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Good morning today, is Saturday. So this, is gonna be a little bit different than our limo vlog because we're going to Knoebels. Amusement park, it's, gonna be great I hope you guys like it let's, go. I won't. Wait. Good. Morning everyone we are heading secure Nobles today my. Mom is going to be bringing a birthday cake because my nephew's birthday is, tomorrow. My nephew Truitt, he's turning 13. Torch, this around to the store and he picked out this outerspace. Themes wrapping paper I think it's pretty cute obviously. You're, going to be seeing this video after he, receives, this but, we got sure at a Star Wars toy so, it's kind of cool that it has an an outerspace theme. Daddy. Had a good idea huh. So. Keaton is wearing a small hoodie Lucas, has on a little sweatshirt, but. My parents are actually they're already in my dad said it's pretty cool so we're, also taking a sweater and this, little denim jacket for. For. Lucas just in case they need an extra layer careful. Son, are, you excited to have fun today, yeah. Taking. A few bananas for the car ride and, here's our pasta salad and a little while ago I put, some extra water and a few cans of soda in there for whoever might ones that you're. Being very helpful son thank you. If. The kids said these are the first flowers, that, have grown in, our yard this year thank you for the dandelions. Yeah. You do thank you son. Well, we've been driving for, about a half hour canal, this is like two hours away from us and Lucas. Just woke up for my nap so he's saying good morning. You're. Gonna walk towards Christmas, present. Oh okay. Jeez. Hanna was just giggling because. The GPS told us to turn on to süleyman, street and, we just passed some, flower at the u.s. Avenue sofa or something super. Berry Street yes silly man Street. Pennsylvania. Has a lot of communities, that have. Street. Names like that like huckleberry. Oh. Wow. That. Was kind of cool was. It camo or these. We, have the windows down the fresh air feels good so we're driving through, like Schuylkill, Haven area.

We. Lived here when I was when I was younger we, I lived. I always say we but I think they don't want to say we have eat myself no they think I. Know I'm. Sorry I lived. Here I think, when I was like well. When I was really really really small to be here I lived here for a little while, for. A little while I was born. In Allentown. But we lived in white home I lived. In white but. I lived here I think with my grandparents, kind of around this area for a little while obviously. With my parents as well, my, sister went to school around, here into like second grade and, I. Went to preschool. We, bought Lucas. A, t-shirt. From Target and. It reads I. Got. Together in, sign language that was pretty cute katanas. Shirt you can't see it it's underneath her hoodie yeah, her shirt I like. You. Like you yes. Her. Shirt reads a human, we just decided to buy them a new t-shirt we haven't bought the kids new clothing in forever. Baby we, bought them each like two, small things for Easter that. I got on sale. From, the children's, plays like on their, website was like clearance, its clothing but still. Perfectly. Cute, and good. Wearable. Good quality good, quality clothing. And then. For Christmas we got them a few. Cool, we, haven't been doing much shopping, like usually. At the end of every season we buy stuff for the next season. And well. We. Have not done that for. My baby like a year. Over. Here we're going to unload, and, go find pavilion what letters you remember tango, yes. T pavilion. T, George. Brands the store this morning grab. Some extra plates and cups and stuff like that I carry mist you, carried the pesto. Got. It. You. Ready kids, yeah yeah. We're. Going to go over and catch that trolley, and. Get a ride up to the pavilion since, it's, a little bit of a way so it'll, save, us some time a. Tram. Car like. In Jersey will watch the tram car please on. The boardwalk okay. We, decided to skip the Charley right. Up there to the left and the, trolley is going to be taking people, down today. The. Center the, center yeah so. We're just going to. So. We split up with everybody. I feel. Silly doing this, you're. A good daddy. Hold, on tight. This is very. So they were going to go on by themselves but. Lucas is too small so that's why George went on with him but, poor cute honest she was so excited to go by herself like in her own little, rocket, and, she. Was, scared. You, were a little nervous though huh. That. Was not fun, that. Was not fun at all he's honest that she was scared half to death I saw it on her face I'm. Proud of you very very. Brave of you bug went in my eyeball, and then you, were like spitting so fast that you couldn't do anything I wish that crush to the side. I. Startled. You it's. Cute seen y'all seen here. They. Left the carousel, and now they started here keeps, on I said that was a lot more fun than that helicopter. The, rocket from, earlier. Yes. Don't drop the camera I definitely, will not drop the camera into the water. Baby, to hear like. Mommy don't drop the camera. You. Don't like race cars. Yeah. Hi, Donna. Gertrude. You, can go in here yeah they can do this. None of them know how to drive. So. We got caught in the rain who is still put the kids on a few rides but I had put the camera away, you. Know cuz I didn't want to ruin it but, then we went back and we all had some, food and we, have some birthday cake we sing happy birthday to Truitt and now, we're going to go and hopefully, catch, a few more rides it looks like a lot of the rice have. Been, turned off because. Of the rain. We'd. Like to take this opportunity to, thank you for choosing to spend your day here and also we thank you for that we've.

Had A few showers but, looks, like, it's. Been a nice day, we'd. Like to tell you that our. Time stamp which, is. Going. To stop. That. It. Looks like some of the rides are still turned off so, I'm. Not sure I'm. Not sure but we're going to try and catch something for the kid go. On it at least a few more little. Kid rides. Thank you. Baby. Thank you. Thank. You guys dear. You. Ready for the train ride. May. I stay with you thank. You. Everybody. Nope. Just the train right. Okay. Yeah. Charity for the puddle. You something like that he was like yeah. We're going in the woods. Know. That faster. Ah. What. Is that for, I see. Corn. Why, is that there. Oh sorry. Oh someone. Lit a fire there. Hey. Look that's a target dog here. Did, you have fun. Anybody, wanna pierogi. We him. Is. That cool. In, a few years you kids can ride roller coasters like, me back. Watch. The petals that. Is. A big puddle, let's. Not step, in it okay, some. Guys we gonna end it right here thank you for watching let's refine my life a south.

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Happy Birthday Truitt! What a neat place for kiddos. My 4 year old would love this place. As far as I know there is nothing like that anywhere near here-especially for free admisson. Thanks for sharing your fun day! By the way I have missed your vlogs and have been wondering about you guys so I am glad to see your new video! Hope you are all doing well.

I love this. Sounds like fun. Looks like fun. I kind of would like to go there. I live in Canada, and we don’t have a lot of that kind of water parks. But we do have Brett Park. It’s just the pool with some sprinklers outside of it. That’s it. Kind of boring, don’t you think. That’s why I nicknamed it Brett boring.

oh my gosh,this brought back so many memories of when my family used to go there.It is nice to see that it still exists.Thanks for allowing me to remember my youth. Hugs.

I’m going for like the 16 time this year 3rd with my cousin

Happy birthday Truitt

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