been to India yet,, winter time is recommended to go??

Amazing and beautiful

Planning for a trip to Jodhpur, visit

The Aryan Invasion Theory is a myth! It has been debunked! Thank You!

tremendous vlog bro

Hey !! Amazing work, could you please tell me about the sunset point ?


Rajahstan looks so beautiful. The editing and historical information is why you guys continue to be our favourite travel content creators.

very beautifully shot !!

I love my jodhpur


I've been to the Andaman islands in 2006, before I was making videos. They would definitely be worth a revisit.

gabriel traveler make a plan to visit andaman and nicobar island this time when u visit

Let's go a.c.a. chalo (in hindi ). nice

Just a fun fact, this is where "The Dark Knight Rises" was shot (Prison scenes and the Ancient place Ra's al Ghul talks about"

Indian people nod their heads from side to side to show agreement and okayness and yes/happiness... in the west we nod our heads up and down. They aren't shaking their heads, NO. They are shaking their heads, YES.

OMG BEAUTIFUL! This is a very old song that's playing once in a while in the bg. There is a beautiful movie version that I can't find the link to... but realized you're on th einternet so it's up to you to find it.

background music please

Chalo ...

This is absolutely beautiful that the fact that you guys see the beauty of India and not even belonging there this is amazing truly I’m from India and I’m thankful for it I love how loving and religious it is just awesome very friendly I love traveling India and miss it so much coming back to the us India’s another side of the world that people really need to explore and learn about,to not judge people the place and the food without trying it’s

great video

Vagabrothers: I was born and bought up in Jodhpur, since now for 2 and half years I am in Paris you made my day by this video. I was missing jodhpur alot and here I found your video. Hope to meet you both dome day. Have safe trips in future and keep going with the videos. They are awesome and cherishing specially for people like us.

Fact Check : 1. American Army used the Swastika symbol, all the way in their history, until it was made to look like a blemish after WW2. 2. Coca Cola, beverage company, USA used and advertised the Swastika symbol on their products, in their ads, until WW2. 3. There are tons and tons of places in Christian history where it has been used. 4. The axis powers/Nazis used the inverted swastika, not the ones Indians use.

it's totally awesome i am living here at jodhpur and it's best place of india

Caste is not even a Indian word. It's Portuguese. We have varnas which has nothing to do with present day caste system. Its unfortunate we still follow British made caste system

In Hinduism there is no such thing as caste system, 'caste' is the word the British put, the actual word is varna system which is in the vedas, and in olden times the varna system was very flexible, shudras could become brahmins and kshatryas for example sage valmiki and sage Vyasa, Chandra gupta was a shudra but became one of the greatest kings in ancient India, varna system is like sort of an occupation system where brahmins have priest quality, kshatryas have rulers and soldiers quality, vaishyas have business man quality and shudras have agricultural qualities. And no society will live with one of its varna missing, so varna system is even present today in all societies.

Gabriel...WHAAAT!!! That is blasphemy. You are legit one of the most famous Indian Travellers...and You've never been to Jodhpur. You MUST. BTW...have you been to the North-Eastern Indian states..or states like Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Darjeeling, Ooty??

I would love to welcome you.. Here..

You are so wrong about the Aryans..

Really like it, the way you have presented your India tour. I am watching it again and again... just loved this amazing video of your journey

You guys nailed it filmed the real India and i really enjoyed those B-rolls

If you guys love adventure and beautiful geographical location then North India or North Eastern India. Really paradise on Earth, it just soothes you.

Thanks for visiting and creating a beautiful video of my home city Jodhpur. Btw you missed to visit/shot Umaid Bhawan Palace.

So u know Hanumanji day us Saturday not Tuesday!

really amazing video with some awesome editing

Bro Please visit Lakshadweep islands ...they are Mini Maldives of India

Gabriel...WHAAAT!!! That is blasphemy. You are legit one of the most famous Indian Travellers...and You've never been to Jodhpur. You MUST. #BTW...have you been to the North-Eastern Indian states..or states like Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Darjeeling, Ooty??

every second every frame is precious in ur video very

You can’t touch a cat in India....believe me west, cats re so lazy.....

Thank you

The Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur has never been taken down the massive fort has survived various siege and battles

welcome in rajasthan. ..jodhpur ...udaipur..jaipur and many more world class famous tourist palaces dear

VagaBrothers Please Tracklist! 0:10 nice

Tracklist ??

0:11 what's song. Please write here!

Super like for are showing real india... :)

I think u interpreted the swastika better than any other white guy thank u so much

hiii welcome

Wow hold up i thought jaipurs the pink city..

Chalo, not chaallo

Amazing cinematography...I can't explain in text...thanks brother... Love from India

Love the endless loops of *dramatic* music...

You need to visit more places in India. Very nicely shot

We hope to go again this year

Akbar didn't live in Jodhpur. He wasn't related to maharajah of Jodhpur in anyway. Akbar was a muslim and all maharajahs were hindus. Akbar wouldn't be called Maharajah as he was a muslim and only hindu kings were given this title of maharajah. Akbar was mughal (dependent of a muslim persian Babur). Before Mughal, the turks were ruling delhi. Delhi and Agra were the home of Mughals.

My friend...hinduism, indus valley civilization people are well at least 5 to 6 thousand years of civilization and not couple of thousand years you just mentioned.

Song please? when you clicked the band.​ Great job

One of the best video on jodhpur i ever saw....

nice video, beautiful shot.......well done VAGABBROTHERS.

Please use for your bookings

beautiful vlog !


Fucn love this place....

This is just so beautiful. Love the shots, they are incredible. Looking forward to another. Check out our Rajasthan's strolling

great video. Check us for more Indian videos

Very close to my home

Great Video also Share Our new travel vlog

Seriously guys, what you're doing with your videos (all of them) is incredible. About two-thirds of the way through I got really frustrated with my life and made up my mind to get back out travelling again!

This is My home city. I love my city.i love my jodhpur city.

Amazing and disgusting at the same time

Add foreigners in india to your title and tag , your views will fire up

Is it dangerous for woman to walk lonely to local places likd this, away from tourist spots. Raping and dicrimination toward women in india are disgusting.

I can't stop myself, but have to appreciate, because you people have done super job in India way from background music to historical facts, in such a short film. You make me to know about, how beautiful it is?, Although I am Indian . U inspired me to be there. Namaste from India....

Hey there beautiful vlog. I just did a trek with my dog on Indian Himalayas. Do check it out.

U guys r awesome!!! Can u plz tell me from where did u get those typical traditional indian music in background???

Love from Rajasthan

Nice cinematography but too much European/Western gaze in your comments which was perhaps a bit disrespectful.

I am from nagaur near jodhpur.

i like it jodhpur my birth in city

Brother you both are great what a shot I loved it and pls visit Rajasthan- the land of Rajputs, India again and I can not end without saying that one of two vaga brother have great moustache just in Rajasthani style

Thanks u guys. Always visit india

तू कहे तो चाँद तारे तोड़ दूँ, तू कहे तो ये दुनिया छोड़ दूँ, तू एक बार हँस के देख मेरे दोस्त, तेरे सारे गंदे दांत तोड़ दूँ।

Watched it Loved it Subscribed ✔️

Awesome video as always vagabrothers! India has never really been high on my list of places to visit, but seeing it like this makes me want to see it more!

which editing software u used in this vdo

That looks dope.

It was super fun!

3:15 *I'm from India and I approve this message :D*

Love your dron shorts...... Great

I am from Rajasthan plz give me you're whats aap number nice your video

Guys you were in jodhpur but didn't visit Umaid bhawan palace ?

i am from jodhpur.......MARWAR does not mean land of death(or dead) it means land of marwari community( marwari traders are well known all over india) . i liked this video as you portrayed it so well

It’s the place where I live. Love You Guys!!!

Guys come and explore Silvassa,Daman and Diu old Portuguese colony.Just a couple of hours from Mumbai

One of the amazing video I have ever seen with the perfect match of astounding music#superb cinematography

My home in jodhpur

Im indian and i feel ashamed whenever i see a dirty place or some very awkward thing for any tourist coming. the people are nice and so is food and adventure. But the cleanliness tho ;( rip.

Sorry for such long theoretical texts... BUT RLLY APPRECIATE YOUR REPLY..shows your dedication for the channel ! earned SUB ;)

There is a point that is only applicable to India unlike other countries...firstly ppl might not be educated but they are aware of cleanliness and all but due to lack of garbage bins and all they become reluctant and cannot hold themselves by the rules. The govt. needs to look more into this ...cuz ppl tend to follow those rules strictly atleast. all the govt. does is make a rule which no one looks after later. The only othyer country facing overcrowding and these problems is China but there due to communalism ppl obey rules quite strictly . Although such campaigns are done in small numbers.

Have you ever thought of trying to self organize a group of local volunteers for a group trash pick up - could be a good way of encouraging people to be aware and not litter...

I am from jaipur

chlo hahhahaha

Nice bro

Sorry guys wrong information :- Akbar never stays in the Jodhpur

"Dirty water from sewer", please mind your language. Did you verified the facts? Those flower garlands are offered to hindu deities. You must apologize for your derogatory terms. Rubbish

superb video it's my city Bluecity

You people are really awesome, great work :-) feel sorry that the travel points are not easy to find but its worth the pain. thanks for visiting my city Jodhpur

Well portrayed Jodhpur by you guys!!!! Very well done

I love my... Blue city #jodhpur

i love suncity jodhpur

Osm Guys Keep It up Love From Jodhpur { My Home Town }

Love form jodhpurs

Hey brother I'm from jodhpur rajstani

ISHAN KHANDELWAL ...but I'm from Jodhpur

Gret... Proud to be a Jodhpurian

Doing Great bro.. May ISHWAR bless you


Khama ganni

How to yours expinse in jodhpur ?

I'm from Jodhpur, India❤

I love jodhpur

Nazi symbol is exactly opposite to Swastik symbol

Is it really my city ? wooohhhhaaa! superb

Padhro mahere desh

I never watch travel vlogs but the editing is so brilliant i couldn't stop watching it

fort is amazing

Thank you for praising my city

jodpur cort

wow Awesome My city Jodhpur

Islam and Christianity couldn't conquer India. India is the only civilization which hasn't rejected it's religion and culture. All other ancient civilizations like Greeks, Persians, Arabs, Egyptians, Incas etc have rejected their religious/cuktural ways for either Islam or Christianity. Today you read about Hellenism, Arab paganism and Mesopotamian religion and mitraism in history books, while in India we live our civilization. That is our biggest achievement.

Ummaid bhawan...The Royal hotel #Jodhpur

It's just a part of inner Jodhpur......know more about Jodhpur

Please col me 7073563753 my watsap

Jai Rajasthan jai Jodhpur

Jodhpur is so beautiful city

Nice i live in Jodhpur!

Very nice the blue city jodhpur

R u visited mandawa In Rajasthan its awesome place to visit

love from india

I'm from Jodhpur as well and I just want to say you guys one thing, you guys missed a lot of cool stuff.

Splendid Cinematography!!!

Beautifully done video, thanks.

Thank you so much Vagabrothers for this. We are on Instagram @rajasthani_rang

Proud My state my country my city

isn’t that a gate made of gold behind your back at 0.39. wow. Jodhpur wending

Hey guy's you are awesome. The vlog is really good . Can i get the sunset VR SHOT. please!

Whn u come back jodhpur meet me frnds

Wow my town thnx buddy

good music !!!


i m frm jodhpur.. u guys are awesome.

Thankkss dis is my home town

kushraj Singh rajasthane ha cort is famos

Where are you?We are hear to meet you.

I'm from Rajsthan jodhpur nd really jodhpur are great nd feeling proud now

Now you are told Jodhpur BRO

Hii bro

I love the tidbit of information you give in your vlogs. Of course, great vlog as usual.

thanx a lots i welcome you travel rajasthan again

I love jodhpur (jodhana)

An auspicious place to wonder in Rajasthan

My city

Hello sir plese came jodhpur my house

Nice video bro

I love you Jodhpur

Me from jodhpur

Seriously I can't believe that a foreigner covered my city in this beautiful and poetic manner. I am from Jodhpur and seriously I never enjoyed my city as you guys enjoyed in a single day. I love the way you respect other religions. You guys are seriously doing a great job. Love you guys❤️

Proud to be jodhpurian welcome to place of peace and colour

I Love Jodhpur

You guys have some serious talent of filming ..........

I'm from Jodhpur.... Your blog is so Good... Most likely.. Thanks For this

Sitaram bhai ki

i am from jodhpur, thank you for the visit. :)

Hello sir I loved your video actually all videos but name you spoke Rani mehal it's not actually 400 years old it's only 4 years old the people lied to you and it happens its India ghani khamma

This is my suncity jodhpur. Thanx for sharing

Напишите пожалуйста треклист:) добрые люди. Начало музыки 0:10

love the slo mo when your faces hit each other, lol

pleasee visit northeast india

खम्मा घणी जी

jodhpuri chhore ........................

They way Vegabrothers present their scenes and locations is just out of the box. Most of the travelers mostly lean their cameras downwards, but this kind of cinematography is precisely relevant for Indian sites. I appreciate your effort vegabros. Thanks

I am living in jodhpur it's very beautiful and very hot in now days

I live in jodhpur

I'm from Jodhpur

I support these new age lovers

I Have seen Your Only 1 Video And I Love It And Than I See Your All Videos One By One And They Are Really Very Awesome. I Like It

Me From jodhpur

very beautiful place

Loved the video

I was live there for almost 5 years

Lucky me I live here in jodhpur

Visit again.

Land of peace

Nice vagabrothers u visit in jodhpur. city I am from rajasthan, india

I am from jodhpur

Amazing Jodhpur..! Nice video make Dude.

my hometown

Nice bro I m also from rajasthan anyone wants visit rajasthan contact me What's app=8561967815

If you want to visite royal Rajasthan than mail me -


How many you paid for taxi?

welcome to jodhpur :-)

i am from jodhpur, and the region Marwar is a mixture of sanskrit word maru, which means desert, wad meaning region in Rajasthani language, and one more thing akbar was never related to jodhpur, he was the son in law of raja bharmal of jaipur

I live i jodhpur and LOVE my jodhpur

Beautifully shot, amazing editing, moments captured are amazing and the music.... marvellous... thank you...

Hey bro.... I am also from jodhpur.....And you capture good pic....Of jodhpur and if you want to know more about jodhpur... Contact me..My fb account is nayan D badal ....

NYC bro

Jodhpur is my home town . It is beautiful city.

Hello vaga brothers, you've have presented my homecity very very beautifully. Hope you had a safe and good time. Thank you

My hometown City Jodhpur and I love

*I really like, I am also from Jodhpur*

Love from India...

I lives in jodhpur. My home is nearby Pushkar. Nice description about jodhpur. Really nice shooting bro. It is unwanted thing that I still not visited The Maherangarh Fort. My mind said that I should go to a visit.

I'm from jodhpur

proud to be citizen of jodhpur

Its very nice effort brothers to make this video well try u have good sense for back ground music. U used tea seller( chai wala) chai wala is Prime minister modi.

Quality, Cinematography, Background Music everything was on another level... N D Incredible India

So beautiful video

welcome in jodhpur

very nice i like my city because i am from jodhpur

very beautiful my jodhpur

I love my jodhpur Rajasthan

Thanx for coming

I love my jodhpur

Rajasthan bikaner city is nice very good at the fort is very good


कुछ भी बोलो फिरंगियों में कुछ तो बात है....very very nice way of presenting india

Mesmerised by beyond the level cinematography and beautiful Rajasthan.

Loved it vagabrothers thankfully found you guys

I love jodhpur most peaceful city in the world....n I belong to jodhpur

I am from JODHPUR

Nice place for visiting ...jodhpur is my home town

My jodhpur❤

I am from jodhpur and i know chaivaala I love jodhpur amd also love rajasthan

Did you visited the umaid palace ? ._.

Be aware of the scams ! Many of the guys can approach you and will say that he can record video for you ! And all he will do is run away with your camera ;_; And be aware of random guys trying to help you and approaching. You will notice them as most of them sounds fishy. Love from Jodhpur ❤

you guys r seriously so awesome

wel come india wel come Jodhpur

Guys...there is a slight difference in the Hindu Swastika and the German one. The Indian one starts with top left to lower middle movement of the line, the Nazi one top to right movement of the line

Next time you visit to JOdhpur please met me for once we'll have a great time✌✌

Heyyy Guys I am from JODHPUR i just saw this amazing video it looks great✌✌

Next time you visit JOdhpur please met me a once we'll have a great time

Aryan invasion Theory has been proven FALSE. only idiots believe in it in today's day and age.

welcome to jodhpur

Proud to be an JODHPURIAN

I love how you explained everything so well..thanks for removing stereotypes!

It's really amazing #RajlochanBaruah


Jodhpur is pretty amazing. Next time you come to India, come visit Gujarat. Hit up the Gir Forest. You'll be pretty amazed.

Hey i am from jodhpur

Kingdoms are very powerfull

Jodpur is a historical place

Gays thanks for love of Rajasthan

सबसे ज्यादा लुटेरे हे जोधपुर में

Thank you and come to jodhpur

Welocome in India.

I'm from jodhpur apno rajesthan

Really amazing video dear

nice shout

Yehhh my #blue city

I am from Jodhpur Rajasthan India. Thank you for making a beautiful vlog our city

Thank you for watching! We loved your city!

Thank u sir

Great city!


I am living in jodhpur

vagabrothers Put it on the bucket list for 2018! I highly recommend it. Also make sure you do the safari. Its a little touristy, but its damn amazing.

I would love to see the Indian Lions in the Gir Forest

Awesome! We loved your city!

Glad you enjoyed!!

It is my city

Seriously who tought him history of India he keep imposing his British written tales on us .stop doing that we already had enough of it

I'm live in jodhpur city

I'm jodhpurian n really they explore very well my city i love my jodhana


@Vagabrothers nice cinematography

Reallymake a awesome video

Its my blue city thanks for coming

Watching from jodhpur .... Nice vlog

vagabrothers thanku soo much... Always welcome

We loved your city!

I like your vlog very much

I am a Indian and I visit in 2017 Nov only

Welcome rajasthan

I love the way you describe the city...

i am from jodhpur


It's my city

I love Marko.. He is too smart he know so much

I am proud to be a jodhpurian thank you guys for making us happy to make this video on our city god bless you

Skyline of the fort you visited was used in batman movie. One with Ben as antagonist.

love from jodhpur

My City

beautiful drone shots

जय राजस्थान

I am live in Jodhpur

My city i love you blue city

Amazing, How do you manage to do that. How many gear you use, who is sound editor. Greetings from Bangladesh. Keep it up.

excellent video.

Ummm google maps does work in jodhpur

Please come in udaipur rajsthan india

Recently I visited Mussoorie, the hotels tariff are very high. But, i found Bunkotel one of the cheap and budget hostel for solo traveler and backpackers. Bunkotel is sistuated at Mall Road, Mussoorie near Jhula Ghar. The hostel is neat and clean. So, whenever you visit Mussoorie, Uttarakhand stay with Bunkotel....

Nice brother

Very beautful place like punjabi beautiful shop nd road nd big mall .u only captur durty place..u just show indain is not develop country

Love from jodhpur....I just love your video Thanku for this

please name the BGM 07:25 :)

Me from jodhpur sir.....

Love from jodhpur

That's where I live

Hey I'm from jodhpur

My jodhpur

sorry alex & marko.swastika means good fortune,not peace.we believe a hope that if any obscene happen with us the lord will help us through our good work.

very nice

@20:45 what is that on the right side of horizon???

Jodhpur Rohit Gaon

I've been living there for 2 years! Love it!

Thanks to nice thinking about my place jodhpur..

That's called high quality vlog love u guys ..

Most beautiful city

Please welcome to India

super awesome work guys ...where do u get those super background tracks? say the one wch starts arnd 12.30 time


hold on...what?? jumping into their late husbands' funeral fire??

bumping at each other at 05:19

Good job guys thank you so much for showing the rajasthani culture and art in front of the world. proud to be rajaathani

welcome to Jodhpur

Ok I m from jodhpur and you showed our jodhpur in most beautiful way..yes it's magical in all the festivals...❤️ You will always feel luxury and royal in jodhpur.

I love my jodhpur

Jodhpur bad city

I literally lost Watching video, I live in Jaipur. I felt so good with your positive and respectful gesture. Instantly subscribed

I am from Jodhpur but I can't believe

Good, keep it up brothers...

Apna jodhana

Hey Guys, I just found this video. I am from Jodhpur. Thanks for coming to our Bluecity. Next time when you come to Jodhpur, maybe we'll have dinner at my Home. #Keepexploring #bigthumpsUp

love from jodhpur.

I had watched most of your different country vlogs. I love the way you expalin each and every detail, and tell us where to stay and how to travel. Recently I went to Mussoorie, I am also a backpack traveler. Here I stay at Bunkotel( The hostel is very nice and the view from this hostel is awesome . I have a request make a vlog of Mussoorie and stay at BUNKOTEl, Mussoorie.

Hey Thank you so much to share your experiences of India. We hope you can plan again and make some more videos of Indian cities. Thank you And regards from

Hey Guys, I just found this video. I am from Jodhpur. Thanks for coming to our Bluecity. Next time when you come to Jodhpur, you are most welcome in my home and maybe we'll have dinner at my Home. #Keepexploring #bigthumpsUp

Thank you Alex Marko..very spiritual the people and the music ,lovely india..I love it..

Glad you enjoyed Elisa

it was not even half jodhpur

hi I am from jodhpur

show beautifully

You guys didn’t went to JASWANT Thada

Jodhpuri here, loved your vlog.

I'm from jodhpur Thank you for making the wonderful shooting

In Sanskrit there is nothing like aryan its aryia which means a Civilised person its nothing to do.with Race

nice preety video ..

does anybody know..what that spot is called... where they took the sunset picture at the end of the video.

The heart of Rajasthan state of India Rajasthan India

Jodhpur is the real capital of Rajasthan and cultural capital of Rajasthan. Jaipur is more like a modern but Jodhpur has true Rajasthani colour.

incredible india welcome again .. friends

I am Indian

My city...Love love.

1000k comment

Wow!! So cool

Amazing camera work...

most wel come next time Jodhpur

live you my city jodhpur Rajasthan

How is jodhpur place for ihm jodhpur plzz


U didn't go to umaid bhawan ?

I subscribed

Welcome to the #TravelTribe Vagabuddy Anish!

super video with a lot of informations.....thanks!

My name tilok bhati from living jaisalmer rajasthan India

I love my india

To be honest, I'm so shook... I loved this video plz like shere subscribe and comments my channel

I love you Jodhpur!


Thanks for visiting India {Rajasthan Jodhpur}

7:08 Just to clarify, the Aryan invader theory is just a theory, not historically accepted fact.

I m from jodhpur

wow India is such a friendly place!

Which song at 18:00???? Guys

Welcome to india great video man

Nice video good editing and the Bgm is amazing

Glad you enjoyed it Varun!

India is incredible!

I am live in jodhpur ( sun city) in state Rajasthan ( marwar)

Devashish Sonowal yes bro

I’ve watched all your Rajasthan vlogs. They’re r gorgeous. As travel filmmakers & anchors, the job is to serve our perspective on the screen of the places we visit. Your perspective genuinely comes out watchable to a Indian, inspite of your western upbringing. Many kudos to both of you Marco & Alex Watched your story of how yawl made Vagabrothers

One mistake. Wives did not jump into husband's funeral pyre. It was a mark of Jouhar. That means, when men are killed in the Ghan-ghor war (final battle) against Islamic invaders, women will jump into fire to self-immolate so that they are not taken as sex-slaves.

❤️ from Jodhpur

Very nice I am live city jodhpur

Hello me also from jodhpur rajasthan i like your video thenx to u show good and beautiful part of rajasthan welcome khama gani i am bigg fan of ur all video

Thank you Inder!

Beautiful. I streamed till the end. Thank you, my friends for all the infos. May I know which camera is used to vlog in this video. I'm so impressed!.

Thank you! All our equipment is listed here - this was primarily shot on the Sony a9 and a7sii

Tq for visiting jodhpur brother ....hope u enjoyed here . I wish you to come here next time again Video about a beautiful ride to Kudremukh forest

thanks I proud for my jodhpur

Beautiful cinematography-vagabrothers

You boys are amazing. Your videos & background sound is best.

I love Jodhpur.

Nice video and very good syncing of background music. Expecting more videos like this

you have lived the city for real time

Hy.. vaga brother i am Rk from jodhpur Rajasthan India. U had make a grate short film of jodhpur..

Rajasthan ♥️

That ending

What attracts to India is that major portion of India still adhere to their culture roots. While modern India is booming and that is material but this is one is real India. Soul of India.

Hello Vagabrothers! I love the music you used in this video

Nice video, good work


Amazing vlog


Highly proud to be an INDIAN. A land of HONESTY, LOVE and BRAVERY. ❤️

Y'all have the best travel videos on YouTube!

I love my jhodpur

Video good editing

Jodhpur is back you

So good bro

My city

not. in. summer

I'm form jodhpur

From jodhpur

I love Rajasthan

Hi where are from

U r amazing bros..ur combination was superb continue exploring

Quit putting that bullshit line under the name of cities. We don't respect people's names.

Hats off to your cinematography..!! I am in love with your video shooting and is just awesome...I am from jodhpur itself and we runs a fb page of jodhpur with the name "Jodhpur The Blue Heaven". We uploaded your video there and its got a lovely response from local crowd too..!! Keep up the good work guys..wanna learn alot from you.

Hey brother i am also from Jodhpur....

One of the best vlogs I have seen, and a bit partial towards it as it's of Jodhpur, my home city. Great work guys. I hope you had a great a stay in Jodhpur and in India; thanks for making me happy at 3 in midnight :)

Super . Everyone did best. Especially cameraman did awesome performance. I liked it. Keep on exploring INDIA and have fun. A hearty welcome from Indian side.

It's india

Sir i am from jodhpur

im from Jodhpur

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