KSAT 12 News at 6: Sept. 5, 2018

KSAT 12 News at 6: Sept. 5, 2018

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Tonight, the woman who took those photos says, she now regrets it in Tyler, Perry the famous actor and filmmaker. Says. He has a big project, coming tweeting, Geoffrey I'm about, to start shooting come, join us Tyler, telling Robin white struck a chord for him are you kidding me it's this I have such a tremendous respect, for a man. Number, one who is, who. Has no pride about working, he's gonna do what he has to do to support his, family but whether he's at Trader Joe's or on set respect. Tonight for that actor sending, a message that every. American, worker should. Be proud hear. Hear an important conversation this, week we, thank you for watching here on a Wednesday night I'm David Muir I hope to see you right back here tomorrow have. A good evening good night, ABC. News America's. Number one news source. A. Bear. County deputy facing charges for starting, a fight with an inmate 23. Year old Tavian Glock curler is charged, with assault and official, oppression, yeah Glick ler a detention, deputy at the jail annex, where the sheriff says the fight happened early this morning, Jared Berger tells us about what led up to it if. You want to act like a thug we're, gonna treat you like a thug and you're gonna go to jail and that's how sheriff Javier Salazar, described one of his deputies, Tavian, collect ler acting, this morning when after a disagreement, with an inmate about his movement Salazar, says collect ler started, a fight in fact took off his uniform, took. Off his uniform top, and, dressed. In a black t-shirt and and, his uniform pants physically. Attacked this inmate at some point in the fight Salazar, said the inmate got the upper hand and collect ler surrendered, neither, one of them visibly injured at some point in there a threat, was made from. The officer to that inmate to keep it quiet or, else he would face additional charges in. Addition to what he's here for Salazar. Said the 36, year old inmate who was in for assault related offenses, himself had gotten somewhat, mouthy with Collector though the sheriff said dealing with that is part of the job if you allow that to get to you to the point that, you feel the to physically assault somebody maybe, you need to find another line of work the sheriff said collector had only relatively, minor issues in his 16 months with bear County until, now what, this person did was, in danger every, other deputy, and every other inmate in this facility and I can't tolerate it collector is the 16th, deputy, arrested this year though Salazar, said his office will continue to, hold its members accountable and if I have to make that number 17, tonight and number, 18 tomorrow I will do that without hesitation. Quacker is already free on bond tonight but, he won't be returning to work here at the annex anytime, soon. According. To procedure he will be on unpaid, administrative leave. Pending the, rest of the criminal investigation. And the, Sheriff's Office internal affairs is also, conducting, a parallel, investigation live, at the Jana Lennox I'm Garrett Berger case, at 12 News Thank. You Garrett she had a combination, of marijuana, and prescription drugs. In her system when, she ran down and killed a man who was out for a morning walk that's according to testimony, in the woman's trial the, charge intoxication. Manslaughter, it, happened, five, years ago Paul.

Venema Explains why this case is finally going to trial. Because. She, was a victim in an unrelated sexual. Assault case we're not identifying, the woman on trial that's our policy, she, was a victim in that shocking sex, case of disgraced, former, attorney and judicial, candidate, Mark Benavides this, trial delayed, until that case was resolved, in the, summer of 2013 the. Woman, veered from Ray Ellison, drive and struck 47. Year-old Charles white ironically. Friends, say he had just taken up walking to improve his health when he was run down David, Madero. Was the first paramedic. On the scene I've, seen, a gentleman that was. Obviously. Traumatically. Injured. He. Said the situation was serious, there. Was some obvious, deformities, to. Arm and leg a. Lot. Of blood to. The back of the head, it, was a white. Died shortly after, arriving at the hospital the, woman was not injured he testified, but seemed, to be impaired, she, said that she, had smoked marijuana but, it had been a. Couple, days and then she had some sanics also but that had also been a while a field, sobriety, test was. Conducted at, the scene by SAPD. Though, they didn't detect an odor of alcohol, they were suspicious, when. We were speaking, to Cho near patrol vehicle she, was. Leaning on the patrol vehicle. Maintain. Balance no, mention of the Benavidez, case during this trial at least not up to this point the, ruling it's not relevant all. Venema, case at 12 News. Great. Our big story a very unusual case, of alleged, animal, cruelty involving, a hundred and thirty six pythons. Yep, you heard it right pythons, all, they took was someone, calling three one one and mulcair services, tried working with the owner over the last two weeks but as Jesse, they've other reports, ACS, finally. Had to seize them all even, the rats and mice they, were being fed. Inside. ACS. Vehicles, normally, used for stray, animals or sacks snugly. Tied each holding, a Python, ball, pythons, small, enough to carry large. Trash cans secured with bungee cords or, four two reticulated. Pythons, anywhere. From 10 to 15 feet long among. More than two dozen pythons, kept inside this house in glass, cages, more, than a hundred others in a padlocked, shed in the backyard that, were taken out of plastic, storage bins this is the first time I in. My eight-year career with the city hasn't encountered this amount, of snakes snakes. At ACS, says had no water and were kept in filthy conditions so. Were the mice and rats in the garage. Their food supply, allegedly. By this man who'd been handcuffed. He is right now being cooperative, to an extent his name hasn't been released but. ACS, says he was breeding the snakes to sell as an investor, who flips houses this, man says he's seen a lot but, I would say it's probably the first to come with snakes. And rats and kind of like a rat farm in the garage they're seeing all of this and knowing what was inside, those bags was, unnerving, to the neighbors I spoke to there's. Daycare down the street about a block over Highland, Park Elementary is one Street and two blocks up as far as ACS, knows no. Pythons, had escaped, even so, my, dog no popu so yeah we'll, be looking at the end real, closely Jesse, they were yellow case at 12 News. The. New information on a shooting on the northeast, side the bear county medical examiner has identified the. Victim 21. Year old kava-kava. Lucia. Krishan, Davis, was found shot to death in his car in the parking lot of the avid star at the Parkway Apartments Tuesday morning that's in the 95 hundred block of Perrin bottle road according.

To Police Davis's, mother and girlfriend were looking, for him they found his body after, using the Find My iPhone app we're. Told Davis had been shot several times so far no reports of any arrests, in connection, with the shooting new. At 6:00 a 22 year old man facing an aggravated robbery charge, after Bear County deputies say he tried to rob a former. Friend at gunpoint, according. To investigators, the victim, says he saw keenan jackson outside, a barbershop in the 2800, block of quiet. Plain Drive last week he, invited Jackson, to sit in his vehicle after catching up the victim says Jackson pulled. Out a gun and demanded his, former, friends wallet, keys and cell phone investigators. Say Jackson was seen running away from the scene in security. Video his bond has been set at, $75,000. Three. Men recovering, after they were run over in Northeast, Bear County overnight it happened on Gibbs sprong near walls I'm Road around 12:30, a.m. according. To deputies the men were walking alongside the road when the driver lost control swerved. Off the road and hit them the victims were taken to samtcy in serious, condition, the man behind the wheel was taken, in to cut when. Taken into custody of suspicious. Of being intoxicated. Take. A look with time-saver traffic right, now we, are looking at I 10 and Callahan, that's the intersection where this problem is happening the, cameras actually at I 10 west at loop 410 looks, as if there is a motor. Vehicle collision. In this area you can see not only police cruisers but also a fire engine that's directing. People around, at the crash again. This, is at I 10 and 410, and this is the camera from I 10, west at loop 410 giving, you that angle. Take. A look at live cam outside yes. There. Are showers, interviewing, area and, I, mean it's been like this all day yeah. Adam caskey it's, good it's good we see more spotty, popup, showers and, thunderstorms, very scattered in nature and, look. At this news this, number is great, the aquifer, is up eight point three feet, since. Monday and still rising it just continues to rise and respond to the recent rainfall let's, take a look at the pollen count this is a side effect of rain worth. It if you ask me mold, on the high end and it count at 8200. So it's up there and it's likely going to remain high because we're, in this weather pattern for a while this, is the view outside and, Bernie we're, seeing this a lot across South Texas today, nice downpour. Good rain shaft off in the distance there, dotting the landscape right, now we'll take a closer look at the radar and, of course talk about the weather for the rest of the week coming right up. The. UTSA, Roadrunners trying. To get on the winning track this week at home against, the Baylor Bears but the underdog, of the Alamo dome this week how the team is preparing, to take on the improving, bears still, to come in sports and, thyroid, problems, affect 200, million, people the steps that experts say you can take to move towards a better life you can start in your kitchen, it's, next at 6:00. But. First around Texas a North Texas man accused of ramming his pickup truck into a Dallas, television, station, is no, stranger to law enforcement Dallas. Police say 34, year-old Michael Chadwick, krai has, a criminal history that dates back more than 15, years Frye. Is accused, of driving his truck into the Fox affiliate, in downtown Dallas this morning then, scattering. Papers, outside, with information, on a police, shooting no one was hurt, investigators. Do not believe, he was targeting, the TV station, criminal. Records show Frye has been booked into the Denton, County Jail more than two dozen, times since. 2003. On a variety, of crimes among, them public, intoxication and, arson. South. Texas Border Patrol agents not fooled by this attempt to sneak a massive, amount of meth into the United States from Mexico on Tuesday, agents. With the Falfurrias, checkpoint say, they took another look, at the contents, in the back of a pickup after, a border patrol canine alerted them that something, fishy, was going on, we're, told the paint buckets as you see here filled with liquid met, with, liquid methamphetamine. 130. Pounds, worth more than 4.1. Million dollars, the driver of the pickup and two passengers, were arrested, the, DEA is investigating. It's. I get it quick. Oh-whoa. Without that save up on Doc Holliday red tag sale. Sale hard to describe but easy to enjoy Murray, now to call Carolina, furniture, direct buy it today Jenna, today. More. 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Shiny Building, never cured a disease, it. Takes people to do that our. People, we're. Dedicated, compassionate. Driven, healers who, wake up every day determined. To make a difference in the lives of people here, in South Texas and around the world. How. Can health care improve for everyone, we're. How and, your, why UT. Health San Antonio, I'm Gina, Ortiz Jones and I approve this message sir. No. I don't. What. Has he been up to the guy who held Congress screw up health care well heard, voted, for the Republican, tax law that'll raise taxes, on millions. Of middle-class families and increase. Health care premiums Plus gives massive tax cuts to corporations and the wealthiest 1% of Americans, you didn't mention that on TV. No. Right. This. Was, a mistake, it's, like really, really cold oh and. You guys are ok with this how cold it is wow you guys just walking in it huh just putting your feet in the snow going to Duke dude alright oh look at him whoa, dude. He just went in the icy cold water is someone gonna check on him that's crazy chickens, aren't meant to be this cold that's. Why it's sanderson farms we, never freeze our chicken guys hey I should have read the brochure Ilana Glazer Sanderson, farms, it. Doesn't matter how much money you have the same rule applies if your outgo exceeds your income your upkeep is your downfall, we, all need some financial slack spend. Less than you earn save, and invest over, the long term borrow, responsibly. That's, easier said than done, living the math can be a challenge, I know that's. Why I'm a member of credit human they provide the tools and advice we need to improve our financial health so we can spend more time on living and less, on. It's. Not get it quick it's all bunk Oh blow, it out at save up on doll holiday, red tag sale once, a year sale hard to describe but easy to enjoy Murray, now to North Carolina, furniture direct buy it today, Jenna today a. Local. Charity struggling. To find one of its most important, programs feeding. People in need all new, tonight on the Nightbeat how the city is helping and why the charity, says it may, not enough plus.

We Have disturbing, video of a naked intruder. Creeping, around a house and eventually breaking, into a teenage, girl's room, why investigators, believe he may have targeted more homes it. Stood on the Nightbeat after, shark tank. Well. Women are more at risk than men with one in eight women developing. Thyroid, problems, in her lifetime especially after. Pregnancy and menopause if. You notice symptoms like fatigue weight. Gain constipation, constipation. Or depression. Seek, treatment from your doctor but I experts, say you can also bring treatment, into your home with, how you live, Stephanie, Serna explains. It's. Only a few centimeters long with the thyroid plays, a big role the. Thyroid gland is super. Important for the body it controls, or regulates. Metabolism. It controls, energy, helps, to control our brain metabolism. Which is very important. And. And, also can affect our skin and, and, so. Having the thyroid, balanced. Within our system, affects, everything. An estimated, 27. Million Americans. Have undiagnosed, suffer. From thyroid disease, natural. Remedies are not a cure but they can lower stress, prevent, disease and make, you feel better, a healthy. Diet focusing, on citrus, fruits leafy, greens coconut, oil ginger, and whole grains like quinoa and buckwheat can, offer antioxidants. And vitamin, b12, studies. Show that apple, cider vinegar boosts. Metabolism and. Weight loss a major, issue with hypothyroidism. Also, take time to soak up the Sun and help your body generate, vitamin, D to improve immune function, or, consider taking the medicinal herb, ashwagandha. That has been used for centuries to protect, nerves and reduce inflammation. Stephanie. Serna Keitha 12news Women's. Health Network states that your stress, response can, directly, influence thyroid. Function, because the stress hormone cortisol, can, inhibit high fibroids stimulation, hormones, getting, adequate sleep, meditating. Practicing, breathing exercise. And taking, time to relax can, counter, unnecessary. Stress. All. Right the word scattered, can mean a lot of different things today, it kind. Of describes the showers out there yeah it said today's just, quintessential. When, it comes to scattered, rain it's just really, a good example of what we mean when we say that scattered popup showers and, the random in nature quite, often and that's, what we're seeing today and get, used to this weather pattern because. This is what we'll have for. Quite some time here, which is good beneficial. It's nice to have more, than just one, big. Event and then have. Nothing but sunshine for, weeks it looks like we'll have some, good showers here to stay okay let's start with our time-lapse I love this it's, it, just really encapsulates the, day you, have blue sky you have puffy, clouds you have building.

Clouds, With good vertical development, and then. As a result you. Also have some, rainfall a trace of rain at the airport officially. Today some, higher accumulations elsewhere. But not as much of a deluge as what we had a few, days ago. 93. That's our high temperature that's exactly, average and. Today. Is a. Weather, bursary, yes. The. Record high a hundred, and eleven set. Back in 2000. The highest, temperature. Ever recorded, here. In San, Antonio on this day back. 18, years ago all. Right so here's the activity on the radar screen not, a whole lot of action out there it's just widely, separated scattered. About popping. Up and it's diurnal, E driven so it's driven by the daytime, heating the heat from the Sun he. Warms up the ground that heat, radiates, upward, creates, lift, and little thermals and updrafts, and really, helps, generate these showers. Sir once that once said a cloud. Is just Nature's, Way of painting, an updraft. Wind. That goes, upward, in a weak updraft, yeah that's a very poetic way to put it huh see, more than just meteorology, here we've got some poetry for you as well notice. Just ISA Piersall a few little showers have, popped up a little bit of lightning and thunder these, aren't very long-lived, but, they're better than nothing and they just. Reinforce. The moisture that we need and really help us out especially for. The aquifer, which is still rising and continues, to respond to the recent deluge. Of rain across. The hill country still good spotty showers in the hill country really needs the rain good for it's good they're getting it locally. What we had in Bear County and San, Antonio is generally, pushing off to the west and moving, basically over the Medina Lake area and Medina. Lake should get a little splash of rain from this not a big one and even, the watershed, will get a little bit from these showers but sister. Dale down, toward Bernie some. Good downpours there and that's along that outflow boundary we were talking about at five o'clock where. We said hey there's that outflow boundary pushing into Kendall County likely. To develop more showers, there you have it yesterday at this time we were talking about the, outflow boundary and how it helps develop showers. And storms and if you missed the explanation, it is on the case that weather, page you can check it out there I had, to share this I love this it's. For my Facebook page from Jan when, I hear about scattered showers, hours remember what my mother would say the. Rain has to start and stop somewhere, that's, true I never thought of it that way but that's a good point and that's, really, what we're seeing outside so.

Dew Points right now in the low 70s, very sticky we have the oppressive humidity temperature. Now at 83, we rain cooled air last, hour we, were 90 degrees now, we're down to 83, at the airport because that little shower that moved overhead, 74. In Kerrville Rock Springs 79, we've, all 93, in Eagle Pass where, we have some sunshine and temperatures, across the state you see some 70s you see some eighties but. No, triple, digits. Not. Today there's. A look at that rain all across Texas. Good, soaking, showers this, is a great, pattern and we're going to see more of this every. Day all the way through the weekend the. Remnants of what was dropped storm Gordon now, a swirl, in the atmosphere, with a lot of rain and a lot of moisture slowly. Moving, through the South the, southern US and the southeastern. States that's, not going to affect us but it is going to bring a lot of rain to parts of the south because it's slowing down and being steered around that upper-level high so. Some scattered showers remaining, around 8 p.m. but, that's about sunset, and beyond sunset, I don't expect much in terms of rain just a few isolated little, pop-up. Sprinkles, here and there light, showers, very isolated. In nature temps, falling, through the 80s this evening tomorrow, we'll start the day at 75, it's going to look and feel exactly, like today and get. Used to that pattern I mean so, often in the summertime we. Were saying yeah, same thing every day sunny, in 100, okay now we can say same thing every day not. Overly. Hot you know low 90s, with daily. Popup, showers and, storms, they're, hard to plan around though I will admit because, there they pop up randomly, and so they're hard to plan around but they don't last very long yeah. I like how the, puffy clouds, get us all in a good mood the temperatures, are lower so right. Now gonna complain about the nighties yeah no we're, okay with that are you in college you know you have exams in college football you also have tests well I tell you what this is a huge test because Jimbo Fisher admitted, they didn't tell him that Clemson on the on.

The Schedule, until they got him to sign on the dotted line and he knows all about Clemson because he's coming from Florida State so when we come back the Aggie station the best offensive, line in college football this weekend, and just. What the horns orphans needed the Tulsa, defense, which is terrible. Coming up. Four. Years ago I made some big, promises and. I work every day to keep them here. In Texas, jobs, are booming wages. Are rising and, unemployment. Hit record lows schools. Are stronger, high, school graduation, rates are at all-time highs. Families. Are safer we're, locking up thousands. Of dangerous, that gang members we've. Achieved a lot now. Promise, you one more thing we're. Just getting, started. This. Is the story of John Smith not. This John Smith. For. Any of the other hundreds, of John Smith's that are Humana Medicare Advantage, members. No. It's, this John Smith who we paired with a humanity, member to help address his own specific. Health needs at. Humana. We take a personal, approach to your health to, provide care that's just as unique as you, no. Matter what your name is. You. Too can drive home a winner this Saturday, over one hundred and forty thousand dollars in cash and prizes will, be won at Cash Ana's huge outdoor giveaway there are our leroy starting, at five pm and a grand prize of a new 2018. Chevy silverado truck, a honda, side by side and a yeti cooler, plus for more grand prize winners, and two, bonus, hot seat drawings at 11:00 and midnight at, cascada, Louisiana's. Best bet. In. Sister Dale tomorrow we'll have increasing, rain chances in the afternoon and, a high of 90. Bosses. Bullies, come taste of Doris El Paso's, rich and powerful stay, that way by controlling, politicians, like, beige well Roarke as, councilman, bado carried, water for his wealthy father-in-law that developer. Behind a downtown, redevelopment scheme. Pushing. The city to bulldoze, an historic, Hispanic, neighborhood, using eminent domain, a government. Working ball displacing, poor families, too in which his own fatal dumb Club. For Growth actions responsible, for the content of this advertising the, bad things can happen and justice. Can be hard to find if you've been hurt in a car crash pick up the phone now and call 844. Law, guns. John. Killed himself I. Had. No idea he. Was depressed your. Honor. Maybe, John's death is a wake-up call. My hair for you. As, bad, as this seems there is good. Million. Little things a new trauma Wednesday, September 26th. On ABC. Lies. Ahead the second-best team in the nation according to latest college football poll from The Associated Press victims, and Tigers now coming off a season opening 50, 97, victory over Northwestern, State at home the Aggies know they have a much different opponent this Saturday at Kyle Field former reagan star Kellen mine is now the Aggie starting quarterback and even in a lot sided win against Northwestern State he was sacked twice now, the Aggies have to go up against arguably, the best defensive, line in all of college football. Coach. Fisher's comic impose you know you know the understanding, you know the situation, he's played them for you know numerous, one of years so he's, know what you know what they have to do with their strong the weaknesses and you, know just, says. You know just got there I know you have a great game plan for us I feel really confident, a lot of it coming from some. Of the players, treyvion obviously, gives me a lot of confidence that's, being in the backfield together, and then. The offensive line kind, of know the hard, work that they've put in this offseason that, gives me a lot of confidence all.

Right Kick off on Saturday at Kyle Field set for 6 p.m. of all the highs in the debut of our hour-long night beat now on Saturday's. Season. Opener and the Tom Herman era fans were surprised they did not see any anger for the players who lost a game they were favored to, win by, 13, points against a team that was playing with an interim coach following the death of a teammate a Monday their head coach told his players who loses, a fumarole home feeling they had on Sunday to get ready for Tulsa and after being 13-point favors over Maryland the horns are 23, point favors against the Golden Hurricane maybe. One, reason why is that the Tulsa defense gave up an average of over five hundred and twenty eight yards per game last season maybe, just with the horns inconsistent, offense that produced three critical, turnovers in the fourth quarter needs this week. There. Is absolutely nothing that we can do to change the past and if we want to if we want to be a great team that we still have the capability. Of doing we have to move forward and. So that that's day in and day out with your attitude and your, mentality around the facility, it, has to be everything has to be up-tempo, and. Positive. And energetic and. That's how you that's how you respond, from from a loss kickoff. At Royal Memorial Stadium on Saturday is now set for 7:00 p.m.. 4097. Loss to Arizona State when they host Baylor this Saturday in their home opener in the Alamodome but, this is not the same Baylor team that the Roadrunners beat last season 17 to 10 and what was one of the biggest wins of the UTSA, football program now at the time the Bears football program, was recovering, from the sex scandal that rocked the university with a new head coach and mat rule who was hired after our brows was fired Baylor, would finish one at 11:00 last season an indication that the program is getting better now can be found in the bears 55, to 27 victory, over Abilene Christian in their season opener one, reason why the road runners are fourteen point underdogs. At home. Trying. To slow them down offensively, they're they're high power to have to receive a position, they have two guys that are on their track. Team. And. Then they're one. Of the better track teams in America Baylor. Is their. Explosive, from, that aspect and then the, next challenge is just trying, to generate some offense we, need to be able to get them in the end zone this week kickoff, in the Alamo dome on Saturday you set for 6:00 p.m. in kcal sports we'll be there and the Alliance of American football has confirmed that former Madison and TCU running back Aaron green will be joining the new team set to debut here in San Antonio this February, on the Sunday, after, the Super, Bowl so getting some local, talent back, home, to help this team kick off the new season it seems to be important to this team in the league yes definitely, yeah thanks, Cory it's, Tilikum at 6 as the search for a cure for, Alzheimer's disease gets, closer a growing, number of Hispanics, are living, with that disease why researchers, say that is a major cause for concern, and, judge Brett Kavanaugh, back on this seed in the nation's capital for day two in, a Supreme Court confirmation, hearing, how, he responded. To Democrats, top, concerns, coming up next at six. Rivals. Glad it's. The best of high school football, expect. More highlights, the, best plays taste, that goes for, guys have your game. The. Only way for me to be able to deliver for the people Texas is to drive, to. All 254. Counties regardless. Of party or background, or geography we've, got to work with others who sometimes don't see things just the way that we do. Tonight. It's the Goldbergs American. Housewife, modern family American. Housewife shark. Tank and the Nightbeat. The. Polaris, factory, authorized clearance, is here, get the year's biggest deals on the world's best-selling off-road. Lineup. The time to buy with, rebates, up to $2,000. Get, rolling, at polaris.com. We're. Betty Ann Lewis of Pleasanton. And we love rebalance, San Antonio the, old bathroom was outdated and my wife needed, a walk-in, shower and that's it let's see rebound for son Tony Oh we picked what we won it from head to toe when they came in and did it in the final product oh my god it was exactly what we think my. Favorite. Part really, is the whole bathroom because I love it a tree. Bath we only remodel, bathrooms, if you're thinking about remodeling your bathroom we, would love to earn your business, the. Perfect, bed is your personal. Oasis, a reflection. Of your style and needs, that's why Lewis shanks offers an infinite, selection of fine home furnishings, in every, style visit, our custom design Center where you can customize something, that perfectly, fits you or, partner.

With One of our experienced, designers, to help make your dream, home a reality. Or. One, piece at a time, Louis shanks furniture, we, live to help you love where, you live in. Afghanistan, Iran undercover, operations, for the CIA working. Side-by-side with the brave men and women in our military. You. Shared a mission keep, America safe and leave, no one behind, I'm, will heard in my entire adult. Life I've, been fighting along with and, on behalf of our veterans ensuring. That those who sacrifice, for us receive. The health care they earn. And. Friendships. Person, that you trust with your wife and, your kids and. It's just being able to have the hard conversations. To. Listen a. Million. Little things a new drama September, 26th, on ABC, new, Goodwin 58 five we, are circle case secret, word of the day. The. Protesters, not letting up on day two of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court confirmation, hearing even as senators, grilled him about where he stands on important, issues from abortion to the Second Amendment to presidential, powers, ABC's. Janine Orman in Washington, with more. Protesters. Chanted, yelled and interrupted. Day two of Judge Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings but that didn't stop senators, from getting down to business you are a, Republican. Is that true I. Work. For a lot of Republicans. President. For hours, senators, grilled the nominee, one, major issue he, anticipated. Facing abortion. I understand, the. Importance, that people attached to, the roe v-- wade decision. To the Planned Parenthood versus, Casey decision. I. Don't. Live in a bubble I understand. I live, in the real world and a top concern for Democrats, is where Cavanaugh, stands on presidential, powers in the, event the Supreme Court hears cases related, to the president, like the molar investigation. He, previously, wrote president shouldn't be burdened, by civil, litigation, criminal, investigation. And possible. Prosecution, can. A sitting, president be. Required, to respond, to a subpoena, my understanding. Is that, you're asking me to give my view, on. A potential. Hypothetical. And that's something that the every. Each, of the eight justices, currently, sitting on the Supreme Court when they're sitting in my seat. Declined. To, decide. Potential. Hypothetical. Cases, and. The tough questions from senators, are expected, to continue tomorrow. Publicans want Cavanaugh confirmed, by the first week of October before, the Supreme Court decides which cases, they'll hear next session, and so, far Republicans have the votes to do it janae Norman ABC, News Washington. San. Antonio police looking, for a driver in an overnight hit-and-run, on the city's northeast side it happened, a little after midnight, along, the loop of 410, access, road near parent, Idol according, to officers the victim was riding when, he was struck by a black vehicle we're told the driver never, stopped, the victim was taken to Sam C with head trauma, police say the driver when. They catch up with them will be charged with failure to stop and render aid. Next. At six September, is Alzheimer's Awareness, Month and there is a growing concern, when it comes to Latinos, the, administration. On Aging says, the number of Latinos living with Alzheimer's could. Increase, by eight hundred and thirty two percent by. 2060. An Institute.

Right Here in San Antonio is studying, just how Alzheimer's. Affects Hispanics. And the lead researcher, tells Erika, Hernandez, how the medical, field may be close, to finding a cure. Right. Now in the United, States Latinos. Are the largest minority group by. The year 2030. The Latino population who. Are 65, and older will, increase, by two hundred, and twenty, four percent, those. Growing, numbers worried, doctors, as there is a lack of research. Being done on, how, Alzheimer's, affects the, Hispanic, community the, people in South Texas the, Hispanic, population has. Not been studied in, these. With. Regard to their risk factors, and what's special about them, even. They get dementia, dr., sudo Seshadri, is the founder, of the Glen Biggs Institute, for Alzheimer's, and neurodegenerative, diseases. At, UT, Health San Antonio, currently. Several studies, are being done at the Institute on Hispanic, patients from. San Antonio and, South Texas according. To the Alzheimer's Association, right. Now 5.7. Million Americans, are living with the disease by. 2050, that number is projected to rise to nearly 14. Million. And for Hispanics, their, numbers increase more than any other, demographic we. Know that Hispanics, may have different risk factors there's more diabetes there's, more vascular, disease this, could be one way in which they get more, dementia, currently, the Biggs Institute, is really looking at Alzheimer's at every, angle and the Institute, is also starting a program for caregivers, we, are also exploring, ways in which San, Antonio can be a more dementia friendly City with. More attention, and funding, being, done on Alzheimer's, dr. Sheshadri truly. Believes a cure, will, be found Erica. If not this case at 12 News. The. Third time San Antonio will hold the annual World, Heritage, Festival where, things kicked off at the Alamo this morning, is celebrating not just the Alamo but all of the missions as world landmarks, officially. Recognized, through UNESCO, this, year's festival is that an, official try centennial, event over, the next five days the city will celebrate and promote the San Antonio missions and, its heritage the, missions are the, only UNESCO. Heritage site in Texas, city and county elected officials, kicked off the festival saying. They hope this festival, will promote, missions, not just locally, but also, as worldwide landmarks. They. Will celebrate our history and enhance our cultural tourism and support. Of our efforts to grow San Antonio as an international, destination, the. Festivities, will kick off with a sunset, picnic, tomorrow night at Mission San Juan farm, followed. By the restored. By light event, Friday night and family-friendly activities and entertainment bright, and early saturday is the tour, de los miss Ionis bike, ride, and 5k, and 10k walks, and runs with the mission Pechanga all day Saturday, with a music lineup and food trucks. Uber. Uber. Is rolling out a new community guideline to get better behavior, from its customers or. The ride-sharing service. Says it will do two users. With bad ratings, don't become doctors. And dietitians say, needs what, needs to be in your diet if you want to be eating heart-healthy, it's next to six.

Never. Ever pay your full deductible. Choose, miracle, body and paint we, discount, deductibles, you can't, wish your fat away but you can sculpt. It away without surgery, and with the most advanced technology that permanently, destroys, fat I did, it you can to go, see the body shaping experts, I trust at sculpt away learn more at, silt Wacom, Vic. O'Rourke, says there's no crisis, on the border of course. There is an awards. Part of the problem, rolling. Out the red carpet for, illegal, immigrants, taxpayer-funded. Benefits, sanctuary. Cities, while voting against, body armor for Texas sheriff's patrolling, the border. Talking. About abolishing ice giving. Free rein to Mexican, drug cartels. Lawless. Borders, reckless. Politician. That's fatal, roar Texans, are is responsible, for the content of this advertising now. It comes home plus save a lot of green during on Labor Day red, white and blue tag sale save up to 35% or, more on red tag appliances, save 50%, on, white tag furniture, bonus offers and save up that, $1,900. On blue tag big-screen, TVs what, a low monthly payment, good credit or no credit we've, got you covered go to cons come, to get approved. More. And more people are finding themselves in a Chevy for the first time. You. Can too during the Chevy Labor Day sales event. Now. Use Labor Day cash to get a total value of 80 750 on this Silverado Texas Edition plus trade up and get an additional 30, to 50 total cash allowance when you finance with GM financial this, Labor Day discover why Chevy is the most awarded, and fastest-growing, brand, the last four years over. Staying. Active and eating right are keys to slimming, the waistline but are you eating a heart-healthy diet. Miss Tiffany Huertas reports it's more than just avoiding, processed foods. Focusing. On your heart starts, with what you eat a high-fiber. Diet is, very good for your heart legumes. Such as beans lentils. Chickpeas, and. Black-eyed, peas are full, of soluble, fiber, acting. Like a sponge, to soak up the bad LDL cholesterol. Your. Raw. Vegetables, your cooked vegetables, are also going to be good for fiber you don't find any fiber and animal products so, a heart-healthy, diet is going to be lots and lots of plants dark, leafy, greens, such, as spinach and, kale are full, of potassium magnesium, and. Calcium, these. Mighty minerals, help regulate your blood pressure both. Olive oil and avocados. Are great sources of monounsaturated. Fatty. Acids, which. Keep your bad LDL, cholesterol levels, in check and promote, good HDL. Cholesterol levels. Fatty, fish like salmon is packed with long-chain. Omega-3s. These. Compounds.

Help Lower blood pressure make. Blood less likely, to clot and keep, blood vessels, healthy, but. Balance, is key so don't focus on eating one or two healthy, foods and ignore, the rest of your diet Tiffany. What does ke sath 12 News. And. Here's a live look outside it's, a beautiful, day a lot of scattered, showers out there this sounds 83, degrees can you believe that I'll take it yeah. We're 10 degrees down from our high temperature, earlier today we made it to, 93. For the high temperature, which is exactly, average, for, the day today and I love seeing those scattered showers across the area you see them on the city cam and you can even just go outside and, you'll see, them out there as well way off in the distance those big showers that, pop up we'll take a closer look at the radar how, much rain fell today you've. Got the most coming right up. Folks. If you look out your window we're flying over I ops delicious, international, pancake combos tres. Leches, pancakes. Go. On a vacation with, international, pancakes at IHOP starting, at $4.99, I'm. Mike I'm Jed I'm mark and we're lifelong farmers who had the crazy idea to start an all organic farm, in South Texas here, it's an awesome farms our soil is the key to grow an incredible, organic produce for HEV they've. I almost everything, we grow over, half a million pounds of produce every year like. Beets, Swiss chard and kale they. Buy it as fast as we grow it guess. We weren't so crazy after all this. Is the Texas organics, department at HEB no. Store does more than my ATV my. Mom's stuff, she, came to this country raised. Me as a single mom, when. She got sick cancer. Learned how tough she really, is but, so did the insurance companies. I'm, Gina Ortiz Jones and I approve this message. Because, no one should, have to fight to make insurance companies pay while, they're fighting for their lives, affordable. Health care is something we all deserve in Congress. I'll be tough enough to make sure we get it because. I had a great example, the. Aquifer, continues to rise from the recent rainfall up over eight feet since. Monday, as for, the pollen count we have mold which is high with the count of over 8200. Spam. Don't. Knock it till, you fried it. Sizzle. Port, and. You. Can't wish your fat away but, you can sculpt. It away without surgery, and with the most advanced, technology that permanently destroys, fat I did, it you can to go, see the body shaping experts, I trust at sculpt away learn more at, silt Wacom. In, the buns that looks like Joe is taking what she learned on the facts of life and using it to take a shot at the Mirrorball trophy Nancy. McKeon joining. The celebrities, to compete on the 27th, season of Dancing, with the Stars she's, best known of course for her role as Joe on the 1980, NBC, sitcom, the facts, of life I remember that the, now 52, year old McKeon, is the first star announced for the cast the rest will be revealed next Wednesday, Dancing, with the Stars season, 27, premieres, Monday September, 24th.

Right, Here on case at all right, as we move on past bad behavior, could come back to haunt over customers, who, were less than kind during, rides with the rideshare, service, uber updated. Its community guidelines trying. To get rid of some of its rudest, customers, according to new rules customers. With, consistently. Low ratings. Can, now be removed from the app the, change focuses, on passengers, in Australia. And New, Zealand, uber, drivers rate passengers, on a scale, of one to five stars users. Worth ratings of four stars or less were reportedly, at risk of being removed and the score is based on an average of, the previous, 500. Trips writers. With suspended, accounts, will not be able to use the uber or uber, etes apps no, word yet on whether the new riders score, a police, is coming, to other countries. Interesting. All right if you're thinking about ordering a pizza for dinner you might want to hold the toppings, keep it simple it, is national cheese, pizza, day the pizzas we enjoy actually, began in Italy as a Neapolitan. Flatbread. Now, the original pizza used, only mozzarella. Cheese most, of that was produced in their surroundings. Of navels, the first u.s., Pizza establishment. Opened its in New York in New York's a Little Italy neighborhood, back in 1905. It is estimated, that about two, billion, pounds of pizza cheese was produced, in the u.s. in, 1997. Now my kids are big cheese, pizza, fans I could see why it's mozzarella, it's the best if they're gonna see if they're gonna add anything it's like pineapple. Well that sounds good too yeah, not so much for me to say like. How. Does the most boring type of pizza get its own day. It's. A guy in the basement up. In Saskatchewan. Yeah like coming up with cheese that we need to sell some cheese houses he's in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in, a basement with like seven screens, and. Is that all these different like Facebook, accounts, all that stuff he comes up with these calendar okay all, right do. You know what maybe. You do will, soon it I hope he never runs into them because I Adam is not a fan of a national day of whatever no. But I have some cool stuff to show you okay yeah, yes. I love having good stuff on the radar so, we'll get to that and I also have some good pictures to share with you and keep in mind this is, ideal. Rainbow, making, weather so keep that in mind this evening go. Outside take a peek outside especially if you have any showers, around. Your area this is a converse. Earlier this afternoon then, of course we have New Braunfels good, downpours, really good rain shafts out there and, already our first, rainbow, picture, came in from San Antonio and, in, order to see a rainbow you have to have your back, to the Sun so keep. That in mind little reminder there here's the Drought Monitor along, with the radar since Monday and this is just beautiful, the areas that needed the rain the most really. Get in the rain the. Red. Indicates. The extreme, and the exceptional, drought closer, to the border and we've had some good showers, in that, area and elsewhere, as well but it's one of those situations where, we've, had a lot of little outflow, boundaries come together and some of that's just luck of the draw in terms, of where the rain actually, pops up. Finally. We're starting to see that activity eastward, along the coastal plain today with, the more general popup. Showers and, thunderstorms, but right, now a bit, of activity a little line that, has developed it's a ragged. Line but it's along an outflow boundary that is gaining. Some steam as it moves westward, in the hill country when, we're talking in Kendall County here and just, crossing over Medina Lake and pushing, westward into Bandera counties sister Dale even, some heavy rainfall but you're starting to get on the back edge of this here this was all formed.

From An outflow boundary earlier, and that's still pushing westward so it's come together a little bit not expecting, anything severe, but good, soaking rain associated, with that for sure along, the coastal plain rain has pretty much come, to an end and fizzled out south, of town still, some good soakers, out there good for some ranches south to town and in, the hill country oh okay, look at this here we go Oh wrong. Button hold on let, me fix that wrong, button again okay. Technology. God I love, it, alright, here we go now we're getting it I get. Excited in you know these situations so alright we picked the right one here we go and, we have some outflow boundaries that are coming together and. They. Oh here we go yep there it is okay so basically, from. Keaney, County to Uvalde county where we have these two lines they look like little boomerangs. Those are outflow boundaries from those thunderstorms just like what we talked about yesterday they're. Coming together and will collide, basically. Right on the county line and I'd. Be surprised if they didn't pop, up some, showers and thunderstorms so, we'll, watch that around. Here nothing, on the radar screen at the moment in. Terms of rain so far today decent, amount along the border over an inch estimated, it even in parts of the hill country which, is where we really need that rainfall high, temperatures, we made it to 93, in town that's exactly average, 84, Rock Springs 90. In Kerrville but temperatures have changed a lot because of the rain cooled air they're all over the place in these weather patterns and, that's gonna be the case all week, we were talking 70s, in many spots 90s. Where we have sunshine and temperatures, just go up and down you get hit by a shower temperature, drops 10 degrees sunshine. In an hour later it's back up 10, degrees so. Big, fluctuations. You can see the mixture of Sun and clouds throughout, the day today and luckily, those clouds have good vertical development and good buoyancy, in those clouds so the the parcels of air that rise, they. They're warmer, than the surrounding air and a ball gives us good development, anyway there's, a look at the spiral. Which is the. Remnants, of tropical storm Gordon, now a tropical depression not a big deal what you see across Texas, now is what, you're going to see for. The rest of the week and into the weekend, good, scattered, popup showers outflow. Boundaries coming, together outflow. Boundaries cool new off and rain. Continuing, to soak some area lawns, and of course the, aquifer, tomorrow we'll start the day at 75, make it into the lower 90s again and, we're just going to repeat this all the way through the weekend but I increase, the coverage of the rain on Sunday because of more, upper level support dropping. In we. Love to have upper level support enjoy, it while we can yep all right thanks Adam in case you missed it is coming up next. Is. It not the most amazing, thing you, have ever seen at Miracle, Method they take ugly bathrooms, and bring them back to life no.

More Dirty grout lines crack tiles and outdated colors, don't. Replace, refinish. Visit us at Miracle Method comm, bosses. Rawley's, conquistadores. El Paso's rich and powerful stay, that way by controlling, politicians, like, Pedro Rourke as, councilman, bado carried, water for his wealthy father-in-law that, developer, behind a downtown, redevelopment scheme. Pushing, the city to bulldoze, an historic, Hispanic, neighborhood, using eminent domain of government. In bonus placing poor families, to enrich his own bait o dub, club. For growth actions responsible, for the content of this advertising and, Carib in sha it's our goal to provide you a higher level of service Google Caravan, show our call to to to 2288. That's two two two two two eight eight. Hello. This is George Strait when, I have a day off I like to be outside in, this beautiful, state of ours not, just anywhere though I make, my way to rock fort Fulton, it's. Where I go to get away I hope. You'll discover, it for yourself and, find yourself, in Rockport, Texas soon. See. The elephants, tigers dogs Arial accent world record-holder human, cannonball, at their Shrine Circus enjoy, the Magnificent, elephants while you still can and make memories for a lifetime bring the family one and all to the Shrine Circus come. See the elephants at the Shrine Circus this. Weekend, at Joe Freeman Coliseum. Wherever. We are compassion. Is wherever. We are healing, is wherever. We are diabetes. And Alzheimer's are, being defeated, because. Wherever we are whether. It's the lab the classroom, the doctor's office or, any of the over 100, places in South Texas that you'll find us we're, creating, new ways to care how. Can the most advanced, care also be the most convenient, where. How and your. Why, UT. Health San Antonio. Yesterday. I couldn't look at them now I can't stop, looking, at Miracle. Method they take ugly countertops, and make them beautiful wait until you see the bathroom don't replace refinish. Visit us at Miracle Method com. Emad. Premieres, this Monday you. See. Here's. Today's in case you missed it. Wednesday. It, is September. 5th late-breaking news and, snakes, more than $100 being seized right now by animal care services, from a home on San Antonio's East Side this, all happening on cave near South New Braunfels Avenue. Snakes. Making. Sure we're not missing any severe dehydration fever, with chills and shivers, and extreme stomach cramps these are just a few of the symptoms suffered in recent days by, people who say they got sick after, eating, at the same restaurant. Complaints. For this pasta grill metropolitan. Passengers. Taken to a hospital after, getting sick on a flight the, flight came from Dubai and with quarantined, as soon as it landed at JFK Airport it's. Unclear, what made the passengers, sick but one witness claims a large number, of people were sick even before the flight took off a homeless man's act of kindness led to a four hundred thousand. Dollar GoFundMe. Fundraiser to presumably. Help him but the couple who set up that GoFundMe. Is accused, of spending a large portion of the money on themselves the, homeless man is, now suing alone, it a rare move today the New York Times printed, an op-ed, by, a senior, Trump official who was not identified but. Who The Times say they know saying, quote many, of the senior officials in his own administration are, working, diligently from within to frustrate, parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations, and. If. You have a car you could get cash with, a title owned at speedy cash you get more cash up to ten thousand, dollars for any maker model apply, for a title loan at speedy cash today and unlock, more cash. More. And more people are finding themselves in a Chevy for the first time. You. Can too during the Chevy Labor Day sales event. Now. Use Labor Day cash to get a total value of 87 50 on this Silverado Texas Edition plus trade up and get an additional 30 to 50 total cash allowance when you finance with GM financial this, Labor Day discover, why Chevy, is the most awarded, and fastest-growing, brand, the last four years overall.

Chevy. Drives Texas roads. Don't. Miss the red white and blue tag sale now at cons, home Plus save, up to 35%, or more on red tag appliances, tax play with a four two six one four to see all the deals in store. The. Only way for me to be able to deliver for the people in Texas is to thrive so, all 254. Counties regardless. Of party or background, or geography we've, got to work with others who sometimes don't see things just the way that we do. More. And more people are finding themselves in a Chevy for the first time. You. Can too during the Chevy Labor Day sales event. Now. Use Labor Day cash to get a total value of 80 750, on this silverado Texas Edition plus trade up and get an additional 30 to 50 total cash allowance when you finance with GM financial, this, Labor Day discover why Chevy is the most awarded, and fastest-growing, brand, the last four years overall. You. Can't wish your fat away but you can sculpt. It away without surgery, and with the most advanced technology that permanently destroys, fat I did, it you can to go see the body shaping experts, I trust at sculpt away learn more at, silt wacom, if. You have a car you, could get cash with, a title owned at speedy cash you get more cash up to ten thousand, dollars for any maker model apply, for a title loan at speedy cash today and unlock, more cash. At. Haven foot hope they provide three, meals a day every, day of the year tonight, why the local, group behind this program, is now asking the City Council, to help fund their good works, plus. Were in a very favorable pattern. For rainfall of, the latest look at the radar coming, up in the night b210, footage. Not seen for decades a weather event that. Unlike. Any San Antonio and much of South Texas had ever seen the blood of 98 now streaming on KCTV. It's. Nice to see this activity moving into the hill country moving. East to west from sister Dale down just, about into Bandera, we've got a ragged. Line of thunderstorms. That's pushing westward through Bandera, County and that rain is falling over the medida Lake watershed just. Be ready out there all, right thanks for training else will see you tonight on the night good, night.

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