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Is, animilitia here is math more my video Hajis, north era bukit, bintang motto, clear it over. He. Played thousands about the la soupe parada de a. Lot. Of Philippi the president. Any. Don't. How. Much. Rindy. Mahna. Mahna Murray. Reporting. It on there. Da-da-da-da-dah. No. Damage reminder. Yeah. -, you only need. One. I'm not gonna India, comparison. But, Rebecca Dhara. Hello. Jane Martin Anna. Coren. Gregorio gala on. Roberto. Figaro. Hazelnut Rinella Malaysia. The loser a. Astana. Bollywood, cutting shop. Cutting. A lot of cows Erica. I. Mean. Eric a regular propaganda. Hello. It's, all in there. Giancana. Excuse. Me sir excuse. Me that, quel. Dommage. Yeah. Like. This or like that, this. Here. Have you thank. You. Well. My neighbor said in Marana, three. Bottles. No. Like a laser like that. No. Like a laconic there I'll, read to Madhu ride a. La. Linda were you a miner me today map. Academic. O-. A quantum. Leap. Column, positive put the Freebo theorem, in. Da da Phoebus Oh Carla. Ramp or in the order I go back Mahara very, Marwick Oh as a Magdalene. Ticket window I'll ring it to maximum. Running a ticket to. Complete. Column para free. Basilicata. When. The litre petrol though Malaysia's any more thorough fight diesel. No more through pipe. Bender. Allium ba terrified. Gayle. Darrah Linda, and nor I with me today. You. Know I never. Felt over there. Right. Now. Moodle. There orally no, Mutara the. Waterbar imagine, a better. Anyroad. Factor together by, anchor idea building hello. A. Fine. Bank. Karappa. Of in Bangladesh, finding the door, on. An Innova tiller. Kjell not result, building below. Margaery. Gotta, have booking online ticket. For. People to. This. Wine. 134. Wring its neck. Maya. Look. Ready. Dad. What time it will be open you. Will. Not open after few minutes a few hours. I can. Write in a. Character. Right, if, it is open I can go up right, yeah. I can write in sky right if it is open again go up right so, then so, I will write it Kayla open. Already. First money Toronto. Experimental. Side umbrella maybe. They came for under tried. ASP seem boring right. When. The father they look. Package. Ticket. I think package too. Thank. You. Money. Or oak woodland gonna kill gonna I mean. We. Have enough time right way. When. Our. Huh. Wanna. Ask IKEA fair their their. Curricular. Other black man's brother important. Huh. Actually. I'm, listening. Okay. So. In this because I can go sky deck, like. A. Pocket. And. 100. Kite that could close, either than Delta the rest try deck flow together one. Time one 3,400 control algorithm and II say. 5, or Y sub I and everyone. Hide. Explore, the gear and Delta write. A kind of close together, 134. In Leeds West table. And, give up. Thank. You sir. So. One. Telephone ringing it's all custom special entry you're aligned I, allow. In Decorah ha. Ha. Ha ha banana. Oh, Allah. Porsche looking with their phone I'm gay late. So. Friends are critical. To be a total. Nana ripe but on the meteorology. Volga. Crikey, Delia the Maracana oh ha. Ha ha. Don't. Ask for 21 meters. Can. I go, without. We gotta, flip oh. We. Got flipper. Okay. Barbara. Beck oh I love. The Condor. Rubber. Chain. Okay. I. Can. Shoot right. Just. One finger shorter. Because. What I need to pay right. It's. Free of cost. I. Didn't. Get you. Free. Yeah please are free for. Framing we need to pay. I. Don't. Want to buy. Oh. I'm. Be scared. Water. Hey. I didn't, get you why I should need to pay for that no.

One. Okay. But, I need our still right. I. Can't take let your feet yeah. Okay. Pickup, attempt I are try that yes. Okay. Kelly. God I know D oh. Boy. I better. Run. Even by Activia Oh. Too. Many to be the. Couple. That were out there. Together. Blue. Just like vacant a I'm I'm, I'm. Little scary. Okay. Okay. Again Degas net turns. Up. Okay. Happy. Holi. Okay. Okay. You. Know big nap. Ma'am. Where are you from, Slovakia, IKEA. Europe yeah. It's. In Europe they. Have, Eastern. Europe. In. The middle okay. What's. A good name. Good. Name what's, your name, yeah yeah Alex, I'll let your ahh you. Are a second one I am meeting in, last couple of days I made. Another Alex, Alexandria. Bhagavate two. Days back for. Your second one you are a thorax and Rhea. She's. From Croatia. And. I die though. Okay. Cody about Liguria. How much fun but Allah. Bye-bye. Can. We buy soft. Pop with. What. If they were surprised. Any. Old same price, what everyone right. Martha. You are, very. Smart I. For. Everyone's memorize right, then, why need to hide that. Thank. You goodbye. So. I could believe her nerdini, expected, in Urdu, of a little bit. Generator. Diagonal, then come take these anybody Vinny. Big. You that or, later, iron. Your neck Caleb, I am. So. Here, is the view guys. Now. We're done gonna panic I can't really get rebozo. So. You photos. In the country you're a set of proportions whatever reason I the. One bother but, read. Just, you rest on the boat like a terrific fun and invention, now. With combo though but. Falfa the guy doctor. Are girly really. Namely. Episode is tied in the bow is thinning mateesah got no mama no Rosalie, bye-bye. Within the bedroom. Dancing. Then. Today. They didn't take. The sorry. You.

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Really enjoyed lot I am addicted to your channel superrr vlog keep going on. If you can please make food review with price .anyway so nice bro take care

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Tq very much sir, please share my videos to friends and colleagues who are interested in watching travel vlogs, this motivates me to make more videos, the more you subscribe the more I travel the more I travel the more you travel. And I'll try to make food reviews but currently I'm focusing on travelling.

super and place nice narration

Thanks sir

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