Koh Chang Island - PRISTINE SEAFOOD FISHING VILLAGE and Spicy Curries | Food Travel Guide!

Koh Chang Island - PRISTINE SEAFOOD FISHING VILLAGE and Spicy Curries | Food Travel Guide!

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Good morning I hope you're having an awesome day it's mark Wiens I mean got Chang island which is in throt in the eastern part of Thailand this is day 7 of our, Eastern, Thai, food, and travel, tour but it's a jungle. Covered. Rustic. Island with beautiful, beaches we're, gonna drive, around the eastern, side of the island and, explore. Some of the fishing villages, we're gonna get some amazing scenery we're gonna go through some beaches and of course we. Are gonna search out some incredibly. Delicious food, and especially some seafood and I'm gonna share all the food and everything that we do with you today in this video right now so we're getting ready to leave it's about 7:00 a.m.. So. It is really cool that we're able to have our car here and got Chung so that we can drive around this is gonna be an awesome day. Just. Quickly to tell you we are staying on a beach, in an area called guy pad and, this, is one of the most popular, this entire western, side of got Chung Island is the, main side where you'll find most hotels most guest houses most life, but the eastern side is known to be more quiet more peaceful. A little, more rustic, so. That's the ssag we're especially gonna focus on but really we're gonna focus on the food today. We. Just drove down the road a few kilometres, we're just before clong prowl which is the next a kind, of beach, area. But there's a restaurant. And this is where we need to stop to eat breakfast, before we move on. This. Is one of those spots where you can go down the line of pots and open the cover and see what they have for the day I'll let you in on a little secret yesterday. We took the day off from filming, and actually. We ate at this same place we're. Just driving past I saw that lots of van, drivers, and took two drivers were stopping here to eat and I knew it was a place we needed to stop to eat for lunch too so, I'm glad they're open this morning this, they actually serve southern, Thai food like like not this. Region but from the southern. Peninsula of, Thailand and their food is awesome it's also halal, food hopefully. I got some. Salmon. But. Nam Bakshi. Home. Yeah, home see I'm a good guy. This. Place is absolutely fantastic, yeah and I ordered actually the same exact, dishes that I ordered yesterday because, they're so good this is the dish almost everybody, eating here orders, this it's just a beautiful, beef, soup the chunks of beef the fresh chilies in there look at that one just just entire Chili's in there the fresh onions, okay. Let me just take a bite oh and the crispy, fried shallots. All. That that, is melt-in-your-mouth beef and the stock is so beefy and so rich and beautifully. Salty, and. Then you can taste the herbs that have been boiled down in the soup the cap your lime leaves cilantro. Roots. In there as well either the part that I love the most is that they combine fresh, a fresh. Uncooked, onions, and chilies, and lime juice as well as some tomatoes in there and then, they pour the boiling soup over those vegetables, so you've got you've, got both cooked ingredients, as well as raw ingredients, which gives it that punch of flavor. And. Those. Crispy, shallots as well man. That's good next, dish I got is quickly enough this is beef in. A dry dry, curry so you can see that curry paste which is just kind of kicked up on the meat there with kaffir lime leaves. It's. Absolutely, stunning you've got that cake, that crust of chili, curry paste on there I love, it another thing that's great about southern Thai food is you've always got to plate upon all which. Is a plate of raw. Vegetables and, some shrimp paste and I'm going right in this is white turmeric I believe. That's. Your wake-up call in the morning I don't think I got here is some glad deal which is tried. Some dried fish, and then deep-fried about and she said she makes this all herself oh look, at that fish. That's. Seriously good stuff soon tastes that sort of been dehydrated in the Sun but then dehydrating, the Daphne ow the, one meaning one son one day of sunshine it gives it a more, unique texture, like, a little bit slightly. Turning, to jerky but not quite. There's. Nothing like a 7:30, a.m. morning, meal that breaks your sweat, of the day and just, leaves you like shirts. Lightly dripping, I'll, have a feeling, outrageously. Satisfied, and now that we finished with breakfast we can continue driving. Oh. Man. This side of the island is so incredibly, relaxing. We are stopping at a coffee shop it is called the. Coffee home, it's right, along the ocean, you.

Can Sit you can relax they, have a garden. Hall, this is gorgeous. This. Is your take. Coffee. Is okay now, we can't officially start, the day though. The. Coffee here is okay not, amazing, but the scenery the atmosphere, is spectacular that. Is one relaxing. Cup of coffee we're, on our way next. I hope we're gonna go check out a coconut, farm. The. Place is called the organic, coconut farm it's right on the side of the road it's just a beautiful little kind of shack type, of place so, next up let's have a coconut. Really. Nice. You'll. Find everything, I. Can. Write it down for you. Straight. Up blended, coconut, and, coconut meat, and the coconut water oh. That's. Awesome oh and. The foam the coconut foam on top oh that's that's superb I. Like. That he just doesn't add anything you just realize on the coconut it Frost's, up its absolutely, sensational. That's, outstanding, I mean it's perfectly sweet and a little bit sour and at, pure, coconut. Okay. God Jing said I have to come check out the toilet which. Is back here in the coconut field, well. Here it is in the, palm palm, branches, oh. And. Of course a banana, tree in the toilet that's off oh this. Is the type of bathroom I've always dreamed, about the, banana trees surrounded. By palm branches, and just check out this throne, the, podium, you. Can, do your morning exercise, at the same time. And. He's just an amazing friendly. Man just. Passionate about the fruit that he's serving he, he, will talk to you he will take care of you and you're sitting here and I fully support what, he's doing I love. It this is this, is great. Look. At that it's just like jelly. Really. Good yep just melt in your mouth yeah it's. Perfect got some bananas and in Thai this is called AG like hai Boylan which is a like, a just like a wild egg, egg. Banana. Or, apple banana. It's. So good mmm, yeah it's. Like orange on the inside wow, that, is a super, Bunnell. Gave. Us some bananas on the way out his name is cool Ronnie pay, him a visit he, has amazing coconuts, and fruit and what, stands, out even more than his fruit is how nice, and how friendly he is next. Up we are going to sell out which, is a it's. A fishing village, in a bay with, mangroves, it looks amazing we're, gonna eat some seafood there. This. Is an old fishing, community, it's gorgeous. Here we're at the pier we're gonna walk around all. Man. The peace and quiet the fishing, boats the bay it's. It's, gorgeous. Can. You see that dog taking a nap on the sunken boat. And. The. Water is really peaceful because it's an inlet it's a bay that comes in if you go further that way you'll get to the to, the open sea but, that's why this water, remain so quiet this it's covered, in mangroves, the mangroves are gorgeous as well and one of the main attractions here, is to kayak, through the mangroves but. Then also just to come here and just observe, the, the traditional. Traditional, Gong, fishing, village. One. Of the ways to support this community is to go to the seafood restaurant they have a seafood restaurant one main seafood restaurant here where, the fishermen bring, their catch and so you can go there to eat seafood it's very much community, run and driven. Which is what I like about it so, we're gonna go see what seafood they have for the day. This. Place is relaxation, on another level it's so relaxed, in fact that. We came here and the chef is, actually. Here the chef has gone similar so they had to call up this chef to tell the chef to come back here to.

Cook. One. Of their specialties here is gong which in English is mantis, shrimp a giant, alien looking mantis shrimp which, I've already had a number, of times in that it's. Very common it's very popular, and. So they have a fresh tank of em those are giant, but, something else I have to show you over here is giant. Pie. Ma but, you look over this well, we can help big that fishes. That's. Like the size of a full-grown man. And. The food has all arrived, it looks spectacular. But. By, all means the, centerpiece, the the. Trophy, of the meal these. Mantis, shrimp they're just they're, huge they're like a foot long they, kept the whole heads and the tentacles and the pinchers on them they're kind of scary-looking and these are deep fried with garlic and, maybe. Some oyster sauce on top you, can see those crunchy, pieces of garlic oh it looks it looks awesome. It's definitely the length of your face oh. Hello. Nice to meet you and you can see that shell but. Then on the inside there that's the meat that's what you're going for that's like it's it's kind of like lobster, and shrimp mixed, together. Oh wow, all. The freshness all. The garlic the taste is, in between crab, and, shrimp and, lobster, kind of all mixed together the. Texture is a, little bit stringy, but, silky, its sweet. They're. Superb yeah this is the meat right out of the tail look at how succulent. How moist and how juicy that is. It's. Unbelievably, delicious another, dish we got is tall platform normally, in Thailand it's called plaque, boom but here they call it Gunpla, this, is raw shrimp it's kind of like ceviche raw, shrimp in here lots of lemongrass, chilies. They put some carrots and cashews in here and then it should be like a lime dressing. And. You can see the shrimp are just they're raw but they're just cooked by the lime juice. Oh. Well. That's one of those dishes that like kind of punches you in the face. Hmm. It's sour. Really, nice and sour all that finely shaved lemongrass. In there what guru there's such a freshness, there, are chilies in there you've.

Got The crunch of the cabbage and those, carrots and then, the cashews. Final. Dish we've got here is amok, that deal and that, deal is, it's. A common form of preserving. It, literally. Translates to one Sun meaning one day of Sun so they hang out the seafood in the Sun let it dry in the Sun for one day and. Then it's normally deep-fried, so, this area is, known, for their squid, one. Sun and. So you can see it's sort of crinkled, up it looks a little drier than its deep-fried on second, thought after looking at it I think I think it's cuttlefish. Yeah. Oh wow. That's. Not, absolutely fantastic, it has a little Q factor to it but you taste the saltiness as it's lightly preserved, it's. Like rubbery but not at the same time and. Just packed full of flavor all, this makes for the perfect like, chili, garlic, platform, what a perfect little ledge Oh. With. That sauce. I'm. Going in for the tentacles in Thai they call it the nuit like the mustache and. I'm gonna use, that mustache, to kind, of kind. Of scrape up as much chilies, and garlic as possible. That's. A bite to remember. That. Was a stunner, of a seafood meal do, not let the emptiness. And if there are no people here just just come here the, it's great the seafood, is delicious, and fresh our bill, was pretty expensive, I mean it is pretty expensive but over half our bill was because we had those mantis, shrimp so, if you don't have the mantis shrimp you can really reduce your price and you can get some of the other dishes. Alright. And that. And. That. Completes. Our visit to sell out call it's. Really, a beautiful fishing village the seafood is great it's, well worth your effort to come here from, here we're driving down the coast and we're going to hot siyao, which, is in english it's Long Beach. Set, some parts of the road was covered in jungle and kind of overgrown mica, is taking, a nap right now so they're waiting in the car we were gonna planning to swim here and play in the sand for a little while we'll see if Michael, wakes up but for the time being let's go ticket to look at the beach right now. Yeah. It is pretty spectacularly. Quiet, and peaceful the. Water. It's. It's, pretty nice. There's. Kind of a lot of garbage though, too. Bad it's not a bit cleaner there, there are a couple of restaurants or maybe just one restaurant kind of bar area. People. Are chilling it's it's, very peaceful though very a very, relaxing, place. Mike is still sleeping so I think we're gonna continue on but I'm not all that impressed with, Long Beach it's. It's a nice beach it's nice and quiet but looks. Like it's seen better days it's, kind of rundown it's kind of dirty lots of garbage has washed up I was, much more impressed, with Salak caulk from, here we're driving on to select pit which is the next Bay and we. Made it to select pit that was just a short drive but another beautiful Drive the first place that we're stopping off here is a mangrove. Plank, walkway. This. Is already gorgeous but part of the reason it's really cool is because maybe it is abandoned, it is really, quiet you, do have to be a little careful of the missing planks, and the loose planks you. Get, to this certain point and the mangroves, really, open up to some an, expansive. Greenery, with the mountains, in the background. It's. Really kind of a shame though that they haven't maintained, the the walkway, the boardwalk because it's in pretty bad shape you do my tip is that you really stand. In, the center where, the concrete, beams are but. It's it's gorgeous, and peaceful, and quiet. Made. It to the very end of, the platform actually I thought it was supposed to go a loop, trip maybe I don't know but this is the this is definitely the end heading, back to the car and from here we're gonna go check out one more seafood restaurant, within select, pit and I. Think. That might conclude the, day so what a fantastic day it's already been. There. Are two main seafood, restaurants, to choose from one, is called select. Pet seafood, and Resort, and the, other is called sing. Our own chemical sing. Our own so. We're gonna try to go to sang I'll ruin it looks a little. More low-key, and we got a walk down the little. Lane to get there it was sort of walk through their house which is like a full doc you know if it's self and then, you get to the restaurant in the back here with a view of the scene. In. Order very much just a couple of dishes I just, wanted to try this place and just to enjoy the view of select, pit bay and.

Just. The the late afternoon scenery. And it is spectacular we have the Seabreeze this is called Hoyt Jabu these. Are little crab cakes and then deep dried I'm not sure if they're encased in tofu. Skin I think, they are. Mm-hmm. Maybe. It's mixed with egg but. It's crab you can taste the onions. And garlic in there and then kind of crunchy, skin normally what you're supposed to do is dip it in this sweet plum sauce. Sauce. Is very sweet, but. That does accompany well the, less. Salty, pepperiness, of the. Sausage the next dish we got is PUD Chow which is this type of stir-fry with high shell which are the scallops. And you can see it's full of well. There's some random, random, leaves in there it's, full of gonna. Chai which is finger root these are a little small hopefully, I think I think they're local. Scallops. On to the rice I. Love. That finger root in there. And. Then, you've got the scallops, which. Have a bit of a bounce to them oh yeah we've got a hanger oh hope. It just split up okay. Okay. I'm moving on to one more dish this one is Tacoma Solem and it looks to be like block a box which is mullet. Fish and it's, a sour soup. Whoa. We got a bunch of heads down there oh there's. A bunch of fish okay, they're just small fish there there's, a lot of them. And. Immediately you can smell that kind of sour, I think tamarind, in there and there's ginger -. Mm-hmm. The. Soup is nice with the ginger, mm-hmm. It's. It could be a little more sour it's not that sour mmm. But the fish broth and the ginger, and ginger actually, there's so much ginger in there sort of burns going down your throat that's delicious. Yeah. That's. Mullet very, firm. So. That brings us to the end of, this what, a fantastic, day it has been in got Chong along the east coast of the island the ending, seafood, meal it was okay but it wasn't spectacular to, me for me the, the first seafood restaurant, at salat Kok that, was really the more the, the, awesome experience, it, just had more character to it too another thing I wanted to tell you before ending, this guchang, travel, food, video, guide. Yesterday. I didn't, film a video but I took a few clips we drove, to. The end of the West Side you. Can continue along it's a really windy amazing. Road but then you get to a place called bum bowel which. Is a pier it's, kind of a there's, a lot of like souvenir, shops I. Didn't, try any of the restaurants, but it's a nice place to see as well and then if you continue on there's another Beach called Quan Chi which is also a really chilled. Out, really. Relaxing, place if you're looking for a place to stay. For a few nights that's that's, going to be peaceful and quiet that's also an amazing place so that's going to do it for this one-day tour of, got Chiang visiting. Some of the sites and especially, enjoying, the food I will, have all the information of the things we did and eat in the description, box below as well as some links that you can check out and I. Want to say huge thank you for watching this video it's been a fantastic fantastic. Day, and we're. Just gonna drive back to the other side of the island now so thank you very much for watching please remember to give this video a thumbs up leave a comment below and also, if you're not already subscribed, click, subscribe now and click the little bell icon so that you get notified of the next video thanks. Again for watching see, you on the next video.

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Seeing Mark eating in France, Poland or Czechia would be so cool. Especially France...yummy!!!!

Superb aerial views buddy. Makes the videos incredibly yummy. Keep it up Mark.

Hi Mark i love to watch your vedio i'm getting hungry everytime i that you are eating

I mean everytime l saw you eating

Your lucky...how you get travel guide for all place your visiting.....

Worked :)

The mangrove path would have been nice if they would have up keep the path

looks good

12:58 that look is disturbing lol

Nice to *meat* you

Come to Fiji

Hello Mark Wiens, I am your big fan . I want to met with you. I inviting in Bangladesh. Do you like to travel in Bangladesh? If you visit in Bangladesh you would be know about nice bangali food. I'll be very happy if you contact me . Thanks.

ขอคั่วกลิ้งเนื้อกับต้มแสบครับ ^^

I love watching your videos mark plus I think it's great that you have your wife and son with you too. Xx


i usually have nothing bad to say about mark, but he is a veryyyy funny eater lol like super akward and shakey..

He really told the truth in this video finally thanks Mark!

Very nice video! You are a great travelblogger. I have made a post about the 4 most common type of travelers and its best tips, one of them is the food lover. Which one is you? https://wavefindyourfriendsblog.com/2018/02/09/kind-traveler-4-types-travelers-best-itineraries/

Hello, Mark it me Stephanie Suaez agin and again


Please visit in india -tamilnadu -chennai many tourist place.,variety of food

Hi Mark, I came to California when I was a young boy 49 years ago. I miss Thailand very much. Nothing like home. I enjoyed watching your shows. Your shows make me feel like I am closer to home. My wife and now live it Seattle, Washington. Like it here but not like home in Thailand. My wife and her family lives in Surat Thani. I was wondering if you had time to do a show in Surat Thani? Love to see what you see in Surat Thani. Love your shows, Suriya

Mark I like the new drone shots definitely feels like we are there traveling with yoi


My favorite island ever! Lots of Swedes there! We go there every year/every other year. Cookies is our favourite hotel, don't care much for their new pink look though lol. ONe good thing about Koh Chang is that they have all the curries... all day long, it' so hard to find curry in Thailand! (Weirdly), so hungry for daeng daeng and panaeng and massaman now! Also that fishing-village is a classic :)

More of an awake Micah with Ying please.

visit Bangladesh

Im gonna fetch some food for me now

Arapaima in Thailand... Invasive species incoming?

Great Vlog...cant wait for my 3 weeks in November..your giving me so many spots to go to. Life can be crazy ride but this is one ride i hope goes well when im there.

Hi from London. Can I say the toilet was priceless. In the middle of nowhere but the view whilst on the "throne" would be priceless

You never stop smiling, i love it!

ไม่ค่อยมีเนื้อหรอกกั้ง ไม่หร่อย

nur leider der long beach ist echt voll versaut:( also echt voller Plastik usw:(:(

ja das ist echt eine sehr coole Lokation;) muss du probiert haben;)

My prefet food channel

this video is priceless :-D

ohh I love your little encounters with coffee Mark... oh man.. that made me smile ..hhehehe

Without PEACE on Earth, tasty dishes taste like sand. I wish all viewers around the globe Peace and Foodsy

I bet that coconut smoothey cooled you off your breakfast sweats !

Hii m sathiya from india chennai .i love your videos n i saw your all videos really amazing. N your baby is so cute ..covey my wishes to your family god bless u

I have been to Koh Chang. Lovely island. I stayed at Pearl beach. I also rented a motorbike and drove to long beach, back then it was pristine, basically no people and just some hippies running a bungalow place and one restaurant..


You are an amazing guy, the places you visit for food are so awesome, the way you describe the food which you eat is so good, you actually make me hungry, somtimes i wish you would write some of the food recipes down, take care, and keep semding new videos, thamks

damn, man the more i watch your videos the more i see dexters brother in you.

I love fish and rice dude

How do you manage to make the connections to travel everywhere?

"oh wow"

i prefer to watch your videos about the gorgeous art of streetfood, than masterchef whatever or kitchen nightmares whatever, i must say that your videos of gastronomy opens more my appetite for food than those other tv programs, great videos!!!

The dedication for a quality video when you place your camera down just so you could go back and make another pass.


that is my favorite place Kochang I missed Kohchang

I love all ur videos mark ur the best visti Guyana

Awesome foods...

You should bring a fishing pole (if you fish)... looks great and even more fun if you can fish for snakeheads.

it looks so good i have never tasted it like that

afrt tasting food your expressions are ammaaazzzing

Yang sihir2an, sakit jiwa, maha-maha?

Visit Bangladesh. Old Dhaka Traditional food.

I really enjoy your videos. It seems to me you missed a great opportunity in this one. You seem to enjoy clean beaches, why don't you help clean them up and set an example for your subscribers. Around here we have a little rule "try to bring back 3 pieces of rubbish from the beach". Not everyone does it, but enough people do to make it difficult to find any rubbish now. You just pick up a plastic straw or waxed shake container or drink can, and put it in the receptacles when you see one - or take it home if you don't. Easy, considerate and clean! Thanks for your vids.


I watch just to hear him go “hmm...oh”

Lean to the right and give the same expression when you like the food :-/ Getting boring. Any new expressions?

very nice channel , nice food , love it , stay connected , all the best , have a good day

Eat spicy, very good. I have everything in every country. We like very much

I love spicy food too!!!!

That is why they dont have customers, haha! $56.29 is way too expensive!!

I just love all ur videos

I wonder a private question, do you have any problem with shitting after so much hot pepper?

Goooooood morning, I hoping, ,,

I see Mark loves the chili sauces, he puts it on everything.

When do you drink water?

Its beauriful, your drum views are espectacular

Love the bathroom i went to one alsp a throne with a rock in the middle of the room

This east thai tour is Absolutly fantastic . I must try same . love your channel ,videos all


My dream bathroom

Marks food ratings : 1. He just explains the food he is eating. 2. He says Mmmm taste nice 3. He opens his eyes wide Wow oh yea.. 4. He closes his eyes with little grin almost as food beyond deliciousness. 5.perfection he close his eyes ,Wow, grin, leans to the left then back..

apparently, you never put on weights.

Eek watching you guys walk along the planks with Micah was terrifying to watch!

Highlight of this video is Mark sitting on the toilet throne

Extra Kudos to you for honoring the Throne!

Hi. how are you? I am roman from Bangladesh, my county very beautiful, plz come Bangladesh, 01966399754

AWESOME. You go to areas most people will never see Thanks

mark i respect your feeling towards other culture and their foods but sometimes i feel like you show fake tasty expressions which is actually confusing :/

I'm your new fans..I'm impressed..keep it up..dont you want visit my country Brunei Darussalam..there are many restaurants and traditional food you can try

The Moo Larb at the street restaurant in VJ Plaza, Chai Chet, ( next to the soup kitchen ) on Koh Chang ( opposite On's Massage ) is so hot and spicy it's to die for. They ask you before they cook it how spicy you want it which is really cool. And the beers are sitting in a big bucket of ice you don't get much better than that. Btw On give's the best traditional massage in the world. Love your videos Mark absolutely awesome! Gotta agree with you totally re the garbage on the beaches there, the last two years travelling on the island I've noticed it's become a bit of a minefield to walk along the beaches...a bit sad that somewhere so beautiful is becoming more of a rubbish tip.

Everything look delicious!

At the rate Mark is eating, he is going to get every disease out there by the time he hits 40 years old...

it's a shame that pathway was in disrepair. it looked really cool!!

wowww Koh Chang love love

Halal food is one of your best & healthiest choices. Good job!

Mark as gorgeous as ever! Out-of-this-World Seafood and Curries have been there 30 Years ago, but did you have to show me paved Roads on the East Coast including a Coconut Farm. Hope that Coco Palms and potholed tracks filled with Coco Shells still exist.

I love you and your family very much and I enjoy watching you everyday.

Modified Chinese food with a semblance of Indian influence. Repititive, unimaginative and nothing to rave about,

I just vist phuket Thailand, it is so beautiful

Thanks for this video. I've been vacationing on Koh Chang for the past couple of years and have been staying at Kai Bae, but never went to the Halal place you visited for breakfast. I'll definitely make it a point to stop by next time. I should also thank you for the nice write up you did on your website for Saeng Chai Pochana. I went there a few years ago and had two of the dishes you featured: Gai pad prik gaeng and Pad dok kajon. I liked it so much, I went back there with my wife and a friend last September. Anyway, I just wanted to say that your write-ups and videos have been a great help. If you come back to Japan any time soon, contact me and I'll try to steer you to some goodness. Shannon Parker, Tokyo

This place is AMAZING!!! We were here in 2016 - with our family in Thailand! Seafood is amazing!!!!

"There's so much ginger in there it kinda burns going down your throat that's delicious" cthu that was to funny

Love the seafood, serene location....looking forward for more of these types of vids, thanx, Mark/Ying and Mica

nace see thes viw with thes trom,, thank you

I love the way you describe all the spices of every dish you eat. You didn't mention it in this video, but I've heard you speak of fenugreek. I've never tasted it. Can you describe the flavor to me? Loved this video, BTW.

love it, love it, one question, why do you have a mirror right on the front of your hood / bonnet of the car ? im confused lol

Very nice!!! I loved that you’re taking us off the beaten path.

Ohh God the coconut drink..its just natural I love it..watching from Nigeria

I'll definitely visit this place... Thank you



Travel all around the world..with kid and lovely wife..eat good food..you are so lucky mark...

It has always been a pleasure watching ur videos. luking forward for more fantastic food videos... keep it up mark

Hii mark I m from India Maharashtra, Indian food is also very teasty specifically Maharashtrian,please come in maharashtra, I like your videos

If you want that kind of toilet ,you have to know sometime come snake and all kind of dangerous insects there too...

Why dislikes ? This guy is awesome !

Visit Samoa

im here for the faces he makes after every food he has haha

More unique?

Really enjoying your enthusiastic food voyages love love me

Wow he finally said something was OK!!!

Nothing compares to the mediteranean sea and ligh i am sorry

2:33 she has such a lovely smile!

Am sup am all the way from NYC

nice work mark I really enjoying watching you video.

wow hoy chor . is a teochew chinese dish. Im impressed you can find it in Koh chang.

truly amazing

That toilet tho xD

Oh my gosh my mouth is hanging open!!! That seafood looks amazing!

The coffee must have been really terrible

another great food video but tragic, embarrassing and frustrating seeing the neglect by the local authorities and lack of care and accountability


Mark, I recently stumbled across your videos, and I love them! I have loved playing catch up- its how I spend my 'me- time'. I must thank you for bringing your family along and not trying to edit out Micah! As a mom, I can appreciate the realness of your videos. Keep doing what you do and honing your skills!

Great video

Double double any day

your videos always make me hungry...keep up the good work

Mr mark i like your food travels

I envy you.

Ummmmmmmmm. Is the only real comment on all food experience videos...it's so boring!!!!this as so many irritates ummmmm. Boring


I love your videos!!!!!

do people not get sick after eating dried fish that has been out in the sun all day with flies landing on it constantly?

Do more videos on Filipino foods pleease :)

at 9:37 what did he say?

Please starting pinning you locations

THe guy in the coconut house is sweating so much, You can tell by that how hot it is.

That sound at 20:16

Heading to Koh Chang 25th this month...I am soooooo looking forward to hog on all the yummy and spicy food. Cant wait. It's so nice to see cheerful persons such as yourself. Thanks


so yummy, Mark, do you always finish up the dishes by yourself? Your family will order a second serving for themseles? Just wondering...LOL

After this video, I hope they fixed those broken wooden planks on the bridge though. It’s look really nice to visit.

Mambo Mark, this is awesome, salams to your family from The Kenyan coast! I'm a new fan and I have a question. Thai cuisine I note does not incorporate tomatoes, is this deliberate or are there Thai recipes that do? The Alchemy of Thai cuisine has got me. I'm a self taught cook and I like collecting and making recipes ps I'm a sucker for fresh tomato

Dude has great posture

Beautiful scenic and the Big shrimps look so good. Thank you for sharing.

Love u sooo much ying

56$ dollars is still not that bad for the portion and quality

how u eat such dirty foods

Dear Mark please come Bangladesh ..with your family,,I love your program very much,Bangladesh is poor country but mind is so honest,and we love food ,,

pretty island

you videos make me hungry hahahaha

Do you have a break now and then so Micha is less cooped all day long

ymmy face even if he ate a shoe

everything about this guy is fake. i wish i could watch this without looking at his face

Looks delicious!

Never tried thai food, I should.

That soup looks awesomeeee

well come to bangladesh

You are awesome

You are truly amazing, Mark, your videos always amaze us, gape, and drool ... imagine all the beauty of your adventure ... thank you

My mouth is watery...

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