Junior Tour Guides: Glaitness Primary School, Orkney

Junior Tour Guides: Glaitness Primary School, Orkney

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Welcome. To the bishops and Rose policies, we, are the junior tour guides and we are going to be taking you in the trash passes today here, at the Alpha who. Will play characters who lived and worked in from Earl Patrick, Stewart 400 years ago you'll, hear those characters, speak the language about metals they, are on the air Patrick, and his lady wife the characters Margaret, ball, yet we decided in worthy in what obsession, because it was terrible temper, here's. The bishop palace, well, we, important, people from across the centuries we. Worked and change, the, ancient Palace some, of us Martinique them. Your. Grace's thank, you for coming I know some of you traveled as far as nine centuries to meet these strangers, who wish to know more about your palates we. Will leave them in your care. Welcome. Ladies and gentleman I am st. Agnes, may have heard of this beautiful. Cathedral, behind me was built in, my name and I better warn you it was I present, pressure from the cathedral felt I needed, a new home to be built near by the bishops, class to my time Magnusson. I applied a field test centers, to meet you I have faults me one of my priests, and, the servant, to, serve me and tell you at best about the bishops pastor, in that time the, service, has worked and time traveled to many ages, and we'll be able to tell you about the love and I embrace our brief and, made many tenders to the palace I turned, from the 16th, century to me I've brought my girl do with me as I kept him very busy here in my lifetime, that's. Within the beginning, mhm, we shall take you into the best response, and beginners for. At 11:17. I was murdered by my own cousin half, happened. And I had been drunk lawyers are walking for many years we, were always very different I, love, peace and harmony but, my cousin still he loved nothing better than a good fight, how, can said did not share the reason for walking with me for any longer, we, must have a meeting to work out what to do we, decided, we would meet on one of the islands, with only two ships. IRI. From reaching only to find the Hawking was singing and with eight fully, armed ships. I knew, this meant the end for me I went, to the chapel to pray to God, hacking, friend found me an order my own cook, to murder me and all, I wanted, was peace, for the people of Arc me after. My death people, would visit by to me and wonderful, thing that happened to them the, secular, yield by visiting my tuna and praying to me who, soon decided, that I should be named a single, Magnus.

His Nephew as a friend of mine he became L the whatever Cathedral, a bell in honor of his peace-loving locals, a Cathedral. What, should be more magnificent. Men in your arms I am a man I am the bishop of this Cathedral an efficient, with such importance, been to Cathedral receives, many important, visitors from far and wide so. That man I need an impressive, house for them to stay when they visit and so the bishop as we can't leave. Your, grace I'm sorry to see your splendid, trouser changed and neglected, well father maker let's only be expected I just start work 9 the centuries ago, I must, confess William, but I made many changes to your lovely building, it, was already 400, so when I became Bishop we'd use a little more in a little more security how well does this wave and we show you how the past has changed over the years. This. Was the main hall for the bishops house it's. Changed, so much over the years it, was here that the bishop entertained, important, guests this, servant, here has seen many a celebrity pass, through its doors we, had the King of Norway himself, stay here with us although I'm sorry to say no free long King, Haakon st. you're in his way home from the bow with the Scots the valid, not come about and arrived he retired and ill within, a few days he was dead the, King Leslie don't here for his people to pay their last respects, his, body was clothed in kingly robes and a garland to his place Ron said his. Servants. Dude all around the hall folding, papers, and they said that his people process, but it does handsome in Wales he did when he was alive people. Who were very sad to you died here come. On over this way and I'll show you how I brought the pass up-to-date, from, my dear anyway. My. Arrival past was very ordered we'd unused for a long time he's, won sometimes, I needed a new home was not just grand. Enough for visitors we might even clip the king we also secured enough, I built the great tower behind me but time to clear my builder here did anyway tell Bubba - please builder the, bishop one at a tower, I built, it for him, it's always five stories, high and even when it has private, apartment set that. Included, his bedchamber study. And dining room for his friends, and even. An ensuite, toilet. Here. In the Great Hall is right round not, one but two huge fireplaces. Bishop. William, I think some, of your builders are not very good these. Wooden, scaffolding, poles go spot logs and then just sawed them off when they were finished you. Can see where some of the scaffolding, poles used to be, I've. Heard on my time trouser Earl Patrick didn't even know the Lord prayer. Eventually. Barrels breeze do too much for King it was actually given in 1650, for treason. You see is traditional, to save large bear before being executed. Legend. Has over veered to the leg the execution, while they talk about saying later. On you'll meet L Patrick groom, new mate there to go in the Bishop's Palace L Patrick will use this palace, as a first house 250, guard to attend it at all times it says something but a man who needs fifty bodyguards.

Let. Us now meet team two who are going to be playing some of the people who lived and worked in the earl's palace 400. Years ago in this next action you hear the character. Speak differently, than the way that a group once booked see, if you can listen, out and remember some of the, works are different, first, we are sure to meet the constable, he is in charge of securing, a very important, man. I kind, of son London, you, dust, me doing about that's time travel awful story business, let me help you sir. Sir. I can, tell you this time we've landed in the 21st, century buddy, boy that's long way through our time you just let me come along it is exactly, let's see um. 17. 18. 19 20. We've traveled 400, years. That. We. Have here guards. Protect, us they could be tempted invaders, do you think the arrows palaces, real protected, 2019. As in my own time I. Hope. So gods whenever, they mean is the name hair I. Am. One of fifty personal, bodyguards, to His grace Terrell, Patrick, and it is my job to make sure he and his pals are kept secure who, goes there friend or foe only. Friends are Patrick, may proceed. Your, face. Oh. Real, wide you know say welcome, to the arrows Palace but I'm hot so David she just hurry and these are some of the servants of the horse you've, already met Tommy guards. You. Just think it. This. Is one of the who sewed Nate laughs. This. Is laughs Linda. Lewis and, last. But no least we have, our pretty turned off it the youngest seventh and the hoops they'll find it more bit his job later on seniors. Have come so far as suppose we should show you strangers, my hospitality, shall, we show them the old playset a, grand. Idea surprise. Removing, it well, I lied he does security I think we should show these friends. When you defend the policy attack, I guess they're kneeling or - nothing, over it very wise I'll show them to you and your men with the practicalness. Assault, and, all Patrick, is very important, you can just, run for those King James with left himself but. We knew and me coming a bit in case anybody, hears us weaken, our, Patrick. Was there too popular in these perks and these all the protection, you can get the, treats for quick sleeps. You. Lastly, what scene is unconfirmed. Sir. I'll see if I can tell you more later. I've. Got my eye on the last, go. Tell, the Pope you defend the palace me attack as, you can see there are holes here which shoot, through them at any other enemies. We. Have so many windows in the past so it was easy to see whoever is come in and gun the. Wooden door here is for your time, no worse, we, had a stronger with indoor and the hence it is a metal grill called it yet there. Are holes in it yet the US guards could fire on that were muskets, room you. Know the friend there are all of our lives so don't even think about crossing me or any other ever 49, guard sterile Patrick. Come. On then let's show them more frontage Palace and see for a sauces, out days lovin afar. We go lock up and you'll see the world who art it's Warner we knew but, above that as the answer, the date 1607. Our. Own pot took his oldest chair promptly close, related to the royal family mine, the on where they hear my amount, of wealth and power on ho phir ahead trips.

I'm Stephen, Chow just your kitchen. Welcome. To our kitchen this is where we are and shout to play in front of feasts and banquets for, the Arminius guess a lots. And smells very different, in your time than it does in mine there me assistants, are showing you the rakia. Let's. Undo, what they did, I am. The palace but why they call me a tramp rocky hits me job - standing here by the fire slowly turn this bet over for, usually, a mock oh great bore Alomar, pegs scurried, onto the spit for a feast and the, sky heavy the fire is hot on one side in a face centered to the fire has always reached everyone, can say I'm the term Rocky I hope, you're not complaining, maybe let's prepare as creative, soda no ma'am sorry, no that's when there was a major sting I'm carrying. A heavy flower offer it upstairs to the Great Hall for a feast I have. To be careful, not to drop anything or cook will be mad after all her preparations. And they, have to be quick so it's so warm when it reaches the Great Hall or Ella Patrick, will be sure to get mad. Maggie, Fred quick yes, sir sorry sir, that. Blinking window. There's always someone keeping an eye on us and shouting orders way out there it's, usually this yours you'll meet him later he's. The Earl's right hand run amok sure everything, runs smoothly in the columns, creaking. New quick the Earl is waiting, we, have prepared a background, on her some of the Isles friends, were visiting us for the night so it's very hot and busy in here this. Is what fireplace. Agreeable the question, we, usually have some engrossed, in I'll bet and I'm not. I. Invested. With so so I said I expect something hard to come by a wartime but also sank it stops a fufu Gandalf I can get good feelin Sophie's will be going over there. That's myself comfort, it close to the fire to keep it right it's. Quite him when we can't kill and never be quite the fire crackling. I'd be sharing orders the cultural. And, all. The smells that lovely smell rosetone, pinkett on my site house bubbling, in the pot to, cover up will taste to the government on me hey. Watch it cheeky. Ungrateful, pity mind, it doesn't get a bit hot in here the fire and the russian aboot and the fear Oh his, lordship, no like he want to make issues, that, I took a bath just last year so I am as fresh as a daisy. Right, his guard she was ready to see the strangers, do bring, them up to the way in a movie from a parallel oh you, are lucky to see the earth you must be briefed or guides are in deep trouble new, you, keep your hands off the silver and strong room next oh that's, where they all keep those breasts over you. Also pass for a well safely, inside the palace were for attacked they're, in here fair why I was still fresh water when. You keep your noses with the savage in the corner that's where we're stocks of food and barrels of wine store, The Fool cockney, pay the island food rather than money they, were in first vegetables. My mates ha isn't he. She's. Milk, we think I he sure can't remember oh dear so, I hope you brought something for the arrow hurry, up now you have to keep we and will, lead the way. This. Is the Great Hall or its large boy this, is the way in real folk who want to see the error who have been summoned by an wait here and never stay for they're called in our year. We have a basin, one, of my jobs just to fill up a Jaguar, for the well downstairs and Matt sure everyone washes their hands before coming to see the arrow and there, was a curtain across here, for the privacy, and it keeps on the draft to look. Up you, can see them with his right they decorated, in swim the almost looks a bit like wooden ribs and more, time it was brightly decorated and, painted this. Room makes our noriko feel fearful. They, might be thinking if this is the way room involved. The Great Hall and like I seen, Michael men walking in the roof standing, right here and. No wonder have you heard about Darrell Patrick, he's, a terrible, temper and he flies into rages, not just where his focus sermons. But where's on family, as well if.

He Dare to cross him a question and he stomps, his feet as cracks and tears his hairy he, is traveled, to play tomorrow you ride Villa every meal we asked, about push, the, here's to feel sorry for you. Foster's, tenants, to build this palace game. During. That time they, just moved any decoration. He, is not too popular and, tear some, folk have even complained, to the king that's, what they're all doesn't find it who are they'll be in some trouble not father wasn't. In you until, the time was up I threw in that too and loyal friends being his lordship, who. Goes there I trust, use a good life and sister and have them appear to meet him aye sir, they're ready good. We are discharged of the palace the arrows right-hand man will, now take you into me is no chance. Welcome. To the hall, come again round. I am the challengers Margaret Stewart the wives of your country, you, may call me Lady Margaret, why. Have, you know matters you should be valuing, curtsy I bested, you quickly through the art comes through I am the lady and waiting to the contest, and I know all about bowels and curtsies. Gentlemen. You shall bow alone you should right hand to make bracelet as she reaches take off your hat should you be wearing one now. Ladies. Put, your right foot behind your left and curtsy lowbrow in your head if she do sir. Now. Remember, they're all comes through you must bow and curtsy, he returns is larger. Welcome. To my palace strangers. This was my Great Hall how. My banquet celebrations. Were of course routes that looks very different to return who was destroyed, it was at you, you, knew her so he could be trouble I'll have you thrown in pit cousin you know dear, our sentries, your path your beautiful class needed destroyed. And only, you who ordered this get, spies to be built describe her for, what looks like for us but. I guess you're right this is the most important, room in the palace but, that was my official, business here tenants. Come to pay the rent and we also here trouser. And give out punishments. It's just one thing I can't stand it's like people are being lured me failing. To pay the rent of stealing from around who, do we have here Stuart. My. Lord I'm terribly, terribly sorry why, he's so frightening you, haven't, yet brought either you like paid for weddings monk my wife isn't very young now but I don't do excuses a little, more than a thief he'd never buy land in you pay me what you always in text I need, to work them this palace you'll want to me one, month no fable, make up what you with you take, her out of my sight you call me a thief you. Stole 200,000. Pounds worth of store, of your neighbors quarry and then forces, the builders past if, no food drink okay enough, all day expect an arrow like that will, make your way to the king, how. Dare he he will suffer for that so, as you can see trials, are held here and justice, governor, but, we has a fun have fun in this room we entertain important, get a feast meat and dancing. The heart looks so different now, perhaps it needs scrab how it was my lady, yeah, well frosty there's room, decorated. Beautifully shallots, in from the Bible there, are wooden tiles and red status just kept a cold winter, drop drafts out the. Windows her glass only curtains, he put the drafts, at the bottom is a great 12th or late window, ah, I.

See Miss O'Hara desafio being in the team that is my sister Lady King leading, times, driving our banquets, here to you I. Am. Lady Jean Levenstein. And I, have been invited to stay off the earth and the contest, as their guests they, have later on a great feast in my honor, the, holics went up sent there, are candles, and flickering, lights everywhere, you look and not, one but two great fires roaring. And growling. The. Airless, Bronto, has signed silver plates first letter and candlelight. The around, his wife have arranged for entertainment. As tonight as a special, occasion, thoroughly, with sessions playing from a social gallery above our heads later. They'll be dancing but. It's just as well as he have been so Alfred. You're. Honored to have been allowed this far into the pallets that's, in the room next are the arrows private, rooms and here, he entertains private, parties first from select and trusted friends, do. You like it well do, you I am very pleased with it especially these, windows, they, are cooked over the old windows here. We have three sections will be in different directions this. So admire, the view this is also helpful for the Coast varnish, guards they can see in more than one direction there. Are anything to protecting the power so much harm to the arrow ha. They didn't try I am safe in my class promise. - God principally. Supposed, to fire enemies, after them the early decoration. You see the new trend for buildings, ultra fear ones, of many decorators, Knight Rises the height of fashion I do let's keep it with the latest trends. His. Lordship, confort, is of utmost importance. Of course as you make a way for it to his bedchamber you'll, see there's a small room he may look and this is his latrine, his toilet, there are others in the past by Gaston family. This. Is the I they'll put it's really almost fetching. Because, it's the first remove, it from the door attackers, crept fight their way a slow, cursory, to Sparta Paulus that's. Never fool let's go through tactics to us anyone. Who think. I'm. The out and that people must love me. Meet. Strangers we have seen enough I'm type of. Course your worship. We. All take. We've. Enjoyed, traveling, to your time to see our palaces. We hope you've enjoyed, visiting. Our palaces, and listening, to our lives in the past our. Group use was using, arc Nick mayor, on can, which means strange. But. Tersh which means fancy. Or amazing, and guides. Which means stupid and you'd like to pick a tour please contact lightness, goal and careful. You.

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