KSAT Special: '300 Years of San Antonio: Day of Reflection'

KSAT Special: '300 Years of San Antonio: Day of Reflection'

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300, years ago an expedition. And adventure launched, from islands surrounded, by water across, the sea to a new land filled, with water in fact, a river ran through it barking the spots where missions, would grow as spotter, concepción, sand. Was say San Juan San, Antonio de Valero and, of, course the, first Catholic Church, San, Fernando the. Soul and the center of a new municipality. Those. Canary Islanders, would build and live around the new main plaza next. To Spain's governor's, palace the, Presidio soldiers, and of course those, who were already here, the. Indian the, mikanos, the Friars and many other groups, melding. Together with, the few battles, along the way and as, we moved past them. San Antonio, expanded. Establishing. Landmarks, legacies. Traditions. And many, many firsts, a culture. Unique in the world a culture. To be proud of. Is three centuries of that amazing story, this. Is 300. Years of San Antonio. Hello. I'm Ursula Perry and welcome, to the city's biggest, celebration. In 300, years live, here, in main plaza it, is. San Antonio's, tricentennial, birthday. On this, day in 1718. Our history, as a city began to emerge the, Mission San Antonio, de Valero later, known as the Alamo was established, tonight. It's our job to begin telling you that story tonight. We are taking you to the first, 150. Years of San Antonio, the drama the, major milestones, the accomplishments. But also a few stories that you may never have heard before a lot, of different cultures, had to come together to make the San Antonio of today it, was not easy to say the least, and that, is where we start. Deep. In the scrolls and documents, written by the meticulous, record-keeping Spanish. And saved for 300. Years you'll, find it May, 1st. 1718. The. Spanish governor of Kokila Ethan Haas officially. Giving the mission to San Antonio de Valero what, we call the Alamo today to, friar antonio. Livadas. His, job to work with the native indians already here and build, up a mission creating, new Christians, for the King those. Missionaries, joined, by Spanish, Presidio, soldiers, had, another assignment to, survival. Well they find this valley, right. Here I said, perfect, place lots, of water abundant. Animals, a lot of fish in the river good, soil they, just think this is the right spot there was no dominant, culture in this particular no dominant native culture that was here at the time that, it was kind of that the Apaches, would come down from the hill country you had to hasta Maya in East Texas that would come together and that frankly they would trade here and sometimes they would kind of prey on the the local tribes that were here but, instead of a 10-year, project the Spanish, would try for a hundred. Years, first, problem no, one much was here yet, aside, from the Indians, they were here to convert and a group of vecinos, local, families Spain, knew it had a problem and, so all the Southwest it's. Ours but nobody's here okay. If nobody's, here, then. What, about somebody else like the, neighbors to the east the, French were, who are in Louisiana, saying Spain, can say they own Texas, but there's nobody there let's go get it inter the next way a new, group of hearty canary Islanders, who arrived in 1731.

The. King's new settlers had it so hard in fact researchers. Say had, it not been for one illegal. Practice, at this, juncture, San, Antonio might not have survived. What. Very well might have contributed most to San Antonio is real seeding, the really the influx of royal resources, and people and stuff like that was, a smuggling ring was. That San Antonio that the the Presidio commanders the military commanders of the Texas area we're, running, a smuggling, operation Spain's. Trade laws at the time were tough so these first settin Tony ins began a long-standing. Tradition it's. This new concentration of resources that give San Antonio a critical mass that leads, to then settlement. By the families, of these original soldiers, the missionaries themselves Native, American converts the canary Islanders and just a slow trickle of natural migration up from the central. Part of Mexico and. The natural increase of the population that's already there and so began the town of San Fernando that's. Right it would not be called San Antonio, for a long long time but, that's another story, meantime. Those early settlers would defend against, and depend, upon the Indians, of the region and their, traditions, for from here to there still. Being practiced today, here's. Jesse Duke we although the, next time you're caught in traffic on i-35 or, highway 281, stop. And take a moment to, appreciate the, history, of your journey in fact you're traveling in the footsteps of not, only San Antonio's earliest, Spanish, and Mexican settlers, you're, walking, on what some might call happy, hunting, grounds, there, were old, roads. From. Animals. We. Followed the animals if you find you ednan this is the chief of the Dale one Band of Mission Indians of San Antonio, he, and his cousin Troy Guerrero our descendents who grew up the San Antonio Indian. Way following. The old animal, trails that became Indian, paths then, our roads, many, of which followed, life-giving, waters, take, Highway 181, and have none this is preferred, route to, the coast, 181.

Was, One of the oldest roads because. That was a slow road but, there was always the, river we had to find access to water, what, are we gonna eat we wish to move when. The, animals, would move would, kill. Just. For what we need this, Park Service map shows, the biggest, of the old roads dating back to the 1600s. El Camino Real or Kings Highway stretched. From Guerrero Mexico to. Natchitoches, Parish in. Louisiana there, were four routes and camino al de las lajas old, san antonio, road lower, road and Laredo, Road. All of which exists, today, although efforts, to preserve their importance, are lacking much support, it's, not just one road because it's actually it's, several roads and so they're partly seasonal, go back and if you look at a map if you're trying to travel from northern Mexico to eastern North America in. The 1700s, you're gonna go through San Antonio but it has to do with those same roads the same roads that of course the Indians knew it had been trading on for for, hundreds or thousands, of years it was the main source of safe travel, through the decades including, this, one I remember, traveling, on that when. I was six and seven years old was, my dad my mom we. Used. To go down, to. Sinton. Tap. Another, and we used to pick up pick cotton and that's. My memory of the Camino Real highway. 281. 181. But it's not just highways. It's our roads in town, too many, of them were oldest a keas we're old bitches world irrigation. Canals you know that San Pedro that Main Street Broadway you know with these were all irrigation, canals that later got paved over because. They were you know right subway goes right through the city the old ways holding, steady today. Many. Journeys, would begin on those, roads right here at the steps of San Fernando Cathedral. Coming, up we're gonna bring you a live, historical. Event it's called the ringing of the bells for, every, religious, place in San Antonio participating. Including our missions, will be ringing. Their bells on, this try Centennial, day of reflection, we've, also got a candlelight, vigil that's, about to begin we, are all ready, for it but first let's, find out how we got our name our, first church and that first city leader too that's.

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Imagine. What the city would be like if we had a different name what, if we were named Corpus Christi instead of San Antonio, would, our beloved river be called the Corpus Christi Riverwalk or, how, about our favorite sports team the Corpus Christi Spurs it. Sounds, funny but that actually. Almost happened, if the Spanish explorers, didn't arrive in the nick of time if, they'd gotten here one day later we would be Corpus, Christi, I said how's that he said because. Corpus. Christi was a moveable, feast and, I happen to know that in 1691. It was on June 14th. So. If we'd have been Corpus Christi who knows what that town of the coast would have been nearly, 27, years before, the founding of our city a group, of Spanish, explorers, and missionaries discovered. A stream of water and would name this new land it, was the practice, of the Spanish, explorers, that when, they came upon a new place they would name it for the saint whose feast that was. June, 13, 90. 1 they got here and that was the feast day of Saint Anthony so that's, what they named it so instead of Corpus we got Saint Anthony of Padua a Portuguese. Catholic, priest and friar of the Franciscan, Order he. Was known as the church's most acclaimed, Catholic, expert, with, an extensive, knowledge of Scripture, also. You might have offered a prior to st. Anthony before because. He's known as the patron, saint of lost or, stolen items, of course. One, thing that needed to be found at the time was, the city's name the. City of San Fernando while, a nice name did, not stick, in fact. We went through a name change at least five, times, I, can make it more confusing, in. 1837. For reasons that I could never uncover, they changed San Fernando back, to San Antonio following. The War of Independence we. Were officially, recognized, as the city of San Antonio in the county of behad, we. Got behad from Manuel Lopez, de zuñiga estar, mento de siiva a Spanish. War hero who was also the, 10th Duke of behad an, earlier expedition had, named this, for. The Duke of Behar who was a was, the brother of the Spanish, at that time Viceroy, so why do we pronounce it bear.

Turns. Out our Anglo, settlers in Texas could, not pronounce the harsh Spanish, hat sound of the hod so. Simply ignored it they, used instead, the word bear adding. A bit more confusion. To our already meandering. Road to a name he's. His real metal case at 12news. Welcome. Back to main plaza and the stunning San Fernando Cathedral, the candlelight, vigil underway, right now we're, also awaiting, a one-of-a-kind, event a citywide ringing, of church bells, we. Are going to take a walk back through the centuries now. Believe. It or not we, are not standing in the front to the san fernando cathedral, at, least not how it was originally, built for that you have to go to the back of the, existing, structure. I'm, Paul venema, the original, San Antonio, Church the soul of the city today was not called San Fernando what, it was built Westra Sonora they la candelaria. Or lady of the cover of candle, mosque or a presentation, and then. Also, our. Lady Guadalupe. Father, David, Garcia the, former, pastor, of the Cathedral, has given, much of his life to restoring, it something. He's now doing with all the San Antonio missions the, way the Spanish would always do it is when. You were gonna find a town in the new world you. Had to find the church had to be in the center and the. Plaza had to be in front of the church so if you go all over Latin America you see what we see in San Antonio it was, 1731, and while many assumed, the Alamo was the center of San Antonio, at the time back, then it was only a mission across, the street from where the city started, the. Canary Islanders, went to work putting their little Hut serve on the main plaza all, facing. The door of the new church all, streets, would align with it as well it, was by design and, common, sense there, was a kind of a practical thing the church was always going to be the biggest building, in town at that time you, have a steeple, so, if you're lost or you're walking around town where am i oh there's a steeple, okay now I know where the sinners but, then spiritually. The, church would say the church is in the center of the city because God should be in the center of everything that we do it just a reminder to keep God in the middle of the mix it was also how all distances, in the new world were measured, then, and even now initially. It was the front door of the church but when the church was renovated. In 1868. They, needed, a new marker, by ordinance they said the dome of San Fernando is, the official center of the, city of San Antonio so, according. To the city that, would be the place from which all the mileage markers would, go so 100 miles to San Antonio's 100 miles to the Domus M Fernando, while, this matter was very precise, and organized, the, naming, of the town and the church got a little confusing, as the years would go by after, the Texas, Revolution. When. San Antonio becomes, incorporated. They. You, lose the name San Fernando la, vía de San Fernando for, the town that. Goes to the church and then the town becomes San Antonio and thus was born San Fernando church, and later, Cathedral. Which today is considered one of the most unusual, religious. Structures, on earth so. You have the spanish-colonial. Sanctuary. And you have this gothic, nave or body of the church which is very kind, of very unique really, in terms of Cathedral the United States how they, pieced it together. 300. Years in the making and today we stand here in the main plaza where it all began as we, begin our commemorative. Week today, a very special day the day of reflection for. Commemorative, the week just, a few minutes ago I told you we had the candlelight vigil taking place and now we, are going to have the citywide ringing. Of church bells it's, a very special, moment, never before orchestrated. Symbolizing. Our deep faith in San Antonio in, its past and in, its future bless, listening. There, are 21, churches. Who, are confirmed, around, the city that are right, now ringing. Their bells the. Only mission not ringing its bell is mission concepción. Which. Unfortunately. Is, under, construction so that bell tower was, not available. Have. A chore you never get around to we'll. Tackle it, tackle. Is an app that can help you with small jobs and chores yard. Work, housekeeping. Junk. Removal, handyman. Repairs yep. We can tackle all of those download. The app then, simply select the pre-priced or and a provider off, in the palm of your hand it's, that easy, from.

Yard Work to housekeeping and lots more let's, tackle today. You. Made a promise. You. Agreed to never give up to ask, what. Else can I do. You. Agreed to remember the good people who rise with every challenge. To. Remember their strengths. To, serve. With, Britain. You, made a promise. We, did too. The all-new, ram 1500. Case. That's defenders, don't just track down those, at fault we do war we hold them accountable. Depend on the defenders, to dig deeper to ask the tough questions San Antonio deserves, the truth expect. The defenders, to hold them accountable. Welcome. Back to 300 years of San Antonio, live from main plaza, we're gonna change things up just a little bit change, gears a bit we, all remember the Alamo but, do you remember the, Alamo history. Here's, Steve sirr Eastern now with little game of true. Or false. I'm. Here on the grounds of the Alamo with dr. Bruce winters who's historian. Curator, of the Alamo and we're gonna play a little game of Alamo, true and false thank you for being with us thanks, for having me all right first question the. Alamo, and the development, of San Antonio should be treated differently true or false I would, say. Because. The two of them are actually connected, the, mission, which becomes the Alamo was, here for, the purpose of starting a town and it, did, that when, you look around at the Alamo today you see the sounds the, town of San Antonio, and so, that the growth of both of them are, linked. You. Know always be linked all right second, true or false question, the front of the Alamo that's, so distinctive, that we identify even with the city of San Antonio itself. Wasn't. Originally, there that is true, wasn't. Originally, there yeah, it's put, in there in. 1850. And what. Many people don't realize is the church while. It was a mission never. Had a roof and during, the battle period did, not have a roof and in, 1850, the US Army moves into the church needs. It as a warehouse. So they put a roof on it and the, parapet has been put on to close the roof line so. This. Very, distinctive, San. Antonio icon, comes. Courtesy of the United States Army true or false at one point part, of the Alamo was a San Antonio police substation, that. Is true you got to rowdy cause, trouble, you know you just walked over to the Alamo sub police station, and incarcerated. They had a little jail there missing, a tail at the Alamo they looked at the Alamo final, question we're gonna harken back to Pee wee Herman does, the Alamo, have, a basement to inform, the, true part is there.

Is A basement, on the grounds, center the gift shop was not here. During the battle or during the mission period because, that building one here, but most people want is is their basement, to the church and no. There is not a basement, to the church that's why it's it's really a nopales yes dr.. Winders I appreciate your time they, remember the Alamo remember, the Alamo and the true and false question. Don't. Go anywhere we've got much more of our first 150, years of San Antonio, thanks, ever getting to get real interesting for, our new civilization. On the rise just about now in history if you love Camuto music you're about to get a big trivia surprise where that music really comes from here's, a hint you might want to grab a frosted. Mug of beer more. Than 300, centuries, of San Antonio, gum, it up after. The break. Hi. I'm Jason Thompson general, manager of an see Randy son let me show you how to buy your next new car online in just 30 seconds, just go to an série Nissan si.com, find. The vehicle you want now, click on the buy online button, choose, upgrades, at a trade-in if you would like select, payment options and finalize, take, delivery at the store or will deliver, to your home and that's, it buy it an Syrah and get four boxes to a San Antonio missions baseball, game. My. Name is Elizabeth. And one day I I. Was, guessing I wasn't feeling good right, there I'm attorney and I felt really sick, my. Mommy took, me to the Children's Hospital, and. They, took really good care of me the, doctors, were really nice and they made me feel better. Elizabeth's. Health and well-being were everything, to us at, the Children's Hospital of San Antonio, we promise the best medical care and treatment for all of our children we, do everything, for our children. You. Made a promise. You. Agreed to never give up to ask. What. Else can I do. You, agreed to remember the good people who rise with every challenge. To. Remember their strengths. To, serve. With. Gretchen. And grace. You, made a promise. We, did to. Welcome. Back live to main, plaza some, of the most influential, settlers. In san antonio's long and storied history didn't, speak Spanish or French or. Even English, and they had names like minger, Kohler, and Gunther. They, were German, immigrants, and they made their mark on this wild-west in fact, their contributions, to society run, deep in the heart of Texas mark, Austin has more. They. Brought more than polka, music sausage. And beer to our city can, you imagine a San Antonio as, it is today without.

A German influence I don't really want to imagine a San Antonio without. A German influence I think that the Germans, brought. A lot of things with them that we all benefited, from that's. Curator, dr. Sarah Gould at the Institute, of Texan cultures. She says prior to the arrival of German immigrants, there, was no public school system, in San Antonio or Texas, the. Limestone German, English school still stands today near HemisFair Park reading. Writing arithmetic and, English became routine for local children using, desks, just like these they, brought that history, of. Education. As an important, goal for all their kids and that spread, across, the city earlier, models. Came from Spain but, the Germans really had an impact on the schools here in San Antonio the German neighborhood stretched along what is now Alamo, Street from commerce south into what's known as the King William district when you look at the architecture that remains, particularly. In the King William district you see what, we think of as a German, Texas vernacular, style, and so they brought with them their own building, traditions, and then used the materials, that we had available here, especially, limestone. By the late 19th century German San Antonio's built Choir halls and gymnasiums, those, gyms, were named after Turner's, German, for gymnasts and were called Turner, clubs and, you would go there to exercise, so what's sort of the precursor of, today's. YMCA. Or something like that the, Germans were also quick to begin publishing their own newspaper, printed, in their native language. And so they established, the Free Press for Texas, and it. Was a newspaper, that was not too far just north, of HemisFair Park was where the press was located dr., Gould says it was widely read and thrived, for decades during. World War one during, World War two a lot, of our local Germans, faced prejudice because. We, were at war with Germany and the. Paper survived, World, War one but, once we got into World War two the anti-german sentiment. Was just too. Strong and, so the paper did fold German, immigrants were a diverse group religiously. Including, Protestants, Jews and Catholics in fact the, German, Catholic Church that served much of the community where we're sitting right now is st.. Joseph's, which still exists, and sometimes people call it st. John skiis because, it's, completely, surrounded. On three sides by. What, used to be Jos Keys and is now the River Center mom of course you can't talk about Germans, and not talk about beer, how, big is the influence, here in San Antonio in South Texas so, big there's this large exhibit, under the bavarian, flags at the Institute, of Texan cultures you. Know from Spanish settlers to French explorers, and American frontiersman, wine. And spirits was already here in San Antonio, but, it's the Germans, that brought beer, and brewing, as a matter of fact San Antonio was, in the midst of this German, brewing. Belt, home, brewing, soon became a commercial, venture using, springfed, water from the San Antonio River but what we get is we get the brewery at the basement of the mingler hotel downtown a pasta from the Alamo and we. Get the San Antonio brewing, Association. And preceded. By a little beer called Lone Star, generations. Of San Antonio's, from many ethnic groups drew a paycheck, from these German, breweries, so. From the moment they arrive Germans said this about San Antonio. Jesus, tapas miner hi mas this. Is my home more, Causton cakes at 12news. Very. Nice, mark, well done okay, so here's the answer to our trivia question conjunto. Music can thank germans, who brought accordions, and polka. To, san antonio yes that is the root of today's, hundred, to music all, right as we continue our journey through the centuries a big, change, about to happen main. Plaza, where, the city began this, place is, about to take a back seat in the mid-1800s here's. Tim Gerber. Tour. Guides photo ops and an endless amount of selfies, Alamo Plaza is a site filled with locals and visitors from, all around the world but. Who knew this main attraction, was once known as a dusty, outpost, and, what was once referred to as a truck, stop because it was far out of town it was a good place for. The staging area for the ox carts, that would be bring, goods to, San, Antonio during.

The Mid-1800s, most people were living in main plaza by San Fernando Cathedral. The town was growing by about 30 people per month and the demand for supplies was on the rise as, the town grew streets remain narrow, causing, large groups of ox carts to pass individually. One, by one making, a pit stop outside, of the box, carts were very loud they're. Noisy they're, cumbersome, and a little. Bit stinky, and so it would be best to have just to feel them coming into the central part of the town they. Would stop out there at Alamo, Plaza so, basically it was kind of like a truck stop nowadays. By the 1850s. Industrialization. Would begin at main plaza when Samuel maverick signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, built, his home by the mission walls four, years later German, businessman William Menger would also make his move to this new area and introduced, beer to Texas the, chimneys, for, the brewery rose between, 35, and 45. Feet, and so, there was smoke. There. Was the smell of wort and it, was a place for production. Production, that would change the city forever the city built the second market house the Menger hotel opened. And it was a booming, neighborhood, it, even carried on to the start of the Civil War although, it wasn't San Antonio that started the battle we certainly were there to witness it during, the Civil War the Alamo Plaza, saw. Armed. Conflict, people willing to shoot. Each other in open hostility. Way, before bombardment. At Fort, Sumter after, the Civil War technology had, finally arrived the, latest innovation, that would change our form of communication, in the city and all across the nation the, telegraph in fact, it was so crucial before the Telegraph it took the city days to find out about the president's death when, Abraham Lincoln had died, six. Months earlier. Seattle. Washington, found out the news within, 10 hours, because. They had the telegraph, wire San, Antonio didn't learn about that news for ten days but. Technology only, kept advancing then. Came the railway 12 years later that, same year the post office would leave main plaza and head to a new location on Alamo, Plaza of course that didn't appeal to the city they've raised, a fuss saying. It was done in the middle of the night it was a dark deal and even, after construction, began, on the new post office on Alamo Plaza and, would, remain on site for 125. Years, so. Over, these years the. Plaza saw, a key change from, being a dusty, truck, stop you might say with all of the ox carts, and rather. Dismal. Appearance. More. The. Remains of the old mission period. To. A very vibrant center. With a first-class, hotel the. Brand new post office the, Telegraph, a stagecoach. Stop and. The. Railroad, office as well a change. Indeed although, you won't find any ox carts in these crowds in, certain to find the technology, imagine. Tim, gerber case at 12. And. Of. Course you. Can't find very many ox births anywhere in san antonio but, even back then you, couldn't find many at Fort Sam Houston you could find a lot of another, animal why, the Army Post would be the epicenter. Of the horse trade in the south and then. Of course we're, gonna visit with the ladies of the chili pepper they're gonna go Royal in San Antonio's, plazas, including. This one main plaza as, our three centuries of San Antonio, continues. When. You eat world famous pancakes at IHOP you can save at the world's best water park to visit IHOP. Today for discounts, on Schlitterbahn waterpark admission. Warning. Pancakes, do not serve as operational, floatation devices please, float them in surp instead, years. Ago HEV, set out on a mission to get rid of things like high fructose corn syrup and, artificial, flavors, and hundreds. Of other synthetic, ingredients from. Our h-e-b brand products, you, don't see those things out here and you won't find them in more than 1,000. Of our h-e-b select, ingredients products just, look for the green check to know you're getting everything, you want and nothing, you don't and we're gonna keep those green checks coming I'm. Scott and this is the select ingredients department. At HEB no, store does more than my Heb. Auto. Accident, consider, this a caravan, in Shaw we have fought in one for over 36,000. Clients we, are different kind of law firm a firm that looks for ways to provide our clients with a higher level of service we can coordinate medical care organized. Car rentals and handled, property damage claims for, free as our, city has grown so, has the number of distracted, drivers if you are loved one or injured in an auto accident call. Or Google urban, Shaw and. IHOP. Spending, time with a family is priceless, because every day four to ten p.m. kids, eat free right. Now order, any adult entree and get one kids entree free from our kids menu kids eat free every. Day four to ten p.m. only, at IHOP.

When. Cholera broke out in San Antonio in 1869. It would take the lives of 293. People, the epidemic was only made worse by one fact there, was no hospital in the region French. Bishop Clarke degree was, so alarmed he made a call that would impact our city for the next 148. Years, Bishop Duke we would select Three Sisters of Charity who, had located from Leo France to, the Galveston community, to, begin a new foundation, in San Antonio they opened the doors of the Santa Rosa infirmary, and provided, aid for those in need for, the next century the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate, expanded. Across Texas, the nation, and internationally. Opening. Multiple hospitals. Orphanages schools. Community, centers and even, the University, of the Incarnate Word today. The Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word is the largest group of religious women in Texas, and continues. Its legacy of ministering, to the health education. And social, justice in, seven, countries, under. Cathedral may be the spiritual, soul of San Antonio, you could say Fort Sam Houston is, its heart there, would be no military city USA without the Fort Sam Army Post many, of us pass its gates daily on i-35, but. What's inside those. Gates is, a history. Filled with firsts, and honor. Here's my coaster age. It. Started as the first Army Post located. Not at its North East Side location of today but at the Alamo in 1845. It was a garrison, and regional headquarters and, a supply depot but. After the Civil War the army was ready for bigger digs the, quadrangle, was built at the current site in 1876. And a garrison moved into tents three years later so. Began the heart of Fort Sam Houston the, army arrives here and they established, a quartermaster Depot to. Supply, part of the army that's going into Mexico for the Mexican War after. The war they realized that this was a very good location, to continue, doing that to fight the Comanche an Apache back the army would need soldiers armed, and supplied and one of the most important supplies fort Sam could offer was transportation. Horses. And mules the, officers ride horses the cavalry who ride horses in the battle the, hillarie uses horses to pull the, wagons, into it the guns into battle, everybody, talks about the horses but we had a lot more mules than we had horses we're talking tens of thousands, of animals brought in from ranches all around Texas and trained for war and, so were the officers you, had to.

Once. A year prove to competent. Military, medical. Authority, that, you could ride 25, miles a day three. Days consecutively, and, said keep your butt tough they played polo among. Those who did military. Grades like Teddy Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower whose. Boots and helmet are on display at the Fort Sam museum it. Was a huge business for South Texas when, battle lines were drawn like when the famous Teddy's Terriers took over Fort Sam on their way to Cuba but. The remount division at the port would soon be overshadowed when, a new form of transportation would. Take the spotlight in 1910, we, are the home of, military. Aviation on the planet but specifically, we are the birthplace of the United States Air Force but, if you learn anything about this chapter at Fort Sam it should be this during. The first crash landing at Fort Sam army, pilot George Kelly would alter the course of history barring. His plane away from the field of tents the Tennessee was headed toward was the engineers, the. Major, who was the executive, officer, of the unit that was here was, major Douglas, MacArthur, if he had not beard, life. Could have been completely different he, could have been you know he could have taken out, MacArthur. And, how, what would World War two have been. If, that had happened today, a piece of that plane is kept on display a reminder, of selflessness, of lieutenant, Kelly the, man for whom Kelly Air Force Base would be named my, coaster age case, at 12 News. Isn't. That an interesting story. And one, that not many people know now, we've got our Fiesta, Queens of course but San Antonio, was known for another, group, of beauties, not too long ago, next, up who were these queens of the culinary, world and also, we're, gonna show, you why your next trip through town may. Be more like a trip, through history, it's next. Can. You really buy a car in 30 seconds, it's easy at NCR volkswagen comm find, the books wagon you want click, on the buy online button select. Your upgrades, let us know if you have a trade-in choose, your payment option, take, delivery at our place or we'll bring it to you, and you're done, buy from an Syrah and get four box seats to your San Antonio missions buying, your next Volkswagen, could never be easier answer, a Volkswagen, right outside loop for 10 on Bandera, Road. Planning. A birthday party, at home, fun. Or. You, could host it up Peter Piper Pizza, and. Actually. Have a good time plan. Your party at Peter Piper Pizza home packages, include a party host game tokens decorations, pizza and drinks for only 859, for child book your party today, hi. Thanks. For the party let's. Make it happen, Peter. Piper Pizza keeps a made fresh families, made happy Wednesday. On GM si you got the job now how do you make sure you keep it how to make your first month your best month any, rain for your morning commute any afternoon, storms find out Wednesday 4:30 to 7:00 on good morning San Antonio your, mornings start here with GM s a, case. That's newly updated weather, authority and, track, the storm live soon, down to your neighborhood with more mapping features, or attach case as latest video forecast being, prepared download. Or update your weather authority app, sponsored. By comforter and five-star cleaners, you. Made a promise. You. Agreed to never give up, to. Ask what. Else can I do. You. Agreed to remember the good people who rise with every challenge. To. Remember their strengths. To, serve. With, Gretchen. And. Great. You, made a promise. We, did to. 1500. Welcome. Back live to main, plaza right in front of san fernando cathedral, where, the new new commemorative, torch. A new piece of art has. Just been lit and this is going, to remain, lit at night throughout. Commemorative, week for the tri centennial, celebration. A piece of original art by ginny garcia. From. Garcia, art. Glass. Meantime. As we continue our journey through the first 150. Years of san antonio we. Want to take you to the streets, have, you ever wondered, who is Harry Wars Bach or who was mr. Callahan, and how does a road get named bitters our, Justin horn steers us through some of San Antonio's most famous, routes, our. Street names. There's, plenty of unique nomenclature. To go around in San Antonio and a great person asked about this trivia is dr., David Greene an amateur historian one, of the most fascinating to me is callahan it's, the only family, that had three mayors of San Antonio.

The. Callaghan family was essentially, San Antonio royalty, the, regional patriarch, the father was. An Irish immigrant. His. Wife was a canary island that, was Brian Callaghan senior, but it's his son Brian Callaghan jr. that is most well known was, mayor for 17. Years and three different terms very popular, is called King Brian. The, short Callaghan Avenue near downtown is, named for him but as it turns out Callaghan Road on the northwest side is not, instead, of safer his son Alfred was mayor in the 40s, and was responsible. In part for getting, loot for 10 built if they weren't the only family, to have multiple, rows named in their honor, will you were Spock owner of a large plot of land in the Medical Center area that. Worse Bach wrote named, for him William had a brother Harry, who was a private, in the spanish-american war. Harry a congressman. And attorney did a lot for veterans, in orphans of the war so, those people wanted to do something for Harry so they went down to City Hall and. Petitioned. To get a street name for him Williams, family didn't, like the idea and, thought, it they said it would be confusing they, lost. Escaping. Confusion, our streets like Fredericksburg, which actually, went to Fredericksburg, or Austin Highway which went to Austin and what about all those lengthy, - named streets like bins Engelmann John Smoltz bugger and parent, vital pull, these roads connected, or split to family-owned plots of land like. The Jones and the most burgers will no names in San Antonio said, no shortage, of accomplished, citizens, some, doing enough to see their name on a street sign like, realistic, for one time he had built more homes than any man in America, in how about Floyd curl he, was the administrator, for, the Methodist, Church back, when they had the first meeting between medical. People and the city people to decide they were gonna build a Medical Center perhaps, the more interesting, story though is the fact that his son would go on to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry meantime. There are streets, named for their shape like Culebra. Which means snake in Spanish in human mystery streets like bitters in Petrenko, all of which make you stop and, realize San, Antonio truly, has a one-of-a-kind, history. Justin, warrant case at 12 noon. And. That is only a sampling of the interesting, street names and how they made history, we're. Going to look back on something, that most of us have never even heard of before a tradition. Seven decades ago. It's, still a crucial, piece of san antonio history. It's, the story of the chili queen's Dauphin, glossed over but this group of culinary ladies. In fact helped to define our city and actually put. Us on the map with food and fun. If, you haven't had chili con carne, well can, we even call you a San Antonio it's. A staple food were known for all over, the world but why is that and where did it come from the, answer lies in a talented, ambitious group, of Mexican American women who thrived in the plazas, of San Antonio, as early, as the 1870s, then, you had the main plaza in front of the cathedral but, the plaza behind, the cathedral, was known as Plaza de las Armas or, military, Plaza and, this is where we start to see all of these, shops, and vendors setting, up in the center, of lively, military, Plaza where City Hall now stands, were the chili Queens, one of the first, accounts. Of the chili Queens on the plaza said that there were at least eleven different stands. We know it grew larger, than, that small group. The. Witte museum's chief curator Amy Fulkerson, shows us an array of the very few iconic, images, of the chili Queens these young women they're, wearing, colorful rebel Souls and, their.

Little Flirtatious. You, know they're trying to get customers, hey, no judgment it worked and not just to sell food to entertain, and bring together the social and cultural melting pot that we still see here, in San Antonio I, think food is a great equalizer, and so you would have had anyone. From the richest man in town all, the way to the forest man in town who, would have felt comfortable going, to a chili stand and enjoying, a hot meal the tradition, survived decades have changed, and by the 1920s, the chili queen sides gotten fancy, you would have your your pot of chili pier and she's got a little fire burning, underneath to keep her chili warm they're, doing chairs instead of benches, they've got tablecloths, it's, sort of becoming, a bit more elevated more, restaurant like the innovative, women followed, the crowds moving, from Plaza to Plaza throughout, the years they were in front of the Alamo and Alamo Plaza for a while and it ultimately ended up in Haymarket Plaza, until. The 1930s when. The chili Queens were shut down for health, code I was part of a new, Progressive Era in San Antonio the move was controversial, some people felt it was a little unfair that this was a community, tradition that had been going on for decades, something. That was deeply identified with the city of San Antonio but, at the same time you have to balance, health. Risks versus. Tradition. And the decision, was made by the city to shut down the chili Queens, some, chili Queens opened brick-and-mortar, restaurants. And others, were, not sure all, we have are a few images this colorful, painting, in 1878. Shows, two chili Queens serving, a meal unfortunately. We don't know their names only a handful, of the chili Queens have ever been identified we, may not know their names but their legacy has never been forgotten you, can see it and taste, it all over the world we've, got some great wonderful chefs that, are honoring our history, that, are looking back to the chili Queens and taking. What they're doing and introducing, that to a new, audience, you see local companies that are starting to put together, chili powder mixes. Or recipe. Books for Mexican, cooking and so, they take this local, flavor and, exported, around the world so next time you have some of that famous chili con carne, take a second, smile. And, think of the history that's in your bowl, Cortney. Friedman tastes at 12 News. That. Looks good, and speaking, of food, savory. Salty. Delicious. You could enjoy it at the movies or maybe at a sports game I'm talking about nachos how. That all got started right here in San Antonio and, we also have some other firsts, that came from the, Alamo City that's, coming up when we come back. Here's. The deal you, can't go wrong with churches real big deals for, the family 12, pieces of crispy chicken in two large sides for 15 bucks too. Much take, home a $5 real big deal feed. Your family or, feed yourself here's, the deal only your church's you. Made a promise. You. Agreed to never give up, to. Ask what. Else can I do. You, agreed to remember the good people who rise with every challenge. To. Remember their strengths. To, serve. With, Britain. And, grace. You, made a promise. We, did to. Christa. Santa Rosa emergency. Center and the Children's, Hospital of San Antonio, provide adult and pediatric, services, in one convenient, location, we. Are dedicated. To providing emergent. Care with, seamless transition. To the hospital, patients. Who come to us receive, direct access, to hospital, physicians, and specialists. Most major insurance azar, accepted, including Medicare, and Medicaid, for. More information, visit Christus, santa rosa org, slash ER. Can. You really buy your next new vehicle in under 30 seconds, at an Sara Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Ram you can let, me show you how just go to an Cirrus CJD com find, the vehicle you want now, click on the Buy online, button choose, upgrades, at a trade-in if you would like select, payment options, to finalize, take, delivery and done, by. During, our spring sales, event and get four box seats to a San Antonio missions game. Here's. The deal when, you come home with a box of chicken everybody's, gonna want a piece there's, two for Timmy two for Tommy two for Tammy two for mommy and double. That for Delia and two large sides and you've got the church's real big family tube all for just fifteen bucks here's, the deal only at churches. Welcome. Back to our 300, years of San, Antonio, special, we're live in main plaza right in front of san fernando cathedral, the soul of our city. Almost. 300 year old church right here just beautiful, and if you think it's pretty now you. Should just wait because, at 9:30. This. Cathedral. Is going to get lit, up it's called this saga. It's a beautiful, light show the, entire facade, of the church is lit up you, can see different. Colors different. Textures. It really, is a work of art really, beautiful.

Anyway, That's coming up at 9:30. Meantime. How, about we talk, about San Antonio first when. You think of San Antonio, do you think of SpongeBob SquarePants, how, about Liquid Paper no well, then maybe you don't know, antonio like you think you do here's, a short, course on san antonio's 15, forgotten, firsts. Let's. Start with well, the. First in flight, not only was the airforce we know today started, at Fort Sam, the. Very first Oscar, winner for Best Picture was a movie called wings, about. Those first aviators. Shot, right here in San Antonio. We. Also made national news when we had the first, air-conditioned. Office building, in the world. The. 21, story Milan, building was a design, marvel, not, only for its cool 76. Degree interior, in the summer time but, in 1928. There was the tallest brick, and concrete structure. In the US. While. We take credit for the invention of the puppy taco we can also celebrate, liquid, paper it, was the brainchild of Betty. Nesmith, a secretary. At San Antonio bank. PS. The, single mother was also mom to Mike Nesmith of the, monkeys. Really. Another. Notable creator, from San Antonio brought, us the Nickelodeon, icon. SpongeBob. SquarePants. Although, Todd white today, is a celebrated, painter not an animator. We. Also were the first to use chili, powder, and to. Eat nacho, cheese and, Fritos. - a creation. That was sold for a hundred, bucks today. It's a twenty eight point two billion dollar business and, as, you wash down your Frito, pie with, a refreshing, Gatorade, you, can thank San Antonio and Jay Robert, Cade and nephrologists. Who mixed up the water sugar, salt and a couple secret, ingredients, bottling. Up a concoction that today, quenches, the thirst of, people, 12 million. Times a day worldwide. The, modern-day radio cowboy, cowgirl can also trace, their roots directly. To San Antonio in, fact, the first mention of a lasso, or lariat, is documented. Right here in San Antonio. And. Get this the, first women, soldiers ever, were, stationed, at our Fort Sam in. 1942. The first company. Of the Women's Army auxilary. Corps or waxed pioneer. The modern, military we know today and speaking. Of progress while, we were not the first in the nation to desegregate, our, schools we, were, the first to do so in Texas, in, fact, in, 1954. San, Antonio became one of the earliest, cities in the south to, open its classrooms its businesses, and its, lunch counters, to all races becoming. A leader and example, to all. It. Has been a lot of fun trying to learn. More about San, Antonio's, first 150. Years but of, course we are not done yet, on Friday, May 4th we are gonna head into, the last. 150. Years we're, going to show you why Brackenridge, Park was always, so much more than just a place to picnic, it, was actually one of America's, greatest parks, and it, served many roles also, how. Heavy metal, and Tejano music, got, to share the same stage here, in San Antonio we're. Also going to dive deep into the waters of San Antonio, and take you to new heights never, before seen with, footage of HemisFair, Park there's a story there even, if you grew up in San Antonio you've, probably never, heard and. To top it all off one, of the city's biggest fireworks, display, is, going to be shown here live right, here on k-12. As well as live streamed on ke saath kaam, will, be at Mission, Park Pavilion for. That one on Friday night that, show, once again begins, at nine o'clock on Friday, that. Is of course leading. Into, the, weekend's, commemorative, events. And that is celebration. Of our, military, we, thank you so much for joining us and again, we'll see you Friday at 9:00 until then happy. Try Centennial, San Antonio.

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