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Lake Powell Morning Show- Behind The Hat: Morning Cup... Beans...Beans

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Or yes. The like is on yeah. Oh. It's. Thinking about it it's there but usually it's actually broadcasting, before, it thinks about it it's ticking, you yeah so that they can catch candid yeah and. Now I got a hit to go lightly right and then it's still gonna take a second, yeah and theoretically. It's broadcasting, right now but we don't know. Welcome. To. Another edition. Of behind the hats morning. Cup and, as, you can see on the title there it says beans beans. The, magical, fruit I mean it just beans as you can see here we have coffee yeah coffee beans in the background big giant, ones so that you can you can get plenty, of them plenty, of them yes and and, as you can see I am, drinking, their, ground-up, cremated, remains. I'm. Drinking the. Ground-up cremated, remains of, the, beans here, in this pit. So. You're gonna have to explain this you were talking yesterday I know, about, some kind of crown going, with the pizza fairy yeah no you, must explain what is going on well I couldn't find my pizza ferrochrome. Yeah. Well. Okay, the, more, honest. Thing also, good morning Renee drive, safe to Flagstaff oh. Yes. Way. Better view, the. Screen over here in our comments than you do yeah. Renee's going to Flagstaff today, drive safe please it's not too wet the whole way down although they were supposed to get I think snow showers, last night let us know how the weather is down there yeah. So, I didn't. Look for my pizza fair-ground he's the real story behind it it wasn't, immediately where I thought it was so, I just gave up so, you're telling me he's being lazy yeah that's pretty much it. But I still wanted to wear some type of crown, today, still and, so now we have flowers, flowers, yeah vines or something Lauer's so you're like part Tarzan, purchase. Sure, and. Apparently butterfly. Earrings today, everyone in case you were wondering yeah, yeah it, was funny because I was looking at a. Morning. Show from yesterday, and we were talking so many you mentioned, probably like three or four times my Kiwi, earrings, well, I didn't. Realize it until I watched the show they, have a same color as the, green screen back, here so she had invisible, things on her head dangling, about yeah it was it was just to. Look and so. Nobody saw my Kiwi earrings because, they were green that's all yeah. I. Like this shirt where, did you get that thank you um I got this in Indiana last time I was there, very. Nice oh and I see you found the ring that I found under a couch the other day not, under, a couch. Could. Be it could be but I found it and I took it and set it on a table somewhere oh this, is my favorite ring well. Apparently yeah apparently not, it. Was missing for a while we know it could no it couldn't have been missing for a whole day you, know I wear it every day Renee says they. Go together butterflies. Like flowers, but yes that's why I work so your. Ring start attacking your head that's cuz I'm just going off to a flower alright alright make sense what does I can't read what that says love what is with the earrings, we, just talked about the butterfly earrings oh. Oh. Yeah I think is I guess you. Guys saw, a bit of a strange. Disturbing. Earrings today they're butterflies if you didn't know, the. Pizza fairy Missa aka Beca here she. Has a kind of ear ring finish, I, don't know fetish fetish is not the right word but it is okay. How about obsession, okay. All. Except that word she's actually a member to a subscription. Program that she pays monthly where they just ship her random, weird, earrings, they do um, although, I've only been subscribed. To that service for two months and so far been disappointing, so far a bit a little disappointed, but.

I Love. Funky. Crazy different. Earrings, oh we, have a new hi Mike good morning. Okay. But. Yeah I uh I. Like. Earrings, I've got over. 100 pairs no I think it's way way, over 100 pairs she's, got a fishing, tackle box or two some of those suckers man. And. I've, seen I seen they, something, that looked like coke bottle pop tops I've seen some that look like fish yep, yeah, what. Is your favorite, pair of weird, earrings oh no you can't do that to me oh you can't know what, is one that stands out most years being the most unusual event, okay I'm gonna say the most unusual is actually, a parent that I got very recently, it's. Little tiny tubes, of toothpaste they, look like little tiny tubes they look exactly like a little tiny tubes of toothpaste and, they're adorable and the next time I have a dentist appointment I am wearing those suckers, so. Any time you see the pizza fairy out there make, sure you check your ears to see what kind of weird, random strangeness. Is dangling from them see here's the thing though normally, when I'm when I'm being a pizza fairy and delivering pizzas I wear my pizza earrings because I have, pizza earring you actually have pizza. Yeah. Yeah, where, those usually, when I'm delivering okay, well, we're definitely gonna, have to keep an eye out for what. Kind of random strangeness, is coming out next oh it looks like we have some comments here let's. See when he says good morning from Utah miss my hometown Lake, Powell well hello it's nice to see you dad, we could bring you some of Lake Powell to you out there yes and. Speaking. Of listeners, and speaking of viewers yesterday, before we left like right at the end of the show we were playing would you rather yes, and we, had our, listener Mario, asked. Us a question oh, yes I remember I do I do would, you rather be a, werewolf, or, a vampire or. A Dracula. Dracula. Is like you know King Ben yeah yeah and we would mention that like it was super easy and you had done research into, it and that you in the actual, ecology, and stuff like this clearly it would have been Dracula oh absolutely, um I want to hear your reasoning, well, why would you be Dracula well. Number one he's just cool I mean the. Original mythology everything, we're not talking about your standard, vampire. Mythology where. They were talking about creatures, that crawl through the night you know the not far at you if you will we're, talking about Dracula all right yes now you. Know there's the original legend, if it goes back to Vlad the Impaler. Who, was, the nasty, guy back in history, that was horrific and, is actually what most people believe the original Dracula, legend, is based on Wow, we're talking about the, mythology, behind it after. That okay, so we're not actually talking about him out you know although being a king back then and on impaling, your enemies in a field. If. I never had my coffee I wouldn't mind a, few people spike see this is why he, drinks coffee it, is it is he doesn't like it I force them to drink it it's. Not for me it's for everyone, else's safety. So. I survived, the morning show. But. No so you. Know the the depending, on which mythos you go with this all kinds of different things that you can find out about vampires. And, my. Thing is you know they're always very, it's. They're, very sensual. They're, very they. Have a really high perception. I have kind of a disconnect from humanity, but they live forever now sometimes, some, vampires, it drives them nuts because they've been around forever, but I don't have that problem I don't get bored easily yeah and I can think of all kinds of, stuff I'd be doing so you're incredibly powerful, you're incredibly, charismatic, it's every time that I'm not right now and, I get to live forever I mean, and, like a bird extraordinaire least wrong you can yeah you can turn into farm you, can turn into a bat so you're like almost like Batman, except, you know actually actually yes yeah.

Okay. You know he granted, you don't get to go around in the daylight until you're just, age once. You get past a certain age you actually become immune, to the effects of sunlight depending, on the mythology, that you're going with so give. It some time but since you have an eternity. As. You as you live longer and longer because it's true it's true for us in this life as we, live longer our time goes faster, do, you think if. You were mortal, and, immortal vampire, a hundred. Years would go by in, like a flash so this is the way it goes faster and faster you bring up a very good point time. Is actually a matter of perception. It's how you perceive time. Right so, it's completely subjective, so, it would depend on what you're doing and how you're doing it you, know did, you know if you're bored it might go by slowly if you're having, a lot of fun it could by fast so I think, that's all relative depending, on what's going on there, yeah. And you. Know also in the legends you know the the werewolves, depending, on once again there's a lot of different mythologies out there but, vampires. Once, they get past a certain age are way, more powerful than werewolves, but, up, until that point werewolves, can kick your butt so you know I mean you just kind of kind of avoid them until you get a little bit stronger I think I mean I would also choose vampire, and my, main reason. Is that. Werewolves. Don't have control, over, well. It depends what you see your own with them oh yeah. Like. I feel like it's the most accepted. Theory is, that if it's a full moon you have no control you're, changing, into a werewolf that's just your reality, for the next however long eight hours yeah, well like I said it depends on the mythology, so we'll go with that but there are some legends where they actually had some control but, then they didn't have control on the full moon right and they were able to have different stages of their wolf form, under their control but the problem, with werewolves, is they have uncontrollable. Rage, and, so, they're not in control of their emotions, they're very angry and very animalistic, versus, the vampire, in in. The classic mythos is much. More controlled, and charismatic versus. A crazy, ball of hair with teeth. Second. Cholula, on, steroids. Vampires. Suffer, from like uncontrollable. Bloodlust no. Actually once you get past a certain age in the vampire like once, again in the games yes, in the beginning yes, they have a huge, job with it but as they age they, get they learned to control more, and more so you, know at the beginning you have some issues obviously, you know it's a whole new kind of life yeah, maybe. Like if you won the lotto and, you got all kinds of crazy stuff going are. Question. That Mario. Mario. Yeah I wanted to to, make sure that, we answered that forum because we said we would definitely so. So yesterday we played would you rather I don't think we'll be playing would you rather again today okay that's up but that is something that we'll be doing. Yesterday. So I wanted to ask you it's, Wednesday. We're like middle of the week here how do you how you doing today oh it's. Definitely hump, day I tell you yesterday it was a nightmare. So. I tried, to install, a sign, up, on the roof yesterday and things were going so. So yeah and then. We had to change some things up we actually had some viewers make some nice suggestions, which we were already thinking about and, I. Went ahead and started doing that and I, got the banner up there and then, a windstorm, kind of came in and so. I was up on the roof leaning. Over the edge trying, to install a banner and the wind just go oh. And. So, I'm trying to bolt things together well there's a banner beating, me in the head and so. You know as I made a post yesterday you know discretion, is the better part of valor and, I, said okay and I and I threw in the towel instead we'll have to do it when, it's not windy yeah and so, hopefully, today, you. Know the roof is a little wet from the rain this morning but, hopefully. I can get up there and get that done without slipping to my death yeah I hope I hope so we. All I'm pretty sure we all well, either way it could be entertaining so. Well. Not for me necessarily, but our viewers are probably gonna kick back. True. No well you know that that show there's. A couple of shows out there where people do that sort of thing on purpose and. Just. Saying reality, TV alright I don't particularly, care for it but a lot of people appear apparently, do. So. It, is Wednesday it's the second second. Day of May oh yeah see.

My Water watch says my wife still says it's the first because, it got thirty one day so I have to change it and I have to remember how to do that. You. Should probably. So, there's a holiday today that made me think of you there's. A holiday, today, what, holiday is it today. There's. Three of them today that I looked up the, first one is the great. American grump. Out haha. The great American brumbaugh, yes yeah. That sounds like a holiday I could get mine honestly. I had, to look into it a little bit and when, I saw it I thought it meant today was a day to be grumpy. But. It's. Not what. It sounds like the. Idea of today is to not be grumpy I, don't. Know if I can get behind that. Wait. Let me try. You. Know. You. Just said that you're grumpy every other day so you should celebrate this holiday today, I should celebrate this holiday today I'm not being grumpy well how am I not supposed to be grumpy it's like a state of being for me I mean come on now. Lois, has a note at the door she said you were a day early I was a day or the great American grump ow oh yes. Yesterday, was not a good day. Every. Day is what you make it and unfortunately my, reactions, were, quite, negative, to the things that were going on I suppose I should have celebrated getting beaten to death by a tart but in. A windstorm all roof at. Least it wasn't raining though I guess I should be grateful for that that is true there you go thank you and I didn't follow through that's a very good thing you. Know there's always a bonus there's always a bonus always a plus side it's also play your ukulele day, always. Look. Inside. Life. Do, you know I, just heard that song for the first time yesterday are you serious, yes it's only, with you I well I clearly haven't lived. It's. My thought I didn't know that I had to actually listen, to the song so, I'm going on a road trip in about a month or so month, and a half and I asked my friends on Facebook for suggestions, for, songs to, play while on this road trip and.

One, Of the suggestions, from my friend Jeff was, will. Always look on the sunny side of life so. I'm listening to it and it's it's like super happy and upbeat and I'm, like this, is such a nice song, and. I'm listening to it for a couple of minutes and then I started having this like existential. Crisis. It. Was quite funny and. So funny that you mention it because I literally, just listened to it for the first time yesterday nice, well, there you go. It's. Like Christine said marnik oh good morning Christine, nice to see you out there thanks, for joining us oh and, everybody that's out there don't forget to Like, comment or share on this we are trying to get your comments, in on here we do apologize sometimes, I miss it cuz I'm Way over here oh, and. I can't see the hand in front of my face. Yeah. I'll. Try and keep him updated. On what's. Going on over here on the on the comment section alright, okay, so there's one more holiday today oh so we got we've, got great. American grump out great American grump out which I'm, failing, we. Have ukulele. There I don't know ukulele. I know. But I thought it was cute and fun I liked ukulele, music. Yeah. If someone plays me a ukulele, music today I'll be super happy uh and, then it's take, a baby to lunch day take, a baby to lunch day Chris feed baby, no no, nothing are you sure I'm like. Percent sure I, might. Be able to get behind that. My. Thing was what a funny way to word the holiday like take. A baby, to lunch make I, mean your, baby so do so you can kidnap, someone's, kid take. Them to lunch and not. Someone's. Child lunch, but it's the holidays it says if you can know, you. Stopped to get permission, we don't read those out by the way oh. If. They comment then we can read them. All. Right yeah. Definitely, I see what you saying but not all right so take a baby to lunch today but make sure you have the. Parents permission first. You. Ask the parent, out to lunch and they'll bring her the baby whenever, it sounds like a dating service for people that have kids.

Okay. So. Those are the three holidays I don't have any friends I don't know. I. Guess. I'm chopped, liver then, I. Don't like liver put. Some onions in and I'll consider it but probably not all right so there are three holidays - all. Right so we go grumpy. Dan which, I'm failing at ukulele day which I'm failing at because I don't have a ukulele and take. A baby to, lunch day and. You're barely supposed, to ask friends, because, I, don't have a baby so and I'm failing at that because apparently you're not allowed to just randomly pick one up and take them I'm pretty, sure that you and then, you mentioned that you. Know we can ask a friend to go out to lunch but since I don't have any friends you know yes yeah, Jamie, has a really good question she says does the baby have to be human, you know what you know that's. A good way of looking at it so I could take a baby like a goat. Go, chase a baby goat don't have a baby goat either find I think you know what you. Would probably be less, likely to be arrested. For. Taking a baby goat than like a baby, baby are you saying stealing, a baby is legal, no I'm, saying. That. If it's a goat farmer, maybe they won't recognize it as fast, as a mom would recognize, her missing baby alright okay I might, give you that I probably, have to talk to the farmers this morning show does not endorse goat. Wait. Isn't that what those ones do that you scare the. Don't. Don't, kidnap in, mini anymore. No kidnapping, oh. I. See Renee says we'll, put a picture of the snow and Flagstaff on your, LPN, page it is under 40, degrees. Actually. Don't try and put it on the page because that won't work but send it to us and then we can post it for you like, a good idea. That's. Pretty cold forty degrees what. The temperature is here today it's not it's, super sunny when I woke up this morning I think it was like and it goes like 50 for us. It's. 47 here, right now according, to that code right about 20%, of the time. Yeah. Well the weather station, that they use is usually off 10 to 20 degrees about, 80%, of the time so, that's. Why the, website, that I use for weather actually, works and it's usually pretty accurate. Well. In any case it looks like it's gonna be kind of chilly today and. So it that's, a good I believe the weather that last, night it's, actually the higher I think today is supposed to be 62 oh, that's, that's not too bad not too bad not it but for Lois that's 20 degrees below her death James over yeah freezing, all day long like a chihuahua so. In. Case. That it is gonna be cold out there today I found, on the internet a new, pair, of jeans, oh no that you don't want to wear today because it's cold and what we're gonna have to show them a picture okay, this, is an outrageous. Pair of jeans they're they're called extreme. Cutout, jeans. And. They've, gone on sale for, it's like a hundred and thirty-eight dollars wait is, this family-friendly. Um. We're. Gonna have to stick to the top half of this page. So. So, don't. React, until. They. Can see it don't. Rages. Genes let's see if I can find it here there we go all. Right they're on sale you said. Los. Angeles, fashion, outlet, can, I can I move the painter will it go over there too yeah if you scroll the page it'll definitely go okay. It's. Been sold for, about a hundred and sixty eight dollars per pair. This. For this this, is not if you, have to wear pants, under your pants they're not pants. Know. What it reminds, me of women's, bathing suits, or lingerie yes the less there is the more expensive it is and and just in case you're wondering the. Jeans have the exact same cutouts, in the back are you serious yep, that's. Why we can't scroll down the page oh no, I mean she's wearing like a bathing suit under it but it's. Not your horrible and as long as it's not general, yeah no there's no. Yeah. Who. Wants us to risk it. Actually. Look bigger than normal pockets and women's jeans they have to because if you don't pocket, that big you're gonna rest it for indecent, exposure, so.

What You're saying is more for modesty, yeah quote-unquote. Than it is for storing objects. I. Have. Seen stranger, things but, that definitely high up there for clothing. 168. Dollars yeah. Like I said it's like longer more amazing, suits the less stuff there is the more expensive and apparently now, with jeans I just I. Can't. I don't even I don't even know what else to say yeah. Some kind of one-piece bathing suit oh yeah. I. Totally agree with you yeah all right why bother at that boy are you really yeah yeah, I mean honestly why would you spend that kind of money for that little of stuff I mean there's no point like I said if you have to buy clothes, to go under your clothes like. You. Couldn't you couldn't wear these and not, wear a bathing suit underneath them or like well you could. Although. I have heard of parties where that's kind of the thing but. Weirdest. Toga party ever. That. You know I was gonna say the same thing I mean honestly, everybody really does buy clothes that we're into their other other clothes that's why they, make underwear, right but you have to. There's. No way I would ever buy something, like that can you imagine what, my hairy bony legs would look like sticking, out of those things knobby. Knees cracking, together. Like. Some kind of bizarre distorted, chicken, that's mutated. $239. But that's two hundred and thirty nine dollars new zealand what well what is that like like it's a hundred and sixty it's a hundred and sixty-eight oh, that's right so yeah okay yeah. No. No it's a hundred and sixty-eight dollars, all right so 168. US dollars, is how much those guys for these crazy jeans the. Pictures have been posted, on. Online, and. People are just, people. Are ripping them apart no, how can you rip them apart lessen. Their. Yeah. So yeah this, new fashion um, extreme. Cutout, jeans, are. Now on sale and in LA, fashion, outlet that, is absolutely, horrifying you know if you you've, got a hundred, and sixty eight dollars to spare and want. To you, know not. Have jeans. Why. Bother. All. Right well let's. Go ahead what else do you have for us this morning another Pizza Ferry all right so something else I've got that I thought was kind of fun oh so, it, was yesterday or our first day we talked about the museum, that, realized, that like all, their stuff is fake yeah over half of their paintings don't speak I've. Got kind of the opposite, story today you, have the opposite, of a fake story so a real story yes. I. Was, realized, that they have this they, have a rare elephant. Bird egg an elephant. Bird egg apparently. And I had to look into this an elephant, bird is a, prehistoric, oh. That. Was massive. I mean okay I mean I know you're picturing like an emu, right now mm-hmm, no you're, not thinking big enough really, where's my Volkswagen, holy. Cow, if you want to share that there's a picture of is, compared, to a human that. Is a big bird right there is. An. Elephant, bird and. You can see the outline of the, of, the, human. John. There so that's. How big that guy is and I personally, wouldn't be standing where he's standing yet no neither you're gonna get an egg or some other kind of unpleasant surprise. Yeah. That's. How big the elephant, bird is and. There is a museum, in Buffalo New York and, they have an elephant. Bird egg. And. Up until now they've, been saying that it was a replication, they, thought it was a replica they thought it was a model. That. It was an actual egg they didn't, realize, that they now they have an actual, a, real. Elephant. Bird. How. Did they you know what do they do like ultrasound the thing or Oh crack, it and make it on. It. Doesn't see how they realized it but they were doing cataloging, of their items recently and the, curators. Discovered. Somehow. I don't, know I don't know the exact details okay. Yeah, they realized, and it's a foot. Paul, foot. That. Is one heck of an omelet I'm telling you right there a foot, tall, elephant. Bird egg. It. Weighs more than three pounds you, can feed like three or four households I know. She. Doesn't want that chasing, her yeah I. Don't want this guy chasing, me either. No. Is when is our Jurassic, Park gonna happen you know what they've been talking about it for years they're like oh it's not that hard oh it's easy well it's so easy, where is Jurassic. Park right on and you've got a real elephant, bird egg and, talk about your.

Reality TV, show oh my god ah he's got a bunch of idiots running around in a park getting, eaten by dinosaurs I mean what kind of entertainment would that be that is he amazing crazy. Yeah. But I think that would be absolutely, hilarious I think, that. Would be pretty crazy yeah you guys the stuff that they do it's like oh really, oh yeah why wouldn't you have a bigger fence why wouldn't you I mean so many things that you're like oh. No I would like to think that we would in. Reality, be a little smarter, haven't you seen the movies these, are the smartest people in the world they have no idea what the heck they're doing yeah, but if they were so smart the dinosaurs, were contained it would be like a 10-minute movie, and then, it's over, happily, ever after, so then we would intentionally relight it so that we can watch it on YouTube. Or Facebook and like people getting eaten by dinosaurs no, like. A new reality show like it. Fit perfectly with my my celebration, of grumpy day yeah what makes me happy. And. When. They get voted up they get eaten by a t-rex or, a velociraptor. No. No, that's, terrible idea, let's not do it. I'm. Just, saying here. The. Museum. In Buffalo they've discovered, that their elephant. Bird egg is real, and apparently, congratulations. Museum, in Buffalo, New York yeah I think that's pretty cool there, are fewer than 40, of these eggs, held. In public institutions so, it's very rare and they say it's held again um let's, see you do know that's a really good question. Give me a second, let me look at it. Tells. Us a little bit more about the elephant bird oh thank. Goodness it was flightless. Prehistoric. Cars when it flies over and. Stones. Are dead. Right, there. You. Don't want to sit under a tree if that guy's. Yeah. These. Birds grew to be 10 feet tall they, weighed between. 770. And a thousand, eleven hundred pounds, 11 hundred pound bird that lays a street pound egg yeah. You know I had a little midget chicken, that was kind of the opposite, of little. Baby chicken, huge, egg it's, a really small egg until you compared to the size of the burden that's like how do you how does that come out of there yeah these. Elephant, Birds laid the largest, eggs of any vertebrate, including. Dinosaurs really, yeah. And. That's why they're extinct, I'm sure I'd be a bug, I mean could you imagine that you know preparation age that they would need back I just didn't have any so they. They. Just died of pain from having a pretty much, yeah. Yeah so the museum's gonna unveil the egg to the public well, they did yesterday okay, so they unveiled, it like they had it and the thing and they thought it was a replica but how they know it's real they're gonna unveil it yeah because I'm guessing it got moved to a much more prominent oh.

It. Probably has, its own display now would be my guess, it's. Not you know in like in a little glass case with 17, other replicas, okay. It's, probably on its own little pedestal now cuz it's, a real egg. You. Can feed a lot of people with that omelet I. Thought. That was cool I thought it related to the, thing that we were talking about the other day with the museum and their fake stuff, definitely. Oh. Louis, has something for us here we man oh thank. You Louis. Says the last sighting of the elephant bird was. In the 17th. Century according. To Smithsonian. Magazine wait a minute you're telling me this sucker was running around with people, holy. Cow. And. There's no pictures, it's just like sketches, and stuff. In. Madagascar. Like. It was actually, there. Okay. So that's your mission for tomorrow I want to see a drawing, a rendering, of some kind from, the 17th, century of this, elephant bird I just, yeah, yeah, I gotta see it cuz there's gotta you know there's there was people you, know back then there was they were drawing they were sketching, you know there was all kinds of weird going on somebody, had to a seen one and drawn it, you. Know unless they're full of it and they were just like oh yeah it's not one the other day. I. Was. I, said prehistoric. I just you know I'm. Sorry. Yeah well. You know what they say about assuming I. Just. Yeah. So. I have one more thing that I thought I'd share today too it's a well, a couple, more things it's but, the next thing is a shorter, thing apparently. Yesterday. Something. Pretty traumatic happened, at Universal, Studios in Japan I. Think traumatic, at Universal Universal, Studios I. Do. Enjoy roller coasters now what's. Your do you like a favorite, roller coaster, no. Not really. I'm not a huge fan of the wooden ones because they jar, you a lot, well, they do the shake you and then as you go around the corners like at the tops actually kind of lean out a little bit. Like. You know the ones where you turn upside down go inside out you know right exactly, exactly so so, at Universal, Studios in Japan they. Have a roller, coaster where. There's, part of it where you're upside down and, yesterday. During. One of its runs the. Roller coaster, stalled. Installed. While, it was upside down. How. Long was it stuck, upside. Down about two hours can, you imagine every, single cast, out they. Used to do that for torture, you hang shimmy up there down till they talk there's. Gotta be a lawsuit involved. In this at some point I didn't. Dozens, of people were stuck on this roller coaster, they. Were suspended 100 feet, in the air upside. Down, it's. Called the flying dinosaur, but. Flying. There's even work though because you know. Coasters. Roller, coasters, are gravity, driven it's, not like they're actually mechanically. Driven so, the whole point is for them to get, up to a high point and then they fall and everything, is lower than the starting point so that they eventually get, back down to the ground so how does it stall. So, what. Happened, was two. Of the cars on. The coaster made an emergency stop, it doesn't say why or who triggered it okay but one. Of the cars stopped, on the. Upward path, of the track okay so it wasn't quite at the top yet enough for gravity to do its work but it left, some riders facing, the ground below. Stop. Just. It stops, it it doesn't allow gravity to move the coaster okay so it's got like brakes it clamps on don't, be telling me that this, roller coaster is kind of like a train, where. You, can slap on that emergency, brake like in the movies and everyone's wise to the front and everything I. Have. This emergency, brake that. Means that this could happen again no accident. I don't I have no idea how I got triggered I'm kind of looking forward to seeing if there's a button that I could push I think this hair I'm pretty sure there's not pretty. Especially if I'm at the back and everybody else is upside down because I can laugh at I mean I, I don't think, they would give riders that kind of thing. But you never know right I mean maybe it's a hidden button that somebody accidentally, pushed I I, don't, think that's a thing yeah well I hope that's not a thing it might be the man but but, yeah apparently after about two hours all, the riders were safely guided back to the ground and, the grated, got, me whether you under the brakes and let them fall anyway. After. Two hours upside. Down with, all that blood in your head then they let the roller-coaster finish, it's right you'd, be giving. Them like free food, or something. Free. Hamburger, for hay. To. Everyone. Everyone, made it back to the ground nobody knows. But. It does say the ride resumed, shortly, after so, they went ahead and just kept being kept going. The. Show must go on. Did you think that after all of that there was anybody from the first ride there was like hey can I go again.

You. Guys are starting this right back up I want another go. Not. Long enough to be hanging upside down from a roller coaster yeah, well you traumatized. They. Used to do that the torture bleep like an upside, down in. Universal. Studios Japan. The. Jurassic, Park themed flying dinosaurs we were just talking, about I don't know and, it's not pleased we found out. About. The reality show of real Jurassic, Park I guess that could be one of the attractions but while you're hanging upside down you've got a t-rex that's just out of range nipping, right into your heads as you're sitting there passing in and out of consciousness. And. Then you could like place bets on maybe the t-rex could jump just a little higher. Hunger. Games, Jurassic. Park is what you're. Not. Going there Oh. Over. Here what do we got. We're. Not going, there I. Don't. Know I disagree, I think you could definitely happen, no I watch it. People. You. Know what it's birthday, no it's grump out day which means don't be grumpy you're. Missing the whole point of a great American grump oh well I'm out of coffee though, oh. Man. No. Oh and the little dragons that are in there kind of cold and grab, one of those coffee beans behind, us. To me off the screen so. Yes. We're getting a refill of coffee, most. Excellent, yeah. So, yeah. The. Universal, Studios roller, coaster in. Japan left, writers. Stranded, you mean the new reality, show yeah, Japan. Where they're gonna be doing nope. Dinosaurs. On rides, with. Them trying to catch people nope. So. I do, have another, thing that I thought would be funny to share today. Renea, saying for you to get a refill so. Yes. Louis. Is great she's got this refill thing taken. Care of yes yes so I thought is your dumb criminal story today. Dumb criminal. I love dumb criminals start I personally. Believe it's, like another reality show right there I personally, believe that dumb criminal stories are the cornerstone. Of morning, shows everywhere you, know I would, not disagree with get out a morning, show without talking dumb criminals, yes so pretend like in the background you can hear the Sun what.

You Gonna do when they come for you. All. Right now I can be that good going grandpa here okay. Grumpy. Are you keep saying that I don't think that means what you think it means, all. Right so our dumb criminal story that, that. I had to you I. Hope, so yes I'm gonna be grumpy about right there, got. A first refill of coffee and it's too much she cooked it too high. Are. You, are. You telling me now. You've got someone. Bringing you coffee you, didn't have to move you, didn't have to brew it you didn't have to do anything this, morning. And you're, telling me that, you got a fresh cup of coffee delivered, right to your face uh-huh and you're complaining I'm, not complaining, it's grump day so, I'm. Not. To be grumpy today. You. Have a grumpy day. Our. Dumb criminal, story coming oh yes. Our. Dumb, criminal, story today comes. From Springfield. Oregon, an, officer. Pulled. Into an Albertsons parking, lot looking for a stolen vehicle okay, uh he, didn't find the stolen vehicle that he was looking for but he did spot, a motorcycle. With, some, really interesting vanity, plates it said like oh, it, said ha, ha the, bit the vanity, plates on the motorcycle, said. Ex-felon. Wait. A minute, ex-felon. X blue letter X and then, felon, I mean there's a lot of things in life to be proud of but really you're gonna put that on. The. Officer was like hmm, I'm gonna check into this for a minute, those. Plates were expired. Super. Expired, from. 1993. Oh wow. No. You would think that you would be able to tell that just by looking at it right because I would guess that plates, have changed, a lot since 1995. Maybe maybe not motorcycle, please. Yeah. Expired, from 1993. And then, it. Keeps getting better okay then the officer, recognized. The guy on the bike as a prior felon. Obviously. Everywhere. You go that, you're an ex-felon so, the, officer. Ran a quick check on the guy. Found, out that he was he was wanted there was an active warrant out for his arrest, okay of course of, course so he called for a marked patrol unit, to, serve the warrant okay and that's that's. When the guy took, off on a high-speed. Motorcycle. Chase. Through. City streets. This isn't Springfield Oregon's okay okay, and, the. Chase, went on and on until the guy turned down, a dead-end street okay. On this motorcycle. So. He, did what any dumb criminal, would do he, got. Off the bike okay, and, then. He walked away. Claiming. That it wasn't him that had just been on the motorcycle. Pulled. A shaggy and, said it wasn't me. Yeah. He got off the bike walked away and said nope that was not me that's. That's just too funny right yeah, they. Watched him get off the bike, is. Obviously. The excuse did not work well if he didn't see them maybe that you know he that was his mentality they can't see me or I can't see them so they can't see me yeah yeah, so. He got busted, he got charged with unauthorized, use. Of a motor vehicle reckless. Driving and, surprised. To like nobody, possession, of methamphetamine, well, there you go. Smoking. Crack apparently. Is. Maybe. Don't. Have a license, plate that, says ex-felon, that labeled him you bet that tells police, officers exactly, what about like Superman, or something that would be chemical or ya know you can totally do that Coulomb. I mean you could be the ex felon and be Superman you know unless. You really are Superman, and. Then don't do that yeah but you know I mean you could just wear some glasses you. Know. I just don't think that's a bad idea I still think if you're trying to keep a secret identity you, don't want to put that identity, on your license plate but sometimes. Queens item can you I don't. Know I don't know well right I, just have to agree to decide, I think you're right I think you're right so uh so yeah that was your dumb criminal today from Springfield, Oregon. Let. Police on a chase what, you're gonna do when they come before you apparently. I. Just found this here yeah. So what so there, you go that's that's, what I had today to uh to, share with everybody all, right, well I guess I guess we'll go ahead and wrap it up then for the day so. Thank, everybody here for joining, us and all the comments thank. You guys for watching don't. Forget, that we've got all kinds of stuff going on throughout the day who knows we might even do another behind the head of me falling off of roof we're being grumpy I mean, maybe, both or, both you know we've got the nightly news coming, on tonight don't forget about that and this weekend, yes, this weekend we've got the other Lake Pao cruisers, they're gonna be doing the car show on Saturday. Keep, your eyes open up, for that and we are looking for a sponsor to cover our live coverage of that so if you're a business or a group of people that, want to sponsor us and help. Us keep the lights, on and keep broadcasting, for, you let, us know just send us an email or give us a Facebook message yeah.

Happy. Hump day everyone. Oh yeah, I'm. Good rest your Wednesday and. Chris. Will see you throughout the day I'll see you in foul all, right well thank you very much for joining us for the morning show we appreciate that all. Right let's see Rene says see you later see you later all. Right everybody have a good one bye guys well.

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