Kawasaki Z900 Review (Honest 'n Detailed) | 300 KM Road Test | RWR

Kawasaki Z900 Review (Honest 'n Detailed) | 300 KM Road Test | RWR

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The Kawasaki z-9, hundred is an old-school big displacement. Naked motorcycle, in the age of electronics, like traction, control engine braking control and quick shifter this motorcycle comes with just a dual-channel ABS which, is not even switchable but. Why start a review on a negative note you see if you like electronics, you will buy something like the MTO 9 or even, the street triple RS, however. If you are not bothered about that then, you've got yourself a very, practical and versatile, motorcycle, with the C 900, something that will cutter around effortlessly. In the city without, much heating be fun in the twisties, and in. The straights. Augustine. Is Nathan. Into, the corner. In. The Straits that would be effortlessly, rapid, very, very, fast before, moving into the right discussion, let me walk you through the specs the 2018, C 900, features, a 948. CC, inline-four engine. Which is derived from the Kawasaki, z1000. And that, means it retains, the sweet power delivery, characteristics. That, I so, much loved on the 2015, z1000. The, power is a nice hundred and twenty five Cs at 9800. Rpm with a strong amount of torque at 98, Newton, meters at seven, thousand seven hundred rpm. This gives the motorcycle, the ability, to cruise at forty kilometers per hour easily, on the fifth gear and accelerate. Decently, from that as well the Z 900, is part of the modern lineup, where Kawasaki, has moved away from the heavier, perimeter, frames to, a high tensile steel frame on the C 900, not only does it handle well and gives good stability I suspect, it is one of the major reasons, why this motorcycle, is 20, kg lighter than the, outgoing C, 800, new motorcycle, weighs 210. Kg sweat and though, it's still on the heavier side you do feel the huge improvement, in the power-to-weight ratio, over, the outgoing C 800, the. Front suspension is 41, mm upside, down forks which is preload, and rebound, adjustable, granted, that you cannot adjust a compression but I think an adjustable, suspension on, the front is decent enough on the motorcycle we just did I felt it was a bit too soft on the rebound but, luckily that can be adjust the, rare has a monoshock and I was happy with the factory settings on that one brakes do see a downsize, from 310. Mm to 300, mm but, they are still very, trustworthy, and provide, ample bite and progressive feel to it so I can't really complain about that I did, activate the ABS once.

And. I. Feel that it kicks in a bit too early and it kind of is intrusive, I wish we had different modes in the ABS like some of the Ducati bikes no motorcycle, comes with dunlop sport max, tyres they aren't the creepiest, compounds, but i feel this type of putting, naked motorcycle this is just fine the 50/50 sort of weight distribution means, that you do have to use the rear brake a bit to, get the most out of the braking the 250 mm disc at the rear works well and doesn't, lock up very easily the. Very low seat height of, 795. Mm makes it accessible to all kinds of riders and even women riders and me, being 5 Brigade had no problems, with it even. If you are 5 4 3 you could easily write this by the longer wheelbase of 40 hundred and forty-eight millimeters. Does offer great stability at, freeway speeds and the, big 70, liters fuel tank ensures that you can stay there for long without. Frequent refills, but. That is just the overview let's. Dive into the details right. Discussion, and see, how this motorcycle feels, on an open road yeah. I would like to say that you're impressed by the video so far please hit that subscribe button if you're new to the channel and also hit that Bell icon for. The next reviews and other exciting, videos that riders Rahul has to offer now. Let's get on to what we learn. On. Board the Kawasaki, z-9, hundred this bike has pretty, good launch. I'd like to show you that. Amazing, power so. Doing, lots of power wheelies and stuff it's an inline 4 but, this bikes got, a pretty, decent mid-range. Unlike. The, other inline, forces they have worked on the power delivery, and that is what I wanted to talk about because it's coming in at I believe, 9700. RP and that's the peak power always, hit a bird there oh my god but, then we had an Indian do I don't, think I hit it though a very. Enjoyable bike I have already written it in the city and I did, okay. I use the brakes a little bit too. Old 300mm. Brakes up front from lesson lots, of progressive, feel. And a good amount of initial bite I am, impressed with the braking talking, back on the power yeah the, powers, you know. Very, meaty. Initially. The low end feels a lot less powerful but then as, soon as you hit the mid-range it's great and as you know after 8,000 rpm. Kawasaki. Motorcycles, are, an. Absolute. You, know stunner. And a bomb to enjoy with pretty. Decent motorcycle. For a, naked. Bike which are looking for touring you know not exactly track, focused if you look at the foot pegs. Absolutely. Like a 90-degree. Position you're the, footpegs are way, below you they are not at all the real set which, means a very comfortable. Ergonomics. The handlebars. Are low so you do have to lean down a bit but that I like because the front end has a little bit less feel compared. To the suet ripple but when you're actually leaning, down on the, front wheel so, you're adding your weight to it and it's increasing. That front-end feel a little bit which I really enjoy well a lot of people ask me whether they should buy this root Ripper and dizzy, 900, between, the stupa less and the Z Z 900, I generally. Recommended, people this with triple but, I recommended. Roman to buy this motorcycle, because. Most. Of the guys who were asking me were asking, for a sport, riding motorcycle, gonna own just one Superbike and that is why I've recommended this route Triple S but, when I'm talking about this motorcycle, it's it's gonna be more focused towards the touring and he, already owns a 959. Panigale, which, is like, a full-on. Super. Sport bike with a lot, of more power than an average super, sport so the second naked, bike that you wanted was, gonna be like. A touring, bike for him for highway touring and because, this bike doesn't have the rare set foot, pegs that more.

Comfortable, Ergonomics, the inline force, absolute. Will find zero. Vibrations. Nice, smooth, linear power delivery sort, of motorcycle, I recommended, him this motorcycle and that is why he's superb, ly enjoying it specifically. With the great ergonomics, so if you're thinking that you're probably a little older, and you want to be comfortable at the same time have the superb performance, you should go for this bike and look at it we are now sixth gear we're doing 50 kilometers, the amount of torque is. So much that we can maintain that so you don't have to really shift up, and down that much on this motorcycle you can keep, it on 5th and 6th gear on the highway and with. That you can do all your cruising, needs so. Going back onto the console you. Can take a look we're just doing 2,000 rpm right now and the motorcycle doesn't have the knocking, or pull, pulling, away issues, and and because. Of the torque we can even accelerate from here decently, so if you're looking for a touring motorcycle, just add a double, bubble sort. Of or whatever pigs windscreen, we have already ordered that it's coming will show you the mods in the next video but, for now what I'm gonna, put a photo, up here so that wind screens gonna add up a lot more functionality save, you from the wind blast and obviously we're gonna add saddlebags. And then this motorcycle I think if you're not going to do off-roading if you're gonna do highway doing then this motorcycle makes a lot, more sense and then obviously, this being, a naked sport bike it, won't be that bad, and cornering but it will not be as focused as a street triple s I really like the feel on this motorcycle so, much so that I, absolutely. Love. And, then. Into, the corner. For my Glock. They got to over two hundred and, twenty three kilometers, on that motorcycle. It. Didn't. Feel like it was maxing, out this can go much, much further I, think. This can do up. 250. Km/h I'll. Check out the. Top speed numbers I don't have them with me were eight we got to turn each day without even trying I mean, just I just opened that all for a few seconds, and we just went whoa. I was thinking that this route triple having a lot. Less weight about 20 kgs less would, smoke this bike but right now I'm not so sure because, once. This bike goats goes, beyond, this initial, I think the initial on that bike was much stronger but, once it gets to that meaty. Rev range beyond, that 5,000, 6,000, rpm this, bike you know it. Gets that Kawasaki. Burst. Which, is you, know I remember it on the zx-10r. And that was completely different. We've got a little bit of a corner. Unfortunately. The exit wasn't as good as I would have wanted it to be, still. It's. Pretty good decent, you, know should. We squeeze yeah. Why not. The, clutch on this bike is, absolutely. Light it's a work of art I I just. You know no, wood no quick shifter, no. Down shifter, like auto Blippar like no electronics, but basically, I want you I want you to realize see, if I'm gonna go up shift. It's, justjust a light, feather, light clutch to, operate with it kind of feels hydraulic, I'm not sure if it is but, it's it's one of the best clutches, that are operated, now you know clutch operation is becoming less and less thanks to the quick shifters and all that but since this bike doesn't have it at least having that kind of a slipper clutch definitely.

Makes You a good sense again. The feel on the brake levers, I've already said that I'm getting a lot of confidence on this motorcycle I would say you know this is a bike, that if you're if you don't have much experience because, the triple, is. You know more more. Like, an experienced, riders, a point. Of view it. Feels good but this, one is so easy to ride and it's it's I. I, think if you're moving up to a big bike and you don't have much experience you can just buy this and you would, be a lot better back. To the Z 900, there, is one problem though Kawasaki. Engines, do. Not have much, feel. To it so this. Bike being new does have a little bit of vibes, coming into the engine, and that will, go over as the motorcycle, runs, in and after, that these engines, feel so. Less YV that it almost feels like the. Engine is not on and it. Can be good if you are doing touring, where vibrations, actually tire out the rider over time but, when you're doing high speeds, it, does feel very confident, the bike does sit on the highway, very, very, confidently. And that is a great thing but the, negative is that you don't realize, you're going that fast so, for a new rider it. Is very easy to get carried away and cause, mistakes. So. That is something that I would definitely like, you to to. Keep in mind if you're buying this motorcycle that it gets too deceptive, amount of speeds and because, the engine sound is so muted, because, the, overall, motorcycle. Is so muted, and there is no vibration and the refinement the, only downside to that is you don't realize that you're actually crossing. 180 190 kilometers, per hour. Very. Pleasing, motorcycle. To write that, I would say no, vibrations. The, engine has a nice bar we'd, need an exhaust we're also gonna get that we read mod the spike out so if you want to see that do, subscribe. Talking. About the fit and finish the. Kawasaki bikes do look a little, lacking, compared, to the competition like the Tecate or even, the Triumph Street, Triple, the. Switches are good but they're not too, premium, obviously. No headlight switch because it's always on and that's with every motorcycle, these days but. The fit and finish, for. The plastics, and all these parts is pretty. Good but when, you're talking about the switches, whether. We've been spoiled by triumph, and Yukari otherwise. A few years back when we used to look at these switches we, used to think that they were super premium but. We know that better. Is possible these days. Anyways, we've got a corner coming up. Skaar is trying to overtake. Some really screwed the shot. New, turns very. Easy on this motorcycle very, easy the handlebar has a lot of turning look at that direction the. Tank. They have built nice recess, into the design so that it can turn a lot almost like a street bike so, it's, it's going to be very easy to write in the city if you even if you're doing tight u-turns and stuff this motorcycle is going to be very very easy to handle. You know the. Frontend feel is, not, that bad as I thought the suspension. It's, really, soft so that that's, bumping, up when there is a bump it is losing composure, but, apart, from that the front-end feel is pretty good I'd like to see whether the front-end suspension can, be tuned to be a little bit hard because if it can then trust me this motorcycle will become a lot lot, better in handling. But, that phenomenal, wind blast is now to. Walk in my head back and forth especially, happens on the top of the flyovers, because. You're. Higher and obviously there's more wind. Smaller. Capacity motorcycles. Having a naked bike is more. Than sufficient because, really, windlass. Is not a bother up, to one hundred and fourteen hundred and fifty kilometers but beyond that it. Becomes really really, intolerable. So. On a motorcycle, like Duke where we are usually, cruising at hundred twenty hundred thirty and, I know that also it is much higher but, usually. You don't go, that because. You don't want to max out your engine, and stay, in that suite for, a long long time but on this bike on the other hand. 150. Is nothing, and. Beyond that even in the why goes away far away permits, maximum, speed of 240. Or 50 km/h, so. You canning higher speeds and your have, to deal. With the win last. We, despite through foreigners is pretty decent I mean those IVA. Cards, are. Oh, wow. We just tested out the brakes and.

I. Think. I just activated. The ABS, not. Sure why. But. The front. Did. Make a very. Screechy. Sort of sound and. Yeah. Heartbreaking. This. Bike did. Move around a lot and that's I guess that's got more to do with the. Softer. Front suspension, I, remember. Breaking on the. Street. Triple, RS. And, though. The brakes are good on this bike or the overall balancing. I think. With this motorcycle you, have to, be feeding. In the rear brake a little bit as well because but this time I wasn't really skidding. But. The. EVs and got activated, raking. Is. Good on this bike the suspension, could have been a lot better the. Front end dive and all that. And a heartbreaking. It's definitely there. And this being a 210. Kg oral cycle is not exactly, light so remember. That the momentum will be higher and new brakes, would have to work harder. We have like a quick shifter as well. I really. Like when, you shoot with a quick shifter the, way the engine sounds. So, the, way it holds the line through a corner, is, pretty decent. The problem, is if you have to go, you visa breaking, out of the corner and out of the corner acceleration, and I would say is also easier because the power delivery, is progress, if you can pull. Out of the corner faster. Whereas. On the Panigale I was having the fear, that the front end will rise up. And. On this bike it also does but a little. Less, considering. Its heavier and less powerful and well, the for delivery, is kind of more agile for an inline, four-cylinder. Trench. Punch on the inline. Four then to the other c800 it feels a lot, more powerful than the z800 to be honest and that's more because. Of the weight that it lost and and obviously having more, displacement. Now they have the power available right, on a lower rpm, which feels. Good you know peak power is one thing but. The, power curve which, you can check, on a dyno that. Is actually. The real. Measurement. Of power because you're, not always at the peak power rpm, so, how it feels on the other rpm, that is what makes, you under feel that the motorcycle is powerful, or not or something which has a good Tiki power but, on the lower who doesn't have the power the bike feels sluggish even, if the numbers suggest, otherwise, for this bike I would say yeah even. On the mid-range and all that power is really there, and which was not there on the previous z800 I definitely, have to check the dyno scores or something that the crops but I think this bike. Made, more than the five PS game that. It was supposed, to, where. It's not just a five PS game on paper it may be five PS but, on the dyno chart it may be a lot more now, that I'm riding it on bumpy, roads I see that this bike because. The front end is so light it has a tendency, to rise up and, that's been happening ever since I've been accelerating.

And On a less. Bumpy or high wave like the nh-2 where we were riding initially, that, was pretty fun actually I was enjoying, that so obviously if you're writing anywhere. Out of India where your roads. Are not at all bumpy you would enjoy the front wheel rising, up but, here on a bumpy, road when the wheel, is going back, down on, the road. Is. The same thing happened with the Ducati it, it goes down on a bump and then the motorcycle kind of destabilize, it and. That that is not a good feeling and that's mostly. Due to the, condition of our roads so. We have to remember that the front-end feel and. Is you. Know what the cornering sighs I'd say the, front-end feel is definitely. Good enough but but because of the weight distribution this. Bikes again, of 50/50, sort of a distribution. The. Front-end scanner lifting, up. There. Are some mixed feelings up here the front end feels like but while going into the corner, it does give enough confidence, for highways sweeping corners this motorcycle are absolutely, phenomenal, but for tight twisty, tracks or from, moving, left to right corners, it does feel a bit heavy because, of the curve bit mid. Corner stability, is great and the power delivery, is linear, and I could get earlier on the throttle and this, is an overwhelmingly, fun motorcycle, ride because it is so easy to push this bike on higher speeds I would also like to talk about the braking the brakes are absolutely, great but the ABS is too intrusive like I said before the. Front end dive was too much but I guess that can be dialed out by tuning the suspension, overall. What could have been great if we, could have a switchable ABS or even, ABS modes but. I guess, that it's, something that you'd have to live it because there's no way to make. The ABS less, it kicks in way too early for my liking but the brakes in itself are good in conclusion, we have to say that the Z 900, was a seriously, fun motorcycle, to ride it's, effortless and, vibration, free engine along with relaxed. Riding position makes it easy to put on hundreds, of kilometers on highway every, day with ease I feel, that it was a perfect, highway touring bike so we ordered a few mods to make it even completely, tool worthy and to see that you must hit that subscribe button and stay tuned when those parts arrived from America, thanks. For watching and I'll see you very very soon this, is travel goodbye.

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Smashing review Rahul! As an owner I would like to add a few points: 1. That bitch of a ground clearance, it's painful to ride in our streets. 2. You really can't ride with your sweetie anywhere longer, that seat is only meant for supermodels, well, unless your sweetie is one, you can. Plus the ground clearance suffers more with a pillion 3. The construction of the rear seat is such that it's difficult to carry large bags, the bags eventually slides down, one needs Z900 specific bags for hassle free travel, means firanngg brands like SW Motech, GIVI, Hepco Becker, which costs much more. 4. Kawasaki specifies RON95 and above, well in Bangalore we do get them, but not out in the highway. We don't really know the effects of using lesser rated petrol, I know guys who have done 40k in a mix of majority Ron 91 with no issues. 5. As you rightly said, the suspension is slightly unsettling at rough roads, but not enough to bother about. 6. It's lot more expensive to make the Z900 sound like an inline 4 should. Just a slip-on will not make any difference (unlike the z800), it's because of the way the catcon is constructed. You need a full system plus a power commander, so we are looking between 1 to 1.5 lakhs. On the positive side: 1. The engine is beyond amazing. The power delivery, the intake howl, is just fantastic. This thoroughly overcomes all the negatives. 2. The flickability of the motorcycle, I sometimes forget that I am riding a 125 bhp motorcycle.

Over the years, I see the effort you put in your videos, you really do a great job. Keep sharing, keep educating, keep warning. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Ride slow, ride long, ride safe. Wish you all glory, Surajit

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Nice to hear from you after so many months, how are you doing?

Sir kawasaki z800 vs z900 donomese Best or loud sound konsi bike ka hai???

Honestly my heart may go to this one, I am struggling between this and the MT/FZ-09 but I don't really want to get too scared of the amount of torque on the latter since I am a beginner. The suspensions seems way better, not as light weight but better quality of construction overall and I don't really bother about electronics or riding modes (doesn't seem like "real" electronics on the FZ-09, pretty sure it just makes the throttle response smoother). I may not like the dual sport-ish riding position on the FZ-09. I have to try both but looks like they made a huge improvement over the bulky Z800.

70L fuel tank ? lol. It's 17L.

It's the subtitle new feature, it translates it to 70L when you talk. :-)

I don't think anyone heard 70 litres.

Sir mujhe public reation ke liye loud sound wali bike chiye ye benelli 600i lu ya z900 lu loud sound ke liye konsi lu ????

can you review the suzuki gsx750 s...

I am trying to get the bike bro, most brands dont share the bikes, this bike i reviewed belongs to my friend.

Does it has quick shifter bro??


Dude is it a sportbike like can it run like a sportbike and is it a superbike and can it beat ktm? Ktm any model like duke 390 or else plz help me plz

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