Kona Ironman Course Records Broken! | The GTN Show Ep.62

Kona Ironman Course Records Broken! | The GTN Show Ep.62

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Welcome, to Luke GTM, show from, the finish line of the 2018, World, Championship, here in Kona. Yes. We are still here and we, are buzzing. After or, can only be described as a record-breaking, Ironman, World Championship, race and in this show we're gonna have some of the pros fresh from or maybe not quite so fresh from the finish line from the race yesterday joining, us in this show yeah and as well as delving, into what, happened, on that infamous, cone of course we also have some tech news we're going to be doing our usual question. Time and we, also have some races, and some results that have been happening elsewhere, around the world. Well. We have to start with and focus on the Ironman World Championships, because it was a smash burst yesterday, records, were broken left, right and center I mean let's start by talking about the women's it was a very, impressive race it started off with Lucy Charles absolutely. Smashing swim as we expected, but in doing so she set a new swim course record, but, interestingly Daniela. Reef was quite far down coming, out of the swim and we understand, from afterwards. Having done an interview on the finish line she actually got a few, jellyfish, things which I. Mean. Singing I come actually that I should've taken quite a long time in transition, and I, mean I must admit I personally, thought well the race is over for Daniela because you know we know how well she's been working on her swim this year her, reaction to Lucy, being quite a bit ahead and sort, of thought well that could be Lucy's. Day absolutely, I mean those almost, nine minutes, or smore gap, between her and Lucy and obviously, also knowing that lucy has improved on the biking running we thought perhaps this is Lucy's, chance to take the the wind but, Daniela. Managed to catch up. Amazing. Performance and in doing so she set a new bike course record by 18. Minutes, and then, went on to run a very fast run split not record, pace but a couple of minutes off a run time from last year yeah well she ended up taking, the win and breaking, the record by, 20. Minutes so I think you've training with 13 seconds or something just over 20 I mean that is absolutely obscene. Is, is amazed, but equally so on the men's side we saw records, also being crushed left right and centre because, it started off with josh josh Amburg leading, the swim out but, interestingly decided. Not to break away from the field this year as he did last year I think he learned from his mistakes in the fact that he was almost, left out on his own smashing, the race off the front on the bike completely alone, where he wanted to group with him this year and that. Seemed to work out quite well for a number of other athletes because Kenworth was quite quickly up into the lead on the bike with, the likes of Andrew Starkovich, and Josh Amberg and they worked really well together as a team and they, managed to gain quite a nice advantage yeah, well we did see a few sort of surprises, in the men's race I didn't week as we'd expect those. Sort. Of the lesser swimmers as I think they label themselves Sebastian Keaney and Lionel Sanders to work, together like they did last year and come through the field and it really didn't quite play out like that and sadly, from what we gather it was a mechanical. Problem for Sebastian Keaney and it made it men's they end up talking about three minutes I thinking not. Sure what happened then but he never quite got back into the road yeah and then for Lionel I think it was just simply, a case of it just wasn't his day and, then on the run well. That's. Where things got exciting because cam. Came off the bike in first having set a new bike course record again, but. Patrick came storming through and, he went on to set a new course record, overall. But equally so we had button. Also coming in onto the previous course record, and under, eight hours, and then we had David McNamee, coming. In under, the previous course record but not quite braking eight hours, on the women's side it was both Daniela and Lucy who went under, that previous record say Lucy child still new made.

A Massive personal bests from last year to get a silver, again a second, place in her second year as a pro here which is incredible but, then there was some interesting performance on the women's side because third, and fourth were two, rookies, two newbies here to race on the Island of Hawaii and it's normally said that you know takes a couple of years to get used for these environments, but it was an hug from Germany, who just, showed you know have pure running, skills that she has and she moved right up through the field building and credible run to finish third and Sarah true who'd been in that third position for so long still had a great run but ends up being able taken by tan towards the end to finish fourth and then making at the top five it, was really impressive performance, for a morinda car-free she's a three times world champion here she's, had a baby so she had last year at she's actually here last year and she just had a baby or was with. You just just had a baby so then come back a year later and make its top five really, incredible yeah but obviously the dynamics, in the race were, very. Exciting, so we've been able to speak to some of the pros to get a little bit of insight on just what happened okay well we are now joined by pro, athlete, James Kuhn amar who finished 17th yesterday, I was right in the mix of the race so James how did it go, yeah. Didn't. Really go to plan that, was I didn't come here hoping for 17th, s-sure, after. Fifth place lost showers I was, actually kind of hoping I was and at least as good a shape if not better I had, a pretty good training camp going into it but, to be honest, the. Whole years been a little bit off the boil for me since. I I had a bad accident in the offseason, so, yeah I've I, guess. That that showed yesterday there. Was no room for error at, this race the. Other neighbor really is but yesterday, was particularly, intense. They. Were really was no no. Margin for for, feeling bad and. Unfortunately I didn't feel very good this one was was a big, punch to him as it often is a few guys off the front but for the most part it was just a big pack which. It often is at this race and, I was able to to kind of keep my powder pretty, dry in the swim I didn't feel like I'd over over, pushed in the swim but, straight out onto the bike I just felt like I was I was fighting a headwind basically, the whole day there. Was no wind to speak up. But. I felt like there was a headwind and. Yeah I just didn't feel like a hundred percent I felt like I was just you know a few percent off where I needed to where, I normally am the. The easiest, and best part of this run is along I lead raft and. Back there's. Crowds in this shade and you, know you're next to the ocean so it's a bit cooler and they took about a mile of that away and added. It in in the energy lab so, normally you would get to the energy level your turn left and. Do the out and back in the energy level and this time you got to that turn and you had to carry on going along this you, know wide open highway for a for, another half a mile and then turn and then on the way back again you're running up the hill out of the energy lab with, the to--when mind you it's really hot and. Normally. You would be like right 200 more meters and I'm at the top of the energy level I'm turning I'm hitting home and this time you turn left, and you would and under meters the wrong way away from the away from the finish and, it's a yeah it was brutal, to be honest it was probably gonna be brutal for me anyway at that point hours I was struggling though.

I Think that was that was tough for everybody and I it, certainly was a little sting. In the tail of an Ironman that is there was there, was tough anyway I think, it's probably, probably. The hard back accounts. For a lot of the the slower run Tom's but. The, that, extra mile in the energy level so probably. Took a little bit of her the, pace of some of the gas and what, are your thoughts on the did, you know that, the record was getting smashed at the front of the field and what, are your thoughts on the times, that we saw yesterday both events under women yeah. I don't really I don't really follow that watch the times and I don't run with the watch that. I did check, just before I got off and back and looked at my Maybach. Tom and I. 419. Which, was faster. Than last year. And. Last. Year, I did 419, and and I, was faithful for the back and this time out of 419, and I was 26, bull for the back, so. I knew the times of Faust and knew it was a fast day I it, was kind of cool in the first three hours of the Bach cooler, than normal you, really didn't feel like the heat was building up like it normally does who felt within the last hour of the back that. Not really before that and so. I knew it was a fast day I knew the guys up and ahead of me you know if I'm doing a 419, there was guys riding for tens in front of me and, those, guys obviously, on track for a poor record for sure you know if you getting off the bike that early and the. Runners were in front of me you know this time whereas last year the petroglyphs and, the David Mac nummies were behind me at, the when I did that for 420, this. Time I didn't 419 and they were all in front of me so the, records were on for sure and I knew that very early on but we're joined by another pro from, the field yesterday it's Joe skip who placed 7th, so fantastic, result how did the race go for you, it, went really well thanks, mark cam had my best ever swim in in, an Ironman race and managed to get on the back of the, big pack of the guy out of the water in 50 minutes and then. I I, would have liked have been a bit further up like. Coming out of transition because with. The rules out here if you you, can't overtake you, know unless there's more than 12 meters between you so I kind of got stuck at the back of the pack until quite. High and then there was a few gaps that started opening up so I could overtake quite a few people and luckily. It was just in time before Lionel, Sanders, came through and then he, kind of split it a bit when he came through it didn't, seem like the line or what you'd normally see you know like it it was like it was lacking a bit of firepower really so it definitely wasn't the normal line or what you get but you know everyone has bad days unknown I think unfortunately for him they're like he's put a lot into this race and he just happened to have a bad day on the one day it really matters and you had a great day yeah, you had a good day yeah. Position. Coming out of t2 all, right yeah, it was good like I mean I just pretended. That no one else was in the in the race with me like I was on a training run because, three. Years ago when I came in my first time I kind of got stuck in a bit and like. The heat got to me and I find that once your heart rate goes too high and he gets here that's it it's game over so. I just tried, to run like as fast as I could while feeling, easy did. That for it through the hole of light alley Drive and then, once, we got on to the Queen K I I. Was. With Matt Russell and I thought I'll just try and stay with him for like as long as I can and and. He said to me I've you if you stay with me we'll be top ten, all. Right yes I try yes I tried to stay with him and then I was, going for a bit of a bad patch to be honest before like, the energy lab and he, pulled away and then going through the energy lab I felt okay but then once I came out the energy lab I think there was a bit of cloud cover for a bit and I had two really good miles coming out of there where I caught took, quite a bit of time back out with Matt and, overtook, two places and, then, we. Got to the end of the cloud cover and the Sun came out again and then I was like survival, mode for the last three miles to get back to the finish but yeah, it's just no matter what the conditions I was always tough here because someone's always willing to push the pace but we are fortunate now to have the third-place finisher, in the men's race David, and McNamee, backed it up after last year very impressive result, how, did it go.

Thank. You Boston almost, yet it's great to be back to, back. Up my third place last year with another thought - yeah, - bring the old course record to be the third quickest. Man in history of this event is yeah. You know. Special. Feelings, of special moments and yeah, my. Vase I wasn't a perfect day I really, struggled. In the sperm I was yeah, to be honest I was I was, very average for the false trios yesterday. But. Then thankfully fouled, out with follow. The best racing, of my life and yeah there was Stoke someone, but compared to previous years it was also a lot less and that made for exceptionally. Quick fake pains. And. Yeah they started the bake I struggled, with you, know there. Was strong cyclists to get him by me to bridge up to the front group and I I just. Never had the legs to go with it and then. Thankfully the main group caught me up and, yeah, I managed, to keep with him but still felt very average. And toll yeah we. Got a tunnel in point and I was. Like, David. Stopping, average like, you've. Trained so hard for ten months and you. Didn't turn up here to be average, so. I think that just sort of mentally, got me in the game and then. I started, to feel like I was actually racing, again and yeah I speak to Patrick after the race yesterday and he felt the same is the, actual run out of the energy lab yes there was yeah. It's probably the toughest moment I've ever had at this race over the last four years, maybe. One kilometer lay something, shouted David, if you sprint now you can maybe break eight eight hours, and. I was like I love. The fact that some of the things I can Stoke sprint, it's. Nothing I mean I'm gonna get to the finishing shoots and I'm just gonna walk do. You think we're gonna see these times broken, again so considerably I don't. Think we see, the. Progression is quickly no I think we, had a great day yesterday weather, wise I think. Of what you will see is in. Order to when Hawaii is that you have to go under eight hours and I think that's what the standard should be it. Had. Never been done until yesterday but, it's, like everything once the baby is broken, it's. That, said that I think from now on unless. You're getting exceptionally, bad day weather-wise, if you want to evolve champion, you have to be Keith evel's but, it's amazing here from the pros and find out exactly what, went on, within the race but we also had some quite astonishing, performances this, weekend because we had Brent, and Kyle competing, as a second, ever special, team to complete the Ironman World Championships, the first being dick and Rick Hoyt competing. Back in 1999. Well. Also we had a new record in the hand cycle it was a second ever woman to finish the whole course here on a hand cycle is McTernan and in, doing so she she actually broke the new record yeah and we also had the oldest. Ever competitor. Within. An Ironman not just the Ironman World Championships. Okay wait for it, 85. Years old, and 11 months and that was her Omo inada from Japan, when out for the news and this week we, are getting, sneaky, are you back in your element I am, indeed. Well. First, bit is to, celebrate Zips, 30th, anniversary, they have just released their, limited, edition colorway, for their super, 9 carbon, clincher, discs and this is referring back to their, previous 1988. Super, 9 discs which came in an array of different colors so now you have the option for a limited time to get a yellow a pink. A blue, a white, and of course their, black disc will come on you choose the. Blue look really cool keeping, with GT and colors in Europe in your canyon yeah well it was great to actually see the, winning time, charging the canyon SRAM women's team coordinated. I don't know who got first dibs but they each had a different colored, wheel and to. Match they had the over Sox to go with it so I mean River shoes that was pretty cool photo. It's. Time for the GTN. Poll, and we asked you is, anyone, going to break that eight-hour, barrier here at, Kona, yeah. You didn't know the results before so we will give, you the benefit of doubt here so we, had no. With. 47%. And, yes with, 53%. I, mean I think you guys had a better insight than I do because I did not expect well. If I'd had some yeah I mean, it's. Quite close isn't it and I yeah, I was with you on that I just genuinely did not think it was gonna happen so, an incredible, day well, whilst we're talking about barriers being broken it leads us on to this at week four and we want to ask you what, you think the next significant, barrier to be broken is going to be and we've made a bit, of a different list here yep, so we have four, women to go sub eight anywhere, so, not just the Ironman, World Championships, men.

To Go sub, seven. Iron our distance how, do you know these sub. Seven I mean you know looking ahead in for the future what wear 735. With them challenge, Ross I think so. 35, minutes we thought well we saw Daniella yeah take 20 off so who knows what's possible the. Next option is to, go a sub four hours on the Kona bike course I think that could be doable quite soon and, then, for, Conant, the course here for the age group women, to, break the nine hour barrier and that's currently I think at around nine hours and 15, minutes which, one are you gonna do oh. I. Think, I. Mean, if we see conditions like this I might go for one of the records to happen here. But. I don't want to sway people yet so I'm, not sure gonna tell you I'll tell you next week okay I'm gonna stay with you Lance yeah well to enter the poll do click on the link just above my head. It's. Time for the caption. Competition. And while, we're staying with the theme of the photo because we still have what you've actually changed, yours I haven't it was this wonderful picture we had last week from us embracing. The Hawaiian, spirit in these wonderful Hawaiian shirts yeah not everyone seems to be so convinced, in our shirts but I am embracing, it I am rocking different, shirts when I can. Yeah. We had some good captions, going in J. Hate, H, cape said. What, do you mean did, our bags not arrive well. This next one from Liam, sangguk. O said sir welcome. To the G tian-chu wait what. Oh my. Hoping the gcn guys aren't watching. But. Our winner for this week comes in from Lourdes Bert's, which is mercy, a great name, they. Said you can get these shirts on our GT n a shop site any money raised can be donated to our head of fashion in looking for a new job I love that one well Lord but do get in touch and we can send you your GT, and swim cap well, now for this week's caption, comfo, tow and, it is a picture of cam, worth being passed by Patrick, Langer on the. Ironman, World Championship, course this weekend just gone but give me a little fist. Bump to kind of respect. It's. Pretty cool I mean we've got the Ironman. Run course record holder passing, the Ironman bike course record holder and I just love that bit of respect you know they they both know how the race is gonna pan out and they've both played a massive, part in, being. Made yeah well we'd, love to hear your caption, so please do leave them in the comment section below but. We also have another photo that maybe isn't worthy of a caption, comp but is a very, very amazing photo it's actually of Matt, Russell doing, a roll across, the lining to give this a little bit of a backstory Matt. Russell actually last year was he's out here racing got taken out whilst, he's on the bike portion of the race by a trot went, through the window and he ended up more, or less fighting for his life so a it's, amazing seeing him back here but, performing so well yeah, absolutely but also actually the reason why he's doing this roll across the line it's called something well, it's called the blaze roll after someone called John. Blaze and. It's, basically, a safer charity. ALS, so John, blaze back in 2005. First, did this well when he was diagnosed, with this new, road. Neurodegenerative. Disease, that's the one and sadly. Two years later did pass away and athletes. Have decided, to carry on with this to raise awareness and just to show their respect to the charity as well yeah the reason why Matt. Russell does, this plays Monroes because when, he was 13, his mom actually passed, away from the same disease so it means quite, a lot to him and he as a result is tried to do the, Bladesman role at every race he can. Well. Now we're going to take a look at some of the photos that you guys have sent in to, inspire. Us and this first one is certainly inspirational. It's sent in from, Benjamin. Says, I don't have a bike but when you've got views like this I don't really think it matters moved to San Diego four months, ago and can't stop going every week ends in death Hanyu Cove for, a swim it is quite. A lovely coat but I can I can see why and.

I Am feeling, that right now especially with this view behind us I'm so desperate to go for a swim we'll. Know what we're gonna be doing straight up this exactly, right next. We have this one from. Jay, Jay yeah this is his Fuji, bike which I can't quite see so clearly on this, but. To rate this even more I guess. Special, he's, actually it part of the Special Olympics and this is a night spot for a workout and he loves the GTN show which you can see on the screen there but. Yeah crappy little pain case can work JJ and, then. We have one from, Steven. And this is a specialized. Diverge, from the 70.3. Cast k and only. One bike so it's a gravel bike and still managed to go sub, three hours I'm guessing can't quite see in this picture mark not sure if you can but are the road tires on there there are road tires I think on there but then he, has also gone for his, shoes, on the biker Rd and I believe even using elastic so, those, are grubber bite. Yeah. Next. One from Adam and this is their Cannondale, six and oldie, but a goodie they said. But. Interestingly they're, quite like their minimalist, running shoes, and. And they. Found them quite hard too well found it hard to find some good minimalist, running shoes so instead they've, opted for sandals. And they're using what while a brand called lunar sandals, and they seem to really like. Personal. Of hearing, and seeing different things that you're up to well. We've got another one here from, Anthony, and this. Is an off-road triathlon race, this is the, genre. France. I think that's how you said it I say and this is his, Canyon near on 8 so it's a 2017, model and but. Yeah they've given us a massive race report, they said they suffered from some cramping. But. Overall felt. Like they did well so yeah great a really nice diverse, mix this week yeah Bri well please do keep sending in your photos, certain locations, transition, zones paying case we, love what looking, through them all and talking about them, well. That is it from us in Hawaii we, have had a fabulous time and what, a race to witness Wow it, was just incredible, wasn't it I'm still buzzing from it I think we won't be for a little while but if you want to carry on staying in this Kona spirit and living some, of the excitement from here we've still got a lot of videos that are going to be coming out in the next week so we've had a busy week we have yeah, we'll keep an eye out for those and make sure you don't miss any of them hit the globe to subscribe, and if you do want to relive those moments of that a tower being smashed, well we've got that video for you just here.

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