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This, is really cool actually I'm from Cleveland, though not too far away. I. Know it's kind of a controversial, thing. I'm playing tonight in you. Know in the city and I'm kind, of like I was telling Jason I always try to like tell a joke kind of about like the, thing where I'm from Buckeye Nation that never quite lands, so I'm not sure how. To approach it but. No it's awesome it's so great to be here I love the Midwest and stuff so thank you guys for taking, like, on a Friday when, the weather is psycho, and hanging, out, but. I'm gonna play you guys my new single. Which. I put out just about a month ago and, this, is kind of a song about taking, your power back when, somebody is like mess, with you or whatever manipulated. You and stuff like that so. I'd. Kind of written a lot of like, sad bummed out songs about things like this but I figured like it was kind of time, to do something a little bit different, from a little bit more of a, you. Know angle. That takes back the power so this, is a very acoustic version the actual track is kind of a lot more produced but it's. Called shoot this arrow. I. Know. Your, dirty little secret. Baby. Did you think that I was really gonna keep it. You. See here's the thing you, were so high above me, kept me under your thumb you, broke all the rules and told me to home that song, will, you bet you're fine and I'm officially done, play, hand along. So. I hope y'all stick it in your boots wondering, when I'm gonna shoot this. Everyone. Cuz. After, all you put me don't and gotta set the record straight and narrow. Ya. Got. You where I want ya I'm coming back don't want you I caught, you and I'm not gonna let go, telling. Everyone the truth about what you did is only fair, so I'm. Gonna, sue this arrow. I'm, gonna sue this evil. You. Gave me all the enemies, I. Could. Ever need and, honey you made that decision. When. You started. With me it's just a matter of time, before I'm, ready to talk and when I decide, I'll be, out of luck. It's too late to try to keep, on setting me up so, save, your bad. Now. Hope you're sitting, in your boats wondering, when I'm gonna show this, April. Cuz. After volca, put me throat and gotta set the record straight and narrow. Yeah I. Get. You won't, you call, me back don't y'all. Tell. Anyone. The truth about two, days on the fair, so, I'm. Gonna, sue this. You. Dug. Your own grave, don't, get mad at me for. Putting. You in it, cuz you wanted. To play God. With the, game won't. Baby, I'm winning. Didn't. Expect that did ya. Help. You're shaking, in your boots wondering. When I'm gonna shoot this arrow. Does. After both, pull me through I got a super record, straight and never. Ya. Got. Ya. Coming. Back don't, you. Send. Me an everyone, the truth about today is on the fare zone, and. I'm, a suit a, boy. Well. Thank you Kate thank you so much for playing that song for us we'll talk about the song and, some some of its meaning in a little bit but thank you for stopping in I know you said on, the inter of the song it is a snowy. Wintry, day here in Ann Arbor so thank you for braving your. Tour, bus you guys were in Pittsburgh last night on a Chicago, tomorrow so. Thank you truly for stopping in to Ann, Arbor and playing for us and you play at the blind pick tonight, you've. Been on tour now for a little while so you took a little hiatus over the holidays when, you release the single and you've been out on the road in January, now and you were basically touring, all of last year and a bit of 2016, around your new album let's. Start there since you're touring you're here on the tour you tell us a little bit about the, tour how it's going, kind.

Of What the focus of the tour and kind of inspiration has been around it yeah absolutely it's, been great it's, been. Really fun to, be. On the road playing some new music and, playing, some of these cities that I've, been. To probably, just, about every, major city in the u.s. on tour since I've, been touring. As a main part of you, know my job for, a decade. Or so which is crazy to say out loud but, it's. Been really fun we. Had. Such a great couple of years, because I. Had. Never really. Realized, how far-reaching. My. Music was and so I was in Australia last month I was in Europe and spring and the UK and playing. All over the US and now. Kind of looking to book. Something in Asia for next year so it's, been really exciting and, really fun to bring the songs to the fans and kind, of the vibe of this tour has been exactly. Sort of what, you guys just saw it's been super, kind. Of. Just. A intimate, acoustic experience where, I can feel like I'm just having some hang time with my fans which, was really important to me you know I'm a Midwest girl I'm from Ohio. It's kind of in my personality, and I wanted to take, that and bring that to this tour more, than I have with other tours and so it's been really cool it's awesome and you're playing with Tyler Hilton too so yeah for those of you guys that know Tyler. Was also. A One Tree Hill alum yeah, and, so you guys obviously have a really strong dynamic, you have a good history how do you guys work so well together you and you were you've done the Australian, tour in the European tour yeah you, guys have a pretty cool kind of stage, presence together and you play a lot on stage together tell us about kind of why you and Tyler vied so well together yeah for sure we, started, with a UK, tour in 2015, and, it's. Cool because both of us played our music on this show One Tree Hill but, we never worked together on the same season, or you, know the same episode let alone and so, we, thought this might be kind of fun for fans, who know, both of us from the show but never saw us interact on the show and so it's almost like, it. Feels like a bonus feature or something oh like. A DVD, collection even though obviously we're ourselves, and not like our characters it's, it's, a cool thing and it's it's exciting for fans to see and then halfway. Through that first tour we started inviting, each other up during you, know our respective, sets to sing harmonies and play and we were like we should just do this together and. Be. On stage together the whole time and make it kind of a songwriters. Round you know if anybody's been to Nashville or maybe watch the show Nashville, that's a big thing in the, songwriting world it's kind of coming around where, you and I would be up here with guitars and we'd switch on and off playing songs and that probably wouldn't go so well if it.

It's. It's cool and the dynamic, is really unique we play, off of each other really well Tyler and I have had extremely, parallel, careers it's like really. Funny kind, of like we're, just guy girl versions, of each other in some ways you know with, our with our music and so it's really. Been a super congruent, way to, kind. Of bring this new angle to our music to our fans and it's been fun to do it together, that's awesome I'm. Gonna hit the show tonight so I'm very psyched about that we, talked about this a little bit earlier too so I don't know if a lot of you guys know another, one, tree hill um Janet Kramer is from Rochester, Hills so she's just right up the road she, took a similar past you guys as well in terms of acting, into music and she's found some great success too so yeah. Would you guys ever consider. Bringing Jana with you guys so Jana Tyler, Kate on the same tour could we do that yeah. We would totally love that no she's great and she's she's been killing it it's it's really cool to see you know cuz I did. Work with her a lot on the show we filmed a lot of scenes together and so, it's been really fun to kind of see how everybody's, career and and life has sort of progressed. Since then but, yeah I'm totally like, always, excited, to collaborate with other musicians especially when they're friends, so yeah though be awesome. I. Think she did she was really good would you do that would you are you a dancer just I was a dancer in high school yeah I you know I've thought about it I would have to like really seriously, consider it just because I would be so afraid that I would wipe out and break my leg in front of people because it's like so, much something that would happen to me on national television. And. That stuff's intense to like. Incredible. Yeah it's really, dying I probably would do it I would just have to really, like I would, be so I would be super intense about practicing, it would like oh my, god it would be so terrified, yeah I don't know but I was, really she killed it I was extremely depressed, yeah yeah I was cheering for her well that's our plug let's get. That. Happen, so. The tour that we were just talking about you're. Just doing like a two week stint right now and you only have a few more dates here before you're done end. Of January that gives you basically, the rest of 2018. What, uh what, what are you looking at like what's you. Released shoot, this arrow plus. Another song during the summertime of, last year so that's two songs since your candle canyonlands, album new, album any additional, acting, like what what what's, kind of on the horizon for you yeah, I'm definitely excited, to do some more touring this year I'm hoping to go back to Europe and the UK in the summer and then, definitely gonna try to do more stateside.

Stuff, When it's warm like for. The last few years we've been doing these tours you. Know around, the holidays and then after the holidays in, like. New York and Boston and, the Midwest and I love, this part of the country it's where I'm from it's great, it's amazing but, I'm like perhaps we. Should take a look at September so, definitely, hoping to do some more shows when it's not the, bomb cyclone, or whatever they're calling the storm thing outside. And, you. Know in addition to the touring I have. A bunch of new music that is on. The horizon to, you, know come, out alongside, shoot, this arrow and I'm not quite sure what, it's gonna be yet if it's gonna be an EP or an LP or you. Know singles, or a vinyl like I have kind of a lot of things in the works but I've been working with the, same producer on all of this music and I'm really excited about it so, that's gonna be a big focus for me this year is putting. New music out and then really. Focusing, on creating a lot of cool multimedia, around it I'm. Really. Leaning in more to the artistic side of what. I do creatively, I was an art school kid before I. Signed. A record deal and ended up you know dropping out to go on the road and started. Working on the TV show about a year later and stuff so I really want to bring that back in and kind of take an unconventional. Approach to, my. Next. Project and. I'm really excited about that because it seems like there's so many, interesting ways that, you, can share, music with your fans now people. Experience it so, differently than they did when I first got side so I'm really excited to explore what that looks like you, mentioned a minute ago to potentially. Putting something out on vinyl none, of your musics on vinyl right now is there yet is there a reason for those is it is there a different process, of putting something and pressing it out on file is it a longer more difficult process it takes forever yeah it's really, intense and I really wanted to do it with my last record, this record called Canyonlands, that I put out in, 2016. Because it really was, kind of my tribute to a lot of the influences, that I grew up on like 70s stuff and so it really felt like the right record to do you, know vinyl but it was like an eight month lead time or something because it's what's happening is it's becoming so popular and every. Band every artist wants to do it and these. Vinyl pressing places, are like not equipped, to handle all of this stuff and it's like an old-school technology, it takes forever, you know so so. I never got around to it but of course now I'm like well if I had done it then I would have by now so you, know I'm thinking, that I will definitely try it with at least one album or at least this new project for sure cool that's awesome yeah you talked about some. Of your inspiration just a minute ago yeah I think you mentioned like 70s, Southern. California, kind of folk rock, can, you talk a little bit about it, this. Is kind of a combination question, so, one. Going all the way back to like how you kind of develop. Your passion, and desire to be a musician and then what, some of those inspirations. Look like around, kind of that development, of who you became as a musician eventually, yeah absolutely I. Was. Probably the most inspired, to. Start, writing songs and, making music by my dad because he is an, awesome, guitar player a great songwriter and I grew up watching, him play coffee houses around Ohio.

And Stuff and always thought it was so cool and so, he bought me my first guitar when I was really little and I, kind of mess around that I learned a couple of chords and then, once, I got a little older and started. Really kind of expanding. My taste, in music and, not just kind of listening to whatever my parents were listening to it's, like I had this foundation, of my parents music that was like Carole King James Taylor Clapton, and the, Beatles Michael Jackson, and, then. I also had, you, know I was, a kid. In the 90s so it was like NSYNC. Britney Spears, Christina like all this super, poppy 90. Stuff and then there was like Nirvana thrown in there or whatever you know my, mom probably didn't want me to have that cassette tape but I did and I was like this is dope and so, it was like this mashup. Of all of this stuff and I think that that's kind, of been reflected, in the different ways that you, know my songwriting has manifested. Itself, on different projects like that canyonlands. Album is super. Inspired by some of that 70 stuff and the Jackson Browne's and Linda Ronstadt's, and then some of this new stuff I've been doing is leaning, in a little bit more to, kind of taking that songwriting approach and mixing, it with some, of the pop sounds, and some of the more kind of modern stuff and so it's been really fun to sort of see how all those different influences, can. Sort, of show. Up in different, aspects of your music and different projects and, you've done a couple albums over the past ten years how. Is your. Style changed, right so from your, first album to Canyonlands. And now what's coming out there's there's. You've had a lot of similarities, in your music some of the songs you can definitely tell are Kate Voegele sounds, but songs but you also have, come up with a lot of different things as well. Like shoot this arrow for example has a totally, different sound a, lot of the other stuff you've done how, is your music kind of matured over the past 10 years like what's that process look like for you yeah it's definitely. Been. Really cool to see how it, how, what, things are constant and then what things change and I think one, of the main things that's changed from a writing perspective is I'm so much more comfortable with being vulnerable, now and. Super-dead, honest about things whereas when I was in high school and I started writing some of the songs that made it onto my first album it was only like eighteen when that came out I was, writing these songs and, I'm so proud of them and I love them but I was, like trying really hard to make sure nobody, could figure out who I was writing about because, I was like an introverted, kid and it was in high school I went it was like kind of a small high school I didn't want people to know like who she's writing about that guy that she went to the dance with but then they you know had that fight and I was like super, closed. Off close to the best with it and, every. Album you, know if you kind of listened to the writing you can hear it get more, and more just. Open. And vulnerable and you, know I really, discovered what's so great about great songs is when they're just incredibly, vulnerable like any great piece of art right a film or a show, or whatever when people are just being inherently human and you can relate to it that's. What really makes it incredible so I've, really, learned how to be, you, know more, kind of straight, up and less afraid to kind of you, know make, a statement but oh maybe somebody's gonna take this wrong or you have really just gone for it and especially, with this new stuff shoot this arrow pretty. Clearly, you know there's some aspects of that song that are way more honest than I've ever been so there's, that and then the sounds, you know I think I've played I've been, a little bit more adventurous with sonically.

You Know what types of sounds I found. This. Song with and that's been really. Really fun - cool. Well again, back to shoot this arrow because I wanted to make sure we had a little time to talk about that we chatted, a little bit beforehand. There's a lot of kind of meaning, there's some social meaning behind the song and it's personal for you as well. Feel. Free to talk about it how deeply you want but just wanted to kind, of ask if you wanted to share a little about where that song came from yeah what the inspiration was behind it what some of the meaning is by some of the lyrics and and, kind of dig into that a little bit more yeah absolutely it's, a song that I'd wanted to write for a long time and. Finally. Kind of found the right, co-writer. Producer, and we'd, been writing a lot of stuff together for the, past year and we. Were working, together I think it was like Halloween, or something I was like let's do something with like a dark vibe and I had this voice note on my phone called, shoot this arrow and it was kind of the chorus of that song and really, you know it. Was crazy because the songs inspiration, came from a lot of different places but a. Couple, weeks after we wrote this song a friend, of mine who was a writer on the show that I worked on you. Know took to Twitter and kind of talked about some. Issues. That she had with our showrunner, and it turned into something that all, of the women from the cast kind, of teamed. Up and, we. All decided. To kind of write, a collective, statement about our, you. Know collective, experience, with, sexual. Harassment and, some. Pretty tough stuff while we were on the show and it was kind of an, open, secret something, that we had all kind, of you, know walked on eggshells and, skirted, around and no one really ever thought the day would come when we talked publicly about, it so it, was an. Like. Amazing. Coincidence, totally wild that this kind of happened. Right. After, I had just written this song so, I felt really compelled to. Share like a snippet of it as I usually do when I you know when I write new music I'll share, snippets all the time to kind of gauge how. The fans feel about it and it went crazy I mean people went totally nuts and, the response, was really touching, it was really cool to see that people related, to it and you. Know I think. I, felt. Like okay well, this, feels like something that we, should probably put out you know sooner, rather than later and so it, ended up coming out a couple weeks later and it. Was really cool because I've been wanting to kind of kickstart this next project and it. Just felt like one of those genuine things where I was like I can't really ignore this opportunity, to sort of share something that's important, to me and I, don't care if I have to give this away for free I just want people you, know to be able to I mean this is kind of my goal with all my music but I want, people to be able to connect. You know and, so. That's been extremely. Powerful, and you, know the thing that I think is the, bigger point of the song obviously I had my own specific. Experiences. That, inspired. Me to write it but to, me like shoot this arrow is not only kind. Of referring, to, speak. Your truth and you, know say what you need to say and even. If you're afraid to say it or someone's trying to get you to be quiet but, it's also about being. Yourself and doing. What you believe in standing up for what you believe in sharing your art.

Despite. People. Who maybe try to discourage you or silence, you so it's not just limited, to kind, of oh it, has to be this hashtag me to movement you know there, are a lot of ways, I think that that song really, for me was. The. Moment, that I put that out I, realized. How much of my own power I had been giving up like not, just, you know in that circumstance. But in my career like it helped me really get out of the passenger seat, of my career and be. Like oh, no. I feel like I can really take control, and take the power back you know and it was it was pretty pretty, cool to have that what's, the reception, been you. Know I know you tease some of it to your fans but now that it's out and full what's the reception been you with your fans how how, about when you play it live. Has it been positive. Around the board like people, coming up to you I know you do a lot of meet and greets with things like that is there been a good kind of feel for it yeah it's been unbelievable. Like way, beyond, anything I could have imagined, it's so cool to see guys girls, you know across the board I think you. Know like I said from a general standpoint, being, able to. Really. Like. Believe that you're worthy and take, control. Of, your. Life and your career and understand. That nobody's. Going to ever care, about what it is you're doing as much as you are and you have to, like you have to drive, the ship you know and. Seeing. The fact that you know the song has really, helped people who were struggling with a lot of the things I was, struggling, with is the, coolest thing in the world it's literally. My favorite part of my job is to meet somebody who's like wow, I was having a bad day and I, heard this and you. Know it doesn't fix it but it makes it better and it helps people feel like oh I'm not the only one who was out floating here in this weird circumstance, or having, this horrible. Like internal, struggle or whatever everybody's. Been there and so yeah. The reception has been amazing the fans have been so supportive and, really. Cool and it's really. Gratifying. You know I'm. On this, big. Group text message with all of my girlfriend's from the TV show you know all the actors the girls on the crew the writers and it's, like the camaraderie that, has come from us, all kind, of stepping. Forward and just being honest about something, and sharing, our. Experience. So that maybe other people will, feel compelled like, they don't have to be quiet about something you, know and they can stand up for themselves has been extremely. Cool and the fans have been so, like, they've been a huge part of that you know so it's it's pretty powerful and music, is such a powerful platform for sharing things. Like that as well right yeah yeah, write about it you can read about it but music. Kind of puts it into a whole different kind, of ecosystem where, it helps folks, kind of cope in a completely different way or brings, people together in a completely different way so I feel like it's just such a power powerful, platform, to share a message like that yeah I feel grateful to be able to do that for sure that's awesome yeah you, mentioned a minute ago too as, you were talking about going through the process of releasing this song. And. I follow you on a couple different social media channels, I, think you do this really cool thing and I haven't seen it done by a lot of artists it is where you actually as you're going through the creative process you, share a lot with your fans yeah you'll sit down on Facebook live or you'll sit down on Instagram, and you'll play a little bit of a song you're thinking about releasing and. It's really interesting to kind of watch the comments that come through can you talk about how you use technology, you. You've really adjusted, obviously, you, know you're talking to talking about vinyl a minute ago going back very old-school and then using the platform of technology, to connect with fans and share your music you've gone from kind of both sides in one conversation they talked about the technology side, and how, you've been able to utilize that to stay connected with your very strong fan base yeah that's a great question actually it's. Really cool because what really ignited my. Interest, in using. Technology to connect to my fans was my first record deal was with MySpace records which is kind, of like making me feel like TBT, but.

Do You guys all know what myspace you know people are like some. But. You know it was, I was. Really young and it. Was the biggest social network platform, out there you, know at that point was kind of the only social, network platform and. You. Know Tom Anderson, who founded it was a huge music fan and so he decided he wanted a record label and he. Actually hit me up through, MySpace and asked. Me if I was signed it was like wanna come out just you, know Santa Monica and showcase for my label and I was like first, of all this is a real guy that's, crazy. And second. Of all I love that he's using his social, media platform, to, contact people like he's. The, true, early adopter, it was amazing so, so. That record deal was, life-changing, for me because I. Really. Learned just, how much reach you. Know that. That. Platform. Afforded. Me and so. I started using my space and I started you, know kind. Of trying, to figure out okay well what you know what. Artists are similar to me who likes ingrid michaelson okay, well maybe that they would want to come to my show you know and things, like that and kind. Of the, connectivity, of just. How quickly, you, could, reach. Somebody. Who is a potential fan or already a fan started. To really sink in so now. That we, have so. Many unbelievable. Means. To. Interact. With our fan bases as creatives. That's. What gets me super excited about you know the Facebook lives and about the. Instagram. And you know we livestream our shows sometimes, the. Stories I try to really share sort, of what, it's like being on the road I mean none of this stuff was. Anything I was able to do five, years ago or whatever and so it's. Something that I think is. Really. We're. At a really fun unprecedented. Time in, music. And and the creative entertainment. World in general where you have people excited about, and even like cassette tapes like with. All these shows kind, of featuring things about cassette tapes stranger things like people are all about nostalgia especially, like our fans love it we, take Polaroids at the end of our shows and people go crazy they love the Polaroids but, then they're also on. These, platforms and they're using Instagram, stories and they're you, know you, know tuning, in live and, it's the. Coolest convergence. Of things and I think if we can kind of like use. Those to, kind. Of the. Very old-school stuff and sort of like play, off of what's great about that but then also bring it into this new space where. You, know you have this. Amazing. Ability to reach. People, you know just with something in your pocket I think that is really, really exciting yeah it's. Been such a kind, of crazy past, 15, years where you had the, music industry completely melting, down when Napster came out that this was going to to, ruin the the music world which a lot, of people thought was the case and. Technology. Kind of got bunched into that because obviously this was a technology yeah and it became alright technology, is going to ruin the music industry it's gonna take money, away from the musicians, and, an artists and and all of the process, that goes along with that yeah and.

So, There was a lot of people on one side of fence saying this is the worst thing ever but there was a lot of people on the other side of the fence saying hey how can we embrace this how can we actually run with it and use it as a connector, with our fans and to change the way we do music and of course that's cycled back like you said now vinyls, huge now there's all this nostalgia, around like old kind, of formats so we've kind of gone through the roughest patch I think I know there's still challenges, with technology but, yeah it's always awesome to see a musician, artist who really kind of grabs grasps. Technology. And is able to kind of make it their own so that's awesome thanks, can you talk a little bit about outside. Then of music, so you you're a very creative, person you're very artistic as we were discussing earlier can you talk a little bit about some. Of the things that you'd like to do outside of when. You're home from touring when you get off the tour and if in a couple weeks. What you're working on what are some of the other creative outlets that you like to focus on yeah absolutely I actually, just kind. Of started. I sort. Of soft launched this lifestyle. Company called we the dreamers that I've been working on for a long time. And it's, named after a song from a few records ago and I kind of noticed people we're coming to shows with shirts and phone, cases where they had written, with the dreamers and I thought oh wow that's cool I should you know I should use that for something and so it's, been, really fun because for me you know as like an art kid and someone, who loves making stuff I love great design I'm like so interested, in anything that has to do with like, I'm going crazy looking at the Google offices it's so awesome, in here I'm like oh my god that like fixture is amazing like all. This stuff that drives my husband nuts that I care about but, you know it's, it's, uh we the dreamers has become this really cool kind of space, for me to on. One hand share content, you know that I'm interested in my outfits, you know my clothes what I wear onstage or offstage and, my travel photos cuz I love to travel I travel, a lot for work and so. I do tour diaries but I also love, to travel you, know my husband and I like will pick up and go to Barcelona and buy a ticket and go the next week you know like we do a lot of stuff like that so it's, kind of a fun space for people to get to know me but also for me to share cool, photography and. Just. Things that I'm into at the moment whether, it's decor or whatever and then, also it's, got, an e-commerce side where I, started. Designing these. Printed, leggings, kind. Of a yoga pants type thing, based. On, prints. That I made patterns, that I made out of my watercolor painting so I've. Always been a painter I've always had a, painting. Set up on the road when, I'm at a tour bus I take the background to the bus and there's canvas everywhere and paint, everywhere and, that's.

Kind Of my creative outlet you know when, I'm stuck. With writer's block or whatever painting. And designing really helps me kind of like have, a new creative perspective and, so. I wanted to take that and create, something that you know could, be more, of a lifestyle thing. You know and instead of just paintings themselves so it's, been really fun and really exciting, to start developing that and it, is something that I'm really excited to, you. Know fold, into what I'm doing with this new music this year because I've I've. Always designed my album covers my you know t-shirts, and. I've done a bunch of like rush letter lyric print type things and so it's a big part of who I am as a musician but, it's also just a huge, part of who I am as a person so I'm excited to kind of you, know have that outlet and I think just give my fans an opportunity, to interact. With sort of my creative vision in a way that's outside of just you know buying a CD or coming to a show. And you mentioned you get a lot of your creative vision from travel to what's, like in all, of the touring that you've done and the opportunity, to travel that you've had with your career what's, your favorite, spot I hate. When people ask me this question so I just totally bit. The bullet on this one but because, it's hard to pick just one eye I know right so it's a 15. Things that it turns into a conversation, but you have like a favorite memory from being on the road or touring or anything like that were like this is just literally, the coolest place I've ever been yeah if, we'll ever be able to top this what what's what's that there, have been so many um, I think, you, know for me playing. My first show in Paris and having it sell out and that was my first time ever going to Paris you, know was totally, surreal like, it was so wild because I've always wanted to go there and I, had, no idea that there were so many fans there and that it would sell out when I never been and so, that, was pretty, epic and, it's, pretty cool, that we've continued, to go back and play shows there year, after year and Sydney. This past December was, an incredible. I mean all of Australia was incredible, but that, city was wild, I've always wanted to go there and you know our show sold. Out so quickly we had that and another, one like you know right away and so I think. When. I'm somewhere. Kind, of that is a. Destination, that I've always wanted to go to anyways, and then I realized, that wow, there's people who know my music here you know and not only do they know my music but they want to come to a show and I've never been here before that, is a crazy feeling so it's always the first time going somewhere, you, know kind. Of that feels far-flung. For a kid from Ohio the first, time going there to like sell out a show is the craziest. Experience. Ever so I'm so, grateful for that and so grateful for you know the fans and that, they are patient with us because sometimes it takes forever for us to get over to Australia and, so. Yeah it, it's, pretty cool the travel, aspect of it is definitely my favorite part of the job that's awesome and you mentioned potentially, doing an Asia tour so if you want to talk about far-flung, from Cleveland Ohio that's, a very, different place in the world I'm, so excited yeah, I really hope we can make it happen it's definitely, yeah that would be this would be the time of year to kind of be doing the kind of like South. Asia, Australia, thing, and, then we'll come here in the fall and I'm like we just we just need to do some better planning Australia, it was amazing in December it was like 80 degrees we went to the beach yeah. It was pretty cool so that's awesome yeah I wanted. To open up really quick just to see as we get a little closer to the end any questions, that you guys wanted to ask from the audience a skate, yeah sure. No. Way love fellow babes Ohioan. Job that's, crazy. Why. Did you graduate oh. My. Goodness okay that's so crazy so you might have gone to school with my, sister.

Or No wait my cousin. Maybe. My cousin Paige all teary yeah yeah. It's. Like no my sister's too old no okay, do we need to get Paige's permission to use her name on this video she'll, probably be super excited. What's. Your name, okay. Let. Me repeat the question real quick cuz we don't have a mic out there so the question for Mabel was how did growing up in Bay, Village which I told you earlier I grew up not, too far from there my mom's, from Lorraine Ohio so very close down the road so how did growing up in a community. Like Bay Village it's a smaller community outside of Cleveland how did that affect kind of your career your songwriting, in the inspiration yeah that's a great question it's it's an awesome little town it's like you, know very. Just. Quiet. And suburban, it's on the lake it's it, was beautiful. Like such a beautiful place to grow up it's really like got, an amazing sense of community, to which, I think was, probably a big influence for me you, know starting, out especially. In, high, school and stuff when everything, is sort of weird. And everyone's trying to figure out who they are and you, know everyone's. Really self-conscious, and stuff so, writing songs for me was totally an outlet, to sort of just figure, out all of those things and I think growing, up in a community like Bay helped, me to feel a little bit more at ease about like playing. My, first couple of shows because, even, it was just like my mom's friends, like, some, of my cousins and stuff knowing. That people would come out and like show up and you. Know knowing. That probably, even if it was really bad that people would feel like it was great you know was. Really comforting. And I probably didn't think about it consciously at the time but I think it, having. A sense of community is, probably the most important, thing in order, to sort of nurture. The. You. Know desire. To sort of be creative and that's the other thing about bay schools was art and music was, so. Emphasized. Our programs, were great we had you, know incredible, teachers and I really credit a lot of my, music teachers, especially, the. Ones from when I was really young who. Taught me about, harmony. And you, know solfege, the doremi stuff like stuff that I still used in my songwriting today and I was so engraved, in me as a young kid and that had a lot to do with you know how, much, the arts were emphasized in my in my hometown so I'm really grateful for that you. Get were you recently. In Cleveland for this tour uh yeah, we actually just played there a couple days ago that's awesome yeah it was cool nice to get back home after yeah, that's, so fun, yeah any other questions from, the audience oh yeah - let's do two more and then we'll we'll, wrap from there go ahead. Oh nice. Yeah so the Blazers from Zara and my, boots are Jeffrey Campbell yeah the question was who makes your fantastic. Outfit oh yeah are you wonderful. Yes thank you Thanks looks great, that's a good question yeah, hey. Yeah Buick a minute. Beauty, insight never ever just. How. Do you. Due, to that. Yeah. That's such a great question do you want me to repeat, sort of wait go ahead yeah sure so you kind of asked you know. How. Did you get to the point where you. Were okay with really. Taking. The big step where. You had to get out of your comfort zone in order to do a lot of the things that I've mentioned sign, a record deal leave college you know put, out music that's really honest and vulnerable. And. That's such a good question because honestly, I really. Am the, opposite, of the. Personality, that you. Would expect to be in the position that I'm in like people that I went to high school with her were probably like, Kate's, like kind of quiet and hangs out in the art room a lot like I was not the type of like look at me like I love being, in front of people in front of the camera type thing so, a lot, of this job was. Out of my comfort zone from, the get-go like I was so, awkward in my first shows and stuff because I was terrified, to like be up in front of people and stuff and so. Ever. Since then everything. That I've done you. Know in this job has really pushed me and and, it. Was really hard for me at first but I started. To notice that I would you, know to answer your question the way that I really got. You, know up the courage to take those big leaps was by taking small ones, and. Sort, of proving to myself that like okay, I lived through that it was fine I played that show it, was awkward, it's, a rib cook-off no, one's here it's raining, I'm 15 you, know like that's a real thing that I mentioned one of my first shows was like this.

Brandy Rib cook-off, in Pittsburgh and like no one was there because it was raining no one wants to cook ribs and no, one knew who I was yet I was like a kid and my grandma came and it was really nice but you know just getting through that was me proving myself okay, I got up on stage there was no one there it felt stupid but I'm alive and it's cool and I, think, every. Time that I've, gone. And done, something that, I've been nervous. To do something. Awesome has, come out of it eventually even, if it's not directly and, so, I learned pretty early on that my personality, is, one where I'm gonna want, to like kind. Of pull away from, a, lot of things that are uncomfortable but. I kind, of have learned that, it's, really. Always, better. If I kind of force myself to do the stuff that's scary and there's. Actually a book that I love. It's. Cool if I like mention a book right okay well it's uh it's by Steven Pressfield and, it's called the war of art and I read it probably like at least once a year but, if you're ever like, in, a, spot where you're creative, and you feel like you feel this resistance toward kind of making your art or putting it out there or whatever, it's such, a good book and it's really just kind, of all talking. About that that same principle is just kind of like you, know making, art for its own sake and. Kind. Of being. Able, to get to the place where you. Can. Feel, like, the importance, of sharing what it is you're making is, bigger. Than the importance, of you. Know. Exuding. Whatever it is you want people to think about you you know like I had to get to a point where I was like okay you, know when the same thing holds true with kind. Of some. Of this stuff about just, being honest even if it's not, you. Know the. Most. Comfortable, thing to talk about like, the stuff that's happened with you know my friends and I on. The show and and kind of coming out and being honest about all this stuff that we went through it's, not comfortable, and it's sometimes it's not fun and it's kind of scary and, I was so nervous to play that song the first couple, of times I did because, I'd never been honest about this stuff but it's like you, have to put your own integrity, above. Your, desire for you. Know people, to kind, of, always. Like you or you know you above. Your your, need, to be liked you know and so that's kind of one of those things that I really had to learn because for, sure when you're from the Midwest it's, very like benefit of the doubt like you apologize, too much everyone's, so nice and, it's just you, know and and I've worked with some incredible, people in my career so I feel, so lucky that you know it's few and far between that, you feel like you're. In in, the opposite situation but, yeah, definitely it's, still really hard for me but getting out of the comfort zone is always like where you find the. Coolest opportunities. So is it a great question well thank you so much Kate thank you for coming into. You know we, realized there's many, different things you could be doing today versus coming into Google and you've got a busy tour schedule so thank you so much for coming in thanks, for sharing your energy thanks for playing a song with us good luck at the show tonight the rest of the tour you're, always welcome back at Google anytime so thank you so much for sure thank you guys for having me. You.

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