Jules Verne Last Travel - interview with game author Ivan | Loquiz- Create. Play. Grow.

Jules Verne Last Travel - interview with game author Ivan | Loquiz- Create. Play. Grow.

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Hello Ivan! We are today with Ivan who is an  author of Jules Verne game and to talk a bit how   it is set up. So, hi again. Hi Liisa! I'm Ivan and  I work in Loquiz as a game expert and I decided to   build this Jules Verne game to provide to every  Loquiz user and this is based on the my ambition,   I love reading Jules Verne and yeah I'm happy  to share this today with you. Thank you! Can   you tell briefly what the game is about? Briefly,  the game is about traveling the world from France   to a Pacific island to save people who are on the  other side of the world. You will have a dilemma,  

you will have to choose whether you  want to go to the east or to the west.   Once you make your choice you will have  even more choices about the different   vehicles that you want to take, all vehicles  that appear in the Jules Verne story. And depending on your choice you will have to walk  more or less with your game, with your device.   So this game takes people indoor and outdoor.  And I imagine creating this took time, so  

how many hours did it take for you to create  and test this final version of the game? That's a difficult question because I'm passionate  about creating games and I didn't even count   how many hours I was on it because I made  a lot of tests with myself. I made a lot   of adjustments, so it took me even more hours.  So I would say maybe roughly 50 or 100 hours.   Actually I don't know but let's say 50 to  100. Okay, that's a fair amount of time.  

Yeah! I have actually played the game and I  enjoyed it a lot. I took the route through earth   but I know the game features also a second path I  did not experience but my co-players told me about   it. How did you make sure that the both routes are  equally developed, challenging and entertaining?   What I did ... From the beginning I really  wanted to make sure that the two were equivalent,   so I started making the first path and  I started getting feedback for this path   before I would start making the second. And  on the second, I was using the same structure   as the first, with the same distance and  the same type of riddles and occurrence.  

Then in the end I was playing  outside with two devices and   I was comparing the two with the distance  it takes and the difficulty of the results. Okay, but who do you have in mind  when building the game? Who is the   target group or who is the game  best suitable for? I had mainly   in my mind people who are fans of Jules Verne and  knowing it's the second most translated author in   history. The first is the Agatha Christie and  the third is Shakespeare. Then I assumed that   a lot of people would fit into this persona, the  type of people who would enjoy this game. And then   in a wider way, I was also imagining people who  enjoy reading stories, enjoy reading books. So,  

for example, this is why in this game I thought I  would add a bit more text than the others having   this same type of person in mind. Okay. Does  it suit a certain age group or it is suitable   for school kids and for adults alike? Yeah, in  fact it's ... There's a big debate about Jules   Verne. A lot of people say that Verne might  be more for the young people [inaudible]. As a  

reader you can feel that there are many sort of  ideas in history that can be crafted by the adults   and in the end I would say it's  quite wide, it's quite wide the   population who can enjoy Jules Verne.  And Jules Verne himself was saying that his greatest regret was the fact that he was  only targeting children and not himself. But   the editor saw that in a marketing way because,  even in the 19th of century there was some   marketing, and they saw that it was the best  target to bring him success, which worked. Around this concern this could  be played by school children,   a teacher or it can be played by a group of  friends who enjoy sharing what they read.   It can also be played by people who are in  their active life who are 30, 40, 50, 60   and they want to play the Jules Verne game  based on the book they read in their young age.  

Let's imagine someone has just started Loquiz  and is watching this video and they're on their   trial. Can they set up the game and let their  colleagues play or friends play? How much effort   does it take to actually get playing without all  of the setup? To give a quick answer I'll say if we count the fact that the person is  totally a stranger to Loquiz it may take   10 minutes to start the account, to start the  game and the templates. And then to use the device   and scan so that they can start. I'll say at this  point the Loquiz team, the Loquiz developer made  

amazing work at trying to make it  simpler for people to get in the platform   and to try the games. The games template  because these are templates that you can   take right away and then play immediately.   I also know that there are some great improvements  that are upcoming in this way, it's a back-end   platform that will be even simpler to handle,  to start even faster as you advance the game.

But a bit about the content, what is your  favorite task in the game or the question or   something you really like yourself and are proud  about? I could think for quite a long time to   choose one task that fits me but if i had to say  my very favorite is one of the paths that is quite   optional. It's the path when you want to go to  Florida, to South America. To go you have two   possibilities - either you take the submarine  or you take the plane. Which one did you take? I don't actually remember, I think I took the  submarine. And in this way my favorite task is the   submarine because in the story, you will figure  it out if you play for those who listen to us.  

And if you notice on the submarine a lot  of boats because it's a perimeter triangle   and they both cannot go through there since  most, a lot of boats are mostly disappearing. Perhaps they are thinking in  the seas of the Caribbean.   Then when you take the submarine you meet  the Count D'Artigas who's quite a shady   man with his smile and he invites you to be  undersea with a boat that goes undersea and there are a lot of clues in the task that  tell you that he's dangerous. For example,   your partner is telling you that you  may be in an iron coffin that is moving   underwater and then you discuss with him,  in the task it shows you some picture of the   sunken boats, that are even from the 18th  century, and at some point you make a mistake understating that some of the boats are there  because of him. But then you realize that you are  

responsible for all these sunken boats. I  made it so that I don't tell it directly,   I create a way to make people afraid that it could  be this without the attack and then a personal   picture of a creepy face looking at you, staring  at you and writing down "Will you arrive alive?".   So this is my favorite task and if  I could take a second favorite task, I would say there is one when you are taking the  train to the west side because you want to go to   Turkey to get inside a volcano. Because you  can, according to Jules Verne, you can move   between volcano thanks to a underground  [inaudible]. You have to first go to Istanbul   you can represent yourself to Turkey, Istanbul and  at the other side of Turkey-Syria border, you have   the Karaca Dağ volcano but if you show in Istanbul  that there is something that you need to do,   you need to cross the bridge to reach the other  side of the Bosphorus. You have the choice to  

not pay the tax and you say to the policeman that  "Taxation is theft". And then I mentioned about   one... there's a comical story of Jules Verne  who says the story about a man who walks around   the Black Sea because he doesn't want to pay  this tax. These are my few favourite tasks.

Thank you for a thorough overview! Do you  have any future plans building similar games,   can you give us a sneak peek about  future ideas you are working on?   I'm actually working on the idea that uses  the same feature that is the automator,   the common goal between the two is to bring an  outdoor game so people can have a story that   brings them outside and that makes  them work and even do some tasks.   So now I'm actually concealing a story about   being some kind of a monster hunter. So  you have to first in this indoor park   prepare yourself, choose the best  equipment and then once you're ready   go to the ride, which is in the other tent when  you go outside. And then when you are outside   you have to do some tasks and  work, work endlessly to try to spot   some monsters and you have some clues about where  the monster could be and you have to find some...

some crew. I forgot the word   in English for this. When you succeed, you are facing the monster,  that can be a dragon for example, and you can   decide to fight it, to capture it or to leave  it. Then you will have a number of points   according to the monster that you captured.  So this is what I'm working on currently.  

To me it sounds like it engages both your physical  body to move and actually your fantasy and mind to   immerse into the game, so you're combining two  good things - movement and your imagination.   I would say that your analysis can be lame, to  move, to move to go outside, it's difficult to   motivate yourself even to walk. So if behind  you add a story, storytelling, a storyline,   then you can activate your mind and  then your body will follow. That is   very clever! I look forward to playing it.  Then i would like to ask you a few last   questions - is there anything you would like  to point out about this game I didn't ask? What I would like to point out is that this game  is out there but I never consider that it is fully   finished and I always consider that there can be  some improvement or even some new videos. And for   those who listen to us I would enjoy if  you start playing the game and you play it   alone or with your friends, your family,  your co-workers and then I would encourage   you to send us some feedback so I could have  some ideas about how to improve it even more.

Okay, but what would you say to anyone who is  still hesitating to set up such an adventure   game for their occasion? To someone  who's still hesitating I would say that   they can have a whole experience, a whole  story, where they can become a character,   you know like the book  which you are the character,   I don't know if you played this Liisa  your childhood that they did a lot.   But this is even more interactive and it involves  some main life tasks that immerse you even more so   if you want to immerse yourself in  the story, you have to try this. And   the second thing I would say is that it doesn't  take much time to set up a game for yourself,   you can even play this anywhere because it only  takes into account the distance that you make. And   the third thing that I would add  is that when you play this game you have to keep in mind that  everything that is in the game   you can make it yourself because  Loquiz offers you the possibility to   create anything you want in terms of a  story or content. And you have to take this,   you have already have some ideas or stories  that you want to create, for yourself   and that you want to create for your family or  your relative. So you can use this children's game  

to give yourself some inspiration for your own  game creator ability, just needs some preparation.   So this might spark someone's creativity and  their own ideas after trying this. Exactly!   So that was my last question, thank you for  finding time to have this short interview   and I look forward to seeing the next games  and other cool stuff you have coming up.   It was a great pleasure and again I would  say if you have some feedback please   forward to me and also some questions and I  am also available for those who listen to us.   Thank you and have a good day! Bye!  Have a great day! Bye! Thank you!

2021-07-23 09:39

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