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Hi Friends! Welcome to our Channel Hello guys, Welcome to our Channel Desi Travel Lover Guys, today's video is about my trip to Kashmir I have been to Kashmir thrice so, I can't combined all three in one video because it will be too lengthy so I decided to make it in 3 parts and the 1st part will be covered in this video here I will share all possible max. information based on my experience how to reach there, about climate there..etc..etc... all will be here as soon as I reached Kashmir, I got this leaflet in airport (srinagar) about tourism here it is written.. Kashmir..the adventure of highest kind. provided from J & K tourism department it looks small I will you now....do it like this...then this. then this....then this..

so you can see it is huge leaflet indeed it was kept small here Map is provided, so you shouldn't have any trouble here Mountaineering, Skiing, Paragliding, water sports.. all info written Heliskiing...Trekking.. so you can see, its very beautiful...quite impressive

you will get it at airport apart from this, you can go website online i have again folded it back ..it became small From Kochi(Southern coastal city) to Delhi then at night travelled to Jammu by Rajdhani express next day morning, this flight from Jammu Indigo....6E 554 date 15-May-2014 the journey of this flight is 40 minutes let me inform you that Photography is not permitted in Srinagar airport because it is a Defence Airport please keep this in mind [Annoucement from flight deck] now coming out of airport, heading directly to Gulmarg Before arriving Gulmarg, there is place called Tangmarg (12 kms from Gulmarg) where you can refresh yourself Hotel Pine View is a good option..for resfreshment, dining there is also a shop in corner for Snow gear(like gumboots, jackets,etc) it was awesome scene at that time..I felt good Then I reached Gulmarg..it was my hotel ZAM ZAM

my first hotel in Gulmarg..I stayed in this hotel after that I immediately headed towards Gulmarg Gondola cable car arriving there, I found huge crowd waiting in queue for tickets and boarding I had no hope..because I didn't have ticket then a couple were returning becoming hopeless.. they gave me their ticket. then I, with help of local guy headed towards cable car..it was not so easy (due to huge rush) local guy was very good.. he played some tricks to bring me here then I got chance to view these.. I would suggest ,if you are coming in May-June , to arrive early morning in cable car

I would not recommend to visit cable car this time due to huge rush you can definitely try for alternate season/time I was in Phase 1 only even in May-June, huge amount of snow was there you can see I tried to practice Skii little bit..Its not so easy as it looks I was afraid of breaking my legs... I had good time there playing with ice let me tell you, up in phase 1 you will find tea, maggie nooddles, hot water.. these facilities available charges apply little higher because they come from ground level to this height it was my good fav. shot

I love places where no/less tourists go here you see sledge ride... returning back towards hotel In evening returned back to the hotel pure greenery..it will be covered with snow in winter.. it was evening pic, feeling awesome from the window of my hotel room guys, it is one of my life's best memories I will never forget in my lifetime this is moonset in early morning , Moon was setting down behind the snow clad mountains I took these pics of moon sequence directly from my hotel room by zooming camera lens I was surprised..I just woken up, opened the window cover & got to see this amazing moment

I would suggest you to visit snowy places just before 2 days or after 2 days or on full moon because snow is white, moonlight also white, so it looks amazing at night the footage that you are watching is from Baltal valley Amarnath yatra can be trekked from nearby baltal and it is told that this was the last kashmiri village, not sure if it is true you can see this beautiful scenery river in the downstream the distance between baltal valley to Sonmarg is around 8 kms the scenery was shot from moving vehicle by me the scenery of entire 8 kms looks almost same now friends, let me share you some information before coming to Kashmir, you should note that Prepaid mobile SIM cards are not operational here means you must bring Postpaid SIM cards of BSNL, Airtel, etc Wi Fi is available in almost all hotels, so u don't need to worry you can use internet... rest, if u need to call..you can take help from your driver, hotel staff...Kashmiri people are nice, they will hep you ... In case you don't have Postpaid SIM cards Next I tell you if you want to come here by train then the last railread available is Jammu Tawi Junction from Jammu, you need to take flight or you can travel by road also but I would recommend you to take flight because road trip will take you 11-12 hours, it gets far.. so flight is quite comfortable, moreover you can enjoy scenic aerial view that I shown you in start of the video another route is there-- through Manali, you can come by bike or 4 wheeler you can come upto Leh,Ladakh...from there you can reach Kashmir through the road that I am moving now. this is Srinagar-Sonmarg-Kargil-Leh Highway so best option is flight most flights come from Delhi, although flights available from Jammu,Chandigarh,Mumbai,etc This is Gulmarg, I did morning walk in the greenery fields Single kashmir trip is never complete because now u see it as greenery but in winter it will be covered with snow Specially winter sports like Ski now heading to Sonmarg through Srinagar, you can see road condition is well lot of people think Kashmir is fully covered with mountains.. let me tell them Kashmir is having plains as well

and roads are also in good condition these pics are before arriving Sonmarg..a river also flows along side the road The meaning of Sonmarg in english is Meadow of Gold... so as the name itself suggest so as the beauty of the place this pic was taken because of the background, by my driver lot of friends used to ask me , who does click my pics.... let me tell you, I take help from my driver, guide, other tourists I take help from anyone I find, because I had to travel alone Guys...Sonmarg can be covered/visited by Day trip from Srinagar it takes around 2-2.5 hours one way..You can come in morning & return in evening

but I would recommed to stay 1 night in Sonmarg because you have plenty of options to pass the day, and you won't know when time will be over this is Thajiwas Glacier behind me sonmarg is such a place, the more you move, the more new scenery you get In Sonmarg also like other places, tea, maggie, boiled eggs, hot water available porters, gumboots also available because its not good to walk on shoes that we bring I have never seen these trees maybe these trees not available even in Switzerland I liked them very much these pics are the result of the fact that I travel differently and discover new locations, from other tourists I love empty locations, I get these locations, I feel good there are sitting arrangements as well. means if you are tired walking, you can relax here Now you tell ,after getting so many facilities,-scenery,eatery,etc ,Why shouldn't one visit Kashmir.. The more appreciation I make, it will be less now I share some photos of Baltal, footage of which already shown..there is other footage that will follow at that time, nobody was there in Baltal except myself & my driver I booked a Tata Sumo vehicle from Sonmarg for INR 2000 I love this pic very much...flowers growing up naturally this photo is in front of my hotel in Sonmarg This is Kesar field as informed by cab driver...

these comes all along the way so you can see in Kashmir, everywhere flowers this scene also on the way herd of sheeps, had to stop our cab the photo here is of Apple garden, I stopped the cab and relaxed there then we reached Pahalgham From Pahalgham, did a trek for 30 mins to reach Baisaran at a greater height you need to take help of porters if can't trek There are 4 places in Pahalgham, one of them is Baisaran it was open space in the middle of hills, green grass everywhere you can relax, play...enjoy the flowers are very much beautiful I couldn't stop myself from laying down on the grass Let me tell you, in Pahalgham you need to hire local taxi for local sightseeing the cab from Srinagar, Gulmarg will bring you upto Pahalgham only after that for local sightseeing you need to hire local cab there are notice boards for rates by Pahalgham Development Authority So basically in Pahalgham, 4 places, 1 is Betab Valley that you are watching now Now it is green , but it will white with snow.. You will get to watch in my 3rd Kashmir video that I went last year in Feb 2020 you can see due to rainy/summer seasons, flowers are blooming..these r different types of trees.. it is called Betab Valley because Bollywood(Hindi) movie was shot here for song sequence..Jab Hum Jawan Honge,Jaane Kahan Honge...

next you watching photo is of Aru Valley... second destination of Pahalgham... tourist spot Aru valley it is also very nice..grennery... there was another destination , Chandanwari..I couldn't go there

next time I will try to visit Chandanwari so overall, Baisaran-Betab Valley-Aru Valley-Chandanwari are good destinations Co-incidence in this pic -(note the tree in left side), matches with Indigo inflight magazine cover in 2016 I went in 2014 I found this cover magazine during journey with Indigo in 2016, I kept a pic of that..ha ha.. Finally I came to Srinagar (Capital of Kashmir) this is Boulevard road near Dal Lake There are gardens available basically in Srinagar like Shalimar, Mughal garden, Tulip garden apart from Dal lake for Shikara ride I couldn't visit Tulip garden as on date because it opens in very limited time , in 1st week of April...it stays for a week or 2, after then flowers gets reduced.. Mughal Garden lots of flowers were blooming at that time Kashmir is overall awesome destination Went Dal Lake for Shikara ride, floating markets available here Now I have information for those who have about which season is good for Kashmir to travel Kashmir is all round the year destination.. different view in different time.

In winter you get snowfall, in summer you get snow plus scenery now ready to return back but not before I see this Floating Post Office... then reached airport flying back home.....Thank you friends so much for watching...Namaste!!

2021-06-01 22:28

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