JORDAN RIVER, BC - Car Camping on the West Coast

JORDAN RIVER, BC   - Car Camping on the West Coast

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oh no they've got to be wet how's everybody  doing we are excited because we are leaving   the city today and we are heading out to do  some camping we are heading up to jordan river   to uh do a little overnight camp i think we're  going to stay in the truck which will be sweet   and my buddy Wiley's coming he's going to  show us around it's his idea so should be here   in the next 15 minutes and we'll be on  our way and guess who's coming with you hi friends good morning what's up  dude i'm on camera [ __ ] oh let me go   uh so yeah we can head out we're just following  you uh yeah or we can look up how to get soon   we should be able to follow you it shouldn't  be too hard but yeah we'll we'll type it in   pretty fast all right let's  see how that thing goes a little car camping our convoy  here we got Wiley up in front   leading the way bertha or whatever its name is liquor store coffee grocery grocery store and then trying to find our way to a campsite  apparently it's a hot place for surfers it   might be battling with some surf peeps trying to  find a spot to post up we're up for the adventure i'm gonna put those in the garbage shot  don't worry i'll take them booze food and then hopefully hit the beach you you smells very much like bacon was that place called again i  already forgot it's really delicious   it surely was delicious they had all  kinds of vegan and gluten-free things   i didn't get anything because i already  had coffee and i don't need anything but   that's pretty cool i like that i like that but  now we're almost there we've seen lots of other   people with like campers and vans and stuff  so we think the competition might be fierce   for a spot i'm usually pretty lucky with these  things i'm i have faith that's true we have our   good luck charm with us but the sun's not  out so your powers aren't working so far   yeah well we can't have everything it  means the parking spot will take it   oh truck mr bouncy oh that's something to us  we bouncy oh [ __ ] all on this camera oh look   at this parking lot full of people so this is  probably what he's taking us to something like   this and then you just go up onto the beach from  there holy moly look at all these people oh yeah that's why there's so many people on the side of  the road look at this look at this spot though   this is where we're posting  up for the night i'm thinking i'm wondering if that's a covet  thing yeah i would think so oh yeah yeah sleeping is not a big deal even  if it's on it ends up being on the side of   the road like this is not the end of the world  either but i'm assuming this will clear out by   the end of the day yeah yeah hopefully probably  a better pick of the pick of spots for yeah let's i tried i tried it doesn't always work oh [ __ ] like come on that's so good so what are we doing i'm just gonna make the  most of it i guess i may just end up sleeping   on the side of the road here but be the same  beach hang should be good you warm enough   yeah i just want my gloves probs lunch  and beers yeah so campsites closed covered   i guess it makes sense site's pretty close  together do you want uh one of your ciders   or something um i might drink the wine okay  it was it weird to drink wine before noon   it's basically noon if the only thing that we're  not sure of is if we post up at the campsites   that were closed and have a fire and stuff and  if the camp ranger will come around and tell us   it can't be there so this has turned  into an adventure but we predicted that right it's just it's like not even cold but it's  more layers where's my wine got what's important   here my lunch this is the campsite that's  closed imagine having the truck pulled up to this it's a shame yeah i've got base layer long sleeve hoodie puff  sherpa and two pairs of pants so far so good even if they are going to be wet and  smelly i want a dog no offence Artie Artie's not a dog he says do you hear that ally   is a person okay well maybe that's  true that's more true than the dog okay i'm not sure if i thought we were gonna miss  going to mystic beach we're going to mystic   but it did say china beach  with a sign you're right okay we walking i feel like we're back in Monteverde oh my god you see right down  wow hello oh my goodness thank you we're almost there  to the infamous mystic beach the infamous the um hours the  towers the infamous towers i love it when we quote our own videos this is so nice is it that was your plan oh here we go oh no you didn't get wet no you did you did a little  bit we had to like jump up out of the rock gotta share this this is bull kelp it  is the weirdest thing you've ever seen   so thick yuck yucky yucky yeah this thing is weird so share with  the world what the Victoria custom is   apparently like beer bong out of this ew this has a lot of sand in the bottom it's like  really soft what's the word phallic well i guess   oh there goes back into the ocean where it belongs  it's a very interesting thing weird super weird so hey set up our bed for the first time it's  gonna be pretty pretty nice in here i'm thinking   all right so this has been a pretty bomb  day even though we weren't able to camp   where we thought we were going to we  made a last-minute decision to go to what's it called yeah mystic beach wow guys my memory is horrendous  you'll learn that mystic beach did a little   exploring took about 20 minutes to hike in maybe  it was beautiful hung out there and now we found   a different place just a little parking spot not  far from where we were originally going to camp   we're setting up the truck for the first time  and i'm actually really excited about this   this was the whole reason we bought this truck  so that we can do just this where's our buddy right next door he's got much better lights than we do though i  like he's got the the the broom too sweeping it's   got a broom no way what are you saying that's  fine yeah that bans this [ __ ] we don't need   firewood though so that's a bit of a bummer  we tried to get some but we couldn't find any   it's all sold out i think they're  just trying to get us to stay home where is it where's the other [ __  ] there's one right by robin's foot   right there oh man yeah [ __ ] dogs  yeah let's cover that bad boy though yeah Wiley on the grill here  making his signature zucchinis signature i'm learning this is his signature  yeah this is the go-to i don't know i like it   good little appetizer there we've already had  zupa i like doing this courses it's kind of fun   it's starting to rain some boys  are gonna set up a tarp for us but our fire's still going even  though we don't have any wood not burning yes say goodbye to resale value with all  this smoke going right in the truck resale value are we kidding  thank you hey what do we think that one is definitely done oh these all look bomb i shine my light in your face what are  your thoughts Todd no it's it's good okay well then that feels like i should  be able to cook with mushrooms then   even just put them in things you know i'll just be back here i'm really we definitely need to get  somebody's fairy lights though   yeah nice it really sets the mood doesn't  it would you say they were 15 bucks yeah morning everybody there's some serious seal action  going on out here this morning they're way in the distance damn way over there what a beautiful morning waking up to the sound  of seals outside you see them swimming in the   distance so cool all the surfers are getting  up start riding the wave it's dedication then wow i wish i could show you guys the seals  better i wish i could see them better we got the sunrise over here to the  left this is a pretty magical morning i dig the west coast guys yeah fancy i just have to remind myself of nature but you

2021-01-31 04:33

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