Kuragaike Park ️ | Walking Challenge During Winter Time ️️ | Lady’s Stuff

Kuragaike Park ️ | Walking Challenge During Winter Time ️️ | Lady’s Stuff

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This video is a little bit long so it’s better to grab some popcorn. Ok? Hi! Everyone. We’re going to Kuragaike park. Yay! It’s a holiday. We’re going to countryside. Take some fresh air.

Countryside is so relaxing. Right? Fresh air too. We’re here. What? So near. See! Where we going? In the parking lot.

The parking is on the other way. Where are going far. Really? Yeah. We’re going to ride a duck boat. Yeah, just turn back there. Oh! where’s the duck boat?

Hi! Everyone. We’re here in Kuragaike Park. It’s fair weather. It’s fair weather today. Perfect blue sky. Let’s check the place. The duck boat riding is over there. I’m filming so fast.

The literal duck. Original duck swimming freely. I think it’s a crow. But it’s a duck. Yeah, maybe it’s a crow.

No. It’s a duck. No. It’s a crow. A crow. Yeah, it’s a crow. Duck riding is close.

It’s a ride for couple. You need to kick it to move the little duck boat. It’s close. Let’s go. Where we going now? Wait, it’s a duck. Can you see it? Hi! Walking time.

It’s so cold. I’m bringing my heat pack. It’s so really cold. It’s 7℃ and it feels like 4℃. See? What can you say? Why are you bringing a heat pack? It’s fair weather today. Perfect blue sky and it’s so cold. I just washed my hands that’s why I’m freezing. The duck riding is close. I have a heat pack here.

Our duck is not here. I have a heat pack here. Ok. Let’s go for a walk. I love her shoes. It’s not new. I wear sneakers for a long walk. Let’s have some warm up.

Let’s do warm up. Arlene had a good high kick. I’ll try to imitate her kick. Yeah, Like this. One, two. Oh, I can’t reach. I did it.

But my other leg bend. One, two. I can’t do it again. Ouch. It hurt.

We do some exercise. Ok let’s go walking. Lila M Journey and me going for a walk. Go join us. See the beautiful perfect blue sky. Ok let’s go. Bye. Just turn around.

Hello! Mickey. Her heat pack is so cute. See the view. See the view.

I like her sneakers. Let’s go jogging later and warm up. So relaxing. Stress out. I like her shoes so much.

It’s not expensive. Go jogging. This video is a little bit long so it’s better to grab some popcorn. Ok? Warm up. Lots of people walking with their dog. I don’t have dog. I have Lila.

I’m walking with my Mickey. The place is under renovation. Let’s try to go inside. Let’s go. Ok Just put the camera over there and then we go around. Wow! The place is beautiful and relaxing. Our goal is over there.

Our goal is over there a little bit far. Can you see hanging like a handkerchief? If we reach the goal it’s a blanket. It looks like a handkerchief from here. It’s a joke.

It is connected to service area for highway. You told me about that. Yeah, it has a convenience store. Maybe 7-Eleven? I’m not sure what convenience store is it. Ok let’s go walk out there.

What? Yeah, sure. Ok let’s do some exercise. Oh, that’s Lila. So cold. Cold? So windy. My head feels so cold.

Use your hat. Where’s your cap? Let’s go there. There’s a stairway. So windy and keeps messing up my hair.

Pretty woman walking down the street. Pretty woman. Stop singing or else we get CPR. Watch your step. Oh, no! I’m freezing. What’s that? Meitetsu? Old train. Can we go inside? Bound for Philippines.

Let’s go inside? You want to? Ok let’s try. Old train. Looks like this. Wow! It’s my first time to take a look inside this old train. And this section is for train operator. Oh! Lila. I remember the animation titled Demon Slayer. It was filmed inside the old train.

Take a look. It’s made of woods. The floor too are made of woods. You feels like your in the animated film. Let’s go over there.

Wow! Look. It’s an engine. We can’t see it clearly. We go out there later. Oh. Sorry.

Ok. Let’s exit. Look. It’s made of woods. Like in the animated movie. Hey! This is the exit. Lila said that’s the exit. She’s so harsh. Right? Yeah, it’s made of woods. Like we see in the animated film. I remember the Demon Slayer movie. The train operator section.

The driver is out. Let’s visit here again on March. Sakura season. This place is so beautiful. Lots of Sakura trees. Schedule reserved. Look! The Sakura trees are starting to bud.

You can’t see it clearly. It will bloom from now on. Can you see it? Ok? Dogs are not allowed.

Cats too. Did you see my YouTube channel art? That picture was taken from this park. Did you see the horse? Yeah, I took that picture from this park Lila. Maybe the horses are not around this time. In this place I took that picture. Oh, No! It’s close. We can’t go through to our goal place.

Let’s change the route Lila. It’s close. It’s close Lila. Let’s go there and take a look of that flowers.

It’s dangerous be careful to not rolling down. Anyway, I don’t care. She’s a little bit hard headed. She’s adventurous. If she’s rolling down, I just say roll roll roll. I don’t care. Hey! Be careful not to roll. She’s so adventurous. Look! Lila is adventurous.

Come here. How I go down there? I’m scared. Let’s try sliding down like her. Slowly slowly slowly. It starting to bloom. Wow! Look.

You love pink. Right? Yeah. I love pink. This one is full bloom. Some are buds.

If it will be all full bloom it look so beautiful Lila come here. All tress have not yet leaves. I have a picture here last time. Lots of Sakura trees here. This place is so beautiful during spring time. Lila watch your step. Or else we’re going to roll. So windy. Yeah we’re going home.

It’s really cold and we’re going home. If the wind isn’t strong, it might not be so cold. I wanted to ride the duck riding. Yeah. Me too.

Lila’s ranch so beautiful. Lila come here. Oh, here you are. I want to take a picture Lila The white horse is sleeping. They all have names. Is it a horse? A donkey? Time check. We’re just done walking around. So messy hair and tired.

It’s already 4:22pm. We’re going home. So hungry. So windy today.

2021-03-03 17:29

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