KOTLI ka Food with amazing Views | EP-16 MISSION KASHMIR SERIES

KOTLI ka Food with amazing Views  | EP-16 MISSION KASHMIR SERIES

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Salam and Morning everyone in our Mission Kashmir Series and today's mission is to explore Kotli District I reached Kotli in the evening while riding from Sudhanoti and Kotli weather has become awesome I was thinking that Plain areas will have hot weather but due to last night rain weather is quiet cooler I am being hosted by MEHRAN Mehran bro received me in the evening and i am staying in Hamaliya hotel and restaurant they have restaurant on 2 floors and remaining floors have guest rooms you can see the rooms are clean and has high level restaurant Although i explore cities on Bike but it seems it might rain today so Mehran suggested to go on car and we will explore Kotli on this There are not as such mountains and lakes in urban area but there are some VIEW-POINTS and old foods I have received lot of requests from overseas Pakistanis Many people from UK asked to share Kotli City so today's vlog is for those who want to see their old city we will show some famous spots and view points So we are leaving at 6:30 am InshALLAH we will visit first SARDA VIEW POINT where you will see whole KOTLI view and then further we will see beautiful points InshAllah you will enjoy Lets go with Mehran Bro We are in Main Bazaar which is nearby Shaheed Chowk where we will have breakfast There is Royal Star hotel for breakfast but this hotel has no name, some says its ZAYAM but it is very old and famous People recommended to try their Beef Trotters I also tried similar in Muzaffarbad which has no name But it was very famous and people were eating there If you have good taste then some time you don't Name your shop Lets go inside and then will share the taste with you The broth is full of trotter gelatin Its really of super quality Its PASS from my side Why you hav't given a name to your Outlet? I am poor guy Allah will give me whatever is in my destiny Its courtesy of Mr Aqeel that he has not put a name but in point of view the Broth trotters were 10 out of 10 The red tender piece, trooter and Mikh was outcass Not everyone is able to make such quality broth Alright! so after heavy breakfast Amir and Mehran have brought me at SARDA view point and you get to see view of whole KOTLI city also KOTLI is called CITY of MOSQUES They say there are around 1200 mosques in KOTLI Let me show you the view from top The river you are seeing is RIVER POONCH and this is coming from POONCH district after all rain streams combine and ultimately this river ends at Mangla Dam Which we will see in our MIRPUR episode (next) So far we are experiencing beautiful morning of Kotli although its Summer season (September) but i am feeling quiet cold because Clouds are here and they tell that its very windy in winters at this point so we are going towards NAKAYAL view point but we are feeling sleepy after that heavy breakfast and we were tired at night aswel so we decided to have a tea break which was pending this place is called PHAGWAR MORRA Lets have their tea and then move to Nakayal point Although we have stopped here for Tea break but this hotel is very old and it is famo us as DAAL WALA HOTEL you would not see any name of this restaurant aswel As you know the famous DAAL of MIAN GEE on GT road similarly DAAL at this location is also very famous Their DAAL became so popular that people call it DAAL WALA HOTEL and even you can see it is written on wall DAAL WALA HOTEL So we will first have tea, then Nakayal view point Then on our way will try thei DAAL We have reached at top after driving on beautiful road And this beautiful point is NAKAYAL VIEW POINT There is standing point from where you can see mountains upto Nakayal sector LOC (border) I really liked how Govt. has prepared it for tourist specially this facility which one can use for self Bar BQ picnic There you cook your BBQ and enjoy it while sitting in front of this view This place is also called TOPIAN VIEW POINT Why it is called TOPIAN point? This is the name of this village Similar to Nakayal, Kotli etc Lets enjoy this Bilal bro Aroma of BBQ coal was so attractive so we could not resist trying it lets try this chicken This is the sauce Really enjoyed BBQ at this point Lets go back at Urban areas and will share some spots They have thoroughly mixed this DAAL It is like Sofe gravy like DAAL and its mash beans This place is 65 years old see this is 2nd place which has no name It is running just because of its taste This tells how famous is their DAAL There was not single lie about taste of their DAAL Whenever you come KOTLI, must try their DAAL Hotel name is DAAL WALA and place is PAHGWAR MORA Only this is the identity of this DAAL Its almost afternoon now let go back to hotel , Charge our batteries and after some rest, will visit some more places lets go So we came after having that DAAL ..had some rest and then packed my bag now i have got my bike Amir and Mehran are on their car After seeing the remaining places i will dire ctly go to MIRPUR Mehran is now taking me to a Fast Food outlet We will first try some Pizza and then will go further Here is some MATTU KITCHEN I think its upstairs so that was MATTU KITCHEN pizza its was delicious and specially the cheese quality but french fries were not that good now we are going towards Kotli dam and its hanging bridge will show you some of its shots then we will go towards Gulpur waterfall where we are actually going and will see that bridge in the middle Really you get to see lot of Mosques here Initially i was thinking its not good to make lot of mosques and people are offering separate namaz in small groups but then realized may its bcoz of mountain area so people have built small mosques in every village See this is another mosque Ok ... Beautiful !! Its already looking beautiful from far So this is Kotli dam reservoir Hanging bridge on this water reservoir This is also identity of Kotli So this was Kotli hanging bridge, which i really like specially if you have seen my Skardu series when I visited Khaplu and Shigar valley i like to cross such hanging bridges. They have different vibes Now i am taking you 2 more beautiful places i have written them down in my list The first one is a small Island village when Gulpur dam was built Then i will show you Gulpur Waterfall Bilal Bro .... a truck fell from here

its brakes got failed and fell in river An army guy came from there He pulled out both drivers That army guy jumped straight from this bridge Thats couraging the truck fell from here he saw it from this check post he jumped from the top and saved lives of both truck drivers You have seen All Districts of Kashmir with me Roads are so beautiful I really enjoy riding on these roads Whole Kashmir region is such a beautiful mountain area Here comes a small Island Village Let me show you after parking my bike This place is called BARALI village and this is BARALI Island village 3 years ago water started rising up when dam was built now water is all across its sides There 4 ~ 5 houses in this village They are living in this isolated island They are fa cing transport related troubles They are using a make shift boat for themselves They go to Kotli city in the morning for work and they have to cross this water after sun set and their are reptiles like snakes aswel They are really in trouble There is also a famous tunnel of mountain in Kotli They have made a passage after cutting this mountain and this was done with hands This was made during DOGRA PERIOD in Kashmir There is a FORT There are lot of FORTS I just saw that ... whats its name? Its THROCHI fort Its under army custody I wanted to show you this Fort but its under army usage There you can see at the top It was built in old days Here come the GULPUR waterfall lets go downward Its a rough track should be careful Bike is going easily ... however will be difficult for car Entering in Jungle now crossing into Bushes There is slope on my left very careful lets park here After parking my bike, now going on these stone steps Ok guys after trekking in these bushes we have reached at Gulpur waterfall which is very hidden in Kotli But this is very beautiful waterfall Water is flowing downward in three steps and these look amazing when you see them from far We did not go there but saw it through drone and the shots you just saw were from drone but there is a path that takes you at 2nd waterfall where people go and enjoying swimming so this was our journey in Kotli i hope you liked it But Mehran is convincing me for another place Bilal Bro i know you have to go towards Chak Sa wari but before that you have to go with us at CHAYE KADAH Lets have a cup of tea together It will be remembered as our love My special thanks to both Bros Mehran and Amir They gave me their full day in Kotli, specially the food Their Breakfast, Daal, Pizza etc I was missing these things from last 20 days They welcomed and hosted me very well Thanku so much Mehran bro Please subscribe to Bilal Bhai channel and also press Bell Icon So lets go to CHAYE KADDAH Will have tea there and then i will reach 2nd Last district of Kashmir ie MIRPUR But you will watch it next episode

2022-01-10 23:09

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