KOREA VLOG forests, cafes, cold noodles a day in my life in gongju, south korea

KOREA VLOG  forests, cafes, cold noodles  a day in my life in gongju, south korea

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Good morning! We are at Goseok Bus Terminal here  in Seoul and we are going to be hopping on a   bus to a brand new city called Gongju! Which has  been on my list for a while and I've actually had   people who have visited there send it to me and be  like "this seems like a city you would really like" so I'm extra excited. I've had this  on my list for a while and the weather   refused to allow me to go so now it's a hot  day but it's a clear day and there's a bug on me.... There was a very big ant on my leg.  Okay, so it's clearly a very nice   summer day and we're gonna head over  to Gongju. It takes about an hour and a  

half by bus. I already have my ticket.  It's about nine o'clock so we have a   park I want to go to, there's a cool like  fortress wall, etc. Let's just get on our bus! Okay apparently they're closed  today but she said jamshimanyo so   I'm jamshiman-ing. I really hope we can go in. I can't believe it! So I swear I checked because I know that things are often closed   on Mondays so I checked if this place was open.  I thought it said every single day it's open   and I get here and I go up to the ticket booth  and I'm like "one person please" and the lady's like   "we're closed..." She asked me if I came from  really far away and I said yeah I came  

from Seoul and she was like "okay we'll  let you in" so I have this entire forest   to myself! She was so lovely and so kind, so  please support this place. It's so beautiful   and the artwork is huge! So let's  enjoy our private forest for the day. This is nuts! You can look out his eyes! And it's officially hydrangea season.

Since I'm pretty much alone in here,  I am taking off my mask sporadically   and it smells so good. It's just a  pine forest and it smells like home,   it's lovely. I'm gonna sit on this swing  and hopefully I don't fall so let's see.   It's just so nice and kind of foreign to not be  scared of sitting in a forest by myself. The woman  

who let me in was so nice, I just feel like this  is like a sacred place - ooh did she let someone   else in? No that's someone who cleans. Okay so it's  just me! And I was wrong, actually these are art   pieces from all over the world so this one that  I'm standing in is by a South African artist.   Yeah this is just so chill. I just want to  stay here but we have more to see so let's see - this is literally like an eighth  of the park so let's keep going! Okay this one's mildly terrifying though.   Sorry but no. Oh yeah with one tree in the  middle - no no no that's dark magic stuff. It's French.

Okay bridge crossing time. I'm assuming oh - spiderweb, okay. I'm gonna just walk like this. We made it. Can you see these shoes? It's just this whole planter is filled with  people's shoes. I hope - oh my god there's so many! Are they gonna eat me? This is like - could be cute but also could be  something from a horror movie. Like are these  

from past visitors? Why am I the only one in this  park? Hmmm well on that note, let's keep walking. okay   Okay, I think I've seen everything and I am sweaty and  hungry so I am going to call a taxi to take me   kind of more into town and I'm going to get lunch. While I'm doing that, I'm going to time travel you   back to this morning when I was getting ready  for today and - sending it back to past Cari, shall we? Thanks. See you at lunch. Well hello there, this is Cari from another time period, letting   you know about our lovely sponsor for this video  which is Native, a lovely little deodorant brand.

They are aluminum and paraben-free, they are  also cruelty-free and vegan and what I love   about them is since I've started using them, they  have transitioned to a plastic free model and   so their deodorant packaging actually looks like  this. And it's made out of mostly paper - no plastic   involved, great news. And besides the obvious, they  just smell really good. So the scents that I   use the most are cucumber mint, eucalyptus mint, and  coconut and vanilla - this is the one I'm currently   using. I've also tried the lavender rose one. They smell great but they aren't overpowering,  

they last really long, they dry quickly, I just very  much enjoy using Native deodorant, what can I say? So normally three of these plastic free deodorants  would be $39 but if you use my code CARICAKES4   which will be down in the description box, you  will get 25% off so they will be $29. And these are   pretty long lasting, I just definitely recommend.  They're lovely, it's been great using them for now   over a year. So that is Native, thank you so much  for sponsoring this. I'm going to send you back to   toasty hot Gongju and I hope you enjoy the rest  of your day, see you later! Bye~ see you next time I'm dying, oh, that was so good!  So that was a place called Maehyang, and they're known for their - they make  their own noodles in-house, they make their own   like flour in-house. And so I had some bibim naengmyeon. I prefer bibim over mul - i know that's controversial but I prefer bibim. And god it was delicious. And they gave you a big ole

slice of pear on top. It was so good. I managed to get - within like the first bite - I got a nice big   old glob on my shirt. That's fine. So it's  the hottest part of the day right now and the next   thing that I want to do is walking outdoors so  I'm actually going to head to a tea house and kind   of wait out this really hot part of the day and  then we're going to head to the fortress wall and   walk that. So I'm really hoping that the bus can  take me there. If not, the taxi's gonna cost   three thousand won which isn't bad at all. It's  just a tiny bit, tiny bit too far to walk in this   heat. So let's see how we get there.

Where'd it go? I saw an orange bus. How did it just disappear? What the heck? Where's my bu - Oh oh oh!! It could be ours!  It could be ours! I still can't see, my eyesight   sucks. Yeah it is! Hell yeah - all right let's go. Gongju is just so cute! So I'm going to - cross your  fingers - hope that there is another bus   taking me back to that same place and we're  going to go to the fortress wall now that I've   kind of cooled off - filled myself with hot tea  so maybe that wasn't the best idea but it was   so calm in there, so nice. So let's  catch a bus! Look at that timing! Free admission! Yeah this is stunning, wow! Wow, I wasn't expecting this! How pretty! That's where I had lunch. Over there is where we were this morning, and over there is the bus terminal. Wow Gongju, you're so pretty ah!

I'm obsessed with Gongju. The extra funny thing  about this area is, my phone is set to English and   so my Naver maps shows up in English and  because Gongju, the name of this city, also means   "princess," Naver translated it (oh of course it's  windy) Naver translates everything, so if   it's like the "Gongju post office," it will say  the "princess post office" and stuff it's very cute. So I already knew I was gonna like Gongju but  now that I'm here, I'm like yeah I like you a lot.

I'm gonna just keep walking around. I wanna stay  in the shade, it's really nice in the shade but this is gorgeous. I've only been here for like  four hours and I'm so satisfied and happy so Also if you have more time than me, there is a  museum that I will list down below. Apparently   they found a lot of relics from the Stone Age.  They have like a kind of replica of what that   kind of village or whatever would have looked  like. It looks very cool it's just a little too far  

for one person to go. If I was splitting the  cab fare, it would be fine so if you're like   going with another person or if you're willing to  try and wait for the very long bus, go ahead or   if you have good timing maybe the wait - the  bus isn't that long. I'm kind of just staying in   the general Gongju city center. I just can't  get over how beautiful this is, like literally  

I just came here for naengmyeon, a little statue  of a bear, and some tea and I am so happy. This bridge! I just - yeah this is  really gorgeous. That little thingy here - the reason   I didn't go up is because there was a group  of kids behind me and they brought a ton   of coffee and snacks and they just like conquered  that thing as their own, that's fine. So you can -

I don't know if technically you're allowed to  bring outside food in here, so you didn't   hear this from me, but you can certainly  chill in there.Jjust take your shoes   off and sit and take in this gorgeous  view for as long as you want. I am in love   with this city. Also upon researching it  I found out that my first love ever Kim  

Jaejoong of Dongbang Shinki - he was born here! So what's not to love? I'm going to walk to   one more viewing point and then maybe we'll go  see the tombs - either way, there is a drink, a cool   drink, in our future to make up for that hot  drink that I just had. Okay. Continue exploring! Okay destination reached! So we are now at the  Muryeongwangreung, which is the tomb of Mureyong, King   Mureyong. Man, did it get hot! So something I learned  at the cafe, is that Gongju is famous for its   chestnuts and in January they have a chestnut  roasting festival! Like how sweet is that?! As if   I didn't already love Gongju, they have a chestnut roasting festival. So put that on your list   for winter. But yeah I took a very quick taxi ride  over here, it's just a little bit too hot to walk   and we're gonna look at this park and then  hit one more bookstore slash cafe and then   kind of head home. It's a lovely little place  to just chill, it's very quiet ,it's a Monday but   it's very lovely and the sky is so blue and just  so beautiful and I'm having a wonderful day even   though it's really really hot. Yeah let's go  see the tomb and hopefully get in some shade.  

So this is a imaginary  animal called the jinmyoseo... Wiat - Jinmyosu. That is supposed to help you in the afterlife! Cute. Something to note is that Gongju used to  be the capital of Baekje back when there were   three kingdoms in Korea so this was a  very royal capital city of a kingdom so  fun fact. But I believe - look at that,  free admission again! Let's head in.  

Feeling a little claustrophobia so I'm gonna turn it around. Well I think I would like to stay in tomb  six more than tomb five, in case that comes up. Look at this cute bakery! Okay and our last stop in Gongju before I head  home - we are going to a cafe called Front   and I don't know the story behind  this building but the building   is very strange looking and it's  in this quiet neighborhood, just down   this little stream right here and I'm gonna  get a drink and I think there's a bookstore.  And then we're going to head back. I don't know  why but the buses are kind of busy, the one that   I was going to take is sold out so we're taking a  later one so we can just chill. Let's go. And on that note, I'm heading home. So once again  thank you to Native for sponsoring this. There  

is a code in the description box for 25% off  of the three - if you buy three plastic free   deodorants. Highly recommend,  especially nowadays. And yeah I will   catch you guys later. I'm doing a lot of traveling  right now as you guys know I'm gonna be heading   home for about a month - back to America so  getting a lot of little Korea travel ready   for you so that you don't miss it too much while  I'm away. And oh god this was such a nice day. I'm - that brownie knocked me out, I am like  ready to get on this air-conditioned bus and   take a sweet sweet nap so I'm going to head to the  bus station, head home, this was a lovely lovely   cute little day. It took like takes an hour and a  half by bus, the bus tickets are like 8,000 won from Seoul. Beautiful. So okay, I'm out of breath,  I'm in the sun, I'm gonna go but I will  

see you guys next time, thank you as always. Thank you Native - link in the description box. Bye!

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