Justice With Judge Jeanine 02/03/18 9PM | February 03, 2018 Breaking News

Justice With Judge Jeanine 02/03/18 9PM | February 03, 2018 Breaking News

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It's. All for us tonight be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, justice. With judge janina's, next, and remember. Waters. And this. Is my world. Breaking. Tonight President, Trump takes to Twitter in the wake of the Phi Phi's. MMO bombshell. Hello. And welcome to Justice I'm Jeanine, Pirro thanks. For being with us tonight the. President late this evening quoting, The Wall Street Journal. On Twitter in response, to the Pfizer memo, release, saying. The memo lays out how the FBI failed. To inform, the FISA Court that, the Clinton campaign, funded. The dossier, the, FBI became, a tool of, anti-trump. Political, actors. Unacceptable. In a democracy the. President, goes on to say the, FBI wasn't, straight with Congress, and hid most of these facts, from investigators. We. Have quite a show on deck for you tonight and Coulter David bossy, governor, Mike Huckabee and, congressman, Ron De Santis all standing, by live plus. I'll be talking to a spokesperson, for, the President, of the United States in just a moment I have, one very important, question for, him but. First my, opening statement. He. Was right. From the beginning, they. Were spying. On him, they. Were, wiretapping. They, were listening. In on Trump, Tower they. Were so, desperate, that, he not be elected, that, they misled the most secret, Court of the United States, in order to spy on an, opposing political, campaign, in order, to undermine, a, presidential. Election. Members. Of the highest echelon in, our FBI. And, Department, of, Justice, conspired. To prevent, an outsider, from, breaking, the establishment. Stranglehold. On the American. People they. Needed a reason to spy. So they made one up, they, used the dossier, of lies paid. For by a major political, party, the Democrat, National, Committee and a, presidential. Candidate, Hillary, Rodham, Clinton to. Dupe that Court, they. Swore, to facts. They knew were lies, to. Get what they wanted, in order to surveil, a candidate. They, could not imagine, being. President, a cabal. Of arrogant. Condescending employees. Of our government, whose salaries, we pay thought. That we didn't, count they. So wanted Hillary to become president, that they violated, all the rules and engaged, in a charade so we would think there was a real investigation, on, the emails, they. Met on the tarmac they, gave people who didn't qualify immunity. From prosecution without. Getting. The required incriminating. Evidence the. FBI then, changed, lanes with the DOJ, and publicly. Announced, a decision in violation, of all ethics, rules and they, changed, legal, definitions, to, satisfy, their political, goal. They. Thought she'd be elected, and no one would ever know but. She wasn't, so. They plotted, an insurance. Policy to, bring him down anyway. You. Know I've often talked, about the Clintons, coming, on the scene from Arkansas. In their bell-bottoms. As pigs. At the trough but. They really, outdid themselves this, time using. A foundation and, name only, just read the wealth while. Infecting, our departments. Of justice and, the FBI all the, while their. Comrades. Weaponized. Our tools, of intelligence. This. Is what they do in third-world countries not. In America. It's. Time for holier-than-thou, Jim. Comey, and his, band, of conspirators from. The cave and struck on down to. Have Lady Justice, take off her blindfold and, see, them for what they are, the. Arrogance, of those seeking a change in, a presidential, election is unheard. Of in the United States and let. Me be clear this. Is not an attack on the FBI or the Department, of Justice because. These agencies. Are bigger, than a couple of tainted, inhabitants. This, is not about one party, versus another it's. Not even about spying, on an American, citizen. It's. About something, even. More, it's. About an attempt, to change the. Course of American history, using. The most powerful agencies. In the United, States government, how, dare, you. And. That's my open tell. Me what to think on my Facebook, page Twitter, and Instagram hashtag. Judge Janine joining. Me now with reaction to my opening statement and much more congressman, Ron De Santis who's been at the forefront of getting this stuff released, from. The beginning, good, evening congressman. Good. Evening judge I guess it was everything, you said it was going to be that everyone said it wasn't gonna be and the. Question, now is what. Happens next I. Think. There's going to be a number of things chairman, Nunez, has. Said publicly this is going to be a Phase two where. You're gonna have another memo, go through the same process dealing. With other agencies including the State Department, and they're rolling this and and I think that can potentially be explosive.

I Also think that the memo has raised problems. For, some of the individuals, that you mentioned, including former FBI director, Jim Comey I mean he was not candid, with the Intelligence, Committee in. Terms of telling them the genesis, of the dossier, so I think they're gonna bring him in put him under oath but I think he's exposed, to himself potentially. Making false statements of course he leaked FBI, documents. When he after he got fired some, of those documents may have had classified, information so he may have exposure there as well, and then one of the things I think really needs to be drilled down on judge a, lot, of people are focusing on the FISA obviously, that's significant, the role of Bruce or who, was one of the top Justice, Department, officials, and his, wife is working for fusion GPS, and basically. What happened is there was a direct, pipeline from. The Clinton campaign, to, the upper echelons of, the Justice, Department, and FBI through, Bruce or because, Hillary is funding. Fusion. And then fusion, has sent they're negative, fake, research, on Trump right, - the Obama Justice Department. Not really, really problematic, what's, problematic, but, we knew this was a problem a year ago so here's the question congressman, who's going to investigate, and prosecute who's, going to bring on a grand. Jury issue subpoenas do, everything, they didn't do in the Hillary Clinton email, case who. Know. He's close call me he's close to Muller in fact, rod Rosen, C was the guy who walked Muller over to be interviewed, for FBI. Director. And when, the president, didn't hire him the next day Muller appoint, a Rosenstein. Appoints. Him to be special counsel, if that, isn't vengeance, I don't know what is well. Anne Rosen, Stein signed one of the FISA extensions. So he would be conflicted, out of doing it there's gonna be a strong, push in the Congress, the strongest, we've had yet for. A special counsel, to look into the FISA abuse, and related, matters I think it's got to be someone who's not a part of the swamp someone, from outside Washington I'm just gonna do it oh. You're. Gonna have to get Jeff Sessions, to to make the appointment. Do. When I figure this out six months ago he's, in the middle of it and he, can't figure out that his job as a chief prosecutor, in the United States is to start looking into this and stop with this namby-pamby, stuff. Well. Here's the difference though judge six months ago you. Didn't have Bruce, or demoted, you didn't have rebecky, on his way out you didn't have McCabe, forced. To resign you didn't have James Baker reassign. People. Are dropping like flies at, the Justice Department and FBI sessions. Has to notice that yep, but you and I both know, that that's, like changing a parking, space they, need, to be made, criminally. Responsible. Anyway. We're a congressman, to censor someone - thank you you started all this I give you a lot of credit I really, do thanks judge good to talk to you all. Right we, just heard from the president on Twitter about an hour ago and now we're joined live by one of his top spokesperson. White, House press secretary Hogan. Gidley all, right good evening Hogan I have one question to ask you president, tweeted today. That. He was totally, vindicated. As. A result, of this FISA memo, does, this mean, that he's calling on Robert Moore that. Muller to end the investigation I. Wouldn't. Say he's calling on Robert, Muller to end, the investigation, but what I can say is the president has, been, clear that this. Memo, has raised, some serious concerns, about the integrity of the, decisions, made at the highest levels. Of the FBI and the DOJ when, they can take the, most intrusive, surveillance. Mechanisms. And methods, and use, them on American citizens. Based. On nothing. But, a campaign. Document. Funded, and paid for by Hillary Clinton that, should be alarming to all Americans. It's not just alarming, it's it's, it's critical, because it is, a. It. Is misleading. The court these, people, swing I used to sign warrants, all the time I mean not a warrant at this level of FISA Court but, you get that affiant, to come before you and he, has to swear that what he's telling you is the truth he, has to satisfy several. Prongs none, of that was done here right and, it was a document, that obviously was omitted, in the in the in the FISA warrant. Process they did not tell this to the judge forget. The fact that it was from the Clintons in the first place I mean obviously this thing was full of inaccuracies but. They didn't even tell the judge that's, where they got the information from, that is a clear violation and.

Obviously. This memo. Goes, to expose, that process. And I think all Americans are, deeply. Concerned at this moment well, you know with the with the FISA, application. And and what we found out look, everybody's. Talking about this I want, to know who. Is the lawyer who, accompanied. The, FBI agent, to go before the FISA Court okay, whether it's Baker, Comey. Mccabe. Rosenstein. All. Those, guys whoever, that, judge was he. Needs to do what he or she needs to do whatever they have to do to get, them on the red carpet, because they made a misrepresentation. To. The, the highest most secret, Court in the United States besides, the Supreme Court that, judge is a person, I'm waiting to hear from because, they either took, him or they, lied to him either, way it's bad you, you just mentioned it could quite possibly be, the tip of the iceberg, and I don't disagree with that but, it's, obvious, now that the the Congress is the investigative, body here this originated, from Congress this memo and they've, got their, work cut out for them because obviously they're facing obstruction. At, every turn is they try to move through this process but. They're, the ones that have. This the. The originated. This memo they're the ones they're gonna have to get to the bottom of this but it's very clear, this, is opening up quite, quite a big can of worms if you will in this town all right what about rod Rosenstein. Does you know I I saw, the. President's, reaction when he was asked about him rod, Rosenstein, is still there does. He have the confidence of the President, look, I serve, at the pleasure of the President as does rod, Rosenstein, if the. President, is displeased, with you believe me you'll know it and you won't be working there but I will say this there, are no conversations. Or, considerations. For firing rod Rosenstein, at, the White House oh boy, Hogan, giddily thanks so much for being with us this evening, thanks so much judge and, here with more insight into the memo and what's up former Trump campaign manager, David bossy all right David are you as fired up as I am uh I am. Judges, this, is exactly. What the president was talking about it, was a rigged election back then and that's what that's what the president, knew then and that's what we have found out to be a fact today, you know David what's amazing is when the president first came out and he said you know that they were wiretapping. At Trump Tower and all that other stuff everybody. Mocked, him they ridiculed. Him they, made fun of him Obama, comes out and he's so condescending, and so insulted, it's true. Yeah. It was a hundred percent true, it's an outrage, that, what, what. The American people are just finding out and what they're learning is that. The FBI. Used. A dirty. Dossier. That has now been completely, discredited. To. To, go to the FISA Court to get a FISA judge. To issue, this, wiretap. It is an outrage, it should. Bother all Americans, and and, I'll be honest with you I can't, understand, why the New York Times Washington, Post and others are so, troubled, with, with. Us wanting. To press the, federal government, for the answers, of why they. Were doing, this it is so dirty it is so corrupt and and judge you know this you, understand, this better than most because, the men and women of the FBI. America's. Premier, law enforcement. Agency doesn't, deserve this, they are made up that that organization is made up of tremendous. People who do a great job making America. America, don't even have to say that David, you know everybody's saying the FBI is great the DOJ we all know that it's, this but it's important, fected, it at the top that's. Why you. Get calls like I get calls all right, from from FBI agents, who are disgusted. They are angry you, know this thing should have been handled in a field office, instead it's handled at the upper echelon by, a cabal, on the seventh floor at. The FBI, they're, all gonna pass and, a few bad, apples a few, bad apples have besmirched this organization. And that's really what troubles, me is. That we need to honor and hold them up and we need to do a good. Job of cleaning, this out so, that we can get on with the business of what, the FBI is supposed to be doing all right let me let me ask you you know David some of the stuff that they've, been saying about the memo that you know is like Chicken Little if this, memo is released, the sky, is going, to fall alright. So. We. Have grave concerns as from the FBI about. Material. Emissions of fact that impact the memos accuracy. And. Nancy. Pelosi says, Donald, Trump has surrendered his constitutional. Responsibility. As commander-in-chief, by. Releasing the unredacted, memo, it undermines, our national security and, and basically as a bouquet, to his friend Putin.

People. Talking, about yes, he also said the tax cut was going to be Armageddon you. Know they they. Hate, this, president. More, than they love, America. That is the fundamental. Problem with the Democrat, Party today they, see hatred. Through. Their eyes that's all they see never, seen anything like it it is remarkable. To me and they do this every day they say the sky is falling and it doesn't and and, the American people are catching on to it, and they're going to continue because they can't help, themselves just, look at what the President did at the State of the Union he made them look like the buffoons, that they are yes, absolutely. David Voss he's so good to have you on tonight thanks. Judge what, a night on justice, tonight Mike, Huckabee Katrina Pierson still, coming up but next you, haven't heard all that takes on the Nunez memo, until you hear Ann Coulter's, and it's on deck and standing by live don't, change, that, channel. Don't, touch the remote don't, go anywhere. Welcome, back to justice we continue, tonight with our big story the release of this explosive, memo, and the continued, fallout, here, with her take on a tall conservative, columnist and best-selling author and, Coulter all right and I want you to take a look at this, we've. Got. MSNBC. Rachel. Maddow. That's. It. That's. All we've got this. Is what all the hype was about. For. What is it two weeks now they've been hyping this I will admit to being shocked, that this is what they released it which it was it was just kind of like a sad trombone. We. Only bring, that out for, very special occasions and so, you have a memo, that's been, Declassified. And. In. The memo they say that Andrew McCabe used a document. That he said he couldn't have gotten a warrant without that, was full of lies and he didn't tell the court about the bias of individuals, involved or that a. Candidate. Paid for it your, take well. Well. For one thing we now know what complete, Liars the Democrats, and all, of these hysterical. You know alleged, national, security, and law enforcement experts. Are about it's, going to blow up any sort of then. We'll have terrorist, attacks what will we do if this memo comes out and then it comes out that's, all it is well there were people who had seen the memo who knew what the information was and I think at this point I mean their argument, is the. Fact that it and by, the way it makes me totally loved and I think it makes most, Americans. Love Trump even more it really it illustrates, the point that it was always Donald. Trump against. Both the Republican, and the Democratic Party it is Washington, DC against, the people and when you see the way, high-level, officials, not as everyone, has said the rank-and-file, but high level officials at the FBI. Were. Using, funding. Documents. Funded by the Hillary campaign someone. Who hated. Donald. Trump and didn't want him elected and by the way who started the whole Russia investigation. I don't think in a big enough point has been made of this it was Peter struck, he, was the one who started investigation, he's the one who's texting with his mistress. But. I do think that Rosen Stein probably, they're two separate news one is the Rosen Stein the civil liberties violations. Right and, I think Rosen signs should probably go I don't know why Trump was everyone think why, was Trump ever Harvey members, of the swamp to begin with I'm kind of mad at Trump for that there are plenty of lawyers out in America, who went to Harvard to UM you didn't have to get move somebody over from the swamp so he deserves what he gets but now, that he's found out he should fire Rosen Syme Muller however, he, he hasn't he, hasn't done, any of this the danger with Muller is he's looking like Patrick Fitzgerald remember, the one independent, counsel we had I did there was no crime, right.

And So all, these people on TV keep talking about a perjury trap they obviously have, not the first idea what a perjury trap is it's not just putting someone another under oath one who you know what the truth is we think this person was gonna lie no it's when you are putting people under oath when, there's no crime. And, that's what Patrick Fitzgerald did, he found out there was nothing illegal about. Revealing. A name and then he puts all these people under gallery, play somebody disagree. So, if there is no crime here and it's looking like there's no crime remember, that the entire Russia. Argument, the entire, Russia collusion, argument comes, from these four, members, who, remembers. They weren't members of Trump staff they were great hangers on mostly, I mean it's Roger stone. Great, guy but he keeps offering. To pay testified, publicly, let's, try that you have partner page, Carter page pop it up you have sessions. And, Papadopoulos every single one of them has fallen apart and all you hear them say on the other networks, and the Democrats is well, this could be part of an obstruction of justice well, number one know if there's no crime he shouldn't be putting any of it right, number two I the way is that you can't put, zero. Plus zero plus zero together, so at this point I think we have a reason to ask what is it that Muller is investigating. The whole thing was smoke and mirrors created, by the swamp okay it's not just smoke and mirrors created, by the swamp it is in, worse than that it's, going to the highest one of the highest courts in the contrite. I would think that the judge up there because look if someone came to me a cop came to me and said a judge don't want a warrant I put him under oath he swears to this and that and he's pulling the wool over my eyes I'd have his badge that's the end of it you drive, that how, is the judge and the court tolerate. Right and how, is you, know if you got James Comey going in for an extension on the warrant after, he's just told the president's, unverified, then, how do you go before a judge and get an extension, on an even higher love right probable, and Rose yeah Rose ensign himself. Know that but, the civil the civil liberties issues I do think are different from the Russia collusion, story by itself right, it. Just seems to me both of them are falling apart and the, argument, that is being made on the other side is oh no no, the sleazy unverified. Dossier, that was just one of lots of evidence that's why it's out of context, is out of context so okay, can't, the president declassify. The entire, thing I think he ought to Kent, but by you, know I think he's worried about making himself. Interjecting. Himself in, this this. Is corruption they had no oh they're evidence, that. Supported, the wiretap. Why, put in a meta the dossier that's full of lies if you really had other evidence, right why is the dossier why did Andrew McCabe swear those oh and also I think very importantly. Why why, hasn't, why. Why are you bothering, with the man of Ford stuff and the little cheap, stuff if, they're if they have proof that Carter Page was conspiring, on behalf. Of Donald Trump, to, inject, you millions of dollars into the campaign well we would have been dieded the president's, already well but but here's the thing Carter, page is walking around because he hasn't done anything apparently. And you. Got man afforded itíd for something that is fruit of the poisonous, tree for, which he should move to. Have the the, charge but also a you're not collusion. It's a collusion Ann Coulter thanks we could go on for an hour Governor, Mike Huckabee still, on deck tonight and next tonight's, panel, has a lot to get into Katrina.

Pierson Richard, Fowler ready to talk about the memo and where we go from here stay right there guys. Live. From America's News headquarters, I'm Alicia Cunha, a lone, gunman wounded, six African immigrants, during a two-hour shooting, rampage in Italy police, say the attack was racially motivated one. Of the victims was seriously, injured and needed surgery. The, suspect, is white and reportedly, has an extreme, right background, with both neo-nazi. And neo-fascist. Ties the, shooting spree follows the arrest of a Nigerian, refugee, for, the murder of an 18 year old Italian, woman the crime has fuelled anti-immigrant. Sentiments. Televangelist. Pat Robertson. Is recovering. From a stroke but the 87, year old is expected, to make a full recovery the. Founder of the Christian, Broadcasting. Network was, rushed to the hospital on, Friday. That's, after family. Member noticed symptoms, I'm Alicia, Cunha, now buck back to justice with judge Jeanine. Demson. Liberals, continue to attack the White House in the GOP, for releasing the FISA memo some. Saying it was dangerous, and others like advertising, executive. Donnie George calling. People to action, take a listen, our. Democracy. Is under siege people. Need to start taking to the streets this is a dictator. Wow. Joining me now my, fired up political panel tonight former Trump campaign spokesperson, Catrice and Katrina Pierson and Democratic. Strategist, Fox News contributor Richard, Fowler all right, Richard, do people need to take to the streets I don't have anybody take to the streets but I think it's very important, that we outline some of the facts about this memo I think. One of the facts that's what one of the fact that I found to be the most interesting is the case of Peter struck so there has been a lot of talk or Peter struck being insanely, bias against, the Clinton ministration based, on those text messages but. What we've also learned outfox was reported two days ago that Peter struck was also responsible for drafting the memo in late, October, that led to the reopening, of the Clinton campaign possibly. Costing her the election so that means even if he was bias, he, still, didn't take away from him doing his job Katrina. You know why. Struck, called, for the reopening of that, investigation. Well. Judge he had to he had to get ahead of the media because the media was about to break the story on the emails, that were found on Anthony Weiner's server. So the, problem we have here is the Democrats are refusing to see one key issue in this memo and no one seems to be talking about it judge and that's the timeline first. The, FBI cannot, label an American, citizen, for an agent unless they are knowingly engaging on. Compiling. Intelligence, for a foreign entity then, you can't get a FISA warrant unless. They prove that you're an agent and as you said in your previous segment, Carter Paige is still walking around but, you will know that this investigation. Started in July. After. Trump, clinched the nomination and, the same month, the FBI. Exonerated. Hillary, Clinton, from her email, scandal. That. Point is that we know exactly, we, know that the FBI was. In the tank for Hillary they were careless, they, were communicating on, their government-issued. Devices, and they, were shell-shocked. When Donald Trump won that election and that is why we're having this discussion today you, know I have, a couple of responses to that response, number one on this Carter, Page situation, we, know from reporting. That Carter Peters under the FBI's radar since 2013 number, one and number two this. Met, this warrant, was removed four different times and for a FISA warrant to be renewed it, has to go back to the judge you have to prove that you're gaining information from, this wiretap, that is leading to bet that is leading to moving, the investigation, forward so that means every time even if, even. If you give them the fact that they use this particular, dossier, they went back to the judge four different, times there could be four different judges saying we have you this is this for, the last 90 days judges. It could have been we don't know that's now we don't know that. We. Don't know that this is why a second, Special Counsel needs to be ordered to investigate these. Abuses, that were uncovered, in the house memo, this is extremely, important, judge because you have American, citizens, whose lives, have, been uprooted whose livelihoods are. Being destroyed, and if you know anything about how the, FBI handles. Its counter, and counter, terror American, citizens lousing been uprooted Richard, they don't open a case to, getting a person, they open. We're. Talking. About the FBI here they open up investigation, on subject, matter ie, Trump, campaign, collusion, with. And. Then they find people to treat.

Part. Of the campaign. Let's. Talk about another fact from that same memo on the last page of the last line the memo indicates, that this inventive, counterintelligence, investigation. Was, triggered by, George papadopolis, in talking. To a foreign agent in London so that's what triggered the investigation, the subject, matter was, the Trump campaign and Trump associates, talking, to were sharing Intel or working with the Russians to get information on the Hillary Clinton campaign that's, from the Republican, memo on the, final page on the last one my point, this, and you know who started that investigation, Peter, struck, use, address. About. Hillary Clinton, in opposition, which anyone. Guys. Guys let's, talk about when Jim Comey, talks about you, know that's it dishonest. Misleading, memo wrecked the house Intel, committee destroyed, the trust with the intelligence, community damaged. The relationship, with the adviser court. Isn't. To me it's rather interesting Richard. That in, truth, I think, Jim Comey has done more to, destroy, the confidence of the American people, in the FBI he, is the one who created, this mess he is the one who used an unverified, a salacious, dossier. That he told the president to re-up, it a few more times I mean this, is just it's, it's unheard, of I listen, I don't like Jim call me like the next cuz I think his FBI reign during his time as final years of the FBI was very problematic but, I think that takes away from the larger fact that this particular memo, that we're talking about here did a couple things the first thing it did is it basically let the world know that the FBI was, monitoring. Somebody, who's been on their radar since July of 2013. Carter, page for engaging with foreign, agents, to take down and destroy our democracy and, that is problematic and that and, that should not be out because this investigation, is not over go, ahead Katrina, this guy is still yet this guy is still walking still, under investigation. For. This it's, the mauler investigation. Yes judgment, but here's the thing we're sitting here and we're talking about these agree these agree these greed outrageous, things. That have been happening to American, citizens which American, citizens figure out where this came from why, were other people unmasked, where is Susan, Rice where's what does Loretta. You. Know you're talking about you know what everybody, that has to pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars to return this to me right now. Richard. Fowler thanks. So much and, still. Ahead I'll take the. Get. The 30-plus, year FBI veteran, all this, but next Mike, Huckabee. Standing, by to talk about the memo the reaction, of what happens, justice. Rolls on in a minute. The, debate continues, tonight over whether this controversial, memo, should have even been released, my next guest believes the American people had to be allowed to see it, Governor, Mike Huckabee joins, me now with more all right good evening governor you. Believe that it had to be released. Absolutely. It did and frankly, I think everything. Regarding. This should be released we should see the full FISA warrant, that was given to the judge we should see exactly what it says, I want, the Democrat memo to be released it's got to go through the same process that the Republican. Memo went through but sure we ought to see it. Second. Governor you know there's a big thing a big thing. Going on about how the Dems they want their memo being released, and they're, not there memo isn't being released is there a process, for, that to happen that they need to go through just like the Republicans. Well. Of course what they have to do is to submit it to, the, White House and then they have to they have a five-day window they also have to have the FBI and, the DOJ look, at it to redact anything, that they think could be a national, security concern. But. Here's, something I want to know where, the civil libertarians, they've. Been so very. Critical, of FISA from. All the way back to its inception under george w bush, and and their use of it rather so much and where. Is the aclu, not, because they like Donald Trump they. Don't have to like him they can think that he's guilty of whatever they want to think he's guilty of but, from a strict, Fourth Amendment, standpoint, and a civil liberty issue there. Is not a due process that's, been done here there has been some very tainted. Ways. In which the warrant was obtained. And that oughta. Alarmed. The heck and I'm just wondering where's, the ACLU, they said they, should be held, accountable for this you, know there's, also another. John, mccain tweeted. The, latest attacks, on the FBI in the Department of Justice serve no American, interests no party, no president. Only Putin's.

What's. Going on with John McCain I. Can't. Figure that out that has got to be the most disconnected. Of comment, related to this whole issue that I've seen because, this isn't about the Russians, this is about whether or not our own government, not the entire FBI not. The entire DOJ this, is whether officials, at the top dove, to the bottom of, ethical, behavior and if, they did they, should be held accountable look, I want to make a point judge that I don't, hear enough I've, heard people say well so what if they get all this information on it's his citizens, after all Google, has a lot of information on me but. Judge Google, can't arrest, me break my door down at 3:00 in the morning they, can't put me in handcuffs put me in court and send me to prison for the rest of my life the government, can and that's why our founders, wisely. Created, the Fourth Amendment that protected. Us from our own government, abusing. Our basic, liberties but, what we're seeing governor, is people. At the highest, echelon, going. Into the most secret court, using. Lies and, then repeatedly, going back for. More. Extensions. On the surveillance it, doesn't, seem to be working well. It, not only doesn't seem to be working but, it. Really, does seem to constitute. A violation to the point that if anything should come out does. That and you're the judge you can perhaps answer, this better than me but does that not constitute, a reason to, throw the whole case out because the manner in which the evidence was collected was not. Proper. I mean that's the kind of thing that can get a prosecutor. In trouble for not following the proper procedure, in obtaining the evidence well there's no question and what you refer to as you know hornbook law it's it's fruit of the poisonous, tree I mean, when you you, know end up putting, something, in that is lies and, then there's something blossoms. From it well that's fruit of the poisonous trees it's got to be dead it's dismissed, you, know it's not allowed into evidence and, and yet nobody, seems to be concerned, about that except, us and I think that what we need to do is have some kind of reckoning, that, the, Department, of Justice you, know not so much the FBI I think, that the American, people believe. That when certain people are gone that you know the FBI the, rank and file is fun but the, DOJ, it's still, in the mud. Well. It is and you, have these very, incompatible. Statements, being said by high officials, Jim Comey for example, talked about how that, this would just be the worst breach, of security it would destroy, the whole idea, of national. Security it would be disastrous, that the Republicans, released the information and then, when it comes out he says oh this is it there's, nothing here well it can't be both judge it's one or the other it's either a terrible. Violation of national security or it's nothing but, it can't be both things at the same time governor, Mike Huckabee thanks. So much for being with us tonight. Thank. You judge all right in 30-plus, years with the bureau I'm talking, live with a retired, FBI agent, about. Everything. That's going on don't, miss it. And now for a different perspective on the memo and what's next someone has spent 30-plus years with the FBI former. FBI Supervisory. Special Agent James, wedeck, depicted. In the book chasing. Phil, he, joins me now to weigh in all right good evening James, how, do you combat corruption in, the world's, largest law, enforcement, organization. Genève, the FBI is very good at conducting corruption. Investigations. It's the one thing in fact it's the leading, criminal. Violation, they do well and in, this particular incidence, we, wouldn't be relying on FBI executives. Or DOJ, officials to conduct it but, the career officials. Investigators. Special, agents that you talked about, many. Times on your program, that, would. Just like to look at the facts of this case and render, a verdict, for the American, public well, you know you were involved in in the case where, you, know when you were in the FBI you you, ended up circling, the globe and and. And getting, yourself involved, in in the case that actually started, Abscam, which ended, up putting some officials. In prison, many of them what. Do you think it's gonna be the upshot here I mean do you see corruption here, or is this just some bad, dealing. Well. Thanks for mentioning chasing. Phil by David Howard I, see. That, we're, at a place. In time that, has not occurred before, and I do believe the American, public is going to deserve that we conduct, a fair, impartial. But, thorough investigation. And I, think as we did in California you know I ran the corruption, squad here in Sacramento, it's the nation's most populous, state the, largest state and we were able to overcome any, and, all problems, with respect to corrupt officials, so I don't doubt that the, the.

Bench Is there. For our agency, to conduct it and to, get to the bottom line the bottom story but who is doing the investigation of. The investigators. Well. That's, the question here we've got to look at you know McCabe, Comey. Yates. There's, some, serious. Questionable. Activities, that they. Engage themselves in and I think the, career body, you know agents. That have been on the agency, for a long time looking at white-collar corruption, I don't, doubt that they're up to the job to take a look and return and conduct, an investigation what kind of crimes are you seeing here. I'm. Seeing, false declarations. Obstruction. Probably, on the court. Conspiracy. To defraud the United States and violation, of Title, 18 section, 371. False. Declaration. Section. 1623. And. And and let's, let, me also add this you, know submitting, a false, application. Or an affidavit, to a FISA Court, and accusing. A Carter page of being a Russian. Agent they may very well have also violated. The civil rights provision, of the the. Color of law provision of the Civil Rights Act which is title 18 section. 242. Yes, so there are a lot of possibilities, here for agents, to look at you know interesting, governor Huckabee just talked about you know why the ACLU. Isn't. Involved in this but, do, you have hope that some people will be made accountable or, is this just politics, as usual. Well. No sure I think I do think, that the, Inspector. General is doing a good job they've, uncovered a lot of stuff remember, this they've you, know the Bureau got on you, know it wasn't two minutes after strokes texts, disappeared, they said that they disappeared, forever, it was the IG, that found them immediately, and the. Agency, has a you know cyber. Capability. But they tried to lay that excuse, down that they weren't around, or they couldn't be found, it's so sad so sad all right James what it's so nice to have you on justice tonight thank, you thank, you all right, back.

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