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Hoan pass car, after, car roughly. 220 vehicles at all wrecked, on the 138, freeway thanks to black ice one, person had to be rushed to the hospital a, driver told, us he's lucky, to be alive and. Dangerous. For drivers but a lot of school kids loved it it's pretty to look at it too because they, got a snow day today school districts in the area were. Closed, and it is of course to keep people off the roads. I'm. Ready to rock and roll oh. Yeah. The storm is a skiers, and snowboarders delight, can you say snow day who, wants to work when there's plenty of snow to play in live. Team coverage, today's, wintry, storm weather kcal, 9 save Lopez is up in Wrightwood but we're going to start off with our meteorologist, Amber Lee first, look at the weather amber all right so we're looking at more snow pushing, it as we speak we have this wraparound moisture that you can see that it's keeping a radar pretty active, right now and that's because that low pressure system hasn't, fully left, the area the big band that we saw overnight, brought, us a lot more of the rainfall but today we just continued to see some light scattered showers, throughout much, of the Southland, and we could still see the possibility, of some isolated thunderstorms and, that's because there's still a lot of unstable air associated with this system alright so as we, zoom in you can see that there is a system, still pushing, through toward the Lake Elsinore area, now moving a little bit more east toward, Hemet and then we also have, a cell, that just went through Thousand, Oaks and you can see it's starting to rotate a little bit closer to Malibu, in the, Glendale area just hit with some very light scattered showers and then earlier we did see some very light scattered showers pushing through Gardena also, the, south portion of Compton, and Carson. That has since dissipated, but we're starting to see another cell rotating through the rancho palos verdes area so as the system leaves, and pulls away from us we're going to be left with a lot of cold air so a frost advisory has, now been issued for the Inland Empire including. Santa Cruz and the San Fernando Valley z-- and also the, coastal, valleys and interior portions of into account E that's going to last with us till about 9:00 a.m. we have until about 10:00 p.m. tonight for, the winter weather advisory and also the winter storm warnings for the foothills and our mountain communities and the high deserts and, then tomorrow we get a bit of a break but I'll tell you about storm number two that's also on the way back to you all right amber thanks now let's go to kcal 9 Steve Lopez who's, Wrightwood where there is snow Dave. Well. It is cold I'm, not used to this kind of cold but I've, got a greenhorn you get kind, of used to not being in this kind of weather but behind me mountain, high a lot of people try to get in their last runs, of the day it. Is amazing, what a few inches of snow will do. Finally. Snowfall. Five. To six inches in the local mountains and as, drone force 9 can, show you, it, left a sea of white and.

Just. How good were the skiing conditions at Wright wood powder runs, good. Jumps to hit good. Company to ride with really blue skies left, early morning beat the traffic got up here fresh powder runs couldn't, be better brother you're in heaven heaven. On a mountain, snow on the mountain top has, its own beauty and if, you're a skier, well, it's, what you pray for I went to bed with the giant smile and just holding my pillow and just waiting just for this morning to come and I was beautiful. Until. This storm it hasn't exactly been a season to remember if, you, depend on snow fault to bring in some income nothing, makes it feel like winter like natural snow we got 4 to 6 inches overnight so it really feels like winter today and another, storm is headed, our way come, Thursday no, wonder all these ski resort operators in Big Bear and Snow Valley are grinning from ear to ear just, like they're doing here at Mountain High in, fact we, couldn't find anyone who didn't have a smile on their face I'm ready to rock and roll we had a chance to ski before this year oh yeah, we actually skied in Montana ok but I mean local no not local this is the first time I hear it's easier to go here than Montana oh yeah it is for sure there's a lot of fluff up there so school people who work at the resort were called it 5:30, this morning simple. Message it's, snowing get up here I guess better late than never ladies, or what absolutely, yeah absolutely love, it customers. Love it yeah, it's beautiful out yeah, expecting. More come see us the roads to Mountain High are wide open and the people kept coming and Henry, Macias just couldn't stop talking about how, wonderful, it was it's like your own little puffy cloud just, floating. Through and, you, we hit some cables and some rails and so you could jump on it and it's, just you're, just free-falling. Just it's awesome it's a wild and under, the storm will just make it better and for, the local kids who go to school up it, was a snow day chance. To go skiing instead of sitting in class and you guys have your goggles in your mouth covered to hide your identity yes. Have. Fun guy. And. I'm sure that I'm sure they had a ball and if the weather forecast, holds up there will be a snow day probably on Thursday, and on Friday here. It's last call one. More run for some of these people I guess you can hear them say one more one more, they'll be back at it bright and early tomorrow morning, at 8 o'clock and, then on Friday Saturday and Sunday night's. Game who, said the snow season was over back to you alright Dave thank you we've got some breaking news in Whittier now where witnesses claim that a lightning strike, started a fire in this backyard, Stu, Mundel and, sky 9 over, the scene as to what's going on looks pretty bad.

Well. It wasn't, it was it's out here in the Whittier area two homes were damaged and possibly, weather-related, now, this fire happened to right around 11 o'clock this afternoon 11:30. LA County fire made their way out here at the corner of Leland, and thin, Dale you can see these two homes both, there was fire in both these locations, when they got here they did knock down the fire no injuries, to anybody, but when they started doing their investigation folks. In the neighborhood were saying they saw lightning strikes, and possibly, wires came down and a transformer, explosion that, may have been the cause of the fire we definitely, see some wires down in that backyard right now though the fire department, they have left and they have already started their investigation and. The folks in the houses they're starting to clean up and, we know there are no injuries it's all happening out here in Whittier, at the corner of Leland, and Finn Dale live, in sky 9 Stu Mundel back to you ladies in the studio, thank. You we've got some breaking news in Arlington, Virginia eleven. People have fallen ill at a military base in Northern Virginia after. Opening a suspicious, letter the, incident is taking place at Joint Base myer-henderson Hall a. Large, number of police and paramedics have responded to the hazmat situation a, gunnery, sergeant, opened the letter and showed, it to a superior, both, men began to feel sick a colonel then decided, to evacuate the building we, will continue to monitor the situation and, if new information becomes available to us we'll share it with you classes. Canceled at the engineering, and Computer Science Building at Cal State Long Beach and it's because of an earlier fire there was a fire there this afternoon and everybody. Had to be evacuated, firefighters, put it out pretty quickly the, rest of that campus is still open officials, are telling students, check the Cal State Long Beach Twitter, page for any updates muddy. Mess in Newport, Beach today, a water, main break caused a debris flow right onto the street and that's, on top of the rain from this morning kcal, 9s Kara finnstrom shows us the cleanup. Water. Water, everywhere. Folks. Along Bayside, Drive a Newport, Beach got a true soaking, this morning not only from rain but also a busted, water main pipe just a mess that's all me what can you say just tell us a water main broke near a home under construction and, the pressure blew a crater in the hillside, about, a foot and a half of mud ended up covering Bayside, Drive below this, parking lot flooded, businesses, were inconvenienced.

Neighbors, Had a tough time getting, around the slushy mess be, careful, its slippery down there overnight, the first bands of a winter storm brought, up to a half inch of rain to some areas of Orange County Tom Corbett measured when his lawn got a little over a tenth of an inch, according. To our rain, gauge that. Plants. Need it we, all need it but what we didn't need were, the accidents, caused by the slick roads umbria. This car slipped off Imperial, Highway near the 57, a woman, and a child were, taken to the hospital first, responders, blame both rain and speed. As the, Sun came up this morning our helicopter, captured traffic moving, slowly on PCH, near, Laguna Beach nearby. Surfers, hit the ocean but, the National Weather Service is warning the most spectacular weather. May be yet to come including, possible thunderstorms, hail and even, water spouts over, the ocean kara. Finnstrom kcal 9 news, breaking. News right now in Santa Monica where detectives, have a man in custody for, breaking, into a woman's home and stabbing, her kcals. Lisa siegel live with a lot more on this home. Invasion, robbery Lisa. Yes. Definitely, breaking news here in Santa Monica and I want to get right to the picture now take a look at this after, a four-day, manhunt police say they, have a suspect in, custody they, say he's responsible for, the brutal, and robbery of a young woman inside. Her own apartment, now he is 25, year old Rashad, Devon, Harris, from mid-city I'm told. He was on probation before, the crime for two counts of burglary now, this happened early Friday morning police. Say the suspect broke in through a window grabbed, a knife from the kitchen and demanded, money in property at one point, he simply threw himself on the young woman in her 20s, they struggled, she injured him but, not before he cut and stabbed her many times in the face and body now she's recovering, as we speak in the hospital, in stable condition, police, say forensic, evidence led, them to Harris, and he was arrested, checking, in with, his probation, officer. He. Suffered multiple lacerations to, his hand and also an injury to his leg as well which probably occurred during the encounter in the attack of the victim, at that time he. Is looking, at facing multiple charges which, includes, assault. With a deadly weapon includes. An attempt to rape it also includes, also. The the charges, of kidnapping, and probation. Violation, as well. And tonight, on cbs2 news, at 5:00 you, are going to hear from a neighbor, a woman, who heard the screams that morning, and called. 911. 11. Santa monica i'm lisa siegel back to you Lisa, thank you a group, of students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas in, parkland, Florida are, continuing, their push for new gun control laws we, to Jiang is in Capitol Hill with his students have been in meetings all, day.

Students. From parkland, Florida spent, the day meeting with lawmakers on, Capitol, Hill they're, survivors, of the school shooting nearly two weeks ago, which sparked, a national debate on, gun control we in Congress, Democrats and Republicans. Oh it, to these students, to act and act, in a real and significant. Way Congressman. Steve Scalise, who was also a victim, of gun violence focused. On the personal, aspects, of his meeting with the kids we, talked about policy. But really we talked a lot about shared, experience, and obviously. It got very emotional you know some, of the things that they've been through or similar to some of the things that I've been through Republican. Leaders say they'll focus on fixing the background, check system not, big gun control, laws we've. Been down this path before there. Are, bipartisan. Differences. About. How to address this issue. Did. A continually. Snagged. Every. Effort Democrats. Are pointing fingers at Republicans. To step up and do something even. If it goes against, the NRA, Connecticut. Senator Chris, Murphy will be part of a group of bipartisan, congressmen. Talking, about gun violence at the White House Wednesday the, public, is demanding real, action. My hope is that the president will meet his party. To. The point we can get something important. President. Trump insists. Something, needs to be done to stop school shootings, but so far lawmakers. Have yet to find common ground solutions. We, judge Aang Capitol, Hill, he. Still has about three years left in office but President Trump is already gearing, up for his re-election bid, he's hired former digital, adviser Brad parce qu'elle as, his 2020, campaign, manager, the texas-based consultant. Is a close ally, of the president's, son-in-law and senior adviser Jared, Kushner mr.. Trump's team filed paperwork, to form, his re-election committee on the same day as his inauguration. The. Director of the National Security Agency, Admiral, Mike Rogers, told the Senate Armed Services Committee, today, that. His agency has not been given the authority to, directly, hit back at Russian election hacking operations. So. You would need basically, to be directed, by the president for the Secretary of Defense yes, sir as I think I mentioned that in mine have. You been directed, to do so given the strategic, threat that face to the United States and the, significant. Consequences, you recognize already no I have not the. Intelligence. Community concluded, last year that Russia interfered. In the 2016. Presidential race to help the Trump campaign, and National. Intelligence, director Dan Coates said earlier this month that Moscow, could interfere in the upcoming congressional elections. As well while. The trumpeters got. A big victory, on the border wall today it came from an unlikely, friend, a new. Study says anti-semitism, is, on the rise in America, what the new findings next. Also. Those whale watchers, get an incredible, up close encounter, but now they could be in, big, trouble. Time. And temp is sponsored, by 1-800. The law too. If. You've been injured in a car accident get the right attorney to defend you get, compensation, with no out-of-pocket cost to you call, click or test 1-800, the law tune now listen. To these real Peterson, Deane customers, Peterson, Dean has been in the business 33, years they're the largest privately, held roofing, company in America these guys not, only do, solar they, are roofer the highest quality solar products, installed by experienced. Roofing professionals. The fact that we help keep and create jobs here in America meant a lot to us man, these guys was fast efficient. They got the job done in one day, the salesperson described. Exactly what, the process was going to be and as the process flowed it went exactly as she described, it with Peters and Dean you simply save more I can leave a room light on and I don't here honey you left the light on now. That we have solar, our. Last statement from our local utility was, a dollar and two cents my name is Bob McClendon, I'm a 74. Year old retired, naval aviator, my name is kurt glass and i am incredibly proud to be a peterson vu customer just call eight eight eight nine, two oh one five, oh three that's, eight eight eight nine 201.

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Was In the category, of vandalism, where there was an 86, percent increase, from, 2016, to 2017, California. Trailed only the state of New York for having the most two anti-semitic, incidents. In, the state of California, last year there were a hundred and eight incidents, of vandalism reported. That, seventy, seven more than in 2016. When there was just 31 and, in. California, there were a hundred and sixty incidents of harassment reported. That's, 128. More, than in 2016. When, there was just 32, a stolen. Car that once belonged to aviator. Amelia Earhart. Has been found in El Sereno it's, a 1932. Hudson Essex, terror plane and it was stolen at an Orange County Car Show on Friday but one of our viewers helped find it after we aired stories, about that stolen car they spotted the terror plane and called the LAPD. Lisam, tors could be in big trouble for this, up close whale encounter. This is from, Saturday. Near Fort Bragg off the California coast you can see we'll Watchers reaching, out and touching that, gray whale that is illegal the, federal Marine Mammal Protection Act, requires, people to keep 300. Feet from whales the. Tours could face a $10,000, fine and one year in jail the, boat operator could face a 25 thousand dollar fine or lose, the boat a furry. And uninvited. Guest turned up in an Orange County backyard, it's a mountain lion last. Week Danielle, Deming saw the animal, watching, her 11, year old son she. Rushed her son inside locked all the doors and then sent an alert to neighbors and animal, control the, mountain, lion jumped, into another yard I. Was. Shocked and I was panicked. Like, yet, my son safe get him inside and, notify. Our neighbors to make sure that they, don't have any pets or any little kids out while it might be prowling around the. Department. Of Fish and Wildlife came out the mountain lions okay they just used a tranquilizer, dart and they released it back into the wild, well. It's not over yet take a look at this it's a live look through the windshield, of Sky 9 as it passes over the Mount, Washington area, as you can see from the drops on your screen there we've got some rain out there we, sure do, it's. Nice we're not used to this kind of weather in these pretty clouds amber we need it that's, right so we definitely needed, this rain because we are still well below where we should be this time of year it didn't put quite a big dent in it but at least we're getting some measurable rainfall but, we do have another storm system on the way and that one should be giving us a lot more rain than the one we just saw but here's a look there's still a lot of moisture lingering, with us this is what we call leftover, moisture so right now we're starting to see some wraparound, moisture bringing, in more of the snow showers up into the mountains and then you can see that we do have some light scattered showers moving through Southern, California, right now so I'm going to zoom in and show you where we're seeing some rain currently, we're seeing rain sitting over the Lake Elsinore area, there is a rain fell just to the north of Marietta is going to produce some, heavier showers.

Into That. Probably the next half hour and then we're also looking at a rains how that moves through Thousand, Oaks and is now making its way over to, Malibu and there's also a nice sized rain cell sitting over just, north of the Pacific Palisades just. East of Topanga, Canyon and then if we go to the east a little bit more we do have rain coming down along the 101 near the Hollywood area and then also as I mentioned we're looking at a lot of that moisture still, pushing. Through the mountaintops so again there could be more, snow showers, up until later tonight that's why these winter weather advisories, and winter storm warnings are stinking, sticking around until about 10:00 p.m. once, these expire, we're still left with a lot of cold air so we do have a frost advisory that has been issued until tomorrow, morning for the Inland Empire also, for the Santa Cruz Valley for, the San Fernando Valley including areas, like La Crescenta and then also areas like Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley so just how much snow did we actually see from the system well these are preliminary numbers but, we saw about 8 inches for Big Bear 6 for Crestline and Wrightwood Forest. Falls and also Mount Baldy and then Thielen just saw about an inch maybe a little bit more than that again these are preliminary numbers these numbers will change depending on whether, or not we see a little bit more of those light scattered showers moving through, all right so Mount Wilson just, over half an inch of rain Claremont, also half an inch Santa Ana just under half an inch of rain and then Hemet also, over half an inch rialto under half an inch chino. Hills' and also Whittier just over a quarter inch of rain and then for a north ridge around a quarter inch Saugus, just under a quarter some, areas they'll barely sign you rain at all take a look lax saw about a tenth of an inch Hawthorn over 1/10 of an inch in downtown LA barely saw anything to one hundredths, of an inch but all of these numbers we will take because there is still another shot for rain on the way as we head into Thursday highs. Today because of the system still below average so, any way you look at it today temperatures remain pretty cool mid to low 50s, across the board right now except for if you live up in the mountains in the upper, 20s, the Futurecast shows that the system will continue to rotate to the east and push out finally, leaving us as we head into the overnight hours, sunday, will be drier, sunnier.

And Then we're waiting for this next storm system to move through and that starts to move in by the time we head into the lunch hour coming, in from the Central Coast to Ventura County, but we really won't see it here until, about the evening, time and you can see it continues to press to the southeast, lingering with us through Friday also. Possibly, into Saturday, and then, here's a look at our seven-day, forecast, we are looking at temperatures staying below average for the rest of the week as the system pushes in and then by the time we head into the beginning of next week Monday and Tuesday dryer temperatures. Starting to go back up into the 70s so yes it definitely feels a little bit more like winter the next few days here but, Springs. Coming back amber thing a police, dog who took a big bite out of crime when, he tackled, a carjacker, had half surgery, today and. It's, like something out of a science fiction movie coming up the new technology, devised to keep, us safe also. If you see news happening share your pictures and videos on social media with us and make sure you use the hashtag CBS. La and if, you haven't done it yet follow us on Twitter Facebook and Instagram, we're CBS, LA. A. Facelift. Or neck lift without surgery, how's that sound, that's, right tighten the skin around your face eyes and neck without surgery, without injections. And without fillers of any kind and have it look completely natural that's, just one of the amazing benefits, my friend dr. risk ler and the amazing team at LD I can offer you the technology and 35, year proven track-record at LD I cannot, be beat but tightening loose skin is only the beginning if you're tired of looking at deep wrinkles, or lines around your mouth and lip area call L di if you want to treat Sun damaged skin on your face or even your chest, how about removing, those red and brown spots call L di or if you or your child is struggling with acne or old acne scars you just can't figure out a lasting solution LD I can will help you treat it once and for all l di has the most state-of-the-art tattoo, removal, technology, in the world removing, even the most difficult tattoos, more effectively, and with fewer treatments the best part the consultation, absolutely, free call, 866. 6000 that's, 1-866. 1-866-376-8255. Or. Words well almost. Wow. Are. You kidding, me I can go test-drive one right now Wow. Wow. Experience, the wow factor take, home an award-winning, Chevy today, current. Qualified, competitive, lessees can get this 2018. Chevy Cruze for around 149. A month, find. New roads at your local Chevy dealer and. Here you have a bomb me inspired, fried chicken, sandwich you'd, never find this at a fast food restaurant it's. A good thing it's not right Martha why don't you try my Asian fried chicken sandwich made, with crispy, fried chicken strips Frenchy Asian slaw and a co shoe John Mayall all on a toasted, baguette security, denim what you afraid of a little competition you, want to go to war with me Jack you really. Introducing. My food truck inspired, sandwiches, only a jack-in-the-box. New. Suicide, detection. Technology, is being tested in New York City the device can help determine whether someone's carrying explosives on, their body Nikki Batista is at Penn Station where more than a half million passengers, pass through every day. The. Transportation. Security Administration. And Amtrak, began testing new screening, equipment Tuesday. That, can detect suicide, vests or explosives. Strapped to people intending, to do harm what, the equipment does is that, it, looks for anything, that might be blocking the normal body emissions, it's perfectly safe there is a mobile trunk mounted unit and a tripod unit, depending, on the model the technology, the operator, sees either a green image of a person next to their actual image or a green, indicator bar, when, you planted him he's wearing some he's, back something useful is so you can see but in this case the bar turned red the, TSA, has been working on the technology since, 2004. New, York Senator Chuck Schumer says, he pushed for the device to be tested here after, a botched suicide attack, in a subway passageway.

In December, of course it can also serve as a deterrent knowing, that this equipment can be really, in different, rooms this, device, is mounted, on a tripod and screens, people at a distance without, slowing, down the rush hour crowds awesome. I love. It I think the technology and usual using it really intelligently, is smart, it's already been used to help secure big events like the Super Bowl the papal visit and, the presidential, inauguration the, TSA, is hoping to have the technology, available for transit, agencies, to purchase by the end of the year, Nicki Betty's New York. Ok9. Was the hero when taking down a carjacker, attempting. To run from police last night but today that's a dog he de surgery, for his efforts with an update man also. Some new details about the sex harassment accusations, against. Ryan Seacrest. And the, attorneys involved in the case of the confessed Florida, school shooter kind of deal details, coming up. Wrong. For each other you got to ask some guy about the woman you are marrying you don't know the woman you are married and sister. Suing sister, I think it's super sad that you guys are here coming soon on the People's Court weekdays. At five on kcal9 you. May not know his face. But. If you recognize his voice then you're among the devoted followers who watch him chase breaking news and when you do breaking news you've got to get there there's no take two in the sky with Stu Mundel nights. On kcal 9. If. You've suffered a life-changing, injury and you're in a hospital or rehab, facility, please, don't, trust your legal rights and future, to a stranger. Hoon that's gonna see them who approaches, you or your family, it's against, the law call lawyers you know abogados. And get to where this confession. We've been successful in, 95%. Of our cases and we've recovered more, than two billion dollars for injured Californians. We'll fight, for you, hablamos espanol. I'm. Alex Trebek if you're aged 50, to 85 this, is an important, message so, please write down the number on your screen the. Lock I want to talk to you about isn't. The one on your door it's, a rate lock for your life insurance that, guarantees, your rate can never go up at any time for. Any reason, but, be careful many. Policies, you see do not have one but. You can get a lifetime, rate lock through, the Colonial Penn program, call. This number to learn more this. Plan was designed with a rate lock for. People on a fixed income who, want affordable life, insurance that's. Simple, to get coverage. Options, for just, $9.95. A month less. Than 35 cents a day act. Now and your, rate will be locked in for life it will never increase your. Coverage can never be cancelled as long as you pay your premiums and your acceptance is guaranteed with. No health questions you, cannot be turned down because of your health call. For your information, kit and gift both. Are free with, no obligation, don't. Wait call this.

Number Now call. One eight hundred eight. 4:07. 71 for your free information and free gift there's no obligation or visit, Colonial Penn calm, that's, 808, one 407, 71. Call, now. Live. Broadcast. Center in Los Angeles this. Is kcal9 news at four a Santa. Ana police dog took down a wanted felon after, a wild, pursuit but the dog paid a price he lost several teeth when he did that kcal. 9 Orange County reporter Michelle really, is in Yorba Linda now with an update on how that dog is doing today Michelle. Well. Lena puse Gus is still quite, groggy, he, is in recovery here, at the vet let's roll the video that we just shot a short time ago his handler, officer, Luis Galliano, is here waiting anxious, to get his partner home here, is the latest photo, of puskás, the, Santa Ana canine officer, lost 6 upper, teeth taking, that carjacking, suspect down, last night as a wild, and dangerous pursuit. Ended in Irvine, he, may have hit his face we're told on a red curb as he launched, toward the fleeing man but, he did stop, this suspect biting. His arm both dog and the, alleged carjacker, went down on the ground 37. Year old Antonio, Padilla a parolee is now in custody for, several hours today, puskás. Was in surgery his teeth broken, down to the gum line and they needed to be removed his, handler, just saw, him. It. Was very good feeling, my. Dog was super happy when he saw me he's. Still kind of loopy but, he was able to get up on his four forelegs and and and kind, of lick my face a little bit I, was, good feeling he, was surrounded by his staff which is great feeling to that they, all care for my dog and, it's. Great. Feeling not likely those would be replaced, or not those. Type of teeth on a dog, are not really. Used for a lot as, a baby picking up or grabbing. Food, but. Not really much for chewing or. Or biting things off. So. Fortunately, those teeth that were broken, are the least, important. For a dog, and there should be no problem, with puskás going, back on the streets back in that k9, unit, and catching. Bad guys again. That's, according to the Santa Ana Police Department, he still has his canines, he still has his molars, and those, of the teeth that dogs need, to eat and do pretty much everything, in addition, to when you're in police work biting. A suspect, that's, the latest live here in Yorba Linda I'm Michele G Lee back, to you it's a good dog Michelle, thanks a huge.

Fire Destroyed, a building in downtown LA, power lines were arcing, as sky 9 arrived, on the scene this, was just after 5 o'clock this morning it's, on Pico near San Pedro Street in the fashion, district, firefighter. Was hurt had to be taken to the hospital in, fair condition it, took about 45, minutes, to put out the flames one business burned a clothing, company called. Priceless. Two. Years ago today someone, murdered a mother and her son at their home in Carson, and today their farm family, honored. Their memory wood plate, while pleading with the public to help detectives, catch, the killer Carson's. Mayor pro-tem, Juwan. Hilton joined. The family, today to. Release balloons in memory of Jordan and Michelle love in, 2016. They came home from a dinner in Orange County when several shots rang out on East, Tillman Avenue the, 27, year old and his mother didn't, make it out alive Jordan's. Father is, not backing down he, wants justice for his family I. Am. Convinced, that, people. Know. What, happened there. Are more people today know. What happened, and why it happened then. There were last. Year this time. Catherine. With the LA County Sheriff's Department says there is a 25 thousand, dollar reward for anyone who can help detectives, in this cold case a stylist. Now is detailing, her sexual, harassment, accusations against. TV host Ryan Seacrest, his former, stylist, Suzie Hardy told variety, that he grabbed her inappropriately. Several, times slapped, her on the baha'i at least twice and threw, her on a bed and then climbed on top of her she, worked for II from 2007. To 2013 and, says, after she went to Human Resources she, was fired in November. Seacrest, was the first to make those accusations public, he actually issued, a statement and dispute, disputed. Her claims and apologized, if he made hardy feel what. He said was anything but respected. He investigated. And says it did not find enough evidence to support her, accusations. And more. Fallout from accusations. The Kevin Spacey Foundation will close its doors in the UK the, foundation, work to encourage young people in the performing arts foundation, social. Media page and website already, scaled back activity, after sexual, harassment, allegations against, Spacey emerged, last fall the, site now says the foundation will be shutting down tomorrow. Lawyers. Representing. The Florida School gunman want the judge off the case they say that she showed, favoritism to, the prosecutors, the request, was denied today Riley Creighton reports, there are other developments, in the case. Prosecutors. And defense lawyers for confessed, ms douglas school shooter nicholas cruz now say they've reached a deal a scheduled. Hearing for Cruz canceled Tuesday's, attorneys, hammered out an agreement for, Cruz to provide his DNA to, prosecutors, terror, samples, fingerprints, and photographs in, the wake of the murders of 17. Students teachers and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas this. Is Monday for the first time we, also heard, from embattled. Former school resource, officer, BSO, deputy, Scott Peterson, still, in hiding amid withering, criticism across, the board from people including, the president about. Why he never went into the school to confront the gunman through, his attorney peterson, sharing his side of the story saying, initially he received a call about firecrackers. And not gunfire and that he believed those shots were originating, from outside. Not inside the, school and consistent. With his training took up a tactical position many, still questioning, how the veteran, deputy could have misinterpreted, where. Dozens, and dozens of. Rounds being fired were, coming from with that information you know where those rounds are being fired from you, better get your, inside that building because, it doesn't matter if you engage that shooter, and you actually kill, the shooter there, are plenty of circumstances. And past scenarios, where, shooters, have simply just given, up because they saw a uniformed, police officer. Making entry. A quiet. Day as teachers and staff returned, to work for a second, time it's Stoneman Douglas in, the weeks since the rampage, their, final, day in preparation ahead. Of the arrival of students, on Wednesday. A. Group. Of Hawaiians, flew to South Florida today to honor the victims of, the school shooting there and they brought a big, gift with them it's the lay of Aloha, it's been divided, into two portions, each one measures about a half a mile, and a half in length the, lay is made entirely, of leaves, and it took hundreds, of people three days to make one, half the delay was placed at the school the rest was broken into smaller pieces and they put that at a memorial site, honoring, each victim, a.

Lot. Of teens struggle, to balance work life school, now, they found a new way to earn some extra cash we're going to show you the new scratch app and how it works and marijuana. History, as a, pot business finds itself at the, New York Stock Exchange. Already. Following CBS, LA on Facebook follow these steps to make sure you continue to see our stories, on your newsfeed first, click, on the triangle pointer, in the top right corner of your Facebook page select, new speed preferences, then, click prioritize. Who to see first and, select, CBS. LA. Value. Menus, come on don't let a deal ruin your meal the farmer's burger from farmer boys is the best burger chance thick, burger, satisfaction. At a tasty. Price farmer, boys farm, food ain't, fast food. If. You've been injured in a car accident you, need the right attorney right now get compensation. And your car repaired quickly, there's no out-of-pocket cost, to you call click or test 1-800, the law to now. Cancer. Doesn't care who you are where. You're from or, how. Old you are I. Will. Save cancer. I'll. Beat, you up I would. Say to cancer. Ever leave me alone and never come back, I've. Put, cancer, in a box I get. A box that you can never get open. St.. Jude Children's Research, Hospital, fights. Every, day to, save children's, lives, please. Call or go online, right, now and, become. A st. Jude partner, in hope for, only $19. A month, st.. Jude is important, because. Without. A monthly thing we wouldn't be here. Cancer. Is a big bully. Cancer. I tell you back, off. Families. Never receive, a bill from Saint Jude for, anything. Treatment. Travel housing or. Food because. All a family should worry about is. Helping their child live. I was. So scared, was. I gonna lose him. Saint. You has given us so much hope she's. On the road to, being cancer free we're, very grateful as a. Partner, in hope you're, part of the st. Jude family and as. A special thanks, when you join with your credit or debit card right now we'll. Send you this, st. Jude t-shirt, you. Can wear it to show your support for the children of st. Jude who. Are fighting for their lives. I'm. Done with chemo I'm gonna be. Like super. Happy I'm. Looking forward to spending, time with my family and my friends st.. Jude they, never do give up on the kid. Please. Call or go online, right. Now. The. Farmer's burger, from farmer boys beef bacon, cheese, hand, smashed, avocado and, fresh veggies best, burger. Champ, that's, how we drop, the Mike farmer. Boys farm, food ain't, fast, food. Today's. Teenagers see delivering, newspapers and, mowing the lawn for cash kind of old-fashioned. More than 70 percent have access to a smartphone and, Danielle, Nottingham introduces. Us to a startup, that wants to use that technology to put young people to work in the so called gig, economy. 17-year. Old Alec Barrett says it's hard to be a student and hold, a part-time, job I, would only do it on the weekends, or the summer and never had time to like balance it with my school stuff Alec, is one of thousands, of Dallas teens using an app called scratch, to find odd jobs. Adults. List the services, they need and teens, see them as local, gigs some, are posted with as little as an hour's notice you both have to draw this football, cool, Alec.

Responded, To amy sandler scratch, post the, busy working mom hired him to watch her son. I come, home and, I know I need to meet dinner make. Lunches for the next day get things organized, why did you choose to focus on team well. I think people forgotten teens are great at so many things, the apps co-founders. Scott Bennett says, completing, short-term, tasks, as a way young people can earn cash without, much commitment, according. To the US Labor Department 52. Percent of teens were in the workforce in 2011. It dropped, to about 34, percent in, 2015. And is projected to shrink to 26, percent by 2024. That's, how the world is working today blocks, of time work. Not, jobs. Alec. Accepted, another gig setting, up an iPad but, they couldn't figure out how to do but that was very simple second. Nature for me, teens. Have to be at least 14, to sign up and get their parents permission Danielle. Nottingham Dallas. Most. People do a majority of their shopping online these days but the government, is warning about a rise and counterfeit, goods, also. We are just a few days away from March Madness coming, up we'll explain why employers say, it is hurting, business. If. You've been injured in an accident it's, not your fault listen, up, we've got lasers professional, standing by to answer your questions, and offer you a free consultation. Hello, I'm Gina Peterson along with spokesman, John, wolf so John who should be calling right, now just, like you said Gina if you've been injured in an accident and, it wasn't your fault call, us right now we'll. Answer your questions, and offer, a free consultation thank. You John pick up the phone and call now be advised this is a once in a lifetime chance to say 40 to 80 percent in a hot tub and swim spa Friday through Sunday German ventures and warehouses tears of new 20:18 inventory, Fairplex pomona building seven over, 100 hot tubs on this way in everything miss kelly the revolutionary, swim spa you can exercise swim and relax without the expense and maintenance of a pool hot tub starting, at 29.95, full inventory forty, to eighty percent off 18 months interest-free financing, trade-ins well car delivery will even haul away your old hot tub friday through sunday Fairplex, Pomona enter gate 17, free admission goal 188, spa sale. From. Springs to scoliosis when. You child needs the most experienced, doctors, you can trust that a Children's Hospital Los Angeles, we got this because, we have LA's only, comprehensive, sports medicine program for, kids we got this when. You want spine surgeons, who treat the most kids in the western US we, got this so. From sprains to scoliosis when. Your child needs the very best we got this find. A Children's Hospital Los Angeles, doctor at the hla org at, ATT, we believe in access the opportunity, for everyone to explore a digital, world connecting, with the things that matter most and because, nothing keeps us more connected than the internet we've created access from AT&T, California. Households, with at least one resident who receives snap or SSI benefits, may qualify for home internet at a discounted, rate of ten dollars a month no, commitment, deposit, or installation, fee visit, att.com, slash, access. Out to learn more. Hi. Everyone and welcome to the legal help center if, you've been injured in an accident that's, not your fault, listen, up we've got legal professionals, standing by to answer your questions, and offer you a free consultation. Hello, I'm Gina Peterson along with spokesman John wolf so John who should be calling right, now no just like you said Gina if you've been injured in an accident and, it was not your fault call, us right now we'll, answer your questions, and offer, you a free consultation, thank, you John pick up the phone and call now a.

Warning. For online shoppers, make sure what, you're buying is real Mulla legi shows us from travel mugs to cosmetics, there are a lot, of counterfeit, items. Hey. Murray learn the hard way about the pitfalls of online, shopping, I actually, ordered a Michael Kors purse on, Amazon, and got, it and I'm I love Michael, Kors and he was like how this is not real texture, was different everything was pretty much different about it federal, investigators, say counterfeit. Goods are flowing, into the u.s. and onto some of the biggest e-commerce sites, the Government Accountability Office purchased. Dozens, of items from third-party sellers, hosted, by sites including, Amazon, Walmart and eBay 20. Out of 47, items, were found to be counterfeit, not just shoes or handbags anymore it's pretty. Much everything we use on a day to day basis, out of nine Yeti travel, mugs six turned out to be counterfeit, one giveaway two, words are misspelled, on the bottom you can see that Austin, is misspelled, Austin, Texas right all right it's made a semi, de ok so it's very subtle, very very, subtle with Urban Decay Cosmetics out of 13 purchases, every. Single, one was, a counterfeit, the government's advice to consumers is try to purchase directly, from the brand if you are buying from a third party keep an eye on price if, it seems too good to be true it, probably is. Kay Murray won't, make the same mistake again I don't buy anything label, online anymore I actually try and find it in the store actually go to their actual website to buy it the, retail giant's, say they're committed to fighting counterfeits, and booting, them off the market mola, legi Washington. Chronos. Group hit the Nasdaq this morning, becoming the first-ever marijuana, company, to trading publicly on an exchange in the US the. Company which already trades in Canada does not do business in the US and won't until, marijuana, is legalized, at the federal level here the, owner of Cronos group says it's a huge milestone, arguing. Each mainstream. Institution, like the Nasdaq that jumps on board provides, validation. For the marijuana industry, Cronos. Group believes marijuana, is an alternative, to treating chronic pain and will, one day reduce, the opioid, epidemic in, America, trying. To bring the World Cup to LA, the City Council today passed a resolution to, push forward to get the 2026. World Cup members. Talked about creating a limited, liability company, to work with FIFA, LA would have to beat out 32 other US cities for the tournament, organizers say, that LLC. Would, protect city taxpayers, in LA and Inglewood, and Pasadena, from, unnecessary bills, during, negotiations. Issues. That you raised, initially. To. Protect, the city of Los Angeles understandably. Were also raised by the. City of Pasadena in, the city of Inglewood because. We didn't know where the matches would end up and nobody wanted to be. Responsible, for providing. Services. Outside. Of their own municipality. The. World cup was here in 1994. And all eight games were played at the Rose Bowl but with the Coliseum, and the new brand stadium, now possible, venues those cities are looking, for some reassurances. Sports. Fans across the country gearing, up for March Madness but employers, may not be as excited, when they find out how, much time employees, spend on the games at work a new, study from office team found Americans, spent over 25 minutes of their work time on sports related activities, the.

Tournament, Covers 15 workday so that's a total of 6 hours but. The study says employers shouldn't, worry too much since giving employees time, to bond and enjoy themselves can actually boost, morale just. Watch out for the bad habits. They. Seem like really small choices right in the moment it seems like nothing in. Order to make, these choices but over, the span of our lifetimes the end of making the difference. So. Don't fall behind on assignments, and just have fun the, first, games begin March 13th, on our sister station CBS 2 and if, you want to enjoy the tournaments in person this year the sweet 16 and Elite Eight games will be held at Staples, Center on, March 22nd, and 24th, a. University. Of Iowa, basketball, player was on the verge of making history last night when he needed to make just one more free, throw to. Rick the school's all-time record. Of consecutive free. Throws made but. He missed on purpose, why, you ask, Jordan. Bohannon, had the chance to break the record of 34, in, a row held by former player Chris Street Street. Had hit 34 in a row when, he was killed in a car accident during the 1993. Season well. Hannon and Iowa native pointed, to the sky and then intentionally. Missed the free throw that, would have knocked Street out of the record books streets, parents, were in attendance and they had no idea that Bohannon was planning, to miss to. Preserve their son's memory. Obviously. That's not my record I have and obviously. The record, deserves to stay in his name I've, heard a lot I've been really close to this family these past couple years and getting. To know them a lot and just listen to his story honestly, and it's. Really got me emotional. The best best girl games don't, know what I wanted to do obviously was a different different, time that I wanted to do it but I, just, wanted something I wanted to do and like. I said it's been spending honor get to know his family. So. That's something a good example for young people I know the beautiful trip it really really is just about sports ok let's talk, now about the weather turn to Amber leave for a look out there we had some rain we had some Sun we have some wind we had a little bit of everything out there all right Andy Wow and you know we've been talking about the possibility, of snow, at the lower elevations, like a high desert communities while we're getting it right now in the Antelope Valley and, that's because we, are still feeling, a lot, of this lingering moisture so, we will continue to see on-again off-again scattered, showers, and the, possibility, of more snow showers, depending on where you live so here's a look at what's happening the system has not fully left the area just yet but you can also see in the Mojave Desert we're getting reports of lightning. Strikes right now so I'm going to zoom in and show you what's happening here's a look at what happens, as a low-pressure system continues. To move off to the east we are now looking at snow. Showers, in some, parts, of the Antelope Valley so act in the south, of Acton looking at some light showers but all the area's here we're seeing some pinks and also some purples we're getting some sleet and also, some snowflakes, being, squeezed out of cloud cover and that also includes. Some. Parts just south of Lake Elsinore you can see a little bit southeast, of the Santa Margherita, Rancho. Santa, Margarita area, we're, also looking at sleet, and also just some, some. Snow flakes also being squeezed down all right so we also have reports. That we had some rain moving through Thousand. Oaks but now it's pushing, off toward the Malibu area and going offshore and then that system that was sitting right over the Pacific Palisades also. Moving offshore as we speak and then we also have some, rain coming down along the 101 near, the Hollywood area and it's also starting to push in to downtown, LA here's. A look at what happens as we head into the next few hours we, still have these winter weather advisories. For the Antelope Valley for, the foothills, amount communities, and also the Apple among certain valleys and then for the, mountains of San Bernardino County.

A Winter, storm warning all of these still in place until 10:00 p.m. but once the system leads the area it's going to leave behind a lot of cold air so this frost advisory, has, been issued for the inland also, for the San Fernando in Santa Cruz valleys this also includes portions of inter account Eli Thousand Oaks and also Simi Valley this is going to last with us till about 9:00 a.m. here's. A look at at our preliminary snow. Totals, 8 inches, so far for Big Bear 6, for crest line and Wrightwood and, for Forest Hills in Mount Baldy and then here's a look also at our rain totals we've seen anywhere from a quarter inch to about half an inch of rain depending on where you live some areas this was hit or miss so not a lot of rain at all in other parts like LAX where we saw about a tenth of an inch and in downtown LA about two one hundredths of an inch but, as we, head into Wednesday we will be drying out and temperatures will be warming up compared, to what we felt today today we're basically, saw temperatures in the mid to upper 50s because again the system not over just yet but it will pull away once we head into the overnight hours, Thursday, is when that second storm system moves in so it starts to spread into the area by the afternoon, and the system will linger with us till about Saturday, this one will pack a little bit more of a punch probably, double of what we're seeing today back to you all, right amber thanks, amber there's more news ahead on cbs2 news at 5:00 Pat, Harvey and Rick Garcia joining, us with a preview, thank, you very much Sandra, and Lena minutes away at five o'clock is, your phone listening, to you even. When you're not making a call experts. Weigh in on whether their smartphone, has the ability to spy on you that's kind of scary plus the last straw the local city that just voted to ban plastic straws. Utensils. And lids by June first and. That your typical wedding gift wonder what Queen Elizabeth is getting Prince Harry and Megan Markel when they marry here's, a hit it's, not a new set of Chinese that's. All ahead on cbs2 news at 5:00, Lena Sandra back to you Rick and Pat thank you thank you coming. Up see how one news anchor managed to just wing it during a live animal segment. With. The men everyone. Loved what, do you need those lips, TV. Weeknights. At 6:00 and 6:30 on kcal, 9 be. A lifeline, to someone, with breast cancer Race, for the Cure Saturday. March 10th at Dodger Stadium be.

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