Lake Powell Morning Cup Taco Tuesday!

Lake Powell Morning Cup Taco Tuesday!

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The. Morning cup apparently, we've already had some technical, difficulties. But. At least everybody get this trooper twice this is true we like Reapers we might be the root we love the river. So. You, might, have noticed something what. We. Noticed. Them we're, missing someone yes we are. HF. Arias dead. No. Renee. Says good very good morning Renee it's, nice to see you thanks for watching don't forget to like and share. Christine. Says twice, the Rubert yeah that was there was an accident we do apologize but, the. Beach' fairy, she's. Gone where, did she go. So if anybody, has seen the movie or what we're gonna have to try this, the. Movie miss the movie let's see if we can figure out what movie this is from I do believe in fairies I do. It's. Not working come on guys. Yeah. Probably, not so, if, you hadn't read I realized, we are missing the pizza hurry today yes we are she. Called in dead. She. Called in desert, you, know it. Was a late night in, pizza. Land, apparently. There was there, were too much shenanigans. Going on and, she. Needs some more rest, so we decided to go ahead and give, her some rest but we tried the clapping thing you guys could try to to see if it makes it work. With. You oh. Wait. A minute. Now, I can scoot further away so you stay on your side of the line Oh. Yeah. There. It. Is you. Can see. Further. Yes. Renee says be nice she has the keys ha ha no I don't unfortunately Rene. That. Means I have the silence. No. It. Does not mean you you're. Going to read the book so you can follow the rules man yeah no I don't follow. Now. They're in my pocket. Leave. You here for tennis. Fine I have a lot of homework to do anyways Mario is wait ass. Nice. To see you. Yeah. You you, learned your lesson about the kids yeah I did, I'm keeping them suckers on me especially, on, Dokdo, Tuesday especially since, the, beach fairies day no. She's, just sleeping no that's true yes the pizza fairy has to go off to a different pizza land to find pizza parts so, that her pizza leg will, stay intact. Come. On copy up on, the morning show. Is. Going on a long trip to a fairy land far. Far away sorry for what that's about that far she's going up to camp today this is true and since, she's driving, she wanted to get extra, rest so, that she didn't crash and actually. Died that does make sense, safety, first, no warning so first is safety no money safe fun safe, Florida morning. Safety yes. And. For. Those of you that are in or, around the. Page area, we. Will be doing Taco Tuesday, again we're. Going over to, the bowl. Yes we're yes, I think anything. Like 11:30, 12:00. Probably. 11:30, cuz it takes him a bit and there they start cooking him right, around, time. Well, we do have a fan slash friend that said, she wanted to come we'll have to see if she's actually gonna be there today yeah he's. Gonna well, although, she is she has the things for. Authentic. Mexican. Tacos, she's, gonna hate these times I love, them they're. Amazing, man, they come with a big thing I saw said they come with sour cream. Great. She. Likes authentic, right, but she knows what we're getting into here she knows they, didn't take they are I, don't care you know what there was an American buckles she even called them right she. Loved. You she. She titled them correctly. She, did ask you if they were white talk no, no I think the corn is kind of you know. Wrong. Type of whiteness. I. Think it is white corn so yeah. So. These are like like, what tacos. From the 80s tacos, from the eighties this is like what your mom used to make man it's guys. Don't. Know I am dirt because, she's older than I am so she's older than dirt.

Okay. I have a question for you I have, no answers, oh, yes, you do know for the last few weeks I've been you. Know watching, watching, the show and everything okay what, is going on with the camera what. Part what's wrong with the camera color-wise nothing. So I'm going to camera colorways if you watch the, show. But. No matter what I do with my hair it looks black, oh yeah. Well that's because we don't have enough lighting kit okay we. Do have a lighting kit but it's actually supposed to be about a hundred times brighter than that for the studio that were okay and, well we don't have the funds to get there so you just have to second yeah I was just wondering you know am I. Gonna have to you, know lighten my hair just to show I used to available this year. Ya, know a the color is fine it's just we need more light that's okay, yeah yeah, these are actually supposed to be 700, watts apiece oh and, they're only like 20. Well. They're probably a little bit more than that but whatever yeah, yeah that's how that's how that works, okay so um I said. We don't have the dark over or the pizza fairies she was the taco fairy the one day she did she was she changed, her reading saved us yes. The Royal women when. Are you gonna understand, the robbery it wasn't we it was us. I, am. Plural, because I earn many. It. Doesn't make it sure not true, yeah, okay. What. Is going on over there I have a hair issue you, have a hair, issue I have one here okay, oh we're. Having one of those they're having one of those days so um. Those. With long hair will, be. Able to relate okay. I shed. A lot, I. Really. Do and, it's, you. Guys it's. In the threads of moisture. Actually, weaves itself, into, the fabric. It's. Bad and, I've. Come to the conclusion I. Now know where, the source of the. What. What, would you call it the myth of, Medusa. Make it legend legend, yeah something, like that. Comes. From that. Would be you know women, with long hair or pretty, much everybody, with long hair just getting everywhere because it has a mind of its own. Most. Certainly does it, does it does I know that, what. Is it Gary range Dream Weaver except the Tara Weaver. I'm. One, surprised I'm not bald. I. Could probably you. Know make, a quilt, or. Something. Out of it if I collect like, the thing like human hair quilts although you know that sounds like it would probably be something that like you know the pygmies in New Guinea are going with you know a little bit of. What. I do know like for dog fur and stuff they're making they. Make I, can't. Think yarn okay. Yeah you could probably that with human hair but. But it just ya, know so. That's David. Says Becca is AWOL yes you joined the show late and mr. the reason why the, beach' ferry is dead we. Do believe in fairies we, do we do that's for David cuz he didn't he wasn't here at the beginning we do get even fairies we do it up she's dead yeah. She's. Not dead she is still sleeping she's. Close. She's actually going out of town today so she had to sleep a little bit longer so that she's. Driving, while she those two pizza, fairy land to. Pick up ma'am. William. Says how do you from. Utah. So. Yeah that's, that's the day I'm having today I'm feeling. Like I'm being crawled on by spiders, with my own hair with your own hair you with my own you're terrified of spiders. Laughter. Oh. No. One. Thing I want to share with our audience you guys are absolutely. Amazing oh yeah. See. They says you, could solve that problem, with long hair shave, it off and donate it. She. Says no. I. Have. No issues, with donating. My hair if I get it you, know a lot cut, off why do you decide to cut off just get a lint roller brush and then don't a hit your tree. And, just collect it. Big. Old water hair. Shaving. Thing now no. I don't, know. I don't think I would look good with a ball. You guys are absolutely amazing. Our. Numbers, have been skyrocketing. Because. You guys are out there you're commenting you're, liking, and you're sharing these posts, and every time you do that Facebook. Is like oh people, like this and so they put it out farther so I keep, up the good work smash, that like button destroy. It you, know just a little bit a little bit of fun there well you don't want to smash or destroy the like button or just share button hold on oh no, because. That button, is actually on the computer, no, it's not yes, no it's right there on the screen right but, that's what I will not actually hit your screen we don't recommend him and so, what, I'm getting that is you're. Telling them to destroy, the middle ah, that's.

The Button missing you, know what that's like saying in call of duty when you're playing on your computer, that you're actually shooting your computer, you're not come on now it's. A little bit you break up with your mouse and your keyboard when, you're playing. That. Is why they have gaming devices. So. It can withstand all, that duration. So, the reason I bring that up is because well. For those of you that don't know this. Is a. Law, unless some things happen, this is going to be our last week in freedom. Studios, we're. Trying to find a sponsor, or a business. Advertiser. That wants to come in and do, some business with us we're, working on it we're out there every day trying to find new guys yeah but we came up with something we. Came up with a little something that oh, I. Don't, know it's. A little fun I think I created. A little bit of a video that might help a business out there understand, exactly what it is that we're offering over here okay, are we going to see said, video yeah, talk. About it well I mean I forgot, to actually put it in the thing. Alright. So if, you're a business out there that, is interested. In possibly advertising. With us or sponsoring, us you. You, might want to just, take, a look, everyone. So, who's, ready for who's ready for the video that I meant I want to see this you want to see this we can't hear it they'll be able to hear they, won't so all. Right all right here we go here's, the transition, mark this time so, that you can rewatch, it and understand, exactly what, it is that you're getting here oh you. Ready I don't, think so. You. Know we're, always working on listen it just cracked me up but I couldn't I couldn't. That. Is funny and see we gotta watch it again since yeah cuz there's a leg. Missy, Vivian says hello from heaven. Don't. Forget that destroy that like button that's, my new thing destroy, their like button. On. What the video or the pager both both, both, yes. If you like and follow us you can catch all of our real news time updates or the odd. Behind. The Hat. Behind. The head. How, did you know it was me creating. The. Page you can catch her behind the episodes. With your like our behind the scenes and the. Taco Tuesday, stuff and, you can catch the breaking live news things that happens we've had several over the weekend that that. Have been able to help a lot of people out to avoid certain, things that you're going on so. What. Awaiting, sentencing was that Keith Richards, um no, that wasn't quite wrinkled. Enough and I believe. Another, another, famous person has died and he is going through another quickening. Probably. Yes because every time a famous person dies Keith, Richards yes he does goes through the quickening which is from Highlander, in case you guys didn't know and they're, immortal and that can be I love that movie and I'm okay. Even the show even though the show is cheesy growing. Up are, you talk about the series I love. This series the hi oh. My goodness. Talk about movie. The. Princes. You. Know. I. Destroyed. It. I, have. The hugest. Crush. Adrienne. Paul you know what that is not surprising and I don't get coaches, very well you know it's the long hair thing I've come to figure out because you like Jason Momoa too well it's. It's. The job think it's the job thing where they have leglock darling. It's. It's the shirt ja. Well. Kid away. Pretty. Much okay, yeah it's, the jawline, that, gets me so you like weird the jawline. I do well. You know there's something else that you like that, I happen to know about. And. That would be from. Connor oh. Yes. I grew up watching watching. Her his double-oh-seven. Terry. Cloth the pantsuit. Thing that he had going on there for a while ah. Not. Really not really but he's still looking good. Renee. Says all women were in love with a dream I you know that doesn't surprise me but, yes to answer the previous question that was not Keith Richards, as he was busy having. A quickening at the moment. We. Will get back to you is exactly what star has perished and how much more powerful Keith Richards actually is yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah, don't forget you know Sean Connery was in that too he was in the Highlander he was yeah he, was. A Spaniard, with an English. Go. Into that it's, kind of like on the. Netflix. Called. The ranch, is. The main. It's. Just. A little freaky. I'm. Gonna have to go through and. We. Were talking about. Okay. So she. Says. Do you all know how hard it is to put what, a mascara. Well. Then perhaps you, shouldn't be doing that bioweapon, the, show.

We're. Going to be seen her in July right. Like. Maybe a tube, of mascara. That's. Not the master I know. Oh. My. Goodness, so anyways the santa clarita died also on Netflix, so, I love the ranch. It's. A lot of fun but this is. One of those. Actually. Yes. Yeah. I. Love. You Kimber but yeah. Yes. Honest. Honest. Oh. Okay. Um so, I have to ask and I know this is like seriously, jumping, ship here so why is this, why. Is the word spam, in, a, can. What. Is going on with the titles okay, from. The title it says Taco. Tuesday. Returns, or, when, spam, in a can has, more than spam. Or. More can then stamp. The. Title goes here. Be. Silent. All. Right so Taco Tuesday returns or when, spam, in a can has, more can than. Spam, okay, so you know we happen, to be in the news business most. Of, the time other than when we're doing things like this. It. Is you, know is bringing the news and bringing, people together dogs. And cats. So. What, we have here is. Take. A munich a. Come. Across my desk, that. Then, i had to share with everybody and especially in, this area because. It's so popular around here okay i know are we doing it on the morning show because. Any. Bad but. It's also funny so we're actually gonna do a real news report on this later but i have to share it with our viewers you're, just does morning. Alright, so. For, those of you that don't know Hormel, is the one that makes spam, the, actual branded spam not imitation, spam, not to be mistaken with imitation it's been a personal here's annum or computers, video definitely. Not the computer's ventilator so, Hormel has, recalled. 220,000, pounds of spam. Over. Metal, contamination. Fears, okay. Number one that. Amount is just scary number. Two nobody ever breakfast this levels. No. Yeah, yeah so arm elders are called 220,000, pounds of spam over, metal contamination, fear so it, is a serious, thing and yet, spam. In a can having, more can than spam is hilarious, yes that is doing. So, we. Have going on oh. My. Goodness, so, be aware that there is a spam rico and yet laugh. Enjoy, as it is hilarious, there may be and, you know. No idea how it would have contaminated. I mean it's in a can and. Have. You read the. Headlights, amazing, okay so we're just going off the headline. Yeah. It is funny when you say that way. So. I guess sounds like a James Bond o'clock like did they accidentally put it in there on purpose. So. What do you know about I. Don't know, anything. About it yet so, so, I guess, we're just going off the headline and later, we will yeah. So. We already know this is. Mechanically. Separated, bits, and parts I know. I love that I love that phrase whatever, and you guys are gonna have to check this out inside if you've never looked at the back of a can of spam. Or what, is it potted meat or Vienna. Sausage, when you look at the back on the back it says, mechanically. Separated, beef. End or, chicken, or Brooke, or it's good all kinds of weird stuff in there it's about the, whole mechanically. Separated. It. Sounds, like a diabolical. Scheme. But. I don't.

You. Know I'm not a huge spam, fan but it's still funny and it's a big deal around here a lot of people like it for with burritos, and all right and um if I remember correctly Kimber if you're still watching correct, me if I'm wrong, over. In Hawaii, Polynesians. Actually, like spam I've heard that yes I have heard that they like it yeah mm-hmm, so but I like every once in a while it is a bit salty for my tastes but apparently, now they've fixed the the saltiness, with metal oh. Wait. It wasn't intentional. Okay. So you, you went there with that. Supposed. To have a certain, percent of metal in our diet yeah, you think it is probably not. Yaar. Thank, you might need iron you need magnesium. Zinc. And all those different kinds of metals this. Is more. Like steel. So. What are the chemical components of, it of what the steel or aluminum, well, the steel has iron in it it. Is but it's processed, iron that your body can't process and it's in particles, larger than your body can absorb properly. You, know instead of it going through the cell walls in, your body and and and. Revitalizing. You and making you better yeah, pretty much it goes. You. Know what it's ninja iron that's what steel is. No. So I guess I'm gonna have to look now cuz yeah I'm curious so. Let's see let me look you're the. US Department of Agriculture's, Food & Safety, and Inspection Service. Announced the recall after receiving four. Consumer. Complaints, starting that metal, dating stating. Starting. Staining. That metal, objects. Were found in, the canned products what like spoons. They. Found metal objects, and if you like a spoon, a straight, blade from the mechanical mechanical, separator. Um, unless, something. Was going on with the the machine, that makes the mechanical. No. No here's. The machine that makes the containers. Oh yeah. So, there were pieces of, the canary possibly. Oh let's. See they have 12 ounce metal cans there oh spam classic. And Best. Buy okay. I. Haven't finished what is spam classic. I mean, are. There other flavor you're absolutely. Right they've got bacon, fever look, flavored, spam got. Turkey, flavored, spam they've, got imitations. They got all kinds of different flavors. Imitations. Yeah, hey I've seen imitation, jelly I don't want to hear i seasoned. Spam in an MRE not on a store, shelf they've got a medic says on the can't invitations, them yeah. I, don't, even want to like use not I knew that spam which is a mechanically separated bottom of the barrel well, apparently it is now cuz the barrels in the game but.

Imitation. Spam you gotta watch out for that stuff I don't want to know what that's me from. Its. Sorry. It's. Like saying it's imitation, meat. I'm. Not a tofu, person, is TVP, which is a textured. Vegetable, boot, it actually it's not so don't go is, not vegetarian in, any way shape or form so it's not like making you, know, that EVP yeah that's dead bacon, bits are not bacon, they're textured, vegetable employees, are the real ones that cost like five dollars those are bacon bits those are a different rent bits brand you know the little, cooking pans that are so tasty that we put on the salad, that's, not bacon. Yeah it's TVP. Yeah. They do taste good but they are definitely, not. Good. Morning guys good morning, Alyssa. Spam. Is awful. Spam. This is true um Kimber. Says correct Hawaii in Texas consumed approximately two, to three cans of spam for a person wow. That's. A lot of spam it, is well we need to warn them there's a warning up to you there is more can than spam in your spam. Oh. Boy. You know they used to call that the astronauts. Went. Back in the India you know old days when, they were launching, you know like the old mercury missions and thing like they would say spam in a can, because. That's what they felt like was spam in a can when you'd go with, the Jeep. Yeah. See. This is what happens when Becca leaves us yeah, we. Have spam issues. We're. Spamming, our audience with spam stories, oh my. Should. We spare them again with my commercial, but I'm a no. Okay. Wait. Wait we'll, do it towards the okay, I think so. So what do you got for us today, there, mister, Lois I got I got a few things or so a few things I got a few things that's more than me I got nothing. So. We're talking about you know things going, wrong with spam and all of that well, in. Florida and I realize this could be a serious thing it. Has to do with animals so, I'm, going to most M&Ms, it's, not a bad thing is it we don't do that on the work you know what no, um. I realize. No. They are not sure um. Because. There could be rabies, or you, know some other some. Other issue however, it, just, tickled. Me, funny today. Like. Your hair pretty, much which. Is still bugging the crud, out of me. So. One. Of the headlines, I came across reads. And this is verbatim. Okay visitors, to Florida, Park warned, to avoid aggressive, squirrels. Like. The squirrel and a sword the sword in the stone runs. Up the. School. Like. Well. Like zombie. Squirrels how would you how, would you do with this zombie squirrel yeah a broom. There's. A park in Florida it's in Orange County Florida, well. Then you know what there's your problem it's in Florida of course there's a problem with the squirrels, everybody, squirrely.

Or. Floridians, but you know we're right these. Are actual, squirrels, not the people. What. Happened, is the, squirrels in the park have, become so dependent on humans, to meet them okay that, they have become aggressive, when people don't be. Susan. It like give, me some voter I'm cueing it ankle pretty much. Parks. And Rec are trying to trying, to relocate, the, squirrel, but. My. Lions. At this point I know I yeah. They, have and so you, go out there and people. Have been feeding them and they're like we, don't. Have, time you saw a squirrel taking off across the field not gonna deer down and eating it you gotta sneak up on those acorns. Think. About it as this world if you move wrong you, could shake that acorn out of the tree and never see it again I was going with your buddies you gonna steal your nuts then, what about you. Anyway. So. These squirrels have become totally. Dependent, on humans, to feed them and now they're going to move them out into the wild somewhere where they're. Not totally, it's. Just they have become, so they have that like whole entitlement, thing where they like you're a person you should feed me or I'm gonna make you get pretty much you. Know, sounds. Like a younger generation that, we're dealing. With. That. 30 year old that was refusing, to move out of his parents benefit. And and, then things I had to get taken to court and stuff he's like no you have to take care of here I'm gonna whatever. And. So, that means we should contact, MPs. To. Actually, go take care of that sort of problem as well so if you have a kid that will not move out of your basement call MPs they should be able to help you out oh. This. Is you're killing me smalls. Has. Abandoned, us and so my mind has gone out the window. Wait. A minute what so what happens when the pizza fairy leaves to. Go on her. So. Um with, food okay. What. Do you guys so, anyone. And, any of our visitors if your Naples, this last week Naples. Italy. Oh Naples. Italy my god you said Naples, I'm thinking, stay in Florida I don't know yeah not, Naples, Florida yeah. But. You know what it makes for great entertainment so. Somebody's. Got to be the butt of the jokes right. I. Gotta. Breathe. So. This. Last week in Naples, a team, of a hundred pizza. Makers, attempted. Where they were made into a pizza Fair probably. With. What they they were trained to do all right. They. Were attempting, to set a new Guinness world record for the longest, Neapolitan. Fried pizza, wait. Neapolitan, fried pizza what the heck is that it's. Like a big chasm, so. I don't think all our calzone, because. They're in actually. If they're in Italy oh. No. Oh no, I can she is missing, it after this one it is truly over. 60. Right. So. So, um Italy. The place where true. Pizza, was born now, I'm gonna take their boot of a country and stick it up there but it's a girl oh my. It is shaped like a boot it. Is shaped like a boot but we have Americanized. It I don't. Italian. True true. Italian, pizza is so much better than American pizza I don't believe you just like American, tacos are better than. Yeah. I. Like them better anyway I mean. That probably wouldn't like the Italian. Pizza you, mean real pizza no. Real, pita is the stuff that you, like. But. You like true, Chinese, food. You're. The Chinese food freakin nobody talk to me like the true Chinese food over. The Americanized, yeah because that's it's too sweet and sugar I think you don't like sweet and sour chicken it's, not sweet and sour it tastes like like, sugar you, just mother hitting some kind of jelly underneath, a piece of better - there you go which can't be good occasionally. But it gets get old so they're. Like sweet and sour sauces like you know some kind of pancake sir. Like. A runny jillee so don't, knock it until you've tried it I won't, I think I actually do like eating all kinds of different items out there so but, I do like my Chicago pizzas. Okay. Just, think of the name right there, Chicago. Pizza yeah. Going. Back to the Neapolitan. Fried pizza okay, which, is apparently you guys don't you, would love this well. That's. The easiest way I can explain it all right okay. So. When. They were done with it okay, it was 23. And a half feet in length oh. It. Took a hundred and eighty three pounds of flour. Wow. 110. Pounds of mozzarella oh. Jesus. You're gonna really like this, 133, pounds of ricotta whoo, and.

15, Pounds of tomato sauce so, do they actually calculate. That up so that the proportions, were right or what, um that, I do not know oh no. Renee. Says Chicago style, pizza is, the bomb yes. It causes one the next morning as well. It's. The morning show I was feeling, nice yeah, but you just brought, up visuals no yeah, yes. Chicago-style. Is awesome, I wish we had replaced a big one here in town yeah, well somebody, make a beach enjoyed that makes Chicago stuff that's, gonna take a bit. We. Should we should definitely have that we several. Several. Things, here this is true but today it's, Taco Tuesday we're going to the bowl who's. Gonna Bowl winners is, that. The Royal us or us us. No. Well, I have the keys you have to listen to me really. And we do that like I said we mentioned, at the beginning of the show there were some people that weren't here we're going to the bowl today for Taco, Tuesday, so we can have some of those American, Idols. And we, have one of our fans friends, that it's, supposed to be coming we'll, have to hit her up and see if she's actually coming, you're gonna be so disappointed, and give her so much crap if she decides to them oh yeah, it'll be fine I still get my tacos, yeah but what I mean by crap is you're gonna call her out and make fun of her. Let's. See what Renee, says it does but I grew up eating them yeah. So. She's immune to the bomb effect on a second, there you go, David. Santa the ball needs to sponsor, Tuesday. That. Is all I am after so maybe they can get like all you could eat tacos although they. Give you 5 in the basket and you oh I had a hard time eating them I did but I did I was actually thinking of getting another order last night because it's two for Tuesday and you have Taco Tuesday, so why not get two orders, of taco dude wait I remember talking about this and I said each of us had an order so that was your to four to six. So. Yeah if you're in the area join us over at the bowl later yeah at tuck we're gonna head over there at around 11:30, 11:30. Yeah it. Just makes sense maybe, we could walk try, and beat the rush yeah, yeah that, would work so look forward to that behind. And I have the keys so we won't have to worry about it but. I'm not worried, about you having the keys I am. Fine. I'm. A. Webpage. Oh you, have to close your eyes on this one I just won't look I'll look at the camera. There. You go okay, so I, came across Smith's know I was like what. You. Can't laugh at me and then look away because then I'll have to look at it, what. Do we got where we got so you know how states, have their. State flag the state flower in. The state Fraser you, know state. Bird. Yeah. Sweet. Stuff so. Apparently. Some. States. Actually have. Sports. Like. Their. Own sports. The. State bird. There. Is a. State. Of Maryland, okay, their. Official, state. Sport, is jousting. I. Know. Right, is it like old-school hardcore, they, guy uses the ones that break off and Bo and BIA and no it's it. It. Seems, to be old-school, hardcore I'm. Sure. They anyways. They'd be dead people everywhere have, to. Be. Lana toriel games in the original, sense you know you know what I mean I met um, old. School in the sense of probably, around fair alright so that would be the ones that break. So. It was adopted. As the official sport, in Maine in 1962. So. Yeah and they. Actually do. Do. Tournaments, okay in in Maryland, Jostein, tournaments, okay and I I figured. You would you, know fine I, think. It. Is it is um, and, they they, do pretty, much the the Ren Faire thing, where they're, going and trying to get the Rings and, ice okay you know I using, their Lance for all kinds of yeah and and it's more skill level. And. Typically. The the families, that are involved in the jousting actually. Keep, it alive by getting, their kids involved okay, and so it's passed down. It's. Been right there I know right and, horsemanship. You know you using your Lance and that's pretty neat it, is it, is and that's the individual, sport okay, the, team sport of Maryland. Is. Lacrosse. Ball. Around a pointy, stick. Everyone. Actually has it right by encouraging these I all, right they're going to guarantee their survival, yeah absolutely if anything.

Right. My, global scale happens oh yeah, what don't go to marinate don't mess you up friend. As many people, as you can. During. The end times is work yeah, uh-huh yeah but make friends with all those they you can and Marilyn. So. Yeah lacrosse. Is the official team sport and jousting. Is the official. Sport. I like that is really cool so, you know what no I'm kind of curious I would have to look and see if there's any other strains ones around the 50 states, I wonder if Arizona. So. It's, almost that, time but not quite almost, we're. Gonna go through it one more time oh this. Is our. Final, week here in freedom studios unless we can find a few. Sponsors a few sponsors or advertisers, so, this is our final push make sure you guys get the word out we, have a little bit of a commercial that you can show them if you want that I came up with it makes me laugh and apparently it's me or Keith Richards in a wig so. Be, aware of that don't forget to smash that like button, because. When you do that Facebook. Spreads the word for us out there we love you guys so much you guys are absolutely, amazing. And we will see you soon, here's, that commercial are you ready for the commercial right but you have to say that we're coming back after the commercial we're done we're, not oh that's. It oh. I'm. On the burn show I. Don't. Even know if she got you man now, people are leaving because they think it's over. All. Right guys we. Will see you soon and don't forget it's. Tuesday. You.

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