Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett: Leading Drum Grooves With Your Foot (FULL DRUM LESSON)


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Every time I play the songs that brings me back memories, of times on stage and his. Presence, here on earth and presence, in concert with me so I miss my dance partner but, when I play the songs it brings back good memories not, bad yeah. I love doing it. That's. What drove me to I love get a reaction from Michael from adano it stays direct, like every you know I know I'm doing something right you know. Drumming. Is is. A power. You mean granted with but, all all the talent is the power that you've been gifted with. All. Right man, thank. You so much. Yeah, Jonathan. Sure MA. Cuckoo. Well done well. Done thank, you so much for coming to Dromio the, pleasure to be in glad you invited me yeah well anytime man that we've, been chatting back and forth for quite a while I think and I'm glad, we finally got the opportunity to come to, bring you out here and to showcase some, of your skill and experience now, Jonathan if you guys don't know who Jonathan Moffatt is, he's. A legend, that he has been the touring drummer with Michael Jackson furs whole many years but not just Michael Jackson you've also toured with Janet, Jackson George. Michaels, Madonna, even Elton John like you, have quite the resume I've, been blessed I've been blessed I say I have the greatest manager of all time and of always I have, God as my manager, I say I'm the greatest agent, if. All of that you can have I have Jesus Christ as my agent so all, these things I say that because all these things came to me it, wasn't like I had to go out and hustle in audition, and, run a lot of chicks auditions, all the time everything time the phone ring from, somebody hurt me had a different show with, a different artist it would just come to me real, and he just wanted me to do it it wasn't like a big audition, situation, except for a couple of times you know with Bruce Springsteen and, Billy. Idol you know the audition kind of thing so but. Other than that you, know I saved my manager my agent was on point. Yeah it's it's amazing and all the experience, that you've had from playing massive, shows recording.

With Some of the best artists we're. Gonna pick your, brain today in today's lesson the, lesson title, is all about from the bottom up how, you lead your grooves with your foot and you, have an amazing foot, I'm just been watching your technique from down here so I really want to dive into that before, we do they'll make sure you follow Jonathan, online you can find them on Lana's website it's. WWJ. M, DB. World. Or. You can find them socially at Instagram and Facebook it's at Jay, Moffett mjm. Can. Also find them on YouTube which is just his name Jonathan, Sugarfoot Moffett so make sure you follow him because he's posting a ton of great videos and clips and news and updates you've got some cool things happening, - yeah. I'm trying to embark on different. Things that promote myself, more and now I was little that's about it for more truly enjoying. The ride of the shows and the tools and the records and stuff and I said you know what I need to start really, promoting my own craft in my own sound because I have music that I'm gonna be introducing soon of my own original arrangements, and writing song writing and producing, so, I still need to talk promoting some things on my own at this point in time you know yeah and so working at my brand but prior to doing working for 39. Years professional. Now and working. The elements of the marketing of my brand so I'm doing more of that now and with my a beautiful, partner Amira I saw me of my fiancee she, does social media and she's from Silicon, Valley and and she's. Been helping me branch out and reach the world and, the wonderful ways so it's been a blessing, well you're killing it they're absolutely killing it make sure you follow him Instagram, and Facebook @j, Moffitt, mjm, before, we get into it I got to get you to play another track do what I do another another, tune for us yeah I like to do that all right let's do it.

Killer. Job that was amazing thank you very much say cool sitting right here and watching you, play these groups songs that I've listened to for so many years, I'm time again and I'm watching the drummer play them so it's very cool got me reminiscing, of the times with Michael you know when, I played it when he was there in the physical so yeah. Every, time I played their songs it brings me back memories, of times on stage and his. Presence, here on earth and presidents. In concert was me so I called. Him my dance partner so I miss, my dance partner but, when I play the songs it brings my good memories a bad one so yeah I love doing it awesome, awesome, well. Let's pick your brain a little bit if that's cool just talking. About your. Foot technique and, how, you developed, it how that has kind of been brought into the, the shows that you played and the songs that you've recorded. First. Up how, did you get the nickname sure. Well. I started. Playing when I was when I was six years old and I I really want to be a bass player so my father asked me my brothers we, want to play music and my. Brothers being older they got first choice so. My, first, brother said the guitar to my dad okay fine great my second brother says bass. Guitar that's, a band that's the one I wanted don't. Then. Only the other thing I knew was drums so. When, you got, to my name we didn't call me up and Jonathan what you want to play someone. For a guitar you, say oh we can't have all guitars yeah somebody, got to play something different I see all right I'll play drums, mm-hmm, it was like the little boy thing and if our patrons, because that was really the only other of instrument I was, find of that I knew and science, that stuck with drums in a way but. Finally so after after learning our rudiments, and and the coordination and a challenge mentally, and physically it was to, accomplish, the beats and everything, so honor I took. Like nine, months of snare, drum only with a private teacher at his home and Saturday nights and and my. Brothers and I he they took the lessons and so, I wanted. To be that basic, layer still was the within me so when I learned start learning records off of records especially.

It All typed them all town records with James Jamerson senior, who was for lithic with his fingers he was amazing in it very musical and things, moving and just. Making melodies anyway, I I, related, that to the bass drum because of the low in frequency, of the bass in the basement, rump so I started, running the records I say would be really even, better if it was more full, these songs were more for bottom, end so, what I started doing I'm learning, the songs I'm learning the beats but, I started also hearing and picking up on the bass lines and figures so. I started, combining the, baseline, figures which, was sometimes the most times out of line but the bass drum bass drum was more simple and, a bass lines filled in and it sound so full so, I start moving and doubling what the bass was doing so and to, be able to do that I had to get my foot really fluent to do both patterns you know so that's how to time, learning, different records different songs and learning, the bass and the bass drum parts, it became one fluent cohesive, thing and it, became natural to me to do that you know as. I'm listening these songs and, stuff so and then acting, with exiting, with the bass drum as well so, that. Developed, my style of playing from the bottom up sort of speaking and. For. My desire to have been a bass player which I never learned a really play I had basis of some fun I'm so loving I, just never got to practice again right so I found, out the drums were my first love instead of bass but, I still got face so. I include, them in my patterns in my playing, getting. Fluent through all the years of learning these songs and combining both parts, and it became a natural thing you know some some fingers and things I had to work on outside, of us on the record you know roughs and different things on the bass drumming and in. 30-second, nose corners sixty-fourth, nose different kind of things so, I had to work on those figures and transitions, and where the placement praised, them in the groove I'll demonstrate some of those in a little bit but. That's. How I got the foot the name for Sugarfoot and that name came in the second band I was with my. Brothers and I had a band when I was young very young they're gonna be 10 years old that, have been called the Cavaliers, a New, Orleans Louisiana where, I'm from and we. Play clubs there was a club called the desert sand and, a, very very popular club but. That was this ten year old boy and so. What they would do they heard of it heard us audition, him they see like this so this guy this kid is too young but the owner said okay we gotta have guys will, tell you what you bring him into the back door and. Sneak your bin and they brought my little kid in there and and it'd be okay long as you keep your eye on him no let him go back to bar well.

Then For those my mother and father was support very supportive, and they said long she don't go by the part I don't let the women get it, so. I said long as you go by the bar get your drinking and bad things like that it's fine you guys keep our eye on it my brothers, so I will play this gates little kid you know and my big sticks and my drum your drum kit and then, that we. Finished sneak out the back door and, load up drums in the car and, you, know I was so tired and look here that was Lee across my brother's laps in the backseat and and, kind, of fall asleep or fake falling asleep and, listen to them say all oh look you was killing it tonight oh so he sound great I'm like what I listening. You. Know I'm just thinking it all playing like I'm sleep but, I did do that but but then they handed, me some money I was freaked $5 or whatever it was I see what's this for and, I said this is where you pay now so you could pay for this and it was a shock to me I'm like you kidding me I'm like you can't really get paid yeah you do this I love doing this I was, just doing it for fun they said no you do it pays so that's how I start off that, band my brother's own band, wanted. To play in this other nightclub, was very popular and so. That, club owner said no he's too young to play that he can't play there so, if we can't take the bank cause he's too young so, my brother's fired me brother. And got this other friend, of the instrument, to, play with them to play that club and. I was so disenchanted, my own brother's fired me I had to name, on a bass drum the Cavaliers, with this sword and I put you something like masking, tape to make on I'll, create this bass drum here and I was so proud of it you know and that's, when they fired me and, so I didn't want to be in advance anymore. There, was another local band named. The spectrum, and, live, never lived nebari and the leader of the band knocked on my door, my mother's door and saying, hey we want you to play juggles us we heard you play we, love the way you play we need a drummer and I said I would if he had no bands no I'm tired of getting fired and stuff like that so anyway, he talked me into going it's just coming jam with us and we see it works out you know maybe, you could just play with us until we get somebody else so, I was adamant not being, against Tobin I said okay I'll come play with you guys and chicas, somebody went, to this house nearby not too far away and set.

Up And we played and we jammed and you were like oh yeah it's great your footage is amazing so I'm like thank you thank you but I'm still not Johnny Ben nothing bad you join, your band I won't be in a band sure yeah so he said well say, well I'll tell you what everybody. In the band has nicknames, and, we got to give you a nickname so I'm saying alright eighth, Duke. Yeah you know yeah it'll, get like this or something like that crazy you know Titan. Never and, he said ok I know we call you your foot is sweet we call you sugar food that's it what no I don't want you to answer, this sugar food say oh yes you guys say I'm not asking this I like I'm a destination, I don't, want that name and they say no you're gonna answer to it every. Show I'm announce you announce you as sugar food and nobody gonna know your real name, and now like ha man this is messed up that's awesome so that's how the name shows, they started mousing into a mere sugar for that chosen, at the club's and people knew sugar would and I walked down the street and he said sugar for the hydrogen ignore yeah, and. Then I took, a long time even out here I must tell you this shortly. Recently. Last week people, don't know sugar foot in Jonathan Moffat is the same person we. Accounted that fiance. Night last, week I thought it was two different people you're kidding I'm not kidding you well I love I love I love the name I think it's it's great especially talking. About your foot you know you have such a sweet foot thank you I think it's really cool I'm glad that you accepted, it. We. Can call you sugar. Michael. Called me please and all the brothers call me foot that's great that's great well let's let's let's talk about that your foot then let's in them show us your technique. Talk. A little bit about how you developed, it okay, um, basically I developed it as I explained it by listening to the Bulls parts and then I start getting into more quantize, kind of figured. So. If. You didn't hear what you were saying over top he was playing a little bit loose then you were quantizing. Tightening it up a little bit they're more like 16 rounds up to 16 to 32 second. Notes in so I'll do any more like 1664, snow was kind of tight or real almost, like rough doing. Those nose picking like I like a rough. Well. That's my coin my it's, quite I call it quiet eyes in the group you know the figures, then, might make them loose a tighter and just closer together of those so. What kind of technique would you call that for your foot. This. Somebody, told me once said that they, thought I was with a tap dancer, at one point and decided to play drums but. Trust, me I'm not a tap dancer and if you asked me to do that across the front row I'll mow em all over the whole front wheel falling into the audience I cannot, tap this but. If you want to call it tap-dancing on the drums and on the bass drum yes I related. To that but, it's. Just I'm gonna tell you something it's the physical, action of it but. The physical action comes from the spiritual, action and the, mental action, I hear. The figures in my head I feel, it, and have these like emotional, photograph, in my spirit, so. To make me recognize, what kind of figures it is and the, emotion behind that figuring that uh that, pattern right. And I what I do is in my signal, goes to my body to, try to work out the coordination, of recreating, that what I'm hearing and I'm feeling is always a combination through, trifecta, so to speak the body the, spirit and the mentality so. You, cannot, play what you cannot think of you, cannot play effectively. Emotionally. With you can't feel so. It's a, triad. Whatever you want to call it it's a three-part, in, my physical sense of playing three-part, spiritual, thing you, know so I would feel it and I will come up with a pattern like that you know or different. Other patterns I do, like the funky blues shuffle'. And. I'll come up with those kind of things so it's, I'd say the. Most important, things look listen to drum especially, if you want to call me unusual, that I use the bass drum or listen. To drummers like myself and, there's a lot of other drums that got, quick feet you know right but. Is another Sugarfoot was, Ricky Wong. We used to play with this band out of Washington, okay well well my my. Usefully with the Miles Davis as well he, got a fat foot fast foot - no I don't know his technique, but we were similar in styles, so, I mean listen to drummers that have a different.

Situation. In life and of the life of playing drums and try, to learn some of that thing to just be distinctive, from other drummers those, are the things that are such a part you can play a million things but the. Artists are looking for somebody with a stick distinctive, seal that's, different that makes it feel really great or this, unique. Pattern, of playing, a style of playing you, know that's. What artists are mostly looking for those kind of things and people who are disciplined that don't overplay and is according to the artist what it is now but many artists are allowing. More free. Playing freestyle, playing when I was coming through, Michael, Madonna al George Michael Elton John John, was more jamming rock and roll but but George Michael Madonna, and Michael Jackson and the Jackson brothers you couldn't play the stuff that the drummer is allowed to play now I, came. From the discipline, world whereas it's, all about the vocalist and about the words and the music and melody and this song the. Total adductors about the song so I can. Do a lot of things but I don't because it's not necessary, you know so. I, just but I focus on taking. The the techniques, that I have and making, them simple, and make them be punctuation, or. Accentuations. Or highlights. Within the grooves that I'm playing by, drawing a few rows rough kind of things in there drawing, a few of, different patterns on colors. If you notice I play I'll use a lot of colors and accents of a hat but emphasize, patterns, you know did I think of that. Mimicking. The shaker on shaky, body I want. To be starting something as a shaker on there but, I'm mimicking, listen so it came, into my spirit okay I'm a highlight that because it's a good element now playing that hi-hat thing in conjunction. With the foot thing moving so much it's a deeper concentration. That you should have or can't have you, know for the younger drummers out there professional, drums they know a lot of this stuff but for, the younger drop incoming drummers and developing drummers these are things I'm explaining to you so yeah, well, you mentioned there's kind of three aspects, of it to buying this or the spirit and then and then physical side of it let's, talk about how you'd practice, out how do you practice your mind a spirit or develop that how is that something you can even do or is that just with experience, mm yes I would, say it's. Hard to, unless, you develop. And learn from, drummers much, again once again like myself who feel spiritual, when I play I'm feel spiritual, and people recognize. That that's why a lot of artists hire me because it feels the spirit of um my groove you know feel with an attitude you know you can play like, Billie Billie Jean is perfect example Billie, Jean is basically, is this very simple beat as I.

Like. That now. When I play it the difference in in dugu I played on the record so I'm gonna give you once again this is the, pattern of Billie Jean. With. Emotion. I. Recognize, what I'm doing an assist to describe this is I'm. Holding the bass drum back just a hair fraction. That, gives it that emotion. I know snare and, hats are pretty, much on but. The bass drum that defines, where the funky lives I know nobody, likes like, Billie Jean is so simple it's so much space you. Must remember what's. In space, there. Is space so. All in that space I have to play around to fill in on Billie Jean is I, fill it in with emotion, not figures and another rhythm patterns I don't, know nothing but keep it straight like that for Michael but, I feel in that space of hold the holes between a kick, and a snare with. The emotional space and that makes me feel the, late I kick back just a fraction. And it gives an attitude, and spirited meaning, you, know and it makes people feel because you feel you see them Bobby oh oh, yeah oh I'm, talking about yeah, you hear the feeling if you know in the back so. That's. About playing with the emotion right, when you when you fill in the space with a lot of notes and stuff like that it's hard to make it emotive you know you can't feel, it as much you know it becomes more science in which is incredible, amazing which, I agree but I'm about the spirit of music is about the groove I'm more of a groove this person, right, so you're. Holding your bass drum back a little bit just and it's not that I'm thinking I'm gonna hold it back a little bit that's what I should do just feeling it it's a motion for my family should settle because I'm using to identify that, my emotion, my spirit, and, know where would this subtle here and that's, what I feel. It and that's what one, of the things they got me to work on with Michael you know that that, aspect especially building, thing was his the most important, song to play live and he said nobody plays like put like you because, that's your spirit it's just it's, just different you know and, stuff. So because. I focus. On spirit, when I'm playing everything in spots period I mean there's techniques and different things I'm and colors, and some, fast, things but, as. Far as the proof and when I'm there to play for the patterns, I'm playing about the spirit and about you know communication, because the first language is drums in a world a band you, know and this is just an advanced technique, of language.

Right, In terms is the first very, first language, to use for, communication yeah, you're right I love. It I love it yeah what about the physical, side though I know, we were talking a little bit in the back before, the lesson about what you did to develop a dub well what do you recommend for drummers. Out there to develop that. Kind of feel or that even the power and the endurance of the speed well. First. Of all you have to have patience, you have time you can listen to other drummers that inspire you some of the things I'm doing some, patterns, that others drummers, are doing on the bass drum and and, only, hands as well but just got it it's not going to just snap on a like a light switch and come to you you gotta spend time with, the drums very. Important. You. Have to spend, time with. Your instrument, a lots. Of time to. Get to know it and it to get to know you and, you, become one to, become one so. You can express together, and really and the emote together to the audience that's listening to that you, know paid money to come see you stuff. But I think the most important thing is to spend time with your drums not, so much with a band yet but. Now all the time you can with your instrument. So you can become one with it and, develop, the vocabulary. With it you, know and then you what pose can speak as one, so, I think practice, isn't my was my favorite, time and, I was just getting there just thought somewhere and in some way eventually you, know spend. Time with my drums and get to know it you know my instrument, and be one with it so, um you. Know I just can't. Advise that more to, trying to do that and and, trying to develop your style learn from other records and other people too like I did you know but then always add something here and there and in places, that you feel that just color here would be nice and it's all good great you know our twist it around and make it yours and if eventually from adding all the different styles all the people that you you, study to listen to and practiced on you, become you develop.

Your Own language in, drummer then people identified, as your sound and you become somebody else, we studying and, listening to tried to be got my eel so, that's, another thing I expressed to try to make it individual, this is we're all individuals, and we're trying to make our own sound our own voice and our own language on our instruments, and it's. A fun thing to do to discover yourself it's. A really great and enjoyable, thing to do and discover and I can do this I can say what I want to say it will on, my instrument, you know that's why I have fun doing I could express myself at will I love it the, song want to be starting something you played in the very beginning that's got a very active bass drum pattern, I remember when I tried to play that for the first time I'm like how the heck how, you do that how did you develop that well. I knew the song was there and I mean that it was a big hit and I knew Michael wanted this of course had to replicate this thing live so, I listened, to the song and studying and I noticed that the pattern on the drums was. Was really cool and different and, as I mentioned earlier that hi-hat, part is basically mimicking, the shaker. So. I felt that that would that should be accentuated more, in the record and in the live performance so I started doubling it and W but don't be, ond that the bass drum part is like this let me show you how. That's. What's on the record it's. Simpler I felt. That for, live it has to be more energetic, has, to move more I said, and then knowing, my my. My, favorite, thing to do is just mess with the bass drum farce is I said, I'm gonna add another built another, bass drum beat in there to fill it in and it becomes one continuous. Thing more or less now, this is what I did to it to. Make it move more I wanted to be keep pumping, and moving and excite, Michael Moore so I do like this I. Filled. In that space at home with, another beat that helped it be continuous, I'm like a hypnotic thing, you, know chanting, kind of thing and then, I of course I added that accent tuitions, on the hi-hat to mimic the shaker you. Know so that's how I developed it in order, to to a better, emotional. Sing live keep. Excite, Michael Moore and he turned around he's like yeah yeah he. Liked that push it like to be pushed in this is his artistic, abilities, come up and do things he didn't think he was gonna do him so why, don't we were talking he said yeah at first you had a trouble play the whole thing in, one go you'd have the endurance how did you push through that threshold and what kind of tips can you give us to. Get that kind of speed in control but I did that at home you know you, know and developing before we started the tour rehearsals and stuff like that I, was. Speaking earlier about the, when. You're playing in all genres you know we all have it I had it in the beginning when I do my locomotive, thing beat and. When, I do just want, to be starting something be it was a you feel that burning sensation and you yes, and then, your ankle you know and you start feeling and you start struggling more and and, but I I found to do once. Again be. Patient nothing. Comes quickly enough nothing comes easy that's difficult so. I stopped. Practicing and that's all going for a while but. Then and after they 64, bars or whatever like that I start feeling the fatigue in it and also another important, thing is to do it with definition. And power all, the, time now, my foot is doing dynamics, you know what I do.

Dinah. It's kind of swinging a little bit but do it in other words you don't want people to think you did that as a mistake you, want to know that I meant to play that that way and that's why you hear it that way so, my thing was to play with authority. Don't make it light make it strong it's got to be strong so, it won't sound like a mistake oh you barely doing it you got to be very powerful we were strong because it's, got to command the distressed, of the band and commanded stage they're, counting on the drummer to be the strength of the banner string to the artist so I was, not only practicing. The figures, I was, practicing. In with deep concentration of, having, power and authority playing. The figures which, gives more burn and, said that you want to get out that bengay that like, a bomb yeah, attack of mine the. Copper fiddle, is something you gotta gets up what's up all day that thing's burning yeah it's on fire but you, you you work with it you work with it and I found that each day as I push myself push myself through the burnout oh man I can't. Do it over but I'm gonna do it longer I go a little bit longer and then every day I would do a little bit long and I next day I do a little bit longer a little bit long and then there's like that all, scary, threshold. When. It burns so bad, you, see my legs about to fall off you. Know you, know there's. Brush fire in my in my calves Emily yeah. So um call the firemen but anyway you get, into that point that ceiling, of that I found. That if you get behind there that's the worst it can be there's got to be something bright on other side of I think I can keep this going so I thought it working, on concentrating, as des, instead of on the burning, I'm figured, out a psychological. Sing concentrate. On the figure, that you're, trying to accomplish and do if, you can't think about man in my leg is burning a friend I can't take this oh man what am I gonna do a kid I kind of stopped a got a stop but, distract. Your mind it's, all power, of the mind is a powerful man. It's really you don't know what's inside your head, right. This, is a computer, man and it's adjustable, it's, flexible, and you, can control, you supposed to control and you can control it if you learn how to distract. Yourself and, the, power of the distraction. It's, very very beneficial and, beneficial, ways a positive, way so I learned, to distract, my burning, sensation, on my foot by, saying I've got to keep this figure going no matter what they're. Counting on me so I would feel the burn until I can I'd like I, had to just stop I got to stop and I said no I'm not gonna stop the will came here it comes on you after if you can get past that to the certain point of the threshold, wall then. You know then, you let it be supplemented. With the will to do I'm gonna do this I know I'm not gonna stop I gotta push past it and you're gonna suffer a little bit but, I guarantee you in a bit of time you. Know whatever is different, from everybody, you know it takes me how people ask me how long it takes you took you to get to that point of the threshold get beyond it or get, to be continuous, through the pain and I said I can't say that for certainly this because it's different with me then, it's gonna be different with you from, individual, to individual, but you can stand your threshold, of pain tolerance you know what Thomas you can stand as diff opposed to where I can stand you know I can stand a quite a lot I've, taught myself to mentally, to put, the barrier, up there and and, think, think, and feel beyond, that and keep.

The Concentration I can say distract myself what, the concentration, of the gig for the job and what I'm doing the pattern, and so, I distract, the pain from that that's what you have to learn how to do control, your mind body, and physicality, and, your. Body you can control with some mind control, by, thinking or something you know something different, you know you'll. Feel the pain is still there but when you distract your mind if focuses, really intently on the other thing that the high-hat part the snare part the time part, you know then, you realize delay my footage trip like I feel like not my foot Sugoi but I'm thinking. Of what I'm doing with the high hand in other parts so, the power the mine is what I'm trying to say it's, very, very powerful. And very beneficial to you if you have spent time with yourself who did drone and push, yourself. You, know don't be afraid of, pain what's, funny I get a lot of emails from students that I'll say I started, practicing on then I started hurt so I stopped you, know that's how you got you want to keep pushing through that right that's why you develop. You. Want to play solo I want to see this in action again, I've been talking about your foot your your your technique and how you practice some place. A little solo so we kind of see what you do let me do something I do all the time everybody know me about the scalded, locomotive, and I'll do that and it's sort of continued pattern, like want, to be starting something but, this is I come, from New Orleans I was playing this beat and and. Once again I added more Beach to it to make it more continuous, and, this is look motor. The. Whole time I could have done it DoCoMo. I filmed it and I felt, it and recorded it I've, done it for 43, minutes straight, you're kidding I got it on video I saw holy, working. On my concentration. So. If you guys won't know how to practice your foot technique do that for 45 minutes straight oh yeah. But. Anyway that's what part of what that was developed from that. Technique got burn burn burn trying, to keep that thing going yeah, but I heard that figure that's just new virtually. It was possible, I could do it yeah but, of course I didn't start a flea it's slow just now I should play faster than that really, but then my younger you know yeah. Sure sure I'm, not gonna make my sole look back in front of you guys all right, that's. Fast enough for you right now yeah it's great okay, obviously. With with technique you just put the time in you listen to a lot of Records but listen, to the bass try to add a lot more. Burning. Or pushing, through the burn that threshold yes, all that kind of stuff but you one thing I haven't asked you about yet is you, talked about leading grooves, with your foot don't. Talk a little bit about that like your approach to writing and you have a really cool blues, shuffle, a funky blues shuffle that I want you to show us and maybe explain how you lead that you put how you think of creating groups from the bottom up yeah. I'm from New Orleans and mostly the only, instruments, are known from that foot therefore in a strong, foot. Syncopated. Foot all the figures in New Orleans are usually very, syncopated, you, know so. I I, grew up in that style and, of course you know always knows that blues and chairs played. Some blues down there I'm not the most verse - listen. To some jazz but. I was so caught at the R&B and pop and funk you know and, so but, I do know a little bit, of jazz but anyway I de Franchi blues thing I develop, off of strangely. Enough off of, line of family stones. Sex, machine they, got this song called sex machine right so on ii when i played in the clubs with my bands, in New Orleans they, wanted me to take a soul so I had to figure out this thing to take a solo with so, basically it's, a pattern that I do and as, similar to the result of record it's built in foundation off that was on the record but, I started doing a shuffle, thing with the bass drum and, it goes like this.

Awesome. Thank you so much quick little doubles up thirty-second. Notes almost yeah. Yeah. Yeah, so, I can see like your hands are basically doing the same thing everything's led from that foot, yes exactly leading off with the foot it's, more ground, based kind of figuring and your experience you see a lot of drummers that start from the top yeah, summers, in my error in naming today a hand. You, know the. Speed and power, of the hands you know single. Notes double bass double, nose I'm sorry but, the New Orleans a new way I grew up listening to be enough to find out the bass I could, put the leading with my foot so moving, those kind of things right patterns. Or maybe. The. Top of my head where, did that start off with the base Joe. Very. Cool base. Time base trim things like that changes, the whole way you probably write, an approach, exactly. Yes there's a different kind of thing you know and to, make. Melodies. With the feet get your foot you know right trying to do that I think melodically, with my foot my foot patterns, you know hmm. Like also stems from wanting to be a bass player too and you singing, you did a cool little uh a groove when. We were doing sound check and you came back into the city you're humming a song to him when you see a great song I started writing right there I'm sorry that'd be spot don't actually what that beat was I can't remember I always think of the things off the top of my head and then I heard I guess you're recording or whatever and I heard it and I'm like wait a minute a single. Bass line for that and such thing a melody to it writing at the time I didn't have nothing to record so it's, gone in the air no no we recorded, it man oh cool yeah 70 fantastic, yeah if I could make something out of that it was funky those Google yeah so, before, we can wrap up there's some questions I'll get to but what, kind of tips can you give to the beginners out there or even the intermediates, we're really wanting to fellip that, funky foot and to take that approach from the bottom up what kind of advice can you give them same thing as I did listen to bass players learn bass players figures, combine, that with the basic figures that it's, on a record when I learned be accurate for the record after, you get that down you got the record pattern you know that you're necessary to do the gig or whatever start experimenting, on your own and learning the bass patterns, and incorporating. In the beginning leading off with the basics the base nose starts before the bass drum. Pattern. Starts, off a little bit before the kick drum hits do, that do whatever base them. Do. The leading lead off things like that or things after the bass pattern you know after the drum pattern and incorporate, those in and, actually. Will match with the bass player you basically in full force on what he's doing right another. Thing I just just listening, to you play acoustically, here you're not just playing one note on the bass drum you play or at one volume deer. Dynamics, are all over things you see it yeah because it's music it's not just one volume, stedfast. You know it's got to be dynamic to make it float and feel that's what a fuel comes from the dynamics, of things now, pay a lot of time. Yeah. Just like that it makes the song mm-hmm. And, a lot. Of our students, and a lot of drummers up that they all like exercises. And sheet music but the one cool thing I like about your approach is and we talked about this earlier you don't actually read. Sheet music you. Know I don't read it all unfortunately, that's not bragging, it's nothing to brag about I'm actually you know kind of embarrassed about it because all these years I've been professional, for 38 39, years, I should say and I never heard to read music and I should, do that I do intend, to take that up but I was working so much, yeah and it.

Was Working for me working somebody, so I say oh okay I don't need to do that now I do that later and it became later became later if he came to now and, I had something I do want to tack on, it. Prevents me from doing. A lot of work in the movie, soundtracks, you, know a lot of jingles and stuff there that's done for commercial, stuff like that but I did, new work with Richard, Marx on his son jingle, house of doing songs. For radio suffering, Patrick Leonard who I started with him we're doing jingles, as well then we turn over the Patrick with Madonna, records you know Richard Marx were doing three of his albums but, and it was patient because they wanted my feel in my style and my touch my approach but, I do advise, you learn to read music and, know, how to. Read because if he gets you more work broader across to the studios in a big time, but, it just really, cool is here, that. You didn't have those exercises. Of those books that you went through you just listen to music and. You just practice you played right. Well it was about desire, I've heard what they were doing on a record I say my thing was I, said if, they can do it I can do it too yeah you, know I felt. As though I'm. Capable, of doing it in replicating, with doing all I have to do is copy what they did and have, the determination, to get I'm gonna get this I'm, gonna get this I'm gonna how much time it takes I'm, gonna spend the time because I want to get better at what I do I want, to I want to get prog almost feel and see progress and hear progress, of my playing and. People to appreciate what I do that's the main, reason why we play we play for self-gratification. But. The, real reason why we play because we want to play in front of a lot of people see, what they feel about what we're doing I'm. Irrelevant to them and do they enjoy what I'm doing in my poison language of music you know my style do they hear me do they enjoy it, am I getting a reaction from them and that's very rewarding you, know that's better than money better than anything you know I'm, so I mean that's.

What Drove me to but I love getting reaction from Michael from Edano and stays back, look at me so you know I'm doing something right you know and from the audience when I see them bobbin and Weavin you know and, even I figure I say that drumming in, music especially drumming, is is. A power, you've been granted with but, all all the talent is the power that you've been gifted with you, know I just a from God I believe in God so it gives you an anoint you with something, to, preach set you apart and give. You advantages. In life and I feel the power of what I do I can play Billie Jean as simple as it is you. Know and it may not impress a lot of drummers but all the people in the audience is gonna be, and. I. Can look for this back in the top bleachers, of the stands and people are, dancing yeah, and especially on, the break down with Michael dancing, is just he and I we dance partners and he's just he and I at the end of the song and I, realized, and recognized, the power of, that, beat that. People are doing like this, Michaels. Dancing, now he's thrilling he's a real thriller he's throwing them but they're not dancing his feet like this the beat I mean that's the to his dance they're not bobbing their heads at his dance moves they bobbing the head and hands to my drum blades and I feel a sense of power of that is that I can move you you're, sitting no, maybe have them not, not have my work for this person can we play some big stadiums like 130,000. Sometimes crazy looks like to me ill half a mile yeah but you could see the people at the farm most reaches to the bleachers and they're moving and, I, said my power is that I can make them move without. Weighing my hand physical evil on them that's crazy, it's the power of the Spirit in us yeah then, I can I can move animate, them from, that far away that's, very, special very special I love it I love it I wish we could go on for the two hours because I have so many questions I'm. Gonna get to a couple questions, the students have if that's cool yeah and then what kind of rap pop Brian. Frazer more is watching. He says Sugarfoot he says how did you maintain your career for 39 years and killing. It like. I said I have the best manager, agent. Anyone. And everyone has and, can have our, God is my manager and. Jesus Christ as my. Savior. And my agent, because. My. Career is sustained, so long because. Things. Were directed, to me you, know I put in time with my playing and I believed in my playing that's why I'm still here okay, I don't say I just all on faith, it's. About my playing I believe in myself I believe my playing but. I do feel, the presence of something beyond, me, or, hanging around hover around my career that makes these things possible because, people out of the blue would call you, know even when I just finished one thing here comes another call all I think about when I got were cameo I said man I'm be yourself the new single was on a radio into a car I'm like saying man it's the great drag man man, I would always wit though my family I said I wish I could play with them I've always want to play with that thing that time I'll do some great beats I could play that stuff pretty good and then I said no but I can and, they said why you can't do it I said man the. Leader of the band is the drummer man I can't believe he's leaving the band and he's singing and I'm gonna do that make. Me he's already he's got this job and, he's leader he never give a bad job two, weeks later the phone ring Larry Blackman was on the phone calling. Me, and, I said miraculous things and say, hey Johnny, hey I would like you to play with cameo cameo. You, the drummer you, said yeah yeah Johnny I can't I got I've gone up front now I'm a friend of front now I need a drummer you know and I need you to come on you know come with me I said why and he said tomorrow I need you tomorrow we're in the middle of a toured I need you right away I saw you with the Jacksons at the Omni theater in Atlanta I need you to come right away I said Wow so far this thing that's pathetic happened, yeah all, the time they know I think of somebody and then I'll get a call from that person you, know so it's, a power beyond me and like. I said I have the greatest, managers, an agent there you go Brian if you want to keep.

Going For 39 more years get his man now, you get that have the faith keep the faith even believe this. Question from Bram II one, of our members and I'm, know we're gonna get this question on YouTube and for everyone else watching he, asks how important is it for what, you wear on your feet for, the bass pedal and what do you prefer, oh yeah. That's very important, I wear. Smooth, leather sole shoes like these some shoes, I did so plate up and he so kind, of curved up its a toe look like the witch shoes and with the rise and, the one that got crushed by the house they, look terrible don't look at Alone's they can't all you got the foot camera oh god yeah see these raggedy shoes but, anyway they look terrible but they're so comfortable they feel like I'm you know I can't play barefoot and. I can't play in tennis shoes or sneakers what everyone called I can't play because they my technique, is slides it's almost like, spoke, earlier people, want someone actually bought the tap-dancing thing I slide, off the pedal to the left but when I'm doing a faster figures I'm like doing this and someone, else will say if your foot sounded like a cannon bubble. Of a printer you know something like that printing needs printing and printing but it's a sliding technique that I use and I need the smooth, sole of the shoe to. Be able to do that technique you, know and I prefer, to play thin. Sold, smooth. Leather bottom, shoes, yes very. Important very important yeah and if you see his shoes because he's playing you. Got your heel up a lot of yes I can see a little band right where your toes go. I. Love it yeah, two. Last questions cool. Drummer. Viking asks was that opening solo taken, from the concert this is it when, you play it after want, to be starting something I know, I was just something of top of my head I just think it just said ghost, I said I want to do a solo after that didn't. Pry anything is just just making something up like that and you. Know of course this. Is just foolish trying to be fluent you got to practice also one. Thing I did to practice so and I was gonna coming up and growing up was that I don't. Want to have to think too much when I'm playing or doing solos all of this stuff I did what the times and stuff was on a spirit moment I've done it before but, not in the same combinations, I wanted to be like water you turn the faucet on you, see the stream of water but you don't see the drops that's, why my thought process, and it's so physical I want it to be you can't see the drop would you see the stream of my float so, and I wanted to be you have access, to do that at any time at, any any, song. Valid, or whatever I have that fluidity so I used to practice that I get on the drums of hit something and then go for it-it's another thing and another, thing aspect, of developing, that is if you play a pattern of figure you. With every figure of funk groove or whatever fan on your playing, there's rhythms, with n rhythms, the body of rhythms so, you listen to the predominant. Rhythm or the one that's more attractive or. Pleasing. Or impressive. So you take, a body of rhythm then you you you. Take. That inserted. Rhythm within that phrase you, make it another pattern right so you keep learning how to do that and taking something within another rhythm and making a pattern on it and it, grow it grow it and add things to a grant thing soon there's a rhythm in there you grab that and edit it out in your mind and then you start, doing that it's a totally. Different pattern, and then, stop growing and adding things and pretty. Soon you'll be very fluent, at playing because, that's how I started doing it you know I just think to what I'm playing in the middle spaces of what I'm playing that's searching for rhythms within rhythms and, I take, that rhythm within a rhythm making a whole nother rhythm with it I love it you know on it I wouldn't know last. Question about technique, or about your pedal sorry this, is from oak grooves he just asks how tight or loose do you keep the tension of your pedal and does it matter to you actually, this is not this is not my pedal, unfortunately. For me that's why I struggled a little bit tonight today. As my, pedal got lost last week at rehearsal. My fellow had eight years of playing and breaking in and, but. My, spring was loose, as it can get without falling, off they were so smooth they're so incredible, but this is the pedal that we had here that from the back line so. Nobody. Struggle for me but rather than my pedal but it smooth this is the federal but, my, real element isn't when I have my stuff and I didn't touch to sprain, distress, the springs touch, it at all I didn't touch the beater just, anything I just got only stop playing with your.

Pedal At home if you still had it what was the tension be like on that Oh very, very loose and and. That comes from not me adjusting, things I take a DW, 5000, turbo pedal out of the box put, it on there and I can play. In time it loosens, up his stretches and gets more flexible, and I can say I had eight years on a pair of broken. Insoles, my favorites, of all time same spring you never changed Sperry, number Springs crazy, brain and my best friend so I lost my bedroom. Anyway. This was a good fitness is a good pedal but you know is not my total, element, so it's good it's good those great pedal I'm. Gonna ask I know we didn't kind of talk with us but I want to do one more solo for us is that cool mmm-hmm sorry. Awesome, yeah and then afterwards we'll do one more song mmm, all right so take, it away would, everyone open solo yeah okay. How. Do some simple stuff. What, am I supposed to say that, was insane, thank you there's many times in my dramas just on the floor that was so well done man thank you thank you so much didn't. Mean to put you on the spot but man did you ever deliver thank. You good as you guys know yes yeah so. I don't even know where to go from the thank you so much for coming out very, welcome thank you having me my dress yeah I wish we could do this for. Another couple hours but we, got to wrap it up here guys for, all the drum, yo members who are watching thanks. For coming, out we're gonna be filming a couple exclusive, things for with Jonathan, course, on breaking, down some iconic Michael Jackson grooves and we'll try to dig in more to his technique, talk. About some of your tour experience and unless it's gonna be a lot of fun do. You have anything lots of other things to say to the community out there before we wrap up, find. Your greatest passion, follow. That to your end of your dreams that's. What happened for me there's a little kid and. It's felt like this was amazing for me to be that's why I've done nothing else but this all.

Of Our life you know so on it. Led me to, my. End. Of my rainbow and. Spent, a lot of time typing, finding a great time of my life so it's, really rewarding when you can say I spent my life the way I wanted to do it and I. A great ride along the way I continued. Many more years I have plans to and. I want you to enjoy yourselves, as much as I enjoyed mine, pursue. Your dreams work, hard at it it's, there for you reach out and grab it.

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Thank God!

I never did like him that much. Thought he was unnecessarly boring. But after watching this! My god what a drummer! How can anyone make a straight 4 sound that good? And his "cymbal"-solo, towards the end, is now one of my favorite on drumeo.

This quality human taught me the basics of music for a short spell at a music school in Inglewood, CA back in the late 70s; just as he was getting started with a little group called The Jacksons. I still remember how happy he was telling me. He was cooler than a fan! So glad to see it full circle and that now i can learn from him on YouTube. Thx Drumeo and Sugarfoot!

Cheers for the 4k content!

Hello! What snare is that? 14x4 Dw but what shell material? Thanks

Bad ASS !! All I can say is WOW !!! having fun, thank you

You know that moment when you witness something truly incredible.... yeah this is it...

i almost an exact replica of his set and high hat is exactly the same

ive been waiting for this whole lesson to come out, thanks drumeo!

I just can't get my head around his right foot. WTH. I'm in pain just watching that lol. The speed and repetitive movements. Ouch! My muscles would lock up.

good touch

“Woah” When he grabbed the symbols at the end of Smooth Criminal. That man is a weapon...


This is play.


Jonathan, Michael was destined to born... So was you to assist him in his noble task... My sincere thanks to you and Michael & his team..

That foot is so sweet that it gave me diabetes.


Все отлично и свой стиль и техника !!!!!!!!!!!

Все отлично и свой стиль и техника !!!!!!!!!


Amen!! Jesus christ is my agent #real

maybe, he use to have good footwork...but not anymore. it's sloppy, his doubles get muddy, etc... and what's the point of that rediculous bass drum setup... serves no purpose.

Josh dun next?

double ended nylon tip drum sticks : ) interesting .. guess it helps when you slip or drop yout sticks

Clearly in the Drumeo Top Five GOAT

SUGAR! He Drumeo, what do you guys think about a "dirt"mic in a corner? Keep on making nice thing like this!

Muitos brasileiros assistem os teus vídeos, se esses vídeos estivesse legendado o número de visualização ia aumentar bastante. Pensa nisso

SugarFoot indeed

Is he endorsed from both Zildjian and Instanbul or only from one company?

True class. He is a legend


I think that his accuracy and precision are of stellar levels. ..

smooth criminal ...fuck me

Looking at him and calling himself Sugarfoot.....not sure you would take video seriously.....but this vid backs it up big time. Solid as iron.

Class act for sure. Best drummers in the world like Sugarfoot make you want to get up and dance. Always loved Jonathan Moffett. Wish these instructional web videos were around when I was learning to play.

So crisp. Love it! :)

Holy freak he's a Christian man... wow praise God

Watch that foot from 23:25! Freakin' brilliant!

Unreal - Moffett's pocket is sensational! So tasteful :)

This has got to be one of the best interviews i have seen on your channel and you have had some really great players. I think what makes this great is Jonathan has a style all his own and he lives it and just doesn't talk about it. The way he expresses himself on the kit goes hand and hand with the physical and mental state he gets in and he plays with conviction and power. I also like that he realizes he has the power to make people move and feel good from his drum kit. I think some players forget how powerful and the drums and music are and worry about playing a million notes at warp speed. There is nothing wrong with that but Jonathan for me represents what you need to make a career from playing music. Thanks so much for having him on your show!

His bass drum dynamics are so good to hear!

You can do less and be a legend. The amount of energy he balances on each stroke.. a living legend.

Can you guys bring Chris Coleman please

I was gonna go to bed now. Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

Watching your videos is utterly cleansing! So good. Fuel for the soul.

You should have Chris Turner from Oceans ate Alaska on

No need to imagine, on his page he posts lots of show vids, very interesting.


Un Dieu de La Batterie !! BRAVO

pure class !

The Mike Tyson of drumming.

foots catches in that segment...when the camera pans to the interviewers the exact emotion i the hell does he do that and although u watching it still cant fathom it!! Also foots legs are like bowed..his foot isnt even flat on the kick pedal..yrs of precision honing his style n craft...been a fan of foot since i saw him on madonnas like a virgin tour! nuff respect sugarfoot....guys a diff breed of player!

I Loved Mike Jackson!!!Nr1 Forever!!!His drummers so perfect like Machine ,Jonathan play Music +good person and ecuipment.

Most of the time the great ones are modest, humble personalities. Listening to his words is almost as impressive as his outstanding drum

Jonathan is awesome! So humble man! Bless!


So solid man this guy its A human clock loved it

This is so awesome!

He is a big monster master of the drums. Amazing !!!!

Sugarfoot, try a supplement called "Sportslegs", it will help with the pain you're feeling. Also maybe some Beta Red brand Beet juice concentrate powder.

What a beast! His groove is just amazing.

best video ever drumeo.


finnaly a clean drummer. amazing rythem.

I really had fun watching this video, I hope that other people are just as entertained when they watch one of my own video's.

Magic Power

Nice Quadro strokes, now I know why people calling him a machine :)

I wish we had Drumeo when I was young - I learned from watching Zildjian VHS tapes that they would let me borrow from the music store and I would take them home and dub them. They were a series of solos that I never thought I could achieve. Seeing legends like sugarfoot not only play and break down their incredible form and discipline but also give the great advice that I wish I got as a young drummer is something very special. I'm going to go have a jam now. Thanks.

The man is a fucking MACHINE!!!

never seen double sided sticks before

Somebody get this man a shirt please


1:20:07 whaaaaaaaat?!?!!?

44:00 so consistent it just sounds like a loop, this guy is a machine

that was sick. the last free style was amazing!

Pure genius.

Marcelo Zanuski ki preguiça... larga lá

L. Lucas Drum Pensa você em aprender inglês ( depois, claro, que aprender português direito).

It blew me away when he spoke positively about Our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ! The interviewer looked so uncomfortable as expected. God bless you sir!

amazing but sometimes following all the bass lines with the bass drum pedal can be too much ! but i like this drummer MJ Madonna all !

play some Madonna stuffs pleas:e )

What a focus he has ...Brilliant! As a bassist for 35+ yrs, It'd be a pleasure to play with a drummer like this, just awesome! Bottom Up groove indeed!


He just made the drum machine look irrelevant.. Great to see a humble man with sublime skills. God bless him.

That double pedal is virtually redundant. The speed in one foot is astonishing.

Rock friggin' solid!!!

Funny looking legs ! Looks like 2 different persons each 1 leg behind the kit XD

Congratulations. Sugarfoot on those drums. What a Fantastic Drummer.

Relentless pocket!!!

Golden. Never have I air drummed as hard as I'm air drumming now.

Matheus Meneghel i said the same thing. The matrix on drums

I always wondered if that was a programmed drum beat. Man was I wrong...….WOW !! Your foot bass beat is CRAZYYYYY !!

DISCO-FUNK is the best genre EVER! Jonathan make a records with Nile Rodgers or Ray Parker jr give all of us the pleasure of DISCO-FUNK! Michael Jackson EW&F Cameo Gino Soccio Cerrone Commodores etc.....Bring back DISCO-FUNK!

It’s just a clean solid pocket . It doesn’t get any better than this . Brilliant

I'm surely gonna get His manager

omg you are pika

Jonathon Moffett is now my favorite drummer. Love how he just came right out and shared his faith.

Q isso grande prazer ver esse cara tocar bateria

You are an extremely entertaining drummer to watch. But I like you better when you are on stage playing drums for my favorite band CAMEO!

its harder to play like a machine - requires very strict discipline. what seem easy can sometime be quite difficult

Wow Awesome !!!!

what were the specs of his drums??

Simply amazing praise God

Fantastic Drummer

The fish eye lens on the camera at his feet is a weird choice on the cinematographer's part. It makes Jonathan look bowlegged.

Giving all the glory to God! Wise man!

Man’s legs are fucked

You sir are a genius !!!!

I've watched/followed so many pro drummers over the years, this guys playing is so tight. Masterpiece !!

DAMN ......... !

Bro - you have a true gift from god man - awesome


Great drummer, great guy. :)

Amazing! Loved Smooth Criminal

Amazing musician, great person

This is why negroes are better musicians than white people. These black people have grooves

He is a very good drummer Sorry for my bad English

I love all the positive thoughts tha he is sharing i adore this guy...

The epitome of drumming just lay down a very fat beat and hold it!!!

My God ! I love the sound of this drums !!..the Drummer is fantastik too favorite drummer with Chester thompson

Think about it... almost every... if not every MJ song that we’ve sang to, danced to, cried to, laughed to.. he has been the best behind it... it’s kind of weird to think about it

Excelentísimo Baterista

WOW !!!!

The behind-the-head symbol action is blowing my mind!

This guy is like the golden standard for drummers

Absolutely phenomenal.

Always been a fan of his but my favorite tune that he played on isn't anything by Michael JAckson, it's actually Madonna's "Live To Tell". The way he tickled them hi hats and played that bass and snare on that tune put me in a zone from the moment that song was released and still does, to this very day. Great musician, he is! A living legend!

Him saying God is his manager is basically just saying he's his own manager.

43:13 immigrant song led zeppelin

10:49 auuuuuu....

Con subtítulos en español sería genial


Drumeo all I can’t chose all of them are from the heart ❣

I'm not even a drummer and I can't stop watching this. What a machine!!

I love the stare down at the end. He looked me right in the eye like “yeah, I did just fuck your shit up”. Sugerfoot, the legend.

El mejor

Goats icons legend

i enjoyed every freaking seccond of this awsome stuff .... thaaaank you for sharing :) :) :)

amazing .. wished he did Billie Jean ...

Number one, true artist


amazingly accurate... so good! What a legend!

An Artillery...

oh how i m in love with this soul

This guy is GOD

I love YT, stumbled upon a Man who happens to play drums. As an amateur musican, this is a fantastic moment to behold. Nice to make your acquaintance Mr. Moffett and thank you Jonathan for now I know what you've done for us all.

What a talented guy

Amazing! True and genuine Michael Jackson LIVE show beat !!! He is a living legend

EPIC 2018

Muy bueno el señor en la Batería excelente

Man.. So effortless, that's true talent.

It's like he puts his foot on loan to the song for however many minutes the song takes. He is the beat, but he surrenders his body to the song and beat and doesn't mess around. This was a very inspiring lesson.

Imortal Michael Jackson!!! Hoje completaria 60 anos!!! E parabéns ao músico (baterista) que contribuiu para dar vida as músicas do Rei!!!

OJ T right but you know what I mean. There’s still an aura about it

Actually, that's not him drumming on most of Michael's biggest recorded hits.

You say that like there arent a lot of Christians in the usa

Why would it blow you away?


What a wonderfully humble spiritual guy. A true legend.

"You don't want people to think it's a mistake. You want them to know I meant to play that that way". Quote of the day!

Wow the kick....amazing!

Amazing player. But I really don't like his attitude. He's a creepy, slick Christian as far as I'm concerned.

Thank you Jonathon!!! You get it. Grateful for your bold sharing. God bless you!

Jonathan is off-the-HOOK!! Amazing!

On point! Human drum machine

ima same ima sarm of microsoft

This is just a master piece without doubt. Legendary

Yeah because God gave him everything, he didn't have to work at all to become that good. He just asked God if he could become a drummer and play for mj and he was all like "yeah sure Jonathon."

So he's your favorite drummer because he's a Jesus enthusiast? Not because he's an amazing drummer? That'd be liking Elvis because of his fancy hair and costumes not because of his music.

It really wasn't good. For someone to be that deluded is not good for them. Also, he's doing himself a disservice; it was his skill that landed him those gigs, not God.

People generally are uncomfortable around organised thought systems. Within saying that, if someone was all stoked about faith in front of me, I'd be like right on brother because people deserve to be happy.

Who gives a shit? He's your Lord and saviour, not ours. The interviewer didn't make any faces or say shit. Why do you Christians/Catholics act like you're constanty oppressed? 33% of the world's population is Christian, so you know that's false.


I'm not one to unconsciously head bop - oh wait damn well i am now. That locomotive solo especially i was boppin harder than i ever have

That’s amazing when he was talking about holding back the kick just a fraction within the beat. Locomotive

thank you for performing mister....

I wonder how much gigabytes was this video before uploading to YouTube...

I love every second of this video cant pick a favorite!

Sorry pal, god does not exist. Come on is 2018. If you still think god is a real thing, you are willingly ignorant. God is nothing more than ancient man looking for a way to explain all of the questions that couldn't be answered in the past. In this day and age, we don't need to look to the supernatural to answer things that we cannot explain or understand at first glance. Just take time and think about it. You will eventually see how ludicrous the concept of god truly is.

Simply amazing. Thank you JM ! What a wonderful talent and story you have shared with us.


Drum king!!✌


I love how he's talking to the host and to the camera with constant eye contact. He's not rolling his eyes, but takes his audience just like that. Besides his exceptional playing :)

For me he is the best pop drummer


A dumpy answer

so disciplined in holding a solid steady beat from the beginning and not overplaying, much respect i woulda way overplayed "wanna be startin something" if i knew i was on drum channel tryna show off haha

By far one of the best drum lessons I've ever come across. A true master of his craft. I'm going to follow all his teachings to the best of my abilities.

His style of playing is simple .any rock drummer could put that simpleten to shame.and it's the same thing every song lol.joke

1:20:07 Speechless...

Thank you so much fantastic God Bless...

This man is master man.


+david chandra okay

+Ben Timothy its just a joke xD

i see nothing wrong with your english in that sentence

Cause it has nothing to do with anything. He worked really hard, practiced and practiced and it all paid off. He has himself to thank for his success.

massive respect to the guy, those DW drums sound soooo clean... :)

This guy was born doin this kinda thing.I had the pleasure of performing with him a few time in New Orleans back in the day.HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN AN AMAZING DRUMMER AND EVEN AN AMAZING PERSON WHO WAS WELL LOVED IN NEW ORLEANS ...WE NAMED HIM SUGAR FOOT IN NEW ORLEANS LONG BEFORE HE MET MIKE..........

Dat footwork from 6:00. wow.

The man does not miss a beat, he is not only a asset to the craft but he sets the standard.

Is it the camera lens on the foot that is making his leg look bowed?

Who is the interviewer?

this guy is a guru i love his wisdom

muito show o baterista top dos top


This is such a pleasure to watch, I'm guitarist and singer by trade, but I LOVE drummers. I understand their importance and extreme value to any band and any piece of music, this guy has me captivated. So tight and so in control, still able to add his own swing and chops. Understands how to serve a song and to overpay. There are a TON of drummer who can't even sit in this pocket for the entire length of a song let alone employ all the amazing chops of the Sugarfoot. I just have to say I love that snare sound so much too! Reminds me of Stewart Copeland, I hope this guy links up with some more major touring artists so I can see him live in a full group scenario.

This man is not human. It's a damn T1000 that comes from the future.

His comment about the power of drumming, being able to make people in the furthest bleachers move their head, is so true.

23:30 - Easy to see why the call him the "foot."

The look of confidence, experience, mastery and wisdom.

Love this guy...groove machine. But his pedals are so far away and his legs are sooooo bent on the side to reach them. Clearly it works, what the fuck do I know?

Amazed, totally amazed. Bless you.

Jesus is The King of Kings GOD BLESS!

amazing ??? pls fuking awesome :D

Drumeo “Jam’ By Michael Jackson! Jonathan Moffett is one baaaad drummer...He can’t be touched...

He's okay I suppose. Ha ha . No he is awesome. A complete blur with the feet. Superb drumming Jonathon. Legend.

A truly blessed drummer and humble man.

07:27 man I love that part

That snare is the closest sound I've heard to perfection.

"sham on it, E-HEEE

I love that pocket. tough dude, but doesn't over play and when he does wanna strut his stuff he picks his spots perfectly.

Cool one day I want to meet him mj fan

One of the finest and greatest drummers! On time grooves!

Excellent drummer but his drums sounds like cardboard boxes..

Just Awesome. He has well and truly perfected his craft (talent) at playing the drums. Most drummers could only dream of playing like this.

Pure GOLD! Sugarfoot is legendary!

Sem dúvida alguma o cara é muito bom. Que coordenação motora, brother!!

His snare has an amazing 'snap' sound to it

6:02 daaaamn that foot is sugar!

I wonder if those behind the head cymbals are there to give his arm a different range to move to so as to stop cramps, etc.?

Why does the description say he was nicknamed "Sugarfoot" by MJ, when he tells a good long story about how he actually got the nickname when he was a kid?

7:28 My word some of the best cymbal muting i have ever seen he is truly blessed Amen...

I would really like to see an interview with Tico Torres! :D

professional drums ensemble. end drumer robotmen

This is man with allot of soul you can tell he feels the music. Truly amazing !

That's bass drum during "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin" is UNBELIEVABLE. It sounds like 2 or 3 Bass Drums! Other worldly.

Plays more with his right foot than most drummers ever will with their hands.

Nailing that pocket

Jam! DannyBoy

Are you related to Charnett Moffett, by any chance ? ... very likely, because ''Moffett'' is not a very common surname, ...

Doesn't get any more real than that kids!

talk about timing. Put the metronome on; perfect timing on everything.

Such a wonderful artist! He touches Heart and Soul

poxa não sabia que o kid bengala tocava bateria rsrsrs

Talented yet humble.

Gracias !!!

Is he using UE900, right ??

Te suscribiste al canal , activas para ver los vídeos por que lo seguís, y le pones un ( no me gusta ) que mierda tocas vos para calificar de ( no me gusta ) al tipo que toco la batería con el artista más grande que existió sobre la tierra y jamás habrá otro igual, quien sos vos para poner un no me gusta? Dale de baja a la suscripción del canal y hace videos vos. SOS UN GENIO TOCANDO LA BATERÍA.

Such powerful, clean strokes. Awesome drummer.

Просто охуенно! Мастер !

I was almost sure Michael Jackson used a drum machine. Now I'm 100 % sure. It's just that the machine has a name.

Watching someone playing his instrument that good makes you feel joy, happiness and hope in humanity.

"The base drum defines where the funk lives" - so cool and true

Nice!!! That's a lot of action to hit the back cymbals...

This man’s a true legend. He’s like a living metronome. When people talk about “clean” drummers, this is it. No frills, no over-creative fills, no stick twirling, just solid drumming.

Dang that locomotive gave me chills...

So this man basically does a double bass drum with a single kick pedal 24:00

7:27 simple but amazing

Ptm hablo español

Love the snare drum

please do another video for "Billie jean"... ❤️

That bass drum during "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin" is UNBELIEVABLE. It sounds like 2 or 3 Bass Drums! Other worldly.

Pure class...Serve the song. Metronome-like internal clock...Wow!


Lol. This is million times harder than Metallica.

No matter left or right hand he smash that snare. The sound still the same. Master. Outstanding drummer.

This man is amazing.

Amazing drum sound!

Awesome timing and awesome basedrum skills


Thumbs up for the drummer, thumbs down for the fat ass host

That last solo....fuhhhhhhhhkin incredible!!!!!

this being is not human this is crazy

drum machine guy

I play drums myself & this guy is one of my favorite drummers for the past year now because of his kick drum techniques! Yeah this guy does stuff that I can't do twisting the sticks & hitting the cymbols behind him amazing!

Mr. Moffett is an incredible drummer. He holds his legs at an odd angle but man can he use that kick drum! His tempo is spot on too!


I love how he makes EVERY note and rest count and how he keeps time with his head.

36:17 Am I going crazy or do I freaking hear the bass guitar and the guitar? Amazing...amazing

At 3:45 I'm just waiting in anticipation for him to come back in at exactly the right time. And he does.

Mr Jonathan....king of drum...

Kink. Of deum

Mr Jomathan. The drum ....cult....

Mr. Jon. and Mr. mj.......Nothing else...

Legendary video

Sooooo in the pocket!!

okay, next step is obviously vs jordison without the double bass pedal.

i think you can't teach someone how to play the groove a perfectionist will have a different result than someone who doesn't care an aggresive will have different groove than someone calme and peaceful and i think jonathan is the best drummer in the buisness i can feel true commitement ,disipline with some violent behaviour i mean this is what i feel when i hear the groove of jonathan

Tight as a drum.

He is the Great Samurai Warrior, Master in the way of the Groove. He even speaks as a Samurai; not only master in body, but master of the spirit through discipline

This man is a gem of a human being and musician. Also, that right foot could shame a LOT of metal dudes using both feet.

The only person Fletcher (from Whiplash) would NOT EVER say: Not quite my tempo... Sugarfoot would tell Fletcher that he is not quite his tempo.

I always show this to my students who are lost in chops , play the groove solid and you can too become a legend !

He's so badass with the vest and now shirt, dress pants and shoes. What a monster.

Now this is drums timing melody rhythm beat effortlessly leading and keeping it all up popping with nothing but pure skill this guy can not only bring the funk but adds something to that kit that very few can and thats soul thats the joy of watching you sir got me moving and thats what its all about legendary professional doing what they love keep playing cause the world needs this wow

1:19:17 goosebumps


Double Pedal? Nah! I'm fine with just One

I lost it @27:03 when he brought in the snare. so good!

Wow. Great vid and I only watched the first song so far. I love how he sounds so good, but isn't really doing soo much showing and filling ( except for the behind the head ninja crashes ). It is great technique and timing.

He's was the original MJ drummer right after one of the brothers after him then came the late Mr Ricky Lawson and then on and on in between sometimes there was a sub drummer and that was Vinnie and they all played Pearl Drums back then

I Love You

What a humble..down to Earth guy he is...absolute to pick his brains !!

I just wanna say, thank you to everybody involved in making this video. Jonathan, I want to let you know that you have truly inspired me through me as both a drummer and a man of God as well. As a Michael Jackson fan since I was about 10 years old (I am currently 19 fyi) I somehow never came to recognize who the drummer is, but when I watch videos of live performances, I definetly felt a spiritual presence behind the music. Now I know where that comes from. It comes from God flowing through a true musician who truly knows what he's doing, and really knows his instrument in a very deep level. So I just want to give a huge thank you to drumeo for making this video and to Jonathan for an awesome lesson that has changed my approach on playing drums and for inspiring me. I'll support you on any of your future work!

I am from Brazil and I am very fan of Jonathan, it made a beautiful story in the band of Michael Jackson

You're a vegetable, you're a vegetabllllleeee

He is simply a living legend! Awesome technique and his tempo is on point - what a machine! However, the thing i like the most is that he is simply playing the songs and makes them come to live, he is not overplaying them. Just drumming on point at it's finest :)

was really hoping he'd play billie jean, but great lesson none the less!

I feel like the most cool, unmentioned thing about this video is how he has the privilege of referring to MJ as just "Michael"

Jarzombek...I see you !


Excellent drummer and very interesting guy to listen to.

He is a very down to earth person!

I came, then I came. Then he grabbed those cymbals and I came again. Now I'm dead

the solo part is really boring.... but i liked the mj songs, it's the best part of the video.

I love this brother right here. Real nice guy. He needs to do a drum library for BFD or Toontrack.

Solid as a rock!! Wow!!! Love it!

7:28 what the hell is happening, someone explain please

what sticks does he use

the best

Dude is 63 years old and built like a brick wall unstoppable

"When he plays I feel like dancing" - Michael Jackson Woah !!!

This guy could be a great programmer

"Wanna Be Startin' Somethin" - As an event technician and sound engineer i have to say that there is no other song that works for me so fine to calibrate almost every PA at events i work at (from electronic to rock to jazz, everything, the mastering on the album i've got on vinyl is just incredible). To see Mr. Moffett perform just as good as i hear it on the album is a joy. Thank you for the whole video/session!

Amazing skillz

Sugar feet the drum manchine hit after hit beat after beat on point all aspiring drummers watch and learn from the beat meister/drum manchine cos he can play

That snare

Matthew Villanueva Thank you for your beautiful and heartfelt comment. I appreciate you, Mathew. God bless and Love!!....JM

but can he METAL?

He Buff

Want the same right foot

"There's brush fire in my calves." His counsel about moving through the pain, and taking things gradually on a daily basis is priceless. "Control you mind, body....

What kind of sticks he uses ?

Yes, he has the spirit of the drumgrooves, like a sitting Bull! Maximal Respect!!!

Best men on set for bring the good old Disco - beats. Tight smooth and hot! Exactly!!!

Awesome playing for an awesome guy.

Dang! That foot is majestic! And that snare sounds great!

he is awesome nice ghost triscks

I think they first band after his brother kicked him out of his band named him sugarfoot. NOT Michael Jackson. Michael used to call him foots.

My new favorite drummer!! He sure can use his gift!!

Sugarfoot, no wonder.

This is just amazing





7:28............God Mode!

This man is $$$$

He is describing......TRINITY. (26:02)


Damm imagine he would of chosen base guitar he would of never been this legend he is today

Amazing! He is playing over the studio record an hits exactly in the beat.

Drumkit for sale...

7:27 A wormhole has been opened to another space dimensional real life...

A natural double-kicker with one foot... WOW!! thanks

I have that same kit, except in the blue sparkle funish. 7 piece DW collectors series.


Cookiejardrummer ! Lumberjackerflutcrapcrackinghoolahoop ! Sugarfoot up his ass,please !

This is total crap man ! I really don’t understand people who say this is a legend !

very charismatics, GREATH MAN WE CAN SAY LEGEND...


Love the comments and absolutely deserved praise for Sugarfoot. Anyone figure out what type Istanbul Mehmet RIDE cymbal he is using here? Love the mixture of cymbals.


Definitely a living legend who contributed the golden time of pop music.

He's not playing the drums he's dancing with the drums , just brilliant thing to watch and listen

와~~ 정말 눈을 뗄수가 없네요 !!! WONDERFUL~~~!!!!! LEGEND~~!!!!!!!

wow wow...salute..very inspiring.. thanks master guru

Right on point! Nice work.

Un gusto ver la calidad de músico; impecable ejecución!

he is the best drummer without a doubt not he who is compared to listen to many celebrities but to jonathan nobody equals him

Although I am not a musician, nor drummer, I am glad I've watched that. He is a great guy, and now I understand who was the inspiration(eventually) for my favorite drummer - Uli Kusch

Those chokes at @7.26 are awesome!

Woow I'm enjoying it so much

Thank you!

Great Drummer.

Baterista oficial do Rei michael jackson

55:38 I could see MJ rocking to that beat!

Drum solo was off the hook!Moffett! True legend...

What a great drummer and a great teacher.

I would have bet money the drums on Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' were programmed. Damn. Just damn.

É do capeta.

The great legendary drummer)))


wooowwww! your amazing.....I have been listening to MJ music forever and I always wonder who's behind the drum.... You are a blessing....


greatest drummer! he`s playing better that all existing drum-machines and VSTi !

7:27 That was some ninja stuff right there.

Living legend definitely. Great! :-) Snare drum sound is second to none.

oh my god。。。this is the real drummer,others are all fake,hahahhahahha

Its good and all but have u seen danny carey play?? Or dave lombardo???

Represents the great spirit of the drummer, very grateful

y luego toca tutupa xD

Wow what an amazing drummer and most important what a great human being

i love drums

This video is one of the moments when you realise how lucky you are to live in a period where YouTube, broadband internet and independent / numerous content providers exist. 20 years ago you would have to pay 100 bucks to buy a video tape of half the content. Thank you.

Sorry but this guy doesnt need a full kit ..all he plays is snare hats and kick...that's it all he plays ever so I find it funny he has 10 Tom's lol..

I've heard that they use him to calibrate metronomes...

Oh my holly God

Serious business starting guys ! The legend is installed

Very hard.wowwwww

I can play like him to... I just don't want to show...

He is so in tempo , amazing . Machine

I'm sorry but I dont really see how this guy is so amazing

And there's why i prefer not to hear musicians talk that much. That "Jesus Christ/God is my manager" shit. Get the fuck out. Delusional believing that a superior entity is watching over you So you're better than a poor son of a bitch who dies in the middle of the sea while trying to escape his country at war? Because you are the chosen one by God? And the poor guys gets shat on by the same God? Just fuck off

They say that if sugarfoot had stormed the beaches of Normandy on D-day, he would’ve deflected all incoming nazi enemy fire with his perfectly timed tasty ass beats.

He's by far my favourite drummer. This is a video every drummer should watch in my opinion. I hope I can reach him one day. I love you Sugarfoot.

oh my god....perfect...

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