King's Ghost in Jaipur | Haunted Nahargarh Fort

King's Ghost in Jaipur | Haunted Nahargarh Fort

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God, what is this. I actually. Think that we just walked somewhere we're not supposed to walk oh my god. Hey, guys thank you for tuning into Amy's, crypts I am currently in Jaipur, India known, as the pink city a very beautiful place, but I am here to check out no, hargood, fort, which is just behind me and it has some very interesting ghost, stories so let's go check it out. The. Hardwood 4 is also known as Tiger 4 and dates way back to 17 34 when. It was built by the current, king of Jaipur, the king had the fort built to protect the city of Jaipur and built, around the hills that, surround the, city in. A second. So. There's a sign just over here that says be. Aware. Of the monkeys. And. I. Like. Them, but. I'm also trying to film my. Talking. Points for this video I. Could. Just hear him chewing it's so distracting. Now. Hargood 4 is also known as Tiger 4 and dates, back to 17, 34 when, the current king of Jaipur, and we're good let's go. The. Hardwood floor is also known as tiger fort and dates back to 17, and 34, when, the current king of Jaipur had it made to, create a defense, around, the city though the fort was a stronghold, it, is also a very beautiful place, with, the main point of interest being at the housing. That he had built for his 12 wives he, built them twelve, identical. Chambers, one each and they're, all very intricate, and beautiful inside, though, the thought never actually, came, under, attack or saw any battle, it, does remain, to be one, of the most haunted places in Jaipur, the, fort is said to be haunted by. The king who had it built and he is primarily, spotted, in the area where his wives lived, many, of the locals, say that, he loved, this fort so dearly and thought it was so beautiful but that may be the reason why he has chosen to stay here in death the, King's ghost is said to be, here to try and protect the property and is said to hate any kind of harm or modification. Being undertaken on, the building during, some renovation, efforts, it's that paranormal, activity, was very frequent, and the construction. Workers, were often interrupted. Or in some cases had their work completely, destroyed, in addition, to this one, of the owners who has overseen, these restoration. Efforts, was, found dead in his own home under very mysterious circumstances. Right, at the beginning of this, restoration, many, people believe that this could have been at the hands, of the king who, continues, to watch over his much beloved fort I. Finally. Managed to get over my talking, died and I'm very proud I've had sneezes, -. Right. Next to the toilet my, easel around and now I want to go a bit closer and look at the monkeys.

Don't. Get attacked I'm. Gonna put my fight away because I know, sometimes like, he's like just to. Which. Ones they have Marilyn, one. Sitting. One. Sitting cheering. That's. What I think this is a little tempo. Just built here so. That monkeys, seem to always hang around Tempe, oh. There's. Two meeting over there. This. Is no baby. Oh. That's. Monkeys opening the door for us. Yeah. It's probably a trap. So. We're just in the courtyard, of one of the most haunted places here, which is the, area that the King had built for his 12 wives he, had 12 identical. Rooms constructed. For each of them and this is said to, be the place where his apparition, is most commonly sighted. You. Place. Is a little bit like a maze and you could definitely get. Lost in here so. We have long narrow, corridors. Like this wrapping, around and joining all of the rooms and. Then when you go into them they actually have several rooms in each, of the, twelve chambers, so. It's quite cool, they're. All painted. And decorated differently, and there's, a sign when you first come in not to touch any of the frescoes, so. I'm guessing a lot of the paintings, have either been restored. Or like recreated, which is cool. This. Is creative yeah they use a toilet like this a squaw. Just. A couple of sculptures, in here this one seems almost demonic has, the. Horns. On that. Say. Someone have a whole view of jaipur, as well. It's. So big. You. Okay, so we're on the top very, top of the fort which is on a massive hill and it, overlooks, the, whole city and this just shows just. How high we are. So. Figure one of each of these frames now has, been. Penalized, so that's said to be twelve. Identical. Grams for each of the Kings wives but. Now that you contain, these. Like. Observations. So many. Wonderful sculptures. Is one has various. Folks and there were painted. Colors. And such a mood appreciates. So. It's interesting. To, explore here as well just for that aspect. These. Are all islands. Which. Are Jar Binks. These. Are. Stopped. Then. Looking at humans, like because. That. Yeah. This is the wind installations. Alien, star wars-themed. So. It's crazy to think that each of these twelve wives, of, the King had.

A Chamber like this all to themselves there each of them are quite large and you can tell they're quite lavish, and beautiful woman, it's. Interesting when I was looking at the ghost stories and hauntings, for the thought there aren't any stories, about the wife's sticking, around but, the, they certainly say that the king is has. Stuck around to haunt the place and, I mean, is interesting, given that all of his wife so gone and he's still here but apparently, this was one of his favorite, places and he really really loved the fort and I guess that's what, made, him stick around in the afterlife. How. Do you think that, you. Would hold up with 12 wives. If. You had 12 Amy's, gonna. Type of me. This. Was. Most. Interesting. Of the isolations, that we've come across. It's. Odd. In, that we have the dripper. At. The top and. Everyone. That it led to the drift which goes in the pen, and when. It does it, makes a ripple and. Noise. For. A very, long time it should go any second. To. It changes. That. The bow making, is for real. It's, a speaker. That, would differ in fact video. On. The wall. All. Right guys so we've made it's one of the highest points here and we've. Just walked a long part of the fortified, wall that, stretches along the hills to protect the, city of Jaipur and it's. Really beautiful up here the view I. Mean. You can see the whole city you can see everything. It's just stunning. The. Whole surroundings, are nice and as you drive up here for. This kind of, questionable. Little road you can see the. Fortified. Walls just kind of snaking down along, the hills and it's really cool this site it's really cool to see. So. We just walking down along the fortified, walls just, behind me here down. A rickety. Path. And, I'm gonna roll my ankle in probably relation. I actually. Think that we just walked somewhere we're not supposed to walk so, he walked, dried. For let's just go down the back of the toilets and just yeah. Sure. So. We followed this path and now we're at this blocked off section. We. Other tourists out there looking at. Basically. Semi. Inside, step, well while we're around the other side. It's. Just said someone blow away so what they're gonna tell us oh, yeah.

I Really sure. Yeah. That was, for us this guy's pissed, off. We. Have to leave yeah I. Mean. Game. So. That is where we just were. And. She can. See there's no one down there they're all up here. Oops. Sirs. Place even has its own step, well and, these. Are really cool and I, think unique, to Indiana the only place I've ever seen them at least and, we've, seen them in a few different cities, that we've been in and they're, always really, beautiful. Like marvels, of architecture, almost and this. One's probably the. Most dear friend that we've seen just because it's less, symmetrical. And it looks more natural with, how it's all curved down, below. So. Just heading out to this thing called sunset, point where, I assume you watch the sunset from and it's all lovely and nice but. There's. Little. Ruins, all along the, way up, to, the fortified wall so just found some here it's pretty, pretty. Awesome to see all that. Okay. Gonna pick out this. Well. They figured out how to get in without paying the entry fee. So, we've left the fort officially, now but we're walking along its fortified walls down the hill and. It's. Just really a little bit magic, this all. Kind of looks pink the sunset, is pink and, you. Look over and you can see the whole city, it's. Really. Nice. And hazy the, colors, just catch. Well. You can see a bonfire. Yeah. That doesn't look that much cool down there. We. Can see something a bit. It. Almost looks like. It. Almost looks like a. Amphitheater. Here's the way it's, all sealing, going up I don't. Know if we'll be able to get to it from where we are and, this part of. The. Wall is not kept, or maintained you can see where the floor stops, behind us and. It just turns. To. Old crumbly. Stone. Wow. Did. You see that no, it was a. Huge. Peacock, I. Don't. Know if they're native, here but there's a lot of peacocks around. Whether. They're wild or whatever but it. Was. There and it jumped up and flew out here. I. Didn't. Know those things could fly. We're. Gonna get in here. So. What is it Impa theater. Yes. Yeah, you should be able get back up. Yeah. Cuz look there's a Ledge here you, can get up oh. So. I've been sick for like two. Weeks guys. Yesterday. Was worst day ever, and, I have no strength oh now. Yeah. Yeah. I definitely think whatever this is is a stage. This. Has got to be some, kind of. Little. Theater. You. Think it's out it. Doesn't more modern than before, yeah, these are like. Windows. In the fence, I. Don't. Know they don't seem like they're hundreds of years old. Yeah. Look we're supposed to be here and my biggest fear with things like this is maybe. People live. In here and that, definitely, seems plausible around, here but I mean. Someone's. In here I ain't gonna get up Vince pretty quick. Check. Another site stable to stand on that stage, doing. That as. Big. Hole it looks like a big drop to you in there and. What, I can see mommy. Don't stand on the stage just in case. I. Wouldn't. Go out there. This. Noise going on right now this. Humming. And, I, don't know if it's singing or chanting I, hear. That really loud projected, through speakers, all the time it. Was doing it like 6:00 a.m. this morning I don't know what that is but you know please let me know in the comments, because I need. To learn what that is. Graffiti. India -, what. School is this like. Unique. Reading. This. Might be plenty homes here as well I. Know. This tape so yes. Alright, should we get back on that wall yeah. Yeah. That one's nothing. So. You live in there. Thank. You guys so much for watching I hope they enjoyed this episode if he did please remember to Like comment, share and subscribe, if, you after more reading on this fort or other haunted places in India head to a mr. Khan, I remember, guys until next, time stay spooky.

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Hi Amy. Another cool video. That singing that you kept on hearing through the day is prayers being sung I think, it’s to do with the Muslim religion. When we were in Egypt they kept singing through out the day from mosques.

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Thanks so much, Werckle to basic! It was such a cool one to explore. You could be right about the holes, I am not sure? Yeah, I guess none of his wives wanted to stick around in the afterlife. Haha, about the monkeys. They were friendly enough but we did keep our distance just in case. Cheers for your comment as always!

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Thank you for watching, Karen! It was quite a magnificent place!

I going to watch it later Where's this filmed Amy

+AmysCrypt dident know that. I begin saving my money to buy some scientific stuff for my lab

Thanks, Ste! Hope you can enjoy it later. It was filmed in Jaipur, India.

Loved the monkeys

Thanks, Queen V! We loved those cheeky monkeys too. Haha at keeping it G Rated, I'm not sure who many kids he had, but it was probably a few, haha. The views were so incredible! Thanks again!

Another great video ....

Thank you, Stephen! Appreciate it!

Another great video.just glad you where not attack from the monkeys.lovely place

I'm glad too! We were pretty cautious of them, though I love them so much! Thanks for watching, Richard!

I think the chanting is for "Allah" if not Allah, then the Indian equivalent. This is the only part of India I would would be willing to see. Amy, don't drive yourself nuts making the videos! Get your rest. I noticed that you didn't really sound yourself. I've been sick and it sucks! Such beautiful puppies! I would do anything to adopt them. :(

Thanks for the info, Anonymous User, I think you are right about the chanting. I can't help but get out there and make videos. I was sick and stuck in bed for a long time and it was all I wanted to do, haha. It was nice to get back out there. Glad you liked seeing the puppies. I wish I could adopt them too. I would come home with so many stray animals from my trip, hehe. Thanks again!

Cool. Fort at night part ll ? That place was huge. Great vid. I would totally give up twelve wives for one "AMY ". thanks for my Sunday dose or AMY'S CRYPT. B waiting for your next adventure. Love how you are keeping it real.lots of love . Spooky dreams. Stay spooky

+AmysCrypt oh well, can't win em all. Bummer is Right . anyway very interesting place. Thanks for another cool adventure. Back to watching your past videos, nice to see you when you were green . (Starting off ) truly masterpiece material. Till the next spooky or creepy ride , spooky dreams

Thanks so much, Bruce. Unfortunately, I couldn't get in there at night time. So, no part 2. I know it is a little bit of a bummer. Happy Sunday and stay spooky!

Another great video, you gave so much information ,12 wives my word busy guy lol

Haha, he sure was! Cheers for watching, Nichols. Glad you liked hearing the info that I delivered here!

Hi Amy looks a amazing place never seen so many monkeys the window with the metal shutters on may have been for safety reasons anyone could fall thought a gap that big just a thought and as for the two little puppy's at the end of your video where so cute take care and get will soon

Thanks, Edward! You might be right about that! Glad you appreciated the puppies at the end. I just had to squeeze them into the video somewhere, hehe. Cheers!


Thank you, Liz! Stay spooky!

love the first par it was funny and love it so much amy

Thanks, Glenn! Glad you found it funny, hehe!

Those monkeys can be vicious! Beautiful location, good to be the king.. Cute puppies!

Thanks, Gary! Yeah, I am always wary of the monkey, though I do love them. Glad you liked to see this place and the puppies, hehe!

Beautiful place for a haunting...the king loves it so much that he doesn´t want to go away...super!!!... : )

Thank you, Graça! Yes, I don't blame the king for wanting to stick around, it was very beautiful there!

Beautiful Fort. Stay spooky.

Thanks, Bob! I loved it there. Such a cool place to explore. Stay spooky!

I am back,and you guessed it I have another horrible pun for you Okay I might have lied about the last part..

wow the view looks amazing. i cant imagine how it looks in person

Thanks, Edward! It was a stunning place!

I've had a really very bad start to weekend went to vets. In an animal amblunce Amy with dog. He had to be put to sleep

Oh no. I am so sorry to hear this! Thinking of you, Ste!

Ah yes the ancient "starwars " relics! Truly a mystery for the ages! Maybe the wifes liked the movies that they streamed from the future! Or mabe some coookballs got into the adderall stash!

Haha, they were a mystery! So random but so cool! You might be right about the wives! Thanks for watching!

That was a really good one deer and I love the little puppies at the end

Thanks so much, Kimberly! Those puppies were the sweetest little things, glad you liked them and the video!

Visit Spain and Pakistan as well please

+AmysCrypt thx just I wish to see some history of some honted place in madrid thx for such good Info

Thanks for the suggestions! I've visited Spain before and loved it there. I don't have any videos from my trip, though hope to return one day and film some. Cheers!

Awwww. I'm sorry. I'm glad he is in his favorite spot though. Thinking of you!

+AmysCrypt he now begin layed to rest in back garden. He in his favourite spot house is so empty

+AmysCrypt cince the dog died. I've had strange things happening. Hearing sniffing at the door scratching. At the door strange noises

Nahargarh is not haunted

Thank you for another good video

My pleasure, Mandie! I am so happy you enjoyed it!

1:20: #1 reason NOT to go there!

Awww I love the little monkeys. Thanks for watching Vicky

Hi again Amy I think you the one in paranormal investigation you deserve a millions subscribers you will have them in one day I’m sure thank you Amy stay spooky

Aww you are too nice, stay spooky Kaya

Can you please explain us the haunted story of Anneliese Michel demons posssed everyone know I believe but if you explain that story in one video you might get some experience you're already experienced but some know that story some don't maybe for some who doesn't know you please make a video of excorsim you try you do your best

+AmysCrypt OK it's just my suggestion

Hey, Anto! I don't know enough about the case right now to comment on it. I am aware of it though and believe it was a very sad one. I will be delving into possession quite soon on my channel though, so stay tuned!

Kings ghost protecting his fort even today even this fort is top of the mountain it's deeply look mysterious this india forts and castles and the executions that is why I truly believe that in India there must be more haunted and ghost places in the world

Thanks, Anto! This fort was a beautiful and interesting place. I found plenty of haunted places in India as well as many other countries all around the world!

The legends say otherwise, though they are just legends. Cheers for sharing your thoughts on this.

It's the masjid the Muslim communitys prayer

hello amy nice to see u in india seeing u after a long time and congrats for the 50k

Thank you so much, MDJ! India was so awesome to explore!

Jarrad tiež ho pozdravujem. Fakt si zlatúcka Amys

Amys ta opička no cool

That's a great place especially the ampitheatre I'd really love to go exploring around it all I bet it'd b really creepy at night thanks for another brilliant vid Amy xx

We are Learning geography and history with you, thanks

Awww! That's so cool to hear!

Heyy amy i think i spotted something at 5:58 pause the vdo and you'll see 3 windows andthe middle one has something a white. Just look carefully

Thank you, Betty! That is creepy!

Thanks for the info!

Budem. Vďaka!

Thanks so much, Barry! I hope you get to explore it too one day!

Der is one more place in Mumbai in juhu a theater which was burned with people in it n at night there are noise being heard by the students in the hostel

hi Amy speaking of chanting .. let me share this, when my dad passed away, we wanted to know what was the real cause of his death. Due to this, i have to go to the pollce camp. While inside the camp, I can hear clearly chatting (Buddhist) my father was so religious actually. Upon reaching the medico legal office, I ask if there are any Buddhist temple inside the camp, the officer said there was none. I really got goosebumps and wonder where did that chanting came from? there are also no such temple near bye

Thanks for watching and sharing this experience with me, Sammie! That is very interesting but super creepy too!

Buddhism, not Hinduism. You see it on Buddhist temples.

Sorry i didn't react under this vid! But here it is GO GIRL!! LOVE YOUR VIDS♡♡ I usually always watch them but i forgot this one

Haha, you are amazing! Thank you so much, Nina!

+Ash Ashtree So why did the hotel I stayed in, in Bali have Swastikas mounted on top? (I can send you pictures) Balinese are Hindu...It pertains to a number of religions apparent....Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism...I just did some research on it. We are both right.

Monkey Magic porn censored-look out.

Haha, had to censor that!

Wish I had 12 wives. I don't have any.

Monkey ghost

Pesky monkey ghosts!

Becky BooBoo it's a Hindu symbol

Well I didn't know thank you everyone for letting me know.

So haunted ammy

Yes! So many haunted places in India, so cool to see some! Thanks, Top Visit!

I love relaxing with Amy and Jarred and a good beer on my off days! Great info and always an adventure!

AmysCrypt Hey Amy! Yeah lol it’s not as wonderful as your location although doing some hunting myself lol. Well, nothing on the security cams.... bit weirded out lol! So cool!!! Hope I see something!! I swear I’m a pretty sane lol. Well guys. Have a wonderful Monday!!

That is so amazing to hear! Glad you are enjoying your day off! Thanks, Richard!

Monkey fort and Star Wars! How about that!

Haha, it was a bit random, but made for a super fun day! Cheers, Anakin!

Amys cool

Welcome to Jaipur

Thank you!

Iam from jaipur Nahargarh is best..

*Jar-Jar-Binz in a castle!!!! lol!!!! Wow!! Didn't see that coming!!*

Haha, I know! That one was unexpected!

*Bloopers are hilarious!!!!*


@AmysCrypt OK it's just my suggestion

@AmysCrypt thx just I wish to see some history of some honted place in madrid thx for such good Info

@AmysCrypt cince the dog died. I've had strange things happening. Hearing sniffing at the door scratching. At the door strange noises

@AmysCrypt he now begin layed to rest in back garden. He in his favourite spot house is so empty

Bless you stay safe@AmysCrypt

@AmysCrypt OK thanks. For that Amy I've been super busy today. Got a new chest. Off draws. For my. Scientific stuff

@AmysCrypt I could get you some one day I have allsorts Amy.

@Ash Ashtree So why did the hotel I stayed in, in Bali have Swastikas mounted on top? (I can send you pictures) Balinese are Hindu...It pertains to a number of religions apparent....Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism...I just did some research on it. We are both right.


@AmysCrypt no problem

@AmysCrypt I think it took me by surprise because it was the first art installation we got to see...then the Star Wars and water echo things kind of put it in perspective. Not sure why, but the devil shape reminded me of the movie Hereditary. *shivers*

That really is a wonderful place. The view alone is spectacular! And I love your channel because I get to travel vicariously and hear about all the hauntings, myths, legends and history of these places. Regarding the monkeys I do recall seeing something on a documentary that due to people feeding them they have started to employ ransom techniques to get food off those who don't seem to be wanting to share. They take something from them and only give it back in exchange for food. Cheeky, clever and very bold! The birds you spotted are Wood Pigeon. They come into our garden every day and do the most clumsy crash landings onto the bird table so the seed goes everywhere. Stay Spooky Amy. :-) ;-)

Beautiful and extra big fort which we can't see in one visit..

Haha, thanks for watching! The monkeys were alright around us. The fort is so beautiful and that view too!

What a beat place! Thanks for taking us there!

Glad you were in India.......come to Kolkata has quiet a history with many haunted places !!!.....loved the video

when amy asks jarrad how he would hold up with 12 wives. jarrad should of answered if all 12 were like you, i would be the luckiest guy in the world.

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