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I. Hope. Everybody's. Having a good day out there, okay. Let's get right to the brass tacks so that's what I like to do around here my guest tonight is Karen Romanowski, like, get that right. No. But. Well. I don't have anything else because that's all I spent time prepping on this train I'll say her last name. Right. Anyways. I'm. Look at my notes in that no I can't even say I had that wrote down nope I do have there are done so we're going good okay, so Karen, for. The sake of a listeners who have no idea who you are give, us the debrief, well because I'm sure we'll get we'll walk through it more as we get going, you. Got it. Ron. Kowski. I am a stand-up, comedian, paranormal, investigator, tarot, reader, new. Podcaster. And, I. Get. I have the wonderful life of going out on the road doing comedy, and while, I'm out in all these places I, get to go visit. All the haunted places and go go something, so, on that with thumbnail sketch that's pretty good right that's what they need to know is that the correct order where's that just you what are they going uh. You. Know what it's kind of funny because it used to be a. Stand-up, comedian, was first but now all, of my things. Seems. To be putting in a blender, and coming, out together. Like I do almost. All, paranormal, comedy, now in clubs and, I. Also, do a comedy, show where I read tarot cards from the stage and now. I have, a little web series called paranormal, Karen so I don't, know if I could answer that anymore I spend, about I do about 4 and 5 tarot readings a day on the phone and then I go out and do shows at night so. I, don't, know that's a great question that, I have no answer, to all, the dumb. This. Is gonna make for a great interview we're two minutes in and she has no interest in the questions this is good. What. Start, with the easy let's start the easy one what got you interested in tarot reading uh. You. Know I always, was interested in the paranormal and, I, found, the. Lady I still consider to be my Tarot teacher, and she. Said you know you could, really do this you should get a deck and I, didn't really think I was psychic but I thought you, know the writer. Deck I thought, if, I could learn everything, about, these, cards, if I could know what every symbol in every color meant I bet. I could put this together and make it work and as. I just studied, them more and more and more I really. Think it just kicked in the psychic ability, and now, the two, kind of work together in fact I do a. On. Facebook and on periscope, I have a tarot, card of the day and I. Explained, the card with everything, with the symbols and everything mean and I give a little mantra with it but, I just I, think, it I don't know I kind, of feel like it's a past life thing because. There's very few things, that I truly, obsess, about and this is, I've, been doing it for 20 years I still, want to hear other people's podcasts. On it I still want to read books about it I still want more, so I think it's just kind of one of those things that it'll. Always be a part of me. Longtime, listeners this program, oh good, took a great good grief I don't. Know if anybody still listens from that long ago. Scary. I, had a guest on who designed his own deck of tarot cards and sent them to me so, to, help promote the, interview I said well hey I'll do one card tarot readings for you know anybody, contacts.

Me Via Twitter and a, bunch of people did and you know I'm just I'm, flipping, them over odd I didn't look at this little booklet on this fro and stuff out there in, then I. Get. A message from about, a day into then he's like where. Are you getting that information from because that's not the information that came with it I went oh I'm, just looking at the picture and going, with it and he's like yeah. Whatever works for you. Get. The cards out there in front of people I. Agree. With that you know, one. Person's, interpretation is, not the same as the others, but you know what if it's in tune the, keys do really um, good. Tarot though is to be able to, step. In and get specific, you. Know what I mean the. Other day we were reading on we do a show I do a couple, of different shows on stage and there, was a guy asking, about his TV, show and I, said. There's. A lot of heart in this is it, this and I put two words together which I will not say for his project and he, said that's. The title of the show. And. So when. You can sort it when you sort of step off and let your brain, go like I think the tarot card the cards guide but, when you can really step off and get really specific or. Pictures. Now pop into my head when someone tells me about someone I'll say I can, get a picture of who I'm looking at and and usually. It's right but yeah I think the cards are just training, wheels and then you kind of go off on your own way but, when you do that on Twitter it isn't. It amazing like, how many people react, it. Is anything. You do on Twitter people react which is good but especially when you're doing something that is. Different. When. It is something that can. You. Know I think people are interested even non-believers. Get really, really interested, in in, it just to see I read for a lot of skeptics, and I. Think, they're really interested, to see. How. The thoughts are now I mean, did. I really I mean most improbably still remain skeptical, but I. Guess. Go. Ahead. In. Fact there's one, in. Particular and. He. Still, sends. Me text messages, for everything, that I got right which is and. He still comes back for reading so, I don't know how skeptical, he is or if that's more of his. Sometimes. I think that somebody's personality, to say that you, know what I mean, yeah. I think there's something to that like you know they it's. Keeping. The guard up keeping the wall up being, a little rigid but I don't know there's a any number of explanations or, words you could put to it but. Don't. Want it you know yeah. I think. That's his suit of armor so he's so, the rest of it so the rest of us are crazy, but he likes to hang out with us so that's kind of a suit of armor but I. Have, to say he's pretty I, have. To push him but he'll go on though I'll, come back uh you, were right on that you were right on that you know and pretty specific, so, but. But it is interesting I I. Also, think there's. People in the paranormal, that really, or people, when people are not open, to anything. Paranormal. When you have a you. Know a reason, that everything happened and it's not really a ghost and nothing is psychic, and nothing is just mad I think sometimes, that's someone that's afraid of things they can't control. Don't. Yeah and, they don't want to they don't want to have feet. How. Do I say this that's, always good when, your mind just it's. Too full of stuff that, movement they don't they don't want to they. Love, the. Reality. Of this, is life this is what's going on we stuff, they can't control because. The spirit realm and all that other afterlife, stuff you, can't control any of it so if.

It Doesn't if I pretend it doesn't exist I still. Got all my control. Right. You. Know everyone, is. So sure about. Their, God their, God is right there got you know and I always think well of course they. Are no one wants an insecure. God it, was it being like nobody wants yeah, my god not really sure about things, we. Try and keep his attention but, he has little ATD yeah I mean of course you think your God that, knows, all that but, the other thing is like I am. Obsessed. With the, Mothman, I love, the Mothman and I, was watching, something on it the other day and they, were doing. These interviews with people that actually had. Like very, close, interactions. And wasn't these two guys we're talking about sorry. I got a guy with a motorcycle, that drives oh that was a little motorcycle. And. This, guy was, saying how they. Really got close to whatever. This Mothman. And it started to stumble, towards, them and I, thought it's my first thought was I want to see that and then my second thought was maybe. I don't want to see that you. Know like. Maybe, that's too real but. It's such a fascinating. Perspective. Because that has to change your consciousness on, everything, don't you think yeah. I mean it's, like you're perfect I believe but I have never had any any, remotely, like, I've never seen anything. You. Know ship Haley, no none of that stuff I never see anything but I believe. But they're not you know people when, you tell them that the right well do you want to see one. Hmm. Right. No. I'm. Good I got it I believe I. Kind. Of joke about that is they a lot of times to like even a an apparition. A full-body apparition, or some people see them sitting at the end of their bed and I'm. Like you know there's no one I want to see more than Liam Neeson but, I don't want to wake up and see Liam Neeson at the bottom of my bed if I'm not expecting, to, see Liam Neeson it's, kind of like there's a there's. Of all. These things we search for are. Yes. I do want to see but then again I don't know what the repercussions of, that is. Did. That make sense well. I gotta follow up because, if, I don't somebody in my my chat room or on Twitter later will. Remind. Me that I've said this before so I guess I must say it again only, if I can take the selfie, with the alien, am i interested, and, I've got to be able to keep the picture. Well. There's, conditions to, this. No. One will believe me anyways, but. When. They first started, you, you you know that you must know the Mothman stuff, right that's got to be in your area.

They. Said everybody, all. The people in the town all they wanted to know was can I shoot it and if there's two can I shoot two and I, thought wow that had to be like 7,000, people with guns not one camera but everyone, had a gun. Wow, that, looks like Marvin, with the most visually. As. Available. One, of the most visually available. Paranormal, legends no not one picture and you don't hear of anyone that missed a picture either so. So. I guess they were trying to bring home the whole thing but, yeah I just. Remember watching that and thinking I don't know if I want to see something with red eyes stumble. Up, and. Look, at me. No. No okay so let's, rewind, again well, I'm getting good at this look we'll go forward here in a little bit I promise. So I'm a guess I'm guessing. I don't want to say assuming because we all know the, connotations, of that word I'm, guessing, you had an experience which is what led you into becoming, an investigator. Psychic. And. Psychic. Things happen, rather, than ghost, things happen, but, I sort. Of I. Have. Always believed, so. I would. Love to tell you I have one story that turned me around but. I don't I just always have, I was always on board in fact it's funny because I always. Hear even investigators, when they go in or someone tells a story they always make sure you know they're skeptical. And I'm just like nope I'm all in if you think you have elves, in your cupboard I will, go in and look for elves, may, not find them but, I I'm, in so, I don't really know about one, experience. Like. That that, would turn it, just has always been a strong. Belief, of mine I know there's ghost stories in my family, that. Are somewhat, interesting, but I just. Never had any trouble with that thought which is amazing because my sister sometimes, hosts. My podcast, with me and she. Does not believe and has no interest in it at all which is even more fun to do a paranormal, podcast, with someone who does not want to know anything about it especially. Somebody that you're that close with but. I mean then adds to it, so. You. Met, you have. You miss, have you seen anything I mean you said you were a little psychic but have you seen it I mean you mentioned some. Yes. As. When I was investigating. Especially. And I. Know EVPs. Are always like EVPs, are sort of the standards, and the best. Evidence. But. I'm sort of obsessed with, pictures, I have, some pictures that are very interesting. That, and that's another one that you have to people, are either going to believe or they're not but, I have some pictures that are very interesting, especially ones taken outside a comedy, club that. That. Fascinate. Me but. Also I, always say that the most. You. Know I've seen things move I've seen, things out of the corner of my eye I've. Felt. Things, I felt awful things. And. But. I think probably. One, of the weirdest. Experience I, ever had was. When we were on an investigation. Of, the Star of India and, what. Happened, was someone had what we call you know a walk-on where. A, a spirit. Walked on to another person and sort. Of just took, over for, a little bit and I, think that was the most that, was something that really changed how I think of everything because. It. Was a different person this guy turned. Into a different person and it, right in front of our eyes and it, was quite. A change. It was that was quite an experience. An. Imagined it would be okay so, one. One last going back because you know I, promise. I'm. Assuming you probably were a smart, one where, he had. Always had the gift for Tanya truck. Yeah. Kind of the class clown and, yeah. That's. Always. A little bit always. A little bit funny I think it was making my dad laugh when he was mad at us all that's where it started and. Then. Well obviously there's, got to be a moment, and well we're, probably, a few minutes a few moments, of going. From making. Your dad, off to making, other you know kids in class laughs - hey. I'm pretty good at this I could. Make. Well I could probably make some, money doing this where you know I don't want to eat out. Transpire. I. Always. Kind of I think I'm kind of a vagabond, I've always I didn't. I've. Never, had the desires that regular. People had, whether it was to get married and have kids or, I just remember, thinking I always. Thought I could do it and I remember hearing, and when I was in college here, watching, a TV show where, very. Funny comedian named Karen Hebert with on and I remember thinking I can, do that you know what I mean like you have to go from a place of. Believing. And, but. You go but it always seems like it was too far away and, I.

Remember. Saying, when they ask me what I want to do in college I was saying I want. A job where I don't have to get up early and I can wear my own clothes and, that. Was just I know. That's kind of odd but I remember just thinking that I can't, I can't. Conform, I can't go into an office I can't get up at 8:00 in the morning and I, actually just, took off and I moved, from Pittsfield Massachusetts to, Las Vegas and I. Got hired as a cigarette, girl and, I. Met, a bellman, who was a comedian, and he said why don't I take you to an open mic and he, did and I got onstage for, the first time and I was I told a dirty joke that got an enormous laugh, and then. I was. Terrible, after. That but, I was so excited there was no turning back it was like after that night that was what I was going to do whether, I became rich or poor or whatever it was just what it was going to be and everything. Else was, to support that I. Have. To I I, don't. Trust me there's this is not a personal, opinion because well. It's. Just not because anybody knows me that was the only thing I run from is. Well. Paying. The bill but, anyways. There's. That runners eye people refer to. Yeah. I guess comedy, comedies the same way cuz I know doing this is I. Mean. There's kind of an adrenaline rush that comes with doing this live show even. Though it's not probably an alias and as intense. As yours because when you're do it in front of people and demanding. An answer but is. That part of this in my way am I saying am I in. The right vein here. I've. Been doing comedy 25, years now so, it it. Does have certain certain. Things give you that adrenaline. And that's great. An, audition or, when you're doing a TV show or something like that but. It's. Actually, more of a puzzle now. Because. I don't really get nervous anymore I remember when I first started I couldn't eat for like an hour before I got on stage now I can eat on stage, but. It's more of a puzzle and, it's an, it you know every, single audience, is different every Club is different every situation, is different so it's, just a fascinating, puzzle, that I love to figure out and it's just super fun you know. So. I think there, is some adrenaline to it, it's. There's. Always homework. In. Other words you you know you're always writing another jokes you're always looking to another thing but. It really is. Fun. I get to hang out with the most fun people in the world and the craziest people in the world and I get to travel all over there's. So much about comedy, that is just exciting, but yeah I think in the beginning it was the adrenaline and. I know what you mean because I just, started, my podcast, and that, first time on the air you got to stop and you go wait a minute what am i doing like it isn't instantly, you. Don't instantly get what you're doing you're always trying to get better but. Yeah. Very definitely, adrenaline, with comedy just not as much as people, would think you know yeah, you, know as you're sitting there talking like I'm, remembering. That first you know first show where I could barely get words out to now it's like ya know, I still struggle to get worked up but that's for a whole different reason cuz I my mind's going a lot faster than the. Words are coming well I'm, glad my mind's one fashioned the words just trying to fly out of my mouth. You. Know maybe. Bad just start spewing. Random things. -. Now we're like you said you guys do your homework and you've, gotta it's just like every, guest is different you gotta hell these different personalities and you got to try to -. Some people like to talk like instantly, like stalk and there are some people that you. Have to I, want. To say massage the ego but I can't think of a different way to put it this moment where you. Kinda gotta get. Him you know feel, good about themselves and then deloused hot so. It's all that game and so. I appreciate what you're talking about. Yeah. You have, a very hard job there to know how to moderate, that and adjust and, and. You do it great by the way, and. I, I know what you mean and especially in, like. I'm obviously in, a business, that's about talking, so, I. Hope, I hope.

I'm An easy interview. But. Sometimes, - in the paranormal, community we kind of forget these are not show business people these are people. Doing what they do and some of them are still really great at it but sometimes I, remember. Somebody had me on their podcast and, they. Didn't, ask a question, for, an hour we, didn't say anything for, an hour and my friend called me it was like so, you just did your whole act on there what was that about thank you you, know it, was just crazy it was like oh my god one these people have it what are they thinking if, they had nothing prepared I don't know what that was but yeah. It's a tough in in this arena it is kind of tough you got a lot of things going on there. Way. Back in the day when I first heard of my show. There was a show that I'd listen to and, the. Host asked the same like, eight questions, every week - every you know like the same questions, every guest. So. I was, sitting in their chat room one night and I started typing the questions up in the chat room I. Knew, they were coming to the guest was in the chat room and. Finally. They stopped, doing or so a few weeks after that I don't know if I had anything to do with it or not but I mean, when it's that predictable. It's that predictable. Yeah. Yes. I say just got to a little preparation and mix it up or you know rearrange. That rip, them up and put them on you know you just throw, up in the air and pull them up I don't know so, they're a little different each way yeah I. Know. Or, you, have to be interested. You. Know take, a few minutes and that's. Something a little personal. Yeah. There's a there's a big. A. Late-night. Radio, show on on the, radio I'm not on the Internet and. Sometimes. I almost can hear the guy rustling the paper that he's got the questions already set on and I, don't think he's listening to the answers and it'll, be like somebody will say something and then you hear him ask a question, that, applies to the story he just told you, know what I mean it's kind of like you, got it you got to take it you have to have an interest in it and you have to be interested.

In Listening. So. I can here comes the obligatory, question. About this because I'm sure you've talked about is that nauseam, but it's. Good for keywords so I've got to ask it tell. Me about being on day and tell me if I'll be on David Letterman. That. Talk. About adrenaline, that was probably I, hate. To say this to my ex one of my ex-boyfriends but, that was probably the most the greatest moment of my life and. I. I've. Always been a road comic I go out and make my living on the road I've never even though I love living in LA I've never really kind of fit in with the clique or what, goes on here and I. Just sent a tape and they said that I was the second person in the history of the show that made it on as a comic from a tape which. Made it even more like oh my god I didn't even know what, I was doing I didn't know how to prepare, and the. Guy that picked, me helped me out so much Eddie Brill he walked me through how to put together my set and stuff like that but, you can't and all I did for two days in my brain, I said I'm, exactly, where I'm supposed to be I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be I, I. Don't remember, I think the first minute, of the set I just remember, I was, out there telling a joke and I remember the band, laughs. So, loud and, then it was like all okay, but. It's amazing, four and a half minutes, you were twenty years for four and a half minutes, and, anything. Could go wrong so, it's that, was adrenaline. And fun and it went great and he, actually held, my hand and commented, on my set after which, he doesn't do so that was probably the greatest thrill, of my life I still hope I need a man that can top that but. I don't think anything will because. Also he. Still. To me he was the best there ever was as for late-night talk show host, well, you just spoiled my next, question as I say late night TVs kind of went downhill oh. Really. Now yeah, right now I mean. Yeah, David, and Jay wasn't I mean okay, we can argue about that but at, least you knew what you're getting with those two these this. Crop currently, doesn't leaves, a lot on the table for, me. Yeah. Well you know what - there's a. Deer. That I always I like Seth Meyers well, I like a lot of them but maybe that's and that's the comic in me but, I don't you. Know Letterman. Was so far above me that it. Was like you you were but now I was reaching for the stars I think this next generation, like something, so completely, different that, that, well, you're a young guy but I'm in my 50s, and it's like to me everybody seems, young and it. Just seems like a different pace and everything. Is directed, for the Internet but you know, it's. Just I always think that's just time. Moving on that we love, - yeah it's, hard to talk about legends, like that but, I don't know that we're gonna have legends, anymore I think the internet became the great equalizer, and, someone. Being a legend, is not gonna happen too much anymore oh, that's. A good that's a good question, a good point you're, making me think about things here because, there's. A lot there's a lot more celebrities, now or known personalities. We. Are that one l2. And. There's also you, know there's people I'll be at a comedy club and then I'll see a name of someone and it'll. Say sold out and, I'll think who is that and they're like oh he's a YouTube guy or, she. Got a youtube following. And it's like wow all the more power to you if you can, stir. Up your own thing. Without. Having to deal with the people in Hollywood good for you you, know go get them I I, think that's the, I. You. Know if I had my way I what. I would love is a following, that financially. Support, you know going out on the road but not really being famous you know I, think that being famous has a is, not, as much fun as it looks like oh, this. Would be a horribly, awkward question, but would you rather be starting out now or when you started out oh. When. I started, out. But. For a couple of different reasons.

It's. Very hard, as comics. You have to be bad for. Quite a few years and you, have to really. There's, no shortcuts, like I think I know one, or two people, that, were. So awesome, right, out of the gate that. But. Even they have had fall backs and you have to work at it it just people. Always thought Robin Williams just walked on and that magic happened, no, they don't know the amount of work that is behind the. Scenes and, I. Got, so lucky I moved to San Diego, and I, became a part of the comedy store when. He. Didn't want to pay comics, so. All these people have to go when you first start out you have to go to open mics and they're horrible and there's two people in the crowd and no, one wants to listen and you wait all night to do three minutes well, I went into the comedy store and we would get 10 minutes in front of a full crowd five. Nights a week which, is unheard, of and that, was the best learning ground. I could have had and, comedy, was still very very popular and, it, was still king at that time there was that burst. In the 80s and I just caught the tail and as it went down but, it. Was such a great time and and, now you know maybe I'm just old but, there is a different, cadence, and there is a different, way that the younger people tell jokes and you, if they're getting laughs and bringing joy to the world go get him but yeah I definitely liked, when I did it and when. It had more yeah I definitely would not go back I would not change it. So. Since he essentially brought it up I. Already. Had a cool question from my chat room so um I'm, already, distancing, myself from this one now not really it's a good question I guess I have. Do. You hit I guess I should ask you hear from the other side first before I ask this next question. Okay. Do I hear like my. Message is from select, people. On the other side that you can easily identify oh. No. Oh. Good. Because that next day I'll just avoid this whole question altogether. I. Have. Friends that are mediums, and they do that and sometimes they'll get famous people but no maybe, I maybe, they don't want to talk to me maybe they're like she's not funny enough for us to talk to, well.

Maybe She's just too busy to listen to us no, wait. Okay. I'm. Gonna be able to use the poor choker truckers joke and just one we're gonna grind some gears and go in a different direction again. You. Even thought you said you have investigated, around the country for where some, were, a few, of your favorite places to go. Investigated. And, it. Is, so I just did in fact my first podcast I did on a hotel. Out there called the Ben Lomond, and there. Is so. Much crazy, underground. When, you go to Ogden, Utah there is a street called 25th, Street and that, Street each store, you go in it has a different. Story about a ghost, and I. Always. Laugh in fact yours one of my my new joke in my act is, everywhere. I go there's a woman that died in the bathtub in a wedding dress or there's a woman that jumped in front of the train and a wedding dress or there's a woman that died trying, to buy a wedding dress and I'm like ladies, do we need any more reasons not, to get married you, know what you never here oh my, god my house is haunted by. A single, woman with a great career and no kids you never hear that that never happened. Or. The guy with his tuxedo for his wedding you never hear that one either it's always the woman right, right. There's never a groom, I'm waiting, for his it's. A woman. In the wedding dress well Ogden, is so fun but now I do a little webseries, for anybody that wants to follow on YouTube it's called paranormal, Karen and it's one-minute, videos of, anything. Having to do with the paranormal, I just, was in Florida. And they. Have a fire and safety museum, that's, haunted, by, firemen. That stepped in a puddle with. A line that wasn't grounded so. Literally, the fire and safety museum. Is haunted. By, a ghost that, didn't read the first page of the handbook. So. I find, fun things like that but. Let's. See Ohio, is, fabulous. Lifti, I don't you know what that kind of a hard question my favorite, places I, really, just have to be Utah in Ogden. Salt Lake is pretty salt done, but there Auden, has the pet cemetery that. Stephen. King wrote the book on, and. That's pretty good a Colorado is a lot of fun too but I don't know I think I just love Utah. So Tesla what's asked the question backwards then. Where. Does where is the least, activity. The. Least, activity. You. Know what that. I. Think. I would say, wow. That's a great question, I don't know I would say the least activity, is wherever I'm playing and they, don't pay for my rental car because, I have to sit in the hotel I. I. Can't, think of the last time. You. Know it's funny because when, I used it my parents are now in upstate New York but when I used to go back home to Massachusetts in. Pittsfield. It got a little boring but, Boston. Is so haunted I I might have to get back to you on that I don't know any where would they just go nope nothing, happens here there's no somebody's, it was all yes there's always that woman in the wedding dress I know but.

There's. No II something, when you get. You. Know it's a funny story when I IND, DUP playing Florida a lot and. I was doing all these old-age homes at once I chose, that my career was on fire and. They. I stayed, at a hotel in, every. Iswith on the third floor and every time I got on the elevator it took me to the fourth floor and I. Kept thinking am i pressing the button wrong I go on this all the time I get, on the elevator with some other people this is like the third day and I go is, does. The elevator we take you this fourth floor and they were like no and at, this point I figure, okay, this is something trying to get my attention so. I go to the front desk and I look at a guy the guy and I go is. This hotel. Haunted. On the fourth floor he. Loses, his mind he's. Starting, yelling at me this, hotel, is not haunted there, is not a ghost on the fourth floor no, one here said this hotel is haunted you're not supposed to he just went off so badly that I was like wow this, place is so haunted. And. Then. The. Next I go back and, again I'm yelling there and it takes me to the fourth floor so I go back down to the third floor finally. The next day I go to the front desk and there's another woman, there and I go because. Now I know what did this all hotels, are haunted and people commit suicide in hotels so I say to her, did, someone commit, suicide, on the fourth floor, and she. Says I. Can't. Say either way if someone did or did not commit, suicide. Fourth floor so, I was like okay that I guess they're not haunted, or they're just not going to tell me but that was sort of the mode I thought there was one of those very interesting. Places that just wanted nothing, to do with that story, like carpet came down and said we're not letting anyone know we're haunted, here, well. That sounds almost familiar but this wasn't a chain hotel this was a local. My own hotel, the. The, order. Woman speaking of retirement. Communities. Told. Us she didn't believe in this kind of stuff there's nothing going on at hotel and then, she proceeded to call. Six. People over individually. Different, members the first staff but. They've got a story to tell you but I don't believe in this stuff and listen to their story. You. Know, tell us about seeing something or hearing something you know and then. You know it was called the next one but I don't believe in this stuff but listen. To their story you know I'm like. Yeah. Okay, I. Understand. You know you know if she kept saying I mean just. Like a repeat it like she wasn't there anymore she was just report push push and play for this recording I don't believe in this stuff but listen to this person's story. And. He, would always say watch the rule of threes Karen, and and, he would say to somebody so. Have you ever seen a ghost and they, say no I don't believe in ghosts and he, said really you don't believe in ghosts never seen a ghost and they go no I don't believe in ghosts and he's a third time always and go see you never you don't believe in a ghost and they go no, i don't, but there was this one time that, I, saw you know and it's like really, I think I'm amazed, maybe it's because I'm in comedy, that, we're you know that almost the more off the mark you are the better the funnier it is or the more unique, you heart but, I'm amazed I think people are still really afraid to admit that they believe in ghosts, or that something has happened but.

If You it that's. It's not just that one it's like I don't believe it I don't believe anybody's, ghost story but mine there's, other people that do that no one else has, seen a ghost here but me I'm the only one that's right. It. Is amazing, I don't know. So. Okay so I did notice in your on. Your website I guess it was that, you investigated, the place, that got. Me interested so, let's talk about that for a minute what's at Gettysburg oh. Yeah. Yes. That. Was. I. Went. That was one of the first paranormal, conventions. I did comedy I did, that phenomenology. There and we. Stayed, at the. The. First of all it's just the, whole place is just fascinating. And all. Over Pennsylvania I had friends that lived over Pennsylvania, I don't, know that every state claims to be the most haunted I will, tell you there was some stuff going on in everybody's. House there it's crazy, that that, how, haunted all, of Pennsylvania, is and we, stay where was the place we did the investigation, I still. Somewhere. I have this tape of. We. Were used in the shack hack because I still use the old words, I like the shack hack that's what I have. It was the D'Arnot. I can't remember the name of the house but, the house was suppose. I was always haunted, by a soldier they always said there was a soldier there and we're, sitting there and. We're, all doing this session we've got the little shack hat going and we're, hearing blips and something, that you know I'm. Sure when you've used that or people know, you. Have to be very careful that's where, they scan the radio you, can yes or no you can't take that because that could be the station, you, know you have to get a specific answer where are we or how many people and we. Were all trying to get something to get this soldier. To talk and, he. Said and I said, do. You have a sister. And in. An instant, you know they say when you're trying to EVPs, you want to get somebody excited, about something, male. Voice came over and it it, went do I have a sister. And it, was that long it was one of those where we were like that's. Incredible, when you get a whole sentence, like that it, was really fascinating. And. I can't remember I wish I could remember the name of that house cuz it's a very famous. Part. Of Gettysburg. But. That was I think, that was the best EVP, I've ever had other than in Vegas, when some when I said what's my name and someone said Karen Ron Taos key see, they got it right Jim you didn't get it right a ghost got my name right well, what, do you I mean you've, got a lot of the expectations, for me that's all there is to it. Speaking. Of paranormal conventions I almost did this professionally, well, you're. Going Australia. Yes. Yes, I'm gonna Australia, I was there. I'm. Going in June I went two, years ago was, we I skipped a year in there I had. The best time let me tell you those people in Australia, they know. How to drink, no. I had. Fun. I did. A I do a two-hour show for them where, I do stand-up. And then we have a paranormal, trivia. Game and then. I, do the Tarot from the stage but. It's just fascinating we, went to a men's prison in. In. Sydney. Or within well in Australia well that's where they kind, of had their convention and then the big ghost hunt was at a men's. Prison and, different. There they have a lot of prison art I didn't, know, about. But. Their prisons, have a lot of art in them and I thought that was kind of funny and when, you would walk in they had a little area where. The kids, could. Wait to see their dad they'd bring the dads out and they, had all kinds of superheroes. Like spider-man, painted. On the wall and I thought wow you can choose the superhero, that arrested, your dad that, would be very cool, but. That was just so fun I can't wait to go back June, 20, if your, international, listeners. You, know I think it's dude 20, no 12 through the 18th a. Lot. Of people don't from, Australia. Listen which surprises, me because I have no idea how they ever found me but whatever so, glad you're listening I hope they go see you okay. Twitter. Followers, you're, in there man you're in the game so. I want. My shatters once I asked me have you ever made it to Canada which I'm assuming you have DM any plans are going back I guess it's a better question. Yes. I I actually, used to pay where. Did I go I play Canada, quite often, I. Haven't, been there in probably two years but, I'm hoping. I'm. Yes. I'm hoping to go back to where, the heck's that I used to play Calgary, I played. Calgary, quite, that and. But. I love Canada I I. Just, well. I once, played. Winnipeg. In. January. And that's. When you know you should fire, your agent it. Was sixty degrees below there were nine people in, the hotel every night the same nine, people came to my show it was like appearing, in the shining it was, so good.

My. Clarinet, I think one night I played the clarinet on, page and. It. Was just crazy it was so cold but. Canadian. Canadian. Comedy is fabulous. And I have a lot of friends up there so yeah I'm hoping to get back I'm hoping to get to Montreal. There. You go 9, Pete walk course there's only nine people six minus 60 degrees outside come on. My. Dog and, my dog had to go the bathroom when it was minus sixty degrees out so. It. Would that was crazy but in the yeah I love Canton salad. Is where I'm a vegan and salad is very expensive in some parts of Canada I don't know why very. Hard. Ten. I can't explain that well I'll have to, get. An investigative, team on that and see if I can figure out the root of that because, it just seems unfathomable. That, they can't get a green. Stuff up there in the winter. Affordable. Even. Okay. Sorry. Now. That you know we're 45 minutes in most of the people were either, in it for the long haul or they're, out by now because you, know comedy, isn't their face so we can we can now make fun of the paranormal people. Is. It, what which part of the paranormal, is the the easiest. To, pick on I guess is the first question oh. I. Think. The, sometimes. I get too dark for the audience so, I think the, it's. Very interesting you have to keep it kind of light I think the ghost part, is funny, plus the minute, I say I'm a ghost hunter they laugh like. They're like oh that's ridiculous. But, the. When, you get you can get too scary like, when I talk about Ouija, boards I I say. I, heard a Ouija board will scream when you burn it but I found out that's only true when you light it on fire while, it's still in your friends lap. So. You you have to make sure it doesn't get too dark so ghosts. Or. Really. The easiest, sometimes, I've gotten to demonic stuff like I used to say my aunt was possessed, but. My uncle didn't have her exercise, because he found the demon to be more pleasant, but. Once you once. You kind of go demon, they a. Couple of people go wait what what what so, I would. Have to say ghosts and hauntings, are usually, the easiest delighted. I always. Like to kid about repossession. So. You just, drop that down you'll appreciate that later because, that kind of could be mainstream, kind of has a paranormal connotation. To it. Are. You a fan of any of these TV shows I mean, I've kind of tailed off in the last couple, years but. Yeah. You. Know what sometimes I like to watch them but I. Can't. I see. That's why it's time, for my show that's funny isn't it it's time for us to have a funny paranormal, show I, do sometimes. Watch, Ghost Adventures I think that's the only one that's still on isn't it I think. You might be right. How. Does that happen I. Know. How did, plumbers. Lose their show I. Think, the other ones and.

Well. You know what here's the thing here's my full confession I don't have cable, I watch everything on the internet. And. So. I'm not really sure what's on TV anymore which I should if I want to be on TV I should know what's on TV but I don't. So. I think that's the only one I know that still on TV and there's, another one parent on the lockdown that's that, I, think. They're I think, that's that you know the, same. So. Yeah so I apologize, I I, should, know that I do not, don't, feel Becks I'll have a cool either so I was kind of leaning on you to have an answer, because. I thought the court I cut the cord and I never, I mean I watched them but there's, more flight homework for the show so I kind of had a clue was going on so. I didn't sound totally ridiculous when I asked you know TV questions but. Now. I don't, know where it's at anymore but I'm sure that what's probably on YouTube somewhere if you can't find it I can Hulu, or Netflix or somewhere but, Thursday, was. Supposed to be a horror film but, if you, preference, it like, you're watching Ghost Adventures. You'll. Laugh because, somebody told me about and that's how they told me to watch it so, the scary parts that really did scare me because I was too busy thinking it was a comedy instead of a horror film which. I'm pretty sure they're not the writers of that film weren't happy about but. It's. Called Grave Encounters. You. Know there's, a there's another thing too and I have to stand up for some of our filmmakers, and my filmmaker friends, that, Amazon, is putting on a lot of documentary. About. Haunted. Places and a. Friend of mine did one tell that. I love, called Hotel Camarillo, but there's quite but when I went there's, a whole bunch of them and it's. It's almost. Like the TV show had it better because it's shorter, you, know there's, only so much going on but. I think if, you look at the reviews of them people. Are given in terrible, reviews because I think they don't understand, their documentaries, and they don't understand that ghost hunting is hours. Of sitting, around. It's. Like watching paint dry it north and dark. Yeah. And then one thing happens, and everybody's, up and excited, and it's good but it, really is a you. Really got to be in that's hideous. You know it's, serious and it takes a long time so. It's it's kind of also why I think, it's kind, of. Petering. Off a little bit because people. Got all excited to, go see a ghost it's like you people ask me if they can go go hunting with me and I'm like sure but, you gotta sit for five hours man, you got it we're not it, takes a long time and. They, kind of come and I think they lose interest so you got a you, got a it's. Why that small community is so dedicated to it but you, have to have the patient. Yeah. It's insane you, know cuz people think it's like all, built I hope I say bells and whistles but yeah. I do want to say bells and whistles you know all this you know you hear stuff you see stuff you just go, duds and, you.

Get Probably I mean if it was all document, if I had video and all this you know audio of everything that I've done on an investigation and, seeing heard that made me hair. Stand up on the back my neck you might, be able to get a 45 second commercial. Out of it I. Know. You know I. Investigation. With my friend Jamie. And. It. We were talking about fairies. And I. Said. She said you have you ever. You. Have you ever heard this legend, that you throw rice down because they have to count the fair they have to count the rice or something like that one of those folklore, tales or something like that and I, said no and, I said something I, can't. Remember but well as we're talking, he. We. Thought we had nothing from this house we were like I didn't, feel anything there wasn't, much going on we, get home not only do we have 20 EVPs, from, this one house but, during this conversation about, fairies, he. Is talking and something. Mimics, her, voice. Exactly. And says. Did. You pick them up like, this sarcastic, like do they think we're that dumb did you pick them up but, it does her voice speaking. Over her voice and it's, when. You find something like that that's pretty fascinating and, you, can spend hours listening to it and talking about it but, I swear to God we. We, went home from that host going there's, nothing, talk about your spidey sense not being on and then having all these EVPs, so it, was pretty that was interesting, but it was who, else wants to drive two hours to a house and and. Think they got nothing, oh. Well. Besides. Meeks I've done it a number of times. Have. You ever okay. Have you ever done anything, ordell, if anything demonic. These. Besides. Agents, I guess I have to be, specific, here. No. I have not dealt, with anything demonic, I have I did, a long, while. Ago end up, with an attachment, that. Was a fairy. I know everybody, laughed at that word, because. They think Disney, and fairies but, it is actually an elemental, spirit, or it's not the elemental spirit but it's sort of a spirit. That really. Affected, me and it. Was, it. Attached, to, me I and. It's it's kind of a long story but, that was enough to scare me to know that I not I'm not that interested, in anything demonic, you, know I'm not if somebody I, know. I think most people what they think I think, there's a one in a million chance that, even you and I will. Run into anything demonic. Even, even, in the field looking for it like I think that's not people. Think a lot of things are demonic and I think they're not, I think, there's lesser, stuff that's around that I've dealt with that, to, be honest with you was bad enough. Yeah. I was gonna say and if you use, that map of one in a million you take all the people that claim they see something like every week I mean. We're looking at one of the billion for, us. Not. Frequent. As people think okay, so it splits promote you and your website and, then, we'll get into these fundamental, questions we got going here okay, great. Go to Karen Ron Kowski, calm, or paranormal, Karen, calm everything. Is hooked up my podcast, comes out on March 1st called paranormal, Karen it'll be on the iTunes and everywhere and yeah. If you just hit the website you can find anything, you like a whole bunch of stuff probably. Better to visit the website than hit it because that might cause damage to your computer but oh wait. Why. Am i doing the comment here okay. What. Well. This is not even fair if, there's any place in the world just you wanted to investigate, where, would it be. Built in Ireland, I don't, care which one, three. People dead or alive that you could have for dinner. Great. Martin. And. Peter. Sellers. Favorite. Comedian. Great. Young. Favorite. Board game. Yike. I don't, like board game. I heard her mentioned her earlier she said Ouija, board I heard them don't wait. Really. Okay, I'll Bob leave you most, famous person you've most, famous person you've met. Yeah. Okay. I'll. Go save let's. See what else we got here I. Don't. Think you probably they. Asked favorite tarot card but that's probably hard too because, it's the deck and it all goes together am i right. Yes. If they mean favorite, Carol cards, it. Switches, but right now I'm in love with the aid of cups which is a, success. Abandoned. Being very brave and going into the unknown to. Enlighten. Yourself oh. That's. My favorite color. No. Keller but we could go serial killer if you have one. I. Would. Go with. Bundy. And. For the color and, for, the color end of this. What. Is that I'm not making up the word my favorite what favorite. Color red blue green. Oh. Indigo. Almost. Like you're making a cop out there indigo like I you know I understand I live in this 8 carrot crayon rolled but I get it that's okay.

Favorite. Drinking now you don't have to be Clinic Porter correct here and say water I mean you can say something else. Okay. Um you. Know what everyone's, gonna think, this. Is weird I love those O'Doul's, the non-alcoholic beers I love them they. Still make those I, know. I you, know we street, liquor stores where I live there's, only one that still carries them because I'm the only person to buy them. Let's. See where were you I was. Probably. Choking there but I just haven't figured it out yet one, historical, event, that you could go witness but. You can't obviously mess. Up history. Yeah. These. Are great questions. I. Would. Witness wood duck ooh. I think, that's unkind that's what I want to yeah. I would love to see what would the duck was really like. So. Faith. Speaking. Of canning and I've gotta I'm gonna reward it right so, speaking of candy land what's your favorite candy. Mary, Jane and they're. Vegan. That's. Probably why I haven't heard of them before that so. Give me a little bit more about. Their, like a peanut buttery chewy, thing. Okay. Sounds. Good I mean I can I can dig peanut butter I mean that's okay. For, a be there for a minute one. Thing on your or. What, I. Get, all excited like this is important, that I straighten, out an even better candy, it's the most important is the, the maple, the maple, syrup that turns into a sugar candy, the. Best candy now you're talking about something I dunno. There's. A. There's. A guy that sells maple crack I mean candy, like. A while from here I, know. I would marry a man that date by candy, I a maple, I would maple it my favorite, favorite, flavor, uni, there's the Canadian so I mean they have something going for them out there yeah. And. That hate mail goes to Janet and her lawyer calm. Where. Jim at the mallard report calm excuse me I got it yeah. Get, that all cleaned up, before people, start. Emailing an email address that doesn't exist. One. Thing on your bucket list that you wanted these though. I. Don't, know if I. Should. But. In a cage go. See sharks, getting, the cage and go see shark that's, what I always thought was the only thing on my, bucket. List but. Then I saw that movie 47, meters down and I don't think it's gonna happen I was. Gonna say that kind of scares me for you I mean. Can. You imagine be. In there and the things went by and it's got that black eye and, you're just that close like wouldn't.

That Blow your mind yeah. I know my luck - about that okay, anyways, well. Karen it has, been a blast, it, sounds like I'm rushing, out because I am because we're out of time so have a good evening. Be, a part of the report and help it grow share, it. Do. You enjoy listening to the, mouth. Match. This hour and paranormal talk radio, please, visit TMR, 24/7. Calm, and listen to past or present reports. Subscription. Is free or. Listen on your favorite app, well. We're, just gonna have to sit back and, watch. Okay. Watch. Don't, let anybody don't listen to me don't listen don't. Listen in New York. Watch. What, they do okay. The. Opinions, expressed on, the mallard report are those of the host and participants. All listeners, are advised to make their own decent.

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