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So. Josh thank you so much for being yes my pleasure so excited to have you um so to get things started I thought I'd just do a few rapid-fire, questions. So. For these ones just answer, the first thing that comes to your mind okay. First. One favorite. Song and Hamilton. Yorktown. Fisher. Last. Thing you googled I. Want. To say. It. Was like, I. Want, to say it was I, can. Just check. Let's. Find out it. Was something it was something super. Random. Been. A Jimmy, John's location, there's some. Yeah. There you go. Favorite. City you have performed, in not including, Denver okay cuz. Denver's first yes. Honestly. I loved. They've. All been so good audiences, are are. Like subtly, different in each one I really, like San Diego like as a city and I just I really vibe to that city was super cool. Yeah. I really, liked it there that was fun no, no I changed my mind a genuine Tempe. Was the best because. It. Was it was on a college campus so like that energy there was just like so awesome and there was a professor. That. Used to teach it at the Ithaca College which, is the school I went to and then he now teaches at. ASU. So I got to like do a talk at his class like all, his students like randomly like saw me that go on because, I was on for about a week for a Jefferson, left by Jefferson so. It was just like I don't know it was super cool like I felt, like just the kind of tiny bit famous. Yeah. To. My rapid fire well one, word to describe Hamilton. There's. A bunch I, know. I'll say see groundbreakings, for sure one movements. Like it's a it's such a movement you. Know it's more than I mean it's like obviously a musical theater but it's I feel like it's done so much more than that and the, timing of it and just like cultural, implication, that it has is it's just like yeah. Honestly movement. Last. Rapid-fire coolest. Person you've met while performing in the show I want to say I have. A story about it have you guys seen this show crazy ex-girlfriend, yeah. I like loved that show and Rachel bloom was. Like the main person in it like I went, on as, love. At Jefferson once and, then. It, was in LA and like after the show I saw her and I was like oh my gosh and I was just creeping from afar like I was he's saying. Why. Do do, I just like say, hi no, I can't do that that's stupid and, then and then she saw me she was like oh my gosh it's Thomas Jefferson, I said no. Like. It was the craziest, thing yeah but she just like came up to me and we chatted for a second and I was really cool and Seth, Green - that was he was really nice. Yeah, I mean we've met a bunch of you that's like it's probably my most notable. Interaction, just because I was like that was. So crazy that she like called me out. Okay. Favorite. Questions huh Q, start off by telling us a little bit about all, the characters you play in the show and what it's like to be in the room where it happens, yo okay, so. It's. Funny this, so so offstage principal standbys my title which basically means I'm hired for the sole purpose of just you know being there in case something happens so, I can go. In you. Know whenever, or. You know before the show I'll get noticed, you know maybe two, or three hours before somebody, asked me like how early, do you usually know you know like it's in a couple days you. Know did they tell you like the week before and like literally anywhere, from like months, to like a couple of minutes yeah. Like. I had a I had a last. Week. I. Was playing uno with, other swings and the stage manager came, in she's like hey you're, gonna be Jefferson, in the secondary, let's, just sit like that's what happens so Mitchell yeah good show and that's only happened to me like a handful of times what that happens so. I mean that's honestly. Like originally, that was really, I've, never had to do anything like that before, that. Was really hard and it was really stressful and especially with like this brand I mean it's so larger-than-life, it's, so, you. Know it's. Just it's just huge and it's so I'm so thankful to be a part of it but at the same time like there's a gravity, to it or there was I mean I don't so much feel this anymore I've relatively.

Gotten Used to it but at, the beginning it was very crazy. To. Have to just be, yes. I'm enough I can do it you know like it's, so, it's. A lot but I, don't. Know what now I really. Love it like it's just like it's so, you just never know what your day is gonna turn into it's, I don't know it's so much fun for me especially. Cuz like I don't know I like to consider myself somebody, who goes with the flow so. Just kind of like I. Don't. Know it's such a weird thing to, to. Be able to do I'm very proud of it now yeah. I don't know if that I don't know I feel like I. Went. In a different direction but yeah. Honestly. Um, I. Think. I I, think, I relate, most with, Lawrence. Phillip and, but. The funnest, role for me is like for sure Jefferson, I mean like. If. You just literally. You just get to be extra, it's so much fun. It's the most it's, the best like, literally like you come out I don't know if you guys have seen it but look. At the very beginning of that act you. Like come out on like, a staircase, and you're just like in a velvet suit, and like a and, you'll hear like a couple people from Agra like oh and then I don't. Know at least this is what I do with r-spec. Everybody. Cheers it's like it's. So crazy it's the most it's so extra I love it, that's something the funnest. What. Do you say the most challenging part, of being in the show going. On last minute er I. Think. There's. Been there's been a whole arc of like, things, that I've considered challenging, and like I. Overcome. More or less you. Know at first I, think it it had to do with the stress of being associated with. The. Brand it's. I mean like I said it's just magnificent. It's just this very big thing so. I think that that, was like difficult. For me a little bit and. And. Then. It way I was very homesick for. A long time. Yeah. I know so that's yeah. And. Uh it's. It's interesting you know just like really not. Having, a home now, like, I mean yeah like this is my home but you know I mean or, torn so. Uh so. That's been tough but then as far as like the performance goes. Like, I said it used to be the like. Having. Such a short notice. It's. Such a short amount of time to prepare and go on but I. Don't. Know, it's. It's it's interesting because things that I consider challenging are now things that I kind of enjoy it's. All kind of like. Transformed. Into something else I guess. Now it's just you know making. The most out of it and like trying to like remember. That. Because. Sometimes it does feel like a job you know we've been doing this for a year over. A year and it. Does feel like going to the office sometimes, you don't feel like a little bit. Crazy. Sometimes so. I guess like remembering, that like. You. Know I feel like every period of my life like I look back on the previous period, I'm like ah that was the best but like while I was going through it he.

Didn't Feel that way so. Now I'm just trying really hard to be like yeah this like really is like awesome so I guess. Just trying to like take that in while it's happening yeah. Um. So can you tell us a little bit more about how you got involved with Hamilton, and what the audition process yeah yeah. I was really really fortunate so, I graduated college in, May. 2016, and, I. Was able to get like. At most. Theatre cause performance colleges. We. Have this thing called a showcase which we basically go to New York City and then like prepare. A, song. And a scene or something with our class for, a bunch of agents, and managers and, casting directors and stuff like that just like a bunch of people anybody, who wants to attend and I. Was fortunate enough to get signed out of that and. My. Agent was very very very. Good to me she's she's, really awesome I love her and. She. Was. Able to get me an appointment and you know I did auditions, like I, moved there over the summer it's, a New York City like I did a show around, Ithaca, and then. I, moved search in New York City after that and I was just like auditioning, around it was mostly like workshops, like just kind, of smaller projects like startup things like I was, in karbix for Aladdin for a while but I'm just. I'm just bad at tap dance so I. Did. End up panning but, uh yeah, and then around I think it was October. Was. When I got an appointment for this and, then I went in and it was uh they. Have a general mail packet, it had like dear Theodosia, blow. Us all the way I. Washington. On your side I think yeah. When I did that and they call me back in for Sons of Liberty and. Hamilton. And then. It was like. They're. Like oh good job okay can you learn like these 50 songs and then. I had, to learn like so. Much, music it was like crazy, so. I ended it was I think it was actually like eight songs or, like eight cuts and I. Learned, them all and then I went back in and they asked me to do like two of them then. Yeah. And then and then it was it, was it was a crazy process I think I have I want to say I had seven callbacks, you. Know took two months it was one of those things where it was like I would do one I didn't, know how I did and then, it would be like a week of just thinking about it and then, they would email me and be like hey can you come in tomorrow morning say yeah sure, and then you. Always got to say yes yeah yeah, like. You, know I was just starting out I got to leverage like what am I gonna say like I. Have. A two o'clock. Yeah. So. Uh yeah. So then you. Know I did that like six. Seven times and then. The. Last one. Was. A, dance. Call because. They hadn't seen me dance yet so I was like great and then I showed, up and there was nobody there I said, what's going on I'm in the wrong place oh my gosh I was freaking out because I obviously I, just.

I, Don't know I was just stressed all the time and, uh yeah. So then there was nobody there and I was like asking around and I asked the person the. Person. At the desk I can't remember the name but uh yeah. And then she was like no this is the right place yeah they'll see shortly and it. Was just the just, the associate, choreographer came, out he said come on in and then it was just me and him I was, like why me why this before. Then it. Was so funny it's like you, know like it's. Not like I can't dance like you know I'm funded party it's like I can Bob I. Do. Okay but like you know like. You. Know that's not like it's yeah. Exactly, yeah. It's a craziness and there's. A mover call and a dancer call and they put me in the dance call and, I and, then use doing all those like crazy moves, I said I know, this, is it like this is the end but. I think they were just they wanted to see like how I moved or something I her how how fast I picked it up like I, don't really know but. Whatever. Worked out. But. Yeah and then that was the last one and I didn't hear anything for like two weeks and. Yeah. And then I got the call right before, Christmas, is December 23rd, and I. Was on my family uh listen porreco and, I, mean they're all Puerto Rican and uh. Yes. I was on my way to visit them for Christmas and, like I was. Literally like on my way to the airport and, my, agent called me and then she like told me that I got it and I, stopped, the uber I was like I have to get out like. That. Is like I literally like I'm sure that's like a crazy person but I like literally, just like got out of the car and just like ran like I just like ran around. I. Just like called three people I ran some more and like and. Called three more you know and then uh rinse. And repeat and then uh, yeah. And then I like, went to where you go and like I felt like a superhero. I felt so cool yeah. I. Know it we really yeah, and. Then we started rehearsals, like two. Weeks later that's. Great. Okay. So before I saw Hamilton for the first time in 2015, I have. To admit my American, history knowledge, was laughing a bit how. Much American, history did you know before starting the show I mean I. Don't. Know a. Fair. Amount. No. On. The $10 bill and like first, shot minute do. I literally because I think I was just so focused on like learning the words, that. Like. I remember. There was a moment, where I was like oh the. $10.00, founding, father. Two. Months, into rehearsal. Yeah. I, mean so I guess not a lot. But. It's, so I that's why I love this show so much especially you know with like the, outreach the outreach, that we do with school is in just like the amount that we talk with students, and stuff like that just. It. Really made me passionate about learning about you, know our history as a country and, I think, it really has that effect on I. Feel. Like everybody, I mean like I, really. I didn't. Know what a lot of this stuff and it. And it's you. Know some of it's obviously like it's. Dramatized, and stuff like that some things get glossed over I mean you have to you know we have three hours to like tell a lifetime, but.

I Mean it, made me passionate about okay. It made me want to learn more about it so, I mean definitely the process has made me smarter I think beforehand, no, I didn't, know a lot about it I knew that Hamilton, like was a dude who existed, at one point and. Then, there's a show about him with like a rad music, so, yeah. So. Kind, of segue into education, which you just mentioned so since the show's inception there's. Been a huge initiative for education making the show accessible, to students yeah those. Are who are familiar to you tell us a little bit more about that you have a program and what those performances, are like yeah, oh my gosh it's so. Fabulous. I'm obsessed with that I mean, you. See just like the most passionate, kids like it's it's very inspiring to me like as a performer, you know it's just like I. Don't. Know it's. Like. They'll come in and they'll do you. Know anything like a poem, a rap you know just spoken, word. Whatever. Make a speech you, know just something about something. That they believe in and everybody. Brings in different. Ideas, with, you. Know similar. Drives. Behind, it, that. Are. Just like I, don't. Know I guess I guess. For me i was, a I feel, like I was a relatively, soft-spoken, person about, my own opinions, up. Until I, don't. Know even now like I don't it's. Like I'm, not really loud mouthed about the things that I believed and I wish I was, a little bit more but. It's so cool to see like how this, show just inspires, like, kids. Who are just younger, than 18 you know kids who are still maturing you know to. Really just speak up about what they believe in it's. So cool like that's just something that I I. Don't. Want to say I was taught not to do it I just like I just. I I didn't, believe. In myself and my opinions. And the things that I felt like, and the things that I believed to. The extent, that this show is like getting, people to to, do that you know what I mean I feel like I'm not articulating, this well but yeah like, it's. Just so cool to see that like from kids so young like oh my. Gosh it's amazing so. Yeah. Exactly, yeah and just like a new gender it's it really is like watching. It and being like this is the future you. Know it's. So it, makes me just feel so good about I. Guess. What's to come in the, arts and what's. To come politically. Yeah. Yeah. So. You. Said these kids are inspiring to you is there anyone who inspired you to do theater a bunch. Of people, yeah. There, was a culmination of a lot of things I mean to be honest my trajectory is a little bit all over the place as far as like the things that I wanted to do growing up like. I I. Play, football for a long time not a long time I mean like I play, football for like three years going. Into high school my, story is so corny I played, football and, then like the, musical, was gonna happen and like I was like I can't, do both. Yeah. And then I am and I quit football and I did the musical I was Marius, and Fairview, High School's production, of Missouri. Yeah. And then that was a and, I remember my sophomore year I. Did. A this. Thing called pop show which is just like a culmination, of like acts, and like songs. That like the students would put on and. That. Was my first time performing in front of an, audience I did, your sign bio and John will take a couple of my friends and I. Always like to sing but you know I had not performed, like that before, the. First time I did that was when I was 16 and that's when I found out that I really, really, loved it like, I had, the best time and. It. Was not something that I considered to be like a viable career path I mean like when you're coming up like especially if you want to be a performer like everybody.

Tells You not to do it everybody. Even the pyrrha member like doing like master, classes with people who are like like, theater goers and the thing, that they would always said it was like piss, me off is if, you can do anything else you should do it. I know, I, mean like I I didn't. Yeah. So. And. I don't and I don't feel like I could do, anything else I mean. Like. Yeah. I, mean. I just I don't know if I'd be happy doing anything else but, uh yeah. Like. So. So and I so, I originally, I wanted to sing and. I, didn't I didn't really exactly know like how to approach that Avenue and I think musical theater was a medium. That. I don't know it was just such a unique way of storytelling, that I hadn't experienced before the age of like 17. Like I said was my junior year of high school and, then. I did the musical again when I was a senior, and that's kind of what did it where I was like wow this is just like a really beautiful, Avenue. With which to tell a story and it's. Such a. Yeah. I mean yeah so, so. Then I mean after that I I, auditioned, for a bunch of colleges, and. You. Know I actually. Wanted to go to Berkeley. For production, and design at first and then. They were. And. So, I didn't end up going there and then I, went. To Ithaca College which. I. Love. Their program it's so it's it's I didn't consider myself an actor like I said I was, mostly a singer, and, if. It was very acting heavy and at first I really didn't like that but then, I I don't know I got really really into it alright I just, really like to act - I ended up doing a lot of straight plays while I was there. I. Honestly. Can't remember what you originally asked. I. Just. Told you my whole. A. Bunch. Of people I had a bunch of teachers who. Yeah. I mean a teacher, at interviewing was Janice wha-ho so you know she's, been a big part I almost didn't do it was choir who like that originally like led me in and, I didn't sign up for choir my sophomore year I was like enquires lame I was like you know I was in football I'm like, to be one of those guys and. Uh, that's. Offensive to those guys they were nice but. But. Like yeah. And uh and. I remember I didn't sign up my sophomore here is and then I've got my schedule and choir was on my schedule and I said double, vet AFA, like I went, and, I went up to Janice. And I said why. She. Said yeah you're doing choir so. I didn't sign it said you're. Gonna do it I'm gonna do it and then I did and it was fun you know I had, a great time and that's how I ended up doing that so honestly, like her and then, I. Had. A bunch of really, supportive. Friends. And their families, are really supportive, of me and my, family, was really supportive, of me and, yeah. I think it. Was just a lot of people. Really. Believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and that's a big that's a big part of it, yeah. So, you mentioned a lot of people told you not to do theater. Opposite. Of that what was the best piece of advice you've ever received I. Can't. Think, of a specific piece of advice that I've been given I think but you know this sounds so specific. But. But I I mean like I think, I realized really young they're like I can get away with a lot of stuff if I just like smile like. Exactly. Like literally that, because. I remember like growing out like I used to like I used. To like get in the trunk like oh sorry. I have like like, no, you you know would turn into one of those so, it kind of became a habit and then and. Then. I think, eventually it. Kind, of. Prohibited. Me from being, genuinely, vulnerable, just because, like I have fallen into the habit of just like smiling. It just like at like whenever I was feeling anything, he's like, you. Know I, mean, this. Is I'm saying it's very specific but, some I mean I had an acting teacher just say you're. Smiling so much you're smiling everything where you smiling so much like you're sad right now like the scene is sad like express.

That You know like this, text is not telling you to be a smiley, little kid and. Yeah. And then and then I thought about that and like it first says just like okay. I just won't smile but. That. That sounds like really jaded advice like yeah but I'm telling you like it's one of those things where I thought about it and I, realized like how. Little. Of my actual. Feelings, I was allowing, to show, other, people and, to express to myself because. Instead, I had deflected, it with just like oh you. Know like and that's, and then it, carried, over into my acting where that was like a real acting, fall back that I had or. Like I. Would. Have smile and everything and then, I don't know I kind of stopped doing that and I just found like a whole spectrum of emotions, that I guess I had not considered before. Like. I said it's a very specific, thing but. The. Best advice I ever got, was somebody telling me not to smile. You. Know was a crazy place all right yeah. Okay so switching gears a bit a bit, the, musical is about founding, fathers and well many of them may be huge contributions, to our country there were also humans, who are deeply fond of course made mistakes how, does this affect, your portrayal of these historical, figure honestly, I think there's a duality to every human being and it's really important, to take that into consideration. You, know I'm glad that I mean they've really addressed, that mostly with Hamilton you know obviously he cheated on his wife and. You. Know sort. Of like dropped the ball with his son dying. In a duel and like. Yeah. Like, but. That doesn't really discount, any of the contributions. That he made to society and like our economy, and like the building blocks that he you. Know set. As. Far as like my portrayal, of the people I I don't know I think that's really important, like it's it shouldn't be hid like truth is truth and it matters, it's. Reality and that's, really really important, like. American. Like the USA, has a shady, history. Like it's so shady but. I mean we're. Here now and. You. Know. Hopefully. We're educated, about it I mean I think that's really important, that like we see all sides of the story because. I think it you know it, really. Helps us going forward you know in proceeding yeah like I have you. Know Thomas, Jefferson like, wasn't. Historically, like a nice, dude I think you know I guess, so. I mean I don't know a crazy a lot. About him I was more focused on just you know learning the blocking, but like I know that you know he he's, a big proponent of slavery, and but. I mean he he, made a lot of contributions to you know I mean, everybody.

Everybody. Is flawed in every, story that you ever tell, hopefully. You. Know in. Order to be a dynamic character you have to have flaws in order to be a human being you have to it shouldn't be ignored and it should be I don't. Know about embraced, and sometimes. But yeah. That's important. Okay. So. You've. Been in this cast for a little bit over a year and you travel to cities all over the country without, having cast what. Is it like having different audiences, performing. In front of different cities you get different reactions yeah, for sure it's so interesting I mean. Yeah. It's. I feel, like you know I feel like in every city like people laugh, in different, in places. That's, primarily, the one that I noticed, is like sometimes people will like laugh it's, funny in the head your hands there, wasn't wine or it was like. There's. One I think it was last. Week or something where there's. A sign say no to this I was like led me to her bed let her legs spread and said and then like everybody, was like oh. She. Like freaks out of heaven I thought it was so funny. At. The, end spoiler, alert but like also its history Hamilton, gets shot. Like. Wikipedia, at Baylor SATA in the first number, yeah. Yeah so so, I don't I'm not sorry um, but. Yeah he he got shot and then it's it was like and. Then like, you know he's. As. Soon as that happened there was silence and so he's it Oh. It. Was so. Funny, and that everybody, and everybody, laugh like. In the audience it's so weird to be a performer, in moments like that because it's just like how, do I not acknowledge. This. Oh. My. Gosh. So, yeah I mean it it varies. And, kind of going off with that have. You had any on stage or backstage mishaps. And if so how did you tell you, I. Mean. That happen especially you know like I'm, a cover, so I don't do these tracks every day so like, my, day, you like my first time ever going on I did. It you know like it was from all again Madison, and I, the whole thing went you know as good, as I could be expected for the first time you know I didn't make any like crazy mess ups and, I was like you know this is good I'm living, breezy like weird golden. The. Last line, that I had in the entire show, I just forgot. It. Was so, embarrassing and, this is it was like Josh Henry, was he's our original own we're easiest said President. Madison he. Took our country from bankruptcy. Yeah. Because. It's deep took our country from bankruptcy to prosperity, I hate to admit it but he doesn't give him credit brother car DMS they say he took our country from bankruptcy to.

Financial. Stability. Hate. To admit it but he doesn't get no credit problem if you say who lives who dies heat, so they come. It. Was like so embarrassing and. Then. Instead. Of pretend it didn't happen like it's like and there's, been times where I've like you know been in the wrong bet that's like the funniest one I mean, there's a bunch of really funny ones like I don't. Know I mean I don't want to like. Blow. Up anybody's, spot but there was like one time when our George Washington, just like it's. Like you, know you do what you get into the group and I think like you expect, it to just come to you and sometimes it just doesn't like. You know and there was one time when a. Ladies. And gentlemen, the issue on the tables secretary Jefferson is it was you know like the, cabinet battle so, he comes out he says ladies, and gentlemen. And. He's. Like he's just the bet he's the most like he's just such a jubilant, man soon. Just. You guys I. Lost. My train of thought. Secretary. Jefferson, you have the floor. Like. If they just started I mean it yeah it totally happens, you know there's, a lot of like it's, yes there's a lot of lions and. It's and it's great cuz it's so dense that usually, you just you forget about it in like 10. Measures anyways. So. Yeah. That. Happens all the time. Like. What does this show mean to you it. Means so many things and it's and it's progressed, I think like. So. Much so. Much life has happened while, I've been on tour. Like. Our George Washington, had his second, child while we were in LA, you know our, hmm. Josh. Henry will. Know I guess I was after. Yeah, that was out of husband was just born I don't know what I'm saying but, you know I mean it's just that a lot of friendships, has have been developed, you know things have happened like, journeys, have been gone through like I have. Made a progression as a human being through like this process. Just. Because of you know it comes with so many experiences. It meant, a different thing to me before. Than it does now you. Know I. Think. Before, it. It. Meant what I mean and it still does you know I think it's, this idea and it's this movement that's, very inclusive, and, you know it involves everyone and it's you, know a choice to stand up for what you believe in and I think that's that. Has, remained consistent to, me like throughout and, I, think over time it, became a, lot. About growth, and a. Lot about.

Internal. Progression, and. Overcoming. My fears and overcoming, my. You. Know. Inner. Demons is the wrong word I mean I had a lot of like. He. Liked us like, Thomas. Jefferson like, that track, like. Homie devide won a Tony for that like Who am I you know what I mean is it was one of those things where I think. Figuring. Out like what it is that I had to offer as a human being and as a performer has progressed a lot over time like through this show and it's funny because like the show itself is a lot about you, know embracing yourself and what you believe in and that. That, I'm like I said that remains consistent, and that that has been like a huge like arc for me throughout. This entire process. You. Know like. I I mean I don't have that much experience in, general with life you know I'm twenty-three like I was blessed enough to get this like you. Know pretty shortly out of college, so. A lot of my, postgraduate. Life has been this show. Yeah. I couldn't be happier about it. So. You mentioned to beat were you able to meet up with an echo yeah yeah. Hang out with us all the time yeah. I have like we have like a barbecue with him longer in LA he's dope he's a good guy. Do. They give any advice about the rules. Oh I mean I've never really asked sighing. I've tried not to be like, you. Know I. I. Imagine. That, I. Don't. Know I I, imagine, that if I had done it for a while and then I was finished with it you know I probably. I'd probably just want, to like live my life I. Mean. I try not. To talk about Hamilton, with those people but yeah. I mean but we met we met a lot, of them uh. Uh, oak. Came, to Oakland DeVito both at the opening night Lin was - yeah. We got to meet with him. They're. All great I don't know yeah they're just like people it's so funny you know I feel like coming, out of Ecology these were people that I like I. Mean. The whole thing is relatively, new but like a jet in my senior year you know we like talked about them in class and.

Talked. About this whole thing and talked about you know Tommy. Kill Andy blame him Bueller Alex lack of more the original like creative team and. Yeah. It was like it was it's so crazy to just hang out with them you know, it's it's funny to like. Have. Your, role. Models just become like people. Just before your eyes and like have a regular conversation about something that has nothing to do with your job it's. Sort of. Yeah. That's been really interesting, like, talking with Lana and just having a regular conversation about. His flight into LA and. So it was well I'm, just like wow this is just so like. Yeah. Yes. So. We're gonna open up to audience. Questions. And. Then we have some mics around the, room if. Anyone has a question did you want to raise your hands and we can bring a mic -. Can. You talk a little bit about the, journey between, getting the part like the rehearsals, and its, opening night totally, um. Yeah. So got. It freaked, out when where we go felt like a superhero, started, with her ran, around just. Ran around the whole span of Manhattan, and then. Um. And, then it. Was awesome, and. And. We started rehearsal and I was like. His. In Midtown is like from 10:00 to 6:00 every day I mean we had to learn a whole show in like three. Weeks so, it was pretty intense and. The. The cool. But it was crazy at the time and um I'm really thankful that this happened. But. You, know the covers are not priority. When. Teaching. A show to an original company you know we, were all learning the show at the same time so. You. Know the priority was obviously teaching the principles in the on stage cast, like, their parts like as fast as possible, and. So. A lot of me. Learning. My stuff, I had to do it through, osmosis and, like on my own and I had to really pay attention to what was going on and absorb as much as I possibly, could so, that, I could like go home and like review, it and. That. Was really crazy I've never had to do anything like that before I was like nobody was holding my hand I felt like. It. Was so it was so difficult. But. At, the same time like I, don't. Know I feel, like that built so much like. Character. Just like having to do something like that I mean yeah, nobody was telling you what to do like and. I. Was still expected, to do it and that nobody talked to me about that either that was the weird thing is like I really wasn't sure what the expectation, was and like when, I was supposed to know my stuff by and like what, that was like so I just tried to learn it as fast as I could and, fortunately. I. Fortunately. That like I. Had. The attitude because like I had to go on really really early my debut medicine happened I think the second. Week of previews which. Like usually. I don't know it's, not like it's unheard of but it usually doesn't happen like it was crazy. But. Fortunately, I had been so stressed, about it that I had already learned it so thankfully. It. Was all I thought about I was like literally. I would go to bed like what if like what. If I don't know like somebody'd just, like quit. Like I don't know like I was just seeing all kinds of scenarios like flying by in my head I was like I would, have dreams like, just, like about. Like. Like. Waking, up like the for opening night and people being like hey you have to go on for this check and never done and like it, starts in 30 good luck you know um. But, uh. So. Yeah, so. It. Was a lot of that and then. When I mean when they knew that I was gonna have to go on they were really like they were really hands-on, with me which was super helpful and. You. Know I got to rehearse like one-on-one with like everybody, and then I got I had a put in which was great and then. And. Then like. I think. It was the week after that I had, to debut, a different, role, it. Was like the first two were just nuts, dude I mean because that one the. The next week when I added they view the other one I got one day I got they told me the day before like the night before was my day off I was like I was. Like out, with friends we. Were doing this like. Community. Outreach thing with. Like. A homelessness, outreach, in. San. Francisco, and and. Then, it was just afterwards, we were hanging, just like having a glass of wine and then like back off. There's. Like hate Rubin like, is out you have to go on tomorrow just like.

Put. My glass of water I. Have. To go home. But. I. Just like went over it a bunch that was that was pretty intense that, was one of those things where I feel, like now it's a year out so I could talk about it a little bit more candidly, but I remember, like I had. I had a put in like an emergency put in the next morning which was great but, I remember, there being certain. Numbers where I was like I just. Have to Dutch just I just I did not hit anybody this. Is like I would be like maneuvering, around like, I didn't know where I was supposed to be but I was I knew like approximately. That I like should be there because like people were here. Nuts. Like it was the most terrifying, thing ever but then it was like one of those things are after that I was like I can do anything like. Oh my. God like that was crazy. Yeah, and. That, was like I think, that's the most stress like then I've had this experience and after that I was like smooth sailing, like. I think, nothing will be harder, than that. Yeah. And I mean, after. That it became a little bit more routine, and you. Know I we, rehearsed like once once twice a week you know and uh we'll, like run through the show and I'll be like a different person like every time and. Yeah. It became, a little more routine after that but. Yeah the start was actually super turbulent, for me like oh, that's. Crazy, yeah. If. You could play any role in any non Hamilton, musical, what would it be I mean. I I was I really want to be this, isn't a musical. You want to be in the streetcar, named desire I'd, love to me Stanley. That. Would be awesome. Have. You guys seen that like with Marlon Brando like have you seen them I mean ah, so awesome that. Was like.he that dude like I. Don't. Know I mean. Everybody talks about Marlon Brando like he's like the best actor because he is or at least like young Marlon right now like before he like I had an earpiece would like the Lions but. Like. Like. You. Know like back, when he tried like he was really good. Yeah. I, think. That that's like my dream one I would love to be in that show. Um. I have to think about it music oh this is about you guys I'd love to be in it was to love to, the Warner in Legally Blonde. That. Would be so much fun like this is my aesthetic, guys like I love being like. I'm. Trying to think of a word that's I. Just. Love to be like kind, of a jerk like I usually it. Take my favorite thing and I like you know I go in for like casting all the time for like yeah I got like a young face I go for like high school bullies and like jocks and stuff a lot and like yeah. Like they're. A little like two-dimensional but there's so much fun like it's so much fun to just be that dude it's like I, think you're so cool with your, pants, like I don't know. I. Don't know like I I. Don't. Know I would love to be water lily one that'd be so much fun I don't know if I'd call it like my dream but like definitely. A good time. Yeah. Yeah. Like I did it I did I went. And like talked to one of the choirs. Last. Week, yeah. What's. Response, been from the students, oh I love. Them I mean they. Were just a lot of fun it. Wasn't like it I mean it wasn't like anything. Like this it was just it was very casual, and I just like told. Him about how I used to go there and like and. I might, process, from then. Mm-hmm. They were really nice they were very enthusiastic and. I loved talking to them it was very strange. Like. Going. Back and. Being. In Denver in general has been very. It's. Very very crazy, there's. A lot of nostalgia and, sentiments. And what. It means to be home kind of addressing, that and especially. Going back to Fairview is like being in that choir room I'm like literally.

Like Looking at the seats that I used to sit in a 10 or to section, and like. I. Don't. Know it was so wild and I think they got that. And. Hopefully. Everybody. I and. Everybody always told me when I was in high school was like you're gonna miss this like you know this is gonna be like the stuff that you miss I'm obviously. Like I suck so I was like whatever. Hey, school, I like, you know yeah. Like a, lot of my formative, experiences. Happened so and I was trying to tell them that hopefully like they. Didn't like, it did with me but it. Was really really really, cool talking to them it. Meant a lot to me I have. Two questions how many people, in. Roles like yours are they're like do do all the main characters have, yeah. Yeah. I think everybody, has at least two covers. Lawrence. Has three covers, and. Like. There's another guy, who. Covers the parts that I cover but. He. Does like to, dance. Tracks also. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Like everybody has at least two so. Every performance, there's two. People. There. Who can stand yeah who could potentially like, step in so then what does the costume room, look. Like. Costumes, for all of ya and we have girls that you pretentiously, play yeah my, gondola, is like stack, it's like it's just got all of. Ya. Like it. We. Have like I want. To say there's like. 34. Cast, members, in total and like, about half are like offstage covers, so. Yes. There's, a lot it's so much how. Many costume changes do you usually have um. Usually. Like three I think in, the show I mean like the first act. Anything. Okay we have the parchment, in the beginning and then we have a, regular. Student, coats and then we have the Revolutionary, outfits, and then Lafayette changes, into a geminal outfit, and this, changes. And do is Jefferson costume. And that, Jefferson. Doesn't change and then back into parchment so I guess six, and. Then that's a whole show but, in the first act it's like three, forget, sure about I don't. Know yeah is gonna round there's one quick change at the end that's like crazy but that's the only one that's really that stressful cuz usually we have like a minute to like change but there's, one there's. There. Oh. But. You. Know at the end there's, one we're like I remember the first couple of times I did it I like missed the next number. Because. Like it's literally like you have to go off and like you, just take out all you have I think it's like 45, seconds so like change, your entire outfit, and. That one's like crazy but all the other ones are mine girl's, dress so. I'm, actually like, go to different, theaters can have like slightly different, stages, to, change. Generally. I mean we'll show up to each theater like three hours early and just like talk through, the changes like usually, we won't have to. You. Know like run through well. That's I mean we run through like a couple things just to get lighting and stuff cuz, usually that's the thing is you know it's a very lighting, heavy show, and. I. Think not like. Theaters, are equipped differently, like in the way that they use. Lights and stuff like that so that's usually what we have to go through is I change. Around the lighting and everything. But. Generally, the stages are like roughly, the same sizes, proportionally, sometimes, props will be in different places so we have to like a look to that but, it's it's really really, similar they do a really good job at like making everything. Kind. Of what it is. Yeah. And. We have like a turntable. That we like take with us everywhere, that's.

Like That's nice at least that's the same that's like the thing that, needs, to be same, yeah. I don't know if you guys are like seeing that but it's like it's. It's in it that gets crazy it's, a great thing. Oh yeah it's it's aesthetically. It's beautiful, but like learning. How to walk on that thing was a process. Yeah. And. Danced on it and dance on it and I don't, even have to like dance, dance, on, it like people, are just doing, spins, and crazy stuff on that thing oh it's. Wild I imagine. That you perform, a lot regularly. And so. Does it kind of routine, or are, there a lot of highs and lows II sometimes I feel like the first show is always kind of weird you. Know when I have to it's like it's like it's. Hard to just get right into it you know especially when I'll have usually like two weeks in between like I don't. Know they've been getting mileage out of me lately but, like. Yeah. They'll you usually be like a week or two in between like, oh I don't have to go on again and. It's. Always like it's always just a little bit weird the first the, first one, like. That opening, number is so stressful to me I cannot. Lie, cuz. It's so exposed. And like I still. Get a little nervous like that that doesn't go away like, I must I do it multiple times in a row like that usually like usually. The second one I won't be nervous but the first, number. I'm always nervous, cuz that first line especially as Lawrence where, to labor comes out he says his thing and Lawrence is the second person to come out and and, it's just you, in the audience baby, and, like literally. Like the spotlight is just like like. That was like the thing when I first came on cuz I have to like figure out where to breathe because the line is kind of long and I remember the first time I ever did it like going out and then looking and just being like we, should like my pupils this I. Was like the ten dollar founding, there, without Allegra's I guess like. It was so it's, it's kind of nerve-wracking, like the first time and, I haven't it, still is like. It. Doesn't it doesn't really become routine. Hmm. But. It's definitely like way easier, than it used to be I imagine. It becomes routine for like other people, but. For me I'm. Always really excited to go on I always have a great time and, I'm always very thankful, when I get to do it. Right. So far I haven't been able to do it enough times where. I or. I mean, I don't know that it would yeah. I haven't been able to do it so. Much where I feel like it's like whatever. I talking, gestures you guys just like have to like. Okay used to a like it's just who I am just accept me for me but. Yeah like hmm. I. Think. I think for some people it definitely is like they can just say it's. Just like. You. Know I think mostly just because of like my job if I only had to cover one person, to be a little different right they would totally be routine if I did but.

The Thing is is that I always have to like my. Brain has three modes like for each track. So. I always have to pay attention to that or I'm going to say somebody else's line like it's just gonna have that and. Yeah. If. You're friends that Google could create one technology to, help the theater community what, would it be oh my gosh dream big. I, feel. Like what I say matters. I guess. Wish. There was like that's, like that's, like a really big thing for like for like auditions. I think, the process, of finding. Music. And, scenes and and stuff that. Really. Fits the, project, that's, that I think that's so that's really difficult it's genuine for me I guess for me like him I mean I think, it is for a lot of actors you know. Just. Like finding. Music. That's easily. Accessible, and. Works. And. Is. In the style of the show that you're going in for that's. Like that's like sort of a tough like research, process, that like has to happen I think for a lot of people. So. I don't know like something, where I can really hey Google, I need a son that makes me look spunky. And I. Can, hit an A in it like you know I. Guess. I guess you could do that that'd be great. Are you able to kind of leave, all the characters. Sort. Of like on stage or so or whenever you're out in everyday, life are you kind of like I'm being super Jefferson, right now. I'm. So Jefferson right now. No. I, I. Mean they're all like me like, different sides, of me you know it's. Like the way that I do it like. I. Mean. That's what that's what I think it is to me like it's just like bringing myself to like what. The circumstance. And like whatever. Like I meet, the disposition. Halfway, so. That's the thing is like I am. Extra, by nature, I. Mean. Yeah. I guess like. But. I don't really consider that like bringing, the characters, with me I I think, that's just like I think. It's just because I bring that's. Already me okay, you know I bring it to that so. No. I'm not like method or anything I got not like like. I. Don't. Know, I don't. Know that answered that I don't, know no, I don't really have a problem like leaving it on stage there's. A I've. Had, to go through a process of like really separating, this from, my personal, identity. Just. Cuz if I didn't I would go nuts. So. So. Yeah I I. Think, I'm good at you know leaving work at work in and, when. I'm. In. My personal life is, maybe. I'm being Jefferson, but I don't call it that I don't know, yeah. So. I saw, the show a few weeks ago in Denver it was awesome and you, had mentioned like sometimes you forget a line or somebody forgets a line when. I saw the show it felt like nobody, forgot anything and it was perfect, mm-hmm, has the cast as a whole ever felt like at the end of a performance wow that was the best performance we've ever done. I. Don't. Know I think different, adjectives, are used I don't know if like I don't know if anybody, has ever said, that like, about, a performance, that they've just done. There's. Definitely been days where I've been like I am. Like. But. I don't I don't know uh. There. They're definitely there definitely some days when it's like man this is really fun you.

Know Cuz obviously you do it every day and like not every show is gonna be the same but there are definitely certain shows and, and it is like if the audience is reacting, like it feels really good and like they're. Definitely shows we're like at the end or like that was really great like, that was awesome, and, it feels really good. Yeah, for sure I guess. I don't know I don't know if we'll ever say, like that was the one like. It doesn't get better than this baby. Yeah. All downhill from here. I'm. Sure I'm sure that yours was probably a day where it was like wow that felt really good, yeah, thank. You so much for being here of course. We decide my pleasure. You.

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He stood in for Hercules Mulligan/Madison last night in Boston and he killed it. He was so so good!

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