Kangaroos in Russia?? But where are the bears.....?

Kangaroos in Russia?? But where are the bears.....?

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Whoa.. He almost got it!!  Morning guys, it's been a busy couple of weeks.  We've been settling in trying to get things   organized, there's a lot to do when you move to a new country. A lot of things to take care of, for example setting up all sorts of things that you just sort of take for granted in the country that you've come from. It's different than when you are just there on holidays and things are easy. and you're just relaxing. Here ends up being a lot to do. But   today we're taking a special day out and we're  going to go to the Novosirsk zoo.

The grandkids have been looking forward to it  for a long time. We want to have a special day out   together as a family go to the zoo. To enjoy some fun time together and we thought   you might like to come along with us. We're about  to head out and we'll grab our gear and go.   All right, we're in the car, all  ready to go. We're going to head off,

it should be a lovely day together. Well we've arrived at the zoo and it's a  beautiful summer day, it's actually pretty warm for   those who think that Russia is only ever cold. The temperature day is 32 degrees so for   your USA friends that'd be around the 90s humidity is right up there in the 70s so it's a it's a   warmer day, but thankfully in the zoo are heaps of trees. It's very parkland. The zoo was actually   built back in the 1940s it was one of the first  big zoos ever built in Russia. I think it's the   second biggest zoo in Russia I think the one  in Moscow is bigger now, but for a long time   it was the biggest zoo. It's actually  built on 63 hectares or probably 150 acres of  

natural Siberian forest and obviously back  in the 1940s this part the part of the city was   all just virgin forests. So it's beautiful  to see, obviously they've got some other trees that   planted but you can actually walk through lots of  areas which are very typical Siberian forest here.   So it's really nice it's a  beautiful day to be at the zoo.

Really cute! So you can see the habitat behind  us, obviously because of the   the winters we have here in Siberia,  they have a special tunnel where they come   out and they can run in and out  to the to the controlled habitat. We're on our way down to see the big  cats, but this is part of that   natural Siberian forest, this is very typical Siberian forest.   When it was built, it was just built into native forests when they first built it back in the 40s. 

So it's a very nice atmosphere on a warm day like  today, it's beautiful being in all the shade. It is very comfortable, it's quite hot in the sun, but in the shade it is very enjoyable. This is the polar bear enclosure and you can  see him over there in the corner. You can also see  

over there that they have  an ice maker that drops ice.   There's a big mound of ice to play with,  which is very nice and obviously for a   polar bear on a day when the temperatures are  like they are today. He probably enjoys playing with ice. On the warm days you can walk through the misters and keep yourself cool!! The deer are right back there in the corner,  maybe they'll come out a little bit later on. Enjoying a nice little break  one of these little rotundas   little pergola areas. And we are of to see the bears. I mentioned before that the when they first built the zoo in the middle of   the forest, that it was one of their key goals was  to do to leave the forest in as natural state as   possible without creating a big upset to the forrest.  You can see as you walk around some of the   paths, it's just beautiful to walk through  here, it's just like you're walking through an untouched forest These little fellas certainly got it  sorted out, they're all just relaxing and   enjoying the shade, finding whatever  spot they can to lie down and chill out The kangaroos are right in the shade at the back  of the cage. Some other Australians here at the zoo.

These are actually Eastern greys, they they're  native to the Eastern Australia. We are originally from  the West coast of Australia and we have the red  kangaroo which are actually much bigger than these,   a full-grown male will grow to six foot and if  he's up on his back legs get closer to eight foot.  Super impressive, big animals,  but these guys are just chilling in the shade. So the first time I came to the zoo was back  in 2012 or 13, I think, probably the second time   I'd visited Russia. We we're over here doing some  construction of some community centres, a bit   of humanitarian work, and we just came to the zoo  as a day out to spend some time relaxing.   This the zoo's got a really  sort of old-school cool feel about it, and a   lot like when I was young and growing up the the  zoos were a lot more like this. But in the time since

that, it has progressed and they're really doing  a lot of revamping work and getting it   looking world class. The gardens are  just immaculate at the moment and everything's   just in full bloom. It looks really well kept and  they're building all new enclosures all the time.   Unfortunately the bear enclosure is being upgraded  at this point of time, we're hoping that we might find   them somewhere else and that they might have moved  them to another position somewhere   in the zoo that we don't yet know. We can hopefully  find them and check them out because bears are right  

up there, as far as my favourite animals . comment down below, what your favourite animals are, for me it's   bears. Bears and dogs and those  sorts of animals. We're having a   lovely day we're just about to find a nice spot to have   lunch in the zoo. We want to find somewhere to just relax for a  little while, before we start on the second part. In this part of the zoo they have a big collection  of their birds of prey. In the middle they've got a   this big metal dome cage.  It's got some big vultures in it and then they have got all sorts of  different falcons and eagles and hawks   in all the other cages around the outside.

Oh, They weren't vultures, They were big eagles ( Eagles and vultures) Hopefully you can see okay  with the cage material The iconic bald headed eagle. So this is a completely new lake,   sort of a section, they've built since we were  here last. All new cafes and picnic area Beautiful, very nice. Beautiful plant, beautiful  flowers, beautiful daughter.

Hello little fella, aren't you cute. Beautiful lush gardens here, the flowers smell beautiful. So all of this is new since I was here last, two years ago. They have got a whole big reptile discovery centre, the  penguins, this new dolphin centre they've built.   It's all really nice and very well  done and very well built. An amazing job.   If you are ever in Novosibirsk come and see the  zoo, it's a really good and a really nice experience.

One of the better zoos I've ever been to. Cute penguin!! So this is inside that building that I  was showing you just a little while ago. They have got all the monkeys here.  

Well we hope you enjoyed today's video of our time spent at the zoo together,   and we certainly had a lovely time. It  was warm, but there was so much shade from   being in the forest, it was just a really  pleasant to walk around and really pleasant to   just spend a day out in enjoying the zoo. Anyway  if you enjoyed todays video, please it please give us a big thumbs up   and consider subscribing to the channel, leave a  comment below and, we'll see you on the next one!

2021-07-12 17:40

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