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What's. Up fish tank people Dustin's. Fishtanks bring it to you on a Sunday baby how's everybody, doing I hope you're doing well in today's video. We bring you more action from the Louisville koi show gonna show you some high quality high. Grade koi some. Show koi we're also gonna show you the fish that I bring home and I got to tell you folks I show my man art from Western Carolina water escapes he didn't say it on camera but I think it's worth repeating out of my mouth when you're looking at koi take, a look at the parents you're not gonna marry a girl unless you look at what her mom looks like first same deal with koi so I'll show you some really high grade adult, koi as well enjoy, if you like this video hit the like button subscribe button share button drop. Your email drops your eggs in there. Spread. All over the sides of the table. Which. Which fish. Very. Unstable even, yesterday. When the CDs, are. That, Kohaku was doing that. That. Fish was jumping up, splashing. Spring. Break and the pond is right I add. Some spring break that. Girl right there was, acting wild yesterday. And, made the mess probably, of the pond. There's. Matt he's got a belly so we don't think it was her or Hammer whoever that is that's, her. That's. A sweet fish. What. Kind of fish is this. Love. The scales on that. She's. Right there looking at it. In. Convoys. Chocolate. The big bright yellow, or brown us one time boys have good great, personality. And. When usually one, of the judges tells, a story about when. You first got fish and they were in the pond or, he come, down the street I see food in they stay. Way over there on the other side of the pond and so I heard, the fish was supposed to be fine, so, then somebody told me to get it right away uh-huh so I got it chalk away I put it in a pond I came. Down to feed and, through the feed in and. The chadway came over and. Went over to the other fish, and. Then they thought with you that the, chocolate is the leader in the friendly one hour, you train the other fish to come eat that's so cool, I added. A big sock a I say big half, the size one of these the big four my pond yes and everybody. Else got it together and started eating when it ate and like it kind of signals to everybody what's and what's going on and. There's. Always a, leader in the polls yeah it, definitely is. They. Have a pecking order just as we do. Hello. That's. Beautiful. Fish. I love, now that's some, of the black on that that, pectoral, fin of this largest one is that a Showa, or is that a Csonka, this. Bigger the biggest one in here has is black men black, pectoral, fin. Showa. Wow. That's, a beautiful fish. Nerudin. Because. Of all that big red. You, see that one right there. That's. My boy, or my girl whatever Wow. There's these people when they get a fish that big yeah. It's, gonna be yeah. That. Big is female and male to stay smaller. Generally. Size. Four and under males, can compete very well with females, but. Once they get up above, size for, the. Male, stay slim. And. The girls fill out, Joanne. You're so helpful thank you so much this is, great. So. We test almost. Every. Day really. You. Test every day while, it's coming, back around. Eh. And. Gah. Bah. What do you run ughh. What do you try to have it at we don't really measure it we just keep the pH try with. Baking soda and that naturally. Keeps the page how. How. Much baking soda do you mean like what is your pH are trying to hit. 7. Above 7 or. Levels. Out around 8 really. To keep it pH a no matter how much you, put, in. Baking. Soda depending on the really settle. The. Bicarbonate, of the baking soda. Nice, right. Now it's a total about 14. 14,000. Gallons nice. If we get the Commission, to finish, the way that he's working on yeah. I. Mean like a very answers on with the city or what's, the. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. I've. Been there it's been there for 13, years and all of a sudden now the management, company filed, a, complaint. With, the. County, board of quality. Of life Wow. I know. More about that than I'd ever want to admit. Listen. To this I. Want. People to watch us do this I had. A 180. Foot by 36, foot greenhouse I was trying to buy, and. Lady. Across. The street. Frustrated. Bought the house in. 2011.

The, Greenhouse was built in 2006, didn't. Want me running my aquarium. Plant business out of there so. I had a meeting with the city I had a bed, I had to get a conditional, use and the. Board of adjustments, voted into three to three taya Levin people came each one of them spoke for 10 minutes and they. Wouldn't let me buy that property even. Though it's been sitting vacant for 10 years so. I know a thing or two about people. With bad zoning, and being terrible. Neighbors. Terrible. Naval terrible, people there's, a syndrome expelling it. Up. Fish tank people. I'm, in a trance. So. I asked, mrs. kolobok. What. Her favorite fish was. She. Told me it was that one right there. Let. Me keep it cool. That's. My motto today I. Came. Here saying I was gonna buy one fish I've got three, bag right now with another one in the. I. Came. Just to this show two years ago when I just set up a pond and. It was game over this, is crab. Please. What's your name man, gray. Ash. I love it man well my name is Dustin thanks for having us and showing us all these awesome fish say that again though, if you don't mind green. Algae in, a pie is Mother Nature's, Way of telling you you would have a perfectly, balanced. Okay. On. The rocks and the water doesn't, matter on the rocks we're. Gonna be upgrading, I got the little rocked in two thousand gallon er right now but a word. Of advice when, you do it lay a hose to what you wanted increase. It yeah. Then, leave it about a week cuz, did you cut the grass you may want to move it in a little bit pull it out a little bit and. That's how you decide how big you want to go, let, it sit there you see. How it fits your scheming you yaar again yeah because, once you dig if. It's not right it's too hard to fix. Well. My problem is I've got this retaining, wall that I. Like wanted it to fit behind but, it's a rock tin pond so, it's gonna be hard to undo. The. Guy he was in multiple koi videos, and I'm gonna make him be cheesy on camera, art from Westrick he introduced, me to Walter. And I've, got a bunch of great fish trim so I'm. Forced, an art on camera, here right now, because I said art what did I tell you I wanted yesterday at 5 o'clock I, called. You and I said where are you at man and weirdo, give me Grom oh this. Is Dustin's, fish this. Is a grow mo what. Type of girl mo do we think this is can you give me the art description, man, art. Would guess it's an AI girl, and. I grow mo means. It's. Gonna have black, netic, okay. Hi, girl my name's, Dustin. Also, one is a little one round one the little ants that this is the goal this is why I came to the show. And. That's also going to be an agar Omo, or. We don't know yeah I'm thinking, and. What's, the difference you know I grow mo and there's other types of grow my how. The color comes up what type of color like. Since. We're on video let, me bring it that's right forcing, them on video I'll come over here you make it easy on you know just hold it right here when you get it I believe. This would be a puto, and. Aromas go this way you don't mind a little. Look. Kind of looks like grapes, that come up within the red like a purple, and a blue.

Maybe, That's what I want I, like. I like the pattern on the other one more but I think if this is gonna have it might have more of the purplish bluish color that I like to like wait pretty purple BOTS didn't want it to go Shiki but Dustin walked away so okay all right Lee since they sold the ghost she goes sold it that's already sold all right Dustin, like want this what's, this, Tyler. A Goro mo, or. A DOS cheeky but it's the Tonto, same. Thing is just only happening, in the red on the hip why. Not. Something you see every day what. I call a poor man's Tonto, it's not perfect. On. The head but that's why it's a beautiful. Well I won't confirm so that that's still mine, or. That's not the do the two in there okay yeah okay I'm sure that's, fine I didn't get in claim on that one you know that was those these, are more of what I'd call it Kuro, mo it's a little bit liquid black, netting. This. One's not as nice as your other two but it's of the same variety you're, talking. About gotcha if this if this event is yeah. Going towards the species, Sunday, yeah. You. Know how many people love wallet, at Walter man people, I was like showing off Walters pawn and then your stuff and that big song cap on it and probably slice brothers in your pawn that I want. This. The. Big Thicket X yeah go. This way a little bit more, that's, a vice doing yeah. Wow. Okay. What. Is this art. It's, a Benny keikaku. I like, that fish. That's, cool. Benny, because of the red. Versus. Just. A kike career which is like the metallic, ghosty. Gray black, rat. Just. Doesn't have the read the Benny so yeah I, like that fish well that's day that silvery looking it. Gets thicker as they grow I, mean. It looks like that but I'm saying that look gets better, yeah okay, whoo. That's. A nice fish. I. Got. Sour apples, art but I got to tell you I absolutely love this dude because he has bomb fish and he's, finally banging, up called. You sour apples, now I gotta get you smiling, we've. All killed, fish art. Not. Everybody brings them in from Japan you know yeah. Birthday. That's terrible now most of them the day before my birthday all, right I started, no it was your birthday dude, I wouldn't busted your bosses working, to save ha midnight. Oh did you really oh this fish is gonna be great so he's. Coming home with Dustin, and. Then is his roommate. And. I'm only gonna quarantine him for like a week and a 125, does that sound like a good plan or.

What Would you do. Be. Honest man longer, if they show trouble, okay, and what's what's, trouble, look like. Anything. Anything bins. Clam. Fins death, death. Sadness. So. These finish, is going to give me my purple. That. I've been wanting and. They're going to darken up or is that going to be the color pretty much. Do. You think they'll. A, picture of one. Okay. Yeah. Because this is the color that I want i guruma. Budagher, Omo you. Know they're in the Kuro mo class, okay. So that's what I'm saying when they're little. Yeah. Is. It you. Know is it gonna be, what's. Back in sitting like that that's a bhoot ogre Oh mo doesn't show it looks almost black, but what's. That you kind of like that okay, the Guru mome and I call it an Uyghur oh no depends. On the color, of the, it comes up yeah, like. This one's a boot oh it, looks black but it's, almost like purple, okay, that's. I I think yours are more Uyghur Omo over, here I got the one that's a little more, what's the Eiger on when I grow them with the lighter hi hi, black okay dude judo, is like the more purple, in the view showing. Me a bag yeah I. Want. To show the color back operation, they got the big. Truck. Giving. Out posters, they do it right. I'm, gonna try to get her on camera up there. She's. Got some great fish. This. Is calling back what are those fish, that you haven't in that right now this. Is a Midori koi we're, the only breeder, in the u.s. that reads the Midori boy this is unusual because of the scale variety. And, this is a joint. Skin Shiro at Suri. All, right joint skin Shiro back oh I'm sorry. It's. Nice clean head nice, shiny. Thank. You. I. Want. You put all of them in a bag but will. Do will do, ya. Know that there there, is so I'd like your help too because I might be buying one of these I, love. The pattern on this one right here, if you yeah and then I also like there's one. He. Went. Yep. You could bowl that one that, I would just was pointing out that one right there with that that, pattern and then. Talk about what that is if you don't mind being on camera. You. Don't do that okay, well that's cool I will just look at this fish. Bob. Just get a good close-up, on it what, is it called. You. Tell, me about this fish it's the shoe sweet can you introduce yourself, ma'am I've done videos of you a couple years ago just call the back my name is Ellen cloven this. Is a shoe sweet. It's, basically. Scaleless, it's, devoid of scales except, the zipper. Like scales that go down it's fine they're, very nicely aligned, and that important, in the shoe see it's. Starting to get a penny coming, below, the letter line and on the cheeks which, is another. Attribute. Of house you see so this is going to develop into a very nice fish the head is nice and clean you're. Actually, the dark color that you see on the head you're looking right through the skin because it has such nice transparent, skin. I mean. I'm torn between this fish. And where. Did he go in asagi, this. This one right here not good I like that similar. What's. Your. Scaleless. Or the joint super tight, because. Of the scale ation although this one is a coke cooler it. Has the metallic. Skin. Where. This one does not have metallic skin. Which. One do you like more. They're. Both nice examples, of their variety. Kiko. Tea brews are always popular because the fish they show up so well even in.

Less, Than perfect time condition. So. Really, it just boils. Down to personal preference. Look, at these guys fish right here I. Love. These over, here I. Want. To say these are all Kohaku's. In. A couple showers. Gotta. Know what you want I know. What I want I got. What I want, picking, up, taking. Home three, Goro, Moe's, from. My dude art and, they're. Gonna go in the greenhouse and. That's, gonna piss Joshua off but whatever and, mission. Accomplished, Louisville, koi show, let's. Do it. Time. To get them home don't, forget to hit the like subscribe, and share button, if you enjoyed this video stay, tuned for these fish hitting my pond next week tank, on.

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