Kind BEDOUINS IN PETRA invited us for tea البدو الطيبون في البتراء عزمونا لشرب الشاي

Kind BEDOUINS IN PETRA invited us for tea  البدو الطيبون في البتراء عزمونا لشرب الشاي

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Good morning, guys from our next video here in Petra, Jordan with my bro, Harry. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] That Arabic's coming along pretty nicely. If you've been following him since the first couple Jordan videos, he's making some major improvement. Kifak [How are you?] We lost him. We lost him there. So, in the last video guys, we showed you a 20 dollar path to get up to a nice viewing point of Petra. I wouldn't say, it's secretive but

it felt a little secretive because it's somewhat off the beaten path. You gotta do some serious hiking to get up there. So if you guys missed that video, definitely check out the link in the description below. Now Harry and I are actually going to be exploring more of Petra, probably The Treasury is what you saw in the last video is, what it's most well known for, but it's actually a massive, massive set of cliffs and caves, and carvings all over. So, we really didn't do that much research, besides taking a look at a map, and pointing out a few things we wanted to see. So, it's gonna be just as much of an adventure

for us as it is for you guys, because we have no idea what we're about to get into. So, we are arriving to, I think what used to be some sort of stadium over here, and you got some guys over here yelling at us because you got a few different options to get around this place. Salaam Alaikum khaye [Peace be upon you brother] And you got horse rides, you got donkey rides, you got a little bit of everything.

Personally for me, I don't usually take the animal rides around these places because you just never know how the animals are treated. But anyways, I’m still just sharing with you guys what I see as I walk past here. So, we've got a few different ways, we can go from here, we can go, and explore the stadium. We can go look at these, looks like old Bedouin houses, maybe if I were to guess, we don't have a tour guide. So, Harry and I are just using our imaginations to try and figure out, what it might be. Oh no, bro. I think I found where we should go. Look it right up there, some sort of like carving directly out of the side with an easier hike. That one looks like we're going all the way to the top, if we- if we go

this way. What do you think? Yalabina. Oh, look at that Arabic coming out. There we go, there we go. Alright, we got the next climb coming up here. We’re doing some serious mountain climbing in these videos. Oh, it's a bit

slippery. So make sure you're wearing shoes with grips. My shoes actually have absolutely no grip. They're just flat bottoms, so I’m experiencing-- Oh a slide. Whoa! Just like that one, almost fell off the side of the mountain. I don't wanna die here Petra. InshaAllah [God willing], I won't. Alright. Oh yeah, we're getting some actual stairs right here.

Guys we found a little Bedouin entrance here. I think it looks sketchy, so let's go in. Hello. Hello, Bedouins. The emperor has arrived. We come in peace. Not much going on in here except a dank little cave. We're making it to the top

of the hill here. Now you can really see how far this whole area spreads. It's truly just like a massive, massive old city that dates back how many years. You got tea over there khaye [Brother]. Good tea? Zane [Good] tea?

Zane [Good] tea. Yalla bina [Lets go]. We're coming for tea. [Speaking Arabic] Yeah bro, let's get it. We're getting Bedouin tea, guys. At first, I was like they're calling us over to do something, and then when they said tea, I said yallah [Let’s go] Alright, tea time for the boys. Let's see we're gonna hike on over. We're gonna find our way down, back in the mountains climbing, boom. Oh, a little staircase over here, that makes it a bit easier,

and we're getting close. Wow, it's just absolutely mind-blowing to imagine this place used to be pretty huge city way back in the day. All these different caves were houses, just imagine like living here. You wake up every day, and you honestly feel like you're on Mars. Well for them it just felt like they were in Jordan, but for me I feel like on Mars, so waking up there. Hello,

kifik [How are you?] [Speaking Arabic] Alhamdulillah, that's perfect. What are your guys’ names? Rasheed. Rasheed Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Hello, hello. What’s your name? Hadia Yeah, nice to meet you Hadia. Nice to meet you too. And you're making the good tea back here.

Bedouin tea, the best type of tea possible, yes? Yeah. That’s smelling good. It smells like a little bonfire. I’m from the United States. He's from the United Kingdom. You are welcome.

Shukran, Shukran [Thank you] Good smelling tea. Oh, coffee too. Let’s-- let's try one out, then. Yeah, let's do it. Let's do it. Have a seat to try it. Perfect. Yeah. Yeah. Alright, we'll take a seat over here. Oh, oh, that's hot tea. Oh, that's too hot.

I don't have Bedouin fingers yet. Alright, we've cooled down enough to enjoy a little sipski here. That's good. Let's do tea with a view. This is Rasheed’s recommendation, yeah. He says grab the Bedouin tea. Grab yourself, and walk over to the cliffs, as you look over. Wow. You can see views of the stadium down there, stunning, stunning. And then, over here-- oh you gotta watch your step when you're

walking over here, otherwise that tea is gonna end up on the ground. Tea in the Bedouin village. Hello. You’re looking at the new Bedouin emperor. I fit in as a Bedouin, don't I? Yeah. Rasheed what do we call the Bedouin soft like sand? Bedouin, it's strong like a dessert, soft like a sand, move like a wind, free forever.

Cheers to that. Cheers. Perfect. Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] Shukran khaye [Thank you brother] Shukran [Thank you] And we will see you guys. Thank you so much. Thank you. Down from here is the way to go, yeah? Thank you, bye. Bye guys. So guys, that was a pretty cool experience. We met some

you know nice people here that sell tea, have a nice little gift shop up here. They’re really cool, like really nice Bedouin people, great English, gave us some insights about this place, and they invited us to come stay overnight in the cave. So, I hope we can. I don't know if we will yet, because we're on a pretty tight schedule, as we travel through Petra like it would be such an amazing experience to stay overnight in the cave, have some food over there but I’m not sure that we can squeeze it in. So stay tuned, maybe we will maybe we won't but either way we'll have a lot more videos coming out. So let's go ahead, and keep exploring this place. Oh, we got some Jordanian traffic coming through. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] Kifak khaye [How are you brother?] Merhaba! He wasn't as friendly as the other one. He just stared me down.

But he dropped the merhaba at the end, which means hello. We're walking past some places here. I must say, I’m a little surprised. Here there's-- there's the fact I was like wow, there's Heineken out here in the middle but we looked a little closer 0.0 percent. Nice little shops along the way though. That’s the good part. If you don't have any drinks with you, they'll take care of you. Can I see the goat? Yeah, thank you. Oh this-- this goat's packing some--

some-- some serious heat. What’s going on brother? Oh, that's hilarious. Oh, this one must be the-- the king; the malik. Looks like it's chow time in here, everyone's chowing down on some good stuff. Are you the--

Can we pass? Shall we pass? What do we have here? Oh, some nice stuff. Oh, nice. What's your name? Nice to meet you. How much for the gold camel? Three. Three. How about one? Oh, yeah. No, a stone one dinar. Oh, stone one dinar. How about for the smaller silver camel? Three. Three for this one, and this one? This is the three, three. And then, this one?

They're all three. Oh, those are expensive. Oh what's going on over here? Whoa, she's throwing rocks at him. What's going on over here? I don't know if I can buy now because we're throwing rocks at the goats, the rocks being thrown at the goats. Goats with the cows.

Five hundred to buy the goat? Five million. There he is. He came back. How are you? Never been better and you? Still alive without wife. And still lost. I was-- I was thinking one dinar.

Are you gonna throw the rock at me now? I was gonna buy them but then the rocks got thrown. That one's named Bob Marley. Oh, we have Shakira here. Shakira, what's your donkey's name? Bob Marley, that's-- Oh wow. Lost, we'll see you in the next one. We're on the hunt to find a place to get some grub, little grub what do you call it in UK? Scran, like make like an egg and scram. No, “n” with an N. Oh, it's scran, scran. Yeah, we're looking for some scran right now.

Actually early northerners say that. So, I wouldn't really say it but- Yeah, we're looking for chow, scran, grub, something dank. We got views here, leading up to the restaurant.

Alright, the basin restaurant. Oh, what do we got here? Good Bedouin drinks here? Yeah, exactly what I wanted to. You best believe, I’m getting a Petra beer. I’m British. Yeah, yeah.

It’s-- What is it Saturday today? So today's definitely a day to drink beer during the day. Khaye [Brother] Are you guys open? You’re open? Are you guys open for food? Over there? Alright, The point is over here. I’m not entirely certain what he meant. Perfect, perfect. You have food now? Food, I need half hours. Half hour. Alright, because this is the-- Some beers? [Speaking in Arabic] [Speaking in Arabic] Okay. Yeah you— you don't understand my Arabic or not? Of course, I— I understand you. It's pretty good, yeah. Yeah, very cool. It's leba-- Lebanese Arabic, yeah. Yeah you need

anything more? I think we'll start out with this until Omar, you tell us when we can get the food. It’s okay if you wanna food maximum half hours. Perfect. How much? It will around four seven. Sweet.

You got a glass back there Omar? Of course, I give you the glass. Habibi. Alright, this is looking pretty good, five percent. Let's get this little buzz going while we explore the rest of this place. Omar, shukran [Thank you] Thank you, thank you. Alright, let's do this. Nice cold glass from Omar. Nice cerveza.

Let’s see unless that pour's gonna be looking. Oh yeah, that's an English pour right there if you ask me. Oh, that's a big head mate. Oh Jesus. I got a little too excited on that one. You pictured that. That's an English pour, right. In England like you should have a 10 percent head. Yeah, same in the US. That was a pour, pour. A Petra beer is nice. It's a lager. Since 1964, they've been brewing for a couple

years now. Yeah, I’ve done the same. He's got the English pour too. I never worked in a bar, so not being the best pour, Oh, I got something in my beer already. Cheers bro. Kesak, that's how you say cheers in Arabic.

That is nice. Alright, after a quick little beer, it's time to see if we can get some food. Oh yeah, these guys are eating. I think that means we are gonna be too. Let’s see here. Omar, we're back. Good, good. You need food now? Yeah, what's the deal with the food here? Of course, you have buffet. Buffet, what's the price? Yeah, 17 dinar, with drink extra.

Okay 17. Yeah. Perfect, perfect. Well, I think it's time to chow then. It is, kind of scran. Yeah, yeah get some scran going. Alright, let's– let's load this thing up, got a plate. Let's see I’m just gonna go straight to the stuff that I want. I’ll probably get one of these pickles, toss that baby on there, get a little rice on there, get a little beef in there.

Oh that's some good-looking beef, leave that open for you. Oh and as we had yesterday. Alright, how do we do this? Alright so, we just lift her up, get a nice little hefty scoop right there. Whoops, missed that. And fish fillet, I’ll probably skip the fish today, get a little pasta on there. Alright, alright, I’m sold. We'll do some pasta. Oh, there's some cheese in there. Oh yes, yes, yes.

Get in my belly, and we'll save the desserts for a little bit later. I’d say that's a good starter. Got a spot for us, Omar? Thank you, thank you. Oh perfect, thank you. Drinks or anything? Let me wait for Harry. So, we're gonna try a meal out here in Petra. It looks pretty good. Let me do a little hand sanitizer, because I do have some dirt on my hands, clean them up a bit. There we go.

Alright, we'll try the beef out here. So, they open here at 11:30, which is why we're just eating now but the good news is whenever you come to a buffet, we had no intentions to, we just showed up here this early, then you get it as fresh as it gets. That’s the traditional Jordanian food. This time they put another type of nut.

It almost looks like raisins but a different color. I don't actually know what those are. Good flavors. And the chicken.

That is nice. That is good. In this bite, we'll do a little rice and beef. I’m digging it try out the pasta here. Oh yeah, much needed, much needed. Mixing everything together here. Yeah, the meal was quite good. One plate was enough for me. This place is really starting to pop off right now. Now I gotta try some of the

dessert that our guy recommended us. It's quite good. I’m gonna find a plate first, and guys we found a plate. Now, I’m getting the big plate. Well, why not right? I think, the only thing that I want is-- Oh I guess, I’m getting in line over here. It’s a good looking chow. Grab one of these little chocolate bites right here.

That’ll be good. And then, I’m gonna get the traditional one down here. I have no clue what's in it but I guess we'll find out if it's good. Oh, it smells kinda like it's got maybe some cinnamon in it, maybe like a hot bread pudding, I would say. So, this is like a Bedouin dessert. I think, that's all I need for dessert. Alright, so we got a little dessert

today. I figured I gotta watch the waist I’m burning all those calories. I don't wanna take them all back right now. Smells good. Thank you. Let's try it out. I think, it's like bread pudding but it's the Bedouin version. It was brownie. I thought it was a brownie, but it's some

sort of chocolate mousse, do a bite size. Looks better than it tasted, some sort of mousse, not really much my type of thing, but let's try out the traditional thing. Personally I don't like soggy stuff, so I probably won't love this, kinda tastes like a creamy cinnamon toast crunch.

It almost tastes like soggy French toast. I think some people would like that a lot. It's fresh. It's got a cinnamon taste to it. It's got the bread pudding mix into it. But generally speaking, like I was saying it's not really as much my type but yeah for being right here in Petra, you can pay about 17 JOD, and that gets you an unlimited buffet. So, especially after

all this walk-in, it might be a good spot for you guys to stop, and enjoy a meal, get some extra energy before you continue walking around this massive place. So we'll go ahead, and pay, and we'll call that a day. Let's see how Harry likes the bread pudding. Well, it's not bread pudding but it's the Bedouin version but I call it bread pudding, because it tastes similar. No, I like it. It's good. Yeah. Yeah, it's called Om Ali. That’s right. That's right. Really, really good. It melts in your mouth. Yeah, it's kinda like a cinnamon toast crunch, right? Yeah. Very similar.

Some normal, not Jordanian desserts, but they are also very good. Yeah, hitting the spot. Yeah, I had that chocolate one, and I was a bit underwhelmed. The one you're pulling out. This one. Yeah. I think, we've walked a lot, so we deserve these. Oh, no doubt. No doubt. That thing's flying all over, that thing's got a mind of its own. Yeah,

not as good as the others. It just gets the job done, basically. [Speaking Arabic] Everything good? It's delicious. Have a nice time. Thank you, it's a pleasure. Alright, about 23 dollars for a quick buffet meal, for sure one of the more expensive ones we've had but when you don't have many options, you gotta go with whatever options are in front of you. Now we're gonna walk back and cruise this way.

What’s going on over here? Geez, that's a donkey car alarm, I guess. You want the camel? No, no camel for me. Khaye [Brother] Guys make sure, you have your walk-in shoes ready when you're exploring this place. We've already put on probably like 13,000 steps, and we've only seen just a small percentage of this place. That's what happens when you start at 5:50 a.m. We’re gonna need a little break in between though, before we keep exploring this place because the energy levels especially after having a nice beer are worn down a bit. We're back where our

friends were up at the top of this, one of these mountain tops. Oh there they are. There's our friends up there. I think they're looking down at us. Oh, this time we're not doing the harder hike. We're gonna do the walk around it. Yeah definitely get a solid workout, and that's for sure. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] Oh, we got an unhappy camel right here. Oh, and they got a cig in the mouth. Oh that one's-- that one's angry.

I want the one that's got some anger. I feel like we always come at the right time when we're seeing something go down. Oh the camel's changing his mind. Oh, he's not too happy. Full speed ahead. That’s rush hour traffic. Oh going through these caves never gets old.

They’re so stunning not even caves, cliffs, passageways through here. It’s incredible. We are probably like 20 minutes away from getting back to the entrance. So, we're making some good progress here. Hello. Kifak [How are you?]. We got the guards watching the place.

It didn't seem like they wanted to be filmed though. So we'll keep it moving. As you can see guys, we got one group there, got another group there, place is really starting to fill up with lots and lots and lots of tourists, and this is during a pandemic too. So if you rewind back to way before those days, it's probably way crazier than that. So, if you can make it here early, that's definitely the move. We've already seen everything and honestly when we came there earlier this morning, it was lit up in such a beautiful way where everything was kinda glowing from the morning sun.

Obviously it's still incredible right now too, but you know those golden hours add a bit of beauty to this amazing planet. So, we're almost back to the spot. Hello, thank you. Alright, we just made it back to the entrance, and clocked a solid 16.5 thousand steps. So I’d say, that's pretty good. It doesn't include incline, decline walking either, much needed work out, and the day's still young, but I think we're gonna go back to the crib, take a little nap before we show you any more of the Petra area, because we are tired after waking up at like 5:50 a.m. got here like 7:30. Yeah, we'll see you after. Alright, guys fast forward a couple hours later, luckily we got a solid nap, and dozed off for about an hour and 30 minutes and I never ever take naps. So that's how you know I was super, super tired but now we're going to a little restaurant and café, get a coffee going over here at Bahia rooftop.

I guess we'll see. Oh, it's known for backpackers, free Wi-Fi, roof terrace. Salaam Alaikum [Peace be upon you] [Speaking Arabic] Zane [Good] shisha? Zane coffee? Shisha, coffee, beer everything. That’s a good sound. They've got everything we need. Alright. Kifak [How are you?]

Oh, good shisha here, good? Alright, perfect. Is there a good WIFI. Yeah. Yeah, perfect, perfect. Alright, looks like we're gonna be chilling here for a bit, some nice views of the city probably should have came like a couple hours early. Here's the views we've got from the rooftop coffee shop. You can see the city's starting to light up,

and I’m getting kinda hungry. Definitely need a coffee to wake up, that's for sure. Alright, guys I just did the Wi-Fi test here, pretty good 41 download speed, and 60 upload speed. So, that can actually take care of all the

needs we have right now. So, this is going to give us some proper hydration. We got some coffee here. We've got some lemon mint juice, and then of course a must a nice Petra beer. Whoa, ten percent alcohol. I’m gonna be drunk after this, that's risky. I thought these were five percent. Oh well,

see you tomorrow then. Let's try this one. Oh, that's a nice flavor. It's like a mojito without alcohol. How's that one bro? I thought, I ordered a smoothie base like a milkshake. I’m not complaining. Yeah, zane [Good] milkshake. Yeah, wallah. Oh, that is good though. Coffee is good. It's black and retro. I’ve already had a little drink of it, and I’m

feeling pretty wired. It was good. So guys, we spent the last just maybe two hours or so just catching up on some work. So, that's where we're gonna go ahead, and end this. I just wanted to show you what the internet cafes are like here. I was pleasantly

surprised to see how good the WIFI is, when you’re way out near Petra. So great news, if you need to have connectivity you got the option at this place. They do play a lot of music so just keep that in mind, bring those headphones, that's something I didn't do. But yeah, that's where I’ll close this video. So if you guys have enjoyed this one, I would love it if you could smash that like button, and if you wanna see more videos both here in Jordan, and all around the world make sure you guys hit that subscribe button below, and I’ll see you guys in the next one. [Music]

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