Journey's End The E4 Trail on Cyprus - A Walk Across Europe 10

Journey's End   The E4 Trail on Cyprus - A Walk Across Europe 10

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Hi. My. Name's Ashley and in. 2018. I went for a walk a. 2,500. Mile walk across Eastern, Europe from, the wild woodlands, of Hungary to the warm waters, of the Mediterranean this. Is my adventure. At. Last Cyprus, the, final, leg of a walk. Starting. In the City of Buffalo I would walk north into the untouched, coastline, of the Akuma's, Peninsula, then, across the pine forest it Troodos mountains the. Final, mountain range of war out, of the mountains and across arid countryside, to refill arnica where. I'd follow the coast to the party town of iron upper and then, beyond to a finish line at Cape Greco a. Quick. Cheap and bumpy flight brought, me across the mediterranean, sea from crete. After. 218. Days of life on the trail I was at the beginning of the end I was, looking forward to this section because. Now. It's the last 300. Miles. But. Also look at the map like the majority of it was unlike you know trucks and stuff so I thought it. Might be easy, but. Yesterday. I went into the tourist. Information office. And Paphos where. Am i was told online you could get a free booklet and map on the trail so I went in and asked about that and he said ah before doesn't exist anymore on Cyprus. Apparently. It's no access, and the truth the Ruby for is marked on ultra street map so. I'm just gonna use that again and, and. See how far I can get before I, run, into brick. Walls or, you know someone sets the dogs on me. Me. Why why. Yeah I could have gone home from Crete. We. Go. We, go. So. Far as this is the final country. In the final, video. About. Time I gave a little tour. Of the tent. So. This, is pretty, much the same set to provide all. The way across, since. Spain with a few, differences. So. First. Of all. First. Of all, this. Is the, bed. That's. The. Rest this, is. Inside. The pillowcase, I just took, from home it's. Just. My clothes bag it's like a little black rook suck and, I use on day when. I'm in town and stuff and that's calling me clothes and I'm let's use that as a pillow. Yes. My insulated jacket, and it's stuff suck and that's. What I use as my pillow from, Spain, to Austria, that and. My. Friend Ian who, I hiked with in. Switzerland. Recommended. That method and that's like. Top. End I've got a backpack which is empty now I've. Got ax easy access, to stuff. In that pocket there and. Then I throw a couple of bits like me roof down the side there, sunglasses. Go, in there at night the, way. Yeah. Yeah. Down, the bottom where I don't need them that's for stuff sack for me sleeping. Bag. They're. Just trainers, that I use in. Camp, and mainly. On me days off. Got. The stove which. There's. No gas for because, I couldn't find any in pathos. There's. The insulated. Jacket. Fleece. Might. Need that soon this. Is just. Carrier, bag that I keep in. The top of my rucksack and it's got you, know food and like. Biscuits, and stuff I might want to get to in the day. Yeah. A minute. That's. Me wash but if. Based on even that's. My food bag. Yeah. And what, was the water outside. Far. From any town the, ahkamaat Peninsula, feels a lot like untouched, Cypress. Over. There as Troodos. Mountains which. Are the next and. Next. Place I'm going. That's. The Troodos, mountains the. Next place I'm going, be. Going maybe tomorrow I think. My. Shoe is is.

Falling, Apart to, toke up and. It's. A bit of superglue, I'm. Gonna try, in there she give it a rule in repair and. Actually. The second time of glue that I glued it just, to the left of where it's coming when au and the same, with you more he's, the third, pair of North Face. Fast. Pack shoes. Have used on this on this truck on this trick. Do. For two I didn't have any problems with and she. Bought them in like a proper shop but. These. Ones I bought online, off, the eBay for, a bit cheaper it's also not the only. Beards. Falling, apart, on me backpacks. Got a few holes in it now what. Else ya shirts. Have all got holes in. Me. Sleeping bag to, stitch felt when I was in Budapest and. Sleepin, might as well as got a big. Hole in the bottom which about to pop jaw so, yeah it's probably lots of little things, but. I think I've only got like two weeks left so I'm just hoping that nothing. Serious, breaks. These. Are muffins and, like, a. Sheep. I think. That's. Native to Cyprus, unique, to Cyprus. Good. Morning. Today. Is. I'm. Not sure big. Day is the right word or. Important. Day I don't know. What today. And. It's a day where I think leaving, the Troodos, mountains which. Have been my last mountain. Range of the walk and I just get near in there to the end. Which. I've. Spent weeks now. Looking forward to so, now I've got like, potential. Start date, for work and, you know you're thinking are you getting closer and closer to the end you. Know you go, back you see family, friends and family and you. Know great, and then, like a week after that I'll. Be you know, back. Working, night shift in a supermarket this, life and I didn't look at this life, get. Up at sunrise, packy, gear away, spend. The day you know walking in your beautiful countryside and, then. Find. A place for your tent, sit. Read for a bit and then go to sleep. It's. Nice a nice life. Yesterday. I walked through a firing, range and. I saw like a million, tanks, rolling down the road and. Yeah. I know were walking, for 21 miles because the. Trucks where I hoped to come. We're. In this firing range so I didn't want to come there so. I, just kept walking and kept walking. And. It was like way after dark when I kind of found, this place, which is just like I think. It might be the slag heap for a quarry or something and they've kind of like plant the trees on it or something maybe and. Luckily. My tent. Went. Up or I didn't, have any difficulties. Lo there's a lot of glass, on the ground but oh yeah and I should add that I, was following the route on OpenStreetMap, that. This. Section isn't mapped on the OpenStreetMap, so. That was giving, me problems I. Think. Actually follows, the road route which I followed down to klavdia, and then back out again yeah. And I worked out but. My. Estimate. I think, I think I thought I'd be on the road for over a week Huck's wrong, I, be. On the road for another two. Over. Two nights and then on my third day I should reach Cape Greco and. See. Eretz what's Saturday today and I should finish on Monday, so. Yeah. This is it. The. Appearance, of expensive-looking, villas, when I was on the outskirts, of the final town of a walk.

With, It's gaudy fein bars iron up there was a surreal end points to a walker take, me through vast metropolis mighty. Mountain, ranges and centuries-old. Villages. It. Felt the far cry from the wild a key mass and the villagers have betrayed us. Well. That's Cape Greco and, they. Don't think I can get on to that kind of rocking headline because there's. Some sort of military thing up there so. I think the end point is just to the left of it which is that kind of, flat. Grassy, thing suppose. What, a for after walking like. For, 5,000. Miles in the last couple years we'll. Be able to read. But. Rocky. Headlands. Edge. Of it. For. A trail that didn't exist anymore the e4 on Cyprus, had led me to the sea and the, end of an epic. 2,500. Mile war from Vienna. The. Walk had taken me through five countries. In, Hungary, had readjust, it to life on the trail I dented. Romania, with preconceptions. And worries and left, with memories of a welcoming, people I'd, walked through some of the most stunning mountains, of the entire journey in Bulgaria, for, a long time I was looking forward to finishing the war but now at the end of the adventure I could feel la folia pushing it away and was glad I'd been too stubborn, to quit when, I started in Spain I dipped my feet in the ocean, I'm. A dealer in the Mediterranean. Now sometimes you do the same again. You.

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