July Bushcraft All dayer - Bow Drill

July Bushcraft All dayer - Bow Drill

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Hi. Folks I'm Craig Taylor and as, always a huge thanks for joining me here on my youtube channel, the bushcraft, Padawan regular. Viewers and subscribers will, know that since the beginning of this year, 2018. I've been trying to get out for one full. Day, every. Month throughout, the year it's, the end of July it's. Almost the end of July so I thought this is a good opportunity to come back out again and to keep that commitment going of getting out into the woods you'll. Also know that when I come out into the woods that rather than just come out and warmed around aimlessly I like to come out with some sort of plan. Some, sort of. List. Of things that I want to cover off that I want to practice that I want to refine and, this. Month is kind of no different, I normally come up with two three four five things that I want to practice this, month however I just have one on the list and that one, thing is. Dramatic. Pause friction. By fire using. The bow drill now for those of you thinking hang, on a minute Greg you've, just said you're coming out for an entire day in the woods but. All you're going to do is practice the bow drill for those people thinking that you've, obviously not seen my previous attempts, at achieving, friction, by fire using the bow drill it could, well take me the entire day so even. Get close if indeed I'm successful, it's an area that I am wake up and know I'm wicked it and even worse than that not. Only do I know I'm wicked but I don't usually. Set. Time aside to, practice. It it's on the too difficult, part well not today not in this video it's pretty much all I'm going to focus on I'm going to go from. Crafting. The actual kit itself, through. Friction, by fire hopefully, achieving, fire, at. That point done I think issues well worth saying and a big dollop of common sense is going to come into play it, is incredibly. Dry here on the south coast of the UK it hasn't, rained for weeks, and weeks and weeks and weeks it, is bone dry, it, would not be good practice to have an open, fire in the woods in these conditions so, all I'm going to do is achieve an ember. Fingers, crossed all. I'm going to I'm going to try and do is achieve an end that I'm gonna blow that ember into flame using, some and some, local you're losing a bird's mess with some locally sourced materials, and at that point I'm gonna stamp out and douse, it I'm not going to go any further than that it's just not it's.

Just Not good practice and not common sense to. Do that so those the things that I want to get just open. John, a stopper so, those are the things that I want to get out, of the woods today, that outer out of today's session. I'm. Going to pause the video because my dog over there has just stolen some, back lunch out of our day sack so I'm gonna pause the video and I'll come back to you. And. Back again okay, so yeah so willow grab, some of our packed lunch and dashed, off when I said grab some of our pipelines. That probably gives you a big clue that I'm not alone here in the woods today I'm joined. By my two urchins, in they come. This. Is Finley, that ace and. That thing there is willow don't get that camera shot so. I'm not alone in the woods that it's the second, proper, day of school holidays here in the southeast of the UK, I've, said what I want to get out my time in the woods but these two usually come in with some great master, plan as well and they're usually better achieving, it than I am so Evie what do you want to do I live in the woods. Okay. So read. A book do, some whittling and maybe, playing with the dog is on the cards although to be fair I've told both of them to not overly, excited, okay it's a very warm date with a beautiful shady, part of the woods there, is some boggy area over there where she can go and dig her feet but I'm not too keen on getting that over excited, today so that's what it's. For blonde and she wants to get out of it what do you want to get out of it son I want to do. Okay. Cause the more whittling, more, reading of books in the woods and also is gonna chase her now that some plant ID he's quite good at tree ID I'll be perfectly honest he's got he's got a good core and. I've. Got a good core knowledge of some of the easier, to recognize and, more, widespread. Treece hopefully. We'll be able to extend that and spot, and I date a few of the more common. Widespread. Plants in these particular words so, that's what we want to get out of today the dogs clearly, got her own agenda probably, involves food mud, and animal. Feces, but, other than that let's crack on with the day and see where it takes us. Those, closer shots, that you've just seen have just been a very small. Insight. Into the work that I've been doing this morning you, may recall I found some, dead standing, SiC morph and from, that I have fashioned. My. Spindle. Which. I'm putting in my pocket to keep it off the I was going to say damn flaw but it's far from done but there'll be some dummies in it my, half board there. There's. A lot of hornbeam, in these woods here and and, if I'm if, I'm right in recalling, you. Should try and use a green. Wood and hopefully, a hardwood. So I've actually harvested, some green. Hornbeam. It's. Quite dense as well it's quite amazing the. The. Size of that yet the weight of it clearly it's green whoa so there's moisture in Abi's quite a dense feeling. Heavy piece of wood which will hopefully help and, in terms of the bow I've. Actually found some dead. Spruce. Or pine I'm, not sure what it was but it was in there I think, it was some dead pine there and I, fashioned, a bow out, of this just from my sternum, to, thee, there. We go just about get it all in to, the tip of my fingers. So. I've got all the component, parts that I need so, I'm gonna burn the, board, in now, and then. From that point there now starts to cut the v-notch, into, the half board starts with some tinder fingers. Crossed by the end of today I'll be able to achieve fire, by friction if not it certainly, won't be from the warmth of trying, in terms, of fashioning, the kitty self. So.

Those Folks as you can see I've burnt, the. Hearth in there at least I think I have. And the end. So. I think if. Memory serves me right that, that's technically. The. Board burnt in on. What I'm going to start to do now is to start to carve a v-notch, at. The side of this. Hole here. In. Order to allow me to catch, that. Hot dust that hot ember that's been created. From. The wooden fibers I. Must. Admit that in the past this, part, of the. Bow drill kit creation, process, carving, that. V-notch. Good. That, v-notch. There's. Always the. Part that's kind of put me off it's always been really. Time-consuming it's. Always just, been absolute, sure it's always been. A bit of a nightmare with the neighbors that I've used and this is this. Is something else I think that that today's exercises, show me that having, the. Right tool or the best tool you can afford for the job is a huge. Huge. Help, I mean, using my Mora Gobber carbon, again today I used it to help me fashion down the. Spindle. I used it to help me smooth, off the half. Block I'm using. It now as you can see to carve that v-notch into. There in, the past I've used cheaper, knives or I've used knives that actually, weren't cheaper, they just in my opinion went, very good knives I've spoke about that in other videos an. Absolute. Joy to you it's still hard work and, there is still absolutely a process, that I think I'm I'm only, just becoming accustomed to this which is almost a a push. And peel and then a pull, and paly so and I'm, carving. Into the naqshi they're peeling, a tiny sliver of wood away and then, I'm. Doing. The opposite, meeting, in the middle got a terrible job on doing of explaining, this but, you get the idea it's, it's slowly but surely taking. Shape there. I might, just do a little bit more on the point of that and then leave I don't want to so. Exaggerated, that Vee. Cuts too, much yeah but it's always been a part of the process that I've hated I think, today just giving, self the time to. Do it and also, using, a better tool, for doing it has, helps everything to fall into place having, said all that I still haven't actually established a flame but, I am enjoying. The creation, of the, kit process much more than I've done in the past. Okay. Viewers I think, fingers. Crossed that everything's. Ready. Ivory. Sharpened, the points, on the. Pointy, end of the. Spindle. Finley. And Evie have helped me gather a really good bundle of dead grass and honeysuckle. Touches, the bird's nest so. I can put this off for as long as I want. But. I guess I'm just gonna have to get on with it now so I don't normally bring religion into things but if you are the religious type if. You fancy praying or doing, whatever and. Eat some of the. Celestial. Intervention, will be much appreciated at this point right I'm going to stop prattling let's go for this. In, the past I've panicked, and, I've tried to get this into, the. Tinder. Bundle quickly. Actually. From what I've been reading what I should be doing is letting it. Exactly. What I'm doing now just letting coalesce, letting it. Heat. Up keeping, it off the floor. Keeping. It away from that damn player of air that tends to hug.

The Ground. I don't, think there's any doubt there that that's got. Heat to it now I'm not introducing any breaths on so I'm not blowing onto it there's very little breeze here. That. Seems to be going well. So. Let's get this into the bundle. Very. Very gently screwed things up at this point do I. Hey. Okay. Just. Say I'm a happy, chap would be an. Understatement. At, last. I've. Achieved it before in the past it's. Always been under supervision, he's always been with quite. A lot of help, I mean, instructor usually poor Kelly but on this occasion. Today. On, this one off at this very moment in time I. Seem. To have had success. Now. I just said at the beginning of the video, crikey. Moses I just at the beginning of the video, I'm. Not actually gonna put any kindling, on this the purpose is not to start, the, fire and. In, many ways that one incredibly. Dry around here so I don't want to start a forest fire or a small, fire. It. Was just to go through the process I'm sure those of you that are familiar with this would recognize that once I had that flame going some. Small birch twigs. Some. Very very small pieces of kindling would. Have been enabled that to have. Progressed. To a later, stage of fire I could have built it up to something that I could cook on but. That wasn't the point of today, just. Say I'm happy is something, of an understatement. Yes. I still have a stupid. Big childish, grin on my face Wow. What a finish, to the day getting, that bold roll going I've, already spoken about, coach. If I am I'll probably, keep cutting all about that for future videos, but it was a really nice. Coming. Together if you like spent a lot of time on the, kit and, you. Know what I've just realized, I was saying out loud I spent a lot of time on the kit and yet. Didn't. Really, feel like my technique, was any different I wasn't sweating a lot I've certainly, certainly. Been far more out of breath and sweaty and naked, on previous. Attempts, this. Attempt, may. Not promise, you that there was no sort of camera trickery yeah that was the first attempt, that was the first bow after. I'd burned the Bourdon that was the first bow drill attempt.

Today I've got flame from it I've never done that before so, clearly, and. Something. Else was at play and I can't help but think it was the amount of time that I took to, create it did, I take too long yep, possibly. If we'd have all fallen if we'd have all had the stereotypical. Cliched. Falling, out of a canoe and we had to create a fire to get ourselves dry, I think we'd all have died of, cold related injury, it took quite a while to craft, it did, I over engineer, it, very. Probably, I could probably have got away with less. But. How much less I don't know and. I could have had a failure those, few seconds ago that you saw the budget I could have had a failure so, I don't know but for now I'm very happy it took me a long time to create it it didn't, take me long time to create a fire I'm happy. With the waiting of that equation now so I've had a good day but what about these two urchins what have you been up to either. So. John hold up some what you've created. She's. Created a this. Way that's it she's created, a devilish. Little she's broken the tip of it but, I would, have been uncomfortable taking at homes it was very definitely an offensive, weapon they, had the needlepoint that she put on that so she did a great job carving, a one Thursday thank. You what, about yourself hi, dudes whistling. When. I made this. And. I like the curved handle you've got on it there yeah nice. One. Good. Stuff and you've not only done that you helped me out with collecting, the money. Suck all which was good but you've also been showing that one to a tree doing, a bit of reading oven here how are you getting on with your book. Always. Tending to a book review channel now nice one thank you you enjoying the book good. What about you fellow yeah I'm enjoying it on my, sick. And. Did you manage to do need some ID yeah, it slipped our minds didn't it never, mind there's always the walk back to the car will become practice something thank. You as always for watching I really really appreciate, it if you've, enjoyed something, that you've seen today or heard today please, do give it a thumbs up if you think that there are other people in, your network that would benefit from this there's a share button on Twitter, Facebook.

YouTube, You know what to do with that share button and as, always for those of you that are subscribers. And there's been a big increase in you recently. Thank, you thank, you very much for being a subscriber if you're not yet, a subscriber then. Do click on the link in this corner of the screen roughly. Roughly. Where v's head is now roughly there you'll, see an icon pop up if you click on Evie's head then, you will instantly, become a subscriber, thank you thanks, for joining in the words once more I will see you very soon Cheers.

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Great video, it’s a great feeling when you get that tinder bundle to burst into flame.

It certainly is Mark, thanks for taking the time to watch and comment.

Good man - keep the vids coming

Paul Walker Cheers Paul, I appreciate the feedback.

Outstanding sir! I'm grinning here with you!

NW Primate LOL, thanks for getting grin-share!

Another awesome vid my Brother ! Friction fires are made so much easier when we have dry warm conditions ! Also your selection for your components, body placement and pressure all played a part in your success ! Like your vids and I am happy to see that the younger ones are right outside with you learning some outdoor skills ! I myself cheat a bit in that I use a bit of char cloth and some broken down jute twine in the center of my birds nest. Rockon !

Well done buddy. Really great video. Enjoyed watching.Thanks Tennessee

Jeff Carter Hi Jeff, I'm really glad you enjoyed the video, thank you for taking the time to watch and comment.

Great vid! I really am enjoying your vids! Congrats on the success, that’s awesome! Blessings Bcb

BushCraftBums Thanks for the feedback BCB, I'm glad you're enjoying the channel.

Congrats! IMO that's the signature skill of bushcraft, and it's so satisfying when it all comes together.

Ken Schafer Hi Ken, it's only the 2nd/3rd time I've achieved it, so I'm keen to milk the positive experience for as long as possible...

Friction by Fire (more than once)...classic

Andy Roberts Yeah, there's no way I can perform bow drill, record s video AND construct an intelligent sentence all at the same time.... something had to give!

Well done dad! loved it when you accomplished your bow drill fire

Cheers Finlay, thanks for helping me out with the tinder bundle. Well done on making your 1st YouTube comment

Nice one Craig, I was smiling with you, buddy. Great result, for a days work. Thanks for sharing, Take care.

another nice one!!! your kids and dog are cute!!

Excellent friend, I've a problem my left hand have no strength with my stroke l will try my best

it's my right hand has no strength got the problem not my left

5 stroke wander scotland Cheers fella, appreciate you taking time out of your weekend to watch and comment

Hi Craig! That was very impressive. First try and you succeeded! I always struggle with my bearingblock. ATB André

Andre Börsch I *did* feel a grave disturbance now you mention it....

Maybe the FORCE was with you, padawan! :-)

Thanks Andre, trust me..... I've had *lots* of last failed attempts! I guess the planets aligned for me in this particular attempt.

Andy Roberts Yeah, there's no way I can perform bow drill, record a video AND construct an intelligent sentence all at the same time.... something had to give!

Well done Craig, it may have taken a while to create the set but you now have a tried and trusted set, that you know works and that you can carry with you, plus the confidence that you can make another set if need be from scratch. A very good alternative method if you loose your matches or firesteel. Very well done, paul..

Well done Craig, It's something I seem to keep putting off as well. Nice to see the kids out practising their bushcraft skills.

Hi Paul, thanks for watching and commenting. I plan to craft a new set each month using a variation of woods.... that's the plan anyway

Cheers Andrew. That small success has given me a confidence boost to get out and practice more often with different woods etc.

Yeah mate, all good. Got rid of the rugrats for a few days so me and the wife got some time to ourselves.

Thanks for watching Andy, hope you're keeping well?

Thanks for your kind feedback order Kaylynn, much appreciated.

Wow very good job success Atvb Kirk

Thanks Kirk, your view time and comment is much appreciated. I'm glad you liked the video, don't forget to subscribe if you'd like to see more from my channel.

Craig, Congratulations ! I did that once about 20+ years ago and plan to try it again in a few weeks. Very good. Very nice children. Cheers.

Thomas Nugent Thanks Thomas, let me know how you get on with your bow drill in a few weeks time. As for my children..... they have their 'moments'

I’m a new subscriber and really enjoy your videos and delivery, very professional approach to explaining everything, clear, concise and to the point with great footage and imagery. I do have to say though, you’ll never have 'friction by fire' lol, try fire by friction and you’re on a winner! ;)

+andyzot d'oh! My bad, thank you.

The Bushcraft Padawan Hi, A’s per the first line of my message, I am a subscriber. ;)

Very kind words Andy and of course 'Thank You" for taking the time to leave them here on my channel, it's really appreciated. Yeah, a few people have pointed out my 'slip of the tongue', well spotted ;-). Do please consider subscribing if you'd like to see more from my channel.

Thanks for your kind feedback Kaylynn, much appreciated.

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