Kruger National Park | South Africa | What to expect | Inside the Room | Satara Rest Camp

Kruger National Park | South Africa  | What to expect | Inside the Room | Satara Rest Camp

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[Music] oh i [Music] foreign [Music] this is one of the big pies the [Music] elephants cool so cool i mean somebody got me like a hat one pound is equal to 20 is love and joy [Music] [Music] please [Music] [Music] skin butter parmesan flavor the jam's grapefruit marmalade mandarin the preservatives [Music] yep [Applause] one big happy family hello very busy people [Music] very nice place very cozy here comes our coffee huh very peace no it's not some beer so first bill 20 bill just came here for stop over from coffee that's very good it's like enviro cup it means in environmental friendly studies so i ordered latte again highlands all the time weather is good 25 degrees celsius we are really blessed you know so we need to explore or are we just going to pass by this area let me see i think an hour and 39 minutes there an hour yeah one hour 39 minutes very good what's that i think this is the high risk road in dibala i the number one advice is never to stop if you see somebody asking for help even though they look vulnerable by my children or they said not to stop but to go to the next town in my police station and then you asked for help by the police but never stopped foreign [Music] avocados hello we're inside the kruger national park we are going to the reception area in seven kilometers but i don't feel in some form magazine [Music] cheetah yes is that a buffalo over there oops what's that dolphin [Music] [Music] by animals bye i don't know the good thing is it's not too bad on weather they are so beautiful [Music] look at them guys before dear lance you really need to know all the different kinds of [Music] [Music] um [Music] [Music] okay let's go [Music] i think we'll have to reverse [Music] oh oh look at that the big one of the big five oh thank you lord [Laughter] so we really need to drive slowly banana banana oh yeah banana chips plantain i still want to see the left part oh look at that oh stop stop oh my god get cute okay the zebras are here again and it looks like a donkey i'll show to you you name that animal key zebras i think i know dear nishaka [Music] oh dear oh you're a beautiful animal [Music] foreign oh look at you you're eating they're having lunch uh [Music] elephant crossing the road okay okay let's move oh my god oh my god yes go on go on hold on i'll cheat yes okay go go [Music] yes my safety awareness well trained i'm impressed oh that's why you really need to slow down across [Music] world rotary um [Music] we're looking for our room okay let me grab my [Music] important thing you have the key let's see first oh yeah it's upside huh this is our glue let's pull this down let's pull this down okay that's the fridge taco [Applause] welcome load sorry right see and this is our twin bed with our own bathroom safe extra duvet i don't think you need it okay this so this is our room for tonight my aircon mancha in fairness aside from the ceiling fan very nice let's open the door let's look around this is the campsite i like it here are you okay mr fab me [Music] my washing up liquid mancilla so very good my sponge got me purple and washing my kettle that was my um bread toaster sedan i don't like burger i fancy pizza we are here in satara camping we're here in satara rest come i'm having this ham and pineapple pizza and your burgers um swahili [Music] 155 i am really nice i'm looking for something giraffe giraffe giraffes and giraffes shall we go there [Music] is that elephant green and elephant green black cheetah the words okay we're going back to our room e and then left left yep [Music] one one three the next one yep [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome [Music] try [Applause] bailey you can hear the sounds okay let's go back [Music] [Music] look at the water buffalo okay folks so we completed the big five look the last one is the water buffalo friends and five oh gosh um is [Music] water buffalo i feel cold [Music] m foreign [Music] [Laughter] yes can we really spend time watching them so watch your buffalo next stop is tomorrow another campsite perovidin cougar park is it [Music]

2021-01-31 12:40

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