July 27, 2018: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

July 27, 2018: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

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Major. Funding for NJTV. News is provided, in part by the, members of the New Jersey Education Association. Making. Public, schools great, for every child and, PSEG. We. Make things work for communities. Tonight. On NJTV news gender. Matters. Senator. Menendez visits a diner in North Bergen to, hear what women think is at stake in the midterm, election. Should. The speed limit be raised to reflect how fast eighty-five, percent of motorists. Drive. Plus. The biggest, state budget, ever will break down school, spending, and how you pay, for it those stories and more next on, NJTV, news. Live. From the Agnes Varis NJTV. Studio, at - Gateway, Center in Newark, this is NJTV. News with, Mary Alice Williams. Hello. Thank you for joining us a question. For drivers, should, New Jersey, scrap its standards 65, mile per hour highway, speed limit and reset. It based on science, instead, of custom, one. Lawmakers, proposed, a bill that would allow us to go faster, would, that be better, senior, correspondent Bunder flanagan reports, how, fast do people drive on the Turnpike of the Parkway 7080. It's true, many drivers treat, posted, speed limits more like suggestions, than laws everybody. Passed us when we tried driving the limit for about a mile in the Garden State Parkway hammer, lane I'm a Garden, State Parkway do around 70, 72 yeah. Just, to keep up do you get past I get. Past sure all. The time but should speed limits be changed, to reflect how fast eighty-five, percent of motorists. Actually, drive probably, a good thing why. Because. Most, people are speeding, already I don't think that's a good idea why, not because people are reckless as it as you look at the speeds the people naturally drive, and you, take the speed at or below which eighty-five percent of people are driving set, your speed limit there and state senator Declan o Scanlan's introduced, a bill to do precisely that it's, a traffic engineering, standard. You'll get the credits not a couple compliance in, the least amount of passing, maneuvers and. The greatest amount of safety o Scanlan's, bill applies only to so-called limited, access highways like. The Turnpike and Parkway he, pointed to a 36, month study by New Jersey's Department, of Transportation, that showed when Jersey, raised the speed limit from 55, to 65, miles an hour back in 1997. The, reported, number of accidents rose, 27%. In 65. Mile-per-hour zones, but, accidents, also went up 30% in, comparable, 55. Mile-per-hour zones, the, study concluded, NJ. Do T did not find that the increase, in accidents. Was directly, caused by the increase, in the speed limit the, key one engineer, explains, is uniformity. If everybody's going the same speed there's. Not a lot of chain lane changing, and there's, not a lot of. Speed. Differential, and and it creates, a safer situation hold. On. Let's put their brakes on this for now critics, like janitor. Nuts from tri-state Transportation. Claimed today's, drivers, face multiple, distractions. From phones and in carps she, says New Jersey traffic fatalities, are rising up 11%. From 2015. To 2017. What kind of crashes, are people getting into when. You increase the speed limit you are now decreasing the, reaction, time for somebody and where, we're seeing increased, crashes, due to distracted driving that reaction. Time is limited. The faster, somebody is driving sure nuts also argues, Jersey's, a congested. Corridor, states so different, from western, states where you can legally drive 80 where, a drive through state we have ports there's a lot of Commerce there's a lot of trucks on the roadway that, is an added danger, you. Know as I said you can't you can change speed laws but you can't change the law of physics so what are the bills chances.

Oh Scallon. Introduced, similar, measures, in 2013. And 2016. Both. Of those bills went nowhere fast. At. The cheese quake rest stop, I'm Brenda Flanagan, NJTV. News, the. Midterm election, campaigns, heating up among. New Jersey's registered. Voters Democrats have, a lopsided nearly. Two-to-one advantage over, Republicans. But, independents. Outnumber, them both in the, US Senate race between Bob, Menendez, and Bob Hugin, party. Identity, may be less a deciding. Factor than. Gender chief. Political correspondent Michael. Aaron reports on one candidate, who's wooing the women's, vote what. Keeps you up at night senator, Menendez, asked, the, scene was the blow of our diner in North Bergen, Menendez. Invited, 16 women from various North Jersey, organizations. To, tell him what they think is at stake in this year's midterm election. He. Got an earful, this administration is. Pulling back. Educational. Opportunity, this administration. Is pulling, back civil. Rights this. Administration. Is not, concerned, at all about climate. Change and, health. Care particularly. Reproductive. Justice, is. Being, decimated by, this administration. Millennials. Are drowning. And in student alone and those three alone they are so unfair, there are educators that aren't even able to make a living wage and there, are children, that have so, much need, there are children, that are in poverty, there, are children that have. So. Much worry, and and baggage, and there are children now being stripped from the arms of their mothers as. The. Immigration. Police. State. Has, become, part, of the norm, Menendez. Had answers, for most of them as, an Elizabeth, Warren and I ultimately are, in the midst of advocating. That we refinance. All of the student loans there's a trillion. With the tea, trillion. Dollars of student loan collectively, in our country, several, women expressed, fears about, the new Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, I already, know by his writings, he's had a long set, of writings in history that on. Women's. Reproductive rights. He. Would roll back the clock Menendez. Is running, for re-election this, fall against. Republican, Bob Hugin, the, subtext, of this event was to highlight Menendez's. Connection. With women at, a time when humans, is under question last. Week it came out that when he was a student at Princeton and, president, of the tiger, in eating, Club Hugin. Tried hard to keep women out of the all-male, Club a student. Named Sally Frank, sued, Hugin. Forded in state and federal court, in, 1990. As the New York Times reported. The, New Jersey Supreme Court, told the Princeton, clubs they must admit women into. His 30s, he. Was litigating. Including, in federal, court to, keep the proposition, alive. That women, should be excluded, from being, part, of the dining, clubs in Princeton. Humans, campaign, manager said in a statement Bob. Used many things differently, today than he did 25, years ago, and has, been a leader and, champion, for equality in, business, bob, menendez was caught abusing his office, to, get visas, for his convicted, felon best friend Salomon, Mogens young foreign mistresses, just, three and a half years ago and shouldn't. Be lecturing, Bob Hugin, on anything. So. What else keeps the women up at night the, opioid, crisis, and health insurers, response. To it there has to be checks and balances, for these insurance, companies who. Willy, nilly. Yes. No, yes for you know for you and the appeals, process is, so.

Bound, Up with. Red, tape I don't like that Daka is being, tried, they're trying to take down daca, when these people are working and paying taxes, we've, been talking, about dreamers, since 2001. It's. Time, they. Say women are going to be an important, force in this year's midterm elections. And the menendez huge in US Senate race the, advantage, with women at this moment seems. To go to Menendez. In. North Bergen I'm Michael Aaron and J TV, news. Public. Worker pension, problems, topped tonight's Business News Hill with details of that and more, is Rhonda Schaeffler Rhonda, Mary, Alice New Jersey's move to transform management, control, of the twenty six billion dollar police, and firemen's. Retirement. System is raising. Eyebrows, to the credit ratings agency, Moody's earlier. This month governor Phil Murphy signed a bill shifting, the management, of that system to a new board, of trustees, the, majority, of whom are union, members Moody's. Says that governance, change, will diminish the, state's legal flexibility. To, further reform, pension, benefits, should, the legislature, look to do that and Moody's, says the governance change, creates, more risk for local governments, because cities and counties, which have much smaller budgets, in which to absorb any pension, changes bear. Nearly, 80, or percent of that pension funds total, liability, the. US economy is having a growth spurt today's, GDP report, which is the broadest measurement of the economy, grew, at a solid four point one percent pace, in the second quarter that is the fastest, rate of growth in four years the economy got a lift from an increase in consumer and business spending, and exports rose, as farmers. Rushed to get soybeans to China ahead, of retaliatory tariffs. That are expected to take effect soon, Kenilworth. Based Merck reported, strong earnings today and raised its financial, outlook the company continues, to expand its potential, uses for katroo de its blockbuster cancer. Drug on, Wall Street Stocks retreated, the Dow fell 76. Points the Nasdaq fell nearly, 115. Points on more, weakness in technology, stocks, school. Funding was back in the news this week earlier, today I spoke with NJ, spotlightz John Wright Meyer to take a closer, look at the numbers in this, week's budget breakdown. John. You recently reported for us how the new, state budget includes. Records, amount, of spending, so, let's talk about the biggest spending, category, and that's for education, that's, right it's about 15, billion dollars in the new budget that governor Murphy signed into law earlier this month falls, under this category of, education, spending predominantly. K through 12 education spending. So, if we think, about that it's about 40 percent of the total budget or, looked. At another way it would be enough money for us to build a new rail, tunnel, between New York and New Jersey on to the Hudson River and, it would probably leave some money over left. Over for a couple nutrients. So a lot of cash there and there's a formula, to how they say it goes out it's it, can be a little confusing so walk us through that yeah, it's called the school funding formula and, it's. A it's a complicated, formula but it's set up ideally. To make sure that all of this money. That comes out of the budget is, spread out evenly, through. What's, what's known as formula, aid in the budget and basically, it takes into account things, like wealth disparities. And communities and student needs and it, was actually just increased, by three hundred fifty million dollars, in the new budget that Murphy signed into law that, comes after years of flat funding, by former, governor, chris Christie and also, just earlier. This week the. Governor signed a law that makes the first changes, to the school funding formula in, a decade updating. Some. More.

Technical, Parts of it but basically to, take. Out some inequities, that had built up based on changes, in enrollment and Murph, B's promising, to keep increasing what's. Known as this formula, aid in coming years so we'll. See if he can stick. To that plan but, that's that's his goal for the next several, years but, this nugget of funding it's not just all for books and teachers part of this is also paying retirement. And health care benefits for retired, teachers, right yeah the state took this cost on several. Decades ago and now it accounts for about two and a half billion in this education, spending and this is predominantly. Paying. For, pension. And health benefits for retired teachers. Two. And a half billion if, we think about what we talked about last time that's, more than enough money to build a new MetLife, Stadium in, the Meadowlands, how, about servicing, debt there's some of that with this budget too yeah there's another about a billion, dollars that will go, toward paying down the debt service on school, construction bonds, that have been issued to build, school facilities across the state so. John, right now all these numbers are swirling. Around at a time where residents, are getting their new property, tax bills what's, the impact, from, this spending on property, taxes, yeah if we pull out of the numbers, a little bit and just think about this, education. Spending, is usually, considered a good thing it we're. Educating, our next generation, and in New Jersey when. We have an educated, population, that's usually good for our economy it's, also a function of how the state tax system and actually, language that's written into the, state constitution. Functions, the. Income tax in New Jersey that's the largest single source of revenue for the state budget the Constitution, requires that every dollar that comes from the income tax be dedicated, to property, tax relief and so, in New Jersey education.

Spending Counts, as property, tax relief so. Does that mean for some property, taxes, will decrease, well. We have to to, answer that question we have to look at how we fund, local, schools in in New Jersey and, that's predominantly, through local. Property, taxes, and if we look at the property, the average, property, tax bill in New Jersey in most communities, more than 50% goes, to fund the, spending, by local school districts, and so if we think about our. School boards and we hope that they're being disciplined, in the way that they spend our dollars for. Every dollar that the local school district. Receives from the state that's, a dollar that theoretically, they don't have to take out of the pockets of the local property tax payer John, right Myra thanks for your latest budget breakdown you're, welcome. This states only public, hospital, and North Jersey's, only level one trauma center will be overseen, by a newly appointed monitor. University. Hospital in Newark got an F from, the National leapfrogging Hospital patient safety report for failing to prevent infections, patient, Falls surgical, deficiencies, and medical. Errors had, its bond, rating downgraded, four notches due to financial difficulties, and attempted, to reduce the number of pediatric beds, without state approval, the state health commissioner's, to have veteran, health care executive Judy pursue Chile to, monitor, both his quality, of care and financial affairs. Count. In the monthly cost of living in New Jersey the, escalating. Cost of commuting to work in New Jersey senior. Correspondent David, Cruz adds up the added expenses, for those still chasing, the dream, if. You're one of the millions of New Jersey residents, who commutes to work or school or wherever whether. You're on a train or a bus or in some cases both, you, know that even as the quality, and reliability, of service, goes down the. Cost is always. Going up. The, study says, it's, always the way it's always so. Anyway, Emily thank you it's. A common refrain the port authorities pass service, has, had a particularly, bad year as it, tries to implement, federally, mandated safety, controls, and attempts.

To Handle all the volume from, unchecked, new development, along, its 14 mile line crowded. Platforms, and long, delays have, become the standard, it's. Been a long time since the 50 cent path fare but since 2002. The price of a one-way path fare has gone up from a dollar fifty to, two dollars and 75 cents if you've, been here a long time that, seems like a lot but newcomers. Here in Jersey City most. Commuting, to and from Manhattan. Say. It ain't so bad honestly. I think that if I were anywhere, else and I had to pay for a car and gas it would actually come out to, be more expensive how's, the service is it worth the $90, a month yes. It's. Not perfect. But. It works out ok also, it could be worse as Reiko gomers he's, visiting from the Netherlands, where he's a university, student who takes two trains to get to school and two trains back every. Day so, a single, way ticket is around 10. To 12 euros, so. My, times, 10 so, it's 120. 100. The Euro still a week oh wait yeah that's, roughly, 468. Dollars us a month, transit. Guru Martin Robbins says most people don't know they're, already paying for mass transit whether, they take it or not in the, case of NJ Transit public, dollars cover about, 50%. Of the system's operating, costs with, the rest coming from commuters, the, national, standard, is closer, to 75%, he says since. 2002. Fares, on NJ Transit, have gone up over 60, percent 25. Percent in, 2010. Alone so. Why even with, the public subsidy, are you, seeing those big fare, increases, every, few years they, see the 20 percent rate increases, when the government. Doesn't. Carefully. Manage. The. This, this allocation, between passengers. And government. And they, just, they refuse. To raise the the passengers. Contribution. For political, reasons and then the cost just keep rising and, then, major, adjustments. Are ultimately, required, to bring things back into that balance, and so that's when you see those big great eyes and that's what happened each of one of those times Robbins. Says until political. Leaders start being honest with commuters, and create, a policy, that raises fares more, regularly, and more fairly, relief. Is miles, down the track unlike. A lot of commodities. The cost of transportation, rarely. Fluctuates, the only direction it follows is up even. While the quantity, and the quality of supply, goes. Down in. Jersey City I'm David Cruz NJTV. News, the. Cost of national, defense, that, tops tonight's Garden State Express our first stop Joint, Base mcguire-dix-lakehurst. A bill, protecting, the state's second, largest employer. From a new round of base closings, has cleared, the House of Representatives, and is headed toward virtually, certain passage, by the US, Senate the nation's, 716. Billion dollar military, spending, bill authorizes. Funding for 15. Kc-46. A refueling tankers, to, replace the 305th. Air Mobility wings old kc-10s, the, bill also contains, ten point two million dollars to replace a refueling, system, at the base and ensures. The jobs of some, 42,000. People, next. At Camden drawing, attention to, free summer meals for, school kids by, drawing on star power former. Philadelphia Eagles. Wide receiver, Jason, Avant was enlisted by the Camden, City School, District, and the American dairy Association's, northeast to, spread the word along. With celebrity, chefs Aaron mcCargo and Timothy, Witcher who teaches at, Camden County Technical School. Organizers. Say a family's, food budget, can jump by. $300. A month when, school's out and the USDA, reports, only one in ten children who are eligible for free summer meals. Nationally. Actually, receives the meals but, Camden, has 50, locations, where free meals are available, all summer, finally. Piscataway. Rooting. For the, Streptomyces. Greasiest, the. Rock star, microorganism. Was first discovered, in, 1916. By Rutgers scientists. Doctors Roland Curtis and Selman Waxman, in, 1943. Waxman. And dr., Albert Schatz used, it to create streptomycin. The. World's first antibiotic, for. Tuberculosis, for. Which dr. Waxman, was awarded, a Nobel, Prize the, state Senate unanimously voted. To designate. Streptomycin. Queasiness. As the, official, state microbe, if the, assembly follow suit and the governor signs it one, of the most consequential, discoveries. Of the 20th century, would, be included, among state, symbols, like the state flower bird. Berry, bug, fish shell ship dinosaur, and dance square. Only. Oregon, already has an official mic probe.

Saccharomyces. Cerevisiae. Brewers. Yeast and. That's, a Garden State expressed for Friday July 27th. Something up in your neighborhood, tip. Some. Nine million New Jersey residents, coexist, with countless other living creatures, and sometimes, collide, with them Lauren, Wonka went where the wild things are the. Cage is open so two great, horned owls can fly back into the wild that's, the best part that's the best part of what we do the young owls, who fell from their nests were raised at the Mercer County wildlife, center we, take, injured, and ill and displaced, wildlife, we, fix, it or raise it and then release it back into the wild again the center owned by Mercer County and operated, by the Mercer County Park Commission, with support, from the nonprofit Wildlife. Center friends treats, about. 2,500. Animals a year and receives, about 18,000, phone calls from concerned residents about, animals, they've spotted in need of care we, try to solve as many problems as, we can before they bring animals into us because, a lot of things can be left where they are. Those. Who need care there are a hundred fifty volunteers ready to lend a hand including seven, veterinarians. Who perform all the surgeries, on-site, initially. The animals are treated inside the center eventually. They transition, outside, for pre-release, conditioning, pre-release. Conditioning, what does that mean that, means building muscles, flying. If you're a bird flying back and forth learning, how to hit perches, that, move these common, reg answers were less than two ounces when they first arrived here their mom and other siblings, were hit by a car on this day they're enjoying a dive for fish about. 80 percent of what comes in to us comes into us because it's had contact with us in a negative, fashion which, is why the Wildlife, Center invites the public to visit their free outdoor education, environment, which is where many of their 16 permanent, residents, too injured to return to the wild are on display these. Residents, earn their keep this, great horned owl has lived here since 1997. She, raises the motherless, babies and teaches them how to survive in the wild this, is the kitchen and laundry room it's where all of the meals are prepared for the patients they Eve quite well when they're here fresh fruits and vegetables whatever, protein, they may need is available and there's, also formula, for the baby animals and more as for, the laundry, staff and volunteers, do about 20, loads a day from May through September which. Explains why they need to buy a new washer and dryer every. Year, aside, from the amount of work involved, unlike many household, pets these animals don't give their human caretakers, any affection it. Doesn't, bother director, Diane Nickerson, she says she knows they, belong in the wild we, live in such a congested, area that. It's incumbent upon us as the, animals with thumbs and. And a brain to learn how to coexist, with these animals in a peaceful fashion in, Titusville, I'm Lauren Wong CO and Jade TV news. And NASA, noteworthy, facts that help you know Jersey, Joint Base mcguire-dix-lakehurst is. The second largest employer, in New Jersey before. 1974. Is national, maximum, speed law the, lemon on the Garden State Parkway was 50 miles an hour, Rutgers, scientist, Salman Waxman, won the 1952. Nobel, Prize in Physiology and, medicine and, Princeton. University, became co-ed, in 1969. If there's, someone who you'd like to get to know Jersey, share use hashtag, no Jersey, do, you have a favorite, place in New Jersey advance, it through the bracket in our tourism tournament, on Facebook, to, play just click on the picture of your pick winners up for a vote and watch, it beat the competition to. Share any story you've seen tonight go, to NJTV. News org. I'm Mary Alice Williams for, all the men and women of NJTV.

News Thank, you for being here enjoy, the weekend. RWJ. Barnabas, health let's. Be healthy, together. Mjm. Insurance, Group serving. The insurance needs, of, New Jersey residents, and businesses, for more than a hundred years and horizon. Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey an independent. Licensee of, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. You.

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