Junction Creek Campground - Durango Colorado

Junction Creek Campground - Durango Colorado

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Today on Campground Recon we are going to take you along as we check out the 45 campsites at Junction Creek Campground. 14 of those sites have electrical hookups. 29 campsites can be reserved online at recreation.gov We'll include a direct link for reservations at this campground down in the video description. Hey everybody! Welcome back! We are here today at the Junction Creek Campground We're just a little northwest of Durango Colorado. The trailhead for the Colorado Trail is less

than a mile from the campground here. I'll get the map on our exit. That's a day-use only. It's closed? Yep, closed off It's good that people are leaving. We'll get in and see more of the sites. All right here we go Campsite B1 on the right B3 on the right Where was B2? That might have been where the campground host is. All right we'll go to the B loop first. All right, Crusader fifth wheel it's B4 B5 will be in front of us. Down on the right we've got a campsite and

there is a sign. It's by this tree. B6 B7. That was B7 on the right. Looking at B3 straight in front of us and B1 to the right B3's on the right with the white truck. $24 per night. I'll get some more info on that.

What were those? That's the campground host. All of those there was three of them back there? Yeah, I think that hey probably have like a maintenance guy. Yeah they've got the... That must be B2 then. Yeah, they've got the Rocky Mountain Recreation truck back there. The old VW bus would be C17. We're gonna go to the C loop. Since Junction Creek Campground is within five miles of Durango, cell service is pretty good in the campground. Elevation here is just over 7,300 feet. C1 on the right. These seem to be a little shorter. We'll get some info. I think the

B loop might have been the electric loop. C2 off to the right across from the restrooms C3 is off to our left Looking down on the picnic area. Parking on this one's pretty short That lady is giving that guy a haircut. You got that on video. Here's a look into C4

C5 in front of us. That one's a little bit longer in the parking. C6 off to the right C7. Let's pull up in this one. And if you can tell it is very, very smoky today with all the fires that's been going on. This is September 7th of 2020.

All right that was C7 Getting down into the trees now C8 will be on the right. We won't pull in since we have the side camera going on that. A little short C9 is off to the right. Water spigot next to the restrooms. C11. It's pretty short. On the right C10 was on the left. That one is not level if you've got a trailer. It's okay for a van

or something. C12 left C13 in the trees there. A little bit longer. Double-wide parking if you unhitch your trailer That's a long one. Yeah, that one on the left here. C14 is on the right. That's a nice one. C15 was the long one on the left side C16 will be the Ford motorhome on the right.

And that left turn is just a turn to go back through the C Loop And that was C17 in front of us Let's go to the D & E loops D1. That's a nice one The nearly 500-mile long Colorado Trail which begins in Denver ends just outside of Junction Creek Campground All right pulling away from the restrooms. D3 on the right. Bathrooms right behind D3.

And another site here on the right. D4 This one looks pretty big. Yeah, you can definitely do double-wide parking if you needed to. A little bit of a slope up to the picnic area. You can see a trash can straight back behind us on the road. That is the only drawback to the site here. All right, looks like there's gonna be a D5 that was the other direction. Oh no, D5 was the fifth wheel that we were looking at.

All right, this should be the E Loop There's somebody else's picnic area. That might have been D3's picnic area there on the right. Restrooms, water station. Water spigot. Uh, electric hookups here in the E-loop. And lantern posts in addition to the picnic table and fire ring. That's a pretty long one. That's gonna be E1. We'll pull into E2 here on the left. all right got a motorhome on the right side here. E3

Right side will be E4. It's a double fee site It's a long pull through E5 on the left E7 will be the pop-up on the right. E6 Is a little bit of a pull-off here. Electric box, picnic table, and fire ring are up the uh are up the steps. There's a little tent

pad Another look at E7 on the right E8 E8 is a double site. Two picnic tables, two lantern posts, two electric pedestals, and then the tent area is up back behind them. See if we can pull up a little bit maybe see that. Only one fire ring though. That's weird. Yeah, but it's for bringing your family. All right, pulling out of E8. Bathrooms and then water spigot.

E9 was in front of us. Curving off to the left E10 is on the right. A few stairs. Yep, some steps going up E11 will be on our left E12 on the right E13 That tent pad's like right next to the picnic table. Yeah, that's for a small tent. Most of these in the electric you're gonna camp here with a camper The tent would be for a small one.

For like kids. All right, E14 fifth wheel is a doubles fee site. If you want to join us as we check out more campgrounds in Colorado, click the subscribe button. We have new campground videos every Thursday And we are coming out of the E-loop Passing the D loop This will be D5 going to the right Looks like this is E15. So we get a mix of D and E together Another one. Looks like E16 going off to the right. All right we're coming out of the D and E loops now. Headed back to C.

C Loop was to the right. Road up here is mostly paved except for about the last mile or two the road goes to dirt but it's well maintained. There's B3 $24 per night. Double sites $42. Electric pedestal $11 each. So if you got two on the site that's $22. I think that's everything I wanted to see All right here are the maps for Junction Creek Campground Entrance with the B Loop, C Loop, D And then the E loop up here. Now the D6 and D7 that was actually marked as E on the pedestals And then just down the road here, you've got parking for a couple parking areas. They were

pretty full for the Colorado Trail and also up to Kennebec Pass

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